Married To The Prince Episode 46,47 & 48

episode 46
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Rishi's chamber).

Majid's mouth measured her lips perfectly and he winded his left arm,about touching the back of Rishi's waist when there was a loud ring. He quickly came to his senses and withdrew from the kiss. They both breath heavily and so fast,looking into each other's eyes. Majid's mouth was half opened. He couldn't believe that he actually did that. He realised it was his phone ringing and he placed his hand into his jean trousers and took out his phone. Rishi dropped into her shy world, not able to look straight into Majid's eyes and looked down. Majid looked into his phone and was surprised at the number calling. He turned and walked to the door and opened it. He turned back and looked at Rishi's whose eyes fell on him and immediately looked away. Majid breath on it and walked out. Rishi with her shaking legs,got to her bed and fainted into her bed.

(On the walkway).

Majid answered the call and placed the phone to his ears and cleared his throat and mind from what just happened, but it wasn't willing to disappear from his head.

'' Look who is now willing to call me...uncle Raul ''.
'' Hello Majid ''.
'' Just like that? Hello Majid? Uncle, are you okay? ''.
'' Why do you ask? ''.
'' Hm...nothing. It's being a very long time we met right? When was the last time? Almost a month now since we got here,and when you left, that was all ''.
'' It's not anything serious Majid. I had busy days ahead and I am sorry I didn't tell you anything about how difficult my businesses were growing ''.
'' In London? ''.
'' Everywhere Majid. No where's cool. But I don't think that is important. I heard you got engaged ''.
'' Errr...well..if you wanna put it that way ''.
'' I couldn't believe it so I called you to ask myself ''.
'' What? The invitation went viral...and you don't know? ''.
'' I heard about it,and I was shocked that you of all people, Majid,had accepted it. And put Cindy aside ''.
'' Look uncle....
'' How could you Majid? You brought the girl all the way from her country to break her heart like this? ''.
'' What?! Who told you that? It wasn't my fault okay? I was forced! And I had no other choice because they were thrown into the dungeon and I had to accept the marriage to free them ''.
'' Oh I see. So by your statement... You ate not even interested in the marriage.. Right? ''.
'' I....
'' Majid you have to be sure. Before I can tell you why exactly I called you ''.
(Majid looked around him,confused and started walking away).
'' Look uncle. Just cut to the chase okay? What do you want? ''.
'' It is about the girl,given to you s a wife to be. Your wedding is by the ending of this moth right? ''.
'' Yeah...but,what about her? What is wrong uncle, you are confusing me ''.
'' I'd rather tell you this in person nephew. I will arrive in the palace tomorrow to see you. And I know you will listen to me my boy ''.
'' Urrrmmm...can't you just tell me? What's the deal? ''.
'' You will know tomorrow ''.
(The call disconnected and Majid sat on the stairs confused).

(Princess Lakshmi's chamber).

She embraced Raj and gave him a kiss on the cheek in happiness.

'' Now Otis settled. I hope everything pulls off fine and Charu would be fine where ever she is now ''.
'' She's now far away from here princess. Prince Faruk won't be able to find her. And I told one of my aunts to take care of her. I will be sending them money very often ''.
'' That is really generous of you my love. Now,all we have to do is to keep our mouth shut. If you trust Savitri will not talk,then Charu and her baby is safe! ''.
(Prince Faruk batched onto the chamber. They both quickly jumped into separate ways in shock by the sight of him. He was furious and glaring at both of them with anger. He pushed Raj aside and quickly went for Princess Lakshmi's arms).
'' Where the hell is Charu?! Better talk now Lakshmi.. Or....
'' Prince Faruk that is enough! ''. Raj shouted. '' Don't you have any respect for a woman? ''.
(Prince Faruk turned his eyes back,starring at Raj with disgust. He pushed Princess Lakshmi into her bee and pushed Raj to the floor).
'' I am tour Prince. And I can do what I want, is that clear? Don't ever talk to me like that ''.
(Raj jumped back into his feet and raised a hand at Prince Faruk).
'' Raj don't! He is not worth it. I know what he's planning to do. Don't let him get to you ''. Princess Lakshmi got back up and Prince Faruk slapped Raj very painfully across his lips as it bursted open with blood.
'' Faruk...what you are doing will be useless at the end of the day. Because my lips are sealed. I a not going to tell you were Charu is and she is going to give birth safe and sound and bring r child up in a polite manner! Something your own mother couldn't teach you! ''.
(Prince Faruk gave Lakshmi a harsh slap. Raj loosed his cool and gave Faruk a dirty mouth blow,giving him a black eye and a bruised mouth. Prince Faruk landed on the floor,groaning in pain. Princess Lakshmi got closer to Raj and embraced him. Prince Faruk got to his feet).
'' This is just what I wanted Raj. One punch ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' Faruk? ''.
'' Yes sister. I will destroy you. I just needed this punch to call a meeting at the court. And father will sentence your dear boyfriend to death for raising his hand on me ''. He said with a smile on his face.
'' No! You can't do that Faruk! ''.
'' I am in my chamber... Or look for me anywhere else. I give you just some few hours,to come and tell me where Charu is. And we shall all be cool. And I will say I fell off a horse and hurt my face. But if you don't then,this face is going right straight to the king's chamber ''. He chuckled and left the chamber.
(Lakshmi embraced Raj tightly in tears).
'' What do we do now Raj. I told you not to hit him! I knew he was planning something wicked. Now you see? ''.
'' Princess please! Look,don't let it get to you okay? We won't tell him where Charu is. Never! I don't care if am sentenced to death for hitting him. At least I put him in his place a little ''.
'' You fool! I can't live without you. Maybe there is something we can do to prevent this ''.
(Just then,they heard a knock on the door...and they were shocked to were the person ah entered).
'' Look,I know you guys are shocked and everything but....I heard everything you argued about ''.
'' Who are you to eavesdrop behind the princess chamber?! ''.
'' Look,you should just shirt up and listen to me. If you can allow me on this, I am willing to help you guys. I want to help you against your brother, Princess. There is no need to tell him where Charu is,and let him take your boyfriend to the court,they will ask him the reason why you hit him. All you need to do is say that,the maid is pregnant for him. And when he denies it,I will step in ''.
'' How? ''.
'' Leave that to me ''.
'' Why are you helping us? ''.
'' If things turns out right, I will let you know ''....

(Rishi's chamber).

After Rishi and Kushi took their breakfast,Rishi told Kushi everything and they were both blushing like they were both kissed together. Rishi took the sweatshirt and threw it into the wardrobe. Both she and Kushi stepped out together.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She received a letter from the Jhansi kingdom and after reading it,she smiled evilly. She also wrote a different letter and gave it to her messenger and asked him to leave.

'' Just two months more. In two months, then all my dreams will come true. Father is controlling the king very good and he is not able to think straight and make a decision on the current water poison situation. I can't wait to see him accuse king Siamak, and that is going to create hell of a commotion between the two long time friends. Leading to a booming war which I will take advantage of it to make Faruk the king ''.
(A guard entered and bowed down to her).
'' Your highness... Savitri wants to see you ''.
'' What?! Who? ''.
'' Savitri ''.
'' What does that witch want now? Or has she not learnt her lessons already? ''. She thought to herself.
'' Tour highness? ''.
'' Let her in ''.
(The guard left and Savitri entered minutes later. She was smiling when she entered. Queen Dorah stood up and faced her confidently. Savitri folded her arms together).
'' Hello ''.
'' You never learn,do you? What do you want now? ''.
'' I will go straight to the strength for you this time. I came here to congratulate you ''.
'' What? ''.
'' didn't know? come Prince Faruk be so heartless to leave you out of such a big news? Grandmother Dorah..hahahaha ''.
'' Get out. I don't have time to play jokes ''.
'' Now I have not just one evidence, but two against you to make you talk talk! You are going to loose this game Queen Dorah. I have the elephant burn on my palm ''.
'' That is irrelevant. No one would believe that stupid mark ''.
'' But everyone will believe that Prince Faruk raped Charu the maid and impregnated her ''.
'' Impossible? Oh it is. And you are going to be a grandmother. Out of wedlock. Which is forbidden in the kingdom. Now am warning, is you dare pull any smart move on me again... You will regret it. Because I have spreader this news to some few people. And if anything should happened to me,they are going to tell everyone. Okay? ''.
'' But...but....
(Savitri said nothing and left the chamber, Queen Dorah took the dull of the king and angrily threw it off in anger).

(On the hallway).

Kushi and Rishi stood beside one closed for talking about the kiss like it was hot gossip.

'' I can't wait for that foreigner to hear this Rishi. It's less than two weeks to your wedding and Prince has already fallen in I've with you? Oh great! ''.
'' You think he's really in love with me now? ''.
'' Are you blind. I wasn't even dare to see to the kiss and I already feel like my lips are wet ''.
(As they continued their chat,Kushi looked over Rishi's shoulders and saw Prince Majid walking towards their direction with his friend. Rishi's back was facing there and so she didn't see this).
'' I really hope you are right Kushi ''.
'' Okay,just close tour eyes ''.
'' What...why? ''.
'' Will you just do it or what? I want to show you something... Close your eyes now! (Rishi closed her eyes and Kushi laughed silently).
'' Say love Prince Majid. Say it for ten times and you will believe that he loves you too ''.
'' Hahaha...okay...I love you Prince Majid. I love you Prince Majid....
(Kushi slowly stepped back away from Rishi and took to her heels away. Leaving Rishi with her yes closed repeating those words).
'' I love you Prince Majid...I love you Prince Majid.. Okay,two more to go...
(Prince Majid and Maxwell arrived behind her and went in front of her. Maxwell turned his face to look at Majid in surprise. Majid stood in front of Rishi, looking in her face with hr eyes closed and smiling).
'' I love you Prince Majid... I love you Prince Majid!!! ''.
(Majid's face lighted up. He couldn't control his lips from smiling. This wa the most amazing sight he had ever seen. Rishi finally opened her eyes and saw Prince Majid standing in front of her and she gasped for breath. It looked like something choked hr. Kushi tricked her and she was going to deal with her a lot. Prince Majid held his waist in wonder,still starring at her. She had already started sweating. She took one step back and rushed away like a mosquito).
'' Whoa...did I just hear her right? She's chanting her love for you? Cindy would kill her ''.
'' Forget Cindy man ''.
'' Excuse me? ''.
'' Whatever.....
episode 47
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She was restless, more than ever. She strolled down and up her room thinking of her next move. Avni entered and bowed down.

'' Where is he?! It's being more than hour since I sent you to get Faruk?! Now you have come back without him?! ''.
'' I looked for him everywhere your highness. I couldn't find him. But when I was coming. But when I was coming back here....I then saw him entering the court with his father ''.
'' What?!...What are they going to do? ''.
'' I don't know ''.
'' I am not going to let Faruk destroy everything I have worked hard all this years to! I can't allow him to make any mistake right now that things are going just the way I like it ''.
(They both rushed out of the chamber together).

(On the walkway).

Kushi was walking towards Rishi's chamber when she bumped into her. Rishi grabbed hold of Kushi and the both fought each other playfully like kids.

'' You rascal! I should have known this was your plan all along! All along! ''.
'' Hey relax..okay? I was only helping you admit your feelings for him ''.
'' I have already admitted that ''.
'' But you never did it in front of him. Now it's official...yeeyyy! ''.
'' You know how nervous u get when I am close to could you do this to me you idiot! ''.

Suddenly, the royal court bell started banging loudly. Rishi and Kushi saw servants rushing passed them on their heels towards the court. They tried talking to any of them but no one would stop to listen to what they had to say as they were in a hurry to get to the court and not to get into trouble. They then saw 
Queen Sheena walking towards them and they stopped them.

'' This is not the time Rishi....we need to get to the court now! ''.
'' But can't you at least brief us about a little of what is going on mother ''.
'' It looked like Prince Faruk went to make a report to the king. That's all I let's go ''.

(In the royal court).

The king was seated first because he was super upset about what had happened. Rishi and the others entered and went to take their positions in their seats. Kushi went back to join the servants standing at the entrance in silence. All faces was on Prince Faruk as his face was bruised up and he looked beaten mercilessly. Prince Majid and his friends entered the chamber and took air positions. He slowly sat on a golden chair at his father's right hand side and relaxed. Rishi's seat was opposite Majid's seat but she was facing Queen Sheena on the grand floor. Princess Lakshmi sat besides her mother with an absolute worried face. Queen Sheena realised this and was scared the meeting had something to do with her as well. As everyone was finally seated,the king raised his hand.

'' Let the court begin ''.
'' Okay tour highness ''. The spokesperson adjusted himself. '' A complaint has being levelled against one of the servants by Prince Faruk. Guards, bring the accused into the court ''.
'' Oh my goodness... Oh please lord,let all this end soon. I can't bare to see Raj in any pain ''. Princess Lakshmi thought and angrily turned to stare at Prince Faruk.
'' This is all so wrong! I swear,I will teach Faruk a bitter lesson on this so well! I hope this report of a thing is not what am thinking ''. Queen Dorah thought.
(Two guards entered the court with Raj in their arms. He was handcuffed in chains and threw at the feet of the king. Prince Faruk smirked. The king sniffed, looking at Raj with rage. Princess Lakshmi was having endless scare and screwing her hands in anxiety. Wondering what exactly what Prince Faruk told their father).
'' Tour highness, what has happened? What did the guard do? That is Princess Lakshmi's personal guard right? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' Yes he is ''. The king turned his face to look at Lakshmi in anger. '' Lakshmi!!! ''.
(Princess Lakshmi quickly got ti her feet,swallowing saliva and sweating).
'' Father? ''.
'' How could you do this Lakshmi? Is that the values tour mother instilled into you?...and you,this filthy guard and you...aaah am disgusted ''.
(Queen mother and Queen Sheena were shocked. Queen Sheena stood up,faced Lakshmi with questioning eyes).
'' What is this Lakshmi? What is tour father....
'' No need to ask her! Because I am going to tell you everything. Prince Faruk,my eldest son,please get up ''.
(Prince Faruk got up with bruises on his face and pretentiously moaned in pain).
'' Faruk came to me this morning and made a report. He was hit by Lakshmi's personal guard. And the reason is, my own servants have being committing abomination in the palace. This guard,is having a secret relationship with Lakshmi all this time! ''.
'' Oh my goodness! ''. Queen Sheena felt a shock in her heart and fell back into her seat.
'' Mother! ''.
'' And also had a relationship with Lakshmi's personal maid...what was her name again? ''.
'' Charu...father ''. Prince Faruk answered.
(All the elders and priests present were shocked).
'' And this guard had gotten Charu pregnant. And sent her away from the palace in secret. And Lakshmi, the Lakshmi who me I thought was innocent, helped them do this..and didn't mind continuing the relationship. And when Faruk found out and tried reprimanding her,the guard hit him ''.
'' That is not true father! ''. Princess Lakshmi shouted, her mother got up and slapped her off.
'' Shut up now and listen to tour father! I am very ashamed of you now ''.
'' That's enough mother! '' Prince Majid got up and went closer to Lakshmi who embraced him tightly and buried her face in his chest.
'' You cannot be defending her Majid. This is an abomination ''. The king said.
'' Has any of you tried hearing the guard's side of the story? ''. Prince Majid asked.
'' But...what are you talking about Majid? Are you saying that am lying? That what I said is not valid enough? ''. Prince Faruk jumped in.
'' I don't But everyone has rights. So you all either let the guard speak or we all depart from this court... or? ''.
'' Okay fine. What has the accused got to say in his defense before his punishment is given to him? ''.
'' I am innocent tour highness. I hit Prince Faruk,yes. But that is because he hit Princess Lakshmi first! ''.
'' Yes father! Faruk is the fa......
(Just then,Jimmy got to his feet in confidence. Majid was shocked and the rest of their friends were shocked).
'' I am sorry Majid. I can't hide the truth anymore.. I just couldn't control....
'' Stop that shit Jimmy! What's all this. What are you trying to prove here? When did you arrive in the kingdom to impregnate a woman? ''.
'' Well...we are just close to three days then it'll be a month since we arrived here right? ''.
'' So? ''.
'' I got to know the threw weeks ago,and I fell in love with her. Well,one thing led to another and....
'' What...that's unbelievable! ''. Prince Faruk shouted in rage.
'' Believe what you want people. But am a foreigner, and I don't know that some of tour rules says that no sex before marriage.
(Prince! Majid chuckled and scratched his head in disbelieve. He turned to look at his father).
'' Father.. I...well,look,am sorry okay? He is a foreigner, you should just let this go ''. He looked back at Jimmy and whispered into his ears. '' Fuck you man! I am saving your ass,you owe me big! ''.
'' Well...if that's the truth an...fine. But the guard will still be punished for laying a hand on the Prince. And Lakshmi, get ready. I am getting you married at once ''.
'' Noooo! Father please I.....
'' Enough! The court is dismissed! Majid,make sure to get tour friend prepared. We don't give birth out of wedlock here. He should get his family in London ready to come get married to the dungeon. Lakshmi's tears fell from her eyes and she quickly rushed to Majid and hugged him from the back. Majid turned to her and caressed her face and hair with care.

'' Save me Majid. Please brother, you cannot allow father to get me married. I....
'' Shhhh...I've got this alright? ''.
'' Are you sure Majid... Are you....
'' Who do you love then? ''.
(Lakshmi looked down in shyness and Majid chuckled. She turned her head to look at Raj who was being taken away and Majid realised).
'' Guards! Let him go ''.
'' But my Prince....
'' It's an order. Let him go now,and get out ''.
(The guards obeyed, bowed down and let Raj go. The court had departed completely and it was left with Majid's friends and Lakshmi with Raj. Raj quickly rushed to Majid's feet and touched his feet. Majid moved away and made him stand up and closer to Lakshmi).
'' You love my sister huh? '' 
'' My Prince.. I.....
'' Yes..or no? ''.
'' Yes....
'' Then take her to her chamber. She looked tired. And come back and tell me how you two want tour wedding to be ''.
(Majid laughs as Lakshmi cheerfully embraced him and later left with Raj).
'' Now Jimmy,you have got a lot of explaining to do. What was all this about? ''.
'' I think you should let your sister explain better to you Majid ''. Jimmy walked closer to his ear and whispered. '' Your brother is a monster man,beware of him ''.
(He said and left with the rest while Majid pondered on this with astonishment).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She slapped Faruk and he fell on her bed. He looked ashamed and heart broken with the final judgement and he had no idea of what to say to Queen Dorah. He knew he had screwed up this time and she had every right to act that way.

'' So tell me. Who is the father? Is it the foreigner, or you? '' 
'' Me. I swear none of this would have happened mother. If my plans had worked last night,Charu would have being killed by today and the court wouldn't have happened ''.
'' And what happened? Why didn't you just kill her? ''.
'' Shiv said that,someone hit him from behind when he was about doing it. And that was it. He just collapsed mother. Forgive me mother, I was just so restless and desperate. Now,all out dreams are crashing ''.
'' No ones dreams will crash Faruk. It was Savitri who hit your guard. She came here this morning to threaten me with Charu's pregnancy. I don't know why that foreigner has taken the responsibility. But it all boils down to one thing. He also knows about your motive for Majid. And if Majid finds out that you hate him,he will never trust you. And if I try to use black magic to control your father right now...then that stupid priest Chanakher will find out and announce it. Now we are staxked. All we need is to wait for some more time to make plans. For now,you,my son,has to look for Charu and end her life. Because a soon to be king, will be remove from the throne if he rapes women and make them pregnant for no reason, and if the Jhansi kingdom hears about this,then you will be disgraced and tour marriage with Ragah will be canceled. I will practice magic tonight to trace where Charu is. Then you can end this okay? ''.
'' What we do with Savitri mother? ''.
'' Leave her to me as well ''.

(Maiden's chamber).

Savitri sat on her bed,looking in her plans and remembered twenty five years ago when she removed the necklace from Queen Meerah and got that burn.

'' If my daughter is no longer alive and am here am of no use. What happened in the court today,proved that Queen Dorah and Prince Faruk had everything under their control. And who is even going to believe a common maid like me if I try to accuse them? And I don't want to die without saving the royal family from those two devils. Even though this might also be dangerous to my own life,I will have to find the pot Queen Meerah's soul was hidden in,and free her spirit. The priest already told us twenty five years ago that,if her soul is set free,then we shall all die. Well,I will love to die with Queen Dorah together, I will set Queen Meerah's soul free,she has being trapped for twenty five years. I will free her,she will kill us all..then it will be a done deal.....

episode 48
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Queen Sheena's chamber).

She couldn't control her tears after the news she heard at the court. It was already dark in the evening and Rishi and Kushi and Queen mother couldn't even control. And what hurt her the most was that the king said he was going to get Lakshmi married soon to avoid any disgrace. But Queen Sheena wasn't ready to let her daughter go. She was just her little princess and her source of joy. She wiped her tears and said she was ready to sleep.

'' Should we go then? ''.
'' It is not like I am throwing you out mother,but I need to digest this in ''. Queen Sheena replied.
'' Mother...everything will alright okay? I don't think the king meant what he said ''. Rishi said.
'' The king means what he says everyday Rishi. It is already late an dinner will be served, you all should go and get something to eat ''.
'' Well,I an not eating until you eat ''. Rishi said.
(Queen mother got to her feet).
'' I will go and take my evening sleep. It has being a long way and more jewelry makers will arrive here from Mumbai tomorrow. It's just less than a week to Rishi and Majid's marriage ceremony ''.
(Rishi blushed and they all laughed).
'' So better be strong for that Sheena ''.
'' I will mother. I am sure I will be alright tomorrow ''.
(Queen mother left,leaving Queen Sheena and Rishi and Kushi).
'' Mother... will you be okay? ''.
'' Yes Rishi. Please go to bed. I promise that am not hungry. I think I will feel better after talking to Lakshmi myself tomorrow. Charu's pregnancy was confirmed, the foreigner was responsible. But Lakshmi's relationship with the guard is real. That hurt !e,I am her mother and she couldn't trust me enough to tell me this. I am the worse mother in the world ''.
'' Never! You have being a very wonderful wife and mother... Both to Lakshmi and Majid ''.
'' And how do you know that? ''.
'' Well.....
(Rishi tried pulling her word back and not to let Queen Sheena know tat she already knew the truth that she wasn't Majid's real mother but Kushi's big mouth was itching).
'' Well....Majid is the proof Queen Sheena! You have mothered him so well even though....
'' Kushi! ''.
'' What?! ''. Queen Sheena looked into Rishi's eyes and they weren't lying. Kushi looked away but Queen Sheena pulled her face to look at hers. '' You
(Rishi got up and scratched her hands, wondering around the room. Queen Sheena got up and pulled back Rishi).
'' Mother!....
'' Just answer me! How did you already know? You know the truth don't you? ''.
'' Well....
'' When? ''.
'' It was complicated. But we didn't find out in the easy way. We had to put things together to find out. I saw Queen Meerah's painting the other day and,she was wearing the elephant necklace. And then the king told us a few story about Queen Meerah, because I wanted to know how she died. But he never told me she gave birth to Prince Majid,I just thought seep and arrived with the answer ''.
(Queen Sheena said nothing but just smiled widely. Surprising Rishi and Kushi).
'' Mother and I did not make a mistake for choosing you as the future Queen Rishi. You are indeed, her smart. You two girls ''.
'' Really?... You are not upset? ''. Rishi asked.
'' Why would I be upset at the truth Rishi? This secret was never a burden for me. Because I loved Majid as soon as he was born. I was Queen Meerah's handmaiden '' 
'' What?! ''. Rishi and Kushi were surprised.
'' But the truth is a long story. The mystery behind Queen Meerah's death... is a long story. That is a story for another day...
'' I know that Prince Faruk hates Prince Majid,mother ''.
'' How did you find out? '' 
'' The lion attack in Prince Majid that night,it was Prince Faruk's idea...Kushi heard Prince Faruk having a conversation with his guard...Shiv. About taking Prince Majid to a.....
'' All of it is...bitterly true,Rishi. But by God's grace and the necklace, Majid has always being safe. And now you too....because of you Rishi, I believe everything will be already. Just promise me one thing...swear to me! ''.
'' Yes....whatever you need mother ''.
'' No one. Especially Majid,must never find out that truth. He will be shattered. And I am sure no one would want that. He will hate us all. Please, can you do that? ''.
'' Of course mother. I can keep is to myself. And Kushi too,even though she has a big mouth. Don't worry ''.
'' Thank you. When a completely well tomorrow, and we have time,I can help you with information, which will help you better to protect Majid ''.
'' We shall leave now mother. Good night ''....

(Next Day=In the kingdom=Meho's house).

Strange men arrived in suits and a car and batched into he room. It was empty,only the bags and clothes around and a few foodstuffs. They were holding knives and guns. They searched around the compound and got to the entrance.

'' No one. I think the man left the house ''.
'' We saw his clothes there. He still lives here. We have being trying to tack him down for three days now...
'' Or maybe he is not in. I think we should come here in h night. When he comes home. Then we can finish the job....
'' Let's leave here before any one sees us ''.

(Radah's House).

Bhavna helped Radah wash their clothes and the dishes. They both walked together into her sowing shop. Bhavna tried placing a rope in the needle so she could help Radah start sowing some clothes but she suddenly had blurry visions.

'' Everything alright? ''.
'' Oh god Radah... Can you believe I am not able to place head! ''. She groaned in agony. Radah left what she was doing and quickly attended to her.
'' You have being complaining of headache ever since you arrived u're. But tour blurry visions is something else Bhavna. This is getting out if hand. We shall go and see the doctor whether you like it or not now. I will close the store now ''.
'' No Radah ''.
'' I said we are going. I have had enough of tour refusal. We are going to check on you now! ''.
(But two guards from the palace arrived immediately in all smiles and bowed down to her).
'' Bhavna ''.
'' Yes. Oh god! I hope nothing has happened in the palace that....
'' Everything is alright. The thing is, Prince Majid...he got hurt ''.
(Bhavna and Radah are both suddenly steel and standing there speechless).
'' What happened? Is he okay? Is he....
'' He is alright. But he got wounded on his stomach. The wound is healing. But he wants Tue scar to also disappear. And that is why,we are here. Tour miracle herbs and hands can create that solution. We told him about you and he wants you to come with the medicine to make the scar disappear ''.
'' Oh,but of course. I will gladly do that. That yellow herb though... It ha not being raining lately has not being growing. I will have to go to the temple to check if I will get some. Tell the Prince to wait until after the wedding between he and Rishi... I will solve everything ''.
'' Okay....we shall take our leave now ''. They bowed down and left and Bhavna put her hands together. '' Oh lord...protect my daughter and her husband to be. Radah... I want to see Rishi now ''.
'' We can't just walk into the palace as we wish Bhavna. But I will accompany you...only if we come back from the doctor... Let's go...

(In the Royal Palace=Prince Majid's chamber).

He wore a brand new shirt and a tight black jean trousers. The royal doctor changed his bandage wound which waa already healing fast and told him the news that,he was soon going to get the woman to make the herb to make the scar disappear after his wedding. He nodded and sat in bed,waiting for his breakfast. But he kept thinking about what Jimmy told him about Faruk being a monster. He called Sushim into the chamber and he bowed.

'' You look much better today my Prince ''.
'' Thanks. But that's not why I called you. Sushim, you have sworn to protect me with tour own life...isn't it? ''.
'' Exactly my Prince. Is there anything you may need? ''.
'' I want the truth. Sushim, you may have known me as your master. But you don't know anything else. One thing I hate most in my life is people keeping things from me. I hate secrets. I hate lies and deceit. Sushim, I need to know everything about Faruk...I am not a child to be kept things from. I feel stupid when people hide things from me and make me feel I can't protect myself! I am a fucking adult who can make lots of children ''.
(Sushim chuckled and held his mouth).
'' Sorry my Prince ''.
'' Well you should be... Because it's not funny. Tell me,what is the deal with Faruk? '' Why do you ask? ''.
'' I said what's the deal with him? I am most shocked because ever since I got hurt,he never came to see me. If it weren't for the court car yesterday, I wouldn't have met him. What kind of brother does that? Tell me....does he hate me? Do you think, he planned the attack on me? ''.
'' Yes my Prince ''.
(Prince Majid was hit with pain. Tears drew from his eyes. But they didn't fall. He sniffed and sat carefully on his bed. He was thinking deep,he didn't know what and why and how his brother hated him. He bit his lower lips and took a deep breath and looked back at Sushim).
'' Why Sushim? Does anyone know this? ''.
'' Queen mother,Queen know that you are not safe at all around Prince Faruk. He hates you because, he thinks he was supposed to be the crowned Prince and not you. My Prince... that is why your grandmother is doing all she can to catch Faruk in the act of trying to harm you. So she can use it as evidence against him. Then everything will finally be over. But he always does his things discreetly. He leaves no evidence behind ''.
'' He was supposed to be the crowned Prince? I myself have being thinking. I mean,he is the eldest why did father choose me instead? Why Sushim? ''.
'' Prince please just get tour mind out of that now okay? Tour wedding is just around the corner, you should....
'' Are you hiding anything else from me? ''.
(Just then,two maids entered and bowed down with a large tray of rich breakfast. Sushim took a deep breath and quickly left the chamber. The maids arranged the food on his bed).
'' Who made the food? ''. 
'' Priya. She is Queen Sheena's handmaiden my Prince ''. One of them replied.
(Majid raised his hands and removed his shirt. Revealing his fresh muscular body. The maids started blinking more times than normal and started suffocating, they couldn't breath).
'' And who asked you two to serve me? ''.
'' It's our duty my Prince ''.
'' Take the food back ''.
(The two maids looked at each other in perplexed).
'' My Prince...? ''.
'' Go...tell Rishi to bring the it ''.
'' Yes your highness ''.
(They took the food and walked away).

(Rishi's chamber).

Kushi was still asleep and she didn't hear that Rishi had even take her bath and got dressed up. Rishi brought a cup of water from the bathroom and it on Kushi's face. The girl jumped out of bed with a scream and held her chest. She saw Rishi laughing at her profusely and groaned loudly at her.

'' That is what you get when you trick me to say...I love you Prince Majid ''.
'' Oh gosh. Don't worry! I already regret doing that. I was already dreaming of my unknown Prince charming you fool. I hope the lord punish you for this and make you see Prince Majid see you again ''.
'' That won't happened...
(They heard a knock and Rishi shouted for whoever to come in. The two maids entered and bowed down at her).
'' You brought our breakfast... so quick! Wow! ''. Kushi exclaimed.
'' is not for you. Rishi... This is Prince Majid's breakfast. And he says we should give it to you to bring it ''.
(Rishi's face fell. Her mouth opened. Her hair standing on ends. Kushi on the other hand,fell into the bed in laughter).
'' He said me? Did you hear him right? ''.
'' Yes. He said...tell Rishi to bring the food ''.
(They said and left the covered foods and fruits on Rishi's bed and left).
'' Oh my goodness Kushi... what do I...
(She turned to the bed and Kushi had already covered her body with the bedsheets and mocking Rishi with her snore).
'' You are disturbing my princess sleep Rishi. Go go go...the lord is good time. Go,or do you wat your husband to starve to death? ''.
(Rishi said nothing but carried the large tray of foods,fruits and deserve and walked out of the chamber).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

Majid scrolled through his phone and then someone walked up to him in the room. He raised his head and it wa Rishi holding the tray of food. She was more beautiful than ever. This time, their eyes locked. Rishi looked at him and he also glanced at her. Both their minds casted back to the kiss. Rishi felt an amazing sensation through her body that she was about to drop the food. She had never felt that way. She realised that her tights were wet of sweat. She quickly set the food on thebed in front of Majid. He wore no shirt and he rolled his eyes from Rishi's top to her down.

'' You okay? ''.
'' Y...yes..yes....I....ii...was...
'' Why are you stammering? ''.
'' You...I mean....
'' I make you stammer? ''.
'' That's not what I meant. I...
'' Sit ''.
'' Huh? ''.
'' I said...sit down ''.
(Rishi quickly sat down across his feet on the bed. She kept scratching her palms and looking elsewhere).
'' Look at my face ''.
(Rishi turned her head and looked at him).
'' Do I make you feel uneasy? ''.
'' I...I.....
'' Or....
(Majid starred seductively at her. His brown eyes perfecting her body).
'' you want another kiss? ''.
(Rishi's heart skipped a beat).....


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