Married To The Prince Season 2 All Episodes

episode 1
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(On the road out of the kingdom).
Darkness had completely taken over the entire kingdom and every human and animal were asleep. Neither Majid or Raj brought any weapon with them. The men on the other hand,hid what they had behind in case the need arose for them to use it and Majid and Raj had no idea. The driver folder his arms on his chest boldly.
'' Excuse me? But what are you talking about? We are just travellers..nothing else. We came on an excursion in India, we heard there was a wedding in this kingdom from Mumbai, that is why we came ''.
'' And after the wedding, you Gilles your luggage with more gifts than you were given? ''
'' What gifts are you talking about? We are really in a hurry young man,we are leaving the country and don't want to miss our flight ''.
'' I am going to say this for the last time. And if you let me repeat myself... Oh boy,you gonna be sorry. Give me back my wife. Now ''. Majid said.
'' What do you mean? What wife? ''.
(Rishi struggled in the car and opened the door of the van and fell out into the road).
'' Majid!!! ''. She screamed in tears.
(The men quickly turned to her direction and that was when Majid and Raj attacked. Majid grabbed hold of the driver's shirt,turned his face to him and gave him the biggest blow,flying him from the wind to the ground. Raj went ahead and rushed to Rishi's side. He quickly untied the ropes from her hands. While Majid took on the rest of the men. One of them pulled out a short gun from his pocket and pointed it at Majid. Rishi screamed and rushed in front of Majid. Raj attacked the man with the gun from behind making his gun fall. He pulled his knee up,hitting the man hard in his balls and he screamed in agony,landing on the floor. The wind blew widely and Rishi turned to Majid. Tears were in her eyes and they both had an eye lock. Raj took the gun from one of the men and held it in his hands. He had no idea what that was. As Majid and Rishi shared an eye lock, the driver forced to get up from behind Majid and got his gun out. He raised it and pointed it at Majid's back. Rishi saw this and gasped. She pushed Majid aside and rushed to the driver and pushed him to the ground. There was a loud gun shot from the driver. Majid and Raj were shocked. The driver struggled with Rishi on the ground and he raised the gun at her as she was on top of him. She bit his hand so hard,he was agonised by the pain and the gun fell. Majid rushee to their side and picked up Rishi from him and took the gun then pointed it at the driver. Raj looked around him and also pointed the gun he held at the rest of the men. Majid held Rishi by the waist with his right hand, using the left arm to point the gun. The driver knelt and raised his hands up in fear).
'' No! We are just messengers my Prince! Please don't kill me! ''.
'' So you knew I was the Prince? ''.
'' Yes. We have known you for a long time. We have being working for Mr Raul a very long time ''.
(Raj leaded the rest of the gang to the driver's side and they were unarmed now. Majid pointed the gun to the driver's head).
'' I could kill you right now ''.
(Rishi had never seen Majid like that. He had a smiling face and a calm mind,but he knew how to protect. There was a monster in that came out whenever he was angry. She looked at his face while he starred at the driver. She didn't know whether to interfere in this because she had no idea why she was kidnapped).
'' No! Please, let us go and we shall never return my Prince. Don't pull the trigger ''.
'' Listen, and listen to me real good and clear. I am going to give you a chance to live because I am not a murderer. But it is my weakness. If I want,I can really kill you and give your bodies to the lions in my dungeon. You five are going to get into your stupid van,and get out if my kingdom. And never come back ''.
'' Yes yes. We will. Just give us.....
'' Shut up! Don't speak when am talking. You five should get your asses to wherever Mr Raul is,and tell him this. If he steps a foot in Ujani, he will find it hard to breath. Is that clear? ''.
'' Loud and clear mind Prince ''. The driver said and got to his feet. Almost half of his strength was gone. '' We shall leave now ''.
'' Disappear ''
'' But my Prince,Mr Raul has done a lot for you. You should have at least agreed to his plans and get rid of the girl. You knew we would take her away ''. The driver said in worry.
(He got on Majid's nerves. He pointed the gun to the driver's feet and pulled the trigger. Shooting his feet through his boots. The driver screamed in pain. He fell on the ground and his men rushed to help him up. Rishi was shocked. She was confused about the whole thing. She started thinking negatively. Majid knew the whole thing. So Majid was the one who planned her kidnap. She quickly got away from him in a mixture of anger and sadness. The men took the driver to the van and entered. They quickly sparked and drove passed Majid's car and disappeared through the woods).
'' So it was you?!!! ''. The wind was suddenly still. Rishi's tears fell like rain water. She covered her mouth with her hands and wept bitterly. She knew he didn't love her. But could the man she was madly in love with do this to her on their wedding day.
'' You are confused. I....
(Rishi didn't want to listen anymore. She wanted to go back to her old life. She quickly left there and rushed to the car. She opened the backseat and entered then closed the door harshly. She wept in her wedding gown and buried her face in her hands. Raj went closer to Majid and shrugged his shoulders).
'' It'll be well my Prince. Let's just go back ''.
(Majid was just starring at the car and Rishi in it and was astonished. He finally understood his feelings. He pushed his hair backwards in depression and walked to the car with Raj. He sat into the driver's seat while Raj sat besides him,placing the guns into the front space. Majid sparked the car. He looked into the driver's mirror and starred at Rishi at the backseat, who had her face down and her hair covering her face. He stepped on the gas and drove speedily away).
(In the royal palace=Royal Guest Rooms).
The lights were still on and brighting. She walked to and fro in the room waiting for a signal. Natalya was fast asleep but the tapping coming from under her feet when she walked w,woke her up immediately.
'' Gosh! Will you not let me sleep,madam? ''.
'' Natalya, you can sleep if you want,do not disturb my walking ''.
'' Natalya... I am wondering, shouldn't there be screams and shouting here and there by now? ''.
'' What shouting and screams? ''.
'' The village girl was kidnapped right? ''.
'' Yes? ''.
'' So,how come no one is going crazy looking for her? Especially Majid. She is supposed to be waiting for him in his bedroom now. And it is almost three hours now,since Majid left me here and went to his room. Isn't it strange, that he has not said anything due to her absence? ''.
'' Well,maybe. But I think Majid is okay with her not being in his room. I mean,maybe he thinks she's in her own room by now. Look,if you want to hear any shouting and screams, just wait until tomorrow. I think that is when everyone will realise about her disappearance and react. And by that time,it must have being too late. Since Mr Raul has taken her far away by now ''.
'' You are right girl. And no one would suspect anyone. And Majid will finally be where he rightfully belong. In my arms. We will go back to London, and move on with life ''.
'' Exactly. So come to bed. Please. Stop disturbing me ''.
(She quickly climbed the bed in happiness and slept off).
(On the road to the palace).
There was a high tension in the car. The silence wasn't welcoming, only the wind,blowing in and out of the window. Majid, as he was driving, kept on looking into the driver's mirror, starring at Rishi at the backseat. She never raised her head up. Raj felt uncomfortable, being in the car as the the two idiots refused to speak to one another. Majid turned his face to look at Raj and he made a fake smile him. Majid whispered through his nose to him and he nodded. They finally got in front of the palace and Raj opened the door and stepped out with a smile. Rishi tried getting out but the backseat door was locked. She finally raised her head to look behind Majid. Majid drove the car into the security palace fields. Some guards saw the car coming and bowed down. There was some nice music being played by the palace musicians and instrumentalist as it was the wedding day. Tradition demands, they must play the music until the next morning. The palace atmosphere waa rather calm and sweet. The wind was cold. Majid drove into the green grass land.
(In the fields).
Majid drove the car into the fields and Rishi looked confused.
'' Where are you taking me? ''.
(No response).
'' I said,where are you taking me?! ''. Rishi tried opening the door but it was locked. '' Let me go now! Aren't you satisfied after everything now? ''.
(Majid parked the car in the middle of the beauty of nature and got out of the car. He was already getting upset with Rishi nagging. The fields was empty, and it was only the both of them now with the trees and flowers and the lake. He would now tell her his mind. He got to the backseat door and opened the door. Rishi stepped out and faced him in anger. He closed the door much more harshly).
'' Now,you are going to listen to me! ''.
'' No! I will not listen to anything. In fact, am not interested ''. The tears started again. '' Why? I know I mean nothing to you from the start till now,but did you really have to go that far to get rid of me? ''.
'' Hey...just listen to my explana....
'' I also have a mother who would die if something happened to me. Did that really meant nothing?! My mother's own life! You planned all this perfectly well...and it worked for you ''.
'' Enough! ''. Majid raised his voice louder. '' I didn't do anything okay? I didn't plan can you be quiet and let me explain? This is all a mistake... I didn't even know that would happened. It was Cindy who planned this,she is going crazy at the sight of this wedding ''.
'' I don't believe you. I mean nothing to anybody! I don't believe you at was all a conspiracy ''.
'' Shut up. If I was involved in this shit,why would I come and save you again? ''.
(Rishi was suddenly quiet. It was true. She was confused now. She and Majid was close enough. They only hear the wind and the birds chipping in the beautiful trees).
'' Yes. Why? Why did you come and save me? Tell me,I mean... I would have being a burden off your shoulders. So why did you come after me? ''.
(Majid's lips were shaking were shaking. His hair was scattered in his face,starring down at Rishi intensely, resisting the connection, refusing to be broke. He just turned his back at her).
'' Tell me. Tell me why. I would have being gone and you would have gotten the chance to be with the woman you really love. Why did you come then? Was it out of pity? Answer me, why did you come? ''. She pulled him by his shoulder and faced him at once. '' Why did you get me back?! ''.
'' Because I love you!!! ''. Majid shouted in her face.
(The wind became heavier and heavier. As it waa planning to rain. Now they could feel their hearts beating slowly. Majid's breath wasn't easy. Rishi felt weak in her knees and her eyes were studied into Majid's eyes. The wind kept blowing passed them. Rishi wasn't dreaming, was she? This was the news she wasn't expecting anytime soon. But she actually heard it. Majid said it. Her fingers were shaking. The silence was intriguing. Majid was sweating, his clothes were wet even though the wind was blowing. Nothing existed, except the both of them now).
'' But it doesn't matter anymore, does it? ''.
'' What....
'' I tried my possible best. I forced myself, did all I could to just.. ''. He took a deep breath. The music played in the background from the palace. '' I tried to just not accept this feeling ''.
(Rishi felt like she was living a dream. Tears kept streaming down her face).
'' I did all I could, day and night. Just so I will finally convince myself that...what I felt wasn't love ''. He turned his back at her again. '' Because I swore to Cindy, never to love anyone as much as I loved her. But I just...I break my oath. I don't know what you did to me...everything happened so fast. And suddenly, I couldn't live a day without seeing your face. I am addicted to you,I felt you and I even breath you. I didn't want to accept it, happened ''.
(He finally turned to look at her face. She was flabbergasted).
'' And that's what happened! That I tried fighting my feelings and love beat me! Okay,because I have started becoming weak when am around you! That is what happened! That is why I came for you! Good night! ''. He said and started walking away. Rishi quickly wiped her tears away immediately. She looked at Majid, walking far away,close to entering into the palace and she took to her heels behind him. She finally got closer and hugged him from behind.
'' No! ''. She sobbed and the way she tightly embraced him,not even anant could pass between them. '' Don't go please. Please, am sorry. I....I was so stupid, I am sorry. I love you please ''.
(Majid took a deep breath. He had become weaker than he could imagine. He turned his front to her. He starred down at her. She looked up at him. It was so charming. It was the right time to bond. Their hearts,their minds and their bodies wanted it. Rishi embraced him again,passing her hands to his back and resting her head on his chest. He hugged her back,dropping his head on hers and smelling the perfume from her hair,deep into him. She raised her head to his face. He smiled and she smiled back. But she was too shy,she moved her fave away. He took her chin and turned her face back to where they should be looking at. In his eyes. He lowered his face dan to her lips and kissed her. It was soft, long and deep. He carried her into his arms. He kneq with all her reaction,that it was her first time. In his arms,he kissed her as he walked deep and deep into the fields. He knew where he was going even with his eyes closed. They bypassed Cindy's romantic scene and got closer to the lake. Majid had his fingers in Rishi's hair and she had her hands wrapped around his neck and shoulders. Kissing her deeply, he got out of his shoes and stepped into the lake with her in his arms. His hands were going down her waist and she grabbed hold of his shirt tightly as feelings were getting heightened. In his arms, they were now half way into the lake. Majid kissed her so hard,and she made way for her fingers in his hair. Majid got to her back and slowly and carefully opened the buttons to her gown while kissing her neck deeply. They were deep and wet in the lake. Rishi's heart was thundering. Majid opened his buttons and removed his shirt. That body again,demn! He had Rishi attached to him like a tattoo. He opened the zip of the back of her gown and finally touched the flesh of her back. She was electrified. He carefully wined his fingers down her spine and she grabbed him tighter. She moaned even though nothing had started yet. Majid got her out of the gown and they kissed more deeply. He got out of his jeans from under the water and let the water take it away,as he kissed her,he raised his hand and placed the wedding gown on the bank account on the bank of the river. He kissed her neck and got all the fold chains romantically off her neck with his teeth and let the river take them away. He pulled her from the surface into the river and the held their breath. Majid held her tight and swam lower to her beautiful flat tummy. He kissed her tummy while she held his shoulders, feeling the ecstasy. He pulled down her underwear and Rishi quickly covered her under part with her hands. Majid looked up at her from under the water and smiled. He slowly got her hands off and kissed her abdomen, holding her waist with his strong arms. He made his hands through her whole body, he swam up and caught her legs,she opened them and wrapped her legs around Majid's waist in the water. Their fingers crossed in each others hands and they swam up. Rishi's legs were wrapped on his waist,their hair and faces were wet,breathing heavily at each other).
'' Ma...Majid I.....
(And then she suddenly gasped for breath when she finally felt Majid inside of her. Pain drew all over her face,with her eyes closed her fingers, piercing deep into Majid's skin. Her firm pointed breast was just as close to Majid's lips. Be my guest. He thought and sucked them like his life depended on it. His thrusting began slowly and tea fell out of Rishi's eyes as she moaned. He was so strong. And he took perfect care of her. And he had the perfect way of doing this in water. Her fingers pressed into his muscles softly and her moans were becoming heavier. He kissed her neck,licking every water off her from her breast to her lips. He leaned his arms, firmly on her tights, as his thrust grew faster and stronger, making Rishi loose control. She screamed and moaned with pleasure. Majid just loved the way she moved her body as one with him. He was crazy over her. And all he could think of,was just them in that intense moment. Majid made way under her tights again and carried her,he walked out of the water while kissing her. He could hear her shiver. He walked to the romantic bed Cindy prepared and layed Rishi on it. The moon was bright and the stars were brighter. He covered them with bedsheets. He went into her once more, making love to her all night long....
Prince Majid

episode 2
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Next Day).
The palace was lightened up as it was the day of Shubhadrangi. This ritual is made to finally sanctify married couples. Many visitors and well wishes from all parts of the world gets to see the bride and gives her gifts. People from the kingdom and other placed started getting to the palace with numerous gifts. The royal family were busily preparing themselves. The servants were decorating the palace, arranging chairs,hanging flowers and preparing foods.
(In the kitchen).
Queen mother and Queen Sheena entered the kitchen in their glory and all the servants bowed down.
'' Are you all fine? ''
'' Yes your highness ''.
'' But,where is Savitri? Is she not supposed to be supervising you? ''.
'' Your highness. We woke up and Savitri was nowhere to be found. We searched everywhere ''. Priya said.
'' What...does any if you know her whereabouts? ''. Queen mother asked,worried.
'' No idea Queen ''. They replied in chorus.
'' Okay,be in a haste and finish everything in at least an hour time because the guests are fast arriving ''.
'' Yes your highness ''.
'' Let's go Sheena ''.
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
She was dressed up like the goddess she was. She had tied her hair up in a bulb and covered it with a saree cloth. Avni had a worried face while helping her get ready. Queen Dorah didn't care. She turned her face besides her bed and Savitri layed there helplessly. Her lips were crooked and her legs were broken. She looked terrible and she crawled on the floor towards Queen Dorah's feet. Queen Dorah kicked her away and turned to Avni with an evil smile.
'' What do we do with Savitri you highness. The noises outside proves that the guest are fast approaching, and if she's do we know we are safe? ''
'' She is not going to stay here in my chamber. I am happy you caught her red handed last night. This fool would have spilled every single thing she had heard to everyone ''.
'' But your highness, how exactly did you feel that there was someone in the chamber? ''.
'' Never underestimate ne like Savitri did Avni. Or you may regret it forever. I know his to sense things. It is due to my black magic ability....that is how I felt like someone was here last night ''.
'' Yes your highness. What do we do with her now? ''.
'' I have no need to worry about her again. Now that she will never to ne able to talk to reveal anything, she can go to hell for all I care. But I don't want her to be in my chamber for too long. Wait until the ceremony starts. As soon as it does,do well and come back here with two of my most trusted guards and carry her out of here. Making sure that no one sees you ''.
'' Please, where do we take her? ''.
'' We can't take her out of the palace since there would be suspicions. Just leave her in front of the dungeon. That way,people may think it was an accident ''.
'' Yes your highness ''.
'' No one Messrs with me. Now she can't talk,neither can she walk...she will remain like this forever. I only spared her life in appreciation for her loyalty for the passed twenty five years. I shall take my leave now. The ceremony is about to start ''.
(She walked out of the chamber with Avni and locked it,leaving Savitri's lifeless in the chamber).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
Sushim stood in front of the chamber, back to his position. Princess Lakshmi and Raj walked together to the place, laughing and chatting.
'' Good morning Sushim ''.
'' Good morning Princess ''.
'' Well...I have being sent here to take Rishi. It is time for her royal treatment and her presence at the ceremony. And why is this place so quiet? Majid is supposed to be getting ready now. Please Sushim, go and call
Rishi ''.
'' Oh goodness.... Princess Lakshmi, Prince Majid is not in his chamber ''.
'' What? ''.
'' Well am sorry,but I thought he was with one of you preparing himself. I arrived here an hour ago and he wasn't in his chamber ''.
'' But he is not with anyone here. But where is he? Raj you said....
(Kushi who was similarly dressed up and ready as a princess arrived there in a haste).
'' Rishi... Where is Rishi? ''. She asked.
'' So...both Rishi and Majid has suddenly disappeared? Oh my God. Let is call an assembly now! ''. Princess Lakshmi yelled.
'' No no no...I don't think that is very necessary princess ''.
'' What are you saying Raj? ''.
'' Last night, Prince Majid went into the fields with Rishi ''.
'' Woooooo ''. They all exclaimed.
(Queen Sheena in her glory arrived there in all smiles with seven maidens holding trays containing a new expensive saree,jewelries, oils and perfumes).
'' Goodness! Do you people think we have that much time or what? Where is Rishi as the ceremony will begin in a short while ''.
'' Mother....
'' Prince Majid and Princess Rishi spent the night in the fields your highness ''. Raj said.
'' Woooow.... How did this happened? ''.
'' It's a long story your highness ''.
'' Lakshmi, Kushi... You two should go and get them please. We shall talk about this strange situation later. Hurry hurry ''.
'' Yes mother ''.
(Royal Guest rooms).
Cindy and Natalya decided to blend in with the royal family and also dressed up like royalty. But foreign royalty. They checked themselves and got ready to head out since some music had started playing and they walked out. They saw Queen Sheena with Queen mother and some maids holding trays,laughing and heading towards the refining room. And they were laughing, talking about Majid until they disappeared into the room and closed the door. Cindy was shocked and so was Natalya. She felt weak in her knees as Natalya held her tight from behind. She looked around and everything was absolutely normal and perfect. Exactly what she wasn't expecting.
'' No..Natalya? Please tell me I am dreaming. How is it that everyone is okay and smiling when they are supposed to be looking for that girl? ''.
'' Well,maybe... They haven't found out yet? ''.
'' Hello? ''. She said and checked the time on her phone. '' It is getting to exactly 8pm. They should have found out by now. I am already beginning to have a bad feeling. What actually going on? ''.
'' I don't know. Why don't we find out easily? ''.
(Cindy dialled Mr Raul's number and entered back into the room with Natalya but the phone was switched off).
'' Oh my gosh Natalya... It is switched off. And I am about to loose my mind right now! Oh....
(Her phone rang loudly and she checked. It was Mr Raul. She quickly answered and turned her face to the door).
'' Oh thank goodness. You finally remembered you had a partner in crime here that you must call to give updates about our recent progress! ''.
'' Just shut up! You annoying witch! ''.
'' Oh,so am a witch. After I have helped you kidnap that idiot! ''.
'' No one was kidnapped fool! My men arrived here last night empty handed okay? I had to even take one to the hospital because he was shot by your Prince Charming after he rescued his wife! ''.
'' Noooo!!! ''. Cindy screamed and threw the phone against the wall,destroying it.
'' Relax! Hey,what happened? ''.
'' This can't be. Oh Natalya no! My Majid cannot be in love with that stupid girl. Please no ''.
'' What the hell happened? ''
'' Ma...Majid...the kidnap was a mess. Majid rescued the village girl ''.
'' How is that possible if Majid knew nothing about this? ''.
'' I don't know Natalya! ''.
'' But you shouldn't have thrown the phone and just asked Mr Raul if he knew how this happened and whether Majid knows that you are also involved. You are such a fool! ''.
'' It is not necessary you idiot! What is real here is that,she didn't get kidnapped and probably by now,she and Majid must be together! No! ''. She started destroying every decoration in the room while Natalya stood there watching her in sadness and shaking her head.
'' What do we do now? Go back to London? ''.
'' Never! You can go if you want. But I am not moving an inch from here until I get Majid to go with me. I love him Natalya. I swear that I have loved him the first day I met him in the basketball demo ''.
'' Well...from the looks of things,he did love you too. But now....
'' Now nothing has happened! He still loves me, I am sure that girl wants to seduce him. But he is still mine,I won't allow her. I didn't come all the way here to loose him to anyone. I will succeed. I hate her so much,first day I saw her...she must be with him by now,it's what kills me most right now ''.
(In the Palace Fields).
The wild wind of the morning kept brushing through the trees and green grasses. Where the cool sun rested on the two couple. They were completely exhausted. Majid was deep in sleep while Rishi opened her eyes. She scratched them and yawned. Her head was resting on Majid's strong right arm. The beautiful flowers bed was comfortable, she tried turning herself to get up but she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. Her face was completely white and pale while her lips were dry. Her body arched and it felt like she had gone for jogging. She turned to the left side and saw Majid's beautiful face. Birds had started coming to the place. Horses were entering to graze. But thank goodness no human had come there. Her head was Stoll on his arms,his face was facing her,but he was asleep,his red lips weren't asleep though. She quickly remembered their wonderful romantic night. She then understood the pain her abdomen. She touched her abdomen and suddenly touched a wet surface. She brought her hand to her face and saw blood. She gasped and quickly forgot the pain and sat up while covering her breast with half of the bedsheet. Her hair was a mess. She saw the blood in the bedsheets. She looked back at Majid and wanted to pull the bedsheet off but he layed on half of it.
'' No no...he can't see this. Oh gosh no. Mother told me this would happened one day. I will be so embarrassed if he sees this ''. She looked around and saw her wedding gown besides the lake. '' What do I do now? All this is a complete mess. Last night was crazy,I didn't even realise anything ''.
(Majid started turning himself to the other side and she quickly slept besides him like she was asleep. He opened his eyes. His eyes touched the sun and his hair covered his face. He took in some air and turned to his right side and saw Rishi feigning sleep. He knew she was pretending to sleep. Because her eyes kept shaking though they were closed. He smiled lightly and caressed her face).
'' Good morning beautiful ''. He said and scooped tons of pieces of flowers from the side of the bed and sprinkled them on her face. She opened her eyes and when their eyes met,she quickly covered her face away in shyness. Majid just laughed. '' What is it? I just said good morning ''.
'' Goo... Good morning ''.
'' When did you wake up? ''.
'' Just now ''.
'' Are you sure? ''.
'' Well.....
'' I saw you in my dreams ''.
(Rishi slowly sat up while Majid still layed down. She kept smiling shyly while looking down with her hair covering her face).
'' What was in the dream? ''.
'' You won the most beautiful wife competition...? ''. They both laughed.
(Rishi was hiding the bloody side of the bedsheet in hand. Majid sat up. Bedsheet covering his waist and downwards. Couldn't stop starring at Rishi so seductively. He bit his lower lip into his mouth and his light brown eyes portraying her. He se Rishi squeezing the bedsheet in her hands).
'' What is it? ''.
'' Nothing. It is just...I am in pain ''.
'' Oops. You are? Then that means..... ''. He starred at her deeply, smiling from the other side of his lips. '' You are a virgin Rishi, right? ''.
(She felt so shy and kept her face far away,still with the bedsheet in her hands. Majid snatched her hand away and saw the blood,fresh and new,stained in the bedsheet. He felt so amazed. His eyes on the blood,Rishi's eyes on him,and he turned his eyes back at her while she quickly looked away. He smiled like a bad boy. He loved how Rishi was shy of him. He started pulling the bedsheet away from her body while she held on tight and making them bothlaugh out so happily. They were so happy).
'' Majid stop please! ''.
'' Wow...she is not stammering anymore ''
'' Why would I stammer after what happened last night! ''.
'' Okay. How was last night Mrs Majid Samrat? Tell me tour experience ''.
'' Painful of course! Majid, stop this please, I am truly still in pain! ''.
'' Wow...then I am truly best as the girls say ''.
'' Girls?! Which girls? ''. Rishi asked with a terrible frown.
'' Oops....jealousy welcome home ''.
'' I am serious Majid! ''.
'' Honey it's in the past okay? It is stuffs from London, not here Rishi ''.
'' Better ''.
(Rishi said that and he pulled her over him while his back touched the bed with her on him. He pulled her head close to his face and they kissed passionately).
'' But seriously Rishi... I really do love you ''.
'' Oh goodness!!! ''. She said and got away from him.
'' What? ''.
'' Majid, we are supposed to be getting ready for Shubhadrangi rituals. Let's go now ''.
'' What is Shubha.... What is it? ''.
'' A ritual for married couples? ''.
'' But I wanna stay here with you and the birds. Pleeeaaase ''.
'' Majid, be serious! Let's go! ''.
'' Oh shit! ''.
'' Now what? ''.
'' I kinda left my clothes in the lake ''.
'' God no! What do we do now?.....

episode 3.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(In the Palace Fields).
'' I don't know...that is why we must lie here and not go back to the palace ''. Majid mocked her.
'' think you got me? Look over there... ''. She pointed at her wedding gown at the bank of the lake. '' That is my wedding dress over there. I don't have to worry since I will have something to wear. So what about you? You will suffer here alone ''.
'' No way! ''.
'' Yes way ''.
(They both raced to where the wedding gown layed but ad usual,Majid was faster and stronger. He got to the wedding gown and pushed it into the lake).
'' Noooo!!! Majid, what is the matter with you? That is my wedding gown for God's sake! ''.
(Majid had a bedsheet tied to his waist. He walked closer to Rishi who had had touched her chest and breathing heavily).
'' I would love for us to embarrass ourselves together ''.
'' What? ''.
(He held her waist and pulled her closer. Their hair were messed up. He kissed her. His grip on her waist became tighter as he deepened the kiss. Then they heard the music from the palace. Rishi quickly pulled away).
'' Majid,everyone would be angry at us. Please, let's go ''.
'' Alright that we both don't have clothes....what are we gonna do now? ''. He whispered romantically and Rishi laughed.
'' I don't want to get into the palace like this. It will be the most disgraceful act. Please Majid! ''.
'' Relax honey. As long as am with you,we both gonna be okay. Alright? Come ''.
(They both walked to the romantic bed side and pulled all the bedsheet off. Rishi tied the bedsheets on her whole body. Majid tied a bedsheet on his waist and used another to cover his broad masculine shoulders. He carried the light bed effortlessly and drowned it and all the fruits and bloody bedsheets into the lake,letting it take them away. He walked back to Rishi and realised she was weak. They looked into each other's eyes,so much in love. He carried her into his arms and her head fell on his chest while looking into his eyes).
'' Feel better? ''. He asked and she smiled.
'' Yes please ''. She whispered.
(He looked around and saw some horses. He walked to one with her still in his arms and petted it closely. He lifted her and made her sit at the back of the horse. The horse snorted and shook itself, making her a bit frightened).
'' Urrrmmm.. Ma...Majid? I don't ink this horse is very friendly ''.
'' Ssshhhh... ''. He put his finger on his lips and brushed the horse's mane.
(He stepped on the saddle and sat behind Rishi on the horse).
'' You ready? ''.
'' I don't like this position Majid ''.
'' What...I am the one who all ride it,not you ''.
'' I know. But can you do it with me in front of you? ''.
'' Well,so that I can protect you easily when you are going to fall. Or how else do you want to sit on it? ''.
(She adjusted herself and turned her front to face Majid. They faced each other and he smiled).
'' Haha...but you are still in front of me. It makes no difference ''.
'' Yes it does. My back is no longer facing you. Now we are face to face ''.
'' Wow...ain't you so romantic? ''.
'' Majid stop! Let us go now. Oh god I am feeling so embarrassed entering the palace in this state. Oh Majid, I remember now. Let's go in your car please? There it is! ''. She pointed at a long distance.
'' It also needs to rest. I have being using it ever since I got here. I need to get new ones. Let's just use the horse for now ''.
'' Well aren't you just naughty? Let me hide my face ''.
(Majid laughed out as she his her face on his chest. He rode the horse slowly until they got to the entrance of the palace attached to the field's gate. Kushi and Lakshmi met them at the entrance with opened mouths. They looked at each other and laughed out. Rishi couldn't get her face up to look at them. She squeezed Majid's arms tighter,signaling him to keep moving but he didn't).
'' Urrrmmm... Well hello brother ''.
'' Hi Lakshmi ''.
'' Today is both your day. And everyone is ready for the ceremony... How come you two have delayed us like this? Please please, give Rishi to us,we need to get her ready,come on ''.
'' Don't worry Lakshmi... I will get her ready myself ''.
'' What? Majid.....
(He ignored them both and rode the horse into the palace while they followed. Guests were still coming in with big gifts. Everyone had their eyes on Majid and Rishi. The royal family stood on the balcony in surprise. Everyone, even the servants and animals had their eyes on them. Rishi still had her face hidden deep in Majid's chest while he rode passed many people who bowed to them. The king and Queens laughed. Cindy arrived on the balcony with the others due to the noise and they saw them down the compound. Cindy's heart stopped beating at once).
'' Wait a minute. Is that my bedsheets? The...bed I arranged for Majid and I? ''. She thought to herself as tea fell down her eyes. She became weak in her legs and fell from her heels. Her friends caught her but she break her right leg.
'' Oh my God Cindy! Please someone should help here ''. Natalya cried.
'' Go and get the royal doctor ''. Queen mother told one guard.
'' This is all your faults! Are you happy now. You finally separated me from Majid. Well that is what you think! Because you won't get away with any of this! Majid is mine and it will remain that way ''.
'' Get the garbage out of my sight now! ''. Queen mother shouted at Natalya and the others.
(Jimmy and Maxwell helped Cindy into the guest rooms. Majid arrived in front of the main palace gates. He got down while everyone watched them in confusion but he had a bright smile on his face. He took Rishi into his arms with her eyes closed tightly. He entered into the building followed by everyone else. Everyone took the road to the palace temple while Majid took the road to his chamber. He climbed many stairs with Rishi in his arms. He didn't pass the balcony and walked straight into his chamber. Kushi and Princess Lakshmi met the family).
'' Now what? ''.
'' Majid wouldn't give Rishi to us mother ''.
'' Is he crazy? Shouldn't we be getting ready for this ritual? ''.
'' Relax Queen Sheena. Just send some maids to take Rishi's gown and ornaments to Majid's chamber. And please, the priests has arrived. So you all should hurry up ''. He said and walked away to the temple.
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He entered the chamber and closed the door shut. Rishi finally raised her head and they both started laughing. He got her down from his arms and she was weak in her legs. She sat on the bed and yawned again. She looked at him standing and starring at her. She got up and faced him.
'' I have to go get ready now ''.
'' Do you really wanna leave? ''.
'' Ha! What else am I doing here? Time is already far spent ''.
(He went closer to her and held her waist then took her right hand into his).
'' Let's dance ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' Can't you hear the music? ''.
'' Majid please....
'' Rishi please....
'' We have to be there. It will be disrespectful ''.
'' It will be disrespectful to us not to fulfill our desires. You want to be here with me,truth or no? ''.
'''s not like that. I am not trying to leave....
'' You are talking too much baby doll. You are mine now. You just have to do what I say. It will never hurt when we are together. Let the guests wait for us for just a little while baby. Our honeymoon isn't over yet ''.
(He lowered his lips to here and kissed her with a long time need. The music became louder in their ears and it was the most romantic moment. As he kissed u,he carried her effortlessly on his waist. Making her legs wrap around his waist. She grabbed him tightly while he held her waist,and walks into his glamorous bathroom. He closed the door and slowly united the bedsheet from Rishi's body,dropping them in the designed floor. He entered the shower and while kissing her,he turned the cold water on. Their bodies collided while the water beat them. He dropped Rishi and her legs touched the floor. Their hair and faces were wet. He looked down at her with a smile).
'' Shower or the tub? ''.
'' We are already in the shower ''.
'' But which one do you really want? The shower or the tub? ''.
'' Now you are going to do what I want instead? ''.
'' When it comes to this pointed in love,the man can even rob a bank if the woman wants him to baby. Tell me what you want,and it shall be given ''.
'' I need you ''.
'' That's my girl ''.
(He grabbed her waist and kissed her passionately. The shower beat them like rain water. Majid made his way out with her. They got to the bath tub which was full of warm soapy and flowers water. There was a white vapour coming out of it and it smelled so good. He got out of the bedsheet which was covering him. He placed her into the bath tub and he entered as well. He sat behind her while she placed her back head on his chest in the water. He grabbed a bathing cream and opened it. Rishi chuckle and he poured it on her chest like milk,in between her breasts. He placed it aside and swam his palms on her chest,grabbing her firm breast in his hands and pressing them softly, he pushed his hands down to her tummy and the lower parts and she gasped. He kissed her neck passionately while her eyes were closed, her body shivering in the water. He brought his hands up to her shoulders and massaged her as she moaned. She couldn't control herself. She turned to face him and passed her fingers through his hair and kissed him immensely. Majid passed his fingers down her waist to her butt and grabbed his hair tighter while they deepened the kiss. Both of them breathing against each other's skin and panting. Wanting more of each other. Majid made her sit on his laps in the water while he penetrated. Rishi gasped louder and moaned. He needed her to take over and be the boss. She fainted on his chest,breathing heavier and faster than ever. He helped her thrust on him by holding her waist tight. She moaned sweetly and her fingers bit deep into Majid's shoulders, making blood come out of his flesh. He groaned while their bodies went faster and father, moving together).
(In front of the chamber).
Princess Lakshmi and Kushi arrived with frowning faces. Sushim bowed down to them as he took his position.
'' Sushim let us in please. What are they still doing in there god!!! ''.
'' Prince Majid said,to not allow anyone into the chamber ''.
'' Then you go in there and bring Rishi please. We are late ''.
'' Even I have being forbidden to enter Princess ''.
'' Can't they just stop what they are doing and continue after the ritual. Mother is so angry now. It is an order Sushim! ''.
(He bowed down and entered the chamber while Lakshmi and Kushi waited out).
(In the bathroom).
Rishi rested her head on his chest as they took their breath. She raised her face to look into his eyes. She was shaking. He looked into her eyes intensely. Her hair was all over his face.
'' I love you Majid ''.
'' I love you most ''.
(They kissed and he got out of the bath tub in his nakedness. Rishi covered her eyes with her hands in laughter. Majid chuckled).
'' Like seriously? You wanna close your eyes to what you just enjoyed? And your own property? ''.
'' I didn't enjoy anything! It hurt. It was pain! ''.
'' Oh are you sure? Okay,I promise it won't hurt the next time okay? ''.
'' There won't be a next time! ''.
'' Oh really? Says who huh? Says who? ''. He said,tickling her in the bath tub while they laughed.
'' Majid stop ''.
(He helped her out of the bath tub as their bodies were bubbled up with soap. They went under the shower and the water washed them off. They kissed so hard until they heard the heavy voice from the bedroom).
'' My Prince?! ''.
'' Sushim? ''.
'' Please my Prince. They are here for Rishi ''.
'' Who? ''.
'' Princess Lakshmi and Kushi ''.
'' Five minutes! ''.
'' Okay my Prince ''. He said and walked out.
(Majid put off the shower and walked her into the dry floor. He took out a new towel from the towel wardrobe in the bathroom. He wrapped them both into it while they dried up,looking into each other's eyes and smiling).
'' Majid? ''.
'' Yeah? ''.
'' Your five minutes is getting to one hour ''.
'' Oh yeah? ''. He dried her off himself and took out a white bath robe from the wardrobe and made her wear it. He took one and wore it himself. They entered the bedroom. He kissed her and took her to the door.
'' See you later ''.
'' Okay ''.
(They kissed and Rishi opened the door. She smelled so good. Lakshmi and Kushi gave her a mocking smile. Rishi bowed her head,still being shy. They took her away while Maxwell, Jimmy with other maids and guards arrived and entered Majid's chamber with Sushim to help him get ready).
(Refining Room).
They entered with her and the Queens and her mother were all smiling at her like she had won a lottery. They made her sit and they all gathered around her like little children. Even the maidens were interested to know what happened.
'' Oh Rishi tell us! Please please please! ''. Kushi shouted.
'' That kind of thing is confidential Kushi. Shut up! ''.
'' But I am her best friend! She has to tell me now! ''.
(Rishi felt so uncomfortable and kept looking down. She wished she dressed up in Majid's chamber instead. Than sitting there).
'' It's okay. Let us get her ready before the auspicious time pass. We have lots of time to discuss later ''. Queen mother said.
'' Oh goodness, Rishi.. Where is your wedding chain and elephant necklace?!....
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