Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 4,5 & 6

episode 4
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Refining Room).
'' Rishi,the necklace? ''.
'' Mother...Ma..Majid..he....
'' Okay. I will go and get them from Majid. Please continue dressing her up. We are late as it is ''. Queen mother said and walked out.
(In front of the dungeon).
Four guards arrived with Savitri followed by Avni. They dropped her on the ground while looking around to make sure no one was watching them.
'' Is that all? ''.
'' Yes. You may leave now ''. Avni said and the guards left. She looked down at Savitri with pitiful eyes. '' Now see what you have caused ''.
'' I must do something. That Rishi is sensible. If only I get her her to be alone with me,I can do anything possible for her to know the truth ''. Savitri thought to herself.
'' Twenty five years ago. When you introduced me to Queen Dorah,it was you yourself who told me that,I should be very careful of Queen Dorah because she user black magic and she was very dangerous. But you didn't take take your own advise. Now see what happened to you ''.
'' Oh I pity you so much Avni. Queen Dorah is never appreciative to anyone. Once she doesn't need you anymore, she will end you. And you know all her secrets now,who knows what your end would be. I just need Rishi to get that pot and free Queen Meerah,how do I do that if am paralysed now? Oh lord have mercy ''.
'' I should be leaving now Savitri. I am very sorry. But I can't risk anyone seeing me with you. Or else I am going to force Queen Dorah's wrath. And I don't think I am ready for that ''.
(She said and walked away).
'' Today is the worse day of my life. When the royal family finds out that this is how I have ended up then...that will be it. They will find a new leader for the maids and send me back to my family. Then how will I be able ti expose Queen Dorah? I have to think of something fast ''.
(Prince Majid's chamber).
His friends gathered around him,helping him dress up. Jimmy stood behind him,combing his hair while Maxwell stood in front of him,buttoning his clothes up. But he had his eyes and mind somewhere else. Remembrance of his first night of breaking Rishi's innocence kept picturing to him and he kept smiling to himself. His friends realised that his mind was not there as they were speaking to him and he wasn't responding but just smiling to nothing. He smiled so wide when he remembered the bathroom romance earlier. They shouted in his ears and he came back to reality.
'' What the fuck man?! ''.
'' We were talking to you man. What are you thinking about? ''.
'' What are you two talking about? ''.
'' We were wondering if you will ever want to go back to London Majid. I mean,after what we saw this morning..between you and that girl....
'' That girl...Maxwell, her name is Rishi. Start respecting that ''.
'' Wow! I said it! I knew there was something there. I told you Jimmy, didn't I? ''. Maxwell exclaimed.
'' Wait wait wait...what is going on guys? ''.
'' Majid... Cindy broke her leg this morning and she is in a bad condition right now...
(Queen mother entered and everyone rushed out,leaving her and Majid alone. She smiled at him and he smiled back. He got to his feet and they both embraced each other tightly).
'' He looks happy today. Thank God ''.
'' How are you doing? ''.
'' After seeing you on the horse with Rishi, I am strong enough to carry you my darling ''.
(They both laughed and she helped him wear his gold earrings).
'' Majid? ''.
'' Yeah? ''.
'' Where is Rishi's wedding chain? ''. She asked while putting an earring in his left ear.
'' Wedding chain? Why ask me? ''.
'' What?! Please stop joking around Majid. Rishi mentioned your name when we asked her ''.
'' Me? But why?.... ''. He quickly remembered the other night in the lake and he shrugged his shoulders. '' Urrrmmm...grandmother? ''.
'' Yes? ''.
'' I kinda loosed the chain in the field's lake. But I swear it was an accident ''.
'' But how? It was on Rishi's neck! Oh my God that is a bad omen! ''.
'' Aw jeezzz...can you guys give me a break about your everyday bad omen stuff? It's not cool. Look,it's just a chain okay? We can get another one anytime soon ''.
'' It is not just a chain. It is a special bond which the woman wears to indicate she belongs to her husband alone. It is a sacred oath! I just don't understand why and how it got to the lake! How?! ''.
'' Urr... It's kinda a long story? Kinda some....
'' Ooo... I get it now. Don't explain ''.
'' Look grandma,don't be worried. If it means that much to you then,Rishi and I will get married again and get a new one...but,will that mean,stopping this ceremony?
'' Not necessary. But I a! Still worried. You and Rishi will have to get married again. What about her elephant necklace Majid? Please don't tell me that one also....
'' I got rid of everything. You,father, mother and everyone I have seen is alive but is not wearing that necklace...what's so relevant? If possible, I will give mine to her ''.
'' No! That is dangerous. I will ask some guards to go and search for it while the ceremony goes on. Let's go ''.
(In the palace temple).
The bride had entered with a veil on her face and she was made to sit in front of lord Krishna's statue. She sat on a golden chair and some maidens started dancing around her whiles the drums beat. Ever maid who danced passed her had to throw some flowers on her from a basket they held. The guests and the royalties were all seated and the priests were praying silently. Queen mother entered with Majid and all the girls started giggling. One of them might be the next wife of the future king. There was a chair in front of Rishi and Majid was !ade to sit on that chair. The maids placed a table in their midst and Queen mother brought a big bowl of milk. She placed it on the table in all smiles. The priests stopped praying and opened a golden plate then removed a small diamond ring from the bowl and they all walked to Majid and Rishi. As tradition, Queen mother lifted Rishi's veil. As soon as Rishi layed her eyes on Majid, sitting in front of her,her shyness came back and she started blushing which made everyone laugh. The priest stood besides them with the ring in his hand.
'' You both are newly weds now. And as tradition demands.... Shubhadrangi is always held up for married couples to initiate them into the marriage. It may be strange to you my Prince but I bet Rishi has seen this a lot of times in other people's rituals. This milk on the table is your marriage. And this ring in my hand,signifies the authority either of you might have in the marriage. I am going to drop this ring in the milk and you both will slowly dip your right hands in the milk to find the ring. The person who first finds the ring, is the one who will control the marriage till the rest of your lives. And so,please prepare for it ''.
(The priest dropped the ring into the bowl of milk and mixed the milk with a wooden ladder. Majid raised his eyebrows to Rishi and smile. Rishi looked into the milk and all the people begun shouting in support of Majid. The others were also shouting in support of Rishi. The priests gave the permission and they both dipped their hands into the milk).
'' You better find it first Majid, or else Rishi will control you forever! ''. Queen mother shouted.
Yes Majid.... find it first else you will forever do what Rishi says and there will be nothing you can do about it ''.
'' Find it first Rishi! If not Majid will turn your head around. You already know the drill! ''. Kushi screamed.
(As they both swam their hands in the milk,they just couldn't get their eyes off each other and everyone was just chuckling at them. Cindy whose leg was bandaged and holding crouches entered with Natalya even though she was advised by the royal doctors to take rest. They entered when everyone's attention was on the power couple. They both joined the crowd in the temple and stood behind people. Meanwhile, Majid and Rishi kept swimming their hands in the milk. Majid caught Rishi's fingers and caressed her while she pinched him and he laughed. But finally, Majid grabbed the ring and got his hand out with it. Everyone rejoiced. Rishi couldn't stop smiling. Queen mother quickly kissed Majid and there was a loud music played).
'' Glory to Prince Majid! ''. The people shouted.
'' Glory to him! ''.
'' Glory to Princess Rishi! ''.
'' Glory to her! ''.
'' Okay okay....from today and forever more,Prince Majid, you may take control in your marriage as the man you are. Dominate! And be a good husband to your wife ''. The oldest priest said in happiness.
(They took blessings from the elders and the second section of the ritual began. The second second section is were the bride received gifts from all the guests. And it started with the royal families. Ujani, Jhansi,Chaktaktu,Morea,Isla, Na Shubha la and others. Her veil was again used to over her face. Anyone who held their gifts would get in front of her and lift the veil up to see her beautiful face and bless her and hand over their gifts. Queen mother went her turn,followed by Queen Sheena, the king and others. Queen Dorah and Faruk went their rounds too. Queen Selma of the Jhansi kingdom got to her round. Holding a big parceled pink box. She got in front of Rishi and whimpered. She placed her box aside and slowly raised up the veil and faked a smile).
'' So this is the girl you chose over my daughter Majid? Oh my goodness I am so would have being so lucky to be married to my Ragah. But you break her heart without even getting to know her. I will not forgive you for choosing this cheap human being over my Princess. And I wish your marriage would be destroyed one way or another. And you,I hope you enjoy my gift...very much ''. She thought to herself and chuckled. She blessed her and handed her gift to her. Rishi placed it among the numerous gift she was given.
(In the kingdom=Meho's house).
And there he layed. Lifeless in a pool of blood. With a gunshot in his head. There was nothing left but his dead body. His house door was opened widely and people who passed by were just wondering why. Two men walked into the compound but everywhere was quiet and normal until they entered the hall through the opened door and saw all clothes scattered with chairs around in improper manner. They screamed Meho's name but there was no response. They quickly rushed out and walked to the back of the house and saw his dead body.
'' Oh lord have mercy. Is he dead? ''.
'' I think so. Oh lord...his daughter is celebrating today and now look at Tue state of her father ''.
'' We should be on our way to announce this now ''.
'' Yes let's is a bad omen ''.
(Royal Palace=Palace temple).
It was time for the third section of the ritual were the bride and groom were to feed each other with traditional eggs and toasts. A golden mat was layed on the floor and they both sat on it. The royal food was served in front of them as they faced each other on the mat. Majid couldn't stop teasing Rishi with his eyes and she couldn't stop being shy. She first dipped her hand in the food and brought a small amount to Majid's lips. He opened his mouth and she fed him. He internationally bit her fingers in his mouth and she groaned and quickly got her hand awy,she frowned at him but he winked at her. People laughed. Majid took a scoop of the food and Rishi slightly opened her mouth. He fed her and she also but his fingers as pay back.
'' Ouch! ''. He got his fingers out of her mouth and there was blood all over his thumb.
'' Oh my goodness... Majid am so sorry,,I....
(She was completely hurt. The maids quickly brought the royal doctor while Queen Sheena quickly got to him to check his wound).
'' I am okay mother. Never mind,I don't need medication. Seriously, stop treating me like a ten years old ''.
'' If he's okay,let him be ''. The king said.
'' But your highness,he is bleeding ''.
'' Shall we please continue the ritual. It is time for the last section. We have to do that before the auspicious time pass. We have just few minutes. Can you please provide the vermilion? ''. The priest said.
'' Yes yes okay ''. Queen Sheena went to Lord Krishna's and took the tray of vermilion. She placed it in front of Majid and Rishi.
'' Okay...the oil please ''.
(The priest was given a bottle of oil and he poured it into the vermilion and mixed it together).
'' You are going to dip your thumb into the vermilion my Prince, and you are going to smear it on Rishi's forehead ''. The priest said. '' As tradition, our beliefs demands this will finally bond you....
'' As tradition and our beliefs demands, this will finally bind you two forever ''.
(The whole temple was quiet. Princess Ragah had tears in her eyes. Cindy who was in the crowd felt so annoyed and wanted to bomb the whole palace up. Prince Faruk was feelings awkward, thinking of what to do to end all this nonsense he is seeing in front of him,and Queen Dorah couldn't wait for all this to be over in her chamber and sleep or better still, use magic to finally find Charu's whereabouts).
'' Majid,I told you to let us tend to your that your thumb is still bleeding, how will you dip it into the vermilion? Oh God you are too stubborn ''. Queen Sheena said.
(Rishi's eyes were teary as she was the caused of all this. She should have never got revenge on him and she bit him too hard).
'' My Prince? ''.
'' Relax priest. I don't need the vermilion to do this okay? What I have is more important than any vermilion ''. He said and took his bloody thumb, slowly to Rishi's forehead. Everyone was just shocked. Tears fell out of Rishi's eyes. He smeared his blood on Rishi's forehead, she closed her eyes in tears.
(The priests started clapping their hands and everyone joined in the celebration).
'' Shubhadrangi between Prince Majid and Princess Rishi has ended. Now let the celebration begin please! ''. One priest shouted.
(The celebration started and Prince Majid was taken out of the temple to be attended to in his wound. Rishi joined the royal family and her mother in another part of the temple).
(In front of the temple).
Jimmy joined Princess Lakshmi and Raj as they were chatting about the future.
'' I am sorry...and I do not mean to intrude Princess ''.
'' After helping Raj the other time,you can never intrude in my matters Jimmy ''.
'' Thank you ''.
'' Is there something you need? ''.
'' Yes. Exactly about the last time Princess. I want to know where Charu is ''.
'' What?! But why? ''.
'' I told you that after helping you,I would tell you the reason why I decided to help you ''.
'' Yes? ''.
'' That is because I am interested in Charu ''.
'' You can't be serious ''. Princess Lakshmi was shocked.
'' I am serious. It is not just an interest. I am absolutely sure I am in lobe with her. Please just....
'' Wait wait do know that Charu is pregnant with my brother's child right? ''.
'' Lakshmi relax. Let the guy speak up. He has helped us a lot. And I know we both want to protect Charu,but I trust this guy ''.
'' Hmm!!....
'' Please Princess. Look,I swear am on your side. But can you please help me with her? ''.
'' She is carrying another man's child...
'' I don't care. People always get married to partners who already have children with others. I don't mind. And I am willing to turn Indian for her. Just show me where she is ''.
'' Okay relax okay? Raj and I are planning to pray to the goddess tomorrow. We will sneak away from the palace and go see her. We shall take you with us. Is that okay? ''.
'' Absolutely. Thank you be much. And I hope she accepts me ''..
(Season 2).
Episode 5.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
She entered with her goons and started getting all her jewelry off her neck. Avni poured her a glads of water and she sat on her bed and took it. While Queen Selma sat on one if the couches besides the bed.
'' At long the next celebration will be Ragah and Faruk's wedding ''.
'' Yes. I can't wait. My poor daughter. She cried the whole time the rituals were going on ''.
'' Don't worry about that Selma. After Ragah's married to my son, she will finally forget whatever feeling she has for Majid ''.
'' I hope you are right. I can't stand her pain. All because of that girl ''.
'' Hm,that girl who has brought misfortune. I pity her future very much ''.
'' Pity her more after she is done opening the gifts ''.
'' What do you mean? ''.
'' She won't get pass all the gifts when she's done opening mine...that whore! ''.
'' Selma? What have you you done now? ''.
'' Well Dorah,you are not the only one full of surprises okay my dear? I just decided that,since everyone is so happy today,why don't I gibe them a little shake up of thunder and destroy their smile? ''.
'' And how did you get away with that? ''.
'' The gift I gave Majid's wife is a...very special gift from Jhansi. You don't see it often because it does not live among humans ''. She laughed like a witch.
'' What? It doesn't live among humans? Then what is it huh? Tell me now. We are teammates now,you are not supposed to hide things from me at all ''.
'' Okay relax ''. She said and slowly started wining her head back and forth with an evil smile. Queen Dorah was absolutely shocked.
'' You can't be serious! Snake? ''.
'' A very poisonous one my dear. And it had the power to kill the greatest monster. She has no idea what is awaiting her at all. Whether she opens the gifts today or tomorrow, she will still be attacked ''.
'' I have noticed she and Majid have grown closer together. What if they are both together when she's opening them? ''.
'' Even better my dear friend. Then we'd kill two birds with one stone. That one would even be much better because by then,the crowned Prince will die the boom! Faruk would be future king. The gifts are a lot. I am not the only one who gifted her with a pink parceled box so no one would suspect ''.
(They both laughed and clapped their hands in joy).
'' If this plan of yours work,I will truly hail you my friend. I will very much hail you...any way,today has being a long day and I need to take rest now. Can you both please excuse me? ''.
'' Oh of course my friend. Even I have to prepare myself since we will be returning to Jhansi tomorrow ''.
'' Don't worry. I will write to you a letter as soon as they die ''.
'' Oh but of course ''.
(They both laughed witchy and both Queen Selma and Avni walked out of the chamber. Kushi saw them as she was walking towards Rishi's chamber and quickly his behind the pillars as Queen Selma and Avni passed by and left. She got away from the pillar, studying them from behind).
'' Oh my goodness that is the maid. That is the same who entered the chamber the other time looking for the pot. And she came out of Queen Dorah's chamber,meaning. Does this mean that,she's Queen Dorah's maid? Now every piece is coming together. Prince Faruk is Queen Dorah's son and he wants Prince Majid dead. And Queen Dorah is also looking for that pot. I will not be surprised if even Queen Dorah wants Prince Majid dead as well. There is something wrong going on and Rishi and I must find out and fight this strange happenings ''. She said and walked away.
(In front of the dungeon).
Most people who came to the celebration and walking around the palace me across Savitri who layed helpless in front of the dungeon. And as they had gathered there and starring at her with noise,the royal family arrived at the scene,leaded by guards. They were all shocked and Savitri was straggling to say something. Savitri's sister had also come to the celebration. She quickly rushed to her side asking her what happened to her. But all Savitri did was to stare at Rishi.
'' This is strange. She was absolutely alright yesterday at the wedding ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' Exactly. So how come now...
'' She looks like she fell from a high balcony ''. The king said.
'' Oh God what happened now Savitri? ''. Her sister cried. '' She is the only family I have left tour highness. Please have mercy on us ''.
(Savitri forced herself to crawl and finally got to Rishi's feet and she touched them. She pressed Rishi's feet and Rishi quickly took a step away in fright).
'' Looks like she wanted to say something to Rishi ''. Queen mother said suspiciously.
'' I think the guards should take her to her home and find a doctor to look after her ''.
'' Aba...aba... Ri...sshhh..iiii....aahhh ''. She forced to talk but it was fruitless.
'' Your highness ''.
'' You are right mother. We shall do that ''.
'' Thank you very much your highness ''. Her sister thanked them in tears.
(The king ordered the guards and they carried her into a palanquin. He also gave them a bag of gold coins to take care of them and promised to tend for Savitri until she got better. The party was coming to an end and people started going to their various homes).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
The royal doctor bandaged his thumb with a small cotton wool stuffed in a green herbal medicine. He removed his suit and put on a simply shirt and shorts. He sat on his bed and the royal doctor bowed down.
'' Will you need anything else your highness? ''.
'' How about the woman who will make the scar on my belly disappear? ''.
'' She is Princess Rishi's mother your highness ''.
'' Really? So you went to call my mother in-law to check my six packs? ''.
'' I don't understand your highness ''.
'' Never mind. Can she do it today? ''.
'' She said she will bring the medicine tomorrow your highness ''.
'' Cool,you may leave now ''.
(The man bowed down and turned his face to leave when Cindy batched into the room like a mad woman. The royal doctor just looked at her strangely and went away. She held the crutches being given to her to walk and she threw it at Majid who caught it in mid air with a frown. She wept her head off in front of him while he showed no signs of any emotions).
'' How could you do this to me Majid?! To us? After everything we went through together in London?! ''.
'' What did we go through Cindy? Refresh my memory a little bit ''.
'' Is that what you are asking me? After you swore never to leave me ''.
'' That is a thing of the past. I don't want to be with a snake like you anymore! ''. He said and got to his feet in anger.
'' What? no no,this is not my Majid talking, no. Majid, you are calling me a snake? After I left my country and followed you here? ''.
'' Oh you left your country? Did I force you? Or did I kidnap you like you and Mr Raul had planned yesterday and kidnapped Rishi?! ''.
'' Wha....I..I...
'' I...I...what?! Answer me! ''. She grabbed hold of her left arms so hard with red face. '' And you thought I would never find out? ''.
'' You are hurting me Majid! Why should I let that village monster take you from me? You and I were the ones who were supposed to get married yesterday. Not anyone else ''.
'' You said you followed me here from your country? How about I show you the way back to your country? I don't want to ever see you again. Never again....not in this life,or in another life to come ''.
'' What are you doing Majid? ''.
'' Getting a mistake out of my life for good ''.
(Majid grabbed hold of the crutches from his bed and his other hand,grabbing tight on Cindy's arm. He dragged her out of the chamber in anger. Sushim saw this when he was waking towards the chamber and kept on asking what was going on but Majid just dragged Cindy with him. She kept begging him and weeping as he dragged her with force. Most of the servants passing by just stood there watching them. Cindy intentionally tripped on the floor over her broken leg hoping to get sympathy from Majid but it looks like he was determined to finally get rid of her for good. Most of the kingdom's people who were still walking at the too of the balcony watched this. Majid pulled Cindy on e ground like a dog with lots of anger in his eyes. He pulled her hand and the stick. Queen Sheena's handmaiden passed by and stopped to bow down).
'' Go into the guests room and pack her things and bring them to me now! ''. Majid ordered.
'' Yes my Prince ''. She said and quickly walked away.
(Majid dragged her down the stairs and as the royal family walked to the main entrance, they heard noises and many people acting strange. Majid stepped out of the building while Cindy wept on the floor and he kept pulling her until he got her up and pushed her onto the ground at the passage way of the entrance).
'' Majid, what is all this? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' She is leaving this palace for good now. I don't want to see her again ''.
'' But Majid, can't you see Cindy is hurt?! ''. Natalya cried.
'' Shut up Natalya, don't get involved ''. Maxwell shouted.
'' What happened son? ''.
'' You were all wondering why I came from the fields with Rishi today? That is because she was kidnapped by Mr Raul last night! And Cindy was part of the plan ''.
'' Kidnapped, how?! You mean,my friend.. Mr Raul? ''.
'' Same man who took care of me father ''.
'' But why? ''.
'' It is something to be talked about privately. But all you should know is that,Cindy is not to be trusted. You can go back to London..alone Cindy, because you and I are a thing of the past ''.
'' Oh no Majid please. Don't say that my love. I love you so much. I am not able to live without you that is why I did all that Majid...please don't kick me away from you. Look,I will change for you! ''. She said and painfully crawled to Majid's legs and kissed his feet numerous times. '' Please Majid please! Please I can't live without you please. I don't deserve this please! This isnall your family's fault...they should have just let you choose your won bride and you would have chose me! ''.
(He bent down and held Cindy's arms and looked into her eyes).
'' And that would have being the biggest mistake of my life Cindy. The greatest mistake! You know I hate lies! I hate lies and deceit. And I hate secrets! These three things makes me sick. Sick to my stomach. You are just the definition of this three things ''.
(Rishi felt so uncomfortable and her feeling were crashed when Majid said that. As she remembered that Queen Sheena wasn't Majid's biological mother but he didn't know that. She slowly walked behind Majid and touched his shoulders. He turned and saw her,he tried calming down and got to his feet to face her).
'' Majid please...
'' Don't defend her! ''. He frowned.
(Priya walked out of the building with Cindy's bags with her things packed into it. Majid took the bag in one hand and Cindy's hand with the other hand and started walking to the entrance followed by everyone else. Natalya tried begging but her boyfriend wouldn't let her. Rishi was saddened by this and her heart kept beating very fast. Majid got to the entrance and pushed Cindy out of the gates and threw her bags at her).
'' Whatever you wanna do,go ahead. You have drained me so much and so I am sure you have a lot of money in your account and can rake money from everywhere. Go away and forget me forever ''.
'' No.....
(People started walking out and going to their various homes in the kingdom until it was left with the royal family. Majid closed the gates at his Cindy's face and left them,walking into the building. Cindy looked around her and there was no one to tend to her. She felt dizzy and fainted in front of the palace. A car arrived there. The driver got out with a friend and carried her into the backseat. They packed her bags into the bout and went back into the car and drove away).
(Evening time=The King's chamber).
Queen mother and Queen Sheena entered the chamber with boring faces. The king was getting ready to sleep but they had to disturb the sleep and see what they could do about the rising issues. And after he heard the news,he was devastated.
'' Two men came here just now ''.
'' From where? ''.
'' They said they are farmers. They said they passed Rishi's family home ''.
'' Yes? ''.
'' And they found something terrible ''.
'' Oh god ''.
'' Her father was dead ''.
'' What a tragedy. What happened? ''.
'' They found a gun. It looks like he killed himself ''.
'' This news will tear Rishi apart ''.
'' I have decided to tell her the news tomorrow. News reaching us is,Bhavna, Rishi's mother had left the house. People said they had issues and she had decided to end the marriage ''.
'' What ever that happened, it is their own marital issues,she is a widow. Let us wait and make proper decision tomorrow. For now,I want to sleep and have a good dream after Majid himself sent that nagging foreigner out of the palace ''.
(They all laugher).
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
She had squatted on the floor chanting with lighted candles all around her with a big crystal ball in front of Heer while she had a raised her hands over it and chanting hard. The wind quickly blew into her face and she opened her eyes then looked into the crystal ball and laughed profusely.
'' Oh there you are my dear Charu. Here you are. And stupid Lakshmi and Raj thought they had given you a good hiding place? Hahahaha. I will not allow you and your bastard son destroy my son's future, never! I know for a fact that,you will appear one day with your son and make everyone turn against Faruk because he raped you. And the Jhansis will kill him for marrying their princess while knowing he had a son somewhere. Your life is over now. I don't need a grandson from a common maid...I won't ''.
(She heard a knock on her door. She quickly pushed all her magic things under her bed and went to open the door).
'' What do you want by this time of the night? ''.
'' So I can't come into my mother's room anytime I want anymore? ''.
'' It is night time. It is very unusual of you that is why I asked, nothing else ''.
'' Well,I came to tell you. Majid threw his girlfriend out of the palace mother ''.
'' Oh no! ''.
'' That girl truly is obsessed. Can you believe, she conspired with Mr Raul to kidnap Majid's wife last night? ''.
'' Mr Raul who brought up Majid? by the looks of things, Majid and his wife now has more enemies that we could ever imagine ''.
'' Yes. And it is out chance to take advantage of that mother ''.
'' We focus on one thing at a time Faruk. I have found Charu's whereabouts. She is hiding in a small hat at the end of the forest. The rest is now up to you ''.
'' In a hat at the end of the forest, just so I won't get that the only hat there? ''.
'' No. But it is the smallest. Keep that in mind ''.
'' Oh thank you mother. I will take action as soon as possible. I can't make anymore mistakes ''.
'' Good. I like that spirit. Just make sure no one suspect and you leave no trace of evidence ''.
'' Get ready my dear Charu,I won't spare you tomorrow at all.....

(Season 2).
Episode 6
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He walked out of the bathroom and entered his dressing room. The chamber door opened and Rishi entered and Rishi entered with a new look. Her hair tied up in a ponytail and wearing a nice saree. She closed the chamber door and passed by the many curtains and arrived in the bedroom. She looked around and the whole room was quiet and empty. Majid walked out of the dressing room looking all smart and sexy in his pyjamas. She quickly fell into her world of shyness but she forced not look away. He walked to the bed and checked his phone, it was very late. He sat on the bed and took his laptop, he plugged it into the socket and switched it on. Rishi felt a sharp pain in her chest as Majid was acting like she wasn't even there. As Majid looked through his laptop, he raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes from her feet to the top of her face.
'' Why are you standing there? ''.
'' No...I just thought....
'' You are always thinking...why? ''.
'' Well,is it that bad to think too much about the love of your life? ''.
'' Mmmm okay ''. He said and retired back in checking his laptop, and the atmosphere felt so cold and hostile ''.
'' Majid...are you okay? ''. She asked in a soft voice,still standing away from him.
'' Why wouldn't I be okay? ''.
(The way he answered pierced her heart like an arrow. Tears fell out of her eyes as her emotions were heightened).
'' Why...why are you acting that way towards me? What have I done? ''.
'' I don't get it. What do you mean? How am I acting towards you? ''.
'' You never mind. I am sorry for disturbing you. I will take my leave now ''. She said in a shaking voice and turned to leave.
'' Rishi ''.
(She didn't stop but continued walking. !Majid got up and followed her behind the curtains and stopped her. Her turned her to face him and she started resisting while he tried to cuddle her).
'' Let me go...leave me ''. Rishi cried.
'' Babe babe babe...ssshhh, listen ''. He whispered and she calmed down. He took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. '' I am sorry...okay? Please, please don't go ''.
(He embraced her tightly and she hugged him back in tars. He folded her in his are like a piece of cake and they both walked back into the bedroom. He closed his laptop and placed it aside. He made her sir into the bed and he also got to the middle with his phone).
'' Majid...I just wanted to check on if you are fine then, I should leave now ''.
'' Are you sure you wanna leave and say good night? ''.
'' I am not supposed to be here when you don't need me. It is tradition ''.
'' But how do you know whether I need you or not? ''.
(She chuckled and looked back at him).
'' I don't know ''.
'' There you go ''. He said and looked into his phone while Rishi looked at him.
'' Are you still angry about what happened? ''.
'' Is that why you came here? ''. He said and rolled his eyes to look at her.
'' No...not that,I just.....
'' Then don't talk about it ''.
(Rishi had never seen Majid that way. He sounded so angry,even at her and it made her fears become more).
'' O...okay. I am sorry. For bringing that up ''.
(Majid took a deep breath and placed his phone aside. He starred at Rishi who had her face somewhere else. The room was quiet and the wind blew fresh air through the window).
'' Rishi? ''.
'' Hm? ''.
'' I don't like your hair that way ''.
'' What? ''
(Majid crawled to her side and placed his hands in her hair. He untied the ponytail and her whole hair fell on her face. He pulled her to the middle and touched her cheeks. He kissed her and they both melted in the sensation. He withdrew from the kiss and they both sat on the bed starring at each other).
'' can release your anger on me if you want. But please don't keep it in your heart. I don't want to see you this way ''.
'' What way? ''.
'' You are sounding cold. Even to me...and..and it's hurting me deep Majid. Please, don't do this to yourself and me....
'' Rishi look....
'' I know you love her and she hurting you,breaks your....
'' Loved her. I loved. It is past now ''.
'' Okay. But you at least felt something for her,and what she did was terrible but why are you hurting yourself as well? ''.
'' You don't get it. I am hurting myself. It is what happened that hurt me. I hate being made a fool out of. I hate lies and deceit. I hate secrets,and that is why I make sure to always reveal whatever am hiding to the people I love and trust. She break all those doors and decided to use them. How can such a person be in my life at all? ''.
'' I....
'' It makes me real mad when people do that to me. It weakens me Rishi ''.
(She said nothing but embraced him. He grabbed her tightly and pressed her body against his. He buried his face in her hair).
'' Your hair smells good. Really nice. What did you use? ''.
'' I showered with you this morning, remember? ''.
'' Oh yeah ''.
'' All your soaps smells good ''.
'' Because they are expensive. And nothing expensive comes trust. It doesn't come easy. It is earned. And we go through hell to earn it. And when we loose it...then that is the end of it ''.
(Rishi withdrew from the hug when he said that).
'' Do you trust me? ''.
(He looked down in her eyes,searching. He breath on it and smiled).
'' Yeah ''. He whispered. '' I trust you. As a matter of fact Rishi, apart from my are the only person I trust. I know you will never hide anything from me. Or deceive me in anyway ''.
(Rishi choked when he said that and breath fast. He was worried and poured her a glass of water. She took in the water and cooled down).
'' Are you sure you are okay? ''
'' Mmmm....
'' Come here ''.
(He took the glass and placed it aside. He cuddled her closer and wrapped her in his arms on the bed).
'' Oh god help me. Now I am part of the people hiding the truth about his biological mother from him. Now,if everything comes out in the open,what would I do? Am I supposed to tell him? ''. She thought to herself.
'' I am going to do all I can to survive. You know,you are now a part of me. We are one now. And so am gonna tell you everything am hiding. But I am not hiding anything. You already know am the future king and gold and diamond or silver is not a problem for me ''.
'' Yes. I know you are very breathtaking ''.
'' Breathtaking? ''.
'' I live your eyes and your hair...
'' And what else? Just confess it all. You know my eyes and hair aren't the first things you love so just tell the truth ''.
(They both laughed and Majid yawned sleepy).
'' Majid stop being naughty okay? After all,you are the one teaching m to be bad. So please master, teach me where else to love ''.
'' lips is searching for something ''.
(Rishi raised her head to look at him and smiled).
'' What is it searching for? ''.
'' Your lips?''. He pulled her closer and her hair fell on his face. They kissed for long hours and as it went on deep,Majid's eyes became heavy...he fell asleep while kissing her and she placed her head on his chest as he was fast asleep. Tears run down her cheeks and her eyes became red from crying silently.
'' Forgive me my love. I just can't tell you. And even if I could, I wouldn't know how to say it. I am sorry.... I hope Queen Sheena would gather the courage to tell you the truth themselves so that none of us will fall in trouble when you find out.....
(Next Day=In the kingdom=Mr Raul's mansion).
The house was quiet and empty and quiet since Mr Raul was still out of the kingdom. It was just some few guards and workers of his farm who surrounded the house. Upstairs in one of the bedrooms, Cindy layed on a bed. She had being unconscious since yesterday till the morning. A maid entered with a tray of some cooked rice and soup as she had caught a fever. Max took the food from her and she felt. Cindy rumbled on the bed and finally opened her eyes. She groaned painfully as the pain in her leg worsened. She felt dizzy but forced to sit up on the bed. Her vision was blurry and she was confused as she was confused as she didn't know where she was confused as she didn't know where she was. She quickly remembered everything that happened at the palace and started to cry. She raised her head and was shocked to see the young man standing opposite the bed an starring at her.
'' What?! Max! Oh my God,please don't tell me I am in London. No it can't be possible....
'' Just shut up okay? You are still in India and in the Ujani kingdom ''.
'' Then you...what the hell are you doing here Max? Oh my God this is all so confusing. Max answer my question ''.
'' Enough of your bickering. I came here for you. I came so I can take you back to London ''.
'' You must be dreaming if you think I am going to London without Majid! ''.
'' You mean,the Majid who threw you out of his palace yesterday? ''.
'' Huh? ''.
'' I have being here for the passed one month. The thing is, I was feeling bad in London, not being able to see you before coming here. And when I got here,I heard that your dream boyfriend was getting married to another woman ''.
'' He was forced! ''.
'' I don't care okay?! I heard that there was a party at the palace yesterday so I decided to use that as an opportunity to come and see you. But I think I arrived there at the right time. I arrived when the party was over,only to see you being thrown out of the palace by the man who promised you heaven and earth...I was in a car with my friend and when we got closer, you had fainted. And that is how you ended up here ''.
'' Majid still loves me Max. I promise you that things will change. Look,he is just being brainwashed that's all..but I will make sure things turns out in my favour ''.
'' Why are you so obsessed with this guy anyway? Can't you see he doesn't love you your eyes. I a sick of living in this Mr Raul's house...
'' This is Mr Raul's house? ''.
'' You know him? ''.
'' He is the man who raised up Majid ''.
'' I don't care about that. But I don't think I want to involve myself in your madness. You are also my sister and I don't want to leave you at the same time ''.
'' Then help me Max. Please. If you love me as your sister as you say,please help me Max. I cannot live without have to believe me, he is the only man who has ever treated like a queen ''.
'' Hm..this is very dangerous Cindy. This is a royal family that we are talking about...
'' I am not scared of anyone. As long as it is a fight to get what is mine. They must be very happy right now that Majid kicked me out. But they don't know that I don't give up ''.
'' Hmmm... What plan do you have in mind?....
(Royal Palace=Prince Majid's chamber).
They both opened their eyes the same time and it was funny how they woke up together. Rishi in her light saree and Majid in his pyjamas. He smiled at her and she smiled back. He got up and she sat up on the bed watching him.
'' Why does it look like you are in a hurry? ''.
'' Because I am. I ordered a wedding chain from Mumbai yyesterday. Since the first one drowned ''.
'' Oh gosh! I almost forgot. Majid, why did you even do that! Now,not only did the wedding chain drown,but the elephant necklace as well. Mother will be so upset and disappointed ''.
(Majid opened the drawer besides his bee and removed his elephant necklace. He sat on the bed besides Rishi and started placing it on her).
'' No Majid no! What are you doing?! ''.
'' Ssshhh... I wanna do this,okay? ''.
'' There's no way I am letting you gibe your necklace to me. You need it more than I do okay? Majid, I will be okay on my own ''.
'' Remember, that I won the superiority competition yesterday. I found the ring first. Meaning, you are to do whatever I want ''.
'' Majid don't...
'' Are you disobeying me Rishi? ''.
'' No....
(He put the necklace on hr neck and tied it behind. There was a knock on the door and Rishi quickly got up from the bed. Majid was astonished but he didn't know it was tradition not to allow any eye see the wife on the husband's bed in the palace. Queen mother and Queen Sheena entered. Both Majid and Rishi bowed down and touched their feet. Rishi stood in front of Majid. Queen mother and Queen Sheena had gloomy faces. Queen mother held Rishi's shoulders).
'' Take heart my dear. But it is better you know it now ''.
'' What is it Grandma? ''.
'' Your mother must be mourning by now. We all have to go into the kingdom ''.
'' My mother... What...
'' Your father died yesterday Rishi ''.
(The shock blew her away and fortunately fell into Majid's arms. Tears fell freely from her eyes. Memories of her father started rushing in her head even though they never had a close relationship, but he brought her to the world. Majid hugged her tighter).
'' Father, Majid... My father....
'' Rishi, it is understandable that you are hurt. But please, let us get ready to attend his burial. You know tradition says the body is not to stay with us more than three days. Also,your mother must be needing you right now. Please get ready so we go. Help her Majid ''. Queen mother said and left with Queen Sheena.
(He held her tightly as she shook off all the sadness from her heart with him).
(In the kingdom=Raj's family hat).
At the last end of the forest,Princess Lakshmi, Raj and Jimmy disguised themselves on a horse and rode into the kingdom till they arrived at the end of the forest where many poor hats where. The smallest one which was wretched and almost broken down stood at the far end. And it was the only property Raj's father left to him and his aunt before he died. They rode to the place and got down in front of it. Raj went closer to the door and knocked. Jimmy was not too happy about the condition of the house at all.
'' The condition of this house is be bad. How can a pregnant woman be living here? ''.
'' Well,this is the only house Raj has. Apart from sleeping in the palace in the guard's chamber,this is the only place he comes to when he has a day off guard ''. Princess Lakshmi said.
'' Well I am just saying. But still,it is not suitable for Charu to be living here ''.
(Raj's aunt opened the door and smiled at them. She let them in and closed the door. Charu layed on a wooden bed looking very weak. Lakshmi rushed to her and checked her temperature and she wasn't feeling good at all).
'' What happened to her aunt?! What is happening to her now?! ''.
'' She has not being well for the passed three days ''.
'' What?! And what have you done about that?! '' Jimmy asked angrily.
'' Calm down Jimmy... It is not like my aunt has anything wrong ''.
'' The doctor said she was having fever. And said I should towel bath her with cold water. So I was going to get water when you people arrived ''.
'' Oh my God. I feel bad about this ''. He said and went closer Charu whose eyes were barely opened. '' This place is not good for her. She is pregnant and needs special attention ''.
'' I will go and get the cold water from the small river aunt ''.
'' Okay ''.
(Raj picked up a big pit from the aide of the bed and went closer to the door. He opened and suddenly saw some men on horses from a far distance, riding towards the hat. He felt suspicious and alert. He quickly recognised that their leader was Shiv. He quickly retired into the room with shock. He placed the pot aside quickly).
'' We have to leave this place right now! ''.
'' What happened? ''.
'' I just saw Shiv and some guards riding over here. I think they have being sent. We should help Charu out of here else,today will be the last day she lives....
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