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Calm Before a Storm

(We will be back to Alicia's POV from here)

"Oh my gosh, princess. What happened to your eyes?" Tricia came inside my room to wake me up early in the morning.

"Huh, why? What happened to my eyes?" I looked at her groggily. I still felt sleepy.

"You've got dark circles around it." Tricia explained.

"Ohh." I understood instantly. "It's because I can't sleep well last night. I think I have fallen asleep in the wee hours of the night." I explained.

"This won't do princess. Good thing I know exactly what to do." Tricia had her dedicated face on. "Leave everything to me princess. I will freshen you up in no time. You have to look your best for the grand parade later."

"Huh, but I don't need to look lavishly for the parade later right?" I asked.

This parade is for the commoners of the capital to see. My marriage with Regaleon is a big thing for our country of Alvannia and so to let them see us in public will give them spirit for the future ahead. Because this parade is also my exit from the capital and the start of the journey towards Grandcrest, I don't need to wear formal clothes. Tricia prepared me beautiful casual outdooe attire that noble women wear.

"Of course you still need to look good beside prince Regaleon. I want the whole capital to know how beautiful the forgotten third princess of Alvannia is." Tricia pumped her fist as a show of her fighting spirit.

Tricia is right. I don't want to look bland looking beside Regaleon. Of course I want the others to see that I am a fitting partner to the crown prince of Grandcrest.

"Then I am in your care Tricia." I smiled to her sweetly.

After a few hours of aroma bath, spa therapy, and a massage, I felt rather glowing. I look at myself in the mirror feeling satisfied with the glow on my cheeks and skin.

"Wow Tricia, you really work wonders." I praised her skills. "I am happy you will be coming with me in Grandcrest. I don't know what to do without you."

It was decided that I will take only a handful of my maids with me in Grandcrest and also including butler Theon. Regaleon said that he has already prepared my living quarters there in Grandcrest.

"Have you packed your luggage?" I asked Tricia.

"Yes, of course." Tricia replied. "I also packed your luggage and some necessities for our travel. Theon said that the journey towards Grandcrest's capital will take about a month because of our huge entourage. He also said that we won't need to take other things because the place we are staying in Grancdrest has been prepped up and only awaits our arrival."

"Oh is that so?" I looked at Tricia teasingly. "It looks like you and Theon are talking to each other more frequently."

Tricia blushed in an instant. This made me giggle.

"I-It's because of work, yeah right because of work." Tricia said. "I-I mean Theon is your butler and I am your personal maid. Of course we need to communicate with each other." I can see her fidgeting.

"Okay, okay. If that's what you say." I said. "But you know, you two look good together." I teased.

"You think so?" Tricia asked expectantly. "I-I mean, no. Theon is so good looking. I was surprised at first that he was only a butler. When I first saw him, he looked like a young noble. Look at me, I look plain." She smiled sadly.

"What are you talking about?" I scolded her. "You look pretty Tricia. You are definitely a head turner when we are out walking in town on our time in the outskirts. Don't lose hope. I am sure Theon will notice you."

"Oh princess what are you saying." Tricia was holding her cheeks blushing red.

'Knock knock' we heard someone knocking on the door.

"Princess Alicia." Theon's voice was just outside the door.

"Speak of the devil." I whispered towards Tricia.

"Please come in Theon." I said.

Theon opened the door and walked inside. "Good morning princess."

"Good morning Theon. Is there something you need me for?" I asked.

According to schedule I am free this morning until after lunch so I was curious why Theon came looking for me.

"Prince Gladiolus asked if he can accompany you for breakfast." Theon said respectfully.

"Prince Gladiolus?" I asked. 'Him again." I thought.

Gladiolus has been pestering me every day since we had tea together. I can't complain because he was my father's guest. He has been telling me so many things about magic, our people that survived who were now living in Jennova and my aunt who is his mother and my mother's twin sister. 

I am happy that my countrymen have been living well under him in Jennova. But whenever I ask about my mother, Gladiolus only replies to me 'You have to come to Jennova to see for yourself how she is doing.' He says mother is doing fine but that's only about it.

It frustrates me that Gladiolus isn't telling me any other information about my mother. It makes me want to really go Jennova to see if she is truly there, but I know I can't. It feels like I am falling into his trap if I do go there.

"He asks but I know he won't take no for an answer." I replied to Theon.

I stood up and exited my room. I am sure with what I have known about Gladiolus' temperament this past few days, he always finds where I am even if I try to dodge him. And so I am sure he was waiting for me at the dining hall. I walk towards that destination in mind.

Theon and Tricia were following just behind me. I can hear them whispering to each other.

"Why is your face all red?" Theon asked Tricia with a hint of concern.

"R-Red?" Tricia sounded flustered. "Maybe it's because of the heat from the bath earlier. Or maybe because of the spa treatment I gave the princess."

I giggled to myself hearing Tricia's reasons.

"It is not good to over exert yourself." Theon scolded. "You are the princess' personal maid and also you will become the head maid once we arrive in Grandcrest. You have to be perfectly healthy to attend the princess."

"I know that. You don't need to scold me." Tricia sounded irritated.

'Oh Tricia. Can't you see that even though Theon scolded you he was doing it because he cares for you?' I thought. 'And Theon as well. I can hear his is concerned for Tricia. He means well but his words came out like a scolding.'

I shook my head and giggled internally. 'I think the two of you still have a long road ahead. Don't worry, I will help you two.' I thought.

I arrived at the door to the dining hall. Theon carefully opened the door and inside I saw that long dining table. At one end, prince Gladiolus was sitting gracefully, a true picture of a crown prince. Like I thought, he was really here waiting for me.

"Good morning Alicia." Gladiolus stood up once he saw me entering.

"Good morning Gladiolus." I greeted back.
Confrontation Between the Two Crown Princes (1)

I arrived at the door to the dining hall. Theon carefully opened the door and inside I saw that long dining table. At one end, prince Gladiolus was sitting gracefully, a true picture of a crown prince. Like I thought, he was really here waiting for me.

"Good morning Alicia." Gladiolus stood up once he saw me entering.

"Good morning Gladiolus." I greeted back.

"You are even more beautiful than yesterday." Gladiolus complimented me. "You are more radiant and glowing today."

I have been immune to his compliment since a few days ago. Every time he comes to visit, he always compliments me with such flowery words.

"Thank you for the compliment." I tentatively smiled at him.

Of course I feel more relaxed after Tricia's pampering just a while ago so Gladiolus' compliment may not be just lip service. But still, the words coming from his mouth feels like something to lure me in.

"Please take a sit." I gestured to Gladiolus. "Theon, tell the kitchen staff to serve breakfast."

"Yes your highness." Theon bowed and left the dining hall.

I walked towards my sit which is across Gladiolus.

"Thank you for allowing me to accompany you for breakfast." Gladiolus said.

"I know you will not take no for an answer." I sarcastically replied to him doubled with a sweet smile.

I can see Gladiolus chuckle lightly.

'Does he think I am being funny? Even though I am being sarcastic.' I thought.

"I can see you are a little feisty. I like that." Gladiolus said. "Actually it runs in the family."

"Oh, is that so?" I simply brushed his words off not seemingly interested.

Not long the kitchen staff came and carried in the breakfast. They placed the plates of pancakes, toasted breads, eggs, and ham on the table. They also put down the jars of strawberry jam and butter at the center. At the side was hot water with the choice of tea and coffee.

"I do not know your highness' food preference so I have them bring a variety to choose from." I said politely.

"Do not worry. I am not a picky eater." Gladiolus replied with a smile. "And you are being formal with me again. Like I said you don't need to speak formally towards me."

Gladiolus has asked me to call him by his name which is a huge leap being we had just met. I agreed, because he is said to be family from my mother side. But still, I cannot just take away the formality between the both of us that easily. I only met him just a few days ago.

"I am sorry Gladiolus. It is just I am not yet used to it. We have just met and as you are a crown prince of Jennova, I cannot just take away my formal tone." I explained.

Gladiolus sighed. "Okay, at least for now. But in the future when we get to know each other more, then let's skip the formalities. We are a family, Alicia." He smiled.

Gladiolus smile gave me the chills. He may say that we are family but I cannot understand the feeling that I am getting from him. I really don't want to get any closer to him as I possibly can.

"Well then, let's start." I smiled awkwardly.

I put a pancake on my plate and spread some butter on top of it. I also get an egg and put it beside the pancake. I slowly lifted my fork and knife and started eating.

There was silence between Gladiolus and I, only the sounds of the utensils can be heard for a while. I felt a little bit tense and awkward.

'Really, how can I eat when he is staring at me like that?' I groaned inwardly.

Gladiolus was eating with no problems but his glances at me more often than I can take.

"Alicia, have you thought about it?" Gladiolus broke the awkward silence.

I looked up at Gladiolus and remembered what he has been asking these past few days. He wants me to come with him to Jennova. Of course I only have one answer for him.

"Gladiolus, my reply to you will never change." I said while I put down my knife and fork. I get a napkin to wipe my mouth clean. I looked at him seriously. "I cannot go with you to Jennova now. I am the fiancée of the crown prince of Grandcrest. It is my duty to follow him to his country after the grand parade. I can visit Jennova after I am married. Of course with my husband's permission, that is."

Gladiolus looked at me straight to my eyes and sighed. "What a pity. I thought I can fulfill my promise to your mother. But I guess she has to wait for a while longer." He smiled sadly.

Gladiolus' words pinched my heart.  He knows that the mention my mother is a soft spot for me.

I hear the door of the dining hall opened and see Theon looking outside.

"Your highness, crown prince Regaleon is here." Theon announced.

Not long I see Regaleon enter the dining hall. He was wearing his casual prince attire of white long sleeved shirt and black pants. He was wearing a black mask on the upper half of his face.

"Leon." I cannot hide the happiness when I saw him enter.

"Good morning Lili." Regaleon greeted me.

"Have you eaten breakfast? Come and have a seat here." I patted the seat beside me. "Tricia, get a plate set for Leon." I ordered.

"A cup of coffee will do." Regaleon said. "I ate breakfast before coming here."

Regaleon's gaze sweep by to Gladiolus who was sitting across me in the dining table. Regaleon just nodded his head towards Gladiolus as a greeting. Gladiolus replied with a nod as well.

"I didn't know that the crown prince of Jennova will come by this early in the morning." Regaleon said with a sarcastic tone.

"I asked to have breakfast with the princess." Gladiolus replied with a smile.

"Well that's okay. Knowing that this will be the last time you see Alicia." Regaleon smiled back.

Regaleon took the seat right next to me.

"I am sure this won't be the last time I will see Alicia." Gladiolus retorted back to Regaleon's words.

Confrontation Between the Two Crown Princes (2)

"I didn't know that the crown prince of Jennova will come by this early in the morning." Regaleon said with a sarcastic tone.

"I asked to have breakfast with the princess." Gladiolus replied with a smile.

"Well that's okay. Knowing that this will be the last time you see Alicia." Regaleon smiled back.

Regaleon took the seat right next to me.

"I am sure this won't be the last time I will see Alicia." Gladiolus retorted back to Regaleon's words. 

The two held each other's gaze for a while. I feel some tension rising in the air.

"Your highness, your coffee." Tricia carefully places a cup of coffee in front of Regaleon.

Thank God for Tricia's little gesture, the gazing battle was broken and the tension was elevated.

"Thank you Tricia." Regaleon smiled.

"Here, let me put in some sugar cubes." I said.

Regaleon liked his coffee black with two sugar cubes in it.

"Thank you Lili." Regaelon sweetly smiled at me. He took my hand a put a gentle kiss on its back. His gesture made my cheeks feel hot.

Regaleon lightly caressed my burning cheeks with his fingers and smiled teasingly at me. "You continue eating. You will need your energy for this afternoon."

'Cough couch' Gladiolus lightly coughed. "Hmm sorry, something got stuck in my throat." He looked irritated.

I felt a little awkward knowing that Gladiolus was just in front of Regaleon and I, watching the scenes.

'Regaleon is doing this on purpose.' I thought.

"Oh please prince Gladiolus, don't mind us." Regaleon hooked up one side of his mouth into a smile and took a sip of his coffee.

The tension between these two princes started once again. It was like they were engaging into an internal battle with each other with words.

"So prince Regaleon, I heard that you are called the 'Black Devil' in your country." Gladiolus said. "This gives me an impression you are feared in your country. It is a little bit different in my country where I lived alongside with the common people."

I look at Gladiolus with wide eyes. Is he trying to pick a fight with Regaleon? Saying that he is a benevolent prince while Regaleon is a tyrant ticked me off.

"That nickname was given to me by my enemies." Regaleon replied with a smile. "Grandcrest is a big nation and internal conflict is unavoidable within the royal family and the nobles supporting different factions. To be on top, being ruthless is necessary and fear is needed to keep those enemies at bay and in line. Being a good ruler isn't just being benevolent, you also need to strike fear to keep the peace and protect the whole country."

'Really well said Leon.' I gave him a thumbs up internally.

"Is that so?" Was all that Gladiolus replied.

There was a moment of silence and we continued our breakfast. After we finish our breakfast, the kitchen staff came in to clear the table. Gladiolus and Regaleon remained seated, not one budging from their respective stations.

"Would the two you like to take a stroll outside the garden?" I tried to elevate the tensed mood. It looks like Gladiolus doesn't plan on leaving yet.

"If that's what you wish then I am happy to." Gladiolus replied instantly.

Regaleon stood up from his seat and offered his hand towards me. I smiled at his gesture and placed my hand on his palm and stood up from my seat. He carefully escorted me outside the dining hall. Gladiolus followed behind us.

It was getting a bit cold now that autumn has just arrived. Regaleon took my coat Tricia was holding and carefully draped in on my shoulders. I look at him wearing his own coat gracefully. When our eyes met, I smiled at him as a thank you and he smiled back.

Regaleon and I walked hand in hand while Gladiolus was walking just a few steps beside us.

"The garden is starting to wither, what a pity." Gladiolus said. "But it is still a blessing that you have four seasons. Jennova is in the far north of the continent that it is always cold. Majority of the land there is a barren ice land. That is why I always strive to work hard for my people."

Hearing Gladiolus talking about his country made me feel something positive about him. I have heard the living conditions in Jennova are hard with the cold temperature.

"It is good to think that the crown prince of Jennova is thinking of his subjects dearly." Regaleon said. "I hope you make decisions that are the most beneficial for them."

I can't help but feel that Regaleon's words had more meaning in them. Gladiolus stopped walking and faced the two of us.

"I heard that the crown prince of Grandcrest is the best swords master in your country." Gladiolus' smile seemed a bit off. "I would like to test my skills against the best swords master of Grandcrest. That is if you permit me." He bowed his head humbly.

"You are suggesting sparring against me?" Regaleon hooked one side of his lips up. "Then I accept your challenge."

"I am happy to hear that." Gladiolus looked up with a smile on his face. "Let's meet at the clearing in the garden after thirty minutes?"

"Of course." Regaleon replied. "That's ample time to get prepared."

After their exchange of words Gladiolus left with his assistant.

"Dimitri, prepare my things." Regaleon ordered.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri who was standing a few feet from us replied and left.

"Leon, are you sure you want to spar with him?" I looked at him worried. "I mean the both of you are crow princes of different countries. Won't this bring some conflict?"

"Don't worry Lili. A duel is inevitable between us." Regaleon said. "If only such duel can stop a more serious problem from happening." His face had a trace of worry in them.

I think Regaleon is talking about the top secret investigation. 'Is there some conflict against the country of Jennova?' I thought.

"Your highness." Dimitri came back in no time carrying Regaleon's sword, vest, and gloves. Regaleon nodded in acknowledgement.

"Don't worry Lili, I will be okay." Regaleon reassured me. He planted a gentle kiss in my forehead and walked towards Dimitri. I stood in place while looking at Regaleon putting on his things.

"Don't worry Alicia, I'm sure the prince will be fine." William said while walking towards me from where he was standing. He stood just behind me.

"I know Regaleon is good with a sword. I am just not very sure of his opponent." I said.

"I don't know if you understand, but sometimes men have to talk with their fists to settle things. Well in this case, with their swords." William replied. "The more they trade blows, the more they can understand each other and the more they know who will be the winner."

I looked at William with my eyebrows scrunched. "I really don't understand you men using violence to settle things." I guess men will be men.

Sword Fight

Sword Fight

"I don't know if you understand, but sometimes men have to talk with their fists to settle things. Well in this case, with their swords." William replied. "The more they trade blows, the more they can understand each other and the more they know who will be the winner."

I looked at William with my eyebrows scrunched. "I really don't understand you men using violence to settle things." I guess men will be men.

I look at Regaleon who was looking handsome wearing his black light armored vest and gloves. His signature sword was dangling on his waist. He looked my way and our eyes met. I can't hide the feeling of worry I am feeling right now.

Regaleon walked towards me with confidence. Once he was right in front of me, he cupped my face and slowly lifts it up.

"You do not need to worry. This will only be a friendly match between two crown princes." Regaleon smiled lightly.

"Hmm I understand." I replied. I know that Regaleon won't accept this fight if he thinks he is at a disadvantage. And if ever this is some kind of trap, I am sure Regaleon is ready for countermeasures.

Regaleon patted my head affectionately. "Just watch while I beat that prince." His smile was full of confidence.

"Just be careful." I said with a serious gaze towards him.

"I always am." Regaleon grinned and planted a kiss on my forehead. "Please watch over her sir William."

"I will your highness." William, who was behind me replied. The both of them looked at each other as if they were having a silent understanding with one another.

"I can see you are already prepared prince Regaleon." Gladiolus just arrived. He was wearing a similar light armored vest only in beige color with matching gloves. He was using a long sword similar to Regaleon's.

"We can start after the one I called to officiate our duel arrives." Regaleon said nonchalantly. "If it's fine with you, I have called upon general Robert to officiate. Being he is a neutral party.

"Fine by me." Gladiolus agreed with a smile.

Our group walked towards the clearing found at the center of the garden. Not long after we arrived, I heard a familiar voice calling out to me.

"Sister Alicia." Richard called out to me. He was walking beside grandpa Robert.

"Richard, you came with grandpa." I smiled at them. "Hello grandpa." I greeted.

"I was called by your 'fiancé'." Grandpa Robert sneered. "What the heck is he up to now?"

"I am sorry if Leon disturbed you in any way. It wasn't his idea to duel with crown prince Gladiolus. It was Gladiolus who challenged him." I explained to them.

"I heard that bother in law is going to have a sword duel with the crown prince of Jennova." Richard said with an exciting tone. "I came with grandpa to watch."

I giggled while looking at the excitement my younger brother is showing. "I hope you didn't skip any of your studies just to be here to watch."

Richard turned down his head shyly. "Well grandpa said I can finish my studies later."

"You little scoundrel." I giggled while ruffling his hair. I am happy to see that Richard is still the way he is and nothing has changed while I was away. He is still young now but I am sure he will do great things in the future.

"Ahh sister, you are treating me like a child. It's embarrassing." Richard tried to block the hand I was ruffling his hair with.

"General, thank you for coming." Regaleon was walking towards us and greeted grandpa. "Richard is here as well. Are you going to watch the duel?"

"Yes brother in law." Richard replied courteously. "Good luck to you."

"Thanks." Regaleon smiled at my younger brother.

"Greetings crown prince Richard and general Robert." Gladiolus also came near us. "Thank you for agreeing to officiate in our friendly duel."

"The honor is all mine prince Gladiolus." Grandpa bowed lightly.

While they were conversing with each other, I realized that the three crown princes of this continent have gathered.

'So these three men will the future rulers of this continent.' I thought. 'I hope that there will be a bright future for this continent.'

"Take your post." Grandpa Robert said.

Regaleon and Gladiolus stand at least ten feet from each other.

"Ready." Grandpa Robert said.

Both of the princes had their hand hover on the hilt of their swords.

"GO!" Grandpa Robert shouts at last.

I see Regaleon pulled his sword from its sheath in one swift motion. The blade of his sword swing towards Gladiolus in no time but the other defended nicely.

'Clang Cling Clang'

The sound of the swords clashing against each other is heard. Both the princes' movements are swift, the swing of their swords equally powerful.

With the exchange of their blows I can see that they are equally matched in skill. While one attacks the other defends swiftly. After one defends and counterattacks the other one tried to parry the attack and start another counterattack. This scenario is repeating over and over again.

"I can tell they are both good." I hear William say. I nodded in agreement.

"With their power and skill so equally matched, I guess this duel will only come to a draw." I said while watching the battle in front of me.

"Their equal standing won't last long." William said. I turned around to look at him in confusion.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I can tell that prince Gladiolus has been tutored well in sword fighting similar to all noblemen of our country." William said. "But both Alvannia and Jennova have internal harmony within their respective countries. Other than bandits, pirates, and other low lives that has no swords skills whatsoever, there is no major conflict that can enhance your sword training except if you enter the army or the royal knights."

I was processing what William was saying.

"Do you mean there are no life threatening things that can enhance your sword skills better?" I asked.

"Exactly." William replied. "As I have heard in Grandcrest, the princes are always at each other's throats fighting for the right to the throne. Every prince has their own factions and their personal armies are both powerful and skilled. To think what prince Regaleon has gone thru to achieve his position now. I can only imagine that his life was in constant danger since he was young. I am sure that his hands are stained with the blood of many people that tried to harm him and want him dead."

This story I know. Regaleon has told me what king of darkness he had gone thru to be in his current position now. He had to bath with the blood of all of his enemies. It was kill or be killed in their royal family.

"Having a life and death experience is an advantage, correct?" I asked.

"You can say it that way." William smiled. "And also constant battles to keep yourself alive also makes you stronger, look." He gestured to the two princes battling.

I looked at the sword fight that was still going. The once even battle has run for some time. The battle now is not only in skill and strength but also endurance and stamina. Looking at the two princes, Gladiolus was now breathing heavily his movements started to become slow, while Regaleon is still keeping his composure.

Not long, a slight opening occurred. Gladiolus took one misstep and Regaleon took this opportunity to launch an attack. Regaleon swift swing with his swords was aimed just above the hilt of Gladiolus' sword. This made Gladiolus lose his grip and his sword flew out of his hand and hit the ground.

'Clang…Clang..Clang.Clang' the sound of the sword hitting the ground vibrated to the silent surroundings.

Regaleon swiftly rested his blade on Gladiolus' shoulder near his neck. Gladiolus was holding his injured hand.

"To this, the winner is evident." Prince Regaleon hooked up one side of his mouth into a smile.

Saying Goodbye (1)

Regaleon swiftly rested his blade on Gladiolus' shoulder near his neck. Gladiolus was holding his injured hand.

"To this, the winner is evident." Prince Regaleon hooked up one side of his mouth into a smile.

"I concede." Gladiolus said with a bitter smile.

"With this, the winner is no other than prince Regaleon." Grandpa Robert said.

Regaleon extended his hand to Gladiolus for a hand shake. "Nice dueling with you."

Gladiolus accepted Regaleon's hand shake. "I feel the same. I can say your skills with the sword are outstanding."

"I can also say the same to you prince Gladiolus." Regaleon replied courtly.

"Well then I shall take my leave." Gladiolus bowed his head and left with his assistant.

"Well sister we will be heading back ourselves." Richard said. "Your duel was magnificent brother in law. As expected, you are the best." Admiration was drawn on Richard's face.

"Thank you for the compliment." Regaleon replied with a smile.

"We will not take your time. I know you will be busy for the grand parade this afternoon." Grandpa Robert said.

I felt a slight tightening within my chest. This would be the last time I will see grandpa and Richard. I won't be back in Alvannia for quite a while.

"Richard, be sure to study hard. I will always be writing to you." I said to Richard. "Grandpa please always watch your health."

I can't stop my tears from coming out.

"Ahh, sister you're gonna make me cry." Richard said. He opened his arms and hugged me.

As of now Richard was the same height as me. After a few more years I am sure he would tower over me.

'My little brother isn't little anymore.' I thought to myself and sighed.

I was sobbing lightly in Richard's embrace. Not long I also feel strong arms embrace both Richard and I. When I look up I see grandpa Robert with a sad smile.

"Be well there in Grandcrest. We will also write letters to you frequently." Grandpa Robert said.

"We are going to miss you sister." Richard said with some tears in the rim of his eyes. "I will surely wait for your letters to come and reply to them diligently."

"Hmm." I nodded while wiping my tears away and smiled at the both of them.

In this huge and cold palace, grandpa Robert and Richard are the only family members that gave me warmth. I will always be grateful to grandpa that loved me like a real granddaughter.

Grandpa released us from his huge hug after a while. He looked at Regaleon with a serious face.

"Take care of my granddaughter your highness." Grandpa Robert said to Regaleon. "If ever I heard news that she is being ill-treated in Grandcrest, I will personally pick her up and take her back here in Alvannia."

'That sounded like a threat grandpa.' I thought.

"Do not worry general. I will not let Alicia feel any mistreatment. Anyone who tries will personally answer to me." Regaleon's words were firm and resolute.

 Grandpa Robert nodded and looked satisfied with Regaleon's promise.

After some words to each other, grandpa and Richard left.

"They are the only ones I consider as family inside this palace." I said while looking at their retreating backs. "I am going to miss them."

Regaleon pulled me into his arms to comfort me. "Don't worry. We will surely visit them from time to time." He planted a kiss on top of my hair.

"Hmm." I nodded sadly.

"Are your luggage and things prepared for our journey?" Regaleon asked.

"Yes. Tricia prepared them." I looked up at Regaleon.

"That's good. I can't wait to take you to my home country." Regaleon gave me a gentle smile. "I can't wait to marry you. I want you to be my wife as soon as possible"

My heart felt warm from Regaleon's words. "I cannot wait to be your wife as well. But I still need to finish the bridal training before that."

"I am sure you can ace that in no time." Regaleon chuckled. "Please pass it with littlest time possible. I think I can't wait much longer."

I giggled with Regaleon's words. "I will do my best."

Regaleon cupped my chin up and planted a light and sweet kiss on my lips. "Soon you are going to be Alicia Roselyn Astley, crown princess of Grandcrest."

Hearing my name with Regaleon's surname made me a little embarrassed. I can feel my cheeks getting hot and my heart is thumping fast.

"You will be my one and only wife." Regaleon caressed my cheeks and planted another kiss on my lips. This time the kiss was deeper. I can feel his passion flowing while pressing his moist lips on mine.


It was mid-afternoon and the sun was not as high anymore. The entourage of the grand parade is now being prepared in front of the palace gates.

I see the open carriage where Regaleon and I will be sitting while on the parade. The carriage was gold colored with flowers decorated all over. The two horses in front was snow white in color.

For this parade, I was wearing a simple light blue dress with little frills and ribbons and a hat to match. My hand was covered with white laced gloves and I was only wearing simple jewelry. I don't want to be overkill in wearing expensive looking clothes and jewelry.

'It looks like all is set.' Snow came out of nowhere and was twirling at my feet. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms.

'Where have you been?' I asked her. As per usual we were conversing telepathically.

'Oh here and there.' Snow replied. 'If you are searching for me because you want me to get in that cage then the answer will be no.'

I was contemplating how to travel Snow. But she was reluctant to go inside the cage Tricia has prepared.

'Then you can accompany us in the carriage.' I said. 'You can choose which carriage if you want.' I pet her snow white fur and I can hear her purr.

'Then I want to be with that light brown haired knight.' Snow replied.

'Light brown hair?' I thought who Snow was talking about and saw William fixing the reigns of his gray horse. 'Do you mean William?'

'Yes that one.' Snow replied.

'Have you taken a liking with Will?' I teased her.

'N-No… it's just that he looks like a gentleman. And also he has good taste.' Snow stuttered so I tried to tease her more.

'Is it because he complimented you a few days ago?' I giggled. 'Well I can ask him if he is willing to take you. But he will be traveling by horseback you know.'

'I am not saying I will travel with him all the way. I can also ride with you if I become tired of course.' Snow said. If she was human I bet she will be blushing by now.

'Okay I understand. I will ask him before we depart.' I smiled.

"Alicia." A familiar voice called out to me. I have heard this voice many times since I arrived in this palace. But even after this many years I can't help but feel the distance between us.

I look around to find king father walking towards me. All the people that he passed by bowed down to him.

"Greetings to you king father." I curtsied when he was just a few steps in front of me.