Married To The Prince Episode 49,50,51 And Last Season 1 Episode 52

episode 49
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

Rishi couldn't believe her ears. Prince Majid started enjoying his breakfast while his eyes was on Rishi. He needed to land on a decision. Yes he kissed her,but it wasn't enough for him. He was confused. He had loved Cindy for seven years,and now his feelings were confusing him. He starred at her while she forced herself not to blush. She needed to control herself and keep it together. She crossed her feet together and he realised how nervous she was. He had a little smile at the corner of his lips. He loved it that he was messing with her.

'' Do you need anything else please? ''. She finally break the silence.
'' rude. How dare you answer a question with a question ''. He said glaring at her with a grin.
'''s just that Prince I....
'' Well forget it. You asked me what I needed? ''.
'' Yes? ''.
'' A massage ''.
(Rishi was about to faint. She needed her life to be taken from her at that moment).
'' Ma...massage. You mean,pressing your body? ''.
'' What other massage do you know girl? ''.
'' Just that ''.
'' I'm satisfied. Need to keep this body in shape...right? Am not supposed to eat much... what do you think? ''.
'' Yes...yes of course.
(Prince Majid got to his feet. No shirt on,he removed the bandage and placed it aside. He intentionally groaned in pain and Rishi suddenly looked concern).
'' My shoulders hurt. I mean, since you gonna, give me a massage, then I bet you can also help me take off my jeans? ''.
'' Take off your shorts?!!! I....
'' Yeah what? What's wrong with my jeans? ''.
'' It's not the jeans..I..I...thought I was going to take the food from the bed? ''.
'' Sure. Do that. But put it on that table and help me take off my jeans ''.
(Rishi swallowed saliva and took the food from the bed onto the table besides the bed. She then turned to Majid. She went closer to him. The warmth coming from his body was intense. She breath so heavily that Majid could feel her breath on his chest. She looked down at his golden belt and starred down at her hair. She placed her hand in the hook. Majid's lips widened with a smile. She unhooked the belt. Her hands were shaking. She slowly removed the belt from the jeans and placed it on the table. She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and started pulling it down. She looked up at his face and he put his face aside like he wasn't watching her. Rishi frowned. Majid wore an expensive blue designer boxer and it was tight. Rishi tried hard to get her eyes off some part were will make her bite her tongue and faint. Majid sat on the bed and Rishi pulled the jeans and placed it in one of the couches. He pulled himself to the top of the bed and rested his back on the head of the head).
'' I...I need an ointment... I will go and get some ''.
'' The doctor left some here. There it is ''. He pointed at the opposite couch.
(Rishi took the ointment cup and took some of it on her hands. She stood at the couch,unable to decide whether to get on the bed or not).
'' I...should I do it at tour back or....
'' My chest,my shoulders, my forehead, my waist...that place hurt. Especially my waist of course. Get on the bed and...start work will you? ''.
'' O...okay ''.
(Rishi climbed the bed. She knee walked closer to Majid with uncertainty. Majid starred at her closely, breathing with intentions. He leaned his legs straight on the bed and Rishi knelt at his side with her palms opened with the ointment smeared in them).
'' That is not the perfect position ''.
'' I...I don't know how else to...
'' Well that's why I made my legs straight so you could kneel over my that. It'll be easier ''.
'' I should...I should....
'' Yeah ''.
(Rishi didn't want to embarrass herself y further. She slowly went over Prince Majid's legs and knelt over them. She was now kneeling just right straight at him. He wore nothing but boxers, looking at his incredible beautiful irresistible body made her dizzy. He rested his head on the soft cushion bed head. She looked at his broad chest and muscular shoulders and his neck and his lips. She closed her eyes tightly and breath into it. She opened her eyes and placed her hands at the top of his breast. Majid just starred at her closely. Their breath met,crashing each other. She smeared the ointment on his arms were veins had appeared beautifully. She got to his tummy and smeared it gentle while blowing air on the wound. Her hair was all over Majid's body. The ecstasy coming from the massage drove Majid crazy. How come she knew how to do everything? Was she even a virgin and innocent? Majid kept thinking deep. She started wining her soft palms up his body and passed by his breast and shoulders, pressing them softly. Majid couldn't control it anymore. He looked into her eyes,her eyes met his and he pulled her head closer to his and kissed her. She dropped her hands on his shoulders and kissed him back. He kissed her with such endless want and need. He swam his hand at the back of her waist. Feelings were getting heightened. Majid placed one hand at the back of her waist while the other seam in her hair,pulling her head in more and deepened the kiss. Majid kissed her lips so hard they bit each other and drank each other's blood,he withdrew from her lips,kissed her down her neck with more passion. Rishi let out a silent moan. Majid placed his arms at the back of her dress,slowly unzipping her dress. Rishi didn't realise this. She just got her hand in his soft hair and her other hand on his shoulder. Majid unzipped the dress to her waist and entered her bare back with his soft palm. Rishi's moans were becoming heavier. This feeling was new to her. Majid got this. He pulled her in,more closer....

(In front of the chamber).

Cindy got to the chamber door and tried bypassing Sushim to enter but he pushed her back.

'' What the fuck?! ''.
'' The Prince says he wants to be alone ''.
'' He can't say that whiles am around ''.
'' Whatever....
'' What?! Hey,better let me in okay? ''.
'' Dis you not hear me? Better leave ''.
'' I am Majid's girlfriend! You can't be treating me like this! ''.
'' If you feel that way, why not just go back to your country? '' 
'' would really love that wouldn't you? In your dreams. I am not leaving without Majid. I said let me in....
(One guard arrived in front of the chamber with Mr Raul and Cindy was surprised).
'' You? ''.
'' Hello Cindy. How are you doing? It's being a long time ''.
'''s nice to see you....I am here to see Majid but is nincompoops won't allow me! I just wonder what he has against me ''.
'' Because you are disrespectful and arrogant and you don't deserve Prince Majid! ''. Sushim rattled out.
'' Hey...who are you to choose who deserves Majid or not? If she didn't deserve him,he wouldn't have chose her ''.
'' Well Mr Raul, it is just a matter of time ''.
'' Tell Majid am here to see him. We spoke on the phone yesterday and he is expecting me ''.
(Sushim bowed down slightly and opened the chamber door. He entered and passed by the many curtains. Rishi and Majid heard this. Rishi quickly got away from Majid, breathing heavier then ever. Her heart was about to stop beating. She stepped away from the bed and quickly zipped her dress while Majid covered his legs with the bedsheet. He was still smiling,and his smile wasn't innocent at all. Sushim arrived into the chamber and bowed down).
'' My Prince, Mr Raul has arrived and he's at the door ''.
'' Demn,did he have to come exactly by this time? ''. He said,starring at Rishi. Sushim saw this and smirked.
'' My Prince? ''.
'' Let him in....
(Sushim left while Rishi quickly went to take the food tray from the table. Majid got to his feet and started wearing his jeans. Rishi started walking slowly away. She turned and looked into his eyes. Majid looked at her. His eyes were the most beautiful, his lips were the prettiest, he starred at her deeply, looking at her from her head and winked at her seductively. Rishi looked down,her lips couldn't help but smile lightly. She turned to the door and Mr Raul entered. Mr Raul knew her. But she didn't know him. She just looked at him strangely and walked away. Mr Raul turned his back and looked at her,licking his ugly lips. He then turned to Majid and they embraced each other tightly).

(Rishi's chamber).

A glass of water had bursted on the floor scattered on the floor. Kushi sat on the bed shaking with her eyes stuck at one direction like she had seen a monster. She had her hands on her mouth and her eyes were all red. Prince Faruk and Shiv stood there starring at her with frowns. Prince Faruk held a knife and he started walking closer to her.

'' No! Please don't... I..I didn't do anything okay,I swear! ''.
'' Who else did you tell about what you heard eh? ''.
'' No. I didn't say anything. I kept it to myself I swear Prince! ''.
'' I don't believe you. You know something? I know tour mother. I know her name Radah. And you love her very much right? ''.
'' What? ''.
'' What a shame that...your stay in the palace would be the reason for her death ''.
'' No!!! ''. Kushi loosed her mind and grabbed Faruk's garments. '' Don't even try and bring my mother into this ''.
(Prince Faruk raised his hand to hit Kushi but another arm caught his in mid air. They all quickly moved their eyes behind him and saw Rishi. Rishi's facial expression was no longer bearing the angelic face. She looked possessed. She held Prince Faruk's arm and threw it aside. She pushed him away from Kushi and stood in front of her. Then she pointed a finger at him).
'' Don't you ever... Prince Faruk. Never ever, try to lay your hand on my Kushi else...
'' Else what?! I blame my grandmother for giving commoners like you the privilege to be on our standards ''.
'' We may be commoners. But we are commoners with hearts. Whiles are nothing but a monster ''.
'' Oh I see. So you also know about our little secret. Why don't we have a little talk ''.
'' I will not talk to you...okay? Get out! ''. She said and pointed at the door. '' And as you are walking out, keep it at the back of your mind...that every other plan you have planned against long as I am here and still breathing, you will fail ''.
'' Oh really? Since you already know my motive then...shut up and let me do my thing. Or else, you wouldn't know what hit you. As long as you live in the palace and still breath,you won't let my plans be? We shall see commoner ''.
'' I have a name and that is Rishi. You want to battle with me? Bring it on,and I will show you the power of a woman ''.
(Rishi pushed him and Shiv out of the door and shut the door closed. She went to Kushi and poured her a glass of water. She took it and embraced her).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

Majid had his back turned on Mr Raul, holding the table close to his bed. He we loosing his breath. His eyes weren't blinking, like he was frozen. He shook his head and Mr Raul folded his arms and nodded his head.

'' Yes Majid, I know it sounds impossible to you. But it is truth. And you cannot marry her Majid... don't do this to me...she is mine ''.
(Majid was just speechless. But Mr Raul pulled him and made them make eye contact).
'' You said I was like a father figure to you right? So,look me in the eye Majid, and tell me that you won't have her. That you will follow my plan and give her to me on your wedding night ''.
'' I...I..I just...
(Majid was shaking, his voice, his body. He tucked his hair backwards and covered his face with his hands and made himself fall sit on his bed).
'' Why are you having doubts Majid? I thought you only wanted Cindy? So what is it? Majid? ''. Mr Raul bent down and held Majid's face. There were tears in his eyes but they couldn't fall. '' Majid....
'' No! ''. Majid said and got up. '' Did you stop to think about whatever you have just told me uncle? This is shit and crap! How can you be married to someone who is not aware huh? What bullshit is this? ''.
'' Why are you also acting this way? Why do you even care?! You told me you were forced to marry the girl! Is that not it? So why are you acting like this? You don't feel anything for her Majid... It is I,who want her. And there is no way am going to let all the money spent on her family go to waste ''.
'' You bought her,when her mother had not even thought of getting pregnant with her? Do you have sense?! ''.
'' You can call me a mad man! I don't care. Just say we have a deal! ''.
'' Hell no! We got no fucking deal...not today or tomorrow, or never! I can't do that! ''
'' Why?! You are my only hope! ''.
'' Well because.....because that is...because this marriage was arranged, and I have to fulfill my obligations to the kingdom ''.
'' When did you start caring about the kingdom? You said you wanted to go back to London. So what changed? Huh Majid? I was counting on you to help me...but I guess I will have to do it myself ''.
'' What will you do? Listen uncle, don't try anything crazy. Am gonna pay you every last penny you spent on her family. Just....
'' I don't want the money! I want her. And I will have her Majid ''.
'' Over my dead body ''. Majid whispered at him in a threat.
'' I never thought you and I could come to this place. But it's your choice Majid. Don't say I didn't warn have chosen that girl over me? Makes me think the marriage is no longer forced, you are actually marrying her out of tour own free will aren't you? What...are you in love with her? ''.
'' Get out ''. Majid said and he wasn't smiling. Mr Raul had never seen him like that before.
'' Fine. I will leave. But this is not over ''.
'' Sure it's not over. If you dare go close to Rishi then...I will murder you ''.
(Mr Raul was scared. He turned and quickly left. Majid sat back on his bed and was thrown into a deep thought)....
episode 50
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(On the walkway).

Mr Raul walked in a hurry to get out of the palace. He met Cindy and bumped into her. He said nothing and turned to leave but she stopped him. He then realised that he was going to need all the help he can get. He needed someone more in the palace to make his plan successful. Someone who anyone wouldn't suspect.

'' We can't be seen talking. Where is your room? ''.
'' Over there ''. She pointed at an opposite door.
'' Yes, let's go there instead ''.

(Royal Guest room).

They both entered and Cindy locked the door. Natalya was wondering what was going on. Mr Raul found a couch near the bed and sat on it. He removed his spectacles and Cindy sat on the bed ready to tuck in. Mr Raul filled them in with his side of the story.

'' Oh my God! But Mr Raul,you? You want fresh blood? ''. Natalya mocked him.
'' Hey,shut up! That is not the most important thing ''.
'' So..that girl,betrothed to Majid is your wife? Hahahaaaa ''. Cindy laughed out. '' I can't wait for Majid to hear this. He will cancel the wedding at once so we can go back to London ''.
'' I already told Majid ''.
'' Huh? ''.
'' And he role me. Me!!! Mr Raul Singh Ratord....he told me,the man who brought him up for twenty years and took care of him! He threatened to kill me if I dare touched Rishi ''.
'' Wait,what?! ''. Cindy shouted.
'' You are asking me? Your man has already slipped our your fingers Cindy. I thought you were wild enough, but I was wrong. Any woman who stays calm for another woman to snatch her man is a weakling ''.
'' Shut up! Majid is still mine. He loves me! ''.
'' Of course. In your dreams..that is ''.
(Cindy got up,strolling around the room like she was possessed and talking to herself).
'' no no..Noooo! Majid said that to you?! I refuse to accept this! I won't. Look,he might have sounded rude to you in defense of that girl. Bit it doesn't mean anything. You raised him,and you know he respects every matter what ''.
'' Where you dead when I was speaking? Not only was he rude to me,but he threatened to kill me if I dare went close to you know what that means? ''
'' It means nothing! ''. Cindy scratched her head and scattered her hair into her face. '' I won't allow this! Never. Majid is mine. I have loved him for seven years...made love to him whenever he wanted it. I did everything for him. I could kill anyone for him. I can't breath when he's not around me. Majid swore not to look at any other woman so what's happening? Why,what wrong did I do? Is it my sins that I followed him here to see his family? Only so that his stupid family would separate us ''.
'' Yes. And so by now Cindy, I think you should be getting ready to go back to London...because you have nothing more here ''.
'' Hell no! I am fucking not going anywhere. I am not leaving without Majid. I will not let that village girl snatch and destroy a relationship I have built for many years. What does she have that I don't?! ''.
'' She is not arrogant Cindy ''. Natalya shouted. '' She is humble. She looked innocent and is not full of herself. Haven't you seen? ''.
'' So what are you trying to say Natalya? I am your friend... your best friend! You are supposed to be by my side. On my side! ''.
'' Yes I am on your side. I also want us to go back to London with Majid. But with what Mr Raul has said,it doesn't look like that is going to happened! ''.
'' Yes it will happened! I just need to think of something I can do to make it happened ''.
'' Excellent! Cindy, excellent....that is exactly why am here. Why I followed you here,is just so you and I,can put our heads together to plan something ''.
'' What do you mean? ''.
'' You see,it's just two weeks away to the wedding. And I can't stop the wedding. But I can surely stop the marriage ''.
'' I am listening ''.
'' I want to take Rishi out of the palace. And I am taking her to London with me on my private plane ''.
'' Hahahaha... Oh gosh. That's funny Mr Raul. And how do I enter into this plan of yours? I see nothing working with that...they have guards watching her 24/7. How would we do would you tale her out of the palace? ''.
'' That is where you step will help me with that ''.
'' Wait wait I look like an action movie actor to you? I have dealt with that girl before and she's a total rascal. A total naughty village the hell are you going to take her out of the palace with her eyes opened and standing when she knows you are kidnapping her? ''.
'' That is it. I am going to take her out of the palace....when her eyes are not opened and she's not standing on her feet. Come on,you are a smart should know what I man ''.
(Cindy started realising what Mr Raul meant and a smile drew on her lips).
'' Oh my God! I am so fucking in! would you,Mr Raul even come to the wedding after this encounter, you have had with Majid? ''.
'' I won't come to the wedding. But my men are surely going to disguise themselves and one there as guests to spy on things. When the right time comes,you get Majid somewhere quiet to seduce him. And my men will take care of the rest...I will give them specific orders ''.
'' Oh yeah! I am so into this plan. Everything will work perfectly well Mr Raul. But you should leave now. I will call you later. Okay?....
'' Deal....

(In the kingdom=Mr Raul's mansion).

Akshay's boss was Mr Raul and he had allowed Max into his house a a guest. Since Akshay had being working for Mr Raul for so many years, he had his trust and allowed Max to stay there until he was done with the unknown mission he came to the kingdom to do. Max sat on one sofa feeling restless. He hoped the news he share was false and that Akshay came back with a better news. He took his phone and got up. Akshay entered the living room and sat down,looking exhausted.

'' Akshay, what now? ''.
'' It's the same news. The Prince... The crowned Prince, is getting married to some girl from the kingdom ''.
'' And my sister? He is getting married to someone who is not Cindy? Demn, he was just using her? ''.
'' No man. Rumours has it that,when they arrived here,the royal family had already prepared the marriage for him. And when he refused, your sister and her friends were thrown into the palace dungeon ''.
'' What the fuck is wrong with this people man! We are in fucking 21st century. They threw my sister in a dungeon... this people will regret this! ''.
'' Look,forget it okay. There is nothing you can do. The Prince is getting married in two weeks time and I don't think tour sister has a chance because the royal family might not like her because she's a foreigner. The Prince is to marry three wives, and I don't think your sister will be any of them ''.
(Max angrily walked upstairs).

(In the royal palace).

Prince Faruk walked up and passed by many doors,heading to Prince Majid's chamber and still thinking of his next move. He bumped into Raj and he was flabbergasted since Raj was supposed to be in the dungeon, paying the price for hitting him. Raj bowed down and bypassed him but he held him by his throat and hit him against the wall.

'' What are you doing out here? My father gave the order that you ne punished for hitting me. Who let you go? ''.
'' Look Prince, I know how overwhelmed you are,your thirst for power and pleasure to see people in pain...but fortunately for us,not everyone is like you. Some people understands others and allow them to express themselves. Prince Majid is the one who saved me,no wonder he was made the crowned Prince instead of you. He would be a wise king ''.
(Prince Faruk couldn't hold himself together and punched Raj's left eye so hard that it turned black. Queen Dorah saw this and stopped them at once. Raj bowed down and left).
'' Faruk! What will people say if they see this? Why do you want me to fail in life? ''
'' Mother he...
'' So what?! So what Faruk... Make sure to control your anger sometimes. It's not everything that you are to react so fast in anger. He is just a servant, and when you become king can kill him and his entire servant family! But as you are here, stopping so low to his level and fighting him,your brother Majid is still the crowned Prince! If your father dies today,he becomes king you fool! And what if your father was the one who had seen this,what would he think of you? ''.
'' I am loosing my relevance in the palace and in my father's eyes! ''.
'' You have already loosed your relevance! And that is why you must take it by force. We are supposed to be in the lead and not them. If your father finds out that,you are Charu's baby's father then,that will be our end. I am just so close to finding Charu's whereabouts. So,go ahead and do what we spoke about. Go go ''.

(Prince Majid's chamber).

He had taken his evening bath and when he arrived in the bedroom, his dinner was already served. But he had loosed all appetite for food after what he had being through. He thought of the hatred his brother felt for him and also Mr Raul, claiming Rishi to be his wife.

'' Two enemies on the loose ''. He started dishing out. '' My blood brother, and now the man I considered to be my father for twenty years. If this is the attitude Faruk has then,he doesn't deserve to be king. I'd rather talk about this with grandmother. Demn, I have being so rude to her and now am missing her badly. She's staying away from me because she thinks I might hurt her. But she's protecting me from a distance. And Faruk, I will be extra careful with him. I can't expose anything about him if I got no evidence. I would look stupid,no one would believe me. Who knows...his mother is even part of all this ''.
(Just then,Faruk entered the chamber and walked closer to Majid. He looked friendly and Majid also acted his best to look normal. Majid wasn't smiling at him though. He took his seat in one of the couches).
'' Urrrmmm hi ''. Faruk mumbled.
'' Hi ''.
'' are looking good today. After the attack, I haven't had time to one see you. I was also hurt ''.
'' that so? What happened to you? ''.
'' I...well,I was heading to the kingdom with my horse to call for help. The horse fooled around and made me fall. I also got hurt in the woods with the weeds. It was painful ''.
'' Aaa? Really? Mmmm, okay ''.
'' Why are you acting like that? You don't believe me? ''.
'' Well brother...what can I say? Do you think I have a reason not to believe you? ''.
'' Oooh... no no. Not that. Of course am telling the truth. I know I was a coward that night brother. I am sorry. I should have helped you there and then. You could have died ''.
'' Yes. I could have ''. He took a glass of apple juice and took a sip. '' But I didn't. And I don't think I ever will ''.
(Majid's tone sounded reassuring and bold. And Faruk felt uncomfortable. He felt like Majid suspected him and it made him fear him. Majid's eyes looked like a burning furnace to Faruk).
'' Well...but of course brother! Why would you die? You are the future king after all. If you die,who would be king? ''.
'' You of course. Isn't it Faruk? If I die,you become king. But you are the chosen one. Am not me ''.
'' Does me being the chosen one, get on your nerves? ''.
'' Are you asking whether am jealous of you? ''.
'' No. But if you wanna put it that way...well brother. Be my guest ''.
'' Majid, I am your elder brother. We didn't grow up together. But you are my brother. And I will always be here for you. Don't ever doubt that. I have being thinking of how a bad brother I had being by not coming to check on you '' 
'' Don't bother about that. I am fit and strong now...
'' That is great! So,I shall see you on the fields for horse back riding? ''.
'' Sure. When I feel like getting on it...I will tell you ''.
'' Right. I shall leave now and go get something to do ''. He got up and quickly left.

(In the kingdom=Mr Raul's mansion).

Max sat on a bed in the room he slept. He took out his phone and dialled a number then placed the phone on his ear. A voice spoke through the phone.

'' Yes Max ''.
'' Hi dad ''.
'' How are you son? ''.
'' Worse than you can ever imagine dad. All your plans are futile ''.
'' Can't be! What do you mean? ''.
'' The Prince you were thinking will marry Cindy...the one you thought was going to be our meal getting married to another woman in just two weeks ''.
'' What?! And what about your sister?! ''.
'' I don't know about Cindy dad. But I am trying to get in touch with her so that I can convince her for us to get back to London ''.
'' No! You ain't getting anywhere close to London,you got that?! The place you are,is a land of gold,diamond and silver! You will stay right there,and Cindy must be married to the Prince. Where are you now?! ''.
'' In my friend's boss house. The old man accepted me in his house to stay until m ready to leave ''..
'' Be careful there son. Look,pay someone, anyone to destroy that marriage. Help yourself Max,because if you let this fortune slip from your hands,you and your sister will struggle when am gone ''.
'' I don't care father. I don't have time an energy to fight and entire royal family. I can't do this. I will talk to you later ''. He hanged up.

(Two weeks later=Royal Palace).

The entire kingdom and palace were filled with some city people, villagers and vendors. Everywhere was beautiful and busy. It was the wedding day of Majid and Rishi....
episode 51
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Royal Palace=Royal refining room).

More than twenty maidens with family had surrounded Rishi. She was getting a special treatment. Bhavna smeared pomade on her legs while Kushi drew herna on her hands. Other maids were doing her hair and make up on,she wasn't given air to breath. She was in a white robe. Queen Sheena entered with the wedding saree in her hands. It was red. It was shiny,a diamond made dress. The garment was heavy and it was the most expensive wedding dress ever made. Queen Sheena placed it on the bed and they dressed up and made her hair. There was a huge mirror and she was taken to sit in front of it. Bhavna wept when starring at her daughter in the mirror. Rishi WS frightened. Her face showed how frightened she was. After she was made up in the readiness, the maids bowed down and left. Rish stood up and faced her mother.

'' What is it sweetheart? ''.
'' No ''.
'' Oh she is scared that's why ''. Kushi mocked her.
'' Shut up Kushi ''.
'' Scares of what? Is everything okay? ''.
'' Yes mother ''.
'' She is lying! She is scared because today is her wedding and this evening is her first night of you know....
(The women laughed while Rishi kicked Kushi with the back of her hand).
'' Oh,is that so? ''. Queen Sheena teased Rishi and she suddenly became shy.
'' Rishi....don't be okay? It is natural. Don't mind Kushi. Her time will come ''.
'' Sooo...will you want to eat something before we go? ''.
'' No ''.
'' Alright Bhavna, Kushi...all of you,stay here with her. The bride will have to go out there before the groom,it is tradition in the kingdom. I am going to check on the priests and guests okay? Will be back ''. Queen Sheena said and left while they made Rishi sit and relax.

(Prince Majid's chamber).

All the boys had gathered in his chamber. His friends, some guards and few maids. Sushim entered the chamber with a parceled traditional wedding garment. He bowed and layed it on the bed. The boys began to start mocking Majid. He was in his towel after bathing and he looked hotter as he was wet and faced the mirror and winked at himself. Sushim bowed down to him and he turned to look on the bed and saw the parcel.

'' What is that? ''.
'' That is your traditional wedding garment ''.
'' Hell no! I am no wearing any traditional thing ''.
'' But my Prince, it is tradition...and that garment is the most expensive in the world ''.
'' I said it won't it Sushim. You know am not into this kind of stuff. Look,I got a suit,show it to him boys ''.
(Jimmy got up and entered into the dressing room and came out with a parcel of flexible black suit and tie. Sushim was not surprised as Mr Raul had wore SME before. He nodded his head since Majid was stubborn and no one could convince him to do anything. The maids kept starring at Majid with one corner of their eyes. They served a very rich breakfast and bowed down and left. Majid sat on his bed besides his friends and they helped him dress up. They took a new hair cream and flattened Majid's hair. No need for make up because he was cuter than Lucifer. Queen mother entered the chamber. His friends and Sushim excused themselves, leaving them both alone in the chamber).
'' are wearing foreign clothes, what will people....
'' You won't convince me so just accept this ''. Majid snapped.
'' Hm...are you still mad at me? ''.
'' On come on. Not again. Are you not satisfied that am already doing what you want? ''.
'' Does it matter, when you still hate me? I can call off the wedding if you....
'' No way! ''. Majid screamed and Queen mother was surprised.
'' Really? No way? ''. 
'' I...I..we..look,don't be confused. What I meant was that,well...the wedding already came on. You took all those weeks to keep silence about canceling it,now that the day has come, you want to embarrass me? ''.
(Queen mother bent down and took his suit tie and started fixing it for him).
'' I am doing this for your own good Majid, I hope one day you understand my reasons for doing all this....and love me again '' 
'' Grandmother....
'' Look Majid,I know! Okay,I know you live the foreigner and she's everything to you and I mean nothing at all. It WS my biggest mistake to have sent you far away,and I thought I was doing all that to protect....
(Majid just embraced her tightly and she hugged him back in tears. She rested her head on his chest and he kissed her head).
'' I love you...alright? It's okay,I understand. You are the only one who knows the reason for doing this so it's enough ''.
'' Yes ''. She resumed to fixing his tie. '' You look handsome today ''.
'' When have I ever not being handsome? '' 
'' Never ''. They both laughed. '' You look more handsome than ever. Tour mother would be proud.
'' My mother? ''.
(Queen mother bit her lips as she had a slip of the tongue when making that statement).
'' My mother would be proud, you speak as if she's dead ''.
'' Haha...forget that. Wow,tour breakfast is the perfect meal for a new groom. It looks rich and perfect. The taste of royalty. Come on,eat now before I take you out 
'' Grandmother? ''.
'' Yes? ''.
'' I love much ''.
(Queen mother touched her chest in sadness and embraced him,not wanting to let him go).
'' I will give my life for you Majid...believe that ''.
'' Can you feed me please? '' 
'' But of course. Haha. Sit ''.
(They both sat down and Queen mother opened the golden bowls. Majid was surprised they weren't foreign foods as he expected. They were rich traditional foods. He frowned and made air in mouth like he WS about to vomit).
'' Oh shut you know how delicious this is? ''.
'' I hope the impact is better than the taste. So,what does the white juice near the rice does? ''.
'' It is called...tiger nut juice. It is very good for the health. Especially men,it is good for makes your waist much stronger ''.
'' Oh yes! Demn, feed me with that one first Grandma. I will need my waist stronger, jeezzz am in love with the food already. I'm gonna need my full strength tonight ''.
(Queen mother slightly hit his cheek in laughter).
'' You naughty boy. Come on,open your mouth....we don't have much time.....

(Royal Guest rooms).

Cindy had dressed up elegantly. She starred at herself in the dressing mirror and made a pose like she was the one getting married. Natalya walked out from the dressing room in her mown beautiful simple foreign gown and stood behind Cindy.

'' Oh my God. Is it me look happy Cindy? ''.
'' Yeah... I am. Aren't you? ''.
'' I don't know. Never being in this kind of wedding. Looks luxurious but all traditional and so royal ''.
'' You shouldn't expect anything less ''. She said and combed her hair backwards.
'' Thousands of guest has arrived. We have to be on our way now ''.
'' I can't go now. Indeed, Majid is getting today to the village girl,but I am the one he would spend the night with ''.
'' What do you really mean? ''.
'' Well...I prepared a romantic place for he and I. Ever since we for here,I have being strolling around the palace and I found out that they had a beautiful field. Full of beautiful grasses and flowers and even a fire place. And guess what,I arranged a romantic space for Majid and I ''.
'' I don't get what you really mean ''.
'' I got a beautiful heavy white bedsheets, and roses. Then many candles and lighter. And I took wine and some fruits. Ten pillows and a bottle of oil. I have arranged it perfectly for tonight. Majid and I,will spend the night together while Mr Raul, can take that village girl far away to London..after our plans today ''.
'' Are you sure the plans would work,because I have a bad feeling about this Cindy 
'' It will definitely work. Mr Raul and I have planned this carefully. His men are around the palace, they have disguised as guests. When the time comes,they will help me execute the plan ''.
'' Hmmmm. I hope after this,you get Majid and we can all go back to London ''.
'' We will. Majid feels nothing for that girl. He and I will spend a romantic time in the fields,I have arranged everything and this night, he will take me to the moon ''.

(In the palace temple).

All the neighbouring kingdoms had arrived, including the Jhansi kingdom. The palace priests gathered in front of Lord Garnesha's statue. The guests had surrounded the priests and statues. Then Queen Sheena entered the temple, holding Rishi's hand. Her face was covered with a red veil and so her face couldn't be seen. The maiden in front of them threw beautiful flowers on them. Rishi was still shaking. Bhavna, Radah and Kushi walked behind them in all smiles. There was a ritual lighted fire in front of the priest who were praying. There was a golden mat beside the pan of fire. Queen Sheena carefully raised Rishi's wedding gown and they climbed the stairs to the mat. She made Rishi sit and crossed her feet under her tights. Cindy and Natalya arrived there in all smiles.

'' The auspicious moment has arrived. Now, where is the groom? We must perform all the rituals before the auspicious moment passes ''. One priest said.
'' ?they are on their way priest. Please begin the ritual.... Oh,there they come ''.
(Every turned to their right side and saw Queen mother coming with the hottest man on earth. All the girls were smiling and blushing. Some of them wanted to touch him but the guards were keeping them in order. Cindy saw Majid and she wished to kill Rishi at that moment and just take her man away. Majid was in his fitting suit and tie. His hair was combed backward and he looked fit and tall. He got behind Rishi and climbed the stairs. And he was made to sir besides Rishi and also crossed his legs under his tights. Rishi's heart was beating fast. Majid had a little smile at the corner of his lips. The rituals started).

(In the royal kitchen).

Half of the maidens were busily cooking and being supervised by Savitri.

'' I think by now everyone is at the ceremony. This is my chance to look for that pot. It is surely in Queen Dorah's chamber after this whole twenty five years. I should go there now before the party begins ''. She thought to herself.
'' Savitri, are you okay? ''. Avni asked.
'' Yes...why? ''.
'' You seemed lost in thought. Anyway, the maids are dome with all the royal foods and guests foods. The drinks and everything is ready. What do we do next? ''.
'' Avni, why don't you supervise the maids. I must go to the toilet now ''.
'' Okay...I will. But come fast.
'' Don't worry. I won't take long ''.
'' But,have you prepared the special traditional drinks to be given to the bride and groom after the wedding? ''.
'' Yes. Tumeric juice. There it is ''. Savitri pointed at a small golden table in front of them and left the kitchen.
(Cindy quickly arrived at the door of the kitchen, with her eyes on the special drinks. She smiled and his behind the door).
'' Okay. The foods and everything is ready girls. Let us go and arrange them on the party grounds. Hurry, we don't have time and it's getting late ''.
(The maids arranged the foods and other meals on trays and went in line out of the kitchen. Avni covered the special drinks of the bride and groom and placed them on golden tray. She carried them and walked out of the kitchen).
'' This plan is very risky. What if Majid takes the drink I pour the drug into? Then he will be the one to sleep and not the village girl. I have to make this's already getting late and Mr Raul's men are ready to take action ''. She said and left.

(In the temple).

Majid had walked in front of Rishi around the fire for seven times as tradition demands, after that,Rishi walked in front of him and they started repeating the same method. The guests and royal family threw flowers on them as they walked around the fire. The seventh round completed and the priests got up and placed their hands together.

'' It is over! You are now husband and wife. Go and take blessings from your elders 
(Pictures were being taken by city journalists and foreigners from Mumbai who came to witness the wedding between the crowned Prince and his bride. Princess was now added to Rishi's name. So Prince Majid and Princess Rishi went to take their blessings from the royal family and elders. Then the party begun. Rishi's veil was up now. Her mother couldn't stop embracing her. Meho felt more safe in the palace than outside. He wanted to get closer to Bhavna to tell her his life was in danger but the guests were too much. Rishi had completely forgotten about her father. She turned her eyes to see Prince Majid laughing with his friends. He looked back at her and she quickly looked away. It was getting dark and guests started leaving little by little. The palace was almost empty after guests took their gifts and left. Majid and Rishi were now officially welcomed into the palace as husband and wife. Rishi went through the traditions and walked into the walkway with red vermilion water under her feet. Majid was separated from her and the Queens started taking Rishi towards Majid's chamber).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

Avni arrived in the chamber, secretly followed by Cindy. Avni placed the special drinks on a table and left. Cindy quickly entered and took a deep breath. She took a black bottle out of her purse and opened it. She looked at both the golden glasses and quickly poured the white substance into the second drink and rushed out of the chamber.....

episode 52
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

She rushed out of the palace and his behind a pillar in front as she saw the Queens walking towards the chamber with Rishi. The chamber was completely decorated and candle lights were all over the room. The bed full of red roses and white jasmine flowers. The Queens in happiness, took Rishi closer to the bed and made her sit. The Queens mocked her as she was already shaking. Queen mother bower and took the second glass of special drink and handed it to Rishi.

'' Congratulations Princess have done great. Very great. This is a special tumeric drink. Used by only the royal family. It is a tradition, ancient says that...if the bride and groom drinks this then, it gives them good luck in their marriage and many children as well ''.
'' Okay your highness ''.
'' Take it and drink it...and wait for your husband ''.
(Rishi took the drink from the Queen mother and placed it on her lips. Cindy stretched her head from behind the pillar and smiled evilly. She removed her phone from her purse and made a call).
'' Hello. Boys,our plans worked perfectly. She took the exact same drink I pored the sleeping powder into. Are you boys ready? '' 
'' Yes we are. But are you sure we won't be interrupted? ''.
'' No. It is already dark and the Queens will leave here soon. Now come up the stairs. I will destruct Majid while you take her away ''.
'' Okay... We are on our way ''.
(Rishi finished drinking the juice and she placed the glass on the tray. She shifted into the middle of the bed and covered her face with the veil).
'' Okay Rishi... we shall leave now. Majid will join you soon okay? ''. Queen Sheena said in laughter.
(Rishi nodded her head).
'' And Rishi,make sure you make lots of children this evening. I can't wait to be a grand mother ''.
(Queen mother laughed with Queen Sheena and walked out of the chamber leaving the door opened. The chamber had a nice fragrance and Rishi waited for few more minutes and started feelings dizzy. She removed the veil from her face and yawned. She stretched her neck passed the many curtains and saw no sight of Majid. She got up on her feet and her eyes were very heavy. She stood near the bed and started doing. Cindy stood at the door and watched around her. She saw three men in traditional garment walking towards her. She quickly stood aside).
'' I think it's time to take action. It's already dark, what did you bring with you? ''.
'' Five more men are standing outside the palace with a big car. We have to do things before the guards take their positions '' 
(Rishi stood at the bed and yawned. She couldn't stand still and she sat on the bed with blurry vision).
'' Why do I suddenly feel this way? It's strange... I can't be feeling sleepy by this time ''.
(She said and looked besides her and saw a golden jar containing water. She took a glass in from one of the drawer and poured some water and sprinkled it on her face. Then she opened her eyes widely. She got up an started walking to and fro in the chamber. But she was weaker than the drowsiness).
'' I wonder why Majid is taking so long. But I feel so sleepy,It will be so embarrassing is he comes to find me sleeping. He will think I am scared and forced a sleep because this is going to be our first night ''.
(The three men entered the chamber while Cindy stood out there being on the look out. The men passed by the curtains and got to the bedroom and saw Rishi in her expensive wedding gown and long shiny black hair. With all her diamond necklace and bangles. Rishi saw them but her vision was too blur).
'' Who are you? Majid?.... What's going? ''. She scratched her eyes and yawned. Then finally fainted into the bed and entered into a deep sleep.
'' Carry her up. Hurry, we need to do a clean job else the boss will kill us! ''.
(Two men carried Rishi into the arms and quickly stepped out. Cindy smiled and she looked at her right side only to find Majid and Sushim walking from afar towards the chamber. They were chatting and waking so wasn't looking straight. Cindy quickly signalled the men. The looked around them and had nowhere to hide. Cindy pointed at a large pillar just behind one of the front pillars in front of the chamber and they quickly rushed behind it. Cindy closed the chamber door and quickly got away from the chamber. Cindy made a forward move an met Majid and Sushim on the way. Majid looked at Cindy and guilt fell on him. Her eyes were teary and she looked as if she wanted to say something to him).
'' Sushim, please can you excuse us for a moment? Go to bed..I will see you tomorrow '' 
'' Yes my Prince ''. He bowed down and went back and away.
(Majid couldn't look at Cindy in the eyes. He looked away and she cleared her throat).
'' Congratulations ''.
'' Cindy...
'' Congratulations on your wedding. I am now the ' the woman '. How amazing ''.
'' Cindy please....
'' You have changed so much Majid ''. She sobbed. '' Majid, what did I do? Why me? Why are you hurting me like this? So was it my fault for loving you and leaving my life in London to dome here here with you? ''.
'' Let me explain. You know I had to do this! I had no choice! ''.
'' Yes I know. But the fact that you have neglected me and made me feel so lonely this passed weeks, makes me think you don't care about me anymore ''.
'' I do care about you! Cindy, why would I not care? ''.
'' What about love? Do you still love me? ''.
(Majid looked away and removed the suit tie from his neck and brushed his fingers through his hair. He looked so hot and manly).
'' Cindy....
'' I knew it! You don't even love me! You don't! Majid, then it's better I die! ''.
'' Hey...stop overreacting! Of course I love you Cindy! Look,why don't you let us talk tomorrow okay? I promise that... I will make time for you tomorrow. And we will go somewhere special, okay? ''.
'' You promise? Pinky swear? ''.
'' Haaa... yeah. Pinky swear baby ''.
'' Aw...I miss you calling me that. It makes me wet ''.
'' Cindy come on! Come,I will take you to your room. Come ''.
(Majid turned and held Cindy's hand and walked her away. The men got away from the pillar with Rishi and stormed away down the many stairs).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

Savitri finished searching the whole chamber and didn't find the pot. She was exhausted. She heard people's voices, walking towards the chamber from outside. She quickly looked around the chamber and quickly fell to the ground and rolled herself under the bed. Queen Dorah, Avni and Queen Selma entered the chamber. Queen Dorah removed all her ornaments and put it away and sat on the bed.

'' Dorah. You are much more dangerous and cunning than I thought. But I promise, since we all want the same thing now,I won't speak a word of your secret ''. Queen Selma said.
'' You better not Selma. Because we are on the same team now. Just three weeks more and Faruk and Ragah's marriage will take off and our plans will be execute as well ''.
'' Oh my God! Queen Dorah and Queen Selma are also conspiring against the kingdom? This time, I have to inform Queen mother about this. But why will the Jhansi kingdom be against Ujani? ''. Savitri thought to herself from under the bed.
'' Your highness. It is more difficult now because those girls always lock the chamber when they get out. Looks like they suspect something ''.
'' Oh goodness! So the pot is in Queen Meerah's chamber. And I was busily searching here. How do I get out of here now? ''. Savitri soliloquies.
(Queen Dorah sniffed and her facial expression changed).
'' What?! ''. She exclaimed.
'' What is it? ''.
'' There is someone here in the chamber ''.
'' What...where?! ''.
'' I don't know! But there is someone here. I can feel it. Avni, search around now! ''.
(Savitri started sweating).

(Royal Guest rooms).

Majid and Cindy arrived in front of the door and held hands together smiling.

'' You look handsome. I wish we could spend the night together. My surprise was wasted ''.
'' What surprise? ''.
'' I prepared a romantic scene for us on the fields, near the palace lake ''.
'' Don't worry okay? We will go there tomorrow. Let me go now. It is already getting late. So,good night? ''.
'' Sure ''. Cindy said and kissed him but Majid pulled back immediately. '' Hm,good night ''.
'' Okay...
(Majid left and Cindy entered the room. She hugged Natalya in happiness and started chatting. Princess Lakshmi and Raj were walking romantically in silence towards her chamber when they heard Cindy and Natalya chatting strangely and Lakshmi stopped at the door with Raj to listen).
'' They finally took her away Natalya. I will be Majid's one and only from tomorrow. This will be worse day for that village girl for taking my man from me. And the royal family will be disappointed that the bride they found for Majid has run away. I am sure that is what they are going to think ''.
'' I hope tour plans go well and does not backfire on you ''.
'' My plans have already worked. Mr Raul is at Mumbai airport as we speak. And he will take the village girl to London. London is a big city,they can land anywhere. And we shall never her from them,ever again ''.
(Princess Lakshmi looked shocked and angry. Lakshmi tried entering the room in anger but Raj stopped her. Lakshmi then dashed off towards Majid's chamber, followed by Raj. Majid arrived in his chamber and was shocked to find there empty. He opened all the closed doors and there was no one there. He saw his drink on the table and took it. He drank it. He se that Rishi had also taken her drink was empty. He was confused. He turned and started walking out and bumped into Lakshmi and Raj who were breathing heavily).
'' Lakshmi....have you seen Rishi? ''.
'' Majid! Rishi.. Rishi....
'' What is it? ''.
'' My Prince. Princess Rishi has being kidnapped ''. Raj said.
(Majid's face suddenly changed. His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes went dark).
'' What?! ''.
'' Yes! We heard them. That foreigner!....
'' Cindy? ''.
'' Yes. Raj and I were passing by. She was telling her friend that her plans were working. She has conspired with Mr Raul to take your wife to London Majid. You have to do something! Do something Majid! ''.
(Majid was confused, he looked everywhere to nowhere. He removed his suit nd left the inner shirt on. He quickly entered the chamber and picked up his car keys).
'' Where did they go? ''.
'' I don't know Majid! All we heard was that,they took her away.... Father must her about this now! ''.
'' No! Keep this to yourself. I will take care of this myself. I will be back with her ''.
'' I will go with you my Prince ''. Raj did and they both left while Lakshmi closed the door and rushed towards the temple.

(In the kingdom=Road out of the kingdom).

The blue long van was riding speedily away on a smooth road towards the outskirt of the kingdom. They were five macho men. Rishi was unconscious at the third back seat and the driver was driving speed. The car lights brighter the road and it was empty. Just tall trees surrounding them. The car tie hitb stone and it shook. Rishi fell from the chair into the car and coughed. She opened her eyes and her head was spinning. She was weak and had no idea where she was. She mumbled and sat up. The men from he second backseat looked behind them,Rishi looked up and saw the strange men and panicked. She quickly sat up into the chair in fright.

'' Who are you?! Where am I? ''.
'' Shut up and stay calm before we hurt you ''.
'' Who are you?! Where are you taking me? Better let me go or else I will scream so loud that all the trees will fall! Help me! Anybody! Please! Let me go! ''. Rishi begin to weep.
(The men just laughed. Rishi got up and attacked one of them in front by the hair. She grabbed his hair and slapped him from the back. One of them got up and pushed Rishi backwards. He jumped over one the chairs and got to Rishi's side and held her still while she resisted and bit his nose so hard. The car was still moving fast. Majid was driving so speed in anger that Raj was frightened. He drove towards the same road to the outskirt of the kingdom. Henwas upset and his eyes were barely opened, focussed on the road).
'' My Prince, please calm down okay? We will find her ''.
'' I just...I have being so stupid Raj. Not to have realise something like this would happened. I seriously didn't expect this from Mr Raul ''.
(Majid drove so speed that the wind passed through his hair and kept it running backwards. Then finally, they came across the road and saw the long van riding in front of them).
'' There they are! I am sure of it ''. Raj shouted, pointing at the van.
(Majid was silent. He drove mercilessly towards the van and crossed its parth and overtook the road and got in front. The driver from the van quickly stepped on the breaks and stopped the car. His head hit the steer and moaned in pain. He looked at the exclusive and expensive car parked in front of him. Majid's face looked like a killer. He lowered the window glass and turned his face to look at the van and driver in the car. He and Raj stepped out from the car,and stood in front of the van).
'' Oh no! Oh God! It is is the Prince! ''. The man sitting beside the driver exclaimed. The driver slowly pulled out a gun from pocket.
(They stepped out from the car. And the other men from the back,stepped out as well. Rishi looked straight at the front and saw Majid standing far from the glass. Her hands were tired up now. Majid starred at the five men with no emotions. His eyes were blood shot. His chest was moving in anger. The driver had hid his gun in his pocket. Majid rolled his eyes and studied them for a little while. And Raj stood fearlessly besides him).
'' Why have you overtaken us? Get out of our way,we are foreigners and we are leaving the kingdom ''.
(Majid made a fist from his left hand,ready to throw a blow).
'' You are going to leave the kingdom alright...but you have what's mine. And am gonna take it before you leave ''.
'' What?! What is that supposed to mean? ''.
'' Give me my wife! ''. Majid commanded in a heavy tone,no smiles, no emotions...just ready to take what is his....



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