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Missed opportunities - Part 3

Lucy had been worried about people questioning her about what had happened between Samuel and her, but even after a few days passed from the humiliating day, no one had asked her anything about it. She wondered if Calhoun had ordered people in the castle not to bring it up, and the thought put her to ease. 

Even though her direct family had never been supportive, Calhoun had taken the role to support her, and she had found a sister in Madeline, who was going to marry Calhoun in the next three days. Having gotten used to sleeping alone at night and spending her time with the maids in the Grivelle's mansion, the days right now was nothing new. 

Lucy was in her room when a maid appeared at the front of her room, knocking on the door, and she responded to it, "Come in." 

"Milady, the tailor has finished preparing your gown for the wedding and I brought it here," informed the maid, and Lucy nodded her head. 

"Leave it on the bed," said Lucy. Noticing two other boxes the maid carried, she asked, "What is there in the other two?" 

"Ah, these are the clothes that were prepared for Lady Rosamund and Lady Sophie. I wasn't sure what to do with them and thought to bring them to you," replied the maid. 

Her aunt and her cousin sister were stripped down from their status and were prohibited from coming in contact with any of the royal family members...she doubted Calhoun would be pleased if he found out that she had sent the dresses to them. 

"Give it to the castle's eldest maids. It would be a waste to keep them aside and not wear them to the King's wedding day when they were made for the occasion," said Lucy, sending the maid with the two boxes. Going to the box that had her dress, she opened and took a look at it. 

As much as Lucy missed her parents, she was somewhere glad that they were not here. Calhoun was marrying someone he loved, and it made her happy. And now that the secret about the deaths and the conspiracy was known to her, she finally had figured out who was in the grave where once her grandfather's body was buried.

She was folding the dress to place it back in the cupboard when she heard another knock on the door, and she turned around wondering if it was the maid, "Come in," she said, but when the maid didn't enter inside, she opened it herself.


The man in front of her offered her a warm smile and Lucy was startled by seeing him. It had been years since she had last seen him, and she couldn't believe he was here. 

"Good afternoon, Lady Lucy," Ethan bowed his head, greeting her. 

"I cannot believe it is you," replied Lucy before stepping out of her room and hugging him while she smiled. "Where have you been? I never heard from you." 

Ethan had always been kind to her with his words and actions, talking to her every time he visited the castle, but after she was married, she had lost contact with him. She pulled away to take a look at him. 

Finding Ethan standing in front of her door was the last thing she had expected when she had woken up this morning. 

"My apologies for that, milady. I have been doing better. How about yourself?" asked Ethan.

Lucy nodded her head with a smile, "Better too."

"I received the invitation from King Calhoun two weeks ago and decided to come here earlier than the wedding day. It is good to see you too, Lady Lucy," replied Ethan. "Are you busy with something? I can come by later-" 

"No, it's fine," said Lucy, waving her hand and she asked, "Did you meet brother Calhoun?" 

"Yes, I did. I met him before coming here." 

As it had been quite a long time, there was a tinge of awkwardness in the air, but both Ethan and Lucy were no more young. They had grown up in their own way. They smiled at each other, and Ethan finally asked, 

"Would you like to take a walk? The weather seems pleasant today." 

"Yes," Lucy didn't mind Ethan's company as he was a good person. But at that thought, she realized how she thought some of them were good, but they had ended up betraying her. Then again, this was Ethan. 

As they walked in the corridors, Lucy asked, "How come you never came to visit the castle? Did Calhoun appoint you at the borders to work?"

Ethan smiled, "I think I got too busy with work. Though I did visit the castle every month." 

"Oh, you did? I don't think I ever got to hear about it," she murmured to herself. 

That was because Ethan never appeared at the castle when Lucy was present. He looked at her from the corner of his eyes, watching her features that hadn't changed much. Her demeanour was still gentle as before. 

Things in the castle often didn't stay as a secret as it always slipped through someone's lips before it was known to the people outside the castle. Ethan Moryett had heard about Lucy and Samuel, of how the man had been cheating on her with several other women. 

Ethan wasn't here to reignite things of the past, and had only come to check if Lucy was doing fine.Though many years had passed, he still held a soft corner towards Lucy whom he once loved.

To drive the awkwardness away, Ethan said, "Everyone has been looking forward to the royal wedding. There has been a lot of chatter about it. I was surprised hearing they were going to hold the wedding in the castle." 

"I think it took most of us by surprise, especially with Calhoun falling in love," Lucy smiled at that. Remembering something, she asked Ethan, "What happened to that girl? Wait, are you married?" she looked down at his hands but there was no ring on his finger.

She remembered Ethan telling her that he was going to confess his love to a girl, but the memory had faded. 

Ethan smiled at Lucy's curious expression, "I didn't get the chance to tell her how I felt about her." 
Time to pursue you- Part 1

Lucy noticed how nothing had changed when it came to Ethan Moryett nature, and he seemed as calm as before. His words possibly kinder, but then Ethan had always been kind, she thought in her mind. Catching up with him like this felt like old times. 

"Are you going to stay in the castle for some more days or are you just here for the wedding, Lady Lucy?" inquired Ethan as they continued to walk in the corridors of the castle. 

"I might stay a little longer," replied Lucy. Ethan had not questioned a word about her marriage or Samuel, and she could only guess that word on what happened had reached him, and he was being thoughtful by not intruding on those matters. She was grateful for his gesture. 

Ethan replied, "I am sure the King would be more than happy to have you here. I think it was only two months ago when he had mentioned he had not seen you for a very long time." 

Lucy wondered herself why she hadn't come to visit the Hawthrone castle, but then it might have been because of Theodore. Their pasts were slightly complicated because of the feelings that had been carried over all these years. 

She smiled at the vampire's words, "That I have been told."

With Samuel out of her life, where she was free from him, Lucy wondered what to do next with her life.  The Hawthrone castle might be her true home, but that didn't mean it was right to stay here. She needed some time for herself, alone and away from people. She had decided to think about it once the wedding was over. 

"How about you, Ethan? Will you be staying here longer?" questioned Lucy. 

"I came here to attend the wedding and to make sure you to see you were alright," Ethan's words slipped from his mouth, and he bit his tongue before he would say anything more. "Pardon me for my words." 

Lucy shook her head, "You don't have to be careful around me, Ethan. Don't apologize for something you aren't responsible for," and they both turned quiet.

Ethan looked at Lucy, who offered him a sweet smile, and he couldn't help but wonder how her bastard husband had the heart to cheat on a person like her. Lucy was everything a man would dream of having, and she deserved nothing but happiness. If he found Samuel in the future, he wouldn't leave the man without a fight, he thought in his mind. 

As cheerful as Lucy appeared to be, he could tell she was hiding her pain from everyone, and that was why he had come here. Hoping she could rely and lean on him as a friend. 

Lucy then said, "It is surprising sometimes, isn't it, to realize what we chose to be wrong."

"People are deceptive, milady. And some lowlives don't know what they have next to them, living their lives without any morals. I am sorry to hear what happened," said Ethan and Lucy had a tight smile on her lips. 

"It's fine. I am fine, Ethan," she assured him. "It is better to be told the truth than live in a palace of lies. I am glad that I found out what kind of man Samuel was." Lucy didn't know why, but she felt like an unlucky person when it came to receiving love. Her parents had never given the attention and care that she had sought, and strangely she had received it from other people who were not her family. 

"I know it's too soon, but if you ever want a change of surroundings and people, you can always come and visit the Moryett's mansion. The mansion is built near the river and it might be something you might find to your liking," offered Ethan. 

"I remember you telling that. Maybe I will," she smiled at Ethan, and he returned the smile to her. "Actually, my family had gifted me a mansion before they passed away of course. By my father, it is probably six to seven hours of journey from here. I was thinking about speaking to brother Calhoun about it and spending some time there," said Lucy, raising her hand to push the piece of her hair behind her ear. 

The mansion was a birthday gift to her that had not been used and had been now left in the dust as no one lived there. Getting it suitable to live would take some time, but Lucy believed it would be worth it. 

Lucy hadn't spoken to Theodore since the time she had left his room, and she didn't know if she was ready to forgive him. She had held on to the pain for so long that her hand didn't want to let go of it. 

"Maybe I can help you with it," Ethan was kind in offering his help, and Lucy's heart went out for him. "I don't have anything in particular to do as I will be taking a vacation from my duties."

"Thank you, Ethan," she thanked him. 

When she was young, she hadn't realized it, but now she wondered why she hadn't fallen for a person like Ethan. He was a good man, someone who respected and showed his concern towards her, and she then remembered why. It might have been because Ethan had someone he already loved, thought Lucy to herself. 

Lucy wondered what kind of girl Ethan had or was still in love with that he himself had decided to not get married. How strange, she thought to herself. Neither Ethan had married the person he wanted to, and neither did she marry the person with whom she was in love. 

Considering how Ethan had not married, Lucy guessed that the girl was married to someone else now. "Didn't you find anyone else to fall in love with again?" she asked him. 

Ethan took a deep breath, a faint smile appeared on his lips, "I didn't find a person like her again."

Lucy pursed her lips, "Well, people are different but they still have a little amount of similarities. I feel bad that a handsome person like you didn't marry the girl or anyone else to heal your pain. I can find you some suitable girls on the wedding day," she proposed and Ethan laughed at her suggestion. 

"I think I am fine, milady," replied Ethan. "Oh look, there's Advisor Theodore," and Lucy turned her gaze away from Ethan to find Theodore busy talking to a woman.
Time to pursue you- Part 2

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On seeing Theodore talking to a woman who looked like she had some work with him, Lucy's lips set itself in a thin line with a faint frown on her face. Just the mention of his name was enough to make her alert and quick to take a look where he was. 

If she was going to stay here in the castle, this was how it would be, crossing paths with Theodore who would often be found either speaking to the ministers or the maids. If there was something Lucy had noticed, the maids always stopped their footsteps when they saw Theodore in their vicinity. 

What did the maids even want from him? asked Lucy in her mind, her frown deepening as she stared at the woman with whom Theodore was speaking. 

When he was only Calhoun's bodyguard, the women around were suspicious about him because of her grandmother's order to keep an eye on them. But since her brother had claimed his throne and Theodore had been promoted to be the King's advisor along with minister Fitzwilliam, it seemed like Theodore's popularity had only increased. 

"Lady Lucy?" 

"Hm?" Lucy turned to look at Ethan, her frown disappeared from her face. 

"You seemed to be lost. Let's go and talk with Advisor Theodore. It is so hard to get hold of him when I am here in the castle," Ethan proposed, and in a few seconds, they reached where Theodore and the woman stood. 

Theodore, on the other hand, was speaking to the woman who was a member of the High House when he caught sight of Lucy walking in his direction with a familiar man, Ethan Moryett. What a lovely surprise thought Theodore to himself. 

"Advisor Theodore, it is good to see you," Ethan bowed his head in greeting and then to the High House member who stood next to him. "Lady Daphne." 

The woman looked at Ethan, offering her greetings, "Mr. Moyett. I never thought I would see you here, especially this soon." Lucy wondered if Ethan and the woman knew each other through work. "Lady Lucy," the woman bowed her head. I must get going now." 

"Please do think about my request, Lady Daphne," Theodore said to the woman, his eyes not breaking away from her, and Lucy looked back and forth between them before looking away. 

The woman, in return, smirked, "I will give you my answer before tomorrow evening," and she left them. 

When Ethan turned back, he looked at the bruises on Theodore's face that hadn't caught his eye at first glance, and he asked, "What happened to your face, Advisor Theodore? Seems like you were in a brawl," there was a surprise in his voice. 

Theodore chuckled as if it was nothing, "I had a little bit of fight with a dog. It should get better within a few days." 

"I would have never pegged you to be someone who would be caught up in fights, but it is good to see that the wounds are healing. You should have a physician have a look at it," advised Ethan out of good intention. 

It was the first time even Lucy had seen Theodore fight after he had come to stay in the castle. She didn't forget the first time he had fought to save her. 

"That's fine, Mr. Moryett. I had my own personal physician who had come to take a look at the injuries," came the nonchalant words from Theodore and Lucy's face burned bright redt. Was he calling her as his physician?!

"You should be careful, Advisor Theodore," stated Lucy, her eyes looking straight into his, "You never know if the medicines will be mixed with poison." Just because she had tended to him out of kindness, it didn't mean they were alright now. Theodore was wrong if he thought he was forgiven that easily. 

Ethan laughed, "I don't think anyone would dare to poison people who live in the castle, Lady Lucy. Though word did reach me that someone had tried to poison the King twice. They must have been very brave to do it." 

Theodore noticed the way Ethan looked at Lucy while Lucy was still oblivious about the man's feelings. Having already known from the past that Ethan was in love with her, he didn't like the man being here. Not right now, at least when things between him and Lucy were in delicate condition. 

"Do you recommend any physician, Lady Lucy?" questioned Theodore. "My stomach and my back still hurt. I was thinking about asking one of the maids to help me with that."

Lucy's eyes narrowed, and she said, "Why don't you ask one of your lovers to do that? I am sure they wouldn't mind lending you a hand." 

Theodore's own eyes subtly narrowed at Lucy's words, "Considering some of them have died, it would be hard to do it." 

Ethan didn't know what just happened, but he could feel the tension between the two of them. Curious, he asked Theodore, "Died?" 

"My lovers were mostly old women. They were quite mature in their thoughts compared to the younger girls," explained Theodore, and Ethan nodded his head.

"I see. You are a man of many mysteries, Advisor Theodore," Ethan tried to brighten up the atmosphere. "The fight must have been quite bad."

"I will see you later, Ethan. I remembered I have something urgent to do," Lucy bowed her head and slipped out of the corridor. 

  Lucy's steps were quick on the floor as she tried to get away as far as she could from where Theodore was. It wasn't her business what Theodore did or whom he spoke to. Some of his words pushed her even though she didn't have to care about it. When she reached the other side of the castle, she saw Theodore walking from the other side. 

Lucy opened her mouth, ready to speak but then she closed it. It was better to ignore the man and she decided to walk past him,

"What was that?" Theodore asked her. 

Lucy raised her eyebrows as if she didn't know what Theodore was speaking about, "What?" 

"What you just said there," stated Theodore, removing the glasses from his face. "It sounded like you were jealous." 

"I think you were hit quite badly to assume it," replied Lucy. 
Time to pursue you- Part 3

Theodore had been subtle with his movements and words around Lucy but what she said back there had struck a nerve in him. He knew he had broken her heart and he was trying to mend it now, but Lucy's reaction was uncalled for. 

"You left Ethan to come speak to me. People are going to wonder if something is going on, you wouldn't want people speaking," said Lucy, ready to leave but Theodore came to stand in her way. They stared at each other intensely. 

"If you didn't want people to think like that, you shouldn't have spoken what you said there?" asked Theodore, his eyes unwaveringly looking at her. 

Lucy didn't lose her ground and replied, "I don't think I said anything that was untrue. You were the one who told me you slept with many women." Not to mention, he had indirectly called her immature, thought Lucy in her mind. 

A small smile appeared on Theodore's face. "Isn't it unfair, princess. You got married and started to live your life, and you expect me to not do anything remote to it?" he raised his eyebrows at her.

It wasn't that Lucy wasn't aware of what she did because the words had slipped from her mouth and right now she was too prideful to apologize for what she had said. 

"It was...you can ignore it. It was nothing," said Lucy. 

"But it clearly seems like you want to say something to me. I don't understand your actions," stated Theodore. "In the middle of the night you come to my room to aid my wounds and now you are back to being cold." 

"I wonder why that is," was the quick retort that came from Lucy. She hadn't expected Theodore to come after her and she felt her heart tremble at that thought. 

When Theodore caught sight of a servant who was walking in the nearby corridors, he caught hold of Lucy's hand and pulled her to the nearest room that was not occupied by anyone. "What do you think you are doing?!" Lucy asked, alarmed. 

Theodore shut the door close and Lucy stared at him. "I thought we should speak," he suggested. 

Lucy crossed her hands. She would have retorted but that would only prove his point on how immature she was and she wasn't going to let that happen. 

"If there is something you would like to discuss, we can sit down in the study or drawing room. What is it? I have other things to do," demanded Lucy, lifting her chin up as she looked at the walls. But her eyes moved to the corner to take a look at Theodore who was looking at her and she looked away from him. 

It had been a few days since Lucy had found out about her husband's infidelity in their marriage and Theodore knew she had started to detach herself before that point with Samuel. It was the reason why he didn't want to wait around anymore, especially now with Ethan who was here, he didn't want to let Lucy slip through his fingers once again. 

"Are you angry at me for hitting Samuel?" questioned Theodore and Lucy frowned. 

"Why would I be. You hit him because he hit you. And I know you didn't mind hitting him," replied Lucy. 

"I thought I would answer your question," said Theodore and this caught her attention. Slowly, she turned to face him. A small frown came to settle on her forehead because she didn't remember asking him any question now. "It is a question that you asked years ago. I don't want to let you go." 

Hearing this, Lucy gulped and then stared hard at him, "You are quite late, Advisor Theodore. Like you said before it has been many years and in those years, people move on," she gritted her teeth and turned to reach for the door. 

But Theodore placed his hand on the door so that she wouldn't leave. "Can you truly say that you don't feel a pinch of what you felt before?"

Lucy stared at the wooden door. Her heart thudding loudly, "What are you trying to get to? Maybe you do have a bad memory, but it was you who didn't want me. It was you who didn't listen to a word and instead told me to marry Samuel. You don't have to pity me now." 

"Who spoke anything about pity," replied Theodore. 

"If that is all you wanted to speak, I should take my leave now," said Lucy, pulling the door knob and the door slightly opened before it was shut close. 

Theodore could hear every beat of Lucy's heart and even though her lips denied how she felt about him, he knew the truth. "I want to mend my errors with you. I know you never loved Samuel and your relationship had started to dissipate from a few years. I apologise for not informing you about what I knew."

Lucy shook her head. She whispered, "I hate you, Theodore." 

"I know. I am glad you do," he replied, his head moved closer to hers. He was glad that she held something about him. 

Her hand shook, her eyes about to start filling up with tears as the emotions she had blocked within herself all these years started to come out. "You hurt me when I needed you. It isn't that easy," she said, closing her eyes. 

"I had my reasons," Lucy heard Theodore's words. 

Lucy nodded her head, "I know. I know you had your reasons, but you could have told it to me back then. But it doesn't matter anymore now." Staying close to Theodore was harmful to her heart. She had to quickly run away from here before she would be caught in the web.

Theodore placed his other hand on the other side of Lucy, trapping her between his hands and in front of the door. 

Lucy might have been angry at Theodore but she was still weak to his actions and the barrier she had placed between them had started to crumble. "Looks like you don't care about your head anymore."

To this, Theodore replied, "What's there to care about when I don't have my heart with me."
Tangled- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Tema d'Irina - Giordano Maselli


Hearing Theodore utter those words, for a moment, Lucy felt like her surroundings had turned still and almost non-existent as if it was just her and Theodore in this entire world. Her red eyes had widened, and her hand that was placed flat on the surface of the door, she used it as a support so that she wouldn't fall weak to his words. 

"Lucy," whispered Theodore, stepping even closer than he had before. If he leaned a little further to the front, he would be able to smell the scent of the top of her head. "I have made mistakes, but they weren't intentional. Deep down in your heart you know that."

His hands had started to close in on her, and the goosebumps that were on her arms had started to spread to her whole body. 

"For the pain that has been caused, I cannot forgive you," she said in a low voice and turned around to meet his eyes. Her glare didn't deter him, and he instead moved towards her. "What do you think you are doing?" 

"You can take your time," said Theodore, "You can hate me as much as you want and once you are done with hating me, then we can get back to the same page as before." 

Thankfully they were in a closed room where no one could walk in to see the scandalous position they were standing in. 

"I don't think I will ever be done with hating you," said Lucy in anger. 

It was not right how Theodore was trying to win her heart when he could have stopped her anguish and pain long ago. It wasn't like she hadn't attempted to understand where he came from, but if he had believed and had faith in her, he would have told what Samuel had been doing. The pain, the humiliation, how could she forget them. 

Lucy whispered, "I loved you, Theodore, like I had loved no one."

Theodore raised his hand to place it on Lucy's cheek as if to simmer the anger that was burning behind her eyes. The anger was derived out from the pain she had felt all these years, and Theodore wanted to take them away from her. On his hand's touch, Lucy automatically closed her eyes, a gasp escaped her lips. 

God only knew how she felt right now, and Theodore was not making it any easier. 

"I love you, Lucy. Before and now, and will continue to do so," whispered Theodore, and that was enough to create a crack on the wall. Lucy opened her eyes, meeting Theodore's gaze, and he said, "I know I have hurt you, but allow me to make it right and I promise to never break your heart again." 

She felt him brush her cheek with his finger, the strokes caressing her skin, and it brought back the remaining memories she had locked away from herself. When it was Samuel, he was her husband but she had never felt even half of how she had felt for Theodore. With their closeness, Lucy could see her own reflection in Theodore's eyes, and she realized how her back had pressed itself against the door. 

At the same time, someone from outside tried to open the door startling Lucy and breaking the trance Theodore had put her in. 

"Is the door locked?" came a voice of a maid from the other side of the door. 

The doorknob moved as if the maid was trying to open the door, but Theodore held it tightly so that it wouldn't open. 

Realizing where she was and what she was doing, Lucy became worried at the possibility that the maid and the others would find her and Theodore alone in the room. 
It had been only a few days since she had found out Samuel was cheating on her, and she didn't want people to think that Samuel had been framed by someone so that she could be with Theodore. Maybe it was best to step out of the room as if nothing had happened, because nothing did happen, and they were only speaking. But the longer she stayed inside with Theodore with the door locked, the more suspicious it would be. 

"Why is this door not opening? I am sure it was left to be open so that I could clean it now," said the maid to someone, and both Lucy and Theodore heard another pair of footsteps approach the door. 

"It isn't opening?" asked another maid, her voice confused, and she said, "I thought it was at least when I was walking by earlier."

While the maids talked to each other, Lucy sent a glare at Theodore, "What are you doing?" Lucy whispered as softly as she could. 

"I am not finished talking to you," stated Theodore, his eyes swept across her face and noticing this action, Lucy unconsciously licked her lips that had turned dry. Theodore was quick to follow the tongue that peeked out and disappeared. 

"I am," replied Lucy. "Now step away so that I can leave."

"Promise me something before you leave then. That you won't give your heart to anyone," said Theodore, his eyes holding her gaze, and Lucy frowned. 

"My heart is none of your business-" 

Lucy wasn't wasn't finished speaking when she was interrupted by Theodore's finger on her lips to hush her. 

Lucy's heart hitched on, feeling Theodore press his index finger on her lips. Her breathing had suddenly quickened, and she felt frozen. Gulping down at the unexpected action, she was about to speak when Theodore brushed his finger over her plump bottom lip. 

"Seems like you want to be caught," Theodore whispered to her, his head moving to one side of her lips and saying. "I wouldn't have pulled you here if I wasn't sure about our feelings for each other. I know you love me, Lucy, but I don't want you to do something in haste to spite me." 

When they heard the sound of the footsteps leaving from the other side of the door, Theodore finally dropped his hand and his gaze from her lips. 

"You have slept with Samuel, I have with other women. It would be rude of you to pin on me in front of a stranger that I was supposed to not do anything while you-" Lucy punched her fist straight into Theodore's stomach, "Ouch!" 

"Do you think I wanted to get married to him?" questioned Lucy when she had gathered back her sanity. "I could have waited for you, but the truth is you didn't want me…"

"We wouldn't be here if I didn't want you," pointed Theodore, but Lucy was too angry at Theodore to listen to him. 

"No," whispered Lucy. "If you would have come to me and explained, we wouldn't be talking like this." She pushed Theodore away from her before quickly opening the door and leaving the room as fast as she could. 

Theodore stared at the door, hearing it close shut, and his lips turned into displeasure. A frustrated sigh escaped his lips. 

In the evening, when he went to meet Calhoun in the study room, pushing the door open, he noticed Lucy was in there, speaking to the King. 

"The mansion is in ruins and it would need lots of repairing to do before you can move in," Calhoun responded to something Lucy had said. 
Tangled- Part 2

Lucy nodded her head, "I know the infrastructure is probably weak but Ethan offered to help me with it. I can get it done while living there." 

Theodore's eyes subtly narrowed on hearing Ethan offering his help to Lucy. 

Lucy caught sight of Theodore entering the room before Calhoun gestured to him to take a seat. She tried not to look at the man so that it wouldn't shake her resolve from what she had decided before coming here to meet Calhoun. 

"Seems like Mr. Moryett and you are good friends," Calhoun smiled, his words holding unspoken questions in it, and Lucy nodded her head. 

"Ethan has been very kind to me. I wouldn't have agreed if he didn't mention about him going to be on leave from his work for a couple of days," replied Lucy. "He said he knows the right architect and said he would drop the letter once I would finish speaking to you." 

Calhoun rubbed his chin, "It saddens me that you don't want to live here in the castle with us. I am sure Madeline would be more than happy to have your company. Not to forget I and Theodore too, isn't that correct, Theodore?" came his nonchalant words, looking at the vampire who sat on another seat. 

Theodore's eyes met Lucy's, but none of them said a word. 

Noticing the silence, Calhoun hummed and then said, "If you truly wish to do that, then I cannot force you to stay now, can I?" he offered his sister a smile. 

Lucy clutched on to the side of her dress. She hadn't expected Theodore to appear here when she was speaking to Calhoun, and she said, "I have too many memories here to leave it completely behind me. Some of the memories haunts me," she paused before saying, "I will come visit the castle as often as I can."

Calhoun nodded his head, "Then I will have the things there arranged."

"Thank you, brother Calhoun," thanked Lucy, and she stood up, bowing her head at him and then bowing at Theodore before leaving the room. When the door shut close, Calhoun used his hand to support the side of his head and asked,

"What happened between you two that made up her mind to run away from here this fast?" There was a curious smile on Calhoun's face. Even though he didn't like meddling in Lucy and Theodore's personal matters, he couldn't help but feed his curiosity now. With Samuel gone, he thought things would get better, but it didn't seem like it. "She wants to go live in the mansion that Laurence gifted her," he added so that Theodore knew about it. 

A frown appeared on Theodore's face. She was running away. He wondered if he had overwhelmed her by speaking to her in the afternoon. He wouldn't have spoken if Ethan had not shown up and words had slipped one after another. His jaw ticked. 

"I didn't know Ethan was off duties," stated Theodore. 

"I can send him back to work at this very instance but I don't think Lucy would be pleased to know that we men are trying to manipulate her life," stated Calhoun before adding, "And I am her brother, who has the perfect image on her mind. I wouldn't want to tarnish it," he shook his head. 

Theodore rubbed his temples, "I only told her how I felt."

"Seems like you are as bad as me when it comes to courting the person you love," responded Calhoun, picking up the glass that had previously been placed on the side table.

"She hates me, Calhoun. For breaking her heart and most importantly for the words that I uttered that day," Theodore got up from his seat, making his way to the little trolley that had bottles of alcohol placed in there and he picked up one of the bottles.

Calhoun stared at Theodore, who hadn't spoken much and looked as if he was thinking of what Lucy had said before leaving the room. 

"I wonder what Madame Fraunces would have to say if she were alive, to know that her boy couldn't woo the girl," commented Calhoun in a calm voice and then said, "Lucy only knows why we came here to the castle and about her parents."

Theodore returned to his seat with a glass in his hand, "I know."

He knew if he were to tell Lucy why and what happened with Madame Fraunces before he broke her heart, she would have another view, but he didn't want to win Lucy's affections through pity. 

Right now Theodore saw some of the options ahead of me, one was to break down the mansion that the previous King had given so that it would be inhabitable for anyone to live in. Another was by having Ethan out of the picture by sending him as far as possible from Lucy. The last option was for him to let go of Lucy, parting ways to never meet at the same point as they did in the past. 

Back in her room now, Lucy closed her windows and the doors including the patio doors. Lying in bed now, she had placed her hand over her eyes to cover them while her heart flipped every time she remembered Theodore's closeness to her and his finger on her skin. 

A soft sigh escaped her lips. She needed some time for herself, and she would do that by going to the mansion and, if needed, live alone there. 

When the day of the wedding arrived, Lucy was helped by the maids to wear the gown that had been made for her, wearing her shoes and the maids helped her with her hair. Once she was ready, she went over to check on Madeline if she needed any help. 

She was walking in the corridors when she heard a familiar voice call her from behind, "Lucy dear, look at you all dressed as pretty as a flower."

The smile on Lucy's lips widened on seeing the woman, and she exclaimed, "Aunt Monique!" They were quick to exchange hugs with each other. "I thought you wouldn't be coming." 

"How could I miss Calhoun's wedding you silly girl. It is good to see you after so long," said the older vampiress. "I heard what happened a couple of days ago about the Wilmot's and Samuel. I am sorry I wasn't here when it happened."

Lucy shook her head, "None of us knew it would happen. You don't have to feel bad, Aunt Monique. I am just happy to see you here. I am sure brother Calhoun would be delighted to see you."

"Mhm," Aunt Monique then curled her hand around Lucy's arm. "The castle looks different every time I come visit it," said the woman, looking around the place. 

"Is that so?" asked Lucy, surprise in her voice. "I don't think apart from some of the paintings much has changed." 

Aunt Monique smiled, "The people in here have changed, Lucy. It feels lighter than the last time when I visited. Tell me about the bride before I meet her. How is she?" 

"She is fantastically lovely. You will adore her as much as you adore me,"
Lucy praised Calhoun's bride to be.

"Looks like you get along well with her," murmured her aunt and Lucy smiled.

Tangled- Part 3

Once Lucy had met Madeline and made sure the bride was ready, she decided to have a look at Calhoun to ensure everything was going according to the day that was planned. On her way, she met Ethan, who had worn a brown suit that almost matched his eyes. 

"You looked beautiful, Lucy," complimented Ethan. 

"You look handsome yourself, Mr. Moryett," Lucy used a sophisticated tone, and both of them laughed at it. Lucy had worn a lavender coloured gown, and her hair had been parted from the side and tied in a messy bun next to which fresh flowers had been pinned. "Did you come from Calhoun's room?" 

"Unfortunately no. I was told to greet the guests from the High House as everyone is still getting ready," answered Ethan. "I will see you down in the chapel." 

"Yes," Lucy replied before she started to head in the direction to the King's quarters. As she continued to walk, the hem of her dress stuck itself to her shoe, and she had to stop walking, so that she could free her dress. 

"Do you need help with that?" Lucy heard Theodore's voice and she looked up to see him carrying a box that was covered in cloth. 

Lucy didn't know why it had to be Theodore. Without waiting for her reply, he placed the box down and seeing this she quickly said, "It is alright! I will manage it-"

"It's just a little help. Or do you believe I am beneath you that you cannot accept it," asked Theodore while his hand reached for her shoe, and he untangled the hem of her dress from her shoe. 

When Theodore stood straight, Lucy's throat went dry. God was not being fair to her, thought Lucy to herself. How could a man be this handsome? He was in a black suit, and his hair had been combed differently than usual.

"Thank you," Lucy murmured. 

Theodore noticed how  Lucy's eyes looked darker than normal. Her hair loosely tied and her features soft while her lips were painted pink. 

Lucy on the other hand didn't know what to say to Theodore and both of them decided to keep the compliments to themselves. 

"Is Lady Madeline ready?" asked Theodore. 

"Yes," replied Lucy, recovering from the thoughts she had sunken into. "She's ready. How about Calhoun?" 

"He just headed towards the chapel," Theodore responded to Lucy's question. Oh, he already left, thought Lucy to herself. There was no point walking in this direction. Before she could leave, Theodore decided to ask, "When did you plan to move out of the castle?" 

"Three days ago," replied Lucy. 

"Don't go," came the blunt words from Theodore, and Lucy looked at him surprised. "Don't go with Mr. Moryett." 

Lucy laughed softly, "You don't have to worry about such things. Ethan is a good man." 

"A man who is in love with you," stated Theodore.

And now he was making up things, "That's not true. You don't know Ethan." 

"No man leaves what he is doing and comes to help a woman," replied Theodore. She wanted him to be truthful, and he would give her just that.

"This is not the time to be discussing it, Advisor Theodore. We have a wedding to attend," and Lucy was about to leave, but Theodore asked,

"When then? You seem to be running, I didn't know the princess has turned into a scaredy cat," taunted Theodore. 
Lucy's eyes narrowed, "Maybe never." 

"Look at you both, you look like a married couple fighting over something," commented a man  seeing Theodore, who hadn't seen the woman with whom Theodore was speaking to. When Lucy turned to meet the man's eyes, the man quickly bowed his head. "My apologies, Lady Lucy. I didn't know it was you." 

"Minister Fitzwilliam," Theodore greeted the man. 

"Advisor Theodore," the minister greeted back.

Seeing the frown on Lucy's face, the minister said, "Pardon me for my words, Lady Lucy. I thought it was Advisor Theodore's mystery girl." 

Theodore's own eyes narrowed at the man, and he gave him a death glare as if, if he would utter anything they had spoken during the time of Hallow, he would not spare him. And here he thought the man had forgotten everything in his drunken state, thought Theodore to himself. 

"I am sure our advisor has many mystery girls, Minister Fitzwillian," Lucy's jaw ticked in annoyance, and she then sent a glare at Theodore. "I hope you spend your time well with the mystery girls," and she stomped away from there. 

Minister Fitzwilliam looked confused on what exactly happened. "Seems Lady Lucy is angry about what I said." 

"You think so?" deadpanned Theodore. 

Lucy had misunderstood minister Fitzwilliam's words, not realizing she was the girl and there weren't other women in his life right now except for her. 

"I do," minister Fitzwilliam murmured to himself, and Theodore shook his head. He would deal with it later as Lucy said, they had a wedding to attend. Calhoun and Madeline's wedding. 

During the wedding, Lucy stood next to Aunt Monique, and she couldn't help but smile for the couple. The priest told his prayers, and the bride and the groom vowed, repeating the priest's words before they were finally declared by the priest as husband and wife. 

When Madeline went to change her gown to something more suitable for the wedding dance, Lucy stood next to the Harris family, introducing her aunt Monique to them as they hadn't been introduced well earlier. 

"You know what you should do, Lucy?" Lucy heard Aunt Monique question her in a whisper. "Dance because no one will question you." 

Lucy smiled at her aunt's words, "I don't think I have the heart for it, Aunt Monique. I think I would be better off as a spectator." 

"Rubbish!" the woman was quick to dismiss Lucy's words. "You look no more than nineteen. It is an advantage of being a vampiress, you get to stay young. I know you are hurt by something, but you know you will let it go eventually. Why not let it go now rather than feel sorry?" Aunt Monique took a sip from her glass. 

"I will try," Lucy replied to her aunt while looking at people dance. 

While she continued to look at people, Lucy caught Theodore talking to a woman, his eyes briefly meeting hers and she was quick to look away. But at the same time, Ethan appeared in her sight, who headed in her direction. 
The Cellar - Part 1

Music Recommendation: Avenues - Seth Fernsby


Lucy watched Ethan walk up to where she stood. In those spare seconds, she couldn't help but ponder on the words that Theodore had uttered to her. Was it true that Ethan liked her? But then why didn't she realize it until now? 

Her eyes took in the man's presence, who offered her his kind smile, "Is something wrong, Lady Lucy?" he questioned her in concern, noticing her stare at him. 

"Um, it's nothing," Lucy shook her head. "I just got lost in my thoughts. Thinking about the wedding." 

Ethan nodded his head, "Yes, it is good that everything went accordingly without any much things going around. Now we have a Queen." 

"We do," replied Lucy, turning quiet as she tried not to stare at him this time. Theodore had surely not told it out of spite, did he? Slowly her eyes moved to look at Ethan, who had a smile on his face as he was busy looking at the people on the dance floor. 

While they stood next to each other, Lucy noticed how his expression subtly changed on seeing Ethan standing next to her. It seemed like Theodore didn't like Ethan because he believed she would give her heart to Ethan. 

Their eyes met, staring at each other from where they stood. Lucy couldn't help herself but admire the man who looked sophisticated in the black suit. Theodore had always been a looker because of his elegant demeanour, and it was hard to believe that he didn't come from a well-known family and, in truth, had come from the dark alleys and the streets. 

When someone came to stand in front of him to speak, they broke their gazes, and Lucy looked somewhere else so that no one would catch her staring at him. 

It was strange how she was always trying to catch up to him in the past, following everywhere he went so that she could look at him. She had put her heart and soul into loving him wholly, and the way things had ended a few weeks before she got married, it had been the hardest time she had spent. Even harder to live with a man whom she didn't love after her marriage. She had cried at night, time after time until the tears had dried, and there was no more of it for her to shed. 


"What?" Lucy turned to look back at Ethan, who had a quizzical look on his face. 

"You look distracted. Is something the matter?" asked Ethan in a polite tone, and Lucy shook her head. 

"Everything is fine," she answered him before asking, "Would you like to dance, Ethan?" 

For a moment, she saw him turn startled before he nodded his head, "I would be delighted, milady, if you allow me the chance." 

Ethan bowed at her before taking her hand in his and leading her to the dance floor where Calhoun and his bride were dancing with the others. 

Lucy couldn't help but want to know the truth if Ethan had feelings for her for a very long time, but at the same time, she wondered what would be the point by knowing it. It wasn't like she would be able to return his feelings to him as she had never seen him that way apart from being a good friend. She decided not to ask him, letting it be. 

"Did you speak to the King about moving to the mansion, Lady Lucy?" inquired Ethan. 

Lucy nodded her head, "I did. He is willing to support me with my decision," she answered him as they danced. One hand in his hand and the other was placed on his shoulder.
She couldn't help but wonder if Ethan was helping her because he still had feelings for her. "If you don't mind, may I ask you something?" 

"Please go ahead," Ethan responded to her curiosity. 

Lucy wet her lips as she tried to get the right sentence from her mouth without it being too direct, "Why didn't you find any person to marry until now? I mean, everyone gets married, I did too," she chuckled in her dry humour. 

Ethan didn't take her words to be intrusive as Lucy had always been someone who had been outspoken with him. He stared into the vampiress' eyes, "I guess I didn't have the heart to marry." 

"Because of the girl?" asked Lucy, and he shook his head. 

"I wouldn't like to blame her. She had no idea of my feelings towards her and maybe it would have never happened. As time has passed, I have come to learn that some things in this world are meant to be while some things are not meant to be even after years," responded Ethan. "Do not feel bad for me, Lady Lucy. I don't...resent the girl. You don't have to hate her," he laughed at the end. 

Lucy smiled at his words. Ethan was a good man, and she wished for him nothing but happy life. 

"I will try not to hate her," she laughed with him. "I hope you can find love again, Ethan. I am sure there are plenty of women out there who are eager to marry you." 

"Thank you for your encouragement, Lady Lucy," he answered as he stepped back and she stepped forward. 

While Lucy continued to dance with Ethan, she caught Theodore looking at them, but his expression didn't change. It was like watching a man who was frozen in time. 

It wasn't that she was trying to punish Theodore. She was tired of being hurt. She was being careful as the pain continued to linger in her mind that she had carried for the past two decades. Emotions like those didn't disappear in a week or two. But then she remembered what Aunt Monique had advised her. 

Lucy wondered if it would be easy to let it go, the pain she had been holding. 

The celebration continued, and Lucy stepped out of the castle for some fresh air. For the last few days, she had needed a lot of fresh air, and she wanted to stay away from people. 

"Didn't think there would be somebody here," said a voice from her right side. Lucy turned to find one of the High House members she had seen around Calhoun, who now stood at the garden side. 

Lucy bowed her head, and the man did the same. His silver hair was smooth and straight that had been tied into a ponytail, "You can have this side of the garden, I was about to leave." 

"That's fine," said the man. "I came to view the beauty of the garden. What are you doing here, instead of being inside?" He looked at the walls of the castle. 

"I thought I would take a walk. I am not used to staying around too many people." 

The man nodded his head understandingly, "I know how that feels," but his eyes looked at her as if he didn't believe her words. "May I?" he asked, glancing at the bench. 

"Please," Lucy said, giving way for him, and as the man walked past her, she felt a sense of calmness wash over her mind. She took a seat herself on the other side of the bench. 

"I don't think we officially met with each other, I am Reginald and you must be King Calhoun's sister- Lady Lucy," said the man. The High House members who had come to attend the wedding hadn't changed themselves to wedding clothes and instead wore their uniform, a long black cloak with a collar. "Wonderful, isn't it? To see your dear ones getting married. Time moves so quickly." 

Lucy smiled at the man's words. "Indeed it is."

The man had a faint smile and a distant look in his eyes, "Children grow up so quick that you don't even realize, but be happy for them. For a person like me, everyone are my children, almost," he added when Lucy gave him a look. "It seems like you are holding some heavy thoughts in that mind of yours." 

"Are you a mind reader?" asked Lucy, and Reginald smiled. 

"Unfortunately, I don't have such profound skills. But I have often hear that burdens turn lighter when you share it with others. It eases your mind," said the High House member. 

Lucy looked down at her hands, and a small sigh escaped her lips, "Frankly my mind is too blank to think anything."

After a few seconds passed, she finally said, "Would you forgive a person easily?" 

"Maybe," came the answer from the man, "But then it depends on if the plea for forgiveness is asked sincerely or not. We all make mistakes, don't we. I think I did one too, and I only hope I can rectify it." Reginald looked up at the clear sky, "We all do something that we regret, but sometimes we do things to protect."

"Why not be truthful about it?" asked Lucy. "It would avoid so many heartbreaks. Why do we complicate things by not talking when it is needed?" 

A faint smile appeared on Reginald's lips, "Maybe the person was trying to protect you, thinking about your well being. There is a time for everything, milady. Sometimes, it might not be the right time to tell things to a person because not everyone takes things well. It is all circumstantial."

Hearing this, Lucy turned quiet. 

Reginald said, "If the person truly means sorry for what happened, why not mend it, instead of wasting the precious life by being angry at that person." 

Lucy wondered if this person, by chance, had any idea about whom he was speaking about. 
The Cellar - Part 2

Music Recommendation: Repeat until Death- Novo Amor


Later that day, when night arrived in the castle, the celebration continued with the guests. But Lucy didn't stay there for long, and she went back to her room. 

Lucy sat in front of the fireplace, not on the chair but the cold floor. She stared at the flames while she held her knees together, hugging them closely. 

After knowing the possible feelings Ethan had for her, Lucy couldn't help but distance herself from him a little so that her actions wouldn't send any wrong message to him. On the other hand, Theodore hadn't come to speak to her after her little entanglement of her dress with her shoe. 

She knew she had ordered Theodore to not speak to her and stay away from her, but at the same time, she couldn't help but wonder what he was up to. The last time she had seen him, he was dancing with a woman, not looking at her even once. 

"I should stop thinking about him," whispered Lucy to herself.

She wondered what to do with her things in the Grivelle's mansion, and at that thought, she wondered if Samuel would be willing to send the maids to her new mansion as she liked them. For the years she had spent, she had formed a good relationship between them. 

Letting go of her knees, she stood up, "I didn't do anything wrong. Why have I stuck myself in a room while everyone is being merry?" she questioned herself. Calhoun was her brother, and she was supposed to enjoy her brother's celebration more than others. 

Unlocking her doors, her feet padded from her room to look for some enjoyment. 

In the meantime, Theodore, who had been entertaining the guests, was stuck with one of the women named Lady Rebekah, who was drunk and was now clinging on to his arm. 

"Theodoreee, I think I am going to be sick!" said the woman.

"I am sure you are, milady. Why don't you get back to your room and have some rest?" he suggested before calling two guards to escort her to her guest room. 

Most of the men and women had turned drunk, and one of them was Ethan, who sat on a plush seat without talking to anyone but staring at his glass. The bride and the groom had disappeared, leaving the guests in his care. Theodore couldn't wait for people to leave the castle to go back to its former state. 

"Mr. Moryett, would you like any help in getting back to your room?" inquired Theodore in a polite tone. At the same time, he looked around, his eyes searching for Lucy, but she was nowhere to be found. 

"No, I will be fine," replied Ethan, and he placed his empty glass and stood up. 

Before the man could take his leave, Theodore inquired, "Did you see Lady Lucy, Mr. Moryett?" The entire noon she had been with Ethan, and he was more than annoyed by it. He wondered if Lucy was trying to push his buttons. 

Theodore knew he didn't have any right on her, but internally he was fuming, yet he couldn't do anything about it. When Lucy was with Samuel, it was a whole different matter as she was somebody's wife, but now it was different. 

"I thought she was here a moment ago," Ethan responded to Theodore's words. Theodore frowned upon hearing this. It seemed like Mr. Moryett was drunk as the others.
"She seemed like she wanted some time alone for herself."

Theodore, who was looking at the wide and big room, turned back to look at Ethan, "Why would you say that? Did something happen?" a small frown marred on his forehead. 

"I am not sure. She must have been thinking about her marriage to that Samuel," whispered the man. "If I find that bastard, I will make sure to pay him back for breaking her heart!" 

"Okay, time for you to go to bed," murmured Theodore, and he called the guards to see him to his room. He made sure the human guests were sent to their rooms first so that no vampire guests would turn them into their midnight snack. 

Worried about Lucy, he decided to check her room. He was only going to check her room, and if she was asleep, he would not bother her, Theodore thought to himself. The clock had struck past twelve, and he wanted to make sure she was alright. Reaching her room, Theodore stood there for several minutes before placing his hand on the knob of the door and pushed it slowly to find the room empty. 

Theodore's eyes narrowed, and he stepped into her room to catch sight of her clothes and trunk still in the room. It didn't seem like she had left the castle, which meant she was still in the castle. 

But where did she go?

The corridors had turned deserted as the servants had gone back to the servant's quarters, and the guests had gone to their rooms to sleep. Theodore searched for Lucy in the halls and then in the garden. He continued to look for her until he went to the cellar room to find her sitting on the table with her legs folded while she hummed something under her breath. 

What was she doing here all alone by herself? 

The cellar had rock-like walls that were uneven, and it was much colder than the rest of the castle, holding bottles of liquor and wine that had been used to store here since the castle had been built. 

When he walked around, moving closer to where she sat, he noticed Lucy in the company of an empty bottle and another one where the liquor was quarter gone. 

Lucy didn't notice Theodore's presence, and she picked up the bottle of alcohol, pouring herself another glass before she drank it like it was blood. 

"What are you doing here in the cellar?" 

Theodore saw Lucy's bright red eyes looking up at him. "What do you think I am doing? I am drinking," she replied to him. 

"You know that's not what I meant," said Theodore, walking to where she was sitting on top of the table. 

Lucy raised her eyebrows in realization and said, "My apologies, would you like to have some?" When he didn't reply to her, she poured some more into her glass and took a sip. 

"You're drinking the liquors that are made for vampires. You have a weak body, almost similar to the humans. You're going to have a bad headache," stated Theodore, and Lucy waved her hand in front of him. "You're intoxicated." 

"I am perfectly wonderfly," replied Lucy, without the speech of slur, but her words were not right. 

Theodore watched her relax, not caring if someone would enter the cellar to see her in her nightgown and glass of alcohol next to her. "I don't know about wonderfly but it would be wonderful if you could head back to your room now. It is rather late and you need to rest. We all had a long day." 

"We did," Lucy agreed, her voice calmer than the last few days and her whole demeanour seemed relaxed. "What happened to others? They still alive?" 

"Very much so I believe," replied Theodore, watching her closely. Her cheeks had turned pink, and so were her lips. Her eyes looked a little hazy. When his hands reached out for the bottle on the table, Lucy pulled it back.

Theodore doubted that Lucy was in the mood to return to her room, and he said, "Let me get a glass." He decided to give her company, and he went to pick up a glass and returned. 

"Allow Lucy to pour the drink for you mansueer," said Lucy. 

Monsieur corrected Theodore. It was a word used in one of the neighbouring lands. 

Lucy's grip on the bottle was tight as she poured the alcohol into his glass before placing the bottle back on the table with a loud thud. 

It seemed like she didn't mind his company, and he wondered why or if it had something to do with the alcohol. 

She continued to hum something, and Theodore decided to ask, "What are you doing here?" 

"You ask the same questions. I was drinking, but now you are drinking with me," at the end of her sentence, Lucy's serious face cracked into a grin. "I wanted to drink and I came here. I was bored in my room." 

People often drank to either forget something or to sleep, thought Theodore to himself. Deciding to not touch upon the topic of wooing her, he let it rest for the time being. When silence filled the cellar again, Lucy looked at Theodore, looking at the glass in his hand. 

"Did you come looking for me?" questioned Lucy. 

"I was looking for thieves. Our guards are not good at guarding the castle," responded Theodore, not wanting to spark something that might not go well. 

Lucy stared at him, "Then what are you doing sitting here? You should keep looking for thieves." 

"I will once I see you off to your room," Theodore muttered under his breath. 

"What?" asked Lucy. 

"I was going to open another bottle, would you like to have some?" asked Theodore, getting up and walking towards the cupboard.

Lucy turned her head, "I will have it once I am finished drinking this one," she responded with a smile on her face. 

Theodore took a while before he returned to the table where Lucy hadn't moved from her place. Leaving the glass, she now held the neck of the bottle close to her. 
The Cellar - Part 3

Lucy watched him get back to the chair he was previously sitting, her heart felt full just by the sight of him. Gone was the combed hair which was neat in the morning. His hair now was dishevelled, and his glasses in his pocket. 

"Did you enjoy the wedding?" he asked her. 

"Um," Lucy nodded her head. "Calhoun is finally married. I was married. Are you going to marry too?"

"Do you want me to?" asked Theodore, his gaze fixed on hers. 

Lucy shook her head, "It is up to you, isn't it," she whispered to him. "Who was that woman in blue dress with pearls around her neck." 

"Lady Paulina. Why do you ask?" Theodore kept his tone to be nonchalant. Running his finger round and round on the rim of the glass. 

"You seemed to be glued to her, that's all," replied Lucy, bringing the glass back to her lips before she took a sip without meeting Theodore's eyes. 

Theodore could tell she was bothered by that particular woman, and he said, "She's not of any importance. Just a guest who happened to be glued to me." 

"It's not like I care," Lucy said in between her sips, and Theodore couldn't help but internally smile. 

"Of course, I totally know that," he responded to her words. "You seem to have spent quite an awful amount of time with Mr. Moryett. You enjoy his company." 

Lucy nodded her head, "I do. What's not there to enjoy. He is a good man, very sweet," and she sighed in the end. "I didn't know," a small frown came to settle on her forehead. 

She then had a look of confusion, "I didn't understand though...by what he meant it wouldn't have worked even if he tried. You know what he meant, don't you?" she asked, her eyes slightly drooped, and she tried to focus on Theodore.

"Your family must have disapproved of the idea of him marrying you," replied Theodore, and Lucy nodded her head. And even if Ethan did propose to her that time, Lucy's heart had already been occupied by Theodore. In the end, it would not have worked. 

"My family…" Lucy looked slightly lost in her thoughts, "It was a mess. I keep wondering why I don't hate brother Calhoun as much as I hate you...Then I wonder if it is because I had the feeling of hate and remorse towards my parents, knowing what they did to people and to me...But you!" her voice turned high as she narrowed her eyes at him, and she then turned to a wilted flower, silence once again filling the room. 

"I believed you would never hurt me. In this world of Hell, you were my guardian angel, Theo," she whispered as her eyes started to blur. 

Theodore's heart turned heavy hearing her words, "I did hurt you…" 

"You did," a faint smile appeared on her lips. "I know you told me the right things that would hurt me. I hate you for it. You were so mean to me. I am a nice person, why did you have to-" a hiccup escaped her lips. 

Theodore placed the glass down before moving near Lucy, and he wiped the tears that slipped down from her eyes. 

"You regarded me too highly, Lucy. I am not the guardian angel but a demon," said Theodore. Right now, Lucy looked like a child. 

"I know you are a demon. I am such a sweet girl," said Lucy in between the sniffles and hiccups. "You even let me marry someone whom I didn't love! I would have run away from the castle and no one would have known. You poured alcohol on my plan!" 

Theodore continued to wipe her tears, a sigh escaping his lips, "Running away doesn't help in the long run, Lucy. I didn't want you dead, I wanted you alive," he spoke to her in a gentle voice. "You are running away again."

Lucy looked at him, "I am sitting right here. I cannot believe I am crying in front of you." 

"It isn't something that I have never seen before," stated Theodore, and he picked up her glass to pour the water that was in the bottle he had brought earlier. "Here." 

"Thank you," muttered Lucy, bringing the glass to her lips, and when she drank it, she pulled away and stared at it. "This doesn't taste like the previous one. It tastes like...water." 

"It is a special alcohol that tastes similar to water," answered Theodore before making her drink some more so that her head wouldn't hurt when she would wake up tomorrow. 

"You hate me, yet you came to my room with a first aid box," he caressed her cheek. "I know you won't remember anything tomorrow, but for what it is worth…" he leaned forward to kiss her forehead. 

"You think such a small gesture is going to fix things?" asked Lucy, unhappy with the peck. 

Theodore's lips twitched, "I think it is sufficient for now. If you remember about our time here tomorrow, I shall kiss you in the morning," saying this, his finger brushed across her lips before it went to his side. 

He wasn't going to kiss her when she was drunk because there were high chances of her getting angry if she found out that he had kissed her whilst she was in her drunken state. 

"Mm," Lucy hummed in response. A yawn escaped from her lips. 

"Do you want to drink more or would you like to go to bed?" asked Theodore, ready to make her drink some more water if she chose to drink some more liquor. 

"Bed," replied Lucy and Theodore gave her a nod. 

"A wise choice, come on," he said, ready to see her climb down the table so that she could start walking. But Lucy stared at him. "What is it?" 

Lucy offered him a sweet smile, one that belonged to her past when she was still innocent where her current pain didn't burden her. 

Two minutes later, they were away from the cellar room and in the corridor. Theodore carried Lucy on his back with her arms around his neck. "Such a comfortable ride," murmured Lucy while she had placed one side of her face on his shoulder.