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(When the Love is gone )

Episode 31


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

Jade and I stared at each other in total surprise.

Six years... It's been six years since we saw each other. It's been six years since I last spoke with her.. not even a phone call.

Six long years!

But what is she doing here? I thought she's married off to some rich dude?

I studied her, there's a smile on her face and she wanted to step forward..for a hug I guess..but she held herself.

The smile on her face suddenly wiped off as, her eyes flickered between Thanatos and I..she seemed to have figured something out.

But I ignored her expression and quickly pulled her into a hug..a very tight hug.

"Jade!" I exclaimed happily.

I had expected her to hug me back, but she pulled away from me and stared at me quizzically.

"Jade, it's been such a long time..how have you been doing?" I asked her.

I tried to reach for her hands, but she hides them away from me...I frown.

What is wrong with her? Why does she look like she's not happy to see me here? Why is she glaring at me as if I have offended her?

Or could it be that, she's just too surprised to see me?

"J-jade, what are you doing here?"

She tilted her head, raised an eyebrow at me and scoffed. 

"I should be asking that, what are you doing here?" She said.

The tone of her voice is passing a very clear message, it's marking a territory... she narrowed her eyes. 

"What are you doing here? Didn't you left us for your rich boyfriend?" She asked.

Jade sounded kinda hostile, she was just spitting out the words harshly.

My gaze turned to Thanatos, he's still laying there unmoved. 

"I'm here for Thanatos" I said. "He's my boyfriend" I added.

"What?!" She exclaimed loudly in great shock.

She turned her gaze to Thanatos, then raised her hand and stared at her fingers.. her ring in particular.

My eyes furrowed as a thought suddenly strikes me... Don't tell me she's Thanatos arranged wife!

"A-are you his... " 

"I'm his wife!" She completed my words.

I tensed and a strange cold breeze blew past me, I staggered back slightly.

The man my sister got married to is my boyfriend? My son's father?

The man my father was arranging for Jade then is actually... My boyfriend?!

"How could this be?" I whispered. 

A man...the one that pulled me up earlier, cleared his throat and asked.

"Do you two know each other?"

I nodded quickly, but Jade shook her head..which made me frown.

"We're sisters" I said.

Jade didn't say anything, she simply glared at me for saying that..

Wait... Is she starting to hate me now? 

"You're sisters?" The man asked.

I nodded. "Yes, she's my elder sister" I replied.

Jade folded her arms on her chest, she turned away from me and fixed her gaze on Thanatos.

"Jade, what..."

"Leave!" She said.


She didn't reply, just continued staring at Thanatos with her blank expression.

"Why should I leave?" I asked.

She scoffed loudly, she turned to me and I flinched back at her deadly expression.

"Why should you leave? You're obviously the other woman now, that's why you should leave" she gritted out.

"Wait.. I don't get it. How am I the other woman?" 

She didn't speak.

"You knew clearly the reason I left home, it was to be with him. Thanatos and I have both loved each other right from the start.. we even had a..."

"I don't care about your dumb puppy love! He's married to me and I'm the woman in his life now, I'm not gonna give him to you.. just leave!"

I frowned. Why is she talking to me with so much hatred? Aren't we sisters?

"Jade, he's a human being with feelings, you can't just decide to give him to me or not.. "

I paused and studied her.

Honestly, I don't understand the hate in her eyes.. what exactly is she thinking?

".. besides, we're sisters, if you want me to leave him.. we can calmly talk about it... "

"There's nothing there to talk calmly about"


"We're no sister anymore, our sisterhood ended the day I got married to him.. he's my husband and I'm not gonna let another woman snatch him from me!"

God! Is she calling me a husband snatcher now? 
She looked directly in my eyes.

"No mistress is allowed even an inch near my husband.. just leave now!"

My eyes caught a movement behind her, a middle aged woman is whispering to the man that pulled me up earlier.. and they laughed.

What are they talking about? They're acting suspiciously.

"I don't care how many mistresses my husband have, but I won't give any of them chance to ruin my marriage!"

I frowned deeply, offended by her hateful speech.

"So.. I'm a mistress now? To you, I'm the mistress?"


"Have you forgotten that I'm the one he loves? Do you know that we have a son together?"

"I don't care!"

"You should care, because my son signifies you're the mistress.. you're the one intruding here"

She clenched her jaw.

"How dare you say that? I'm the legally married wife!"

I nodded, her bringing up the issue of marriage just made me recalled Thanatos story.

"Yes, you're the legally married wife, but you aren't married to my Thanatos"

"What do you mean?"

"Have you forgotten so soon? He didn't go with you to the altar.. he was in Mexico looking for me.. ME!" I said, emphasizing on the word me.

Jade gaped at me, my words rendered her speechless for a few moments.

"You and Thanatos are not husband and wife... you're married to his brother..not him!"

She scoffed.

"No, his brother married me under his name..and we've stayed married for five years now"

Wait..is this mad woman my sister? Is this the Jade I used to know? 

I can't believe Jade would be so foolish like this..it must be this people that instigated her.

"You're married under his name doesn't make you married to him..let me ask you, since you married him has he ever sleep under the same roof as you? Have you ever seen him? Or spoke with him on phone?"

She didn't speak, she just stood fuming in anger..my words is getting her angry.

But it's not my fault, I didn't wanna fight with her...but she said there's no sisterhood between us.

Therefore, I must fight for my property!

"Stop deceiving yourself, Jade... how can you call someone you haven't seen for five years your husband? Does that sound sane to you?"

"That's none of your business, just leave!"

I sat next to Thanatos, I took his hand in mine and kissed it.. I reached for his face and caressed it gently.

"I said leave, are you deaf?!" She barked.

"Why don't you make me?"

I heard footsteps approaching me, they stopped behind me.

"Miss, I'd advise you leave for now.. we can talk about this when our dad is here" the man said.

I turned to face him, I studied his face closely... I saw some slight resemblance between him and that middle aged woman. 


I gently dropped Thanatos hand by his side and got up, then faced the man again.

"You must be Thanatos elder brother.. Henry?" I asked.

"Yes" he replied.

My gaze moved to Jade, I smiled and gestured at Henry.

"Your husband is here all these while?"

"You..." she couldn't say anything.

I turned back to Henry and smiled sweetly at him.

"Mr Henry, kindly take your wife with you"

He wanted to say something, but the door squeaked open and he swallowed his words. 

An elderly man and another middle aged woman walked in, they looked at me in confusion.. they must be wondering who I am.

"Dad!" Henry greeted the man.

He didn't even spare Henry a glance, his eyes were just fixed on me.. even the woman.

"Good evening, sir" I greeted him.

Jade rolled her eyeballs, she stepped back and Henry's mother patted her shoulder in a comforting manner.

"Who are you?" He asked me.

His posture is kinda imposing, his expression blank and anymore who saw him would tremble in fear.. even Henry seemed slightly shaken at his presence.

But I won't tremble, I committed no crime... I'm just here for my man!

"I'm Jasmine Reinle, Thanatos girlfriend" I said, reaching my hand out for a handshake. 

He simply stared at my outstretched hand and his frown deepened.

"Reinle?" He asked, glancing at Jade.

"Oh.. she's my elder sister" I said.

"What?!" He asked, setting his lips on a thin line.

His eyes flickered between Jade and I, he seemed to be contemplating about something.

"Bernard, we can't let her stay here, Jade is Thanatos wife and she's the only one we acknowledge" Henry's mother said.

"I'm not leaving, as far as I remembered.. Jade is Henry's wife"

"You... "

Mr O'Briens stopped her with a raise of his hand, he faced me.

"Thanatos needs me now and I'm not leaving, no matter what anyone say!" I said.

"Miss, let's go out and talk about this, we shouldn't disturb Thanatos rest" Mr O'Briens said.

I shook my head and sat down, I took Thanatos hand in mine and held onto it tightly..

"I'm not leaving until my boyfriend is awake.. also, I'm not the one disturbing him, you and your family are"

My eyes stayed on Thanatos as I spoke, I didn't for once looked at them.

"But... you're a stranger, we're not sure if you're really his girlfriend or not"

"Mr O'Briens, miss Reinle is right, she's Mr O'Briens girlfriend and they have a son together" Peter said.

I'm surprised he called me miss Reinle this time, I guess it's because everyone in the O'Briens family are here.


"Mr O'Briens, I think you and your family should step out.. you're disturbing my patient" 

Although, I didn't turn away from Thanatos, but I could tell it's the doctor speaking.. the lady that came in with Mr O'Briens earlier.

"But you said people he's familiar with should stay around him... "

"That's none of you" the doctor interrupted him.

"What do you mean?"

"You've all being around him for the past three days, but there haven't been any improvements... I think he's not familiar with any of you"

"Then what about me?" Jade asked.

She stepped closer to me, I took a peek at her and saw her glaring at me.

"I'm his wife, he's familiar with me" she said.

"No! You've also spent time with him, but there's no improvement.. so leave too"

I heard Henry's mother scoffed loudly.

"He's our son and we decide who stays by his side"

"He's my patient and I decide who stays by his side.. get your bit*hy a*s out of here!" The doctor growled.

Ok... From the doctor's speech, there seem to be some grudges between them..

Like they're long time enemies, this makes me wonder why? What's their relationship?

"Bernard, she's opposing me" Henry's mother whined.

I scoffed mentally, she's even a cry baby.

"Hm.. Grace is the doctor here, she knows what's best for Thanatos.. let's just leave" Mr O'Briens said.

There's was a moment of silence, it last for about two minutes.. I turned around and saw Henry's mother and the doctor glaring at each other.

The hatred and anger from their glaring contest is so heavy.. what's going on?

"Fine! We'll leave your god forsaken hospital" Henry's mother said and stormed out.

Mr O'Briens quickly rushed after her. 

Jade stood glaring at me, she wanted to argue with me.. but Henry shook his head and dragged her outside. 

I sighed and turned back to Thanatos, I just want him to wake up..

I know nothing about his family, but just from this encounter, I can tell something isn't right.. Henry and his mother seemed to be against Thanatos.

Mr O'Briens... well, he's more like a pawn from what I just witnessed.

"So... You're Thanatos girlfriend?" The doctor asked me.

I nodded. She bent down and started doing some tests on him.

"I don't know you, but I can tell you're not like them" she said.

"Like them?"

"Yes. Henry and his mother.. everyone in that family"

Hmm.. I don't understand what she's saying, but I know she might to say they're bad people.

That means I'll be very careful around them, but Jade...

"I'm Grace, Thanatos aunt" 

She paused and checked Thanatos pulse.

"Since you're here, I believe he'll wake up sooner.. just talk to him about things that you two did together.. let him know you're out here waiting for him"

"Yes, doctor"

She slapped my shoulder lightly and laughed.

"Call me aunt, I'm your boyfriend's aunt anyway"

I chuckled nervously. "A-aunt"

"That's more like it"

There's a moment of silence, as she started injecting him some yellowish liquid.

"By the way, I love how you stood up against them just now"


"You stood your ground and let them know you're not to be trifled with" she said.

I released another nervous laugh.

If only she knew I was actually scared, I braced myself and gathered up all my courage to face them.

I was only trying to be brave, I was really scared.. you know, I didn't expect I'd fight with my sister over a man.

Thanatos better wake up soon, cause I'm not sure I can finish this fight alone.

"Don't worry, you have me here" she said.

"Thanks aunt"

Grace pulled out the syringe needle from Thanatos arm and threw it on a wastebasket.

"I'll leave him under your care, please wake him up" she carried her stuff and left.

I sighed.

Coming here to find out my sister and I are entangled with the same man.. wasn't my expectation.

Thanatos... I just want you to wake up... I just want you to be safe and healthy again... I'm missing you!


Writer's pov 👙

Jade stopped by a pole outside the hospital, she saw a wastebasket and angrily kicked a basket in front of her. 

"Why didn't you tell me my sister is the mother of that boy?!" 

She asked Henry who's leaning on a nearby wall, she's feeling so enraged at his negligence of informing her about Jasmine. 

"I didn't know she is your sister, I just found out from her just now" Henry said.

Jade didn't know what to say, she was just fuming in anger.. she is angrily grinding her teeth against each other.

Henry lifted himself off the wall, he walked closer to her ear and whispered.

"Now that we know she's your sister, should we spare her son?"

"No!" She answered at once.

Henry smirked at her response, this is exactly what he wanted to see.

"I can't let her son be the heir, I'm the legal wife and my son is fated to be the heir!"

"So.. do you mean, we should kill her son, your nephew?"

She threw him a very harsh glare.

"He's not my nephew! Do whatever you want with him, but all I want is... My son is the only heir!"

At this words, Henry's smirked grew even wider and bigger.. he's enjoying this.



(When the Love is gone )

Episode 32


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Adele's pov 👙

            Las Vegas...

"Momma, my momma, my momma" Davis cried.

Since we (Clark and I) brought him home from school, he's been crying for his momma...

And he refused to keep quiet, no matter what we do to make him stop crying. 

A tired and frustrated groan left my mouth, I shut my eyes and puffed out some air.

"Come on, Davis... stop crying ok?" I said.

He shook his head in disagreement and continued crying.. louder than before.

"I want my momma, my momma, I want my momma!"

My eyes scanned the table, we've made different kinds of dishes.. I even made an home-made pizza for him.. that's his favorite.

But he had refused to eat anything, crying is all he's been doing.. since he found out his momma isn't around.

"Where is my momma? I want my momma" 

I carried him and walked towards the living room, I sat him on a sofa and turned on the TV.

Luckily, his favorite cartoon is showing...

"Davis, look, it's PJ masks!" I said with so much enthusiasm.

He simply glanced at the TV and looked away, his eyes fixed on the door..as if he's expecting his momma to just show up.

If only he knew his momma went to save his daddy... and won't be coming back today.

"It's alright, Davis. Stop crying and I'll take you to the park, wanna have fun with other kids?"

"No! I want my momma!"

His whole face has turned red from all the crying, his little handsome face is now a tears mess.

"I want my momma!" He cried louder.

His voice is so loud, that I'm scared the neighbors might call the cops and complain about it.

Oh my God! How am I gonna make him stop crying now? 

"Davis, please stop crying or I'll burst into tears too" I said.

Honestly, I'm at the verge of bursting Into tears now. Davis is really frustrating me right now.. seriously, Jas is really trying.

I don't think I'm gonna have a baby anytime soon!

Just then, the door burst open and Clark jumped in...He's dressed up in a monkey king costume. 

My brows knit together in a small frown. Where did he get this costume from? Maybe he ordered it.

"Davis, look... it's the monkey king!" I said.

This seems to do the trick, he stopped crying instantly and stared at Clark weirdly.

He must be wondering how Clark turned into a monkey, he pointed at Clark.

"Aunt Adele, big monkey" he said.

I nodded quickly.

"Yes, yes, that's a very big monkey" I replied.

He stared at it again and began giggling, this face brightened up.

I stared at him in amusement, kids are just a different kind of human beings.

Wasn't he just crying a few seconds ago? Now he's laughing as if he wasn't just trying to bring down the whole building.

Clark saw this as an approval, he started jumping around and making funny monkey faces.. which simply increased Davis's giggling.

I gave Clark a thumbs up for doing a great job. 

I guess I should use this opportunity to feed him, now that he's temporarily forgotten about his momma.

"Davis, are you hungry?"

"Hmm" he hummed and nodded yes.

"What do you wanna eat, pizza?" I asked.

He shook his head, though his eyes are fixed on Clark.

"Sushi!" He said.

My mouth fell opened, I gaped at him.

This boy will be the death of me before his momma gets back.. we don't have any sushi. 

"We don't have sushi.. choose something else"

He looked away from Clark, my heart skipped at once and I thought he's gonna start crying again.

But he only tilted his head and looked towards the dinning table, as if he could see it from the living room.

"Pizza" he said. 

A relieved sigh slowly left my mouth, thankfully he later settled for pizza.

"Ok.. I'll go get you some" I told him.

He nodded and turned back to Clark. Clark is now doing some funny dancing and Davis started clapping.. as he giggled in great excitement.

Hm.. Clark is really entertaining him.

I got up and headed to the dinning table, I reached for a plate and put a slice of pizza.. then rushed back to the living. 

"Come-on, Davis.. here's your pizza"

I cut a small piece and brought it closer to his mouth, he opened his mouth widely and accept it.

"Sweet?" I asked him when he started chewing it.

He nodded quickly with a perfect smile.

"Yes" he replied.

My eyes moved to Clark and I mouthed a "thank you" at him, he simply shrugged it off as nothing. 

"Davis, what do you want monkey king to do for you again?" Clark asked him.

Although, Davis didn't recognize his voice, he was talking to Davis in a bolder voice.

"Sing for me" Davis shouted excitedly.

"Alright, I'll sing.. what do you want me to sing for you?"

"Mr Rodgers has a little dog!"

I rolled my eyeballs, of course he'd pick a nursery rhyme.

"Hmm.. very good! Get ready to hear my melodious voice"

I scoffed.. what a show! Clark cleared his throat and started singing.

Well, I was hoping I'd laughing at his horrible voice. But he proved me wrong, he surprised me.. his voice is truly beautiful.

He actually sang beautifully and hearing his voice... makes me wanna imagine what heaven would look like.

♪♪ Mr Rodgers has a little dog ♪♪
♪♪ Bingo was his name...... ♪♪
♪♪ Mr Rodgers has a little dog ♪♪
♪♪ Bingo was his name...... ♪♪
♪♪ B... I... N... G... O...... ♪♪

I toned him off when I heard my laptop beeping, i took a glance at Davis... He's so focused on Clark's singing.

"Here, Davis.." 

I handed the fork to him, he teared his gaze away from Clark and watch me.

".. feed yourself, I have a call" I said and pointed at my laptop at the dinning table.

He nodded and turned back to Clark. I sighed and got up, then rushed to my laptop. 

Getting there, I realized it's Jasmine calling via a video call... I quickly answered it and her face popped up. 

"Hey, Jas!"

"Adele, is Davis back from school?" She asked in a tired tone.

I frowned slightly after studying her face, she looked tired and her eyes seemed as if they've cried a lot.

"He's back and having dinner now" 

She nodded. "He must have stressed you a lot.. I'm really sorry about that"

"Don't worry about that, Davis is my son too"

She smiled weakly.

"How's Thanatos doing? Was the accident really as fatal as those reporters said?" I asked.

"Yeah.. it's pretty fatal" she replied.

She moved the camera towards Thanatos, a gasp left my mouth when I saw him.. he's almost unrecognizable. 

"Jesus! Jas, that was kinda fatal" I exclaimed quietly.


I heaved a sigh.

"Don't think too much, he's gonna be fine.. alright?"

"I know, I'm just.. I don't know"

I knew Jas is still in love with Thanatos, but I didn't know she's this crazy for him.
Fear... It's clearly in her eyes, she's scared of losing him and I guess seeing him laying on the bed just added to her fears.

"Jas, be strong, your Thanatos will be fine" I encountered her.

She nodded and blinked away the tears threatening to fall.

Jasmine's one of the strongest woman I've seen, I mean, with all that she's passing through... She's never complained about being tired.

She's always ready to carry her cross by herself.. if I was in her shoe, I don't think I can pull through.

"Momma, my momma, I want momma!" Davis's voice pulled me back. 

I raised my head and saw him running towards me, I guessed Clark told him I'm talking to his momma.

He quickly climbed onto a chair and balanced himself, then faced the screen, a very bright smile spread on his face.

"Momma, momma, momma!" He waved at her happily.

Jasmine's eyes lit up upon seeing her son, that tiredness.. fear and worry in her eyes suddenly vanished.

I swear, this boy is definitely Jasmine's hope.. seeing him always gives her great joy.

This very strong mother-son bond between them, I wish to have it with my son too.

"Momma, how are you?" He asked.

"I'm very fine, baby.. how are you?" Jas asked him back.

"I'm fine too" he replied.

He shoved the remaining pizza he was holding in his mouth, but quickly brought it out as if he just remembered something.

"Momma, eat" he said and stretched it towards the screen.

This act from him made Jasmine and I laughed.. this boy is just full of characters.

Sometimes, he'd act like a twelve years old and other times.. like now, he'd act like the five years old he is.

"Awwwn, baby, that's so sweet of you.. taking care of your momma at young age.. good boy!" Jasmine said.

Davis smile, making his cute dimples show.

"Eat, momma is not hungry, baby" 

He nodded and shoved it in his mouth, then chew slowly.

"So.. did you tell aunt Adele thank you for the pizza?"

He shook his head, since his mouth is kinda full and he can't talk.

"What did I tell you to do before collecting stuffs from your aunt?"

He simply stared at Jasmine with those innocent eyes of his, he tried as best as he could to swallow quickly.

"Correct yourself quickly" she ordered him.

He nodded and turned to me, he quickly put a smile on his face.

"Thank you, aunt Adele" he said.

"You're welcome, my champion" I replied and pinched his nose fondly. 

He turned back to face the screen.

"Momma, will you come back today?" He asked.

Jasmine took a deep breath, she smiled and check her wrist watch.

"It's your bedtime, go to sleep now and I'll be there tomorrow when you wake up" 

"Really?!" He asked with a wide smile.


"Ok.. I'm going to sleep now" he said.

Jasmine nodded. He leaned forward and kissed the screen, which made me rolled my eyeballs.. gosh, he's too affectionate.

"Goodnight momma"

"Goodnight baby"

Jasmine blew him a kiss, he hopped off the chair and ran straight to his room.

"Don't tell me he's going to sleep right now"

"Of course he is, if he doesn't sleep how is he gonna his momma tomorrow morning?" She replied.

I clapped my hands and gave her a thumbs up.

"You really gave him a proper upbringing.. he's such an obedient boy"

She laughed at my words.

"Please go check on him, I usually make him pee before letting him sleep" 

"Ok.. I'll go now, good night"

"Yeah, good night"

I hanged up and shut down my laptop. I headed towards Davis's room, along the way, I saw Clark sleeping on a sofa.

A brief laugh escaped my mouth, Davis really stressed him.. he went out of all ways to please Davis.

I'll come cover him with a blanket, I should go check on Davis first.

Reaching Davis room, I pushed the door open and saw him coming out from his bathroom.

He's already changed his clothes, he's wearing his PJs now.. he climbed onto his bed and pulled the cover over himself. 

I stayed rooted on my spot, I'm too awed to move.

Jasmine is really a mother with potentials, she really did tried her best in training this boy.

Even though she's not around, he know he'll change into his PJs and pee before going to bed.. my respect for her just increased. 

I gently shut the door and head back to cover Clark.


Jasmine's pov 👙

After hanging up the call, I turned back to Thanatos and held his hand in mine.

I brought it closer to my mouth, I kissed his knuckles and sucked in some air.

"Thanatos, doctor Grace said you're stable now, she said you're fine..."

My eyes traced the bruise on his face and cuts on his lips.

"... when are you gonna wake up? I'm really missing you? Don't you miss me?"

My dried eyes suddenly welled up and tears started rolling down my cheeks.

"Wake up for me, for Davis and I,.. we are both missing you so much..."

Funny how I admit I'm missing him now, when he's conscious, I'd deny it.

"... our son is all alone in Las Vegas, wake up so we can go back to him and live together like before... I promise, I'll never get mad at you unnecessarily again"

I don't even know if he's hearing me right now, I just want him to wake up already.

"I know I can't have another baby, but I'm willing to keep trying.. are just gonna give up now?"

I bite my lower lip as another set of hot tears ran down my cheeks.

Never in my life have I been this scared over someone, I'm scared right now...we just got back together and he's already dying on me?

My son would become fatherless at such a tender age?

"You said we should give Davis a playmate, I'm ready, let's do it together.. let's keep trying together.. maybe a miracle would happen"

I gather a flesh of his arm in my fingers and pinched him very hard.

"Wake up let's make Davis's playmate together, I can't make her alone, do you hear me? I need you to make her..."

I choked on my tears, I couldn't say anymore words.. I just sobbed.


Thanatos pov 👙

All my hope is gone, my hope of leaving here is gone.. I have given up.

I folded myself in a corner, well, I don't even know if there's any corner here... everywhere seem to be a corner.

Then I heard a female's voice, she's talking and sobbing at the same time.. although, I haven't heard her clearly.. but I could tell she sounded so bitter.

I quickly got up and tried my best to listen to her words, surprisingly.. I didn't have to stress myself.. I could hear her clearly.

"... when are you gonna wake up? I'm really missing you? Don't you miss me?" She said.

This voice, it sounded so familiar, like I have heard it somewhere before.. but where?

And why is she missing me? Who is she?

"Wake up for me, for Davis and I,.. we are both missing you so much..."

Davis... isn't that one of those names I'm always seeing? Could this be Jasmine speaking? 

Who are they to me? Are they related to me? In what way? 

"... our son is all alone in Las Vegas, wake up so we can go back to him and live together like before... I promise, I'll never get mad at you unnecessarily again"

Our son? So she's my wife? And Davis is our son? Jasmine is my wife?

"I know I can't have another baby, but I'm willing to keep trying.. are just gonna give up now?"

She's my wife.. I have a wife.. and a son. Well, that's good news.

"You said we should give Davis a playmate, I'm ready, let's do it together.. let's keep trying together.. maybe a miracle would happen"

Is she talking about having sex with me? Wow! That's an enticing deal.. I don't think I can reject this offer. 

I suddenly felt a stung on my arm and I hissed in pain...bloody hell, why did she f**king pinch me?!

"Hey! It hurts woman!" I growled.

But she didn't heard me, she simply continued saying her words.

"Wake up let's make Davis's playmate together, I can't make her alone, do you hear me? I need you to make her..."

I heard you, I must find a way out and we'll make lots of playmates together for our son... Davis!

Wait... I've broken the barrier! How? When? 

Isn't it the same barrier I've been trying to break since? How was I able to break it with ease today? 

My eyes moved to the end of the tunnel, Illuminating light into the dark tunnel...I quickly stepped into the tunnel.

This is my chance to leave here.

Immediately I stepped into the tunnel, everything came crashing in my head.. causing me an unbearable pain.

The reason I was trapped here. 

I found out I was married to my lover's sister...I was going to Chicago to sort it out.. then I had an accident... 

My lover... Jasmine!

Our son... Davis!

F**k! Jasmine, wait for me, I'm coming home!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 33


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Writer's pov 👙

            Gibson's bar & steakhouse... (Chicago)

Henry sat in a chair, at the farther end of the restaurant.. with a cigarette in his hand.

Even though, he's sitting next to the window, but he's still hidden from everyone's eyes...

But he can clearly see anyone, that comes in or goes out of the restaurant from where he's sitting. 

He balanced his cigarette stick between his lips... and sucked in a good amount of smoke.

Seconds later, he puffed some smoke out, watching the smoke comes our from both his nostrils and mouth...he smiled in satisfaction.

He reached for his bottle of beer on the table, then took a few gulps.

"Mr O'Briens" someone called him.

He lifted his head slowly, he smirked when he saw who it was.

"You kept me waiting" Henry state.

"I know, I'm sorry"

Henry simply nodded, he gestured towards the chair in front of him.. his guest quickly sat down.

"What?" Henry asked. "Did you tell him about the new development?" 

"Yes" he answered.

"What did he say? Any instructions from him?" Henry asked.

His guest nodded, he reached for an envelope in his pocket and dropped it on the table.

Henry reached for it, he took a peek inside and frowned.

"What is the meaning of this?" He asked.

"Your grandfather said you'd understand once you saw it" 

Henry quickly ripped the envelope open, he stared at the pictures once after the other...his jaw clenched in anger as he stared at them.

"Someone sent this pictures and files to your grandfather two days ago..."

"Who sent it?" Henry growled lowly.

His guest shook his head, his eyes stayed fixed at something behind Henry...his eyes narrowed.

"Someone is watching us" he said.

Henry turned slightly, he tried to take a peek but couldn't..he decided to ignore it.

"My boys will take care of him, continue"

His guest nodded.

"Your grandfather said you should wait, he said taking any step now will expose your plans to the enemy"

Henry frowned, he squeezed the picture in his hands and gritted his teeth.

"I should wait? Why don't we strike now that Thanatos is down?"

"I don't know, Mr O'Briens...I have delivered the message" 

Henry clenched his jaw and balled his fist, he grind his teeth.

"Tell grandfather, I'll visit him tomorrow"

"Yes, sir" 

He snatched his bottle of beer off the table, and took gulps.. he slammed it on the table when he's had enough.

"What about the boy?" He asked.

"He's heavily guarded, we went to his school but couldn't get near him... His father's men are hanging around the school"

Henry banged on the table and cursed. "D*MN!"

He narrowed his eyes and glared at an empty space.

"Try by all means to kidnap him and bring him to me!"

"Sir, your grandfather said we should hold on"

He flicked his glare to his guest.

"Is my grandfather the one your salary?"

"No, sir"

"Then do as I said, or I'll present your head on a plate to family!"

His guest quickly bowed. "Yes, sir!"


              O'Briens resident...

"Jade, what that lady said at the hospital, is it true?" Mr O'Briens asked Jade.

After they left Thanatos wards, they've came home straight.. except Henry, who left under the skies of meetings friends.

"Your dad is asking you" Mrs O'Briens said.

Jade frowned, she twisted her lips and glared at her fingers.


"No?" Mr O'Briens asked.

"I don't know her, she's lying!"

Mr O'Briens stayed silent and studied her for a few moments, then sighed.

"Fine, we'll just wait until Thanatos wakes up.. then we'll know what to do with her"

"Yes, dad" Jade replied.

"Alright, you've had a long day, go on and rest in your room"

Jade nodded and headed towards her room, with one thing on her mind.

*I must find ways to get Jasmine out of the picture!* She vowed to herself. 

Mr O'Briens cleared his throat, he got up and walked towards his own room.

"Where are you going?" His wife asked.

"To sleep" was his only reply.

He took long strode towards his room, he opened the door and stepped in.

Immediately, he dipped his hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone.. he dialed a number.

"Hello, Mr O'Briens?" A voice emerged from the other side.

"About the investigation, how is it going?" 

"I've got the information, sir"

Mr O'Briens nodded, he heard footsteps approaching his room.. he coughed slightly and whispered.

"Report to my office first thing tomorrow morning!"

"Yes, sir" 

He hanged up and shoved the phone back in his pocket, at that instant.. the door snapped open and Mrs O'Briens walked in.

"Bernard, were you just on the phone?" She asked.

"No!" He replied curtly, giving no room for further talks.

He took off his jacket and headed straight for the bathroom..

Mrs O'Briens simply stared at him suspiciously, but she didn't ask any questions. 


Adele's pov 👙

             Las Vegas... (08:47pm)

Clark's eyes snapped opened, while I was pulling a blanket over him. 

His arms went around my waist and flipped us, making me lay on the sofa and him towering over me.

"W-what are you doing?" I stuttered.

He stared at my eyes brief and smiled, he reached for my cheek and pinched it softly.

"Were you just caring about me?" He asked.

He leaned closer, his lips dangerously close to mine.. making me blush and feel hot all of a sudden.

"Are you scared I might catch a cold and fall sick?" He asked.

"No" I answered quickly and tried to push him away. 

"You don't wanna admit you have feelings for me too"

I don't know why, but I felt myself blushing even harder when he said those words.

My heart started beating fast and I felt a strong urge to kiss him.. is it true that I have feelings for him too?

No! Arthur is the only one I love! My heart isn't beating because I love him (Clark)... it must be because we're this close.

"I know you love me as much as I love you, just give me a chance ok?"

"No! I don't love you"

His eyes furrowed slightly, he studied my expression and laughed lightly.

"Then why are you blushing?" He asked.

"Blushing doesn't mean I love you.. can't you see the position we're in? Who wouldn't blush in this position?"

He scoffed.

"Baby, you wouldn't blush if you don't have any feelings for me.. no matter the position"

Huh? Is that true?

My eyes landed on his oh so kissable lips, they're so plump and beautiful.. tempting me to bite them.

I folded my lower lip in my mouth and bite it. He reached for it and pulled it out, he smirked.

"Darling, leave the bitting to me, I can bite them for you" he said. 

My eyes followed his lips as he speaks.

"You said you don't love me, but you are dying to kiss me"

I quickly pulled my eyes away from his lips.

"I'm not dying to kiss you"

"Oh? Why were you staring at my lips then?"

"That's because.. that's because... "

I couldn't find the right words to say, I shut my eyes and inhale deeply.

"Stop trying to deny it, it's a mutual feeling.. give us a chance"

"No, we're not compatible... besides, I don't love you at all"

"Really? Are you trying to say you'll push me away if I should kiss you?" He asked.

My eyes went back to his lips when he said that, I really, really wanna taste his lips.

And his lips suddenly crashed on mine, I tried to push him off but he wouldn't budge. 

His lips were moving fast and furiously against mine, reminding me of that movie *fast and furious!*

I was still struggling to push him away, I could feel myself surrendering to him.. but my mind kept reminding me that I don't love him.

Or maybe I'm the one reminding my mind..wait, what am I saying?

God, his kiss is driving me insane already!

I guess I didn't even have an option here, my subconscious already made its choice.

My arms wrapped around his neck, and I felt myself kissing him back.. slowly surrendering.

Just when I was about to settle fully into the kiss, I heard Davis's voice.

"Momma! Momma!"

Without much thinking, I pushed Clark off me and jumped off the sofa...

From where did I get this strength to push him off just now? I wondered.

"Adele, you love me"

"No, I don't"

Feeling too shy to face him, I quickly rushed to Davis and carried him in my arms.

"What's wrong, champion.. couldn't fall asleep?" I asked.

I glanced at Clark and found him smirking, I quickly looked away from him and rushed into Davis's room. 


Jasmine's pov 👙

           Home of Hope hospital.. Chicago (07:30am)

The next morning...

I felt someone caressing my hair softly, it's making my sleep more sweet and I don't feel like getting up any time soon. 

A sleepy moan left my mouth as I turned my head, and adjusted in my sleep.

Whoever this person is, please don't stop! 

A deep voice chuckled lightly, but I didn't open my eyes.. I just want to continue sleeping.

"Well, I guess no one missed me!" Thanatos said.

I ignored him and carried on with my sweet sleep, releasing soft snores.

But I rewinded what just happened and I gasped loudly... Thanatos?! How?!

My eyes snapped opened and I raised my head, I'm greeted with clear hazel eyes and a smiling face.

I blinked rapidly and rubbed off the sleep in my eyes, to make sure I'm seeing things clearly.

"T-thana.. Thanatos?!"

He nodded.

"You're awake?!" I asked.

He nodded again, he's leaning against the small headboard of the bed.

Wait.. don't tell me I'm dreaming right now! This should be reality! 

I reached out and poke his cheeks.. he laughed and caught my hand. 

"What? You're not happy to see me?" He asked. 

"You're really alive?" I asked him.

"Hm.. I'm talking to you and you can hear me, I guess that means I'm alive"

I couldn't hold myself back anymore, I sprint up and wrapped my arms around him.. pulling him into a bone crushing hug.

"You're alive! You're alive! You're really alive!" I chanted excitedly. 

He wrapped an arm around me, the arm that wasn't in a bandage.. he snuggled his nose in my neck.

I felt my eyes suddenly watering up..

"I was so scared, I thought you weren't gonna wake up.. you were just laying unconsciously in one place and I thought.. I thought... " I started sobbing.

He chuckled.

"Baby, don't say it"

"... I thought I had lost you! I was so scared, Thanatos!"

He chuckled again. "I can't die easily, not when my wife and son are waiting for me out here" 

I pulled away from him and stared directly in his eyes. 

Why do I suddenly think he's become more handsome...even though he's bruised all over. 

"Baby, are you ok?" He asked me.

Those tears I was fighting hard to hold back, all came running down.. I couldn't hold back, I held his head and crashed my lips on his.

He broke the kiss and I frowned at him.

"I think my breath is very bad now, you know, I haven't brushed for..."

I placed a finger on his lips.

"I don't care!" I said and crashed my lips on his again.

This time, he wrapped his arm around me and reciprocated my kiss.. but he let me be in charge.

I shoved my tongue in his mouth and made sure I licked every inch of his mouth.. I sucked his tongue briefly.

Maybe I was too engrossed in the kiss, that I mistakenly bite his lower lip.. where there's a big cut.

He groaned and broke the kiss quickly.

"Baby, you..."

"Oh my God! Blood!" I cut him off.

He touched his lip and saw the blood, I quickly reached for an handkerchief in my bag and wiped his lip.

"I'm sorry, Thanatos, I was too excited and..."

"It's fine" he said with a smile.

After wiping off the blood, I examined the cut and realized kissing him fiercely just now had reopen it.

"Are we gonna continue from where we stopped?" He asked.

I frowned and smacked his shoulder.

"Can't you see you're injured?"

"Oh.. that's just a small cut, besides I heard what you promised me.. I think we should start now"

"What I promised you?"

I'm clearly confused, I don't remember making any promises to him.

"Yeah.. you said we would make more playmates for Davis"

My cheeks flamed up at that, I didn't know he was actually hearing me.. gosh! This is so embarrassing!

"Come on, let's get into action.. I heard making love on a hospital bed is really sweet"

My snapped towards the door, to check if someone is coming.. they might hear him.

"Will you quite being vulgar?"

"No... Come on, you've made me d*mn horny.. let's f**k, just five minutes"

I frowned.

"Are you seriously thinking about sex even on your sick bed?" I asked.

"I don't see anything wrong with that" he replied.

I scanned him, one of his leg is hanging on a rope and his left arm is also hanging on a rope around his neck.

"Baby, you're bedridden.. no, you're practically a cripple.. how are you gonna f**k me in this condition?" I asked.

He looked down at himself, he turned and is currently laying on his side...he smirked.

"Easy, we can just do a missionary style.. or you can ride me.. make a choice and let's start" he said.

I stared at him as if he's gone nuts, don't tell me he's being masturbating since he was in coma.

"Are you ok?" 

"Yeah, I'm just f**king horny.. come on, let's do a quickie" he said.

I smirked as an evil thought strike me, I pinched his leg laying on the bed and he groaned loudly.

"F**k! Baby, what's that for?"

"Oh.. I wanna confirm if you're really ok"

"I was just joking, I can't make love to my wife on a hospital bed" 

I smirked and nodded.

"That's more like it, your sense is intact"

He gave me a playful glare, he leaned back on the headboard and pouted his lips.

"You're bullying a patient" he said.

I laughed at his expression, he looked like a cute little boy right now... I can clearly see the resemblance between him and Davis.

"Don't worry, I'll make you scream my name when we get home.. and I swear, you're gonna lost your voice for screaming so much" he said.

I rolled my eyeballs and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"To get the doctor, who knows if some of you is still in coma" I replied.

He picked a pillow and threw it at me, but I was already out.


Thanatos pov 👙

I watched as Jasmine swayed her big a*s out the door, I sighed and shut my eyes.

My eyes moved down to my younger brother, he's standing at attention.. ready for action.

F**king hell.. I can't believe I got a boner while resurrecting from death.

D*MN! My Jasmine will be the death of me someday!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 34


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

"Aunt Grace?" Thanatos said immediately doctor Grace and I stepped in.

He sounded a bit surprised, maybe he wasn't expecting he was actually admitted in his aunt's hospital.

"It's good to see you're alive" she said.

She dropped her medical kit on the bedside table, she used her stethoscope to check his heartbeat and nodded with a small smile.

"Your heartbeat is very strong" she said.

"Oh, that's because my heartbeat is near" he replied and winked at me.

I blushed, but quickly wiped it off and glared at him.. can he at least respect the fact that he's on a hospital bed?

And to crown it all, he's receiving treatments from his aunt at present.

"Baby, stop glaring at me, it's my right to flirt with my woman" he said.

"You're so shameless" I muttered and focused my attention on doctor Grace.

She's currently studying Thanatos eyes, she's using an aphthalmo scope.. 

I don't know anything about what she's doing, all I want is for Thanatos to be healthy... I stood simply in a corner and watch as she does her things.

After a few minutes, she's done and one of the nurses that came in with her, started packing up her things.

She turned to the other nurse and whispered something to her, the nurse quickly jotted it down in her note.

I skipped closer to Thanatos, I sat on the couch next to his bed and held his hands.. he used his thumb to rub my palm softly.

Doctor Grace cleared her throat and faced us.

"Thana, I just did a general checkups on you.. you're medically ok.." 

My eyes scanned Thanatos when she said those words.. how is this called medically ok? 

His right leg is in a cast and hanging on a rope... His right arm is also hanging around his neck.. and his head is wrapped in bandages.. is this called medically ok?

"Aunt, I can't even kiss my wife as it is.. I can't even think of f**king..."

Doctor Grace smacked him on his shoulder, he swallowed his words and groaned loudly.


"Mind your language in front of me boy!" She scolded him.

"Oh" he exclaimed quietly.

Doctor Grace looked between us, I looked away in shame with a blush on my face.. this is embarrassing!

She cleared her throat again and continued.

"What I meant is, luckily you didn't break your spinal cord or your backbone. But your waist is paralyzed..."

I gasped loudly and my hands flew to my mouth, I stared at Thanatos with my eyes widened.

"H-he.. he's paralyzed?!" I exclaimed in fear.


Oh no! He's paralyzed! 

"Does that mean..."

I paused and fixed my gaze on his waist, his manhood to be precise.

"... does that mean, from his waist down won't be functioning?"

"That's what being waist paralyzed means" she replied.

Holly molly! 

I can't have other kids, now Thanatos can't produce other kids.. are we required doomed to have only Davis in our lives?

My chest suddenly felt stuffy and I felt my breath quickened at once...I reached for his hand.


I felt my eyes twitching, tears gathering up as I thought of the possibility of us never having other kids... we're just fated to suffer.

He smiled at me.

"It's fine...we can adopt other babies if you want more" he said.

"But it won't be...."

"Stop...stop...stop" doctor Grace cut me off.

She stared at us with a frown as if she's trying to figure something out, then it clicked in her head...she shook her head.

"Seriously, I don't know what is wrong with you kids.. you won't let me finish before jumping into conclusion" doctor Grace said.

We both turned to face her with a confused expression, like how did we misunderstood her just now.

"I said his waist is paralyzed, but it's only temporary" 

"Huh?!" We both exclaimed.

She glared at us and sighed.

"It's only for three hours!" She said.

"Three hours?!" Thanatos and I asked again, as if our ears aren't working.

"Yes, three hours.. because of a drug I injected him just now"

I released a very long sigh, it felt as if a heavy load was lifted off my chest. 

"Aunt, why didn't you say it clearly earlier?" Thanatos accused her.

She shrugged.

"Your girlfriend didn't let me finish, you both just came to a conclusion" she replied.

Thanatos scoffed and doctor Grace laughed.

From what I'm seeing, Thanatos is kinda closer to Doctor Grace...

"Alright, I should go back and write a report"

We nodded and she headed for the door, but before she could step out, Thanatos suddenly spoke.

"Aunt, don't tell my dad I've woken up yet"

Doctor Grace smiled.

"I never intended to, he'll find out on his own when he comes to the hospital" she replied and stepped out.

I turned to Thanatos, he took my hands in his and kissed my knuckles.

"Why don't you want your dad to know about your recovery?" I asked.

He didn't reply, he was just staring at my hand in silence.. drawing imaginary patterns.

"I don't think your dad is a bad guy, he was genuinely worried when I saw him yesterday" I said.

Yesterday, I could tell Henry and his mother were faking being concerned about Thanatos.. but his father wasn't.

He was very worried, sad and reluctant to leave Thanatos under my care.

"Baby, my family isn't a happy family, they just show the public what they want the public eyes to see"

"What do you mean?"

"My dad might be innocent, but he's the cause of the blood feud in my family today" he said.

"How?" I asked.

He stared in my eyes and smiled, he reached for my head and caressed my hair fondly.

"I didn't want history to repeat itself, that's why I came here.. but it seems I kinda failed"

I frowned, his words are making me even more confused.

"You'll understand what I mean when it's time" he said and pulled me into a hug, resting my head on his chest. 

My arms encircled his waist, I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

We stayed in very comfortable silence, until Thanatos broke it.

"My son...how is he doing?"

"He's fine" I murmured.

"I thought I wouldn't see my family again"

"Family?" I asked.

Isn't he and his family walking on a thread? Which family is he talking about?

"Yeah...you and Davis. You're both my family" he replied.

I smiled when he said we're family, I felt happy hearing him say that.

I suddenly remembered something and quickly pulled away from him, my mouth hanged open and my eyes grew wide.

"What? Why do you look like you just saw a ghost?" 

"Davis, I promised he'd see me when he wakes up and..."

I didn't even get to finish my explanation, when my phone suddenly started ringing.. I quickly reached for it.

I smacked my head when I checked the caller's ID... It's Adele.

My boy must have been crying a lot, I quickly pressed the answer button and Clark's face appeared.

"Hey! Jas!" He said.

Thanatos signaled me to come closer so he can see too, I sat next to him and we're both sharing the camera.

"Jas, you broke your promise and now...."

*My momma... I want my momma... I want my momma!* We heard Davis crying in the background.

"... now, he's turning everything in the house upside down" he said.

He turned to look at something behind him, then laughed.

"Look at what your son is doing to my poor Adele" he said and turned the camera. 

Adele is trying to feed Davis, but he's not having any of it.. he's pushing her away and flipping cushions.

He rushed to the table in the living room, he wanted to flip it but he couldn't.. since it was too heavy for him.

*Gimme my momma... I want my momma... Gimme my momma...* He cried as he flipped whatever is light for him to carry.

I turned to Thanatos questioningly.

"I wonder where he got this temperament from" I said.

Thanatos smirked and nodded in satisfaction.

"Like they say, like father, like son... It's so true" he said, sounding proud.

I smacked his chest, softly though.. so as not to injure him too much, in case I hit a bruise.

"Don't be proud of a bad habit!" I scolded him.

"Yo! Someone's back to the land of the living" Clark said.

He's just taking note of Thanatos presence.. well, this not time for pleasantries, I should calm Davis down first.

"Clark, please give hand the phone over to Davis" I said.

He nodded and approached Davis.

"Davis, here!"

"No! I want momma!" He cried.

He must have thought Clark was trying to coo him with some cookies, I smiled.

"Davis, it's momma!" I said.

He stopped crying instantly, before I knew it.. I'm seeing Davis's face.

His whole face is red from crying, his face flooded in his tears.

"Hi, baby" I greeted him with a smile.

He didn't return my smile, he simply hiccupped.

"Bad, momma...momma is bad" he said and hiccupped again.

From the way he's glaring at me, I could already tell he's very angry at me...after all I lied to him.

"Why is momma bad?" I asked..even though I already know.

"Momma lied, I woke up, momma wasn't there.. momma is bad!"

I almost laughed at his words. Ok, don't laugh at my son, he usually talks like a caveman when he's angry or sad. 

"Momma is sorry, I was held by something, baby" 

He shook his head, telling me he's still very angry...thanatos waved at him.

"Davis, look.." he said.

He started showing Davis his injuries.. Davis's little eyebrows furrowed together.

"... uncle was wounded and your momma stayed to treat me, so don't be mad at your momma.. ok"

He stared at Thanatos injuries for a few more moments and nodded.

"Your momma is a wonder woman, she saved uncle's live.. isn't that a good thing?"

Davis nodded.

"That's why you can't be mad at your momma, she was doing a good thing" he said.

Davis moved his gaze to me and I smiled at him.

"I'm sorry, baby, please forgive momma.. ok?"

He nodded.

"Now wipe your tears and listen to aunt Adele, ok?" He nodded again and quickly wiped his tears.

"Momma will bring you so many cookies, ok"

"Bring ten" he said.

"Yes, sir!" 

He laughed, then leaned forward and kissed me through the phone.

"Love you momma" 

"Love you too, baby"

Just then Adele collected the phone, she glared at me and I bite back a laugh... her expression is so hilarious right now.

She's got dark circles under her eyes, I guess she didn't get any sleep last night.. Davis!

"Listen to me and listen good.. never leave that little monster under my care.. ever again!" She growled and shoved the phone back to Clark. 

I chuckled lightly.

"Clark, thanks to you and Adele.. you're both a lifesaver"

"You're welcome... " he trailed off and looked at something behind him. "..Davis wait.. Jas, I have to go" he said and ended the call.

I sighed and tossed the phone on the table.

"Davis is really a handful" I grumbled.

"Hmm.. " Thanatos hummed.

Huh... don't tell me he's already dozing off.

Wasn't he just talking to Davis on the phone, why is he suddenly feeling sleepy.. 

Maybe it's the effect of one of those drugs doctor Grace said.

"Come on, I should help you lay down" I said.

"Hmm..." He hummed again.

I helped him lay down on the bed and covered him with the thin blanket... he really needs this sleep. 

I should go find something for him to eat, when he wakes up.


Writer's pov 👙

   O'BRIENS AND SONS GROUP.... Chicago (CEO's office)

Mr O'Briens was standing by the large window in his office, he's watching the people as they walked up and down the road.

Everyone of them seemed to be in a hurry, they're all rushing like they're late for a very important event.

There's a sudden knock on the door. 

He turned back and walked to his chair, he sat down and adjusted his tie.

"Come in" Mr O'Briens said. 

The door pushed opened and his private investigator walked in.

"Mr O'Briens" he greeted with a nod.

Mr O'Briens acknowledged him with a nod too, he pushed aside a few documents.

"What did you find, Clayton?" He asked. 

Clayton handed the file he's holding to Mr O'Briens.. Mr O'Briens quickly flipped it open.

"Jasmine Reinle, a 25 years old single mother.. based in Las Vegas and waitressing at a restaurant, Mike's kitchen" Clayton said.

Mr O'Briens nodded, he lifted his head and arched an eyebrow at Clayton.

"That's all?"

"No, sir"

"Then continue" Mr O'Briens ordered.

Clayton nodded and continued.

"At age 18, she was pregnant for her mysterious boyfriend and left home.. she was disowned to be precised"

He paused and searched his phone, he finally stopped at a photo and showed it to Mr O'Briens.

"Recently, she's being spotted with this man.. your son"

Mr O'Briens squinted his eyes as he stared at the photo.. it's a photo of Jasmine and Thanatos picking Davis up from school.

"Rumors has it that, young Mr O'Briens was her mysterious boyfriend... "

"I don't think it's rumor" Mr O'Briens cut him off.

He handed the phone back to Clayton.

"It's true.. I've seen her" he said, his minding flashing back to Jasmine's words at the hospital. 

Just at that moment, there was a knock on the door. Mr O'Briens took a quick glance at the wall clock and nodded.

"Just in time" he said.

"Are you expecting someone?" Clayton asked.

"Yes, go through the back door" 

Clayton quickly headed towards a door at a corner in the office, and rushed out. 

"Come in" Mr O'Briens ushered his guest in.

The door pushed open, the very familiar voice of Mr Reinle boomed in laughter as he walked in.

"Bernard, long time" Mr Reinle said, spreading his arms open.

Mr O'Briens quickly got up and clasped his hand with Mr Reinle' .

"Yes.. welcome, welcome" he laughed along Mr Reinle.

They did a very brief bro hug, Mr O'Briens led Mr Reinle to a small sitting area in the office.

"I'm sorry for inviting you so promptly" Mr O'Briens said after they sat down.

Mr Reinle shook his head in a carefree manner.

"It's fine... I might just use this medium to check on my daughter..."

At the mention of daughter, Mr O'Briens smile faltered slightly.

"... how is Jade doing recently?"

"Oh, she's fine"

Mr Reinle nodded, his eyes goes around the office briefly.

"we haven't spoken for such a long time, I know she's having a good time in your home"

"Of course, Jade is the pride of our home.. so well-behaved" Mr O'Briens said.

Though he meant it in a mockery, but Mr Reinle is too oblivious to notice.

"Yes, Jade is our pride" he supported Mr O'Briens words.

"How is your business lately"

"Oh..very well, business has been fine" 

There's a brief, comfortable silence between them. Until...

"Bernard, I'm happy you invited me over..after all, it's being quite long since we hanged out"

Mr O'Briens nodded, he's being doing a lot of nodding since Mr Reinle arrived. 

"But I'm wondering why you invited me so suddenly, I hope all is well?"

"Yes, yes, all is well.. I just wanted to confirm something from you" Mr O'Briens said.

"And what could that be?"

Mr O'Briens cleared his throat, he stared at Mr Reinle for a brief moment.

"How many daughters do you have?"

Mr Reinle's smile faltered at once, he coughed quietly.

"Bernard, your question is a little bit funny.. you know I have only one daughter"


"Yes.. and she's married to your son"

Mr O'Briens smiled, he reached for his pocket and pulled out a photo... he dropped it on the table.

Mr Reinle picked it and frowned.

"Jasmine Reinle... does that name sound familiar?" Mr O'Briens asked.

Mr Reinle narrowed his eyes at the photo, glaring at it and silently cursing.

He turned to Mr O'Briens and burst into a smile, unknown to him.. Mr O'Briens already caught him glaring at the photo.

"Yes, she was my daughter"

"Was?" Mr O'Briens asked.


Mr O'Briens adjusted on his chair, waiting for him to continue and complete his words.

"She's worthless and ungrateful, she got pregnant for some useless and irresponsible fella!"

Mr O'Briens frowned at those words, he's angry at Mr Reinle for using such words to describe someone...but doesn't show any slight anger. 

"She was impregnated by an irresponsible fella?" Mr O'Briens asked.

"Yes... We couldn't let her stay in our family and ruin our reputation, letting her stay would have brought shame and disgrace to us"


"I disowned her!"

Mr O'Briens stayed silent, he simply stared at Mr Reinle.. a lot of things running through his mind.

"Donald, that irresponsible fella your daughter got pregnant for.. he's my son" 

Mr Reinle paused and replayed the words Mr O'Briens just spat out...he frowned.

"Excuse me?"

He looked at Mr O'Briens confusedly.

"She got pregnant for my son, whom we married your eldest daughter to!"


Mr Reinle stared at my O'Briens with his eyes widened.

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 35


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Writer's pov 👙

Mr Reinle stared at Mr O'Briens like a deer caught in a day light, his mouth opening and closing wordlessly.. as he searched for what to say.

"Y-your son?" He asked.

Mr O'Briens simply hummed, he leaned back on his chair as Mr Reinle's shoulders slumped down.

"B-but.. but how?" Mr Reinle wondered. 

His mind flashed back to his wife's words back then.


Mexico city... August 17, 2016.

Donald glared maliciously at Jasmine's stomach, he clenched his jaw and balled his fist.

He felt like punching her on the stomach and forcing out the baby...he just can't believe one of his daughters would get pregnant out of wedlock.

"I'm telling Jasmine, abort that garbage and I'll talk to dad about forgiving you and letting you stay" Tim (Donald's eldest child and only son) said.

Jasmine glared at him in response, she wrapped her arms around her stomach.

"Never! And I'll say this once, my child is not a garbage!"

Donald shut his eyes and balled his fist even tighter than before. Tim scoffed and turned to him.

"Dad, she's made her choice...she refused to abort the trash she's carrying!"

"Shut up, Tim" Donald heard his wife scolding Tim.

He snapped his eyes opened and stared at Jasmine, with his dark eyes hardened in anger and disappointment.

"Good for you! You're now a big girl.. "

Jasmine didn't flinch away from his harsh glare, neither did she shed any tears or showed any sign of remorse.

Donald nodded his head.

"...right from this moment, you're no longer a Reinle! I seize to recognize you as my daughter!"


"Donald!" Jade and his wife gasped respectively.

Donald ignored them, he stared at Jasmine straight in the eyes.. Jasmine balled her fist on her side.

She's not ready to beg him...neither is she going to kill her innocent child... she believed her boyfriend is gonna accept and take her in. 

"You still don't want to admit your fault, such boldness! Now leave and never return!" He said, no, he yelled.

His anger increasing at her boldness.

"Donald, don't do this, she's just a child.. where would she go from here?" His wife pleaded with him.

Donald scoffed angrily, his eyes moved to Jasmine's stomach.

"She's not child anymore, she'll be a mother in a few months!" He said.

Jasmine took a deep breath and turned, she stormed out without a second thought... she's determined to keep her baby.

"Jasmine!" Mrs Reinle called her and wanted to rush after her. 

"Stop right there, Margret!" Donald growled.

Margret halted.

"Let her leave!"

Margret turned to face him with a deep frown on her face, she squinted her eyes.

"Let her leave? Do you want her to go from here?" She asked.

Donald sat on a sofa, he reached for a newspaper on the table and flipped through pages.

"Donald, She's just 18 years old.. she knows nothing about life"

He scoffed. "But she knows to f**k and get pregnant!"

Margret's frown deepened at his words.

"It wasn't her intention to get pregnant, it just happened.. now that it has happened, are you just abandon her to fate?"

Donald ignored her.

"At least, we should take her in and find out who the father of her child is... "

"Never! I would never do that!"

He slammed the newspaper on the table and got up.

"I'm not gonna waste my resources on some irrelevant matters.. she chose that path, it's her choice.. let her walk it alone!"

"Donald... "

"Jade is getting married in a few days, I can't let her stay here and ruin my reputation with her shameful pregnancy!"

"Shameful pregnancy? Donald, she's not even showing yet.. nobody would notice she's pregnant" Margret said.

"I don't care. She chose to leave, let her go!"

Margret shut her eyes, she doesn't know how she could help her husband see the bigger picture.

"Don't try to bring her back here...or you'll regret your decision!"

Margret chuckled and shook her head.

"No! You'll be the one who'll regret your decision... if you don't bring her back home now!" She said and stormed to her room, making a phone call.

Donald glared at the door Jasmine just rushed out from, he grinded his teeth against each other.

"I don't keep useless creatures around me!"


Present day...

Donald gulped nervously, he blinked rapidly and faced Mr O'Briens.

Blood drained off his face and he suddenly paled, when he realized his wife's words turned out to be true.

"B-bernard, wh-what should we do now?" He stuttered. 

Mr O'Briens got up, he adjusted his suit and walked towards his big black office chair.

Mr Reinle trailer behind him, if he was a wolf.. his tail would be stuck in between his legs by now.

"Well.. "

Mr O'Briens sat on his chair.

"... both of them are your daughters, but one is very important to our family...while the other is just gonna become a nuisance!"

He paused and studied Mr Reinle's expression, he smirked when he noticed Mr Reinle's finding it hard to look at him in the eyes.

He shook his head and continued.

"I believe you know who's important to us and who's not"


"Good, talk to her and make her understand she can't stay here, our family can't welcome her anymore" Mr O'Briens said.

Mr Reinle took a deep breath and sighed, he nodded and got up.

"I will do that"

"Just a kind reminder, your company need my money to keep it running" 

Mr Reinle nodded, he reached for a handshake but Mr O'Briens simply stared at his hand and ignored it.

"I should take my leave!"

He turned and headed towards the door, but before he could step out.. Mr O'Briens said something. 

"Oh.. one more thing, Donald"

Mr Reinle halted and waited for Mr O'Briens to speak.. although he didn't turned around.

"My son is not an irresponsible fella, he mans up and takes up responsibility for every single thing he does.. my son worked with his bare hands to establish his companies without accepting any dime from me..."

Mr O'Briens paused, he saw Donald balling his fist.

"...at 22, he was already a renowned billionaire, he was already filthy rich while he was still a college student.. he's very responsible and hardworking!"

"I'm sorry for saying those words about him, I didn't realized he's..."

"It doesn't matter now, go fix your mess"

Mr Reinle nodded and stepped out... Mr O'Briens took a deep breath and slumped back onto his sofa.

He reached for his drawer and pulled out a photo frame.

He stared at it the picture inside few moments.. before running his fingers through it. 

His eyes turned red as if he's gonna burst into tears.

"It's my fault.. I'm sorry, it's my fault.." he apologised to the person in the picture.

"...I was careless.. I.. I shouldn't have... it's was just a drunken night and..." he trailed off.

He rested the photo frame on his chest, leaned back on the chair and shut his eyes.


Meanwhile, when Mr Reinle got to the parking lot, where his driver had parked his car.

He reached for his phone and quickly dialed a number..he waited for the receiver to pick up.

After a few ring, a familiar female voice emerged from the other side.

"Hello, dad?"

"Jade...are you busy right now?" He asked.


He sighed.

"Good, I'll send you an address.. let's meet and talk" 

"Hm" she hummed.

He hanged up and shoved the phone back in his pocket..he facepalm himself and inhaled deeply.

His mind raced back to the day he disowned Jasmine... he started cursing and blaming himself for not doing any investigation.. according to his wife's advise.

"I should have listened to Margret!" He lamented.

His gaze suddenly hardened, he balled his fist.

"I shouldn't blame myself, it's that worthless daughter's fault...she caused this mess!" He growled.

He shut his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair... he's feeling quite frustrated.

"Mr Reinle, are you ok?" His driver asked.

He raised his head and threw his driver a very harsh glare, transferring his aggressions to the driver.

"Stop asking stupid questions and get in the car!" He growled.

"Yes, sir"

The driver quickly pulled the door open for him, he got in and slammed the door shut in a loud bang.

His driver quickly rushed to the driver's seat and started the car..seconds later, they're already on the road.


          Sir Roman's resident... Chicago!

"Mr O'Briens, your grandfather is waiting for you" 

Sir Roman's butler, Simone told Henry immediately he stepped foot in the compound.. he gave a curt nod in response.

"Where's he?" Henry asked.

"At the golf course, sir.. this way please" Simone said.

He ushered Henry through a passage, in a few minutes they arrived at the golf course.

Sir Roman is trying out his golf club, he looked so focused but he knows Henry's standing a few steps away from him. 

"Sir, Mr O'Briens is here" Simone reported.

Sir Roman didn't turn around, nor uttered any word in response.. Henry took long strode towards him and stood beside him.

"Grandpa!" He said.

"Henry, it's good you're here, join me.. let's have one game" 

Henry glared at the golf club with so much hatred, he shut his eyes and shook his head.

"Grandpa, you know I hate golf"

"Oh.. right, that's true, I almost forgot!" Sir Roman replied.

He ignored Henry and gave his attention back to the small ball in front of him.

"You said we should wait?" Henry asked.

"Hmm" Sir Roman hummed. 

Henry scoffed.

"Why? Why should we wait? When we have every opportunity to get rid of him once and for all?"

Sir Roman stand upright, he stared at the ball and shook his head.. he released a tired sigh.

One of his guards standing around, rushed to him with a towel.. he collected it and damped his face gently.

"Well, since you're here, you should just give me some advice"


"Yes, about golf"

Henry groaned, he stormed to a nearby chair and sat down. Sir Roman also sat on another chair.. he pointed at the ball he's be trying out.

"Look at that ball"

"No... "

"Look. At. It!" Sir Roman said firmly.

Henry grumbled under his breath coherently, but quickly turned his gaze to the ball...Sir Roman nodded.

"If I'm to hit that ball quickly, what do you think would be the result? Will I meet my target?" He asked.. referring to the cup.

(The cup in a golf course is that small hole, where the ball rolls in)

Henry squinted his eyes, his shoulders shake slightly as he lets out a brief laugh.

"Of course not, you're playing a lost game.. your efforts will be wasted"

"Oh? What if I take my time to calculate and hit it slowly? Will I meet my target?"

Henry nodded at this question, a small frown on his head as he visualize it.

"Of course.. because you don't need to hit the ball so hard in the first place.. just give it a little push"

"Oh!" Sir Roman nodded. "I see"

There's a moment of silence, sir Roman reached for a glass on the table by his side.

One of the guards rushed forward and poured some wine..he stretched it towards Henry.

"Care for some wine?" 

Henry shook his head, he gave sir Roman an impatient look..he bite his lower lip.

"Grandpa, you still haven't told me why we shouldn't strike yet"

Sir Roman paused and turned to him, he arched an eyebrow before taking a small gulp of his wine. 

"I just answered you" sir Roman replied.

Henry's eyebrows knitted in a deep frown, he seemed confused.


"Just now"

"Huh?" Henry seemed more confused.

Sir Roman dropped his wine on the table, he got up and picked a ball... he placed it on a marked spot and hits it slowly, carefully and gently.

"Grandpa, what are you doing?" Henry asked.

"I just explained it to you again" 

"Again?" Henry frowned.

Sir Roman threw the tee he was holding to one of his boys and headed back to his chair.. he released a sigh.

"I'm not really sure if you're my grandson.. you're too slow in thinking"

Henry frowned and thought about it deeply, that's when it clicked on his mind.

"You mean the two sisters... "

"Yes, let's watch the two sisters fight...we will strike when the time is right"

Henry nodded.

"Your job for now is to keep instigating the older sister.. make sure that boy die by her hand.. it'll make reaching our goal very easy"


"I did a thorough background check on the boy's mother, she can't ever birth another child"

"Oh! I know what to do now" Henry said.

He smirked as a thought came to his mind. 


Jade's pov 👙

My eyes scanned the whole bar, until they landed on dad.

He's sitting at a far corner, with a bottle of Hennessy in front of him.. he waved at me and I rushed over.

"Dad" I greeted him and pulled out a chair.

I said down and placed my bag on the table.

"What would you like to order, I will call for a waiter" he said.

I shook my head in rejection, dad being nice with someone isn't always for a good reason.. I know him too well.

"Dad, I'm very busy, get straight to the point" I told him.

Dad stared at me a few seconds, then nodded and sighed.

"I want you to divorce Thanatos"

My body tensed immediately he said those words, I narrowed my eyes and set my lips on a thin line.

"I should divorce Thanatos?"


"Why?" I asked.

I think I kinda know the reason he wanted me to divorce him...I just want to hear it from him, to confirm.

"Jasmine..." He trailed off.

My brows raised.

"What's with Jasmine?" I asked.

He stared at me again.

"You know, I love you and I wouldn't want you to get hurt because of..."

"Tell me what you want to say clearly" I cut him.

He nodded.

"Jasmine was pregnant with Thanatos baby back then.. she's the mother of the O'Briens heir"

"So.. what do you mean?"

He licked his lips, maybe they suddenly ran dry. 

"I mean, we already have the heir in our family... I think you should leave Thanatos for your sister" he said.

I stared at him briefly, before bursting Into laughter.. I laughed for some minute, then sobered up.

"My sister? She's my sister now?"

He didn't speak any words, he's just staring at me with some emotions I couldn't even interpret.

"When she came home pregnant, she wasn't my sister... When you disowned her and let her leave your home, she wasn't my sister... When you made me married into the O'Briens family for your heir, she wasn't my sister... Now you've found out she's the heir's mother, she's suddenly my sister?"

I laughed again.

"To you, we are pawns, right.. you use us anyhow you like"

"Jade, you must understand the reason I wanted you to give the O'Briens a heir... It's for our business to be saved"

I scoffed. Business.. it's all about business to him.

"I don't give a d*mn about your business, but one thing is sure.. I'm not leaving Thanatos for Jasmine!"

He opened his mouth to speak, but I didn't give him a chance too.

"I didn't wanna get married to some unknown man, but you forced.. now I've fallen in love with him, I can't sit back and watch some woman take him away"

"She's not some woman, Jade.. she's Jasmine, your younger sister"

"Well, she seized to be my sister the day I found out she had an affair with my husband"


I raised my hand and cut him off.

"You want an heir, I'll be the one to give it to you.. forget about Jasmine and her son!"

Dad frowned. "What do you want to do to them?"

I smirked.

"Don't panic, I'm not gonna kill her or her son... she's my ex-sister after all, I'll just negotiate with her.. if she complies then she'll be saved, but if she doesn't... "

I picked my bag and got up.

"... I don't trust myself, I can do anything and don't even think of coming in my way...I might forget you're my father!"

Without hesitating or waiting for him to recover from his shock, I stormed out.

The heir... my son must be the heir... I'll look for ways to birth Thanatos son!


(When the Love is gone )

Episode 36


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Adele's pov 👙

            Las Vegas... Mike's kitchen (01:21pm)

"Alright, Davis, watch your steps" I cautioned the little boy jumping ahead of me.

"Ok, aunt Adele" he replied, but still continued jumping.

Clark and I just came back from Davis school, we went to pick him up.. I looked behind and frowned.

"Like seriously, these guys in black suits don't need to show themselves all the time!" I complained, feeling slightly upset.

Clark too a glance behind too and laughed, he shook his head.

"You can't blame them, they're just doing their job.. "

I scoffed and stepped inside the restaurant. 

These guys in black suit have been following me about, anytime I stepped out with Davis.

Clark told me last night, they're guards Thanatos ordered to watch over Davis and Jasmine.

"I know they're doing their job, but they don't have to make it so obvious"

Clark chuckled.

"Thana is always overprotective of his things... who knows, he must have threatened to kill them if they don't protect his son on his absence" 

I saw three of them enter the restaurant too, they sat on a table a few meters away from us.

A waiter approached them to take their orders. 

"They are ordering, I guess they aren't leaving until I'm off work" I grumbled.

"Don't blame them, in fact, you're lucky my guards shadow walkers"

I frowned at the weird name.

"Shadow walkers?"

"Yeah, they are always around but can't be seen.. they only appear when I'm in danger.. wish never happens" 

Shadow walkers.. I think I prefer them to these, wait.. what should I call them? Flesh walkers? Physical walkers? Human walkers?

"Why don't Thanatos have shadow walkers too?" I asked.

My gaze moved to the guards, they are sipping their coffees and chatting among themselves.

One would think they aren't paying attention to us, but they are.. if they hear Davis cry, they'll quickly get up and scan the place vigilantly.

Alas.. it's good to be a billionaire's son!

"I'm not comfortable with these hefty men trailing behind me, he should try and get himself some shadow walkers too"

"Oh, he has a lot of them.. I'm sure his shadow walkers are also lingering around" Clark replied.

We stopped by a counter, he dropped Davis's backpack and lunchbox on it.. I pulled a stool and sat down, resting my head on the counter.

"Thana was the one who introduced shadow walkers to me"

"Then why didn't he just use them, why bring this flesh walkers.. they're annoying"

He stared at me and laughed.

"Flesh walkers?" 

"Yeah.. what am I supposed to call them"

He tilted his head and thought about it briefly, then nodded his head.

"You're right.. anyways, I guess he just wanted to tighten the security"

"Hmm.. that makes sense too"

My eyes scanned the area, looking for Davis. I found him sitting under a table, eating his cookies.

"Davis, are you ok there?" I asked him.

"Yes" he replied and continued munching on his cookies. 

I sighed, what an energized boy. He's always full of energy.

"You must be tired.. sorry about that"

"I'm not, Davis is a cute boy" I replied.

Honestly, I'm feeling quite tired, but if Davis was my son.. would I be complaining? who would I complain to?

"Adele, you're back?" Elvis asked as he approached me.

"Yeah" I nodded.

His eyes met Clark and he quickly greeted him with a respectful bow.

"Mr Evans, you're here too"

"Hm" Clark hummed.

I scoffed mentally, he's behaving like the boss here. 

"You're welcome, sir"

Clark nodded. Then Elvis turned to me, there's a smile on his face... that's creepy!

Elvis doesn't laugh or smile in front of anyone. 

"Where's Davis?" He asked.

"Down there" I quickly pointed to Davis under the table.

He nodded and stared at Davis affectionately.

"Such a cute boy" he whispered but I heard him.. since I'm standing next to him.

I simply studied him as he was smiling, I'm seriously wondering why he's smiling so much today.

"Ahem!" I cleared my throat.

He flinched slightly and faced me.

"Em.. Elvis, is there any reason you're looking for me?" I asked.

"Yes, yes" he replied. 

I arched an eyebrow, impatiently waiting for him to continue.

"Right.. Mr O'Briens called earlier, he said you can take the rest of the day off.. also, you shouldn't come to work until he comes back"

I blinked twice at the news.

"Really?!" I asked.

"Yes, you can go back home and rest" he replied.

He gave Clark another respectful bow and left. I broke into a smile and quickly pulled Clark into a hug.

"Whoops... I was feeling so whacked, finally I can get some rest!" I said.

He didn't say anything in reply, his arms quickly goes around me and he hugged me back.

"Well, with your arms wrapped around me like this, it's only gonna whet my appetite for more of your hugs... "

I paused and-wham! I realized I'm still hugging him very tight. 

I quickly unwrapped my arms from him and moved away.. creating a fine space between us. 

He waggled his eyebrows at me, with a smirk playing at the corner of his lips.

"...or do you plan on giving me more of your hugs in the future?" He asked.

"That's a wacky dream that would never come true!" I jeered at him. 

He stared directly in my eyes for a little while, then shook his head as if he's disapproving with something.

"You said it's a wacky dream, but your eyes says otherwise.. what are you gonna do about it?"

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Bae, take my advise, follow your heart now and say yes to me.. I'm the one for you" he winked at me.

A sudden cold breeze blew past me and I shudder in disgust..I gave him a mean look.

"Go to a brothel, that's the only place for you!" I scoffed.

I hopped off the stool and walked towards Davis, he's done with his cookies already.. like he's just got done.

"Davis, come on let's go home" 

"Ok" he said and came out from under the table.

He grabbed my hand and we headed out, Clark picked Davis's backpack and lunchbox and rushed after us.

We got to the parking lot, where he had parked his car earlier.. just when he's about to get the door for Davis's, we heard...

"Excuse me, Miss Rodgers?" 

I turned around, wondering who's addressing me so formally. But I realized he's a police officer.

"Oh! I guess they couldn't wait for me to visit them at the station anymore" I whispered to Clark.

The police officer stopped in front of me, he reached for his ID and showed it to me.

"I'm detective Parker, from Las Vegas police department! And this is my partner... inspector Lee!" He said.

I nodded, I guess inspector Lee is a Chinese man or a Korean man.. hmph! All I know, he's from an Asia continent.

"I'm Adele Rodgers" I introduced myself, even though he seem to know that already. 

"We just came from your apartment, you weren't home..."

He paused as his eyes moved to Clark, he nodded.

"... It's a good thing Mr Evans is here too. We'd like you two to come with us to the station, for some questioning"

I nodded, but Clark shook his head.

"I'm afraid that won't be convenient, detective" Clark said.


Clark's gaze moved to Davis and I quickly understand what he meant, a kid of Davis's age can't be taken to the station. 

"There's a child with us, we can't take him with us to the station"

Detective Parker stared at Davis who's busy counting all the cars driving past us.

"Oh.. well, we'd just ask you some questions here.. please cooperate with us"

"Of course" Clark and I replied.

Davis suddenly grabbed my hand tighter and hide behind me, I looked down at him with a frown.

"Davis, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Look" he replied pointing at something in the detective's hand.

I lifted my head and took a look, it's a gun.. a pistol.

This are one of the reasons kids aren't taken to the station, I quickly covered his eyes with my palm.

"Detective, would you mind putting the gun away? There's a kid here" I said.

"Right.. sorry, about that" he quickly shoved it in his pocket.

He took a second look at Davis.

"This boy has a shocking resemblance of popular business tycoon... Thanatos Miguel O'Briens"

I rolled my eyeballs, what a gossip detective.. just ask your questions and leave.

"That's because he's Thanatos son" Clark replied.

I scoffed. "Egoistic bast*rd!" I muttered under my breath.

Detective Parker quickly crouched down to Davis level.. he smiled at him.

"I'm sorry, Mr O'Briens, I didn't mean to upset you with that... whatnot" he said... he's referring to the gun.

Davis simply stared at him as if he's speaking some foreign language to him. 

"Mr O'Briens, how old are you?"

Davis held up five fingers, but I quickly grabbed them and laughed.

"Ahem!" Clark cleared his throat. "Detective, I'd suggest you start questioning us now"

Detective Parker got up and nodded.

"So... Out patrol team chased Mr Evans for driving past the speed limit..later, they were met in an accident, correct?"

"Yes" Clark and I answered.

He nodded and his partner ticked something on his notepad.

"Miss Rodgers, what's your relationship with Mr Evans?" 

I looked at Clark, his eyes looking directly in mine and pleading with me.

*I'll make you regret messing with me today* I told him telepathically.

It's almost as if he heard me, because his expression changed at once.

*Please, just help me, save me this once and I'll forever be grateful* he pleaded telepathically.

I smirked at him..

"Miss Rodgers?" 

"He's my boyfriend" I said.

Detective Parker paused and squinted his eyes at us, he looked between Clark and I.. though I'm still staring in his (Clark's) eyes.

"Ahem! Oh" detective Parker said.

He turned to his partner and they ticked another place on their notepad.. we're doing well. 

"Before you and Mr Evans went on that suicide ride, did anything happened between you two?"

I did a little thinking and nodded.

"Yes, we had an argument and Clark was angry, he just wanted to scare me a little.. but the car suddenly got out of control, we couldn't control it"


"The brakes failed us, none of the doors could open and.." 

I trailed off and looked at Clark in the eyes lovingly.. I went on tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

".. thanks for risking your life to save mine" I said.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to himself, I rested my head on his chest.

"Well, Mr Evans, both of your statements correspond.. so, it's likely you're telling the truth"

"It's not likely detective, we're saying the truth" Clark said.

Detective Parker shook his head in denial.

"No, you might also be putting an act to escape your punishment" he told Clark.

I gasped.

"Are you saying I'm lying too? Do you think I'd like to protect someone who tried to hurt me?"

Detective Parker just remained silent and stared at me.

"Clark and I are really a couple, we just had a misunderstanding that day" 

"Then prove to me that you're really a couple"

I frowned and stared at him with my mouth slightly open.

"What do you mean by that? You want us to have... "

I slapped my hands on Davis's ears, cause this smart boy will catch up the word I wanna say next.

"You want us to have sex in front of you? Just to prove ourselves?"

His ears instantly goes red, I took a glance at Clark and found out his ears are red too.. even redder than detective Parker's.

"That's not what I mean, it's just.. you.. he... "

Without thinking straight, I grabbed Clark's collar and planted my lips on his.

My mind instantly flashed back to the first time we kissed, when our lips touched.. his lips are so soft.

I closed my eyes and moved my lips against his, he tensed at first, but after a few seconds.. he relaxed and started reciprocating the kiss. 

His arms around my waist tightened, as he pressed me impossibly closer to himself.. totally forgetting we're in public.. completely forgetting detective Parker is right in front of us.

He pushed my teeth with the tip of his tongue, asking for permission..my teeth parted without hesitation, giving him access.

He shoved his tongue in my mouth, he explored my mouth freely with no obstacles.

After a few minutes, he pulled his tongue out and sucked mine furiously. 

God! Clark is a very good kisser, my ex was such a sloppy kisser! I don't think I'm in planet earth anymore..I'm heading for Venus now!

"Uncle Clark, cooties!" David screamed.

His voice dragged me all the way from Venus back to earth, my eyes snapped open and I pushed Clark away from me.

My cheeks heated up and I felt all my blood rushed to my face.

"Whoa!" Detective Parker exclaimed. "That was one heavy make out, you guys really..." He trailed off speechlessly. 

I took a glance at Clark, he's touching his lips with an awestruck expression.

He must have felt my eyes on him, he turned to me and smiled at me.. but I quickly looked away .

I'm feeling embarrassed to look at him in the eyes, which I don't understand why... It's just a kiss, right?

I smacked my head mentally. Why did I kissed him? What pushed me to take that big step?

"Mr Evans? Miss Rodgers?" Detective Parker called us.

I cleared my throat.

"So...have we proven ourselves now? Do you believe we are a real couple now?" I asked him.

He nodded quickly.

"Yes, yes, you guys really went all out to prove yourself" 

Clark stepped forward and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer..

I wanted to move away from him, but remembered detective Parker is still here.. so I stayed put.

"One more thing, my girlfriend will like you to drop all those charges" 

"Of course, thanks for your cooperation, Mr Evans, Miss Rodgers.." his eyes moved to Davis. "... Mr O'Briens!"

"Thanks for your hard work too" I said.

"We'll take our leave now" he said and left with his partner.

Immediately they left, I pushed Clark away from me and opened the backseat door.. I helped Davis in and also slumped in and shut the door.

He knocked the window, trying to get my attention but I didn't even look at him... I'm too embarrassed right now.

He gave up knocking when I didn't wind down my window, he rushed to the driver's seat and slumped in.

"Adele, why are you sitting at the back?" He asked, tilting his head to look at me.

"I prefer sitting here for now" I replied.

He frowned.

"Why? Are you mad at me?" He asked again.

I shook my head, I'm not mad at him, just too embarrassed to face him.

"We were fine just now, we even kissed a..."

"Don't bring it up" I cut him off.

I shut my eyes and the kissing scene appeared, I snapped my eyes open and shook it off.

"Clark, I'm sorry for invading your privacy like that..."

"Invading my privacy? You didn't invade my privacy.. you're my privacy" he said.

I ignored his wacko words and continued.

"... I only did that because it was needed to be done to prove a point.. I'm sorry, I won't cross my boundaries next time"

He stayed silent for a few moments, then sighed.

"I wanna ask you a question, if it was someone else.. would you kiss him to prove your point too?"

I didn't answer.

"Answer me Adele"

"Does my answer really matters?" I asked.

"Of course, it matters a lot" he replied.

But I still didn't answer him.

"Tell me, would you kiss some other guy just to prove your point?"

This time he sounded offended, like my silence is telling him I'd do it.

"Of course not, I don't go about kissing random people!"



He nodded, he turned to face me properly, he smiled at me and winked.

"That's it, you just agreed you're my girlfriend"

"What?" I frowned.

I gaped at him. Is he nuts? When did I agreed to be his girlfriend? 

"You told the detective you're my girlfriend, we even had a make out session in front of him"

"That's because I was tryna save your a*s!" I explained.

He shook his head. I felt a tap and looked down at Davis, he's staring at me curiously.

"Aunt Adele, what's a*s?" He asked.

My eyes grew wide slightly, I forgot this smart guy is still here.

"What? No.. no a*s.. don't say that again" I told him.

"Say a*s?"

"No, no, no.. don't say it"

"Why?" He asked.

"It's a very, very bad word"

He frowned and thought for a moment.

"What does a*s mean?" He asked.

Clark chuckled loudly from the driver's seat.

"Girlfriend, tell the boy what a*s means" he said and faced his front.. he started the car and drove out of the parking lot. 

"Aunt Adele, what is a*s?"

Oh my God! Jasmine's so gonna kill me for saying this in front of Davis.. I better correct his tongue before she gets back.

"A*s" Davis said.

"No, baby, it's axe.. say axe"


I shook my head.

"Say axe, it's axe.. A.. X.. E, axe.. say it, axe"


Good heavens! I'm dead!

"A*s!" Davis continued chanting.

"Why can't you learn the good word... Say axe"


Hmm, I should start holding my funeral awaiting Jasmine's return.

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 37


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Writer's pov 👙

      Home of Hope hospital.. Chicago.

Thanatos scanned the data with a deep concentrated frown. 

"You mean these two guys tempered with the car Clark drove?"

"Yes, sir" Peter answered.

He searched his iPad... and showed another photo of the guys in question. 

"Our men spotted them with our suspect a few days ago" Peter reported.

Thanatos nodded, he closed the file on his lap and kept it on the bedside table.

"Where are they now?"

"They're locked up in the basement of your home"

He gave Peter a confused look, but Peter doesn't seem to understand.

"Which of my home?"

"Oh, Las Vegas, sir" 

Thanatos nodded, he tried to rest his back on the headboard but couldn't.. his leg hanging up is an obstruction.

Peter stared at him as he struggled, wondering what he's trying to do.

He looked up and glared at Peter.

"Are you gonna give me a hand here?" He gritted out.


Peter rushed to him and helped him rest on the headboard, he also adjusted the blanket on his laps.

"Get me a glass of water" he ordered.

"Yes, sir" Peter replied.

He quickly poured Thanatos a glass of cold water, which Thanatos gulped down quickly.

"F**k! I was so dehydrated!"

Peter looked around with a frown, as if he's just taking note of his environment.

"Sir, where's Mrs O'Briens?" He asked.

Thanatos arched a brow at him questioningly.

"Oh.. I'm just asking since I didn't see her here" 

"it's not in your place to ask about her"

"Yes, sir" Peter said.

He glared at Peter one more time, before reaching for his laptop on the table.

"How's my son doing recently?" He asked.

"He's being just fine, sir"

"Any complain from our men about attempted assassination?"

"No, sir"

He nodded and turned on his laptop, Davis's photo popped up.. that's his wallpaper after all.

He smiled at the photo.

"Remind them again, Davis must remain safe and healthy before my return" he said.

Though he was smiling while saying this, but the warning in his words were very clear.

"Yes, Mr O'Briens"

"Our suspect, any lead on him yet?"

Peter frowned, his eyes moved to the data he gave Thanatos a few minutes ago.. then back to the iPad in his hand.

"Sir, I just told you he was spotted with those two guys"

Thanatos tilted his head, with a furrowed eyebrows.

"Did you?" He asked, feigning forgetfulness.

"Yes, sir"

Peter reached his hand forward and tried to check Thanatos temperature.. but Thanatos caught his hand.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I wanna check if you're having a fever.. or perhaps, you lost your memory in coma?"

His (Thanatos) brows furrowed even more.

"Are you tired? Should I perhaps give you a few days off?" Thanatos asked.

Peter's eyes grew wide in horror, he tensed and quickly shook his head in disagreement.

"No, no, no, sir.. I'm not planning to be jobless just yet" 

"Oh?" Thanatos smirked. "Did I say anything about firing you?"

Peter quickly shook his head, but bowed slightly.

"I'm sorry, sir, I was being impulsive"

Thanatos glared at him briefly, then sighed.

"Make sure to question those guys, they might have a clue where our suspect is" 

"Yes, Mr O'Briens" 

There's a sudden knock on the door, pulling their attention. Thanatos gave Peter a questioning glance.. but Peter shrugged.

"Could that be Mrs O'Briens?"

" It's not her, she wouldn't knock" 

Peter rushed to the door and pulled it opened, revealing Jade.. she pushed him aside roughly and rushed in.

"Thana!" She chirped cheerfully.

Thanatos raised his eyebrows as Jade gleefully strode towards him, he wondered who she is.

"Thana! You're finally awake!" 

She threw herself at Thanatos, her arms went around his shoulders as she pulled him into a hug.

"Who are you?" He asked.

He tried to push her away, but she held him tighter.. in a way that made it difficult for him to push her away. 

"I've missed you so much, Thana" she said.

Thanatos narrowed his eyes and signaled Peter to come pull her off, since he couldn't do it himself.. because he's severely injured.

"W-what are you doing?" She asked as Peter's pulling her away.

He made her stand a few meters away from Thanatos, then blocked her way.

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?" Thanatos asked again.

"It's me, your wife" she replied.

Thanatos took a proper look at her, he saw some resemblance between her and Jasmine.

He scoffed. *My Jasmine's still the best* he thought.

"My wife?"

She nodded quickly, a perfect smile on her face...he bite back a laugh.

"Don't you remember?"

He shook his head and continued staring at her strangely.. she pushed Peter away again and rushed to Thanatos front.

She crouched down by his side and took his hand in hers.

"It's me, Jade.. I'm your wife" 

"Oh! You're my wife, but when did we get married? How come I don't remember?" 

Jade looked at him closely, as if she's trying to figure something out.

"I think that should be because of the accident you had, it must have caused you an amnesia" she said.


At that moment, the door pushed open and Jasmine walked in.

She halted when she saw Jade's hands holding thanatos'.. she looked at him quizzically.

As if Jade knew Jasmine's standing behind her, she got up and crashed her lips on thanatos'.

Thanatos eyes grew wide in shock, he pushed her away as hard and fast as he could..making Jade landed on her butts.

Be turned to Jasmine's who's glaring at Jade on the floor.

"I swear, baby, I don't even know her" he defended himself instantly. 


Jasmine's pov 👙

I arrived at Thanatos ward, I pushed the door open and stepped in.

But I stayed frozen in my spot at the show that welcomed me.. my fist automatically balled and I gritted my teeth.

Jade must have known I'm standing behind her, she got up and crashed her lips on Thanatos'.

Thanatos quickly pushed her away and stared at me with guilty eyes.

"I swear, baby, I don't even know her" he explained before I could utter any words. 

Jade turned to face me with a smirk, like seriously why is she smirking? 

It's clear she failed in whatever she wanted to do. I ignored her and walked towards Thanatos.

"Baby, you're awake" I said and leaned down, I planted a kiss on Thanatos lips.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Peter opened the door and stepped out.

"What took you so long, I'm da*m hungry" he said.

"Really? How about you eat me?" I suggested.

"You know I wouldn't say no to that" he replied.

We heard a scoff from Jade, she got up and rushed towards us.. she pushed me away from Thanatos.

"Are you really that shameless?" She asked.

I frowned slightly.

"What should I be ashamed of?"

"You're kissing another woman's husband in front of her.. isn't that a shameful act?" 

I turned to Thanatos, he winked at me and I blushed.. I blew him a kiss in return. 

"What are you doing?" She growled.

"Jade, I told you last time, stop referring to Thanatos as your husband.. he's not the man you're married to"

She quickly searched her handbag and pulled out some papers.. she opened them wide and showed it to me.

"This right here gave me the right to call him my husband, but what rights do you have?" She asked.

My eyes scanned through the papers she's holding, they're marriage certificate.

"You don't have any rights to be here" she said.

"I have every rights to be here, I am his son's mother and his girlfriend"

"Son's mother? Doesn't that makes you the other woman?" 

We heard a bang turned towards the sound, it came from Thanatos.. he's glaring daggers at Jade.

"Jasmine's not the other woman! She's my wife and only love of my life!" He growled at her.. she flinched.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his laps, he held my head in his hands and crashed his lips on mine. 

My eyes grew wide, I'm surprised at his action.. but who am I to complain?

His lips moved against mine furiously, his pace his very fast and even when I tried my best to keep up with him.. I couldn't.

His teeth grabbed my tongue and he sucked on it, at a point I thought he's planning on swallowing my tongue.

After a few moments, his hand goes under my blouse and cupped my breast.. he massaged them quickly.

"Ahem!" Jade cleared her throat.

I tapped Thanatos to stop but he wouldn't, he continued kissing me as though there's no tomorrow..

As though he's not gonna kiss me ever again. 

This kiss is definitely passing a message, a very clear message to Jade.

I heard the door pushed open, I took a peek and saw Thanatos family trooped in.

I tried to signal Thanatos to stop, but my stubborn boyfriend wouldn't... He's so engrossed in the kiss to care about anything right now.

"Thanatos" Mr O'Briens called him.

Thanatos didn't listen to him either, he moved his hand from my breast to my lower body instead.

His fingers groped my p*ssy through my jean shorts, I felt myself wet already... that's when I knew it's enough.

I can't let him do this in front of his family, how will I face them in the future?

Besides, Thanatos seemed like he's in the realms of romance right now, he doesn't hear anyone.

Also, I'm kinda running out of breath now, I couldn't continue so I broke the kiss.

He stared directly in my eyes for a few seconds, there's a frown on his forehead that shows his dissatisfaction.

"Why did you break the kiss?" He asked. 

I played with my fingers, and bowed my head.

"We're not alone" I answered.

"I don't care!" He said.

He don't care? He want us to have s£x with his whole family watching?

"All I see is you" 

I blushed at his words, I didn't know he's this cheesy.. gee!

"You've gone too far!" Jade nagged.

Thanatos wrapped his arm.. his only good arm around me and kissed my forehead. 

"Oh? You're still here? Do you want to watch us f**k before you leave?" Thanatos asked.

She glared at me, her chest raising and falling as she fumed in anger. 

Mrs O'Briens gasped quietly at him for saying such vulgar words..but she didn't caution him.

"You..." Jade pointed at me, but didn't find any words to say. 

"Me?" I urged her to continue.

Her face goes red, like a volcano ready to explode.

"Hmph!" She huffed and stormed out.

Her expression before she stormed out almost made me laugh. 

"Thanatos..." Mr O'Briens swallowed his words at Thanatos glare.

His hold on me tightened, when he heard his dad's voice.

"Out!" He said.

Mrs O'Briens looked at her husband, as if she wanted to say something.. but Mr O'Briens signaled her to stop.

"Out! All of you!" Thanatos repeated.

Mr O'Briens stared at Thanatos guiltily, then nudged his wife gently and they stepped out. 

Henry gazed at Thanatos, smirked and stepped out too.. now it's just the two of us.

"You shouldn't have chased them out... they're your family"

"They're not my family" he said.

"But your dad..." I trailed off.

I don't think his dad is a bad person, I saw how he was staring at Thanatos.. Thanatos must be misunderstanding his dad.

"I once told you, my father will let the public see what he want then to see...my family isn't as simple as they seem to be"

"I know, but your dad might be innocent..who knows, you might just be misunderstanding him"

He scoffed and leaned on the headboard.

"I'm not misunderstanding him"

"I feel like you don't know your father, have you tried to study him?" I asked.

I mean, I only saw his dad twice but I can already tell he's not a bad person.

"I don't need to study him, I know him..I know everyone in my family"

He paused and stared blankly at the wall in front of him.

"They think I don't know what they are doing"

Talking about his family doesn't seem like something he enjoys doing, I should just change the topic for now.

"Thanatos, when are we gonna go back to Las Vegas?" I asked.

His eyes moved down to his legs and arm.

"I don't think we're going back anytime soon"

I pouted at his reply. 

Davis face suddenly appeared in my eyes and I suddenly realized how much I'm actually missing him...my expression turned sour.

Thanatos noticed it, he nudged me.

"Baby...are you ok?" He asked.

"Davis... I'm missing him, he must be missing me too" I said.

Since Davis was born, we haven't separated for two days.. I don't know how he's coping.

He nodded.

"Now that you mentioned it, I'm also missing him too...I really wanna spend enough time with him bonding"

There's a moment of comfortable silence.

"I can't wait to go back and do so many fun stuff with him now" he said.

"Fun stuffs? Like what?" I asked.

He shook his head. "You'll find out when we get back" 

As if we're going back right away.

"Hmm... don't worry, I'll make aunt Grace transfer me back"

Now it's my turn to scan his body, I gave him an unsure look.

"Are you sure you can be transferred?" 

He laughed. 

"Don't worry, baby, I'll be fine"

I sighed. "If you say so"

His stomach growled loudly and I laughed..his ears and neck turned red.

He's a grown up man, but he's s blushing.

"Come on, I'll serve the food"

He nodded.

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 38


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Writer's pov 👙

              Mexico city (07:12pm)

Reinle's resident...

Donald walked into the living room, with his shoulders slumped down.. there's a pained expression on his face. 


Margret (his wife) couldn't complete her words... she caught a whiff of alcohol when he leaned on her shoulder. 

"Margret.. I.. I..." He stuttered drunkenly.

Margret frowned and glared at him.

"How much did you drink? And why did you drink so much?" She berated him for taking alcohol.

He released a chuckle, but doesn't say anything. She tried to help him to a sofa, but she couldn't.

"What are you? 20?"


"Yes... Only 20 years olds get drunk when they have something bothering them" she bellowed. 

Donald simply laughed and nodded, making Margret's glare increased.

"Tim! Tim!" Margret called on her son.

Tim's voice was heard faintly from his room. "Coming!"

Seconds later, Tim approached them. He frowned when he saw the state his father is, he quickly pulled his father weight from his mother.

"Mom, what happened?" He asked.

"Your father is drunk, help him to our room" she replied.

Tim nodded and helped him to the room, though it was a little bit hard.

He laid him on the bed and breathe heavily, he glared at his father as he laughed.

"Why did you drink so much? Do you think you're still 20?" He asked.

Margret took off Donald's shoes and threw them in a corner, she also removed his necktie.

"I.. I.. made a big.. a very big mistake" Donald hiccupped.

Margret paused to listen to him, even Tim seemed interested in what he just said.

"My daughter.. Jas.. Jasmine has the heir" 

Margret frowned, she exchange looks with Tim.

"Dad, what do you mean?"

Donald sat up, he looked at Tim.

"Your sister... Jasmine, she.. she has the heir" he repeated.

He fell back on the bed and slept off. Tim frowned as he processed his father's words.

He replayed it in his head, over and over again.. he doesn't want to believe what he just heard.

"Jasmine has the heir? How?"

Margret sighed.

"Your father is too stubborn, I told him he'd regret his decision.. but he didn't listen"

"Mom.. maybe we should beg Jasmine, our company's safety lies in her hands now" Tim said.

Margret narrowed her eyes at his comment.

"You're still thinking about the company? Don't you know what's going on now?"

Tim tilted his head, trying to figure out what his mother mean.. but nothing came to his mind.

"Your sisters are entangled with the same man..."

"So?" He asked. "I don't see any problem with that"

Margret shook her head at his lack of understanding.

"...your father's negligence has created enmity between your sisters"

Tim stayed silent.

"I know, she isn't the good girl your father thinks she is.. she wouldn't want to leave her husband for Jasmine"

Her gaze moved to her husband, who's laying almost lifelessly ok the bed.

"According to your father's drunken state, he must have spoken to Jade about this and she refused to listen"

She sighed.

"Your father has started war between your sisters without even knowing"

Tim rolled his eyeballs.

"You're making it seem so complicated" he said.

Margret looked away from him and fixed her eyes on their family photo.. everyone was smiling in the picture.

"If only we could remain like this" she muttered.

Tim also moved his gaze to the photo, his eyes settled on Jasmine and Jade embracing each other.

"What we have to do is go beg Jasmine, then try to persuade Jade so she can leave Thanatos"

"Beg Jasmine? You think she'll forgive you? Persuade Jade? You think she'll listen to you?"

Tim gaped speechlessly at his mother, his mind flashed back to how hostile he was to Jasmine before she left home.

His shoulders slumped down. 

"I don't know what you and your father are gonna do or how you're gonna do it... But I know it's not gonna work"


"I wish you both luck in whatever you wanna do" she said and headed out of the room.

Tim sighed and sat at the edge of the bed, he ran his fingers through his hair and groaned.

"Bursted!" He said. 


Jasmine's pov 👙

Weeks later... 

Time flies by and the days went in a blur.

Seconds turned minutes... minutes turned hours... Hours turned days and days turned weeks. 

I've accompanied Thanatos in the hospital for two weeks and five days already.

In these past days, Thanatos father has been trying to reach out to him (Thanatos).. but he wouldn't allow him.

He doesn't allow any of his family members visit him, he made Peter guard the door.. making sure none of them entered.

About Jade...she haven't come to visit again, so I don't know what she's up to lately. 

Currently, Thanatos is having a live business meeting via his laptop.

*.... most of our customers have been giving good reviews about the service offering...*

I tuned them off and groaned quietly.

He's not given me any attention since he started this meeting, which has been going on for almost six hours now.

My phone vibrate in my pocket, I reached for it and saw Adele's name flashing on the screen.

I looked at Thanatos, he's very focused in his meeting.. listening to whatever his assistant is saying.

Not wanting to disturb him, I quickly rushed out to receive the call.

"Hey, Adele, what's up?" I asked immediately I answered it.

"Jas, how is Thanatos now?" She asked.

"He's fine"

"Hmm" she hummed.

There a brief pause and I heard shuffling sound, as if she's moving about.

"How are you enjoying yourself in Chicago?" She asked.

I rolled my eyeballs and leaned against a wall, I pushed some strands of hair away from my face.

"How wish...you don't know how stressful it's been these past days"

"Stressful? How stressful can it be? you're with your one true love..quit complaining" she said and giggled.

She doesn't know it's not fun here...I have to help Thanatos to the bathroom...help him change his clothes...I help him with every single thing he does or wants to do.

"When are you guys coming back to Las Vegas?" She asked.

I tilted my head and looked at Thanatos, although his casts are off but...

"I don't know yet" I answered.

"Does that mean you guys aren't coming anytime soon?"

"I can't really tell, Thanatos doctor said he's not strong yet and can't be transferred to Las Vegas" I told her.

She sighed heavily. 

"What's wrong? Is Davis ok?" I asked.

A sudden fear gripped me when I asked about Davis, which I don't understand why.

"Jas, are you still there?" She asked.

"Yeah.. what's wrong?"

"Davis is fine, he's just feeling a little bit feverish.. I think that's because he misses you"

I released a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"I miss him too, I didn't know we're gonna stay this long"

"Don't worry, I'm here for Davis" she said.

"Thanks, Adele, I don't know how I would have done this without you"

She chuckled, I can imagine her rolling her eyeballs right now.

"Em.. can you make him talk to me?"

"Today's Thursday, girlfriend, he's gone to school" she replied.

I facepalm myself.

"I guess spending these past days taking care of Thanatos, has isolated me from civilization" I said.

We both laughed for a moment at my joke. While we're laughing, I heard a growling sound.

"What's that sound?" I asked.

"That's me, I'm hungry.. I better go eat something" 

I nodded. "Alright, talk to you later" I said and hanged up.

A thought suddenly strikes me after we've ended the call, Arthur.

I wanted to ask her about Arthur, I haven't heard from him for some time now.. hm, I wonder when he's coming back.

"Baby?" Thanatos called me from inside.

A tired sigh left my mouth, but I rushed inside to meet him. 

"What?" I asked.

"Please help me with a glass of water" 

I dragged my feet towards the small table in the ward, there's a bottle of water.. I poured a good amount in a glass and headed back to him.

"Here" I handed it to him. 

"Thank you" he collected it and finished it in one gulp.

My eyes landed on his laptop laying on the bed beside him, it seems like he's done with his meeting.

"Baby, what's with the long face?"

"Nothing" I grumbled.

I reached for an orange on the bedside table and started playing with it.. absentmindedly.

"Was my meeting too long?"

"Hell yeah" I replied. "But I couldn't care less"

He chuckled. 

His meeting did took a lot of time, but that's not the reason I'm feeling kinda angry.. or should I say down?

"Come on, talk to me, what's wrong?" He asked.

He grabbed my hands and pulled me onto his laps, I gasped quietly.. his arms went around my waist.

"Talk to me, what happened?"

I sighed.

"It's Davis... he's sick" 

His brows furrowed instantly.

"He's sick?" 

I nodded.

"But we spoke with him last night, he was fine and..."

"Thanatos, I've been away from him for three weeks now... I think it's time I go back to him"

He didn't say anything, he simply nodded thoughtfully.

"We haven't being apart for this long, I.. I miss him"

He sighed. "I miss him too"

I stared at him strangely, wondering how he would miss someone he haven't spent up to a month with.

Well, they're father and son, after all. There's a very brief moment of silence, but Thanatos broke it.

"Fine, we're going back tonight" he said.

I scoffed.

"As if you can decide on that" I said. 

"Don't worry, I'll persuade aunt to sign the transfer papers" he said firmly.

"Really? Are you sure she's gonna agree?" I asked.

"Of course, I want to go back to my son" he sounded so sure.

I broke into a smile and nodded, I really can't wait to go back home.

"Baby, we've been together for a while now.. don't you think Davis deserve to know I'm his father?"

"Hmm... " I hummed.

This is what I've been trying to escape, I don't know how to tell Davis about Thanatos.

He's still a kid and all, but he's very smart, in fact, too smart for his age.

Will he accept him? That's the question bothering me.

"I want to hear him call me daddy, I swear, I've been imagining him call me daddy in every scene"

He's happy just thinking about it, he's written all over him.

"Baby, please, let him know about me as soon as possible"

Well, I have given him a chance, I should let Davis give him a chance too.

"Alright, we'll tell him when we get back" I told him.

He pulled me down and planted a lingering kiss on my lips.

"Thanks, baby"

The door suddenly pushed open and doctor Grace came in, she smiled at me.

I smiled back and tried to get off Thanatos laps, but he wouldn't let me.

"Aunt Grace is here" I whispered to him.

"I don't care, we aren't doing anything wrong" he whispered back.

Doctor Grace cleared her throat, she glared at Thanatos and pulled me up.

"Behave yourself when I'm around!" She scolded him.

"I don't see any reason I can't hold my woman when you're around, aunt"

Doctor Grace narrowed her eyes.

"Are you arguing with me?"

She dipped her hand in her coat pocket and brought out a syringe.. she hit the needle and smirked.

Thanatos eyes grew wide when he saw the needle, doctor Grace's smirk grew wider.

He quickly hide himself under his blanket and I bite back my laugh.. he started shaking his head.

Ok... Thanatos is scared of needles, that's his biggest fear.

"Aunt, take it away" he pleaded.

"Nope, you were being cocky a few seconds ago.. what? Are you scared now?" 

He nodded quickly. "Yes, yes, yes"

"Oh? Are you not ashamed letting Jasmine see you like this?"

He shook his head desperately. 

Doctor Grace shoved the syringe back in her pocket, she walked towards him and grabbed the blanket as if she's still holding the syringe. 

"Thana, you have to bear it"

He started trashing around.

"No, no, no, aunt, please no"

She looked at me and we both burst into an uncontrollable laughter.

God! Thanatos just behaved like a two years old boy.. I can't believe a grown up man being scared of needles. 

"Thana is so funny" she said amidst laughter.

"Yeah.. our son really took after him" I replied.

Davis is also scared of needles, just like his father.

Hm.. even if Thanatos wanted to deny being Davis father, he couldn't..

Davis took after him in every aspect, both his bad and good behaviours. 

"Wait.. you're both messing with me" he said.

His statement simply increased our laughter, we held our stomachs.

He sat upright and narrowed his eyes at us, then scoffed and looked away from us.

"Well..." Doctor Grace sobered up. 

I also sobered up.

"... I didn't come to prick you with my needles this time" she said.

Taking a proper look at her, I realized she actually came alone.

"Congratulations, you can go home to your son now"

Thanatos eyes instantly lit up, even my eyes too... finally I can go back to my Davis. 

"I'm ok now?" Thanatos asked.


He looked down at his legs, he quickly put them down.

"I can walk now?" 

Doctor Grace facepalm herself and sighed.

"I didn't say you can walk yet"

"But you said I can go back home..." 

"I said you can go home, that doesn't mean you can use your legs now..do you want to be a cripple?"

He quickly shook his head as he stared at her with a horrific expression.

"You can't put too much pressure on your legs, take it slowly" she replied.

His shoulders slumped down in disappointment, he frowned.

"I'm tired of laying in bed, shouldn't I be doing physical therapy or something?"

Doctor Grace gave him an offended look, she glared at him and he quickly folded his lips on her mouth.

"I'm the doctor, can you let me finish my words?"


She shook her head and turned to me, she took my hands in hers.

"Jasmine, I'm leaving him in your hands.. please help him with his physical therapy later, don't let him pressure his legs"

I nodded.

"Yes, aunt" I replied.

Thanatos scoffed.

"Are you two thinking I'm a kid?" He asked. 

Doctor Grace and I turned towards him, as if we planned it.. we both nodded.

"You are... " He's speechless.

Doctor Grace looked away from him back to me. 

"Thank you for staying by him all these days, and I'm sorry on his behalf for not being there when you needed him" she said.

I simply nodded, I don't know how she knew my story.. maybe Thanatos told her. 

"Come with me to sign his discharge papers"

"Alright" I replied.

She released my hands and headed out, I turned to Thanatos... he's pulling a long face.

"Why the long face?" I asked him.

"You said I'm a kid" he pouted.

I bite back a laugh, he looked so cute when he's pouting.

"We were just joking" 

He scoffed.

"Well, it's not funny"


His eyes settled on my chest and I quickly pulled my blouse up.

"Well, I guess you've forgotten so soon.. how manly I am"

"How manly are you?" I asked in a mocking tone.

He banged the bedside table and clenched his jaw.

"We're leaving in my jet and I swear, I'll make you regret calling me a kid!"

Hmm.. I guess I know what he mean, my eyes trailed down his body.

"You're partially a cripple now, how do you intend to show your masculinity?" I mocked him.

He squinted his eyes.

"Are you daring me?" He gritted out.


He growled lowly.

"Alright then, I'll have to show you how dangerous a cripple man can be"

I huffed.

"Well, I'll be waiting. Until then, I should go sign the papers!" I winked at him and headed out. 


Thanatos pov 👙

I felt my d**k twist painfully as Jasmine bounced her big a*s out.

My eyes narrowed as I thought of all the evil ways to make her eat her words later.. I'll so make her regret calling me a kid.

My phone suddenly rang, I quickly reached for it.

"Peter" I answered the call.

"Mr O'Briens, my men said those guys are refusing to talk"

"Forget about them" I replied.

Those idiots are the least of my problem right now.

"Get my jet ready, we're heading back to Las Vegas tonight!"

"Yes, sir" he said.

I hanged and smirked... I'm gonna do some exercise tonight!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 39


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Adele's pov 👙

         Las Vegas...kiddies elementary school.

"Thanks, Mich, I'll take it from here" I said.

Clark collected Davis's backpack and lunchbox from Michelle, while I carried him.

"I don't know what's wrong with him lately, he's been vomiting since morning.. I took him to the school clinic and Monica said he's fine... "

I rested his head on my shoulder and felt his temperature with my palm... he's slightly hot.

"He's fine, he's just missing his parents" I cut her off. 

His fever is coming down slowly, I just hope Jasmine gets back quickly.

"Where's his mother?" she asked.

"They went on a honeymoon" I gritted out sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes and headed back to the class. I turned back to Clark and handed my handbag to him.

"Let's go"

"Hmm" he hummed and we headed towards the exit gate.


Clark parked in front of Jasmine's apartment, he to my side and pulled the door open.

I gently alighted the car with Davis's head resting on my chest, he's fallen asleep a few minutes ago.

"Davis" I called him softly.

He replied with groan, but he's not awake yet. Clark shut the door and we headed to the main door.. he pushed the door open and we stepped in. 

"Davis?" I called him again.

He replied with another groan. I stopped in front of a sofa and laid him down, then shook him gently.

He opened his eyes this time.

"Davis, are you hungry now?" I asked him.

"No" he replied weakly. "Water" 

Water? He's being drinking a lot of water recently, without any food.. that's why he's so weak now.

"Davis, eat something first"

"Water" he repeated.

I turned to Clark, he squat to our level and felt Davis's temperature.

"Something is wrong" he said.

I frowned.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"His fever is getting worst, maybe we should take him to the hospital"

Hospital? Davis is allergic to hospitals and he's scared of needles.

"No, we can't"

"Why can't we?" He touched his forehead again. "Davis is having a high fever"

High fever?! Fear gripped me at once. 

I checked his temperature myself, but frowned when I noticed his temperature isn't going up.

"But he's just slightly hot" I said.

He stared at me for a brief moment, he studied my expression and broke into a short laugh.

"What are you laughing about?"

He shook his head.

"Nothing, I was just messing with you... don't take everything seriously" 

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Don't joke with Davis's health, you don't know how important this boy is to Jasmine!" I snapped at him.

Davis is Jasmine's life, since she can't have other children..she doesn't joke with this boy.

"She gave up so many things, just to give this boy life... please don't joke with his health like that"


There's silence as I stared at Davis, thinking of ways to make eat something...at least that would give him some strength.

Honestly, I miss the hyperactive Davis now.

"Maybe he's just having a feeling that something bad is gonna happen.. kids do feel a lot of things" he said. 

I frowned deeply at Clark.

"Can something nice ever proceed from your mouth?" I asked him.

"What? I was just thinking... "

"Well don't think!" I berated him. " Nothing bad will happen to Jasmine!"

He quickly zipped his mouth and got up.

"I should go cook something, maybe we can persuade him to eat" he said and headed towards the kitchen without waiting for my response.

I held Davis's hands in mine, his hands are cold...very cold as though they were put in a freezer.

"Davis?" I called him.

He didn't respond like he was doing since.. I began rubbing his hands to keep them warm.

"Davis? Can you hear me? It's aunt Adele"

He still didn't respond, my heart started beating fast.. please don't pass out on me.

"Davis it's aunt Adele.. can you hear me?"

"Hmm" he hummed.

"Are you hungry?" 

He nodded his head slowly.

"Alright, open your eyes and watch uncle Clark cook for you"

He nodded but didn't open his eyes.

Could it be true that he's having a weird feeling about his parents? Can that really make him fall sick?

I quickly shook those negative thoughts from my head, I sat on the sofa and raised his head then laid it in my laps.

I continued rubbing his hands. 


Jasmine's pov 👙

            Home of Hope hospital... Chicago!

"Thanks" I thanked the nurse that lended me her pen. 

I neatly folded the papers and shoved them in my purse.. and released a sigh.

"Finally" I breathe out.

Soon, I'll be with my sweet baby, I have missed him so much.. I can barely contain myself now.


I halted when I heard a very familiar voice called my name...a voice I haven't heard for a quinquennial now... a voice I had almost completely forgotten about.

I turned around slowly and my mouth fell open at whom I saw, he smiled at me.

"Jasmine, long time, no see" he said.

I balled my fist on my sides.

"Long time indeed!" I growled lowly. 

He's appearing in front of me after a quinquennial just to say long time, no see?

I'm really so disappointed in him.. in them...all of them!

My jaw clenched and I turned around to walk away, but he caught my hand. 

"Jasmine, c-can we talk?" He asked.

His question harvested some of the anger and grudge I've buried in me.. I snatched my hand from his grip.


He nodded.

"Talk about what exactly? Talk about how my family disowned me when I needed them most? Talk about how I'm the shame and disgrace to the Reinle family?!" I asked.

Though my voice is slightly raised, making some heads turned towards us.. but I'm too angry to care about any of that.

"What should we talk about?"

"Jas, calm down.. you need us as much as we need you"

I frowned at his comment.

"What just proceeded from your mouth? That I need you? Why should I need any of you?"

My hands pointed at my body, gesturing him to take a look at me.

"Look at me very well, do I look like I need any of you? Do I look like I'm dying of hunger and starvation? Do I look like a beggar to you?" I asked.

He couldn't speak, or maybe he's trying to find words to say.

"I'm living fine without you all, I don't need you" I said and turned to leave.

But he caught my hand again, I clenched my jaw and bite my inner cheek to stop myself from punching him.

"Please, just give me five minutes.. I'll be fast with my words"

I scoffed.

"Back then, none of you gave me five minutes... well, I'm a very busy woman, I don't have five minutes to waste!"

I snatched my hand from him, I wanted to leave in a haste but suddenly remember something.. I stopped and turned to face him.

"Right, I almost forgot something very important"

His eyes lit up, he thought I'm ready to talk to him.. what a fool.

"Tim, that trash you wanted me to flush then.. that trash is a five years old heir of the O'Briens family!"

He opened his mouth to speak, but I'm not ready to hear his annoying voice again.

"Someday, you'll be begging on your knees for him!" I said and left in a haste without listening to his explanation. 

Life is just full of mysteries.

Five years ago they all chased me away.. they disowned me for bringing shame to the family.. they made me leave so I won't ruin their reputation.

They didn't took a five minutes breath to think properly.. now he wants me to give him five minutes to talk?

Well, I'm a very busy woman, I don't have five minutes to waste! 

I stopped at Thanatos ward, I pushed the door open and stepped.

"Baby, what took you so long?" He asked the moment he saw me come in.

"I was held up"

He quickly ripped the blanket off him and got up, I rushed towards him.. afraid of him falling since his legs are not fully recovered yet.

"What are you doing?!" I asked him in a scolding manner.

"Quick, help me to the bathroom.. I'm pressed"


I quickly helped him to the bathroom.


Hours later....

Peter stopped the car, he rushed to our side and opened the door.. Thanatos got out and also helped me out.

"Get the wheelchair, quick!" I said to Peter.

"Yes, ma'am" he replied and rushed to the boot.

Thanatos groaned.

"Baby, I can use my legs.. they've recovered now" he said.

I glared at him and ignored him. Peter came back with a wheelchair, he balanced it behind Thanatos.

"Mr O'Briens, please" he said.

Thanatos glared at it and shook his head. I sighed, well, I don't wanna argue with him.. I simply stepped on his injured toe and he falls on the chair.

"Bloody hell! Baby, what's that for?" He cried.

"You're sitting down now" I said.

He looked down at himself and realized he's actually sitting on the wheelchair.. he wanted to get up but my glare made him change his mind.

Peter sniffled a laugh, he glared at Peter.

"Let's go!" He commanded him.

"Yes, sir" Peter replied.

He grabbed the handles and started pushing him, not wanting to lag behind.. I quickly followed up.


"Wow!" I exclaimed quietly.

This is the first time I'm seeing a jet up close, I didn't know it's gonna be this big... we're currently inside the jet already.

"Is this really yours?" I asked him.

"Yes" he replied simply, as if it's not a big deal.

He studied my awed expression, then sighed.

"I can buy you one if you want"

I quickly shook my head.

"No, no, I prefer to own yatch" I said.

"A yatch?" He asked. 

"Yeah... " I trailed.

I'm dreaming about owning a yatch when my account balance is saying.. $2,200,000!

And that's money I have been saving for Davis's college intuition fees... A sigh left my mouth.

"... My son will buy me a yatch when he's grown up" I said. 

He narrowed his eyes at me.

"I will... "

"Good evening, Mr O'Briens" a man interrupted him.

I took in the man's outfit, I think he must be the pilot here... He shook hands with Thanatos.

"Good evening, Freeman" Thanatos replied.

Freeman turned to me with a smile.. I just noticed he's actually a very handsome young man.. he should be the same age as Thanatos though.

"This must be our future Mrs O'Briens, correct?" He asked.

Before I could speak, Thanatos already did.. he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me off my seat onto his laps.

"Yes, Freeman, meet my wife.. Jasmine Reinle!"

Freeman's smile widened even more.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs O'Briens" he said.

"Same here" I replied.

He turned his gaze to Thanatos.

"Please fasten your seatbelts, sir, we're taking off in five minutes" he said and Thanatos nodded.

Freeman left, while I moved from Thanatos laps back to my seat and glared at him.

"Were you just being jealous?"

"No, I don't get jealous..."

"Really? Why did you do that then?" I asked.

He cleared his throat and pushed his collar down slightly.

"I was just protecting my property" he said.

I huffed, he's such a bad liar, but I didn't argue with him any further.. I simply focused on tightening up my seatbelt. 

"Sir, I've made all the arrangements" Peter said.

"Hmm" Thanatos hummed with a smile.

Peter rushed to the cockpit, I guess he's a copilot.

"Be ready to eat your words!" Thanatos growled in my ears.

I gave him a weird stare, wondering if he's alright.


Some minutes later....

Thanatos started nudging me just a few minutes after the jet took off, I turned to him with an annoyed frown.

"What?!" I snapped at him.

He yawned sleepily.

"Help me to bed" he said.

I clenched my jaw and balled my fist, God help me or I'll have to murder my son's father!

"Please" he pleaded.

I unfastened my seatbelt and got up, I helped him unfastened his and helped him up. 

His arm went around my waist and we headed to the CRC (crew rest compartment).

*Strictly for Mr O'Briens* was written at the top of the door, when we arrived at the CRC.. which simply means, only Thanatos is allowed here.

I scoffed mentally, where would his crew rest when they're feeling tired.. stingy man! 

"Here, lay down" I tried to push him on the bed.

He smirked at me.

"I don't wanna sleep"

"What?" I exclaimed. 

His smirk grew bigger and wider, I narrowed my eyes at him and threw him a nasty glare.

"Why are we here if you're not feeling sleepy?!" I snapped at him. 

"I'm here to show you how manly I am!"

Wait.. is he being serious?! He really wanna... In his condition?!

"But your legs... "

"Forget about them, they're stronger than you think"

He grabbed my chin and lifted my head, I opened my mouth to speak but he crashed his lips on mine!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 40


Rated:-🔞🔞🔞(strictly Adults only)

Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

His lips moved against mine furiously, his kiss speaking out his emotions.. telling me how angry my words actually made him.

He bite my lower lip, asking for permission to explore my mouth. My mouth opened, giving him the free access he's asking for.

He shoved his tongue in my mouth, touching every corner, touching and familiarizing every inch of my mouth.

My eyes shut on their own accord to enjoy the kiss proper, his lips were so soft against mine.

He grabbed my tongue with his teeth and sucked on it, after a few minutes of sucking and biting my tongue.. he shoved his tongue down my throat, making me gag.

His left hand encircled my waist, while his right hand grabbed my boobs.

He massaged my breast gently, making a soft moan escaped my throat.

He moved his lips away from my mouth, he kissed along my jawline down to my collarbone.

Meanwhile his hand continued massaging my breast, his lips found their way to my soft spot.. behind my ear and they focused there.

My hands couldn't stay still, they encircled his neck and grabbed his hair.

He kissed his way down to my chest, sparks shoots through my veins as his hot breath fanned my breasts.. I pulled his hair.

He kissed the top of my breast and stopped, he rested his forehead on mine and smirked.

"You really did hurt my ego back there, baby" he said.

"How did I manage to do that" I asked.

"You said I'm a kid.. "

What?! That got him angry?! He really did take that serious?! 

"But I was just joking" I defended myself.

"...aunt can joke about it, but you should know better if I'm a kid or not"

His eyes moved down to his manhood as he said that, my eyes followed his and I gasped at the mountain there.

"After all, a kid can't father another kid"

I laughed.

"Just tell me you're feeling horny" I said.

He's being looking for ways to have sex since he woke up, I'll just let him have his way tonight.

"I'll make you eat your words!"

"Oh.. I'm so ready!" I said.

He pushed me onto the bed, he started unbuckling his belt.

"Just be careful and don't hurt your leg" I said pointing at his injured leg.

He scoffed.

"As you can see, I'm standing on both my legs"

He unbuckled his belt and started fondling with his pants button.

"Strip and get on all fours!" He commanded.

I nodded. 

"Yes, sir!"

I answered and started stripping off my clothes slowly and seductively...I bite my lower lip and giving him a flirtatious smile.

He also took off his shirt, exposing his hairy chest to me.. he tossed the shirt randomly.

In a few seconds, we're both naked already. His eyes trailed along every part of my body and he smirked.

"I said get on all fours!" He repeated his words.

I quickly did what he commanded, he gave an approving nod.

He grabbed his d**k and started stroking himself, watching him stroke himself made my p*ssy tingled.

"Now, start playing with yourself"

"Huh?" I asked.

Play with myself? That's something I haven't done that before.

"Play with yourself, I wanna watch you play with yourself"

Well, maybe I should give it a try.

My fingers found their ways to my p*ssy and started rubbing it, while my other hand grabbed my breast.

I began to massage my breast as best as I could, while my fingers gently dipped in my p*ssy and started thrusting in and out.

At first I didn't felt any pleasure, then I focused on Thanatos and imagined he's the one playing with me instead.

My fingers started thrusting faster and deeper into me, that's when I started feeling the pleasure.

The faster and deeper my fingers goes, the more I enjoy it.. I felt like two fingers aren't enough, I added another finger and continued thrusting faster.

He stopped stroking himself and leaned towards me, he crashed his lips on mine and kissed me briefly.

"Come on, suck my d**k!" He said.

He got up and pulled me along with himself, he made me go on my knees and shoved his d**k in my face.

"Show me what you've got" he said.

I grabbed his d**k in my hand and stroke him for a very brief moment, then took him in my mouth.

I moved my mouth on him a few seconds, before trailing kisses along his d**k to his balls.

My hand stroke his d**k, while I swallowed his balls in my mouth. 

He sucked in some air and ran his fingers through his hair, brushing his hair back.

"F**k!" He moaned.

I smirked, I haven't even started with him yet.

I played with his balls in my mouth, biting and sucking on them for a moment.

That must be his sweet spot, because his breath quickened at once and he started breathing heavily.

I removed his balls from my mouth and grabbed them in my hand, then collected his d**k in my mouth. 

My mouth moved fast against him, the faster my mouth goes, the fatter he becomes in my mouth.

"You're doing good, baby" he said.

I removed his d**k from my mouth and spat on it, then started stroking him again.

He leaned forward and grabbed my right breast, he slapped it gently and I giggled.. which I can't say why. 

He held my face and opened my mouth, then shoved his d**k in my mouth and thrusted very deep down my throat..

I cough and gag, with spit running down my chest... but he didn't pull out.

He threw his head back and moaned loudly. "F**k! Baby!"

I grabbed his waist very tight, when I felt myself suffocating.

He pulled out, only to thrust in again, but this time he didn't go as deep.. he simply continued thrusting in and out of my mouth. 

He gathered my hair in his hand, holding it from behind and increased his pace.. thrusting faster than before.

My whole face must have turned red from how fast he's thrusting in my mouth...but I won't tell him to stop, cause I'm really enjoying.

"Grab those balls and squeeze 'em!" 

I grabbed his balls and squeezed them as hard as I could, he tensed and moaned loudly.

His d**k started growing bigger in my mouth, but he didn't stop thrusting.. neither did he make me stop squeezing his balls.

"Come on, baby, squeeze harder!" 

I did as he wanted. His d**k continued expanding, I'm afraid he's gonna explode soon.

"F**k! Yeah!" He grunted as I felt hot liquid pour in my mouth.

He stayed in my mouth for a few moments, before he pulled out.

"Spit it on your chest" he said.

My eyes narrowed in disappointment, I was thinking he'd make me swallow it.

"Spit it now" he repeated.

I spat it on my chest, he watched as his sperm spread all over my chest.


He lifted my chin and crashed his lips on mine, he kissed me briefly and pulled away.

"Now, let me show you my masculinity!" He said.

He pushed me back on the bed, making me fall in a soft thud.

He grabbed my right leg and put it on his shoulder, he spread my left leg wider...giving him a very clear view of my pu$$y.

"Oh? You're so ready for me" he said.

His fingers played with my pu$$y lips, then he smiled.

"So wet!"

With that said, he dipped his head down and sucked up all my juice.. before thrusting his tongue in my pu$$yhole.

My body vibrated as his warm tongue thrusted deeper in me, though it didn't go as deep as I wanted.. but it's deep enough to make me want more. 

He f**ked me with his tongue for a while, before he pulled away and replaced it with his fingers.

His free hand moved up and grabbed my left breast, he fondled with my nipple.. while his  fingers thrusted into me.

I bite my lower lip to prevent any sound from coming out.

But I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips, when he pinched my nipple...sparks shoots through my veins at once.

He moved up and grabbed my breast in his mouth, sucking furiously on my breast.. though his fingers are still working wonders on my pu$$y.

His two fingers in me doesn't seem to satisfy me anymore, I want him to shove his whole arm in me if that is possible.

"Add more fingers" I said.

He quickly added two more fingers, and continued thrusting in me.

I felt my stomach turn and I have this sudden urge to pee, I tried to hold it in but couldn't.. I released it and Thanatos moaned against my breast.

"You're squirting" he said.

He quickly moved to my lower body, he pulled his fingers out of me and replaced them with his tongue...I'm still squirt.

"Come on, squirt on my tongue" he said.. as if I'm the one controlling it.

But it's as if my body understand what he wanted, I continued squirting while his tongue continued thrusting into me.

Soon, I stopped squirting and he pulled his tongue out, he leaned forward and kissed my lips again.

"Now let's see what this guy can do" he's referring to his d**k. 

He teased me a little, before thrusting into me and I moaned loudly.

My body was quick to adjust to him, then he started thrusting slowly in me.

His fingers rubbed my clitoris as he thrusted, my body vibrate in excitement and that made him thrust faster.

He stared in my eyes as he thrusted his shaft into me.

We stayed in that position for a while, he thrusted faster.. deeper and harder.

Some minutes later, he stopped and pulled out.. he spat on my opening and watched it flow deep in me.

"Get up" he said and I got up.

He laid on the bed, his manhood stood erected.. I grabbed it and stroke it for a moment.

"Ride me, my leg is getting tired!" He said.

I quickly got on him and started riding him, he put his hands behind his head and exhale slowly.

"F**k! Baby, go faster!" 

I nodded and increased my pace, he watched my boobs bouncing as I jumped on him.

He reached out and grabbed them, he squeezed them for a moment then slapped them.. increasing my sexual urge.

My pace increased again, I started riding him faster and deeper than before.. he released series of groans and moans.

I threw my head back as pleasure overwhelmed my body, I grabbed my breasts and squeezed them.

"Holy sh*t! Baby, keep going!" He urged me.

My pace didn't faltered, I continued riding him faster and faster.

He suddenly flipped us and we're laying on our sides, he took over from where I stopped and started thrusting faster.

He shoved his fingers in my pu$$yhole, with his d**k still buried deep in me.. he continued thrusting.

His fingers and d**k thrusted deeper in me mercilessly, my mouth fell opened but no sound came out. 

Although he's very fast and all, but I'm so f**king enjoying it.

"Thana..." I moaned his name.

Too much pleasure, I couldn't even complete his name.

My walls tightened against his d**k, I felt a knot forming at the pit of my stomach.. but before it could loose, he pulled out of me.

I frowned in disappointment.

"Why did you pulled out?!" I queried him.

He simply smirked. He hopped off the bed and gestured me to come to him, which I did.

"Let me hold you in my arms" 

He opened his arms and I joined in, he encircled my legs around his waist and thrusted into me.

"Wow!" I moaned, my eyes slightly closed.

He walked towards a wall, wait.. does jets have walls? Well, I don't care.. he rested my back against something hard and started thrusting into me.

His shaft thrusted deep, very deep into me and I swear, I felt him hitting my womb.

The faster he thrusted, the deeper he goes.. the deeper he goes, the harder he becomes.

Faster.. faster.. faster.

Deeper.. deeper.. deeper.

Harder.. harder.. harder he went.

The knot at the pit of my stomach tightened, making my grip on him tighter.. my nails scrapped his back as I tried to hold myself.

"Thanatos!!" I yelled his name, when I couldn't take it anymore.

I pushed him as if I want him to stop, but I don't want to stop.. I want him to continue f**king me.

He became bigger and very hard in me, my walls tightened against him and I felt it... we're gonna explode very soon.

"Faster, Thanatos, faster!" I hit his back as if I'm commanding a horse. 

He started thrusting faster and deeper, my nails pierced his skin.




We both came undone. 

He stayed in me and poured every single drop of his sperm inside me.. then crashed his lips on mine.

He lifted me off the wall and walked towards the bed, he laid down with me laying on him.

I rested my head on his chest. We both released heavy breaths and our breaths went in a rhyme.

"Baby, do you still think I'm a kid?" He asked.

I shook my head.

"No, you're manly.. very manly" I answered.

He chuckled and kissed my head.

"You've learnt your lesson" he said.

I rolled my eyeballs, he just doesn't wanna admit he's feeling horny and wants some of my hotness!

Hey! Don't judge me, I'm proud of my body.

"Let's take a nap"

"Hmm" I hummed in agreement.

I'm actually feeling kinda tired anyway.


*Peter, what the f**king is happening!* I heard Thanatos yelled.

Peter?! Did he let Peter in while I'm still naked?!

My eyes snapped open at once, I sat up and looked around frantically, but found Peter nowhere.

Peter isn't here..then why is Thanatos yelling? Or is he going loco now?

I took a look at Thanatos, he's yelling into a walkie talkie.. a relief sigh left my mouth.. thankfully he's still normal.

A yawn left my mouth and I stretched my limb body.

Then I looked down at myself and realized I'm wearing a big t-shirt and boxer.. it must belong to Thanatos. 

Suddenly, the jet started shaking vehemently, stuffs started falling around us.

"Bloody fix this mess!" Thanatos yelled again.

Fear gripped me when I noticed the jet shaking really hard, as if it's gonna fall any time soon.

"Thanatos.. w-what's going on?" I asked in a shaken voice.

He turned and rushed towards me, he embraced me.

"Don't panic, it's gonna be fine"

The jet shook again and we both fell, I grabbed Thanatos tighter and narrowed my eyes at him.

"What do you mean? What's wrong with the jet?"

"I don't know, but trust me, we'll be fine"

It seemed like the pilot is finding it hard to control the jet, it's moving like a car whose driver lost its control.

Don't tell me we're gonna crash! My son! Davis!

My whole life suddenly flashed through my eyes...if we crash, what's gonna happen to Davis? 

He's gonna lost both his mother and father on the same day...no, my son can't be an orphan.. he's too young!

Heck! I'm too young and beautiful to die!

"Thanatos, do something to stop this jet! We can't die! I don't wanna die!"

"We're not gonna die"

"Our son... Davis.. Davis is too young.. he can't lost both his parents at such a young age.. he..."

Thanatos held me tighter.

"Don't think about the worst, we're not gonna die... we're gonna land safely... "

"Are you kidding me?! Are you blind to see our situation.. it's confirmed.. we're gonna die!"

By now my tears is running down, all my thoughts are Davis.. he's all I'm thinking about right now.

"Oh my God! I shouldn't have flown this jet with you.. I prefer travelling by cars!" I lamented.

Plane crash are always fatal, the victims hardly survive it!

"Baby, calm down"

"Davis! Davis! My Davis!" I chant.

I imagined myself being dead, I shuddered and quickly shook that thought away.

"I can't leave Davis in this world alone.. I can't die, Thanatos, I can't dieee" I cried.

"Baby, we're not gonna die it's... "

A loud blast cut him off, it's as if a bomb just exploded.. my eyes grew wide in horror.

It's finished! We're doomed!


Writer's pov 👙

             Las Vegas.. Jasmine's apartment (07:15pm)

Adele was still carrying Davis in her arms, she's rocking him.. though he's already asleep. 

She released a tired yawn, she reached for the remote control and turned off the TV since no one's watching it.

Suddenly, she saw Davis tossing and turning in her arms, soon he burst into sobs.

"Momma.. momma.. momma" he chanted.

Adele frowned, wondering why Davis is calling for his momma in his sleep.

"Davis?" She called him quietly.

Davis didn't wake up, he continued tossing around. Even though the room is cool, the little boy was sweating profusely.

*Could it be he's having a bad dream* she wondered.

"Momma..momma.." he sobbed.

Maybe he's just missing his mother, she concluded.

"Davis, wake up" she tried again.

This time Davis's eyes snapped opened in fright.

"Momma!" He yelled.

He looked around frantically, as if he's looking for someone.. his momma. 

"Davis are you ok?" She asked him.

"My momma, my momma" he cried.

Adele reached for her handkerchief and wiped off his sweat.. suddenly, the door burst open and Clark rushed in.

"Baby, baby, baby!" He called as he rushed towards Adele.

Adele raised her head and frowned, when she saw Clark with a panicked expression on.

"Clark, what's wrong?" She asked.

She's never seen him this panicked, he's always been playful and carefree.. why's he panicked now.

"Bad news, baby" he said.

"What bad news?"

He searched through his phone and quickly showed her something... Adele collected the phone and stared at it with a deep frown.

"What's this? It's not clear" she said.

Clark took a deep breath and glanced at Davis, who's still crying for his momma.

"They crashed!" He said.

The phone instantly fell off Adele's hands.