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A Good Show

Elizabeth is now starting to act hysterically. She was trying to push away her sister Veronica that is trying to subdue her.

"I won't accept this!" Elizabeth yelled. "Father, you promised to marry me to sir William. Why are you doing this now?"

"Are you trying to question my decision, Elizabeth?" Father's face was starting to get red. It looks like Elizabeth's hysterical act made him angry.

Veronica looked at Lord Bradford and gestured him to hold down Elizabeth. Lord Bradford nodded and took Veronica's place holding Elizabeth.

"Father please calm down." Veronica said. "I am sure Elizabeth is just having an outburst of emotions right now. With mother gone and the promise she left is still fresh in Elizabeth's heart."

"I understand that your mother has always given the both of you all your whims. But you aren't young anymore. I am making this decision for your future and also there is a reason why you can't marry William." Father started to calm down. "Sir William has renounced his succession of Duke to his brother who is next inline. He has agreed to be Alicia's personal knight, hence he will be going with her in the country of Grandcrest after the engagement parade."

Elizabeth eyes darted its way towards me with surprise. It was not a secret that William became my personal knight so it is common sense that he will follow me where ever I go.

'So why is Elizabeth looking surprised?' I thought.

Is she deaf to the news around her? Is she so blinded by her infatuation that she thought William is exclusively hers?

"You…you bitch!" Elizabeth pointed towards me.

'Here we go again.' I sighed internally.

"You have stolen prince Regaleon from sister Veronica and now you want to steal away my William!" Elizabeth roared.

"I have never stolen anything." I gave her an icy look. "Prince Regaleon came here in Alvannia and has chosen me as his fiancée and crown princess. And as for William, he was the one to choose his path as my personal knight. I didn't force them to make such decisions and I have never done anything to be given such accusations."

The hall became silent once more. I sweep my eyes to the family members around me. Elizabeth was startled while Veronica was evidently suppressing her anger. Richard was smiling at me while grandpa Robert was nodding as acknowledgement to my words. Prince Gladiolus who was seating courteously looked at me with a smile on his face. As for father he looked at me gently, full of love and affection.

In the past I have just let my step sisters bully me. But now that I have grown up and with my loved ones backing me up, I won't let them trample on me any longer.

"You are lying!" Elizabeth suddenly said. "Sir William would never give up his right for succession as the next duke if you haven't done anything. I am sure you did something, you might have given them love potions so that they would follow you blindly."

"What nonsense are you spouting now, my dear sister?" I smirked. "If you are talking about potions, isn't our elder sister more informed in this kind of matter? I am not so knowledgeable with such drugs. And also this kind of drugs came from the easterners across the sea. They travel their merchandise by ship and also make there trading business at the ports. So tell me, who manages the ports before?"

Elizabeth became speechless. She never thought that I would turn her words back to our elder sister. Veronica on the other hand was looking furiously at Elizabeth.

"Your majesty, may I speak?" William suddenly asked father.

"Go on." Father approved.

"Because I am also included in this matter, I want to say that princess Alicia is correct. I have decided to renounce my succession as a duke and be princess Alicia's personal knight on my own accord. She never once gave me any drugs like Elizabeth is her accusing of. I whole heartedly accepted this future." William said respectfully.

"Hmm, I understand." Father said. "Elizabeth, you have no basis for your accusations towards Alicia. As I have decided from here hence forth, you are now crown prince Gladiolus' fiancée."

Elizabeth looked defeated and slumped down on the floor. Tears streamed down her face and she was wailing.

Grandpa Robert and Richard looked at her in pity while Veronica was trying to help her stand up.

"Come now Elizabeth, this is unsightly for a princess." Veronica was comforting her but Elizabeth slapped the hand helping her.

"Now that mother has been banished, you just leave us like this!" Elizabeth roared to father. "Now that mother is not here, you favor your bastard child over us the legitimate ones. She is just a daughter of a maid and a whore." 

"Shut your mouth!" Father stood up on his throne and roared in anger. "If you try again to slander Leticia's memories again, I will not hesitate to send you to the tower of Grace with your mother!"

We were all shocked with father's reaction. This is the first time I have seen him defend my mother's memories from these pair of sisters.

"Elizabeth, just stop talking right now." Veronica was also looking at Elizabeth with anger. Who knew what else would come out of Elizabeth's mouth that can hurt others including herself?

"This meeting is over. Robert, Richard I will speak to you in my office personally." Father said and walked out of the hall.

After father left, William and I also exited the hall. When we were at the door I thought of something.

"Oh wait. I think I dropped my handkerchief." I said. "Can you please wait for me here Will? I will be just a minute, maybe I dropped in under my chair."

"Okay." William nodded.

I trotted lightly towards my seat acting like I was looking for something but in fact I never really dropped anything. I was gambling that with Elizabeth's temperament, her anger will blow up once she sees me again and will try to physically hurt me. Of course my plan was for her to attack me while everyone was still present and that will land her in trouble. Now without her mother here to help her, she will surely be punished.

As I thought, the others were just preparing to leave. Elizabeth was just a few meters away from me and still visibly shaken with the outcome of her engagement. Her gaze fell on me in an instant.

"You…! It's all your fault. If it was not for you, everything would have been fine. If you never existed, this would not have happened." Elizabeth shouted with rage. "It's your fault, you bastard!"

Elizabeth ran towards me with fury ready to pounce at me. She pushed me down on the floor in an instance.

"You bastard, you bitch… I will kill you…kill you!" Elizabeth was pulling on my hair and slapping me left and right.

"Ahhh..!!" Of course I have to act as the victim and let Elizabeth deal a blow on me. But at least I was defending at best to not get injured.

In no time I felt someone pull Elizabeth away on top of me. And then I hear a loud slap.

My Prince is Back

In no time I felt someone pull Elizabeth away on top of me. And then I hear a loud slap.


I open my eyes to see the broad back of William in front of me. Elizabeth was standing in front of him holding her cheek in surprise.

"W-William?" Elizabeth was looking at him with wide eyes. She cannot believe that William slapped her on the face.

William turned around and helped me stand up. "Alicia, are you okay? I'm sorry I wasn't able to save you in time." Worry was etched on his beautiful face.

"It's okay, I'm…ahh." I felt a sting on my left cheek.

"You're bleeding." William looked in shock. He reached from inside his pocket and took a handkerchief. He pressed the handkerchief on my bleeding face. "I'm sorry."

"Don't worry, it's just a scratch." I assured him and smiled.

William's eyebrows were crunched with irritation and turned around to look at Elizabeth who was still standing with a dumbfounded face.

"I know that you are still a princess of this country but you have gone too far." William started to let out his anger on Elizabeth. "Alicia is innocent on the charges you said against her. She has never forced me to make this decision."

"B-But William, you had a bright future ahead as a duke of your fief. Why would you turn all that down and choose to be with…with my sister?" Elizabeth said. I was sure she was about to say something demeaning of me when she paused but reverted to just calling me sister.

'You turn into a sweet little kitten in front of William but turn into a ferocious wild cat in front of others.' I sneered internally.

"This is what I have chosen for myself. And even if I never turned down the duke title, I would have never been your fiancé." William said with a cold tone.

"N-No…it was set when we were still young that you would be marrying into royalty and to me." Elizabeth was still spurting out her fantasies.

"I have never corrected your fantasies when we were still young, knowing that you are a princess of this country. But I have never intended to marry you, EVER." William said clearly. "There is someone that I love and she is the only one that occupies my heart. I do not intend to marry anyone that I do not love. I am not like you royalty that needs to be wed for political gain."

"No…no, no, no." Elizabeth was now getting hysterical. "That can't be. But mother said…"

"I do not know what your mother had promised you. But she isn't here anymore." William said. "I have made my decision and it is final. I am sorry princess Elizabeth but I hope you do not include me on your fantasies ever again. You are not a child anymore. Grow up!"

William's last sentence was the most intense, it was a huge blow to Elizabeth. Now her dreams were broken and crumbled into dust. Elizabeth slumped on the floor with dejection written all over her face. This gave me a bit of satisfaction on my end.

William turned around and looked at me. "Let's go back to your courtyard. We need to take care of your wound so that it won't leave a scar on your beautiful face."

"Hmm, okay." I nodded in agreement. I take a last look at Elizabeth and smiled internally. 'That's what you get for always picking on me.' I thought.

My plan was a huge success. For William to say those things to Elizabeth's face was a huge blow to her. Now her dreams of becoming William's wife and Duchess Cunningham were shattered completely. I am sure this emotional blow will render her paralyzed for quite some time.


Back at my courtyard, Tricia and Theon were at the front door to greet me.

"Welcome back princess. You just came at the right time. His highness prince Regal…" Theon was greeting me when Tricia cut him off.

"Ahhh…princess, what happened to your face?" Tricia was a little overacting.

"Oh this, it's just a scratch." I said.

"But it's still bleeding. What if this leaves a scar?" Tricia was so worried. "You just went to the summons of the king and you come back hurt. Tell me, did one of your monster step sisters do this?"

I just looked at Tricia with a smile. She knows full well what my step sisters are capable to do.

"Ooohhh, those two really are really something." Tricia was fuming with anger. "And what were you doing sir William?!"

"Um well…I am sorry. It's my fault I wasn't by her side to save her before she got hurt." William bowed down his head feeling apologetic.

"Don't scold William." I defended him. "It was my fault. If I didn't tell him to wait for me outside, maybe Elizabeth wouldn't have been able to hurt me."

Tricia sighed in defeat. "I understand but still, you have to protect her more carefully next time." Tricia pointed a finger at William and he nodded in agreement. "Well anyway, I will get some medicine for your wound. You go to the receiving room and wait for me there."

"In the receiving room? Do we have a guest?" I asked.

"Well I was about to say that prince Regaleon has comeback from his trip before Tricia cut me." Theon said and looked at Tricia with a scolding gaze. Tricia shrank back in embarrassment.

"Regaleon is here? He has come back from his business trip?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes princess. His highness is currently in the receiving room. When he heard that you were called by the king for a meeting, he said he would rest in the receiving room and wait for you there."

I excitedly ran towards the receiving room in an instant. After navigating some corridors, I was now standing in front of the receiving room's door. I look at myself and thought I need to tidy my dress and hair. My hair style came undone after Elizabeth's onslaught against me, so there was no choice but to comb my long platinum blonde hair with my fingers and pull it on one side. My dress on the other hand was still intact, except from some wrinkles.

'I don't want to look untidy in front of Leon.' I thought. I want to change my dress and comb my hair into a style but I want to see him right this instant.

I inhaled deeply and opened the door. The sunshine was beaming inside the room. The breeze was blowing the curtains from the opened french windows.

I see Regaleon sitting on the couch with his eyes closed and his arms crossed in front of his chest, he wasn't wearing his mask. He was breathing evenly.

'Is he sleeping?' I thought.

I slowly walked towards him, keeping my footsteps silent as to not wake him up.

'He's really sleeping.' I thought.

I giggled lightly and squatted down in front of him. Regaleon looks so handsome with his sleeping face. I used this time to look at his face. His eyelashes were just the right length, but it accents his closed eyes beautifully. His nose was pointed and his lips were thin. His jaw has just the right curve and his chin was so manly. All in all he was just so handsome in my eyes.

Regaleon was sleeping peacefully in front of me. 'He might be so tired on his trip.' I thought.

I saw his lips tremble lightly. And so my eyes focused on his moist lips. I inched my face near him slowly. I closed my eyes and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Hmm." I hear Regaleon groan.

I was startled and stepped back and was about to fall on my back because of the sudden movement. But I feel a pair of hands catch my waist and pulled me up. In no time I was face to face with Regaleon.  His deep blue eyes were looking thru mine.

"I would love to be always woken up like that." Regaleon said with a smile.

Mother’s Memento

"I would love to be always woken up like that." Regaleon said with a smile.

"Y-You're awake?" I asked in surprise.

"I was really sleeping a while ago. But when I felt your warm lips on mine, how won't I wake up?" Regaleon smiled sweetly. But then his smile changed into a frown in no time.

"What is it?" I asked curiously.

"What happened to your smooth beautiful cheek?" Regaleon asked worriedly. He gently caressed his thumb on my cheek where my wound was.

"Ahh." Regaleon was only caressing the outer edge of my wound but I can still feel the sting.

"Is it swollen?" I asked worriedly.

"Who did this to you?" Regaleon's eyes became icily dark. There was a hint of danger in his pair of dark blue eyes. He was emitting an aura of anger and killing intent.

"Well actually, I planned on getting hurt." I confessed to him.

"You planned on getting hurt?" Regaleon's killing intent disappeared in a flash and was replaced with worry. "Lili, why would you hurt yourself?"

Regaleon's eyes were looking at me intently. If I didn't regret on getting hurt with my plan a while ago, now I was regretting it because I can see how Regaleon is worrying for me.

"Actually I didn't really hurt myself. It was Elizabeth who did this." I said.

Regaleon's killing intent came back in no time after hearing that Elizabeth was the one that hurt me.

"But I have planned her to hurt me." I explained. "In the meeting a while ago, Elizabeth was chosen to be prince Gladiolus' fiancée."

"Hmph, I expected that much." Regaleon scoffed. "And then what happened?"

"Well, she was harassing me as per usual in front of our family members. She was blaming me for stealing you from elder sister Veronica and William from her." I continued.

"Your step sister is so delusional." Regaleon said. "I would never even think of having any relation with those two step sisters of yours."

"Yes, I know." I smiled with his words. "Good thing father reprimanded Elizabeth. Especially when she bad mouthed my mother, father didn't want to hear any of Elizabeth's whims any longer and scolded her. Father just gave her a warning, but I won't let her get away with bad mouthing me and mother again."

"And so you made her mad to attack you?" Regaleon assumed.

"Hmm, yes." I nodded. "Elizabeth was so infatuated with William. So after William saw her hurt me, of course as my personal knight he saved me and said some things that made Elizabeth's dreams crumble down into dust."

I smiled while recalling the events. Seeing Elizabeth looking devastated gave me some sense of satisfaction.

"It's good that you are not letting your step sisters bully you once again. But I hope that you won't get hurt in the future." Regaleon said while caressing my other cheek gently. "I don't want to see you get hurt. If you want to get even with them, you can tell me and I will surely arrange something that is befitting for them."

I looked at Regaleon's face. He was looking at me with worry. I am sure he was thinking that he doesn't want my hands to be dirty with such things.

"I know Leon. Don't worry, I won't go overboard. I will never do anything that will taint my conscience." I smiled in assurance. "And I won't do anything in the future that I know would hurt me."

"That's good to hear." Regaleon smiled.

'Knock knock' there was knocking from the door.

"Come in." I said.

The door opened and Tricia came in with a tray of medicine and some bandages.

"Greetings princess, your highness." Tricia bowed down to greet us. "I have brought the medicine for the princess' wound."

"Leave it here. I will be the one to tend to your princess' wound." Regaleon ordered.

"Yes your highness." Tricia placed the tray of medicine and bandages on the table and left the room.

Regaleon took some cotton and put alcohol in it. "Here, let me."

"O-Okay." I felt shy in an instant.

Who would have thought that a crown prince of a powerful would tend to my wounds carefully? Once the cotton landed on my wound, I felt a sting.

"Hsss." I hissed with the pain.

"Bear with it for a while." Regaleon said gently.

After disinfecting my wound with alcohol, Regaleon got the cotton suave and put some medicine on it and carefully put the medicine on my wound. It stung at first and then it felt cold. After that the area of the wound became numb and the pain was gone.

"Does it still hurt?" Regaleon asked.

"Not anymore." I said.

"That's good." Regaleon smiled and put the cotton suave down on the tray. 

Regaleon got some bandages and put it on my wound gently. After that he gently pulled my head and planted a kiss on my forehead. My heart started beating rapidly. Regaleon's every sweet action tickles my heart.

"You are already wearing it." Regaleon exclaimed.

"Hmm, what?" I was taken by surprise by his sentence. I was in my own world just now, savoring Regaleon's sweet actions.

"This." Regaleon held up my left hand. In my ring finger was the engagement ring he gave me, the one that once belonged to his mother.

"Yes." I smiled. "Now that we are officially engaged, I thought it was okay to wear it."

The real reason is because these past few days, my cousin prince Gladiolus has been visiting me every morning. He was tagging it as a 'courtesy visit' and says that he visits my siblings as well. But I can feel his gaze towards me has a deeper meaning. I know that he knows I am already engaged to Regaleon but I still need to show him further proof.

"It looks good on you." Regaleon's sweet smile warms my heart.

"Come to think of it, I want to also give you something." I said.

I raised my hands towards the back of my neck and unhooked the necklace which was always with me. I put the pendant and the necklace on my palm and presented it to Regaleon.

"You are always wearing this necklace, right?" Regaleon looked at me questioningly.

"Yes. This was my deceased mother's memento to me. I want you to have it." I said. I opened his palm and slowly put the necklace on top.

Regaleon examined the necklace carefully. "Are you sure you want me to have this? I mean, this was your mother's memento."

"I also have your mother's memento with me." I showed the ring I was wearing. "Let's just say we exchanged." I smiled sweetly at him.

"Okay." Regaleon smiled as well. "I promise to safeguard it for the rest of my life."

"I will safeguard this as well, for the rest of my life." I was holding up my hand with the finger on.

It felt like Regaleon and I were exchanging our solemn vows. I guess it will be like this on our wedding day. Just the thought of it made me smile and a warm feeling crept all over my body.
The Investigation Results (1)

Regaleon carefully placed the necklace around his neck. After a last look on the pendant, he hides it under his clothes.

"I will keep your mother's memento safe." Regaleon said while giving a peck on my other cheek.

My heart was thumping rapidly with our close proximity with each other. I thought that I have gotten used to it by now but Regaleon's presence still overwhelms me.

"I know you will." I smiled gently. "Will you eat dinner here tonight?" I asked expectantly.

"Yes, I plan to." Regaleon smiled. "But I am afraid I can't spend the night with you tonight. I have some important matters to attend to, I'm sorry." He patted my head softly.

My cheeks felt hot with what Regaleon just said. "I-I wasn't asking if you are going to stay the night here." My voice was a pitch higher in embarrassment. I turned my head to the side to hide my shyness.

"Hehehe." Regaleon chuckled. "I was just teasing you. But really, if there wasn't something important tonight, I would have sneaked into your room and sleep beside you." He whispered near my ear. This made the hair on my body stand.

Regaelon cupped my chin and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. "I seem to not get enough of you." He made a wolfish grin. "I have missed you these past few days. I want to have my fill."

"W-What?!" I was speechless.

After that we had a 'sweet time' by ourselves.


(Regaleon's POV)

After eating dinner and having a 'sweet time' with my fiancée Alicia, I have retired to my courtyard for the night.

Even though I want to spend the night with my beautiful fiancée, the agenda tonight is rather important. This meeting can take up to midnight to discuss.

After entering the hall, I walked straight towards the study room. As I entered, the guests I was expecting were inside already. I saw Dimitri standing at the side and bow his head to me.

"Good evening your highness." General Robert greeted me.

"Good evening brother-in-law." Alicia's brother, the crown prince of Alvannia Richard was here as well.

"Good evening gentlemen." I greeted back. "I hope I didn't kept you two waiting." I smiled courteously.

"No, not at all. Grandpa and I had just arrived as well." Richard hurriedly said. "And we know you came from sister's courtyard. I am sure she has missed you so much."

"Yes, your sister asked me to stay for dinner." I smiled at this young man.

Two years ago, he was just a boy being trained by general Robert to be this country's pillar in the future. Looking at how he has grown up, I am sure he will live up to everybody's expectations.

"Well I'm surprised you are not spending the night there." General Robert said to me with a sarcastic tone.

"What? Is bother-in-law already spending the night with sister Alicia?" Richard had a surprised expression but it had a positive tone to it.

"How can I spend the night with your sister? We are not yet married." I made a white lie.

Of course I don't want to be a bad influence on Alicia's little brother. As for general Robert, I am sure he had known my sneaking in Alicia's room at night. He has spies all over the palace working for him, so there are no secrets that can't be hidden from him for long.

"I just hope that you uphold your promise." General Robert's gaze was drilling my whole being.

"Do not worry general, I am always trying HARD to uphold it." I smiled angelically but in fact my devilish side really wants to break that promise. "Well then gentlemen, let's start our meeting." I took my seat.

"As the crown prince of Alvannia, I have briefed Richard of the happenings. He will be the next ruler of this country and so he must know what is happening." General Robert said.

"I understand." I nodded. "Richard after knowing of your father's plans, what are your thoughts?"

Richard's angelic face became serious in an instant. There was a hint of sadness but also dedication in him.

"Knowing that father is planning to ally himself with the country of Jennova to wage war against Grandcrest is a shock to me. Even though he has good reasons that would benefit our country greatly, still war is something that can give huge losses to both parties. The common people would suffer the most if war breaks out." Richard said solemnly. "I don't want this war to ever happen."

I nodded in agreement to Richard's words. "I am happy that we have the same feeling. I would want to prevent a war from happening as much as possible. Dimitri, what is the status?"

"The reports have just arrived from the border of Jennova and Alvannia." Dimitri replied. "Now that Alvannia and Jennova are connected with an engagement, Jennova has prepared its forces in the border. Once Jennova's queen asks for king Edward's allegiance and army, I am afraid that war is inevitable."

"Hmm, is that so?" I cupped my chin in thought. "But it is not only Jennova which Alvannia is connected by engagement. Grandcrest is also connected with an engagement with Alvannia." I smiled.

"Yes, that is correct. But Jennova's proposition is much harder to resist." General Robert said. "Jennova promised that after defeating Grandcrest in this war, they will split the abundant land in half. You know that Grandcrest's lands have more resources."

"You have a point there." I said. "King Edward is really an ambitious man. Hasn't he thought that war can destroy the lands he is hoping to achieve? It will take years before the destroyed lands can be beneficial again. Hasn't he learned what happened it the last war?"

"I am sure that father also thinks of his people. That is why he hasn't given his full cooperation to Jennova yet." Richard said.

"What I am curious about is why Jennova is pushing ALvannia to ally up with them to wage war?" General Robert cupped his chin in thought. "I can feel that something is fishy with the queen of Jennova. Just by letting her son the crown prince journey here to take a wife just means she is pressuring Edward with the alliance."

"Come to think of it, the crown prince of Jennova has Atlantian blood." I inserted the thought.

General Robert's eyes widened. "Does that mean that the queen of Jennova, the crown prince's mother, is an Atlantian survivor?"

"I am not sure about this. Dimitri, do we have any information with the Jennovian queen's identiy?" I asked.

"Replying to your highness, we have none." Dimitri replied. "The information about the queen only states that she has never left her palace even once. Her information before she became queen is a blank. Also the palace has a tight security and we were not successful in planting a spy inside."

"A very secretive queen I guess. That just means she is hiding something." I said.
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(Regaleon's POV)

"Replying to your highness, we have none." Dimitri replied. "The information about the queen only states that she has never left her palace even once. Her information before she became queen is a blank. Also the palace has a tight security and we were not successful in planting a spy inside."

"A very secretive queen I guess. That just means she is hiding something." I said.

"I also do not like this prince Gladiolus." General Robert added. "I have a bad feeling about him."

"We both feel the same general." I said. "And he has been around Alicia more than I can take. I am afraid he has something up his sleeve. Dimitri."

"Yes your highness?" Dimitri moved near me.

"What has your men reported about him?" I asked.

I have ordered some of the shadow guards under Dimitri to stay hidden inside the palace when we were away. It was for Alicia's safety and also to observe the crown prince of Jennova's movements.

"Replying to your highness, they have reported the frequent visits of prince Gladiolus to princess Alicia. Other than that were only mundane things."

I was deep in thought. "It looks like this prince knows how to play his cards." My eyebrows furrowed deeply.

I can't deny the feeling of hostility towards that prince Gladiolus.

"Dimitri, let your men keep an eye on that prince. I can feel he is up to no good." I ordered.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed his head as confirmation.

"General Robert, once I have gone back to Grandcrest with Alicia I will request father to hold a meeting with king Edward. I will try my best so that this war that Jennova hopes for won't happen." I said sincerely.

"Thank you prince Regaleon." General Robert said.

"Thank you brother-in-law." Richard followed.

I smiled hearing Richard call me brother-in-law. "It would be best if you take the throne sooner than necessary. I am sure that Grandcrest and Alvannia will be great allies in the future." I extended my hand towards him.

"Then please take care of me in the future." Richard took my hand and shakes it with a genuine smile on his face.

"Well then, we will retire for the night." General Robert said. "The grand parade will be held tomorrow afternoon. I am sure you will be busy in the morning so we won't hold you from your night's rest."

"Brother-in-law, please take care of my sister Alicia." Richard asked me solemnly.

"Do not worry. I will take care of her." I smiled at him.

After General Robert and Richard had left, Dimitri and I were left in the study room.

"How are the preparations going for the grand parade tomorrow?" I asked Dimitri.

"The route has been set for a long time and all the necessary preparations are done your highness." Dimitri replied.

"Do you think we can change the route of the parade tomorrow?" I asked deep in thought.

"That is…" Dimitri was at a loss in my question. "I am afraid that we don't have enough time to change the route your highness. All the decorations have been set and if we change the route at a short notice, I am afraid that we can't finish it all by morning tomorrow."

I sighed deeply. "What if we change some locations then? We don't need to change the entire route. Maybe we can change some streets and also the exit of the parade."

Dimitri cupped his chin deep in thought. "I guess that will be doable your highness. I can change some street routes and rather than we exit the south gate of the capital we can take the east gate. But that would give us some additional travel hours getting to Grandcrest's borders."

"That would be fine, just make the changes immediately." I ordered.

"I understand. I will do it right away." Dimitri said. "But before I go, may I know why you had this idea abruptly?" He asked curiously.

"I feel something is going to happen tomorrow." I crunched my eyebrows. "I can't discard this feeling. It will be better to add some additional counter moves rather than be taken by surprise."

"I understand. I would also double the guards in patrol tomorrow." Dimitri said.

"Tell the Black Dragon Army to be prepared to mobilize the troops for tomorrow. I want them to be ready whenever we need them." I said.

"I will relay your message to the captain." Dimitri said.

Dimitri bowed down and left the room. I looked at the fire burning in the fireplace. I can see the embers slowly burning. I clasped b hand deep in thought. I am probably just being paranoid because tomorrow would be the last day Alicia will be staying here. I will be taking her to Grandcrest where I know I can keep her safe.

My mind can't be put to rest while that crown prince of Jennova is buzzing around Alicia. I can't but feel that he intends to do something bad.


(Alicia's POV)

I was tossing and turning on my bed. It was clearly late at night but sleep has evaded me. The sheets around me has crumpled with my tossing and turning.

"Ah I give up." I said and seat on my bed. I slip my slippers on my feet and get my robe to cover myself.

I walked outside the french doors and into my balcony. The cold wind brushed my face and a shiver crept all over my body. But I still walked out and looked up at the night sky to see the stars twinkling brightly.

While looking at the stars, I remembered the vision Anna helped me to see. Will Regaleon be in danger if he stays with me? 

"What will I do?" I sighed. I don't want Regleon to be in danger because of me but I think I can't help being separated from him. "Am I selfish for thinking that?"

The news that my mother is still alive was something to hope for. I am not yet sure if what Gladiolus told me was true and I haven't told Regaleon about it for now. But I am planning to ask for his help about this.

"Hmm maybe tomorrow I will ask him." I said while leaning my elbow on the balcony. "Grandcrest huh. What kind of life will I have when I arrive there?"

I know there will be some hardships along the way but with Regaleon by my side, I am sure I can face anything. A smile crept on my face with that thought.