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(When the Love is gone )

Episode 21


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Adele's pov 👙

I played with the hem of my dress nervously, as I watch him sip his wine slowly.

He kept glancing at me and smirking evilly, there's this sinister glint in his eyes.. they held unreadable promise.

But I know that promise is nothing, but evil.. he must be thinking of a million ways to kill me right now.

"Mr Evans, how's the wine?" Elvis asked from behind me.

Mr Evans? So that's his surname... Elvis came to my side and smiled at him.

"The wine is good but the service is poor" Mr Evans...

Mr Evans doesn't sound right to me, I'd rather stick to the jackass I usually call him... Jackass suit him better.

"How, sir? Is it the waitress you don't like?" Elvis asked.

Elvis glanced at me, silently asking me what I did wrong.. I simply shrug, then he turned to jackass.

"Excuse her if she offended you, Mr Evans... Adele has always been a good girl, I don't know what's happening to her today... "

Jackass cut him off with a loud scoff, he stared at me and scanned me from head to toe.

"She's always been a good girl?"

I gave him an innocent expression...Elvis nodded at his question and jackass scoffed again. 

"I don't think you're talking about the same girl I met last night" he said and adjusted on his chair.

I bite back a laugh, as I suddenly recalled how pained he looked last night... he must have been to hell and back.

He cleared his throat.

"I heard your restaurant offers touring services.. correct?" He asked.

"Yes, sir" Elvis answered.

"Good! This is my first time coming to Las Vegas, I want one of your tour guides to show me around town" he said staring in my eyes.. I looked away from him.

He's cooking up something evil, but I'm not gonna let his plan succeed.

"Yes, sir, I'll go get one of them right away"

"I want her!" He pointed at me.

Elvis turned to me, then back to him and shook his head.

"She's not a tour guide, she's just a waitress, sir"

"But she's the one I want" he said firmly.

"Sir, please don't put me in a tight corner.. Adele is just a waitress here, we have beautiful tour guides that will make your touring interesting"

I narrowed my eyes at Elvis, is he indirectly saying I'm ugly? I can be a beautiful tour guide too, if I wanna.

"Don't worry, I love having ugly looking tour guides around me" jackass said.

I glared at him and balled my fist, how dare he call me ugly.. he must have a death wish.

*It seems you haven't learnt your lesson yet!* I growled inwardly.

*And it seems you don't know what I have in store for you!* I could read his eyes saying.

He turned his gaze away from me.

"I want her.. she's the only one I want!" He said.

He's making it sound as if he's laying his claim on me.. like those possessive boyfriends in k-dramas.

"Well, you can refuse to give her to me.. it's normal. All I have to do is write a bad review of your restaurant..."

I scoffed inwardly. As if he can do that to his friend's restaurant, he's just bluffing.

"..so, the choice is yours"

"Yes, sir"

Elvis held my hand and pulled me to a corner.. we both took a glance at jackass before he started talking. 

"Adele, please.. just be his your guide or our restaurant's reputation will be at stake"

"Elvis, I can't, I don't know anything about being a tour guide..."

"Please, it's only for today.. please" Elvis pleaded and wiped off some beads of sweat from his forehead.

Elvis is a proud man, he's never begged anyone before.. this is the first time.

"Adele, only for today ok?"

He's been very good towards Jasmine and I, I should just do this for his sake...I took a deep breath.

"Fine, but just this once!" I said.

"Yes, yes" he replied.

I glared at the jackass, before we went back to him. He's finished the wine in his glass and refilling the glass now.

"Sir, here's your tour guide" Elvis said.

"Alright, since she agreed to be my tour guide.. I want her to prepare something for me"

"What?" I asked.

He rubbed his stomach briefly.


I frowned.

"Tour guides don't cook for tourists"

"But I want you to cook for me"

Elvis leaned closer to my ear and whispered. "It's all for our restaurant's reputation" 

I narrowed my eyes and balled my fist, I wish I can just strangle him to death.. I know this is his revenge.

"You want food.. food you shall eat!" I growled, then stormed towards the kitchen.

This dude haven't learnt his lesson yet..


Jasmine's pov 👙

"... I won't be coming back to Chicago any time soon, so, I want you to investigate properly and find out who the spy is in the team!"

That's Thanatos having a meeting with his company people.. he's having the meeting through a video call.

While Davis and I are eating lunch in the kitchen, I'm darn hungry after that chase we had.

"Momma, gimme more pancakes" Davis said. 

I put more pancakes on his plate and he smiled. "Thank you, momma" he thanked me.

I simply ruffled his hair.

Just then my phone started ringing, I reached for it across the counter and swiped right to answer it... without checking the caller.


"Hey, Jas!" Arthur's voice popped up.

He sounded like he just woke up from sleep, I locate the wall clock and saw it's 3pm...which means it's either 3am or 4am in Japan.

"Arthur, shouldn't you be sleeping by this time?" I asked.

"Yeah.. I just woke up to check some emails" he replied.

I heard him cough and told him sorry. I saw Davis struggling to get a spoon, I quickly helped him with it.

"I called you yesterday, but you didn't pick any of my calls.. are you ok?" He asked me.

"I'm fine, I was just a little sick yesterday, so I was too tired to check my phone"

"Are you ok now?" He asked again.

"Yeah.. at least, I'm still alive"

He laughed at my lame joke, I'm very terrible at jokes but he always laughed at them anyway. 

"When are you coming back?" 

"I don't know yet"

"Why? You didn't get the deal?" I asked.

"I did but..."

He trailed off, dragging the last word.

"But what?" I gasped. "Don't tell me you've decided to settle down in Japan!"

He laughed.

"I have something else to do here, I wanna make somethings clear before coming back"

I nodded.

"Alright, take care of yourself over there"

"Yeah.. you too, take care of yourself until I get back" he said.

"Of course" I hanged up.

I tossed my phone back on the counter and tilted my head, Thanatos is still in his meeting.

I wonder when he's gonna be done, it's so boring with him not nagging me with his love.. I kinda like it when he professes his love to me. 


Adele's pov 👙

"Here's your food!" I gritted out.

I dropped the tray of food on the table and glared at him, this is the fourth tray of food I've brought...he kept rejecting all of them.

The sweet aroma of fried eggs and bacon filled my nostrils.. there's no way he's gonna say no to this.

"Did I tell you I wanted to eat eggs and bacon?" He asked.

"You only said I should cook for you.. you didn't tell me what kind of food to cook" I said.

"Exactly, you didn't ask of my preference.. I'm not gonna eat this, take it back"

My shoulders slumped down at his words, I stared at him as if he's nuts.

"Do you know I spent almost one hour making this?"

"I don't care how many hours you spent, I don't want this.. go cook something else" he said aloofly.

Now I understand what his revenge is all about, he wants to me suffer by cooking different dish for him.

Hmm... Well, two can play this game.

"It's my fault, sir, please tell me what you wanna eat and I'll cook it for you" I said in a very polite tone.

He smirked and gulped down the wine in his glass, I wonder how he doesn't get drunk from drinking so my wine..

"I want fried chicken and spaghetti.. you can add some veggies to it" he replied. 

"Alright, sir, I'll be right back!" 

I carried the tray of food and left.. he wants fried chicken and spaghetti, he shall get them.


Two hours later...

I arranged the food on a tray, I took a deep breath to inhale their sweet aroma.. I sighed.

"My masterpiece!" I smirked.

I carried the tray and headed towards the jackass's table...

He's resting his head on his hand when I got there, his eyes were shut and I passed him a nasty glare.

"You'll regret ever making me cook for you" I said.

I dropped the tray on the table, making a banging sound.. he jerked and his eyes snapped open. 

"What are you doing?" 

"Sir, your food is ready!" I gritted out.

He looked at the food, he inhaled deeply and nodded.. there's a satisfied smile on his face.

"It smells delicious" he said.

My lips twist in a smirk, if only he knows what he's about to eat.

"I hope it's as delicious as it smells?"

"Yeah.. it's delicious, very delicious!" I said, giving the food a thumbs up.

He smiled and reached for his cutleries, I rolled my eyeballs.. 

I know I don't know how to use those knifes and forks, but you don't have to rub it in my face! 

I'm so gonna enjoy this show. He cut a small piece of chicken and shoved it in his mouth.. he started chewing.

His joyful expression turned sour at once, he shut his eyes very tight and forcefully swallowed the chicken in his mouth.

"D-did you use a bag of salt in making this?!" He growled, his eyes glaring daggers at me. 

I feigned a shocked and confused expression, my hands flew to my mouth.

"What? I was very careful and..."

I trailed off and pretended as if I just remembered something, I smacked my head and stomped my feet on the ground.

"...it must have been when I was washing the veggies, I might have mistakenly added too much salt"

I smacked my head again, he pushed the chicken aside and pulled the spaghetti in place of the chicken. 

"I'm sorry about the chicken, sir, but I promise you'll enjoy the spaghetti..."

"Shut up, please!" He snapped at me.

I set my lips on thin lines and folded my arms on my chest.

"This looks enticing, it must taste good" he said.

He dipped his fork in and pulled it out with spaghetti, he stared at it and smile.. then shoved it in his mouth. 

He took just a bite and he tensed, his head slowly raised, he gave me a look that says.. what have you done?

His eyes bulged out, his mouth opened and the food fell back on the plate... His face and ears are turning red.

I'm still waiting for the real show, this is just a warm up.. wait for it.

He suddenly started fanning his mouth and searched the table for water.. but unfortunately for him, I didn't bring any water along.

"Wa.. wa.. wa.. ter..." He stuttered out. "Hot! Hot! Hot!" He started chanting.

His expression is so funny right now, he got up and started jumping around.. trying to look for something cool to shove in his mouth.

I couldn't hold myself back, I broke into an uncontrollable laughter.. even some of the customers started laughing at his madness.

"Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!" He continued chanting. 

He poured himself a glass of wine and gulped it down, but it doesn't help..it seems to increased the hotness.

I held my stomach as I laughed very hard.

"What's going on here?" Elvis asked as he walked into the scene.

Jackass quickly gripped Elvis's hand and started gulping at him, he wants to say something but couldn't.

Elvis seemed to understand what he's trying to say, he turned to one of the waitresses.

"Get water, quick!" 

The waitress left, within seconds she's back with a bottle of water.. jackass snatched it and quickly opened it.

He took large gulps, until he finished the water, he didn't remove it from his mouth.. he took deep breaths after drinking the water.

"How are you feeling now?" Elvis asked him.

Jackass moved his gaze towards me, he took slow predatory steps towards me.. he leaned closer to my ear.

"You'll regret making a fool out of me today!"

"I don't think so" I whispered back.

Elvis nervously tapped jackass's shoulder, jackass turned to him with a smile on his face.

"I'm fine, we were just playing a game.. right?" He asked me.

He looked fine, but I know he's dying inside.. I know how much pepper I added to the spaghetti.

"Yes, Elvis.. we were playing a game and he lost" I smirked.

He threw his arm around my shoulder.

"We are going on the tour now" his eyes moved to the food. "I really enjoyed the food"

Without waiting for Elvis to say another word, he dragged me towards the exit.

"Hey! Why are you pulling me?"

He didn't speak, he dragged me outside...he continued dragging me until we stop in front of a range Rover sport.

He opened the passenger seat and forced me inside, he shut the door and locked it from outside..

I wanted to go out through the driver's door, but he's already sitting on the seat before I could.

"Where are we going?!"

He turned to me and smirked.

"You'll soon find out" 

He fastened his seatbelt, while I shook my head frantically.

"No, no, no.. I don't wanna find out" I said.

"Put on your seatbelt" 

"No! I wanna get out!"

"Suit yourself then" he said.

He started the car and took off in a dangerous speed, I quickly clung onto my seat as my eyes widened in fear.

"W-what are you doing?!" 

"I'm touring"

"P-please slow down! We're gonna crash if we're go on this speed!"

He turned to me, my eyes grew bigger than before.

"Don't take your eyes off the road! I don't wanna die!!!"

"I guess this speed is too slow for you"

I shook my head but he ignored me, he turned back to the road and increased the speed.

"I'm gonna die today! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! Please slow down already!!"

He laughed. "Nope!! I love this speed!!"

God, I shouldn't have cooked oversalted chicken and spicy spaghettis for him... Now he's gonna kill me.

"Please, slow down! I haven't achieved anything in life! I haven't gonna married! I haven't given birth to my 12 kids yet! I don't even know what they look like!! Please don't kill me, please slow down!!"

"Hoo-ha! I love this speed"

"No, please! Stop the car! Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 22


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Adele's pov 👙

Jackass continued driving on his unbelievable speed, I don't even think this car is moving on tyres any more... It's flying like a plane.

I have shouted out all my lung, I have almost, completely lost my voice... I felt my throat hurting me.

"Please, I'm begging you! Stop the car!"

He shook his head and continued going. 

where are those cops when I need them? He's breaking so many rules, aren't they seeing him? 

They should pull him over, so I'll be saved! I prayed in my heart.

Maybe God took pity on me or maybe I was just lucky.. I heard sirens blowing and red lights are flashing everywhere.

"That's the police, please pull over!"

"Forget about them, let's enjoy our touring" he replied.

"Pull over now or you'll be breaking more rules!"

He laughed and squinted his eyes, his eyes not leaving the road.. he stepped on the gas and increased his speed again.

"What are you doing?! The police are right behind us!!" I shouted.

"Since they want to race, let's race" he said.

I took the risk and turned back, the police are also following closely behind..

My guess is, they're gonna keep chasing us, until this jackass stops the car...which I don't think is anytime soon.

Oh my God! Is this how I'm gonna die without any achievements in life?!!

"I'm sorry, ok?! I'm sorry.. I was wrong for doing those things to you.. just stop this car first! Stop the car and we can talk about it!" I yelled again.

He ignored me and took a turn into a rocky path, even on this rocky path he's driving on his uncontrollable speed.

With this speed on this rocky path, we can easily crash into a tree.. cause that's all I could see here.

Trees everywhere. 

I shouldn't have offended him...I should have apologized earlier... I shouldn't have been rude to him, then I wouldn't have being in this trouble.

My life wouldn't be hanging on a thread here, no.. my life wouldn't have being in his hands to determine.

If I can leave here alive, I'd very thankful to God... And I would stay away from him!

I turned again, the police are still behind us.. they don't wanna give him. I turned back to face my front... my eyes widened in fear at what I saw.

My hands flung to the empty dashboard in front of me, I held it to support myself since I wasn't wearing my seatbelt.

The car is headed for a cliff a few meters ahead.

"Stop this car now!!" I yelled.

"F**k! The brakes aren't working!"

My eyes widened even more in fear, I turned to him with my mouth wide opened too.

"What do you mean?! We're about to die!!" I shouted.

I turned back and saw the car, getting closer to the cliff... At this stage, my heart isn't in my chest anymore.. I felt my ripped opened and my heart flung out.

Though, I'm exaggerating a bit, but I'm greatly scared right now... cause I can see my whole life flashing in my eyes..

"Holy sh*t! I can't control it!" He exclaimed.

"What do you mean?! Weren't you the one increasing the speed?! Stop this car!!"

"I can't!"

We're going to die so soon! I'm too young and beautiful to die! Death should wait until I'm old and ugly with so many wrinkles!

I can't die now! No! I refuse to die!

Without much thoughts, I grabbed the steering wheel and he snapped his head towards me.

"What are you doing?! Are you trying to get us killed?!" He growled.

"You're the one trying to get us killed!" I growled back.

We both started fighting on who'd handle the wheels, I know I can't handle it from the passenger seat.. I just wanted to divert the car's direct.

"It let go now or we'll both die!" I yelled. 

He pushed me back on my seat, but he didn't know by doing that he's diverted the car's direction.

The car's now heading for a tree ahead of us, at crashing on a tree is better than falling off a cliff. 

"Try to stop the car now, before we crash!" I said.

"Do you think I'm not trying?!"

It's too late, there's nothing he can do now. 

My head hit the dashboard as the car drove right into the tree, making the windshield crashed into pieces. 

A slight pain hits my head, when I felt something pierced the back of my head.

"Ahaah!" I groaned. 

For a few moments I could raise my head, I just rested on the dashboard..

"Miss, are you ok?" I heard someone asked me.

I simply shook my head.

"Hold on, I'll open the door!" He said.

I heard him trying to open the door, but couldn't.

"It's locked from the outside" I whispered.

Just then, the door ripped opened and I heard the jackass asking in a panicked voice.

"Are you ok?" 

I simply hummed in reply, I'm feeling quite dizzy. I felt someone carried me out in their arms, I heard the jackass's voice calling my name.

"Adele? Can you hear me?" He asked.

Wait.. why can I hear him but can't see him? 

"Can you hear me? Adele, can you hear me?" He asked again.. in a very worried tone. 

Why is he sounding worried? Doesn't he hated my guts?!

"Give me a sign if you can hear me!"

I can hear him, I nodded my head to let him know I'm hearing him.

"F**k! She's not moving..."

I'm not moving?! Didn't I just nodded my head?! Is he blind?! I started nodding my head again.

"... let's take her to the hospital first!"

Take me to the hospital?! What's going on?!

"Mr Evans, you should come with us to the station first...."

"What is wrong with you?! Can't you see my girl is dying?!" I heard jackass growled.

Wait... He said I'm dying?! But I don't wanna die yet! What about my achievements.. my billions.. my 12 kids.. and my Greek god husband!

"Send my girl to the hospital first! Then I'll come with you.. just attend to her first!"

Who's he calling his girl?! He's lucky I can't see him!

"Call a f**king ambulance and take her...."

I couldn't hear his voice anymore, all I could hear now a beeping sound...like that of a heart monitor.

And finally I couldn't hear anything, I felt myself weak and....


Clark's pov 👙

An unknown fear gripped me, when I carried Adele's limp body in my arms..

I didn't realized when I started barking orders at the officers, as if they're my workers.

"Mr Evans, you'll need a police report before...."

"F**k police report! This is an emergency, if anything happens my woman.. I swear I'll tear down your station and make you lose your godd*mn jobs!" I growled at the officer.

Another officer approached us, his eyes flicked to Adele in my arms.

"Mr Evans, I'm the chief of police here.. I have called for an ambulance and it'll be here in a minute.. but you have to come with us to the station first"

I squinted my eyes at him, for suggesting I leave Adele here.

"I'll stay here until the ambulance arrives and make sure she's taken to the hospital.. is that ok?" I gritted out.

The chief of police stared at Adele a few more minutes, then nodded.

My eyes settled on her face, I saw something water dropped on her cheek... that's when I realized I'm actually crying.

*Adele, please wake up.. I didn't mean to crash us* I said inwardly.


Jasmine's pov 👙

My eyes glanced at the clock for the hundredth time today, it's already 05:49pm and Thanatos is still having his meeting.

I dropped a cup of coffee on the table next to him, though, I avoided the camera.

"... don't worry about what will happen, just tell the investors to hold on and..."

I toned him off.

I have been listening to them, although, I don't understand most of the things they're talking about.. but I admire how they're talking about it. 

Especially his assistant, I admire her so much.. though, I haven't seen her yet, but just hearing her voice made me admire her.

She sounded so bold and confident of her words, from the way she speaks.. it's easy to tell she knows what she's saying. 

I wish I could be like them.. I wish I'm a graduate too.. I wish I'm working in a big company too and lastly.. I wish I could speak so boldly like her.

The daughter of a billionaire is an illiterate... What a shame!

But it's nobody's fault, I left home and moved away from my state...

But I don't regret my decision, I'm blessed with a cute and smart little boy... I'll try my best to give him the world's best.

I'll give him the best education and make him achieve what I couldn't achieve... My Davis.. he'll create a name for himself and I'll try my very best to support with all I have!

"Baby, what are you thinking?" Thanatos cut my thoughts.

I realized he's done with his meeting already, he's sitting next to me now.

"So...what happened? What did you guys talked about?" I asked.

He opened his mouth to speak, but I stopped him.

"Please, use simple words I'd understand" I said and laughed briefly.

Because most of the words they've been using, I hardly understand them... or I don't even understand them at all.

"Silly girl" he flicked my head. "Well, it's really true.. they copied my design and made an upgraded version of it"

I nodded.

"What's gonna happen now?"

"I have told Deborah to investigate it, she'll soon find out who the spy is... " He took a sip from his coffee. "... I'll know what to do after that"

"Are you sure she can figure out who's the spy?"

He nodded and smiled. "Yeah.. she's that good" 

He must trust her so much, to say she'll do the job with him here.. he must be so proud of her.

"Is that all you guys talked about for 4hours?" I asked.

"No, we also talked about other things in the company.. you know, my supposed father-in-law invested in my company..."

Will he stop reminding me of his wife? He's making me feel as if I'm the other woman.. though there's nothing between us.

"...so, I have been thinking of ways to make him withdraw his investment.. I think this issue is a good reason to make him withdraw his investment"

"Why did he invest in your company in the first place?" I asked.

"I don't know"

"Who signed the documents?"

"Documents?" He asked with a confused frown.

Is it not called documents? 

"I mean, who accepted his investment?" I asked him again.

"Oh.. I did, but I was deceived then"


"My dad said if I accepted his investment, he wouldn't force me to marry his daughter.. but that was a lie, I was almost forced to marry her.. my brother helped me escape" he explained.

I simply nodded. Just then, I heard my phone ringing from the kitchen.

"Excuse me" I said and headed towards the kitchen.

I picked it up and saw an unknown number calling, it's not the same as the unknown number that usually calls me.

"Hello?" I answered it.

"Jasmine, is Thanato there with you?" I heard Clark's voice.

"Yeah" I replied and headed back to the living room.

"Please set this call on speakerphone" he said.

I sat next to Thanatos and set the call on speakerphone, Thanatos looked at me surprisingly...like why am I setting it on speakerphone.

"Thana? Can you hear me?" He asked.

"Yeah" Thanatos replied.

He sighed.

"Something happened, Adele is in the hospital and I'm at the police station"

My eyebrows furrowed instantly, i blinked.

"Adele is in the hospital?!" I asked.


"What happened?!" I asked again.

Adele left home very strong and healthy this morning, what could have gone wrong?!

"We crashed into a tree and... It's a long story, I'll brief you guys later"

They crashed into a tree? But how come? Wasn't Adele working at Mike's kitchen?

My hands started shaking...I hate bad news most!

"Is Adele ok?! How come you crashed? You..."

"Baby, let's keep the questioning for later" Thanatos cut me off.


He shook his head.

"Let's go check on them first" he paused. "Which hospital is Adele admitted?" He asked Clark.

"Louisville!" Clark replied. 

"Ok, we'll be right there" Thanatos said and hanged up.

I turned to him.

"What's gonna happen to Adele? I hope she's fine..."

"She's gonna be fine, baby" he cut me off. 

His eyes moved to Davis who's sleeping on the sofa, he sighed.

"We'll take him with us, but you'll stop at the hospital to check on Adele and I'll go to the station for Clark"

"Then.. who's Davis gonna go with?" I asked.


I shook my head in disapproval.

"No, I can't let Davis stay around guns.. he's coming with me" I said.

I don't think the police would let Thanatos in with Davis tagging along.. it's kinda illegal to take out guns in front of a kid.. especially Davis's age.

He thought about it for a brief moment and nodded. 

"Alright, let's go" he said.

He carried Davis and we headed out.

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 23


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

"Alright, I'll be back to pick you guys up later" Thanatos said.

We're currently outside the hospital... I took a glance at Davis at the back seat, he's no longer asleep.

Taking a deep breath, I nodded.

"I'm only praying it's not gonna be very serious" I said.

Thanatos cupped my face in his hands, he rested his head on my forehead.. then smiled at me.

"Everything is fine, I don't think it's gonna be that serious" 

"Hm.. I really hope so" I replied.

He placed a lingering and encouraging kiss on my forehead...

"I should go now" I said and he nodded.

I opened the door and stepped out, I rushed to the backseat door.. I opened it.

"Davis, come with momma" 

"Ok" he nodded and rushed out. "Where are we going, momma?" He asked.

"We're visiting aunt Adele here" I told.

He replied me with a nod, he's just a kid after all and doesn't understand we came to the hospital, because something happened.

"Thanatos, we're heading in.. drive safely" I told him.

"I'll... I'll be back within an hour" he said.

I nodded, Davis waved him and we headed towards the entrance door.


My legs shake as I paced back and forth....fear took over my body, seeing nurses rushing in and out of the ICU every minute.

Is seemed as though they're changing them, because anyone that comes out doesn't go in again.. another nurse goes back instead.

"Excuse me, nurse" I tried to excuse a nurse, whom just rushed out.

She stopped and waited for me to say something.

"Er.. h-how is it going inside? Is Adele ok yet?" I asked. 

"I'm sorry, because I'm not the doctor.. but from the look of things, I don't think she's out of dangers yet" she replied.

Hearing her reply, made even greater fear overwhelmed me.

Is the accident that serious? Wasn't it just a crash? Why will Adele still be in danger?

"Excuse me, ma'am" the nurse said.

I didn't even reply her, she left on her own. I continued pacing, saying silent prayers in my heart.

My eyes settled on Davis, he's simply sitting on a bench.. staring at me with a small frown on his forehead.. he must be wondering why I'm looking so worried.


Thanatos pov 👙

                    Las Vegas__police department!

"Mr O'Briens, we are sorry but we can't release Mr Evans just yet" the chief of police told me.

I took a side glance at Clark, he's bowing his head down and playing with his fingers.. he's not on cuffs.

"Try to understand us, Mr Evans broke too many rules"

The chief searched his table and stopped at a file, he pushed it towards.

"First, he drove past the speed limit which is too high, we chased him for a very long time... "

He was interrupted by his desk phone ringing, he stopped talking and received the call.

I turned my attention to Clark.

"Why were you on such a high speed? Were you on a suicide mission?" I whispered harshly.

"I.. I was just trying to tease her, I.. "

"Trying to tease her? At the expense of your life?" 

He didn't speak, he simply gaped and blinked in guilt. I eyed him angrily.

The chief cleared his throat and dragged our attention back to him.

"Mr O'Briens, there was a girl with Mr Evans when he crashed..."

A girl...that should be Adele he's talking about.

"... she's in the hospital right now and they're trying to revive her, we can't release him until we're sure she's ok"

Clark narrowed his eyes at the Chief when he said that.

"Chief, I understand your point.. but I don't think keeping Clark here is the best option" I said. 

"What do you mean, Mr O'Briens?" He asked.

I cleared my throat.

"I mean, Clark was just trying to prank his girlfriend... "

From my side view, I saw Clark stared at me surprisingly.. I ignored him.

".. he was just teasing her, it wasn't his intentions to make them crash"

"But he did.. his speed was too much, he did even stop when we were chasing him.. until he crashed"

"I know, but keeping him here will be of no help to his girlfriend.. he should be by her at this stage"

I took a short glance at Clark, he's looking so worried.

"Look, Chief.. look how worried he looks" I said.

The chief's eyes flicked towards Clark, he glared at him for a few seconds.

Honestly, Clark was genuinely worried... I'm gonna ask him about that later.

"I'm afraid, we just can't let him go...we don't know Miss Rodger's side of the story yet, we must wait to hear from her"

These policemen are a headache.

"How about releasing him on bail, we'll come back later to resolve the issue.. I mean, when Adele wakes up" I said.

The chief thought about it briefly and nodded, he reached for a file in his drawer...

He flipped to a page...glared at Clark, before dumping it in front of him. 

"Sign there!" He said.

Clark searched for a pen in his pockets, I rolled my eyeballs at his action... As if he has ever gone out with a pen.

I reached for my pen.

"Here" I handed it to him. 


He quickly signed his name and handed the file back to the chief.. he stared at it and nodded, then handed it to me.

"What should I do with this?" I asked.

"You have to sign under his name" he replied.

I sighed and quickly signed it..I wonder why all these signatures are needed, it's not as if Clark is a wanted criminal.

"Hmm" he hummed and nodded.

He kept it back in his drawer, folded his arm on his chest and he glared at Clark once more.

"We'll come by the hospital tomorrow to take Miss Rodgers statement" the Chief said.

I nodded and got up, reached out my hand.

"Thank you so much" 

He shook my hands.

"You're welcome, sir" he said.

"We'll take our leave" 

I turned to Clark, he's already gotten up... He glared at the Chief then rushed out.

With a sigh, I headed out.


"What is wrong with you, Clark?" I snapped at Clark.

We're currently in my car at the parking lot..

"I just wanted to scare her a little, I didn't know it'll result to this..."

I scoffed.

"You just wanted to scare her? You call that scaring someone?! You didn't think of the consequences?!"

"I know I was wrong, ok.. just take me to see her first" he said.

Not having anything to say to him, I started the car and drove out of the parking lot into the road...


Jasmine's pov 👙

Hours later...

My eyes focused on the doors, I stared at it expectantly...wishing the doors would just open and the doctor will come out with good news.

Davis's already asleep in my arms, even me, I'm feeling a little sleepy...but since I'm so worried about Adele, I couldn't sleep.

"Baby" I heard Thanatos called me.

I took my eyes away from the doors, Thanatos sat next to me and caressed Davis's hair.

"What's happening? Are the doctors still attending to her?" He asked me.

My eyes moved back to the doors.

"Obviously" I simply replied.

Then I turned my gaze to Clark, his eyes are fixed on the doors and he looked worried.

"I hope she'll be fine" he whispered.

I scoffed mentally, as if he wasn't the cause.. 

"Let me help you with Davis" Thanatos said.

I nodded and gently laid Davis in his arms, before turning my attention back to the door.

"She'll be fine" he told me.

I simply nodded in response, I chew my fingers nervously...

Nothing must happen to Adele, she's been a good friend for the past three years.


After waiting for hours, the doors open and I saw the attending doctor walked out.

I got up and rushed to meet him, I grabbed his arm.

"Doctor, how's she?" I asked.

Thanatos and Clark also came to meet us, Davis's head perfectly resting on Thanatos shoulder.

"She's out of dangers now, but she's in a short coma.. according to our observation, she should wake up in the next..."

He trailed off and checked his wrist watch.

"... 17hours" he said.

Just then, two nurses pushed Adele out on a stretcher...I gasped when I saw her head wrapped in bandages. 

"What happened? Why is she..." I trailed off.

"Oh.. we checked her head and found a glass inside, so, we had to.."

"Don't say it" I cut him off.

I already know what he wanna say, I don't need to hear it or I'll picture it in my mind.

The doctor smiled.

"Please, who's signing for her?" He asked.

"I will" Clark said.

The doctor nodded and headed off somewhere, his office I guess. Clark followed him immediately.

"Ma'am, if you'd excuse us.. we're taking her to a ward" one of the nurses said.

I let go of the stretcher and they pushed her off.

Thanatos wrapped an arm around my shoulder, he rubbed my shoulder lightly.

"Baby, she's not dead"

"I know" I replied.

"Let's go to her ward" he said.

I nodded and we followed the nurses.


Writer's pov 👙

                  Chicago__O'BRIENS AND SONS GROUP

"Sir, we found out Mr O'Briens location at Las Vegas" 

Senior O'Briens (Thanatos father) lifted his head from his laptop.. he pushed it aside.

"We also found out he's always with a woman.. they seem to have a son together!"

"A son?!" He asked, a little bit shocked. 

"Yes, sir!"

Mr O'Briens furrowed his eyebrows, he seemed to be in thoughts.

"How old is the boy?" He asked.

"He seem to be five or six...and he looks like Mr O'Briens"

A small smile spread on his face, he nodded thoughtfully.

"Check the background of the boy's mother... If she's some lowlife woman, we'll take the boy from her"

"You mean, we should kidnap the boy?"

"Yes... Thanatos will know it's me and he'll have no choice but to come home"

"Then what about the boy's mother?"

Mr O'Briens sighed, he adjusted his eyeglass.

"I told you if her background is poor, you can do away with her"

"What if her father... "

"Report back to me if her father is a public figure"

"Yes, sir!"


            Chicago___O'Briens resident

Henry smirked after listening to a voice message, he turned to his mother and arched an eyebrow.

"Mom, did you heard that?" He asked his mother.

His mother looked upstairs, as if to search if someone (Jade) is coming.. she turned back to him.

"So.. he's entangled with two sisters!" She said.

Henry scoffed.

"He escaped our plan to make him come back.. well, too bad for him.. we've got an even better plan" 

He got up and walked towards the staircase.

"We'll just have to sit back and watch the show"

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 24


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

                 Louisville (06:12pm)

Davis is still sleeping on Thanatos shoulders, he's standing beside me.. while I'm sitting next to Adele.

My eyes studied her features, a sigh left my mouth.

This is the first time I've ever seen her down, she looked so pale and I'm even doubting myself if what the doctor said is true...

Is she really out of danger now.

The door opened and Clark walked in, he's holding some papers in his hands.

"How's she?" I heard him asking Thanatos.

"Still breathing" Thanatos replied him.

She's breathing? She doesn't look like she's breathing to me, maybe she's breathing very weakly. 

"Are you done with the paperwork?"

"Yeah..." Clark trailed off and walked closer to me.

I didn't look away from Adele, so I don't know what he's doing.. but I could feel he's staring at her.

"Jas, you must be feeling tired..."

He cut himself off, when he saw I was glaring at him.. but he continued, only that he changed his words.

"... I mean, you've been here since morning...you might wanna go home and freshen up and..."

He didn't complete his words, because Thanatos stopped him.

I guess he (Thanatos) could feel Clark's words are getting me angry... I mean, my friend who's been there for me.. how could he suggest I leave her like this?

"Baby, let's go home and freshen up, Davis will wake up soonest and he would be hungry... let's go home and prepare something for him" Thanatos said.

"Then what about Adele, she can't just lay here with no one watching her...who's gonna stay with her?" I asked.

He stayed silent, but I know he's staring at Clark right now.. and Clark in turn must be pleading with him, to persuade me into allowing him to stay here. 

"Er.. Clark can stay here and look after her until you get back" he said exactly what I was expecting.

I got up and turned to Clark, he too a step back when he saw my eyes.

"I should leave Adele under his care? Who was reason she's laying here in a coma? Wasn't it him?"

He's mouth gaped as if he's a fish under water, I think he wanted to say something but couldn't find any words.

"Now you want me to leave her under his care? Never!" I said.

In fact I want him out, but I didn't voice that out.

"Baby, we should let him stay here and watch her, as a punishment for putting her in this condition..."

"No!" I replied stubbornly, before he could even finish his words.

Clark cleared his throat.


"Don't say my name!" I yelled at him.

He flinched back at my outburst, even Davis who was asleep flinched in his sleep.

"... I'm sorry for my behavior, but the best way to show how sorry I am is staying here and watching over her" he said.

I glared maliciously at him, I have never liked this guy... I wonder if he's even a real friend to Thanatos!

Though the reason I hated him was... because he refused to tell me where Thanatos went years ago.

"No! I don't think Adele would want to see you, when she wakes up" I spat at him angrily.

"Just let me stay, if she doesn't wanna see me when she wakes up...I will leave" he said.

I stared at his eyes and saw how sorry he is, but what if he's just pretending... don't blame me for not trusting anyone.

Thanatos cleared his throat and stepped closer to me, he put his fingers under my chin and lifted my head.

"Baby, trust me, Clark is sorry... I think we should let him atone for his sin, by letting him stay here and watch over Adele" 

He leaned down and planted his lips on mine, my eyebrows furrowed in surprise..like why was he kissing me in a time like this.

He kissed me very briefly but sweetly.. I felt myself calm down when he broke the kiss.

That's when I understood what he was trying to do, he wanted to calm me down.. to break my strong will.

"Please, let him stay here" he said.


"I promise, I'll personally beat him up if he tries nonsense"

I wanted to argue, but his lips pouted.. making me fold mine in my mouth.

Darn those seducing lips!

"Fine!" I reluctantly agreed. 

Clark smiled, but he quickly stopped when I turned to face him with a glare.

"I'm leaving her under your care, don't make me regret doing it"

He nodded quickly. I took one last glance at Adele, before heading out.. Thanatos trailing behind me.


Writer's pov 👙

                Japan__Tokyo (06:20am)

Arthur just stepped out of his bathroom and was still in his bathrobe, when his phone started ringing.

He rushed to get it from the bedside table, he checked it and saw it's his assistant calling.

"Good morning, Emily" he said when he received the call.

Emily laughed from the other side.

"Sir, it's evening over here" she said.

Arthur smacked his head.

"Oh.. I forgot about the different time zone.. why are you calling?"

He walked towards the mini bar in the room, he took a bottle of Hennessy drink and popped the cover open.

"I just wanted to let you know I arrived already.. but also wanted to confirm when you'd be coming back?"

Arthur took a few gulps from his bottle.

"I don't know yet, maybe, a few days later... I wanna settle something personal over here"

"Em.. is that something miss Victoria?"

He narrowed his eyes, as if he could see Emily from here.

"No!" He answered quickly.

Emily chuckled lightly.

"Alright, sir... I wish you a safe travel back" she said.

"Hmm.. " he simply hummed. "Report to work very early tomorrow morning"

"Tomorrow is Sunday, sir"

"Then.. report very early to work on Monday"

"Yes, sir" Emily replied.

Arthur hanged up, he threw his phone on the counter and focused on his Hennessy.

Few minutes later... The doorbell rang, then a voice spoke from outside. 

"Ohayōhozaimasu, sā... Rūmusābisu.... (Good morning, sir.. room service)" 

He got up and walked to the door, he pushed it open.

"Alright, come in" he replied in English... inviting the person in without even looking at him or her.

"Is that how you invite random people in your hotel room?"

He raised his head and was surprised by who he saw...

Although...He was expecting her to be come here, but not so early in the morning. 

"What are you doing here, Victoria?" He asked.

Victoria scoffed, she pushed him aside and walked in.. she nodded as she looked around the room.

Arthur shut the door and went to her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked again.

Victoria scoffed.

"As if you weren't expecting me" she said.

Arthur ignored her reply, he walked to the mini bar and continued drinking his beer.

"Your assistant has gone back to America... What are you still doing here in Japan?" She asked.

He ignored her question, he knew she could guess the answer.

"You're waiting for me, right?"

"No!" Arthur answered quickly...even a little bit too quickly.

Victoria smirked, she snatched the beer from him and took few gulps.

Arthur stared at her in surprise, thought, he didn't look too surprised..it was like he expected her to do something like that.

"You still love me, you haven't forgotten about me.. right?" 

"I don't!"

Victoria chuckled, she slammed the almost empty bottle down.

"You're lying, you haven't forgotten about me.. so, let's just be together"

Arthur shook his head.

"No... Not until I know the real reason you broke up with me"

"I already told you, because you weren't paying attention to me.. you were all about Jasmine and I couldn't put up with it.. so I left" she said.

He stared at her a few moments, as if he's trying to figure something out.. then he shook his head.

"No.. you aren't telling me the real reason. You're lying to me and you should know lying is something I hate most.."

He trailed off when he was her chewing her lips, his doubts were confirmed...she didn't left without a reason.

".. tell me, why did you really left?"

Immediately he asked that question, silent befall them.

Victoria stayed silent, she stared at the bottle of Hennessy for a moment.

"My dad made me leave" she finally said. 

"Your dad?"

She nodded.

"He wanted to marry me off to some rich dude"

Arthur frowned.


"You know, my dad has always been a gambling addict.. he's always out gambling and losing a lot"

Arthur didn't say anything, he only nodded to let her know he's listening..

"He never win in his games, he always pledged huge amount of money and ended up losing at the end of the game.. so, when it's time to pay up his depths, he didn't have any money.."

She gulped down the remaining Hennessy.

"... his only choice was to make me marry a rich guy who's ready to pay off his depths.. so, he wanted to force me into marrying a random guy.. that's why I ran away"

He nodded.

"So that was the reason you left?"

"Yeah.. most of it, I also left because I was jealous of your relationship with Jasmine.. you were both so close as if you're the real couple and I..." She cut herself off. 

Arthur narrowed his eyes.

"Why didn't you come to me for help?"

"You? You were still under your father care, where could you have gotten such huge amount of money?"

She paused tried, before continuing.

"Besides, you had Jasmine whom you are worrying about" 

"Victoria, you really let me down, you underestimated me... I was your boyfriend for crying out loud.. I could have done anything and everything for you"

He shut his eyes for a very brief moment.

"Yes, I agree.. I did neglected you for some time, but you should have known that's because Jasmine needed me at that time.. I was all she had, I was the only one she could rely on"

Victoria chuckled.

"Funny.. you were the only one I had too, you were the only one I could rely on too... You were my boyfriend!"  

Arthur sighed, he just realized how wrong he was... He did kinda neglected his girlfriend.

"I'm sorry" he whispered.

Victoria was shocked, it felt as if she heard wrongly.. she stared in Arthur's eyes.

"You said sorry?" She asked.

He nodded his head.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to neglect you... I'm sorry if I made you feel neglected" he apologised.

Victoria broke into a smile.

"Why are you smiling?" Arthur asked.

She quickly put up a finger, the smile still on her face.

"This is the first time you've said sorry to me.. you never did in the past" she said.

"Well, that was because I was confusing my feelings" he whispered.

Victoria didn't catch that, but she didn't ask him to repeat his words.. since they can end up hurting her.

"Now... Can you give me another chance?" Victoria asked.

Arthur stayed silent, he stared at her eyes.. while she waited anxiously for his reply.

He sighed. "That is if you have forgiven me for neglecting you"

"Of course, I forgave you already" she said and threw her arms around him.

He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close to herself.. they both stayed in that position, enjoying holding each other.

"Now that we're back together, can I have the honor of getting your first kiss?" She asked.

Arthur tensed when a thought stroke him, he doesn't have his first kiss any more.

"Why are you suddenly so tensed?" She asked.. feeling him.

"I.. I don't know how to kiss" he lied.

He doesn't want to tell her the truth, about his first kiss already taken by Jasmine.. he's scared she'd be scared again.

"I can teach you" she said.

Without hesitation, she crashed her lips on his.. kissing him quickly and within seconds, Arthur responded.

Soon, he took control of the kiss, making Victoria gasp in surprise.. she wondered how he could kiss so perfectly for the first time. 

The kiss didn't take too much time, before it got heated.. Arthur started ripping off Victoria's clothes.

She simply snatched his towel from his waist.. they fell on the bed and...


Jasmine's pov 👙

              Las Vegas (06:59pm) 

I opened the door and we stepped in, Davis is still sleeping soundly.. which I'm surprised at.

He doesn't sleep for such a long time during the day, if it was Arthur carrying him.. he would have woke up by now.

"What about your car? Who's gonna bring it home for you?" I asked him.

He didn't wanna put Davis down, so he said we should take a cab home.

"Peter will go get it" he replied as he walked towards Davis room.

"Do you think we should wake him up?" 

"Why should we do that?" He asked me back.

We stopped in front of Davis room, I pushed the door open and he stepped in.

"You know, he's been sleeping for such a long time" I replied.

Thanatos shook his head and walked inside the room, he headed to Davis bed and gently laid him down.

"We can't wake him up, he should get enough rest.. he's been playing all afternoon after all"

His phone started ringing, he quickly reached for it and checked the caller's ID.

"Peter?" He said.

I walked towards Davis and covered him with his blanket, kissed his forehead before turning back to Thanatos.

"Ok.. I'll be right there" he said and hanged up.

I frowned slightly.

"Did something happen?" I asked.

"No, Peter just wanna give me some information" he replied.

I simply nodded, I didn't wanna ask further.

"I should go over to my apartment, I'll be right back" he said.

He leaned forward and kissed my cheek, then rushed out. Immediately he left, my stomach started growling..I think it's time to eat.

I glanced at Davis before rushing out. 


Writer's pov 👙

Thanatos studied the file he's holding with a deep frowned, he found what he's seeing hard to believe.

"Are you sure this is legit?" He asked.

"Yes, Mr O'Briens, Henry has been doing transactions with this man.. and our suspect has also been doing transactions with him" Peter said.

Thanatos nodded his head, he reads the information on the file again.

"Have you found any clue about our suspect's whereabout?" 

"No, sir"

"Hm.. then bring this man to me" 

"Yes, sir" 

Thanatos raised his head when he realized Peter isn't gone yet, he arched an eyebrow.

"Anything else?"

"Yes, sir"

"What is it?"

"I found out about your girlfriend's background"

"Tell me" Thanatos said.

Peter cleared his throat and licked his lips. 

"She's Jasmine Reinle"

"Reinle, that name sounds familiar"

"Yes, sir... She's your wife's younger sister"

Thanatos snapped his head to face Peter at once...his eyes widened in surprise.

"What?!" He exclaimed loudly.

"Yes, sir... Mr Donald Reinle has two daughters, one of them was disowned because she was pregnant.. and other married into the O'Briens family!"

Thanatos fell back onto a nearby sofa, he breaths heavily.

"Two sisters?!" He murmured.

"Yes, sir"

"One my arranged wife and the other my beloved?"

He shook his head, he threw his head back on the sofa and shut his eyes.

"This is bad! This is bad!"

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 25


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Clark's pov 👙

                    Louisville (7pm)

I released a deep sigh and adjusted on my chair, when I felt myself dosing off. 

I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing away some fallen strands of hair from my face.

It's been fourteen hours now, Adele still haven't woken up...

Although, I know the doctor said she'll wake up in seventeen hours.. I just can't wait.

What's gonna be her reaction when she wakes up and sees me here?

Will she hate me now?

I don't know what's going on with me, but just thinking about her hating me is making me feel sad and heartbroken..

Is this what people call falling in love? Have I fallen for her? Since when?

That's not possible, she almost killed me by tying my d**k. I shook that thought of loving her off my mind.

I'm just feeling guilty because I almost got her killed, my guilt is making me feel like I love her.. this ain't love.

My eyes landed on her face, I took a closer look at her and studied her facial features closely... she's kinda cute.

But not as cute as Jas, that girl is a whole set of investment.. wait, that's my friend's beloved.

Why was I even comparing both of them? I better stick with my slender Adele...

Just then, her finger resting on her side moved.. I stared at it again to confirm if it's not just my imagination.

Truly, it's not my imagination, it moved again.. just when I was about to press the red button for a doctor or nurse..her eyes snapped opened.

"Y-you.. you're awake!" I said in a short stutter.

She squinted her eyes, I think to adjust to the bright lights in the room.. after a few seconds, she adjusted to the brightness.

"Adele, you're awake" I repeated my words again.. with a smile on my face.

She gave me a strange look, like she doesn't know who I am.

"Who are you?" She asked in a quiet voice.

My brows drew together in a tight knit, I'm feeling confused.. don't tell me she's having an amnesia now.

"Who are you? Where am I?" She asked again.

"I'm Clark Evans...You don't remember me?" 

She shook her head, she sat up with a groan as she held her head.. I supported her and helped her rest her back on the small headboard.

"Who am I?" She asked.

What? She forgot her name too?

Her eyes did a quick scan of the ward, she looked down at the clothes she's wearing...she frowned when she realized she's wearing a hospital gown. 

"Why am I in a hospital?" 

"Ah.. you.. we..."

I stopped and cleared my throat, because I suddenly felt like there's a lump hanging in my throat.

"We.. were.. we had an accident and we..."

"Accident?" She interrupted me and I nodded. "Where were we going? And who was driving?"

"I was the one driving.. and we crashed because I was over speeding, so..."

I gestured to her head, she felt it with her hand and nodded.. she threw her head back gently and shut her eyes.

"Are you thirsty? Should I pour you some water?"

She shook her head.

"Wait here... I'll go get a doctor" I said.

"I'm fine" she stopped me.

"But you seem to be forgetting somethings, like your name...who I am.. how we got this accident..."

She opened her right eyes slightly and peeked at me, then she sighed and smiled.

"I'm fine, I just wanted to test if you'll lie to me"

"Lie to you about what?"

"How I ended up in the hospital" she replied.

I frowned slightly, she was just testing me?

"I'm fine, really.. my name is Adele Rodgers.. my best friend is Jasmine Reinle and her baby daddy is Thanatos" 

"You're really ok" I said.

So.. she was pretending, she really fooled me with her pretense...

"Where's Jasmine?" 

"She went home earlier, to prepare something for Davis and... "

"I'm fine now, you may leave" she cut me off in a bit of a cold tone.

I blinked at how fast her mood changed...but I ignored her words and continued talking.

"I should call the doctor to do a check up.... "

"I have already called the doctor" she cut me off again.. her hand on the red button. 

I nodded and gulped.

"I should wait until the doctor..."

"No, leave. I'm gonna be fine by myself!"


Adele's pov 👙

"I should wait until the doctor..."

"No, leave. I'm gonna be fine by myself!" I said, pulling a straight face.

He gave me a sad and hurt expression, but I don't care.. I'm darn angry at him right now and I don't wanna see him.

"Adele, I know it's my fault, I should have listened to you.. in fact, I shouldn't have thought about using your fear as a revenge..."

I frowned, he actually knew my fear but still used it against me.

".. I was wrong and I'm sorry"

"Sorry? Had I died, would bring me back to life? You think life is a joke?"

"I'm very sorry, I swear it won't happen again and... "

Him, saying sorry just seem to be provoking me more. 

"Leave now.. leave already!" I raised my voice a little.

My hands flung to my head instantly as a slight pain hit me.. my eyes closed on their own as I tried to soothe the pain.

"Are you ok?" He asked in a very concerned voice.

My eyes snapped open and he withdrew when he met my gaze, just then a man in white coat.. whom I assume is my attending doctor, walked in.

"Miss Rodgers, you're awake" he said with a smile.

I simply replied him with a nod. 

"You woke up earlier than we thought, that's good" he said.

He stared at his wrist watch and wrote something on his note, then handed it to a male nurse that came in with him.

"Doctor, you might wanna do another check up on her..."

"Stay out of my business" I snapped at him. "I thought I asked you to leave.. leave!"

I glared at him, he nodded and stepped away from me, raising his hands in surrender.

He walked towards the door and leaned against the doorframe, he signaled me that he's gonna keep quiet.

The doctor cleared his throat, to ease the tension between Clark and I.. I guess.

"Miss Rodgers, I presume you're ok, since you woke up earlier than our speculation..."

He opened my eyes and shined a very small torch in..he turned to the nurse and whispered something to him..and the nurse started writing on his note.

"...but I'll still do a general check up on you, to know if you're truly ok" he said.

I nodded and he started his check up...


Writer's pov 👙

                Thanatos apartment..

Peter handed him a bottle of cold water, Thanatos quickly gulped it down.

"What are you gonna do now, Mr O'Briens?" Peter asked.

Thanatos sighed, there's a frown on his head.

"I believe my dad and brother must have also found out about this.."

Peter nodded in agreement, because he knew those people has been keeping tabs on his boss.

".. I don't know what their plan is now. Henry and his.." he was cut off by the sound of the doorbell ringing.

They both snapped their heads towards the door, they already knew was behind the door.

"That should be your wife, sir"

"I know"

"This is the third time she's knocking, should I give her the same response?" Peter asked.

Thanatos stared at the door a few more seconds, the doorbell rang again.. he sighed heavily.

"I don't think I'm ready to face her, tell her I'll come to her place later"

"Yes, sir" Peter replied.

He headed towards the door, he opened it and truly it was Jasmine standing behind the door. 

"Hi" she waved at Peter with a smile.

"Mrs O'Briens" Peter greeted her with a small bow.

Jasmine blushed at that, she's tried to stop Peter from addressing her as Mrs O'Briens.. but he wouldn't listen.

"Where's Thanatos?" She asked.

"Mr O'Briens is receiving a business call, he said he'd come over to your place later"

She frowned, she suddenly felt like Thanatos is purposely avoiding to see her.. but she nodded anyway. 

"Alright, inform him that his dinner is getting cold"

"Yes, Mrs O'Briens"

"Oh.. tell him, I'm waiting to eat with him and I also have something very important to tell him.. he should be fast" she said with a shy smile.

"Yes, Mrs O'Briens"

Jasmine tilted her head, trying to take a peek inside wether she would see Thanatos.. but she didn't.

She nodded and smiled, then turned back and left. 

Peter turned and went back to his boss, doesn't need to repeat what jasmine just said.. because Thanatos heard her clearly. 

"Henry and mom must be planning something already. I'll go back to Chicago tomorrow, you'll stay here to protect my wife and son"

"When are you gonna come back to Las Vegas?"

"On Wednesday" Thanatos replied.

Peter did some calculations.

"That should be four days from now"

"Yes.. I don't wanna hear my son or wife went missing.. both of them are my life, protect them as if you're protecting me!"

"Yes, sir"

"I'm leaving my family in your care".

Thanatos got up, he headed towards his room.

"Book a flight for me tomorrow"

"Are you not using your jet?"


"Alright, sir"


Adele's pov 👙

".. from all the tests we've done, you're very ok and can be discharged today if you want.. but I strongly advise you stay at the hospital for observation" the doctor said.

I shook my head.

"I'm fine, I'll be discharged today"

I can't spend a day on a hospital bed, if I continue to stay here now that I'm awake.. I'll start throwing up at the smell of medicines.

"Alright.." he turned his gaze to Clark.

Clark's been standing by the door quietly, I guess he doesn't want me to chase him out.. hence he stayed silent.

".. Mr Evans, please come with me to complete the paperwork"

"Wait.. why is he completing the paperwork while I'm awake?" I asked.

"That's because he's your boyfriend" the doctor said and left before I could ask another question.

I glared at Clark, but he simply winked at me. I grabbed a pillow and stared punching it, while imagining I'm actually punching him.

"I hate him! I hate him!"

I wish I hadn't bumped into him that day... I wish I had 6million, I would have paid for his shirt and we wouldn't be in this mess.

"I hate being poor!" I lament. 


Jasmine's pov 👙

I took long strode towards the door, when I heard the doorbell rang.

"You're here" I said with a smile.

It's Thanatos standing outside, though I had expected him to come earlier than this.. he walked in.

"Where's Davis?" He asked.

"He's sleeping"

He frowned slightly.

"He still haven't woke up?"

"He woke up and ate dinner, then went back to sleep... I guess he was too tired from shopping" I said.

Thanatos and I walked towards the dinning table, he looked around in surprise when he saw the romantic setting.. candle lights and roses...

"What's going on?" He asked.

"We're on a date" I answered.

"A date?" I nodded. "Baby, we're dating in your apartment?" He chuckled lightly.

I pulled out a chair for him, he stared at me strangely.

"Baby, I'm supposed to be the one pulling chairs for you"

"Well, I'm gonna pull out chairs for you just this once.. since I asked you out" 

I indirectly asked him out, because we're having this date in my apartment. 

"Ok, I guess today's my lucky day.. I should enjoy it while it lasts" he said and sat down.

I rushed to my chair and sat down, he took a proper look at me and smacked his head.

"F**k! My baby looked smoking hot and I didn't realized it in time" he said.

He's right, I was wearing a very short hot gown.

"I hope I'll get some of this hotness tonight" he added.

"It's possible" I replied.


I laughed.


"Ohh, man!" He grumbled.

I served our food and drinks.

"Peter told me you have something very important to tell me?"

"Let's eat first, I'm starving" I said. 

He laughed and shook his head.

"Glutton!" He whispered.

We started eating, well, he's eating but I'm wolfing down my food..

"I really need to register you in that gymnastics class" he mocked me.

"Let me alone me, please... I need energy to control that bull you call a son" I said.

I referred to Davis as a bull because he's very stubborn..he laughed and did a funny face at me.

"So.. what did you wanted to tell me?" He asked. 

I reached for my glass of water and took a few gulps.

"You said you wanted me to give you a chance, to be in our lives.. Davis and I?"

He stopped eating at once, he dropped his spoon and nodded quickly.

"Well, I've been thinking about it.. you weren't fully at fault, I shouldn't have left in a haste.. so, I think we both deserve another chance" 

He blinked.

"Does that mean... " He trailed off.

He must be making guesses in his mind now, and I know his guesses are right.. I should just confirm it for him.

"Yes! I'd like to have you as my boyfriend again"

He sprint out of his chair, knocking it off in the process.. he rushed to me and hugged me from behind.

I got up and he hugged me tightly, showering my neck with kisses.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you baby" he chanted.

I simply giggle.. because I'm feeling ticklish from all the kisses he's showering on my neck.

"Does that mean you'll tell Davis I'm his father?"

"Hey, let's take it slow.. we can't just spring it on Davis like that"

He nodded in agreement, he sat on my chair and sat me on his laps.

"Can your legs withstand my heavy a*s?" I asked.

He spanked my a*s lightly.

"Of course, I can't get tired" he replied.

I reached for a grape on the table and popped it in my mouth.

"Baby, you don't know how happy I am right now.. I wasn't expecting you'd accept me back so soon"

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting that too" I replied.

I thought I would never let him back in my life, but I just couldn't help myself.. he's my first love and I think he'd be my only love till eternity!

"I'll be going back to Chicago tomorrow!"

My happy mood suddenly turned sour, I just accepted him back and he's already leaving?

Is he planning on leaving like he did before?

"Why are you leaving?" I asked.

I'm seriously controlling myself from exploding, cause I'm beginning to get angry right now...

"I have something to do back home, if I don't settle it.. it's gonna cause chaos later"

"Is it something related to your company?"

"No... don't worry, I'll be back on Wednesday.. I might even come back earlier" he answered.

He said he's coming back on Wednesday.. then why do I have this uneasy feeling.. like this is a goodbye from him.

"I don't want you to go" I said.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I don't want him to leave since I'm having a weird feeling.

"I can't ignore this issue, it's very important and it determine my future plans" 


"Don't be sad, I'll be back before you know it and I'll take you and Davis out.. to have fun as one family" he said.

He cupped my face in his hands and kissed my lips lightly. 

It seemed like he's made up his mind about going back, there's nothing I can do that would make him change his mind.

I took a deep breath and sighed, it's better I push away any bad thought... and trust he's gonna come back to me. 

I reached for my phone and played the music I have already selected.

"Let's dance" I told him.

He nodded and I got up. His hands goes to my waist and mine went around his neck.. then we started moving to the beat.


Writer's pov 👙

              O'Briens resident...(Chicago)

Henry strode into the kitchen, where his mother is making some deserts.

"Mom" he called her and smiled.

His mother turned to face him, she stared at him curiously when she saw him smiling.

"I just heard my kid brother is coming back tomorrow"

"Oh? Why is he suddenly coming home.. after five years?" She asked.

Henry shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know and I don't care, I just wanna throw him a surprise welcome home party.. and I need your help"

His mother frown.

"You want to throw him a party?! Aren't you seeing this is an opportunity?!"

He laughed.

"Not all parties are fun and accidents are very common in parties.. like falling chandelier.. if you know what I mean"

His mother thought about it deeply and finally understood what he meant... They both smirked at each other.

"Let's start making plans for this welcome party" 

"Yeah... It's gonna be so much fun!" Henry said and smirked.


(When the Love is gone )

Episode 26


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Adele's pov 👙

"Will you quit following me?!" I snapped at Clark.

He's being following me since I left the hospital, he had got into the same taxi I boarded.. before I could even shut the door.

"I'm sorry, ok.. it was reckless of me to think of revenging you in this way"

I scoffed.

Reaching for my pockets.. I searched for my keys, that's when I remembered it's in my backpack... which I left at Mike's kitchen. 

"I'm really sorry, we can start again.. as friends"

"Sorry?! Start as friends?!"

He nodded, which made me scoffed again.

"If I had died, would you come to my grave to say sorry? Would you come to my grave and ask us to be friends?"


"What kind of friends are we gonna be then? Ghost friends?"

He couldn't speak, he was just gaping at me. I turned away from him and searched under the doormat.. my spare key's there.

I reached for it and quickly opened the door, I pushed it open and stepped in.. Clark wanted to rush in too but I stopped him in time.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

My body leaned on the doorframe, blocking the way and folding my arms on my chest.


"I said you should go back to your hotel room, I don't wanna see you.. what's so hard to understand there?" 

He raised a small plastic bag in his hand, my medicines and other stuffs are inside.

"I just want to make sure you take your medicine in time" he said.

"Don't worry, hand it to me.. I can take them on my own"

I reached for the bag, but he refused to give it to me...rather he moved it from my reach.

"Medicines are not something I'm scared of, after all I'm not a kid anymore... I know how to care for myself" I said.

"I know you aren't scared, I just wanna take care of you.. at least cook something for you to eat, before taking the drugs"

"You don't need to take care of me, I'm capable" 

"Yeah, I know you're capable... "

"Then leave for pete sake!!" I snapped angrily.

He's making me even more angry at him now, I don't want to see him at all.. his presence is irritating.

"I'm not leaving. I caused this and it's my duty to take responsibility for my actions... I'll leave after making sure you're ok!" He said firmly.

He pushed me gently from the way, he walked inside and left me standing there speechlessly..

My mouth hanged open, with no words coming out.

"This is my house and you're intruding!"


Jasmine's pov 👙

"That was a good song" Thanatos said.

I nodded in agreement, as I reached for my phone and stopped the music. 

He wrapped his arm around my waist, hugging me from behind.. he placed a lingering kiss on my neck.

"I still can't believe you've accepted me back" 

"Me too... I wanted to make you suffer for leaving me, but..." I cut myself off.

Making him suffer is also making me suffer.

I mean, I'm still in love with him and no matter how hard I try to deny it... the fact remains that I'm still very much in love with him.

"I'm feeling so sleepy now" he said.

"Of course, running about the mall with Davis isn't a very good idea.. that boy is full of energy"

"Yeah.. but he's my son and it's my job to play with him"

I scoffed loudly, if he continues playing with Davis like this.. he'll pass out from fatigue someday.

"Why are you scoffing, he has no playmate.. we are his playmates" he said.

"Of course.."

"Or... would you like us to give him another playmate?"

I frowned slightly.

"Another playmate?"

"Yeah.. we can make a kid sister for..." 

He coughed and swallowed his words, as I elbowed his stomach.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" I rebuked him.

Even though I can't get pregnant again, I still don't like the idea of him suggesting we have another baby.

Davis is enough, we don't need another Davis.. this Davis has enough energy to break down even the strongest man on earth!

"I was just joking, baby, are you trying to murder your husband?" He asked.

"Yeah.. if he says something that upsets me" I replied.

His arms goes around my waist again, but I removed them and started clearing up the dinning table.. he quickly joined me.

"After we do the dishes, I think we should go to sleep" he said.


"I have an early flight tomorrow" he replied.

I rolled my eyeballs mentally, must he remind me of his upsetting trip?

"What time are you leaving?" I asked anyway.


"Hmm" I simply hummed in response. 

I carried the plates I had gathered and head towards the kitchen, he also followed me.. with plates in his hands.

"Are you upset about me leaving tomorrow?" He asked me.

"You're not gonna say even if I say yes"

He chuckled lightly.

"Baby, please understand, I must go back home tomorrow or else we... "

"Thanatos, please" I cut him off. "Let's do the dishes and go to bed.. I'm tired"

He knew I'm feeling upset, so he nodded in understanding and we started doing the dishes in silence.


The sound of water running woke me up from sleep, I looked beside me and found it empty.

Thanatos must be the one inside the bathroom.

My eyes met the wall clock and sighed, it's 5:01am.. he must be getting ready to leave, but why is he bathing at my place? 

I should go check on Davis first, he might have woken up by now... I got off bed and headed out.

Arriving at Davis's room, I pushed the door open. Davis was still sleeping soundly, when I stepped in. 

He's being sleeping a lot since yesterday, which makes me wonder why.. or could it be he's sick?

I reached for his forehead, testing his temperature with my palm.. I realized he's kinda hot.

Just then, I heard the doorbell rang.. leaving Davis be for now, I headed to the living room.

"Hey" I said when I opened the door.

"Good morning, Mrs O'Briens" Peter greeted me.

"Yeah... Good morning" I replied.

He stretched out a bag to me, I collected it and stared at him in confusion.

"That's Mr O'Briens suit, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like you to give it to him.. and also let him know his flight is taking off in fifty minutes" he said.

"His flight is taking off in fifty minutes?"

He nodded. "Yes, ma'am"

I didn't say anything more, I simply nodded and thanked him with a smile.. then walked in.

Thanatos was already coming to the living room, with a towel wrapped around his waist. 

"Oh.. baby, you're awake" he said, smiling at me.

I rolled my eyeballs at him, as if he didn't just left the room..he wanna say he didn't found the bed empty..or is my ghost still sleeping there?

"Yeah.. he's your suit.. your flight is taking off in fifty minutes" I murmured.

He took a step closer to me, but I took two steps back. I threw his suit at him, which he catched with ease. 

"You're mad at me" he stated.

"I'm not"

"You are"

He threw the suit on a sofa and stepped closer to me, he pulled me flushed against him before I could resist.

"Baby, I wouldn't have to go back home if this isn't important.. it's a matter of life and death" he said.

"It's a matter of life and death, but you don't wanna tell me what it is"

He cupped my face and pecked my lips.

"I can't tell you now, until I confirm it from my dad" he said.


He placed a finger on my lips, silencing my words. He snatched his suit from the sofa and headed to my room. 

I slumped onto a sofa, a scoff left my mouth.

Why did I give him a chance so soon? Why did I accept him back? 


"Baby, I'll call you when I arrive Chicago" 

I pretended as if I wasn't hearing him and continued combing Davis's hair... seriously, I don't want him to go back to Chicago.

There's this nagging feeling at the back of my mind, that something is gonna happen.

"Stop being angry at me, baby.. if you knew why I'm going back, you wouldn't be mad at me"

"Then let me know why you're going back" I said.

He shook his head.

"I can't tell you now, I should resolve it first.. else you won't believe me" he replied. 

"You can't tell me or you don't want to tell me?" I asked.

"I can't tell you.. for now"

"Don't go, I have feel good about you traveling back"

"I must travel back.. and I promise I'll make it up to you and Davis when I get back" he said.

I scoffed and didn't say a word.

He's being stubborn, there's nothing I would that could change his mind at this time. 

"Safe trip then" I told him.

He smiled, he leaned down and kissed my cheek. He also kissed Davis's forehead, but Davis's too focused on his cookies to pay Thanatos any attention right now.

"I'll be back in three days" he said, I simply nodded and he left.

My eyes fixed in the door he just walked through, there's a voice telling me to go stop him now..but I can't do that.

Thanatos is a grown up man, he can take care of himself and nothing's gonna happen to him..I'm just being paranoid. 

While still in my train of thoughts, I heard the theme song of PJ masks playing on the TV.

"Momma, are you done yet?" Davis asked anxiously, I know it's because of PJ masks.

"Yeah.. go on" I answered.

He quickly got up and rushed to the living room, he balanced himself on a sofa and focused on the tv.

I wonder what's so interesting about cartoons.. that it could draw kids attention within seconds. 

The main door suddenly burst open and I heard...

"Such a wicked friend!"

I rolled my eyeballs, since I already know who it is.

"I was dying in the hospital, but an evil friend failed to visit me!" 

"Who said I didn't come? I came yesterday" 

She scoffed and headed towards the kitchen.

"I didn't see you when I woke up" 

"I swe..." 

I wanted to swear, but quickly swallowed my words when I remembered Davis is around.

".. I really did visit you"

"That is not true!" She said.

Ok... I guess we're in for a very long argument today.


Thanatos pov 👙

            3 hours, 45 minutes later....

The plane just landed at Chicago few minutes ago, and I already got off.

My eyes scanned the place and squinted on their own, I could see Henry's men hanging around.

I smirked..I know he must have had an information about me coming home.

"Mr O'Briens, welcome back" I Reuben say.

Reuben is my substitute assistant, he runs errands my assistant... couldn't due to her being occupied with something else.

"Sir, your pick up car is here" he said.

I nodded and let him lead the way. He led me towards a Lexus Rx.

"This is it, sir" he said.

I stared at him with a raised eyebrow, then studied the car.

"Why is it a Lexus?" I asked him.

"Sir.. all your cars are at the car wash, only this Lexus was available" he answered.

I studied the car again, then sigh.. I shouldn't be bothering about car models.

"Give me the car key" 

"Sir?" He asked as if he didn't hear me clearly the first time.

"I said give me the car key" I repeated.

"But Mr O'Briens, I was assigned to drive you home" he said. 

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Who's the boss here?" I asked.

"You" he replied.

I glared at him, stretched out my hand and without hesitation, he put the keys in my hand. 

"I don't like it when my decisions are being questioned or opposed" I told.

"Yes, sir"

I opened the driver's door and slide in, I threw my suitcase on the passenger seat.. before starting the car.


Few minutes into the drive, my phone started ringing. I wanted to ignore the call at first, but a name flashed.


It's Jasmine calling me, her call is something I can never and will never ignore.

"Hello, baby, missing me already?" I teased her.

"You wish!" She replied.. I can already imagining her rolling her eyeballs.

I laughed briefly.

"I just wanted to know whether you're home already" she said.

"No, driving there" 

"Hmm... Ok, I'll just call you back later"

"Baby, you..."

She ended the call before I could complete my words, I laughed and shoved the phone back in my pocket.

I forgot about concentrating on the road, while talking with Jasmine.

After I shoved the phone in my pocket, I raised my head and saw a big trailer heading straight at me.. in a very high speed. 

I quickly stepped on the brakes, but it unexpectedly failed me.. I lifted my head and saw the trailer getting closer.

Fear gripped me at once, I held the steering tighter and wanted to divert the car's direction.. but it's still not working.

I have never been scared of anything, I've had a near death experience...but I've never being this scared.

What is happening for f**k sake?! Why isn't nothing bloody working?! 

This car isn't old and I don't think it should be facing these problems... what happened?!

That's when it occured to me... I've been set up... I fell into Henry's trap!

But it's too late to turn back and nothing is even working...

At that moment my son's face flashed in my eyes, I saw Jasmine's smiling face.

I suddenly felt myself sweating profusely... Jasmine's words replayed in my head.

*Don't go*

*I don't have a good feeling about this trip of yours*

*I don't want you to go back*

She was so reluctant to let me go, she just made me believe in what they say... always trust a woman's intuition.

Has I listened to her, I wouldn't have fallen in this trap...d*MN!

This was a miscalculation from me.

I wanted to jump out through the window, but it's too late for that now..

The next sounds I heard was a very, very loud crash... and a very loud scream that left my mouth. 

Immediately the scream left my mouth, I lost consciousness!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 27


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

A very tired groan left my mouth, my eyes met the wall clock and sighed... 4 hours.

Adele has been complaining about how I abandoned her at the hospital.. for four hours!

Even Davis is getting tired of her nagging, he was watching his cartoons when she came in.. now he's glaring daggers at her.

Which I can't blame him for, after all... her grumbling is making it difficult for him to concentrate. 

"Momma, I wanna sleep" Davis said.

"Come to momma"

He rushed to me, he sat between my legs and rest his head on.. it didn't take long before he dozed off.

"...left me with that murderer in the hospital, you didn't even consider the fact that..."

My eyes landed on my phone laying on the sofa, it's still off.. I'm expecting a call from Thanatos.. he said he'd call me when he arrives.

It's more than four hours already, he's supposed to call by now..cause I believe he's arrived.

She banged on the table and caught my attention.

"I'm talking but she's not even listening to me!" She growled. 

I blinked and smiled forcefully at her. 

"She's not show any remorse for her sin"

My eyes flicked back to my phone, she caught this movement and sighed...

She furrowed her eyebrows instantly, there's are small frown lines on her forehead...her hands balanced on her waist.

"Can you tell me why your eyes keep peeking at your phone?"

She squinted her eyes after speaking.

"I'm actually waiting for Thanatos call" I replied, sounding a bit worried...or scared.

"Why are you waiting for his call? Isn't he coming back to his apartment?" She asked.

I didn't reply, but shook my head.

"He's travelled back to Chicago, he promised he'd call me when he arrives..but up till now, he hasn't called me"

She studied me for a brief moment, then burst into a bright smile.

"Someone is in loveeee" she said, emphasizing on the love.

I ripped my eyeballs and checked my phone again, there are no single call or message from him yet...

Maybe I should just give him a call instead, but what if my call disturbs him? 

I guess he's settling somethings over there... he'll call me later.

"It's been five years, Jas... you've locked your heart for five years now"

She paused and stared at me, as if she's expecting me to say something...but I don't speak.

"You've been through so much these five years, you have sacrificed everything so many things for Davis...which I'm not saying is bad" 

I chuckled at her last speech, I already know what she wants to say..but I'm still listening.

"But, I think it's time you do some somethings for yourself too"

I nodded and pretend like I'm a little bit lost.

"I don't really get what you mean"

"Give your heart a second chance, give Thanatos a second chance to love you... I can tell he's quite serious this time" she said.

I burst into a very brief laughter.

"Did I say anything funny?" Adele asked as she gave me a mystified look.

"No, it's just..." I came to a halt.

She stared at me, waiting for me to complete my words.

"... Thanatos and I are already together again..."

"What?!" Adele obtrude with a small shout.

I nodded to confirm. Then she stared at me a little bit, feeling flabbergasted.

"Am I your friend?" She asked.

"Of course, you're my best friend in the whole wide world"

"Do you consider me as one?" 

Her eyebrows instantly furrowed as she asked this, to show how serious she is.

"You don't tell me anything at all...I get to find out some things about you at the last minutes" she grumbled.

"I didn't have the chance to tell you yet, because it happened last night..."

Her continuous sighing made me swallowed my words, I mean, she wasn't even giving me any chance to explain myself.

"Well...I'm still happy for you, even if you're treating me like an enemy"

I adjusted Davis in my arms, when I felt him turn...I balanced his neck.

"Was that why you didn't visit me at the hospital?"

Oh my God! She ain't gonna let this hospital topic go.

"Adele, I'm really serious, I came to the hospital immediately I heard the news"

"Then why didn't I see you?!"

I shut my eyes and sucked in enough air, to give me more strength to start another explanation.

"You didn't see me, because your sweetheart said he's..."

She passed me a disapproving glare, for calling Clark her sweetheart.

I bite back a laugh at her expression. 

".. why are you glaring at me, he's clearly in love with you" I said.

She shook her head, and shudder at the mere thought of them being together.

"I don't want his love, Arthur is gonna come back soon and we'll get married and live happily ever after" she said with those dreamy eyes.

I cringed while staring at her, she's behaving like one of those fan girls chasing after stars.

"Hold onto Clark, he might be the one for you" 

"I rebuke your prophecy" she said and I chuckled lightly. 

"Arthur might already have someone over there in Japan" I chimed in.

She furrowed her eyebrows.

"Why would you say that? Are you wishing I stay single in this lifetime?"

I wanted to reply her, but the doorbell suddenly.

We both turned our heads towards the door, I'm wondering who's at the door.. but Adele seem to know who's there already.

"Help me get the door" I told her.


From her expression and with the way she's glaring at the door, I think it's Clark standing there.

"He's just here to disturb my life again" she said under her breath.

I bite back another laugh, Adele is one hell of a character..though fun to be with.

"He might be here for something very important, you can't just conclude he's here to disturb you...not everything revolves around you, Adele"

She scoffed.

"Then why else would he come here? To play with you? Or to play with Davis that's already asleep?" She asked gesturing to Davis.

I laughed and carried Davis on my shoulder, then got up slowly.

"It's possible he's here to play with me, since his friend isn't here with me"

She leaned back on the sofa, she reached for the remote control and turned on the TV.

"Well, I hope so" she simply uttered.

My legs took quick steps towards the door, I opened it and truly Clark's standing outside...

He smiled when he saw me.

"Good morning, Jas" he greeted cheerfully.

"Yeah, good morning"

My eyes caught the medicines in his hands, that's when I realized something.

"Adele, when are you gonna outgrow your fear for drugs?" I asked her.

Adele actually came here, to hide away from him because of these.. I shook my head.

"Please come in" I told Clark.

"No! Don't let him in" she quaked from the living room.

I ignored her and made way for Clark, he smiled and stepped in.

"Thank you" he said as he walked in.

"Why did you let him in?" Adele lamented when he saw Clark walk in.

Immediately she saw Clark approaching her, she got up and got set to run.

"I.. I brought some candies with me this time" Clark said.

Adele shook her head, Clark dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out some candies.

"Look, I'm not lying"

"I just don't want the drugs" she said.

"Come on, I'll make sure you don't taste the bitterness"

"No, you said the same thing last night...those drugs are as bitter as hell"

He walked towards her, but she ran away from there.. I sighed.

I better go put Davis to sleep, I can't stay here and watch this drama with Davis's weight on my shoulder.


Writer's pov 👙

             Chicago O'Briens resident...9:20am!

The O'Briens sat round the big glassy dinning table, they're just having their breakfast.. together.

It was a silent breakfast, since everyone seemed to be focused on their meal.. there's nothing to talk about.

Or Maybe, it's an habit not to talk while eating.. or maybe, they are all pressing what they want to say.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and a maid rushed to get it...few seconds later, she rushed back to them.

"Sir, it's Robert" she said to Mr O'Briens.

"Oh.. let him in" his wife (Henry's mother) piped in before he could reply.

Though the maid heard her, but she was still waiting for Mr O'Briens opinion.

Mr O'Briens suspire, he turned to the maid and nodded.

The maid rushed back to the door, while Mr O'Briens went back to eating.

"Good morning, Mr O'Briens and Mrs O'Briens" Robert greeted.

His greetings were directed to Henry, his mother and jade.

"Good morning, dear, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine ma" he replied her.

Then he turned to Mr O'Briens, he reached for his phone and started typing.

"Mr O'Briens, an urgent news just got to us.. though, it has circulated yet" Robert reported. 

"What's the urgent news?" Mr O'Briens asked.

Instead of saying it with his mother, Robert showed Mr O'Briens a video.. Henry and his mother stretched their necks, to get a glimpse. 

"What?!" Mr O'Briens hissed.

His right hand resting on the table gripped it tightly, as fear flowed through his veins.. he doesn't want to believe what he's seeing in this video.

"Where's he right now?"

"He's already taken to Grace's hospital" Robert replied.

Henry and his mother exchange looks at that comment, they both seem to know what's going on.

"Quick, suppress the news.. no one should find out about this, especially her" he said.. specifying on "her"

"Yes, sir"

"Go!" Robert nodded, he bowed slightly and rushed out. 

Mr O'Briens got up, there's a deep frown on his forehead and fear could be seen in his eyes.. his wife held his hand.

"What happened? Where are you going?" She asked in a very sweet but fake tone.. 

He stared at her briefly, the snatched his hand frome her.

"Thanatos was involved in an accident!" He said curtly.

Jade stopped eating instantly when she heard her husband's name.. joy suddenly overwhelmed her.

But it quickly faded, when she remembered what her father-in-law just said 

"He's involved in an accident?" Mrs O'Briens gasped in shock.

"Hmm" Mr O'Briens simply hummed and headed for the door.

"Dad, I'll come with you" Jade said.

Mr O'Briens nodded in agreement, she got up and rushed after him.

Immediately they stepped out, Henry and his mother began to laugh hysterically.

"I think I love your welcome party" Mrs O'Briens said.

Henry scoffed and smirked.

"I'm not satisfied yet, I'll go see for myself"


"Grace, how's my son? Is his condition critical?" Mr O'Briens asked.

He's just arrived at the hospital a few minutes ago, he met Grace on her way rushing to the ICU.

"Mr O'Briens, we don't know for now" she said professionally.

He frowned at her for being professional, but didn't say a word.

"As you can see we're just about to attend to him now..just be patient and let us apply treatment immediately" she said and rushed off.

Mr O'Briens just stood there, staring at her until she walked into the ICU..he stared until the doors closed.

He took a deep breath and sat on a nearby bench, Jade sat next to him and held his shoulder in a comforting manner.

"Dad, he'll be fine" she said.

Mr O'Briens nodded and exhaled slowly.

"Yeah..I know, I'm just worried as a father should" he replied.

His eyes moved to the door again.

Jade sighed, this is the first time she'll be seeing her husband face to face...but she had to see him under such condition.


Jasmine's pov 👙

                    Las Vegas...

I tired Thanatos number again, it's still not reachable.

With a frustrated groan, I threw my phone on the bed and fell on my bed.

Thanatos hasn't called me yet and I can't get to him yet, which is making me very uncomfortable.

I don't understand why, but I kept having this weird feeling that something is wrong...

Suddenly, my ringtone blared loudly and I quickly reached for it, an automatic brightness enveloped my face.

It must be Thanatos.

But the brightness vanished, when I'm met with disappoint.. it's just Arthur calling, a video call.

I quickly answered it.

"Hey, Arthur" I said in a dull tone.

"Hey, Jas!" He chirped cheerfully.

I cleared my throat.

"Someone is happy" 

He nodded and looked at something behind him, then a woman's shorts appear.

My eyebrows furrowed slightly, what's a woman doing by Arthur's side? Is my prophecy working so soon?

"Hi, Jasmine!"

I tensed at once when I saw who the woman is.

"Victoria" I whispered.

Arthur threw his arm around her waist, he kissed her cheek and turned to me with a warm smile.

Though, Victoria looked like she's smiling at me too, but she's actually glaring at me.

"Jas, I wanted to inform you about this before I come back to Las Vegas... Victoria and I met.. we've reconciled" he said.

Victoria nodded in response, a smirk at the corner of her lips.

"You've reconciled?" I asked.

"Yeah.. so, I won't be bothering you anymore" he said.

Hmm... Victoria came back all of a sudden and reconciled with him? 

Impossible! That's not Victoria! She must be back for something else.. she came back with a motive. 

But what could she possibly want from Arthur? What does he has that she wants to get? 

His company? No, I don't think so.

Or could it be...

"Me?!" I gasped out.

"Huh? You.. what?" Arthur asked.

My eyes moved to Victoria, maybe she's guessed what I'm thinking.. her smirk grew wider and her eyes held a promise.

A promise I wouldn't interpret.

"Jas? You're spacing out" he said.

I looked away from Victoria and cleared my throat.

"You've found your love.. what about Adele?" 

He made a funny face and shrugged.

"Well, she should look for someone who'd love and cherish her... that person is not me" he said.

If only he knows Victoria doesn't love him too... Or maybe I'm just being paranoid. 

"Hmm, she's found the one but too blind.. no, too obsessed with you to see him" 

Arthur and I laughed at my lame joke, but Victoria simply rolled her eyeballs.

This girl is definitely back to revenge me, she sees me as the barrier that destroyed her relationship.

"So when are you coming back?" I asked.

"I don't know yet.. but it'll be soon" he replied.

I nodded.

Victoria whispered something in his ear and he smiled, he faced me. 

"We have to go now, Jas, I'll call you some other time" he said and before I could reply, Victoria hanged up.

I sighed and rolled my eyeballs. 


Jade's pov 👙

              Chicago... Home of Hope hospital.

My father-in-law was still staring at the doors, when my mother-in-law and brother-in-law came in.

He haven't took his eyes off the door, and he still didn't take his eyes off to look at his wife.

It's clear, very clear that he loves Thanatos more than Henry.

"Mom, you can sit here" I told her and got up.

She sat where I was sitting and whispered a thank you to me, her voice very low.. above whisper.

Mom reached for dad's hand and squeezed it gently, dad finally looked away from the door and faced her.

"How's Thanatos? What did the doctor say?" She asked.

"Nothing yet. They're still working on him" dad replied.

Henry sighed beside me, I just noticed I'm standing near him.

"Thana, must be going through a lot of pains right now.. I pray he makes it, I don't wanna lose my brother" he said.

What a lovely family, they all love each other. If only my family is half as good as this.. I don't even know where my sister is.. I don't know what happened to her after she left. 

"Jade, go get a bottle of water for your dad" mom said.

I nodded and headed towards the exit. Immediately I stepped outside, I heard Henry called me.

I stopped and waited for him, he jogged towards me.

"Mom said I should accompany you" he said.

"Oh.. thanks" I replied.

Though his presence here, isn't necessary.. but I didn't complain, I just let him follow me.. mom's just being caring.

"Jade, Thanatos is back and you'll finally see him.. how do you feel?" He asked. 

A smile spread on my face at his question.

"Happy... Very happy" 

After five years, I can finally meet the man I'm married to, I can openly crush on him and make him love me back.

"I guess you love him"

I nodded quickly. He studied my expression for a few seconds, then chuckled lightly.

"How much do you love him?" He asked.

"Am I allowed to say 200%?"

He laughed at my ridiculous question, he flicked my forehead and shook his head.

"Silly girl, do you really love him that much?"


He nodded and heaved a sigh.

"Well, I don't think he'll ever love you as much"

I rolled my eyeballs, I know he doesn't love me..but he (Henry) doesn't have to remind me.

"Hmm... it's normal he wouldn't love me at first, we haven't met since we got married...but I can make him love me" I said.

He shook his head.

"That's not possible"

I frowned slightly.

"Why would you say that?"

"Em.. because he's in love with someone else and they have a son together!" He said casually.

I halted at his words, an instant cold engulfed me and I frowned. 

"H-he.. he has a son?" I stutter.

"Yeah... he's five years or six now"

He already has a son? What about me? Does that mean I won't be the heir's mother? 

"Don't panic, I can help you secure your place as the heir's mother.. do you want my help?" 

I quickly nodded my head.

If I don't become the heir's mother, dad would kill me.. he's always reminded me about giving birth to the heir. 

"What should I do?" I asked.

"Simple, we'll get rid of the boy and his mother"


He put his finger on his lips and hushed me.

"We'll wait until Thanatos wakes up.. then we'll know what to do next"


"All you have to do when Thanatos wake, is be a good little wife to him... I'll take care of other things" he smirked.

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 28


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

Adele and Clark are still running round the living room, when I came out of Davis's room.

Heaving tiredly, I slumped onto one of the sofas and rolled my eyeballs.

"Adele, stop stressing Clark and quickly take the medicine" I said.

"No. You don't know how bitter those drugs are" she replied.

"I swear, it's not bitter. You're just..."

I toned them off, as my mind goes back to Thanatos.

He still haven't called me and it's already...my eyes trailed to the wall clock. 

4pm?! Maybe I should retry his number again, I might be lucky this time. 

I reached for my phone and quickly dialed his number again, but I groaned loudly when the automated voice started talking.

"Jas, what's wrong?" Adele asked.

She forgot about Clark who's chasing her, she came to my side and sat next to me.. and stared at me worriedly.

"It's Thanatos, his number is still not reachable" I complained.

Out of anger and frustration, I threw my phone carelessly on the table.

"Do you think something has happened to him?" I asked.

Adele shook her head, disagreeing with my words. From the corner of my eye, I saw Clark sat down on a sofa.

He seem tired from chasing Adele about.

"You're over thinking, he might just be too busy to call you"

"Are you sure?" My brows arched unsurely.

"Yeah.. just let him be, he's gonna call you later" she said.

I simply nodded, but I'm not satisfied yet.. I need to know why he went back to Chicago.

My eyes landed on Clark at the thought of that, they're friends after all.. Thanatos must have told him about this.

"Clark, did Thanatos tell you about his trip to Chicago?"

He shook his head.

"Really? He didn't make mention of it?"

He shook his head again. Honestly, I don't know if I should believe Clark or not.. he's told me a lie before.. five years ago.

"He's fine, just relax" he told me.

I nodded again.

Tomorrow is Monday and Davis will go to school, I better go get his school stuffs ready.. it'll also help take my mind off Thanatos for the time being.


Writer's pov 👙

           Home of Hope hospital.. Chicago.

Mr O'Briens paced to and fro, his eyes remained fixed on the doors as he paced.. his hands folded behind him and his lips folded in his mouth.

It's silent everywhere, except for his footsteps.

Mrs O'Briens and Henry are both sitting next to each other on the bench, while Jade's leaning against the wall.

"Dad, you should sit down for a while" Jade said.

Mr O'Briens shook his head, he continued pacing..just like he's been doing for almost six hours now.

Mrs O'Briens and Henry are just staring at Mr O'Briens, they look as though they're genuinely sad.

Jade stared at the water in her hand, since she bought it Mr O'Briens didn't take even a sip...

She locked gaze with Henry, but quickly look away when his eyes were about passing a message.

Suddenly, the doors opened and Grace walked out.. Mr O'Briens rushed to her.

"Grace, how is my son?" He asked anxiously.

Grace took off her nose mask and hand gloves, she threw them in a nearby waste basket.. a female nurse came and took the basket away.

"Say something, Grace" Mr O'Briens said.

Grace's eyes flicked to Mrs O'Briens, her gaze hardened as she stared at her disgustingly.

The tension in the air is very thick, that it could actually slice anyone's skin...hatred obviously seen in Grace's glare.

Like there's an old grudge between them.

She shut her eyes and turned away from her, she focused her attention on Mr O'Briens.

"It took a lot of efforts and faith from the team" she paused and took in a deep breath. 

Someone tapped Grace on the shoulder, she turned and realized it's one of the intern doctors that worked with her on Thanatos.

"Doctor Grace, we're done cleaning the patient up.. should we transfer him to a ward now" he asked.

Grace nodded in response.

"Yes, take him to one of the private wards" she replied.

The intern doctor walked back and soon, three female nurses pushed Thanatos out on a stretcher. 

Jade tilted her head to get a glimpse of him, while Henry and his mother glared at him.

"Mr O'Briens, please come with me to my office" Grace said.

She eyed Mrs O'Briens one more time before walking off, Mrs O'Briens scoffed and looked away.

Mr O'Briens eyes followed the nurses as they pushed his son away, his eyes red.

"Dad, go on.. I'll look after him" Jade said.

Henry stepped forward and nodded in support. "Yes, Dad. We're here" 

Mr O'Briens locked gaze with his wife, passing a very clear message through his eyes... Don't touch my son! 

"Dad, I'm your son too, you're making me jealous" Henry laughed alone at his lame joke.

Mr O'Briens turned to Jade, he smiled at her and took a deep breath.. before heading towards Grace's office. 


Thanatos pov 👙


It's cold and silent and dark, I can only see a few things... but not clearly.

And I seem to be the only one here, there are no other people.. just me!

How did I end up in a place like this? Last thing I remembered was...

Wait, what was I doing? Where's my wife and son?

"Baby?" I called, but no response.

It's just my voice echoing back to me, the cold suddenly increased.

"Baby? Can you hear me?"

Still no response.

"Davis? Baby?" 

All that met me is nothing but silence, why am I the only one here? And why is it getting darker?

I shouldn't be here, I don't think this is a place for me.

No... I think I'm lost, I should find my way out of here at once. 

I saw a tunnel, there's a ray of light coming from the very far end of the tunnel. 

Without much thoughts, I rushed towards it and hits a barrier.. which sent me flying back and I landed on my butts.

"F**k!" I hissed. 

How come there's a barrier? How then am I gonna leave this place? And this seem like it's the only way out of here.

I can't be caged here, I want to be  together with my family.. Jasmine and Davis.

"Anyone here?!" I shouted. "Someone get me outta here!"


Jade's pov 👙

My eyes focused on his face, this is the first time I'm seeing him and I'm not the least disappointed.

His sharp jawline... perfectly arched eyebrows... paled lips and pointed nose.. made him handsome even under this condition. 

He's got bandages covering almost all his face, but he's still handsome...tell me who wouldn't fall in love with him.

"Remember our deal, be a good little wife to him and leave the rest for me.. you'll have your heir" I heard Henry say behind me.

I'm sitting on a couch next to Thanatos bed, Henry and mom are standing behind me.

"Ok.. but whatever you do, don't harm that innocent child" I said.

He scoffed.

"That child is not innocent, if we don't get rid of him now.. he'll be an hindrance to your son later" he replied.

Killing that innocent child isn't something I wanna do, but putting his words into consideration... I think he's right.

"I'm doing this for your sake, I've seen how you've waited for Thanatos over the years..you spent your youth waiting for him..."

He paused and studied my expression, I don't know what facial reaction I'm giving right now...but he nodded satisfactory.

"... are you just gonna let another woman's son take everything from yours in the future?"

Yeah..I have waited for Thanatos for five years now, my son deserve to be the heir... considering the years I waited for him.

If we let that child stay alive, he'll take my son's place later.. it's better safe than sorry.

"Jade, we're all family after all...we can't do anything that would hurt you or Thanatos" mom chipped in.

All they're saying makes sense, but getting rid of that innocent child is....

Whatever! I can't let someone's bast*rd push my son in a corner later!

"Just do whatever you want to do, I just want to be the heir's mother" 

That's all my dad wants, that's the reason I was sent here.. to birth the heir. 

"Don't worry, I'll do all the dirty work...all you have to do is be his good and beautiful wife" Henry said.

Mom came in front of me, she held my hands in hers and smiled at me.

"We are not only family, but also a team now... we'll be your solid backer in this family, just be obedient and do whatever we ask you"

They're so kind, they really have love for each other.

"Thanks, mom" 

"You're always welcome, darling" she smiled.

She turned to gaze at Thanatos, I also did the same. 


Writer's pov 👙

Doctor Grace's office...

Grace stopped writing and handed some papers to Mr O'Briens.

She took off her eyeglasses and wipes the glasses gently, she stared at Mr O'Briens as he glances through the papers.

"What does all these mean? I don't seem to understand anything" 

Grace cleared her throat.

"That is Thanatos test results" Grace said.

Mr O'Briens nodded, but waited for Grace to continue..since he can't understand what she wrote.

"Tomorrow the x-ray results will come out, then we'll know if he's going to suffer from amnesia.. but he's stable and out of danger now"

Mr O'Briens sighed deeply in relief at that, he shut his eyes and exhaled slowly.

"Thank you very much, Grace"

"I'm just doing my job, Mr O'Briens"

He frowned, this is the second time she's referring to him by his surname.

"Grace, you don't have to be so professional with me" he said.

"I'm sorry, but I have to.. we are not in any way related anymore"

Mr O'Briens furrowed his eyebrows.

"You must know why I tried my best to save Thanatos, I did it because he's my nephew"

He seem to know where this is heading now, he held the papers in his hands tightly and clenched his teeth.

"You know I hate you and your so-called wife!"

Her eyes narrowed as she said those words, her eyes darkened and anger clouded her vision.

"Grace, it's being years"

Grace scoffed.

"Years?! But the wound is still fresh in our hearts!" She banged on the table.

If looks could kill, Mr O'Briens would be six feet under by now.

"I know, I was wrong and.... "

She banged on the table again, louder than the first time and Mr O'Briens flinched back slightly.

"You're not only wrong! You're wicked and evil.. you betrayed my sister and she's paying the price for your crimes!"

Grace got up, her eyes moved to the large picture frame hanging at the other side of her office.

A woman wearing a single gold star necklace... her hair perfectly combed in bridal braids.. her dress neatly sewed with small beads of pearls all over it. 

There's a very beautiful and warm smile on her face.

At one glance, one would know she's a rich woman.. a woman emitting so much grace. 

She's a woman to envy! 

"This woman is paying for your crimes.. while you and your bit*h are enjoying your pathetic life!"

Mr O'Briens blinked rapidly as he looked at the picture, he seem to be holding himself from bursting Into tears.

"I pity my nephew, he didn't get to see his mother.. because some evil people frustrated her life until she gave up!"

"Grace, Maria..."

"Don't say her name!" She bellowed at him. "You're not qualified anymore" she glared at him.

Then turned away from the picture, she blinked away the tears threatening to fall. 

"Leave my office!" 

"Grace, I swear, I wasn't..."

"I said leave!"

Mr O'Briens stayed silent for a moment, his eyes moved to the picture again.. he sighed.

"Thanatos is...."

"Don't worry about him, he's my sister's son... I'll take care of him"

Mr O'Briens nodded, he sucked in some air and stepped out.

Grace turned back to stare at her sister's picture, she couldn't hold herself back anymore.. she burst into tears.

Staring at this picture just seem to bring back those ugly memories...

Memories no one would wish to remember... Memories everyone would pray not to have... Memories that causes so much pains.

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 29


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

Three days later...

"Momma, love you" 

"Love you too, momma"

I leaned forward and kissed his cheek, I ruffled his hair slightly and smiled at him.

We're currently outside Davis's classroom. I adjusted his collar and tucked in his shirt properly.

"Be a good boy, don't fight with your friends.. ok?"

He tilted his head and looked inside his classroom, no, he glared at his classroom.. he scoffed.

"Ok.. what's this face about?" I asked him.

He didn't reply, he just fixed his gaze at a boy sitting behind his (Davis's) desk.

"Promise momma you're not gonna fight him"

He still didn't say anything, he simply collected his lunchbox from me and rushed inside.

I frowned.. what's wrong with this boy these days? He's becoming more rebellious! 

His teacher has been complaining about his behavior lately, she said he's becoming aggressive... picking up fights among his friends.

It's not as if he has any friends though, but since they're all classmates.. they are considered friends.

"Don't you think... you should find out why Davis is becoming rebellious?" Adele asked.

"Hmm... " I hummed and watched Davis until he's already sitting on his desk.

It's being three days already...three days since Thanatos went to Chicago... and we still haven't heard from him... could it be...

"Do you think he's missing Thanatos? Could it be.. he's transferring his aggressions on his classmates?"

Adele chuckled at my suggestion, she shook her head.

"You're just missing Thanatos" she said.

"Yeah, since I'm missing him, Davis would too... remember, Thanatos spoils him a lot... "

I paused and studied Davis, he's staring at a girl who's sitting a few desks away from him.

She's talking with her friends and playing dollies with them, he seem so focused on her.

From the look of things, he's enjoying watching her.. there's a smile on his face.

"... wait, I don't think it's because he's missing Thanatos" I said.


"Come here" 

I pulled Adele closer to me and pointed at Davis, he's still watching the girl.

"Look, Davis has been staring at that girl since he went in" I said.

"Hm.. so what are you tryna say?" She asked.

"I can't be wrong about this, I think my son has a crush on her" 

She turned away from Davis and gave me a questioning look...she stared at me as if I'm nuts.

"Jas, he's just five" she said.

I nodded slowly.

"I know.. that's why he doesn't know it's a crush yet"

"Jasmine, you... "

I toned her off, when I saw the boy sitting on the desk behind Davis's got up.

He walked towards the little girl with his hands hiding behind him, Davis's eyes followed the boy's movements.

He's (Davis) seriously glaring at the poor boy, if looks could kill, Davis would have already murdered this boy.

"... he's just a kid, who's..."

"Adele, watch this" I interrupted Adele.

She stopped talking and paid attention to Davis.

The boy is now standing in front of the girl, he said or asked her something and she nodded.

He quickly brought out his hand and handed the girl a packet of cookies, the girl's eyes lit up.

Just when she was about to accept it, Davis leaned from his desk and snatched it from the boy.

"Hey! That's mine!" The boy yelled.

Davis didn't pay attention, he threw the cookies under his feet and started stomping on it.

"Wait.. is he being jealous?" Adele asked.

"Now you believe me?" I asked her back.

We turned our gaze back to them, Davis and the boy are already holding each other's shirt.

They're throwing punches at each other.. with their tiny hands.

"DAVIS LUCIEN O'BRIENS!" I yelled from outside.

They both quickly pulled apart from each other and turned to me, Davis frowned as he adjusted his shirt. 

Adele and I walked towards them.

I looked at the little girl, she gave me an innocent look.. she doesn't know they're actually fighting because of her.

Even Davis and this boy doesn't know they're fighting, because they both like her.

"Davis, you just promised not to pick up fights with your friends" I said.

Davis simply glared at the boy and scoffed.

"Momma, he's taking my friends!" Davis said pointing at the girl.

"I'm not your friend!" She retorted.

Davis frowned at her words, his eyes flicked to the boy and glared at him, before turning back to the girl.

"You're my friend!"

"No, I'm not!"

"You are!"

"I'm not!"

They both argued, I exchange looks with Adele.. she's watching in amusement.

"Momma, she's my friend" Davis told me.

"But she said she's not your friend, you can't force people to he friends with you"

The girl rushed to the other boy and was helping him with a lose button.. this seem to anger my little man, he frowned deeply.

"She was my friend, but Darren came and she stopped playing with me!" Davis explained to me.

He looked at them again.

"She only plays with Darren now.. everyday!" He said.

Hmm, now I understand why he's jealous. He felt threatened seeing another boy coming closer to her... Well, Mr O'Briens, you're too young for this.

"Davis, she doesn't want to be your friend, because you're always fighting with others...just be a good boy and she'll play with you too" I told him.

"I'm a good boy, momma, but she still plays with him"

I nodded.

"Yeah, that's because they're friends too.. you can't stop her from having other friends aside you"

The boy and girl shook their head.

"Darren is my cousin" the girl said.

"Cousin?" Davis asked.

The girl and Darren nodded, Davis frowned and scratched his head as if he's trying to recall something.

"Brother?" He (Davis) asked.

"Yes" the girl said.

Davis didn't say anything, his cheeks grew red in embarrassment...I don't think this is my son.

We'll talk about this when we get home..no son of mine is having a girlfriend until he's 25years old and independent.

Davis walked closer to Darren and started dusting Darren's uniform.

Without saying a sorry, he ran back to his desk and rested his head on his desk.

"Davis, aren't you gonna say sorry?" I gritted out.

He shook his head without raising it up.

"Davis?" I growled his name lowly.

He quickly raised his head, when he noticed the change in my tone.

"I'm sorry, Darren" he said, then rested his head again.

I eyed him, before turning back to Darren and his cousin.

"Forgive Davis ok? He's your friend and he will never trouble you again.. alright?"

They both nodded, they went back to their desks.

My eyes landed on Davis, I'll just let him be and lecture him later at home.. I'm not gonna have a hooligan as a son! Never! 

"Let's go" I said and pulled Adele along with me.

I'm too mad at Davis to give him a goodbye kiss.

Adele was laughing all the way from Davis classroom, until we reached the main road.

"When are you gonna stop laughing?" I snapped at her.

She didn't stop laughing, instead, her laughter increased.. I glared at her.

"God! I can't believe it, little Davis fighting over a girl"

"Yeah.. it's kinda funny" I pipped in.

"I said it, that boy's gonna be a heartbreaker...that handsome face wouldn't be a waste"

"Not under my watch!"

If I had a daughter, I wouldn't want any boy to break her heart.. therefore, I won't let my boy break any girl's heart!

"Well, Davis shouldn't fight because of any girl.. I'm more than willing to be his girlfriend if he'll have me"

I glared at her.

"My son is not looking for a sugar mummy!"

Adele burst into another fits of laughter at my rebuking words.

There's a cab coming towards us, I reached out my hand and stopped it. 

"Mike's kitchen" I told the driver.


I got in and Adele quickly followed suit, then the driver too off. 


Writer's pov 👙

          O'Briens resident... Chicago!

Henry walked down the stairs, his eyes solely on his phone as he watched a reporter reporting an accident.

Just when he's on the last step, he heard his father yelling at someone on the phone. 

"...I clearly told you to block the news from spreading! What was that showing on screen right now?!"

Henry scoffed and rolled his eyeballs, he turned back and head back to his room.

Mr O'Briens continued shouting, but Henry toned him off since that's none of his business.

Just when he's about to enter his room, his phone started ringing..he checked the caller's ID and smirked.

He quickly received the call.


"Boss, we've done the job"

"I've seen it, you did a great job!" He replied and hanged up.

He entered his room and replayed the video again, his smirk grew bigger as the reporter is talking.

"Now let's wait to watch the real drama!" He said to himself.

Jasmine's pov 👙

"Well, well, well"

Adele and I heard Elvis clapping behind us, we both freezed and slowly turned around.

"So good of you to us" he said.

He's standing with his arms now folded across his chest, a blank expression on.

"This is how you do it, huh?" He asked, gesturing to the back door we just came in through.

Since Adele and I were already late, we wanted to escape from Elvis's scoldings.. so we decided to come in by the back door.

But unfortunately for us, Elvis was already here waiting for us. 

"Elvis, we can explain" I said.

He shook his head in disagreement, he signal is with a finger to follow him.

"We're not going to your office, right?" Adele asked.

"We're going to my office" he answered.

We both groaned. Going to Elvis's office means we're doomed!

It's either we're fired.. which is not gonna be possible, since my boyfriend is the boss.

Or, he's gonna deduct our salary and get four hours of scolding.

"Come in" he said.

I stopped abruptly and bumped into Adele's back, I whispered a small sorry and we stepped into his office. 

"Leave it open" he said when I wanted to shut the door.

He rounded his table and sat on his chair, he leaned back and stared us very briefly.

"Adele, we're sorry about your accident" he said.

His eyes flickered to Adele's head, though it's not heavily bandaged..

"We're really sorry about your accident, also, the company will be responsible for all your medical expenses"

Adele smiled at that.

"The police came here yesterday, they were looking for you.. I think they wanted your statement"

We nodded. 

"I know what happened between you and Mr Evans was a misunderstanding, please go to the station and give your statement.. so Mr Evans can be free"

"I'll do that today" Adele said.

Elvis nodded, he reached for something in his drawer and stretched it towards me... It's a key.

I collected it with a frown.

"Elvis, what's this?" I asked.

"It's the key to the company's safe... "

I cut him off with a gasp, I quickly dropped the key on his table and shoved my hands in my pocket.

Adele turned to me quizzically, I simply shrugged and turned back to Elvis.

"Why are you giving it to me?" 

"... Mr O'Briens ordered I hand it over to you before his trip" he replied.

Thanatos wanted me to have the key to his restaurant's safe? 

"Also, I'll be reporting back to you on our daily expenses" he said.

I shook my head.

"I'm sorry Elvis, but I can't accept this key"

"I'm afraid you must, Jasmine. We need a boss now that Mr O'Briens is on a trip and you're the boss he choose before leaving"

Adele nudged me and I turned to her, she gestured towards the key with a smile and urged me to take it.

"It's your boyfriend's restaurant and you're the only person he trust.. that's why he's handing this responsibility to you"

I turned back to the key on the table, I took a deep breath and picked it up.

"That's it then, you can both go back to your work" Elvis said.

"Wait... I thought Jas is kinda the boss now, she's not supposed to work and as her best friend, I should get that benefit too"

I bite back a laugh, Adele is such a lazy bone.. always looking for ways to avoid working.

Elvis furrowed his eyebrows at her, he searched for something on his table and randomly picked a folder.

He threw it at Adele, but she caught it.

"Get out of my office!" Elvis snapped.

He intended to be serious, but Adele's expression wouldn't let him.. he broke into a smile.

"Leave! Silly girl" Elvis boomed.

Adele dropped the folder and we rushed out at once. 

We burst into laughter, when we've gotten a few meters away from his office. 

"You just love getting on Elvis's nerves"

"Of course" she replied.

"Ok, let's get to work... or Elvis might come out and yell his lungs out" I said.


A tired yawn left my mouth, as I wiped a table.

It's been a very hectic day for us at Mike's kitchen, customers kept coming in... and at a point, we were short on tables to put customers.

Thankfully, after cleaning this table, I'll go take a nap.

Just then, my ears perked up at a name being called on TV.

"... has being in a coma for three days now. The O'Briens family are praying for a quick recovery for their son.. Thanatos Miguel O'Briens and..."

My body tensed at once.

Blood drained off my face and I felt cold breeze blew past me, making me shake in a cold. 

Did I just heard the broadcaster say Thanatos?! Is it the same Thanatos I know?!

I slowly turned and zeroed my eyes on the TV.

I heard a very loud crash.. I felt something fell off my hands.. I heard them break but I didn't look at it.

My eyes remained fixed on the TV.. on the picture I'm seeing on the TV.. on Thanatos picture!

"...the accident was very fatal. The O'Briens family aren't ready to give a comment yet, but many netizens thinks this is a hit and run.... "

All these days Thanatos was involved in an accident?! He's in a coma?! The accident was fatal?!

That's why I couldn't get to him. That's why his phone has been unreasonable all these days...

The TV suddenly goes off.

"Jas, are you ok?" Adele asked me.

I guess I was engrossed in my thoughts, I didn't realize when she got here.. she must have turned off the TV.

"I heard the news, it might not be true don't believe it" she said. 

I shook my head.

"Thanatos... " I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"Don't believe it, it's a fake news"

"No, it's not, I felt it"

I knew something was gonna go wrong... I knew something wasn't right... I tried to stop him.

But he didn't listen. 

My legs started moving towards the exit, Adele caught my hand and stopped me.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Home. Buy a ticket" I said.

My words are a bit weird and incomplete, but that's how I speak when I'm in a state of great shock.

"Buy a ticket?" 

I nodded and she frowned deeply.

"Buy a ticket for what?"

"Chicago!" I said and rushed towards the road to hail a cab.

"Jas, you're not thinking straight" Adele said running after me.

But I ignored her, because I only have one thing in mind... Go to Thanatos!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 30


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

"Jas, you need to calm down and think" Adele said.

She snatched my bag from me and threw my phone at Clark, who caught it with ease... I eyed her feeling angry.

They confiscated my phone, to prevent me from buying a ticket.

"Just let me go, Thanatos needs me now" I grumbled.

Adele shook her head in disagreement, she held my shoulders and led me to a sofa.. she made me sat down.

"Adele, I don't like this. You're wasting my time here" 

"I get that you want to see him, but have you forgotten he's got a wife over there?"

A wife... Yes, his arranged wife is over there.

What if he wakes up and doesn't remember me? What if he thinks he's in love with his arranged wife before his accident? 

I shuddered at the thought and shook my head in denial.

"His parents only know, love and accept his arranged wife as their daughter-in-law..."

She paused and handed something over to Clark, then checked something on her phone.

"... what are you going to tell them your relationship with Thanatos is? That you're his baby's mama?"

I didn't reply, I just stared at the table in front of me.

"You don't know who his arranged wife is, what if she tries to hurt you and Davis?"

"I'm not taking my son with me yet, I'll leave him under your care"

She nodded.

"Even if you leave him under my care, I still won't let you leave.. you're making a haste decision" she said.

Clark's phone beeped and he reached for it, it seem to be a text cause he stared at his phone for quite some time.

"You should calm down and think twice" Adele added.

I wanted to reply, but the door pushed opened and Peter walked in.

"Mr Evans, Miss Rodgers" he greeted Clark and Adele with a nod.

Then turned to me, he bowed slightly.

"Mrs O'Briens!"

I got up and walked towards him, I stopped a few inches in front of him.

"Where have you been? Why didn't you informed me of Thanatos getting in an accident?" I asked.

"I was following orders, ma'am" he answered.

I scoffed.

"Orders?" He nodded. "Orders about what?"

He didn't speak, he bowed his head and was just staring at the floor.

"I wouldn't have known about this if I hadn't watched the news, right?"

Clark cleared his throat and stood up.

"You shouldn't blame Peter too much, maybe Thana ordered him to tell you anything..."

I threw him a very harsh glare and he swallowed his words, but suddenly started talking again.

"...Jas, I don't know if this can make you change your mind about going.. but I believe Thana has a plan" 

Peter quickly nodded in agreement.

"Yes, Mrs O'Briens... Mr O'Briens has a plan and reason for his return"

I arched an eyebrow.

"Does that plan include a fatal accident?" I asked.

"No, but I believe even with this accident, Mr O'Briens plans won't be ruin.. it'll rather make it easier for him"

I blinked and stared at him as if he's nuts.

Adele got up too, she walked towards me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

"You should stay here and wait for his return. He's still in a coma, what will you going there change?"

"It might motivate him to wake up early" I said.

She chuckled.

"What if he's forgotten about you when he wakes up? What are you gonna do?"

I shook my head frantically.

"He can't forget about me, this is all the reason I should go there. Thanatos needs me" 

Seriously, I don't know if going there is gonna complicate things, but I just wanna go and be with Thanatos.

"I'm going to Chicago!" I said with lots of determination.

"What are we gonna do to make you stay?" Clark asked.

"Nothing, I can still buy my ticket without that phone.. so, just simply hand it over" I replied.

They all stayed silent, as if they're meditating over my decision.

But they opinions doesn't matter to me right now, I have made up my mind about going to Chicago.. then I must go, no one can stop me!

Also, I want to see that father of his.. that forced a wife on him. Abd mostly importantly... I want to see his wife.

"Alright, we'll let you go but Peter must come with you.. for your protection!" Clark said.

Well, half bread is better than none...I nodded.

"Adele, please take care of Davis until I get back.. don't let him miss me too much"

She took my hands in hers and nodded.

"Just be careful there, don't take rash decisions" she advised and I nodded in agreement.

She pulled me into a comforting hug, she patted my back slightly before pulling away. 

"Mr Evans, some of my men are around, they'll help keep young Mr O'Briens safe" Peter said.

I rolled my eyeballs.

They're behaving as if this is an action movie.. and they're on set. 

Adele collected my phone from Clark, and handed it back to me. She hugged me once more again.

"Be safe!" Sha whispered.

I nodded and headed out, Peter quickly followed me as he pulled my box along.

"Do you know the hospital Thanatos is admitted?"

"Yes, ma'am" he replied then we continued in silence.


Jade's pov 👙

              Home of Hope hospital... Chicago.

Finally, doctor Grace withdrew the syringe needle from Thanatos hand.

She turned to her nurse and whispered something in her ear, her nurse quickly nodded and wrote on her note.

When they're done, she turned back to dad.

"He's fine, but need someone he's very familiar with to keep him company.. it'll help him wake up quicker" 

Dad nodded and took a glance at Thanatos, he's clearly worried even after doctor Grace said Thanatos is fine.

Doctor Grace looked around, she narrowed her eyes at mom.

"This place is too crowded and it's affecting Thanatos recovery..."

I frowned slightly, looking around.. I also think it's kinda too crowded.. mom, Henry, dad and I are always here everyday to visit him.

Which is obviously not necessary.

"... It's high time some of you stopped coming to visit him. Some visits are just not needed!" She said.

Why do I feel like she's referring to mom and Henry? Are there any grudges between them?

"He's our family, you can't stop us from paying him a visit.. after all we're all worried about him" mom said.

"I can stop you, I'm his attending doctor and I want everyone out... Now!" 

Doctor Grace was glaring at mom, when she said this. Her eyes are dark and her eyebrows furrowed, her lips set on thin lines.

"Bernard, she's asking us out, don't I have any rights to visit my son?" Mom asked dad.

This statement infuriated doctor Grace, she balled her fist by her side.

"He is not your son! My nephew can never be your son!" Doctor Grace growled.

"Bernard, she's yelling at me" mom cried to dad.

Dad turned to say something to doctor Grace, but she didn't give him the chance.

"It's a pity Maria had to sacrifice herself for this!" She said and stormed out.

I frowned at Henry, silently asking him what's going on but he simply shook his head... I sighed.

My eyes settled on Thanatos, it's been three days already and he still isn't showing any sign of waking up yet.

I can't wait for him to wake up and see me. I hope he won't be disappointed, I hope he's gonna love me too.

"Dad, I'm taking mom for a walk" Henry said.

Dad didn't say anything, he simply walked closer to Thanatos and sat by his bedside.

"Mom, let's go!" Henry said when he didn't get any response from dad. 

Mom got up and followed Henry outside, they shut the door behind them.

Dad sighed deeply.

"Jade" he called me.

"Yes, dad!" 

His eyes didn't move from Thanatos, he stared at him with deep regret.. as if he's guilty about something. 

"Thanatos... we don't know when he's gonna wake up" he paused.

I simply wait for him to continue.

"You're his wife, you should stay by side and talk to him.. I believe he'll recover quickly with your help" he said.

I'm his wife, but he's not seen me before.. can I really help him recover?

"Can you stay by his side and keep him company?" He asked.

I nodded. "Yes"

It's my duty to stay by his at this crucial time.

"Thank you" dad thanked me. "I should go by the office, I have heap of files waiting for me" 

He got up, stared at Thanatos a few more minutes before leaving the ward.

Now it's just me and Thanatos, I took his hand in mine and squeezed it gently.

"Hi, Thanatos, I'm Jade, your wife..."

I trailed off. I don't know what else to say to him, because this is actually the first time I'm talking to him.

We've been married for five years, but there's nothing to talk about...we don't have any memories together.

What should I talk to him about?


Thanatos pov 👙

My shoulder bumped the barrier again, but I still couldn't go through... I have been trying to break this barrier but to no avail.

I couldn't hear voices, but they aren't clear... I can't tell who's talking or what exactly they are saying.

With every effort I make to break  this barrier, the stronger it becomes.

But even though it's darkness all around me, I could see two faces clearly...only two faces.

And seeing those faces, two names flashed in my mind.

Jasmine and Davis!

Why am I seeing only their faces? And does it seemed like they're the only people I could remember?

It seemed like I even forgot how I got here, I couldn't recall what I was doing and what brought me here.

All I can remember now is, I have been trying to break this barrier...but why I don't remember.

The only people I could remember..are those two faces. The only name I could remember..are those two names.

Why am I even stuck here? I want to get out, I want to meet Jasmine and Davis. 

"Hi, Thanatos, I'm Jade, your wife..." I finally heard a female voice spoke.

But who is Jade? Who is Thanatos? Are they people I knew? Then again, why can't I see her face? 

"Hey! Jade! Where are you? Can you help me get outta here?" I asked loudly, so she could hear.

But I got no response from her, she stopped talking and I frowned.

"Hey! Are you still there?"

No response.

"Jade?! Can you still hear me?!" I asked.

But there's still no response from her, I sighed and pulled my hair in frustration.

Am I never getting out of here? Am I gonna die here? 

I'm feeling so suffocated here! I need to get out and find Jasmine and Davis! 

But how do I get out when I'm lost here? If only there's someone to help me out!


Jasmine's pov 👙

              Four hours later...

"We're here, Mrs O'Briens!" Peter said.

He got out of the passenger seat, because we boarded a cab.

I didn't wait for him to get the door for me, I opened it myself and dashed out. 

"Have you confirmed his ward?" I asked him.

He was paying the cab driver, when he's done, he turned to me.

"Yes, he's in..."

"Stop talking, just lead the way!" I snapped.

He nodded. "Follow me, please" he said and led the way.

While in a hurry to get to Thanatos, I didn't watch where I was going... I mistakenly bumped into someone.

"Sorry, sorry" I said hurriedly.

Without raising my head to see who I actually bumped into, I rushed after Peter.

Seeing Thanatos is the only thing on my mind... I'm worried.


Writer's pov 👙

"Sorry, sorry" Jasmine muttered and rushed off.

Henry smirked as he watched her rushing after Peter, he nodded.

His mother gave him a confused expression, he gestured towards the direction Jasmine rushed off to. 

"She's here" he said.

"Who's here?" 

"Our long awaited guest, she's here to make the show very interesting"

His mother furrowed her eyebrows, thinking about his words briefly.. she nodded.

She seemed to have understood what he meant, then she smirked too.

"Then what are we doing here? Let's go and watch the show!" 

"After you, milady!" Henry said. 


Jasmine's pov 👙

Peter stopped in front of a door, he grabbed the handle and pushed it open.

"This should be his ward, Mrs O'Briens" he said.

He made way for me to go in, I nodded.

I pushed the door wider and stepped in, my eyes landed on the bed and I gasped quietly.

My eyes instantly welled up, my hands flew to my mouth as silent sobs comes out.

His right leg is in a cast, hanging on a rope as if they're supporting his leg.. his neck and face are bandage together.. heavily.

I rushed to him, pushing aside whoever was sitting next to him.. I took their position and took his right hand in mine.

My eyes scanned his face, there are bruises all over his face.. his lips have small cuts too. 

If I didn't know him before, I'd think he's some hideous he-goat.

Seeing him in this state, I couldn't explain the feelings that rushed through me.

I couldn't hold back my tears anymore, I let them flow freely on my cheeks.

"Thanatos..." I whispered his name. ".. h-how.. how did this happened?" I asked no one in particular.

I rested my head on our hands and cried.

We just go back together, I just accepted him back and let him into our lives.. now this.

Why? Why did it have to happen now?

"Who are you?!" A male voice boomed behind me.

At first I ignored the voice, but whoever just spoke to me, grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up roughly.

"I asked you a question!" He bellowed at me.

I turned with my teary eyes to explain myself, but I'm met with the shock of my life.

My eyes and head grew bigger at what's before me.