Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 7,8 & 9

(Season 2).
Episode 7
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(In the kingdom=Raj's family hat).
'' How is that possible? I thought you both said this place is secret to the enemy ''.
'' Do you think this is the right time to discuss this Jimmy? Let's go now! Help me with Charu ''.
(Raj's aunt went closer to the door and peep his eyes outside while Jimmy carried Charu in his arms).
'' Oh my goodness..they are almost here ''. She exclaimed.
'' You have to go with Jimmy, Lakshmi. If they find toy here as well,they will not only suspect something but also lie about us to your gather by all means ''.
'' Okay. But where do we pass? If we pass the front gate then,they might see us ''.
(Raj quickly went to the peak of the room and removed some board from the wall. And there was a way behind that wall. Jimmy and Lakshmi quickly passed through the passage way with Charu and went away. Raj quickly closed the passage way with the board and started acting normal with his aunt. They both sat on the bed and talked about something else. Shiv and the other guards on horses arrived in front of the gate quietly. They got off the horse and with swords,walked around the hat and inspecting it. Shiv put his ear at the window side to listen to that was going on in there).
'' Don't worry aunt. I will soon get paid from the palace and help you with the medicines you need ''.
'' Are you going to leave now? ''.
'' Why? Will you need help with anything else? ''.
'' Yes yes...can you help me cook something. I want to cook something. I need help ''.
'' Sure sure. Let's go outside to get started ''.
(Shiv quickly with the other men,took their horses and hurried off from the hat into the forest. They just kept a close eye on Raj and his aunt as they walked of of the hat and started picking wooden sticks to set up a fire).
'' Where is Charu? ''.
'' I don't think she lives there Shiv. We studied clearly and saw those two are the only ones in the hat ''.
(As Raj and his aunt kept things cool and continued picking up the wood,he had the corner of his eyes watching Shiv and the men hiding behind the trees).
'' I cannot leave you Aline aunt. I have to stay here,at least until this men leave and I take you somewhere else ''.
'' What do you mean? ''.
'' If I leave you Jere,they might come back and threaten you to give Charu to them. And if you refuse,they will kill you. Just keep acting normal until they get tired if standing there and when they leave,I will quickly take somewhere safe,and find where exactly they took Charu so that you can go stay with her and continue taking care of her ''.
(In the kingdom's temple).
Most of the kingdom's habitants had arrived and gathered to support Bhavna. She was now in a complete white saree as she was a widow now. She sat on the floor with Meho's dead body which was also wrapped in a white cloth and layed on a wooden bed in front of her. Her eyes were all red out of crying and Radah sat beside her,holding her tight and comforting her whiles the priests kept praying to lord Hanuman. People sat behind Bhavna all in white and starring at Meho. Tradition says,the dead was to be looked at am prayed for an also showed a last respect before being burnt to ashes.
'' Sameer said the news reached the royal family yesterday. I am sure they are on their way by now ''.
'' Thank you Radah ''.
'' I hope everything turns out okay today. People are whimpering because Meho committed suicide. It quite shameful ''.
'' I don't believe Meho committed suicide Radah ''.
'' What...why? ''.
'' He love life too much to commit suicide. I know the man I married. Meho does not even think of death. In the first place,he had no reason to kill himself ''.
'' Maybe he started feeling guilty about everything he has done in his life. Betraying you,selling his daughter....
'' I know Mr Raul is responsible for this. Did you hear what Prince Majid said yesterday? Mr Raul and that foreigner kidnapped my daughter! I am very scared for Rishi now ''.
(There was some houses from outside and people got up from the temple. Bhavna kept sitting as the widow was not supposed to stand and go anywhere. Radah got up and walked outside the temple. There were seven palanquins assembled with many guards and maidens besides it. Every guards besides every palanquin raised up the cloth from the door and the royal family stepped out from the palanquins. All in white. All the people just bowed. Rishi who was in tears saw Rishi who waa in tears saw Radah and both she and Kushi rushed to her and placed her in a tight embrace. Rishi looked around her as many people had come to give their support to Bhavna).
'' Mother? ''.
'' Your mother is in the temple ''
(She rushed on the stairs and entered the temple. She se her mother's back facing her. She run as fast as she could and bent down behind her mother then hugged her from behind).
'' Mother... I am here now. Stop crying ''.
(Bhavna turned to her and they both embraced each other, crying on each other's shoulders).
'' He is dead now Rishi. He never got to make peace with us ''.
'' What happened? ''. She asked while starring at her father's lifeless body.
'' I don't know. It is terrible, what people are saying sweetheart. But you don't listen to them okay? ''.
'' What are they saying? ''.
'' Your father...he killed himself. They saw a gun in his hands ''.
(She crawled towards the body and put her head on his chest).
'' You could have stayed longer so I ask you why you hated me so much father. So I could ask for your forgiveness and blessings ''. She wept.
(Everyone else entered the temple and greeted Bhavna but Rishi didn't move from Meho's side. Majid who sat besides Queen mother,got to his feet and went closer to Rishi. He bent down and raised her head from the chest of her father. She looked at him and he wiped her tars with his thumb. As he knelt beside her, she placed her head on his chest. The ceremony went on and on till it was time to take the body away. Four men volunteered and carried the wooden mat his body layed on. Leaded by the priests and followed by all the people, they walked till they arrived on the burning grounds. Weed were placed on him as all the people surrounded mourned over him. Especially Bhavna).
'' If he had a son,he would have being the one to light the fire and performed is last rites on him. But since he had no son,any man who feels like showing your care and love for his family, please come forward and do so ''. One priests said and the whole place was quiet.
(Rishi felt sad and uncomfortable,she kept rol the men who stood there and refusing to come forward to perform the last rites of a dead drunkard. Majid stood besides her, looking at her as she looked at the people in discomfort and stepped forward).
'' I will do this priest... I hope I can. Can I? ''.
'' Yes of course my Prince ''.
(Bhavna and the rest were marveled. The priest placed one wood in a kerosene then lighted it up,and as it burned fiercely,Majid went closer to the body and lighted the cloth and weed on his body. He went back and all eyes saw the body burning to ashes. Majid gave the burning wood back to the priest and he added it to the burning body. Everyone started dispersing except for the family. Rishi and Kushi separate themselves from everyone, hugging each other tightly).
'' Are you okay now? ''.
'' No. But I will be. I am waiting for mother to take the ashes from the priests so we can leave ''.
'' will be okay ''. Kushi said and looked aside.
'' Kushi are you okay? ''.
'' Yes....why? ''.
'' Yes why? ''.
'' Kushi... If you feel separated from me this days then,I am sorry. I got caught up with everything that happened lately ''.
'' Oh stop it! We both knew this day will come. You are married now and your husband must be your top priority. You satisfy him first before you satisfy everyone else ''.
(Rishi smiled and turned her fave to look at Majid from afar as he spoke to his friend. She turned her face back to look at Kushi).
'' You are my best friend. Don't doubt that, there will come a time I will satisfy you before everyone else. I love Kushi ''.
'' I love you too Rishi. Promise me we won't stop our foolishness for anything in the world ''.
'' Haha...I promise! ''. She realised Kushi still had something else on her mind. '' But I hope there is nothing else you are hiding from me. Tell me,what is it? ''.
'' Well,you are already going through a lot today Rishi, and I don't want to add more ''.
'' Kushi, if it is a serious matter, tell me. I don't mind it...I can take it all in. Tell me ''.
'' It's that maid. The one who entered the chamber to look for the pot ''.
'' Have you seen her? Who is she? ''.
'' She is Queen Dorah's handmaiden. I recognised her yesterday, and even today. They were walking together. She is Queen Dorah's handmaiden Rishi, do you know what that means? ''
'' What? Queen Dorah is Prince Faruk's mother Kushi. And Savitri once told us she also wants Majid dead. Kushi, I think what that pot contains must be very important... I am so confused right now. Majid, the pot...everything is confusing. First, we know the reason why they want Majid dead. But what do they want with the pot? ''.
'' I don't know. But we should know tat it is very important. When we get to the palace, we will have to make the final decision. We shall bring it to priest Chanakher and open it ''.
(Rishi nodded and kept starring at Majid and kept on touching the elephant necklace).
(Majid's side).
'' Are you absolutely sure of this Maxwell? ''.
'' Of course man. This place is not my home and I feel it's time to fo bak to London since there is no chance of you going back. Jimmy has already refused to go back since he claimed to being in love with that maid....whatever her name is ''.
'' Hm,okay Maxwell... Really gonna miss you man ''.
'' Me too ''.
'' Are you...ever gonna come,visit? ''.
'' I don't really know man. To be honest,I don't really like this place. There are too many rules here. But I guess you can come to visit, so we can chill up,just like old times ''.
'' I don't know if that's possible. I am the future king and I can't go anywhere else again ''.
'' You said the complete opposite of this some months ago Majid. You didn't even wanna come to this place dude,what changed so much? ''.
(Majid took a deep breath and turned his head behind and saw Rishi standing and chatting with Kushi from a far distance, then turned back his face to Maxwell).
'' My heartbeat changed ''.
'' Your what? ''.
'' That was when I thought I was in love with Cindy. But hey,I am very happy you followed me here to see my family. I appreciate that,where's Natalya? ''.
'' She must be around here...
'' When are you leaving? ''.
'' Tomorrow... I hope she has prepared herself ''.
(Natalya arrived behind them with a frown).
'' I am not going anywhere Maxwell. I am not leaving this place until Cindy ones to her senses so we fo together ''.
(The boys turned to her in shock).
'' What the hell are you saying Natalya?! ''.
'' You heard me right. Cindy is my best friend. And wherever she is right now,she needs me ''.
'' How are you even sure whether Cindy is still in this place or not? ''.
'' I know she is here. I don't think she is willing to give up on Majid so easily ''. She said starring at Majid closely and he starring back at her with a frown.
'' I thought you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me Natalya, how are you going to do that if you are always putting Cindy before our relationship? ''.
'' Keep it in mind that we wouldn't be dating if not for Cindy. She is the one who introduced us ''.
'' You cannot force love Natalya ''. Majid said.
'' Cindy loves you so much. She left everything behind and followed you here,and what did you to her? Break her heart and disgrace her in front of numerous of people yesterday. You threw her out...where was she supposed to go? ''.
'' I just taught her a lesson. That no one,absolutely mo one touches my woman. But if you think that was embarrassment, when you meet her,tell her that the real embarrassment will come when she dares let me lay my eyes on her,and I will make her fly to London with nothing at all ''. Majid said and walked away.
'' So Natalya... If Cindy will spend the rest of her life here trying to get Majid back,what will happened to us? You and I,this relationship? ''.
'' Look Maxwell, if you really love me and is willing to wait for me until we all go back as we came...then fine. I still wanna be with you ''.
'' just threw away five years relationship which could have turned into something more serious and beautiful Talya. Well,you have made your decision. I wish you all the happiness in the world. And I hope you will be happy with tour Cindy ''. He said and walked away, leaving her to sob.
After everything was over and they all went back to the temple to pray for the lost souls. Bhavna was given Meho's ashes in a red pot. Everyone dispersed and when they got outside, Rishi wanted to go home with Bhavna due to the situation but Bhavna stopped her and asked her to go to the palace and that,she was going to arrive in the palace the next day to take care of Prince Majid's scar. Bhavna and Radah passed a different direction and went away. The king entered his palanquin and some guards carried it. Queen Dorah went closer to her palanquin and her personal guard arrived from nowhere and opened the clothe covering the entrance of the palanquin. Queen Dorah entered the palanquin and her guard secretly handed a piece of paper over to her. And he and some other guards raised the palanquin. Queen mother held Rishi's hand to take her in to join her in her palanquin but Rishi refused and went to join Majid in his palanquin. He smiled at her and let her inside. Everyone got into theirs and the guard carried the palanquins on their shoulders and started heading up the mountains towards the palace.
(In Majid's palanquin).
They sat besides each other and the atmosphere was quiet as the road was quiet as the road was also lonely. Rishi kept starring at Majid but he had completely lost concentration on her. He kept on scrolling through his phone and typing on the screen. His phone suddenly beeped loudly and it was a message. He opened the message and read through.
(Majid took a deep breath as finished reading the message and he switched the phone off and looked out the window, into the empty sandy road. Rishi starred at him with so much expectations in her eyes but he never turned to look at her face. He just looked out the window and Rishi's heart ached painfully).
'' Thanks you ''. She said quietly.
(He turned his face to her and looked quietly at her for a while, and she starred back at him).
'' For what? ''.
'' You performed my father's final rites. I am very greatful for that ''.
'' It doesn't call for thanks. But I am sorry about your father. I don't know how I will feel if I loosed a parent ''.
'' If only you knew your mother, the one who gave you life has being dead since you were born ''.
(He shifted to Rishi's side and cuddled her in his arms).
'' You good? ''.
'' In your arms Majid, I will ''....

(Season 2).
Episode 8
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(In the palace=Queen Dorah's chamber).
She entered the chamber,followed by Faruk and she closed the door shut. She opened her saree and quickly brought out the piece of paper given her by her personal bodyguard. She sat on her bed while Faruk stood in front of her with his hands on his waist.
'' Where does this come from? ''.
'' The guard said Cindy was at the temple today ''.
'' What?! Mother,what do you have to do with that foreigner? ''.
'' That foreigner... Faruk,is the only person who can help us get rid of Majid okay? She will make sure she takes him back to where they came from ''.
'' Oh,so now we need someone's help to get rid of Majid? I thought we were supposed to kill him and not send him back to London ''.
'' It will make no difference though. She was in a car and no one saw her at the temple. She gave the guard this to give to me. So can you shit up so I read? ''.
'' Fine,go ahead ''.
(She unwrapped the paper and looked into it. Faruk was feeling uneasy).
'' Hello Queen Dorah. This is Cindy and I think by this time,you already know that Majid threw me out of the palace because of that village whore. But I am not giving up whatsoever. I just needed to know,is there nothing at all that we can use against the people separating me from Majid? There must be something which can make him come back to me. Hate his family and run back to my arms. I mean,that is the only way I can convince him to let us go back ti London. Don't you have anything in mind to separate him from that nosy grandmother of his and make him listen to me instead? Please think about it very well. After reading this, get back to me very soon. I am ready to help in anyway possible ''.
'' Hmmmm. Well,u don't know about this. But that girl is really obsessed now for sure ''.
'' Every girl is obsessed with Majid. His mother was the most beautiful woman in Ujani.....and he? Sorry to say this son,he is a charmer himself. He is indeed a charmer. A handsome man he has grown to be,just as beautiful as his mother ''.
'' His mother that you killed ''.
'' Yes fool! Because I needed you to be the crowned Prince. And am not going to stop until it comes to pass ''.
'' So how are you planning to do what the foreigner said? What at all is there to turn Majid against everyone? And will it change a thing? ''.
'' Yes it will. If Majid hates the Queen mother, he won't want anything to do with her. And guess what,he will loose protection from them. And when he does,the foreigner will convince him to let them go back to London. If Majid is smart enough,he will leave,but if he doesn't... Then that's it! We finally kill him and then son,will be king ''.
'' Wow. Then the girl is smart after all. But toy couldn't even defat Queen Meerah, even in death,she is still winning. How then will you be able to dear her son? ''.
'' Yes!!! I get it now! ''.
'' What now? ''.
'' Queen Meerah. She is the only way to turn Majid against the Royal family ''.
'' How? ''.
'' Ha...Faruk listen to this. Queen Sheena is not Majid's mother. But Majid thinks she is his mother. Because that is what Queen mother decided when Queen Meerah died. And the king agreed to it. Majid not having a mother was going to traumatize him when growing up and that was why they made that caring decision. But they never knew,that caring decision, is going to be q dangerous decision. Guess how Majid will feel when he finds out his mother has being dead for twenty fiver years ''.
'' Yes! You are genius mother. That will be perfect. But mother, we have being forbidden through out the kingdom to shut our months about this truth. Anyone who makes a mistake will be dead before sunrise. How will you expose it? ''
'' Relax. I know my way around the palace and the entire kingdom, all too well. All the danger is in the Royal library. There is a room in there which contains Ujani's history. You never likes books,you Gould have found the door in the library. It has Ujani's history, the strength, list of the Kungs and queens names. Both past and present. And under every Queen's name,her sins or daughters are written under them. I don't think the king has the heart to write Majid's name under Queen Sheena. Because Queen Meerah is his mother. And that is the only evidence we are going to have for Majid to believe ''.
'' Do you realise, that if someone sees you entering the library and then later on,Majid Gert's his hands on that history book,every eye will be in you and you will be suspected? ''.
'' Because I am not the one who will go and get it....Majid himself would ''.
'' How? You are the one who told me about Majid's real mother when I was fifteen years old. I wouldn't have known ''.
'' Exactly my son. No one in the palace knows that you are aware of the truth. So,you will make your move and take Majid to tour in the library. It is up to you to make sure that someone like Queen mother not to see you two going into the library ''.
'' You yourself said I don't like reading. So what will happened if they find out I took Majid to the library? ''.
'' Just do as I say. No one will hold anything against you. Our plans are almost wrapped up to succeed ''.
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He entered the room with Maxwell who looked devastated than ever. Majid went closer to the cooler machine and took out q chilled water bottle of water and handed it over to him.
'' You good? ''.
'' Fuck being good man. Natalya just chose Cindy over me and you are asking me if am good? ''.
(Majid tried as much as he could to keep composure and not to laugh).
'' Oh.. Right. Sorry for asking ''.
'' I can't believe Natalya looked into my eyes and just threw our give years relationship away Majid. Well,I guess it all came out good. I was busily packing my things yesterday, saying to myself that I was going to introduce her to my family when we arrived in London so we could possibly get married ''. He gulp the water while tears flowed out his eyes.
'' Wow man. You are crying? This must have hurt you a lot ''. He said and sat besides him on the bed. '' So what are you gonna do now? Will you still leave? ''.
'' Yeah man. I have to leave..this is not my country. But I guess I will come and visit when you become king. That way,I will feel much more free ''.
'' Okay cool. I am going to miss you though, but hey...where is Jimmy? ''.
'' The fool said he ain't going back to London. We all know he doesn't have a family there. His only father died and that was it,you took care of us ''.
'' I mean where is he? I haven't asked you to tell me the story of how I helped you boys ''.
'' I don't know where he is. In fact,I haven't seen him today....I didn't see him at the funeral ''.
'' Strange...I wonder what's up with him. I will call him ''. He took out his phone and dialled Jimmy's number.
(The city of Mumbai=Doctor Malhotra's city Hospital).
Jimmy stood in the waiting room,very restless as the journey was very ruff and long. His phone rang in his pocket and he quickly picked up.
'' Yeah bro...what's up? ''.
'' I'm supposed to ask you that. Where are you? ''.
'' I promise to explain everything when I get back okay,all you need know now is that,I am fine ''.
'' Hey,where are you need help with something or...
'' Not really. Actually, I will need your help. But only when I get back ''.
'' When are you coming back? Maxwell is going back to London tomorrow ''.
'' What?! Why is he leaving? Okay fine,I will arrive this evening so that we can both accompany him ''.
'' Well...fine. If you say so ''.
'' Bye ''.
(The doctor walked out from the emergency ward and met Jimmy. He remove his mose mask and held his shoulders).
'' Well,good for you young man...your wife is absolutely fine now ''.
'' Oh gosh...thank you man...I mean sir ''.
'' Never mind. Her baby and herself are in perfect condition ''.
'' So,that means... I can see her now? ''.
'' Sure, go ahead ''.
(Jimmy put his phone into his pocket and walked into the ward. Charu layed on the white bed,in hospital clothes and with her eyes touching the rood top).
'' Hi ''.
(She rolled her eyes opposite a feet and saw Jimmy standing at the door. She was unconscious when they were traveling so she had no idea where she was. And she didn't know who brought her there. But she recognised Jimmy and she was still confused).
'' You? ''.
'' Can I come in? ''.
'' Yes please ''.
(He entered went closer. There was a metal chair besides the bed and so he made himself comfortable. Sat on the chair,Charu felt uncomfortable in a good way and couldn't look at him. He smile and cleared his throat).
'' How are you feeling now? ''.
'' I don't remember anything. Where am I,where is aunt Subhrasi? ''.
'' Calm down. I will explain ''. He told her everything that happened before she appeared in the hospital.
'' Just rest and get better. And that is how you gonna thank me. But I hope you are not feeling any pains ''.
'' No. So,I am no longer in Ujani? ''. She asked,looking sad. '' That is where I was born and brought up.
'' But you are in danger there,and so,you can no longer live there ''.
'' How am going to survive here? Where will I live and...
'' Relax okay? Everything will be taken care of. Just take all the rest you need ''.
'' Thank you be much sir. I really appreciate all this ''.
'' My name is Jimmy...and,you are welcome ''.
'' Why are you helping me please? ''.
'' Hmmm...just get well soon okay? By the way,I will be going back to Ujani this evening. One of my friends, he is going to London tomorrow. So Majid and I will accompany him,I would have stayed here to meet him be upset and people might suspect ''.
'' Will you also go? ''. Charu asked in a weak voice.
'' Of course not! How can I leave you here alone?! ''. Jimmy impulsively and realised he nearly spit out his feeling for her. '' I mean...I can't leave you here alone when I am the one helping you. So right now, rest as much as you can. I have told the doctor to give you all you may need. I need come back soon,and when they discharge, Princess Lakshmi and I will find a house here for you to live in. And be safe from all danger until you give birth,then we will know where to go from there ''.
'' Hmmm...okay. Thank you sir Jimmy ''.
'' I will love it if you called me Jimmy and get the sir out of it ''.
'' Oh okay. I am sorry ''.. She laughed weakly. '' I will learn it from this evening ''.
(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=Prince Faruk's chamber).
After getting the news of his failed plan from Shiv, he couldn't control his anger in any way possible. He poured for himself, a strong wine and drunk it full.
'' You never do anything right! ''.
'' As for this time my Prince, I am not going to take the blame because it is not my fault one bit ''.
'' What? Are you challenging me? ''.
'' When the men and I arrived there,it was only Raj and his aunt cooking ''.
(Faruk threw his hand to Shiv's face,giving him a serious hot slap).
'' That is not what matters to me you fool! I promised my mother I was not going to make any mistakes. And I told you the same thing this morning. You could have gone to threaten Raj and his aunt about Charu's whereabouts. You messed up and you are defending your failure ''.
(Shiv didn't take the slap lightly. He started feeling the edge of enmity towards Faruk since he was the servant and Faruk was the Prince and did whatever he wanted to him. Whether good or bad).
'' I am sorry if I failed you ''.
'' Yes you did fail me indeed. But let's forget that right now. I need you to do something else for me ''.
'' What is it? ''.
'' On my wedding day with the princess of Jhansi,we shall plan another form of attack. And it will be against Majid. He is the one who needs to be eliminated so I take my rightful place on the throne. I want to use this plan to make my mother happy so that she forgets her anger when she finds out we didn't get Charu. And also,keep an eye on Raj and Lakshmi from now on....
(Prince Faruk's chamber).
'' Keep an eye in Raj and Lakshmi from now on. Keep a Vee close eye on them. I assure you that,they have hidden Chart somewhere else and we must find out ''.
'' Yes my Prince ''.
'' For now,this plan of attack must happened and we will use the chandelier ''.
(Princess Rishi's chamber).
She and Kushi faced each other with the pot in her hands. And she slowly put her hands on the band on the mouth of the pot with shaking body and fear. They both sat on the bed and Kushi snatched the pot from her.
'' Don't open it now. For me,it is better it falls into the hands of priest Chanakher who knows best ''.
'' Kushi, as morning and evening passes away,the danger in the palace increases.. you and I cannot fight this alone. We have to see what is in this pot now or never ''.
'' What if the thing inside this pot kills us huh? Let's use our brains okay? We will be alright.... For now ''.
'' It is said that,without an evidence against any member of the royal family, one cannot come in the public and accuse them,else they will face a death penalty. And as we ate here,we have no evidence at all! Where are we going to start and how will it end? Prince Faruk is still a threat,how will we defeat him? ''.
'' I don't know. To be honest with you,ever since he came here and threatened me,I have not being feeling myself at all. When I see him and that ugly guard if his ''.
'' Oh my goodness Kushi! Kushi I live you so much!!! ''.
(She out the pot aside and hugged Kushi tightly).
'' O...okay. What have I done now? ''
'' Something very good. You just made me realise someone we have totally left out this conversation ''.
'' Okay...who? ''.
'' Shiv! Kushi this guy can be our bait! ''.
'' Wait a minute, Shiv? You mean,Shiv...Prince Faruk's dog? He was the one who followed me here ''.
'' Exactly Kushi. Can you imagine how fun it will be to play with his head? ''.
'' I don't understand ''.
'' Okay look...Shiv is Prince Faruk's guard, who I am sure,does whatever he is commanded to do ''.
'' Obviously ''.
'' And he must know thousands of Prince Faruk's secrets. And by ever moment that passes by,they must be plotting something nasty ''.
'' Just go straight to the point ''.
'' Fine,I want you to draw closer to draw closer to Shiv. Better still, get him to trust you and...
'' Just wait right there. Are you using me a s a bait Rishi? ''.
'' What? I am not using you! Why are you making it sound like I wish you harm or something? ''.
'' You are putting me in the mouth of a shark and you are talking to. How come you are turning into some spoilt stupid arrogant Princess?! ''.
'' I have to do all I can to protect my husband! I am just doing a wife's duty! ''. She blurted angrily.
'' But what about a friends duty?! Kushi said emotionally. '' I thought I was your best friend ''.
(Rishi realised her live was throwing away another love. Another relationship and another bond. Kushi couldn't hold her tears,sue started feeling anger towards Rishi. Rishi shivered in pain and embarrassment, realising she had break her friendship oath. She continued the tear with Kushi. Kushi got up on her feet).
'' Huh...where are you...
'' I get it that it's every woman's duty to protect her husband. But not in my dreams,dis I see you putting me in danger for your husband's safety. How could you? You are not my friend. My friend died ''.
'' I am sorry don't leave me. Kushi... you can't take me serious ''.
'' You were absolutely clear when you told me to get closer to Shiv ''.
'' Kushi, all I wanted was for you to have confidence to get closer to Shiv and act like a crazy you,who don't care about anything, all you care about is pursuing tour live life. Make him fall in love with you so we get enough information and create evidence out of it to finally expose Prince Faruk and Queen Dorah. That is all. I would never put the live of my love in danger. Kushi,apart from my mother, you were like a mother and father and a sister to me as well. Besides, you could have just waited for me to finish talking, so that if you don't want to do it,I would just leave you out of it and find someone else ''.
'' And who would that person be? Apart from me,who else do you trust? ''.
'' I will do anything for him Kushi. You don't understand me,but you will,when you fall in love. Majid is everything... I mean,everything that has happened in the last few love grew stronger for him. And he also finally admitted to me that he loved me ''.
'' Really... Oh wow! ''. Kushi shouted excitedly, forgetting her anger.
(They both sat down on the bee).
'' We did it Kushi. He...he touched me,that night was the most painful but happiest night of my life. He made me his. He mad love to me ''.
(Kushi smiled in tears,starring at her friend. They finally starred at each other).
'' Fine! I will do it...yes! I will start practicing my words so I know what and what not to say and how to act. I will make sure Shiv work against Prince Faruk and expose him by falling in love with me ''....

(Season 2).
Episode 9
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Next Day=Prince Majid's chamber).
The sunlight brighter and the chamber contained the angel on his bed. Being royalty came with so much comfort and advantage. Something like,sleeping and waking up any time you wanted. As the servants had woken up long and attending to their daily works. Majid was still fast asleep and dreaming about everything nice. Jimmy and Maxwell entered in a flash. Maxwell was all dressed up and Jimmy as well. They pulled the bedsheets from his body and he opened his right eye,starring at them standing tall at the foot of his grand bed. His vision was a little blur as he had just opened them. He opened both eyes and was still feeling sleepy.
'' Good morning promised to accompany me to the airport and here you are ''
'' Mmmm? Maxwell... Oh man am so sorry,I don't know how I slept so long ''.
'' You still look sleepy though. I don't think you can go with us ''.
'' Aw man, if you want I can....
'' Majid it's okay. I will miss my flight if I delay any further ''.
'' Have a safe journey man....seriously, come and visit soon ''.
'' I will...I will. Let me just go and put some things in order at home and I will come back sooner or later ''.
'' Okay cool ''.
'' Urrrmmm Majid? ''. Jimmy called out.
(He yawned and looked at them).
'' What? ''.
'' Can I get your credit card bro? ''. He asked.
'' Yeah. In the drawer there ''. He pointed behind then. '' What do you need it for anyway? ''.
'' It's kinda a long story. But I promise to explain everything before tomorrow. I am gonna take Maxwell to Mumbai and come back soon ''.
'' Wait! Do me a favour... I need a new car and a television ''.
'' Which type? ''.
'' Cash out some money from my account and just buy anything to my taste. I am interested in quality and not quantity. And every quality product is of course, very expensive. Don't worry about the money. Spend as much as you have to as long as it is quality ''.
'' Okay cool ''. One car...and a television ''.
'' Two cars. And please, register it then bring one worker from the TV company to come and fix everything for me ''.
'' Okay ''. Jimmy nodded.
'' Okay Majid. This where we part ways bro ''. Maxwell said and went closer to him on the bed and embraced each other. '' I will come visit in the near future, and hopefully... I might stay longer or forever ''.
'' Right... have a safe trip man ''.
(Maxwell and Jimmy wakes out of the chamber and Majid went back to his soft fluffy pillow and buried his face in it and started falling asleep when Sushim entered and bowed down).
'' Good morning my Prince ''.
'' Oh no. What now Sushim? I wanna rest for a while ''.
'' Please Rishi's mother is here with the medicine for your scar ''.
(He quickly sat up and jumped to his feet. And he was only in his tight boxer shorts and he looked hot as hell).
'' Rishi's mother? Oh demn...why did she come just now? Oh shit am not even ready...I mean,I just woke up so how....
'' You are the crowned Prince after all my Prince. After the King's orders,your own orders are the most respected in the entire kingdom. You can make her wait until you are ready ''.
'' No..that is disrespectful. Urrrmmm, where is she? ''.
'' She is having a word with the Queens. And I was sent to tell you that she had arrived ''.
'' Okay cool. Am gonna take my bath now and,then you can bring her in here...I hope she will be able to meet me here,or? ''.
'' Wherever you choose to meet her is where you will meet my Prince ''.
'' Right ''. He said and walked into the bathroom.
(In the kingdom=Mr Raul's mansion).
Cindy held a glass of wine,feeling restless and holding her brother's phone in Mr Raul's study room. As she waited impatiently to get a reply from Queen Dorah, Max kept opening drawers and shelves for books. She looked into the phone and dialled Mr Raul's number and placed it in her ear.
'' Hello? Mr Raul? ''.
'' Who is this? ''. His voice came in heavy.
'' Relax yourself okay? ''.
'' Cindy? ''.
'' Yes it is me. It's being a be long time. I guess you are still in hiding ''.
'' Hiding from what? I am just waiting for the perfect moment to strike that's all ''.
'' What do you mean by that? ''.
'' I am not going to forgive Majid for taking what is mine and shooting one of my men ''.
'' What the fuck?! I think he was trying to defend himself since they probably tried to attack him. And for that girl,you can't blame Majid okay? She brainwashed him ''.
'' Oh I think it's the other way around little damsel ''.
'' Don't you dare...don't even try to attack Majid am warning you ''.
'' And what will you do? I am not letting him snatch my wife. Don't command me or tell me what to do. I have am eye in Tue whole of Ujani and I know what goes on there 24 hours everyday, I heard Majid kicked you out of the palace ''.
'' So what? ''. She frowned.
'' Well,it seems your luck with him has finally gone down the drain girl. For me,I will attack when no one least expect ''.
'' I am here planning a way to separate those two and you are planning in attacking... I am warning you Mr Raul, if you hurt Majid then....
'' Save tour threats to those who have fear in them. I will do what I want and if you dare involve yourself then... I will a you to it ''. And Cindy didn't get to say anything until the call went off and disconnected.
'' Oh gosh that stupid man! ''.
'' No one asked you to call him ''. Maxwell said while opening some books.
'' Well I thought he WS till on my side...that imbecile! If he hurts Majid then he will regret it! ''.
(Few seconds later, Natalya arrived in the mansion with her bags and asked for Cindy. The guards leaded her into Tue study room and she and Cindy embraced each other while she wept on her shoulders. She shifted her luggage aside and greeted Max.
'' Maxwell left the kingdom Cindy. He has gone to London ''.
'' He doesn't deserve you Natalya... he is a fool for giving up on you and not waiting till we all went back together because that is how it's gonna be. Majid will go back to London with us ''.
'' After everything that's happened? I wish you were at the burning grounds to see. He deed everything for his wife. He is in love with her are you gonna break that? ''.
(One guard entered the study room and handed a piece of paper to Cindy and left. Cindy opened the paper and got to her feet and went through it. Her facial expression changed, but it was that of surprise and happiness).
'' Oh my gosh...that is what I have being waiting for all this while... I can't believe this ''.
'' What is it? ''.
'' It's Majid. He has being lied to all his life by his own family. Guys,can you believe Majid's biological mother is not the one he thins is? His biological mother has being dead for like twenty five years,ever since he was born. Her name was Queen Meerah ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' Yes! Oh my goodness... I don't think Majid has any idea of this. It will be a bomb. Queen Dorah has already written here that Majid doesn't know,do you know what that means? ''.
'' But at business do you even have with that Queen, Cindy? ''.
'' It doesn't matters, what matter most now,is how to make good use of this information. But in the letter, she said I shouldn't do anything and that she is working on it ''.
(Suddenly, Max cleared his throat. He was more than shocked about something he saw in one of the books in the study. Cindy and Natalya turned to his direction and Maa took out a picture from the book he held).
'' What now Max? ''.
'' Cindy look at this...come ''.
(She walked towards her brother with Natalya and saw the picture in Max's hands. Her WS opened in shock).
'' Wait,Max is that not our dad? And Mr Raul? ''.
'' Well yeah! That's why I called you dummy! But,I don't get this...this picture looks very old,like it was taken many years ago ''
'' That means,our father knows Mr Raul, how?! ''...
'' We have to call and ask him ''.
(In the palace=Prince Majid's chamber).
He was done bathing and he dressed up but didn't wear a shirt. He sat in the middle of his bee,with his back resting on the bed's head. There was a gentle knock on the door was opened. Rishi and Bhavna entered the chamber with a basket of yellow and green herbs. Bhavna got closer while Rishi was behind and she bowed down.
'' Are you ready now my Prince? ''.
'' Yes please ''.
'' Okay ''.
(Bhavna stepped aside and went besides the table near the bed and removed a small motar and pistle. She started grinding and mixing the herbs, making the medicine. Rishi just stood opposite the bed,starring at Majid who starred back at her. She turned her face aside as she didn't want him to wink at her).
'' I am done my Prince. I have to rob it fast so it gets dried up on your scar. That's the only way for it to take effect ''.
'' Okay,no problem. Can you leave us alone Rishi? ''.
'' Huh? ''.
'' Can you excuse your mother and I? ''.
'' But why??! ''. She frowned.
'' Because that is what I want. Just do what I have asked please ''.
'' But I want to be here ''
'' Rishi!!! ''. He shouted, feigning annoyance....
(Season 2)
Episode 9 continuation.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
'' Rishi!!! ''. Majid shouted, feigning annoyance.
(Rishi panicked a little, looking at him and their faces didn't tell any story. Her emotions went high as tears appeared in her eyes. She sniffed and walked out of the chamber in a hurry,shutting the door behind. Bhavna went closed to Majid and sat on the bed besides him. She dipped her right hand into the mixture and she started smearing it in Majid's scar).
'' I am sorry for what happened mother ''.
'' Oh that is not important...indeed, a wife must obey her husband on all occasion ''
'' She looked hurt when she left. She is mad at me. Hmm ''.
'' She will get over it. Anyways, I don't know why you asked her to leave,but I think it's for a good reason? ''.
'' I wanted to talk about Mr Raul ''.
(Bhavna was totally marveled and couldn't say anything. Her hands started shaking while attending to Majid's scar).
'' What is it about Mr Raul? ''.
'' I know everything concerning the fact that Rishi's father took lits of gold coins from Mr Raul and promised to give his daughter to him for marriage ''.
(Bhavna's emotions went high and she sobbed as she remembered Meho and cleaned the tears which was nearly about to fall out).
'' That is true. He...did all that. And the day,when you said Mr Raul kidnapped Rishi's, it really scared me off. But my Prince, why do you want us to talk about it? Ate you...angry this waa hidden from you? ''.
'' I am not angry at you. I am sure you had nothing to do with it ''.
'' I never knew that Meho had made a deal with Mr Raul. Until he came to our house one day with foodstuffs and money. I was pregnant by then. He tried to even touch my stomach. So I hit his hands away and kicked him out of the house. Meho and I argued over it and that was when I found out about the deal he made with Mr Raul ''.
'' I am aware of everything. Mr Raul came here to see me a month ago to warn me to give Rishi to him. And when I refused,he !ade a deal with....someone I thought I knew. And well, you know what happened next ''.
'' I am very worried my Prince. Rishi is all I have and if anything happened to her then.....Mr Raul is a very dangerous man and I am afraid of what he is capable of''.
'' I will not let anything happened to her okay? In fact,I am most protective of her now and Mr Raul should be afraid of what am gonna do to him ''.
'' Promise me. No one knows about what will happened tomorrow. But make a promise that you will always be there for her no matter what. She is fragile my Prince. Just make a promise to protect her and so she won't get hurt. I am not able to do that anymore ''.
'' Yes. She is my responsibility now. Don't think about her wellbeing anymore. She doesn't know about it. And I think it I your truth to tell her since you e the mother ''.
'' I will rather she doesn't find out at all my Prince. She is always going to be in the look out, feeling scared and everything ''.
'' I hate keeping secrets though. So of you can't tell her,I will just tell her. And assure her of her safety. And make sure she doesn't hold any hard feelings...justleave all that to me ''.
(Bhavna nodded and finished applying the herbs,she stood up and bowed down).
'' I am done my Prince. I will be taking my leave back to the kingdom now. Make sure it dries up and keep it on the scar till evening when you bath. And then repeat the process tomorrow. I am going to leave the mixture here so the servants do it for you ''.
'' Yes. Thank you. How long will it take before I see improvement? ''.
'' This herb is very strong and powerful. The scar will disappear exactly in three days ''.
'' Thank you very much! ''. He said and got to his feet. '' I should go and see Rishi now. So,shall we? ''.
'' Yes ''...
(Princess Rishi's chamber).
She sat on her bed with Kushi, opening all gifts one after the other. She never smiled throughout and Kushi was happily opening and admiring all the gifts in happiness. She took one of the boxes and opened it and it was an expensive jewelry which was badged as a gift from the tribe of Lowa. It was diamond earnings and an emerald necklace.
'' Rishi, can I have this one? It looks like my type okay? Hahaha ''. And Rishi didn't answer back. '' Are you still thinking about Prince Majid? Why don't you get happiness in opening all this beautiful parcels? ''.
'' Let me think okay? ''.
'' Whatever. For me,all the gifts we opened are very beautiful. Almost all of them are jewelries. Either gold or diamond. This is riches Rishi ''.
'' I don't care about all this! ''. She shouted, throwing a pink box she held onto Tue floor.
'' Heeey... Relax okay? Do you have any idea what is in it? What if there is glass in it? Jeezzz... ''. She said and picked up the box. She started opening it.
'' I won't talk to him. Why would he even shout at me? I was so happy to see him this morning but now,I don't even want to see him ''.
'' Forget the matter and let's talk about what matters most. I have decided to execute our plan today. I will intentionally get closer to him,and if it is getting difficult, I will seduce him, make him fall in love with me and get every secret out of him ''.
(One guard entered and bowed down).
'' Your highness... Please, Prince Majid wants to see you now ''.
'' Woooow... Rishi? ''.
'' Tell him I don't want to see him ''. Rishi said with a frown.
'' What...your highness....
'' Did you not hear me or should I make my voice louder? ''.
(He turned and walked out of the chamber).
'' Seriously Rishi? ''.
'' If he thinks he is the only one who can hurt me,then he is very much mistaking ''.
(Suddenly, Majid entered the chamber and closed the door behind. Kushi stood up and left the chamber, closing the door behind. Rishi took the pink box which was left half way opened by Kushi, acting like Majid didn't exist in front of her).... 
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