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Chapter 741 - Oncoming Deaths 

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Theodore carried Lucy on his back. His hands firmly held both her legs on either side of his body while her head rested on his shoulder, murmuring something incoherent under her breath.

In the morning, when he had come across her in the corridor, the last thing he had expected out of the night was him carrying her on his back as she was drunk. Even though she tried to behave strong and brave in front of him as if she didn't need anyone and she was completely capable of looking after herself, she had demanded him to take her to her room by carrying her.

Lucy...Hawthrone thought Theodore in his mind. He had loved her the same way as how she had loved him.

He wondered if he had done something that had triggered her to go to the cellar and drink, but then he hadn't done anything today apart from entertaining the guests, who had come to attend the wedding.

"Theo," Lucy whispered right next to his ear. "You have been very quiet," she hummed, trying to move forward so that she could get a better look at him.

"I thought you fell asleep," responded Theodore, continuing to walk down the corridor.

"How can I sleep without the bed," she softly grumbled. "What about those thieves?" she asked as if remembering what he had said earlier in the cellar.

"I caught one," replied Theodore. "

"You did?" there was a surprise in Lucy's voice, and her mouth opened wide to yawn. "I am so sleepy. You wouldn't mind if I slept here, do you?"

"Go ahead," replied Theodore, and Lucy tightened her hold around his neck.

Theodore could only hope that Lucy would remember the conversation that had taken place tonight. As many memories they had created in the past, this one was filled with a little bit of bitterness and more sweetness in it. Like a cookie that was burnt but was still sweet, which he would savour.

The corridors were deserted, and the fire in the torches had started to dim because the oil in it had started to exhaust. But before Theodore could reach Lucy's room or near the corridor, a woman walked in the other direction.

It was a vampiress whose footsteps were firm and sharp on the floor. It was Lucy's aunt Lady Monique.

When Theodore's eyes met the woman's gaze, he wondered what to say to her if she would ask him what happened to Lucy.

"My my," murmured Aunt Monique when she came to stand in front of Theodore. "Did she drink more than she could handle?" asked the vampiress while looking at her niece.

Theodore bowed his head from where he stood without dropping Lucy.

"She did, milady. I thought I would put her to bed so that she could sleep comfortably," responded Theodore.

Monique nodded her head, "Of course, you thought it."

Her eyes slowly shifted from the girl who was sleeping to look at Theodore, who didn't have his glasses on his face at the moment. He looked much different than the time he wore his glasses, like a stark line of difference that had been drawn between two opposite characters. Compared to the calmer aura he held around the King of Devon, right now, this man seemed as lethal as the King, who held some edge.

When Lucy had spoken to her today about her not willing to dance, she had believed it was something to do with Samuel. That asshole had to be thrashed for hurting her sweet niece, thought Monique in her mind. Most of them had not seen it coming, and the news had reached their ears as a shock. She noticed how Lucy had her arms tightly locked around Theodore as if she didn't want to let him go. Her breathing was calm, as if she had fallen asleep.

"I believe you don't need any help in carrying her to bed," noted Monique, and Theodore bowed his head again.

"I will make sure she gets to bed and has a good rest," assured Theodore, wondering if the woman suspected anything going on between them. But with neither of them who had uttered a word about what they felt, Theodore walked past the older vampiress to head to Lucy's room.

Monique turned her head, watching Lucy and Theodore's back before they disappeared from the corridor.

Upon reaching Lucy's room, he placed her in the bed before pulling the blanket to cover herself so that she wouldn't feel cold. Tucking her carefully, Theodore watched Lucy turn around, pulling the blanket closer to her before she started to snore softly.

"Have a goodnight, Lucy," whispered Theodore, blowing the candles in the room to bring in darkness so that she could sleep without any disturbance.

He took one last look at her peaceful face, closing the doors of her room before he walked away from there. After speaking to her, some sort of tranquillity entered his mind, and he felt less troubled. At least now, he knew that she still loved and cared for him.

Monique made her own rounds in the castle before she took a seat at the stairs, which was the castle's entrance. After many days the night was quiet and calm, but her mind was filled with memories and wonderment of if's.

Since Calhoun had turned to the King of Devon, things had drastically changed. The ill rules that Laurence and Morganna had set were gone, and the people of Devon received their justice of the peace because of Calhoun's rule.

"Things have changed," whispered Monique to herself. She looked up at the stars that were in the sky right now.

She hadn't been able to get too close to Constance when she had come to visit the castle in the past, but she had liked Constance. Monique knew if she were alive today, she would have been happy to see her son marry.

Though Monique had worked for the royal court and its royal members, somewhere, she was glad that the older generation didn't exist anymore.
Chapter 742 - Oncoming Deaths 2

When morning arrived, and Lucy opened her eyes, she was glad that curtains had not been drawn open as her eyes felt weak against the rays of the sun.

"Milady, you are awake," a maid appeared in the room.

"Is the sun unusually bright today or is it just me feeling this way," Lucy questioned the maid while she sat up and felt her head sway. It felt as if someone had tied a rock on the top of her head.

The maid had brought tea inside the room for Lucy to drink, and she placed it at the side table, "Ah, it is the same as usual, milady. Would you like to keep the curtains closed?" asked the maid.

"No, it's fine," said Lucy before flinching at the sunlight. She felt as if the path of heaven had opened itself for her and was welcoming her.

"Are you alright, milady? If you would like to take some more rest in the bed, I will let the King and the others know about it," said the maid, concern in her voice.

"No, that won't be required," the last thing she needed was to bring attention to herself, thought Lucy to herself. She realized the headache was possibly because of the alcohol she had drunk last night in the cellar. She remembered opening the bottles and taking a couple of sips, but God only knew what happened after that. "Was there anyone waiting on me last night?" asked Lucy.

The maid stood at her place and tried to remember, "Not that I can remember,, milady. You dismissed us telling you would be fine."

"Get me the jug of water from there," Lucy pointed to the jug that sat on the table.

The maid quickly brought it to the vampiress to see the lady pour the blood into it, which she had brought for her tea. Her eyes widened, wondering what Lady Lucy was doing. Lady Lucy stirred the blood in the water, dissolving it until it was fully red and then she lifted the jug to drink it until the very last drop.

"Would you like me to bring you more blood, milady?" asked the maid.

"Yes, that would be lovely," and Lucy saw the maid dart out of the room.

"Ah, my head," Lucy brought her hand forward as she felt her head throb. How much did she drink that her head felt like it was going to split into two halves now? This was not the excitement she had been looking forward to last night.

Lucy hoped the blood and water would help her in recovering and healing her vampire body faster.

After getting ready and going to the dining room, she met the guests who had stayed back in the castle to greet the King and the new Queen. And she noticed Theodore, who had taken a seat at the table.

His demeanour was calmer than usual, and it only drew her eyes more to him. Like many other times, they didn't speak to each other in front of people, and the words were exchanged between them when no one was around to see them. Now that she thought about it, she couldn't help but realize that it was almost the same in the past.

Lucy didn't forget Theodore because he had been embedded into her memories that were hard to remove.

When everyone finished their meal and stepped out of the room, Lucy's eyes didn't stop following where Theodore was, and her aunt, who was with her, noticed her distraction and asked,

"Is everything alright, Lucy?"

Lucy's eyes quickly snapped back to look at her aunt, "Yes, everything is fine," she smiled. "Why do you ask, Aunt Monique?"

Monique placed a hand on Lucy's back, and they started to walk away from the dining room, "You have been distracted since yesterday, you didn't stay back with the guests to enjoy the celebration and left quite early. Something you would like to share with your lovely aunt?"

"I must have been very tired," Lucy scratched the back of her neck.

Monique hadn't noticed it before, but since she had caught Theodore carrying Lucy to her room, she could now see that her niece's eyes looked back and forth at the King's advisor.

"Here you are, Lady Monique!" exclaimed a woman from behind, "Oh, we have Lady Lucy too. You wouldn't mind if we joined you two in the walk, would you?" With the woman was her daughter named Rebekah, the person whom Theodore had danced closed yesterday, noted Lucy to herself.

Though Monique looked at the two women with a look of displeasure on her face, Lucy offered them a polite smile.

"Where is Mr. Dunkril?" asked Monique.

"You know the men, they either go hunting or drinking and playing a game of cards," answered the woman. "It is just like us women, who like to gossip and sleep."

"I would beg to differ, milady," Monique's tone was serious, unlike the warm tone she had used on Lucy.

"Oh, I know, Lady Monique," said the woman, pulling her daughter to walk along with the rest of the party. "I heard you were positioned at the borders. The King must have sent the letter weeks ago so that it reached you. And Lady Lucy, I am so sorry for the things I have heard. It must be really hard on a young girl as yourself."

"Not much," replied Lucy with a soft smile on her lips. "But thank you for your concern."

"How did you find out that he was cheating on you with another woman?" asked Mrs. Dunkril, her eyes curiously looking at Lucy. "I mean, you are brave to kick him out of the castle."

Mrs. Dunkril's daughter whispered to her mother, "Mama, that's rude to ask."

"I am glad to see that you brought up your daughter well," commented Monique. "I don't think Lucy is comfortable speaking about it."

"Of course," the woman laughed, "I was just worried about Lady Lucy after what I came to hear. I mean she will be spending the rest of her life alone and it is something very difficult to do. 
You know how difficult it is for a woman without a family of her own and the loneliness."

The smile on Lucy's face faltered.

Monique stopped walking, and she turned to look at the woman, staring at her before she said, "Lucy will marry again if she wants to, and if she chooses to live alone, then Calhoun and I will be more than happy to support her decision, Mrs. Dunkril. You should worry more about your daughter, than my niece," she raised her eyebrows at the woman who looked offended by her words.

"I was only concerned, Lady Monique. It seems like Mr. Dunkril will need my assistance. Come Rebekah," said the woman, dragging her daughter away from there.

Seeing her aunt still staring at the women, Lucy placed her hand on her aunt's arm, "You didn't have to scare them away, Aunt Monique. I am fine," smiled Lucy.

Monique had a small frown on her face, "The gossip mongers," she muttered. "You don't have to pay attention to what people say, Lucy. You are the King's sister, so whatever you choose, it shall be supported."

Lucy nodded her head, "I know that. I am the one with a headache, and you are more annoyed than me here," her aunt had always favoured her.

Hearing the words from Lucy, Monique slowly turned to look at her niece and asked, "You must have had quite a lot to drink last night."

Lucy's cheeks turned red, and an awkward laugh escaped her lips, "I-uh yes, I had a trip to the cellar last night."

"Is that so," hummed Monique, "You should have called me, I would have given you company."

"Actually, I didn't have plans to drink too much. I guess I got too happy by seeing brother Calhoun's wedding," replied Lucy. She had tried to remember what happened after her first bottle, but everything was just a blur after that.

"I am sure Calhoun is lucky to have you as his sister as are you lucky to have him as your brother," stated Monique before they started to walk again.

"The advisor, you both seem to have a good relationship. I would have never guessed."

Lucy's eyes slightly widened, wondering why her aunt brought up Theodore's name in the conversation.

"It must be because we have known each other since brother Calhoun arrived at the castle," she tried to play it cool. It was just Theodore and her who knew that things were not alright between them. There was no need to advertise it to everyone, thought Lucy to herself.

"True. It is only a surprise because I doubt I have ever seen you both near each other," hummed Monique before adding. "I would have joined you both at the cellar. He's a tolerable man, isn't he?"

Lucy's face turned pale by hearing what her aunt just said to her.

Last night Theodore was with her, drinking liquor in the cellar? She didn't remember when he even came, and internally she cursed herself. And what did her aunt mean by they were 'close'?!

"I guess you could tell that," Lucy muttered to her aunt's question, and she changed the subject by asking, "By the way, Aunt Monique, when grandmother and my parents were killed, were you here in the castle?"
Chapter 743 - Oncoming Deaths 3

"Hm," hummed her aunt, "That was quite a long time ago. I do remember coming to the castle and meeting Calhoun, but I doubt I stayed around for long. Your grandmother preferred I went back to work quickly and away from the castle."

Over the years, Lucy had slowly learned about her family and the differences the members of the Hawthrone family had against each other. After spending some more time with her aunt, Lucy decided to speak to Theodore to know what happened last night.

Finding Theodore in the royal court room with some ministers, Lucy stepped inside, "Advisor Theodore, may I get a few minutes of yours?"

Theodore turned to her, his expression unchanged, "Of course." It wasn't every day Lucy came looking for him to speak something, and he was more than willing to comply with her wish, wondering if her memory regarding last night had returned. "Excuse me, gentlemen," he said to the ministers before following Lucy's footsteps.

When they entered a deserted corridor where the guests who were still in the castle wouldn't eavesdrop on their conversation, Lucy looked straight into Theodore's eyes. "What happened yesterday?"

Theodore stared right back at Lucy, "King Calhoun was married to Queen Madeline."

"You know that's not what I am asking," said Lucy.

"I think you will need to be more specific with your words, milady," Theodore feigned ignorance, hoping Lucy would remember their little warmful chat. "What are we speaking about?"

Lucy pursed her lips, "The cellar, we…" Theodore's eyes brightened at her words, "My aunt said we were in there." He knew it was too soon to be claiming Lucy's heart, and he would wait. There were too many things going on in the castle without other people's notice, and he wanted it to simmer down. "Is that true?" she asked him.

Theodore had sent the maid to Lucy's room with blood, tea and food, knowing she would need it once she was awake. He noticed a slight frown on her face because of the headache she had from the previous night's alcohol consumption.

"Lady Monique saw me carrying you back to your room. You didn't seem like you were in a state to walk by yourself," replied Theodore.

How awkward, thought Lucy to herself, "I see. Thank you for seeing me to my room," she was ready to leave when she heard Theodore say,

"A pity that the question's answer will not be met," and he turned around, ready to leave from there himself.

Unable to keep her curiosity, she asked, "What question?"

What did both of them speak last night that Theodore had aroused a question of intrigue in her mind?

"Unfortunately, it is for you to remember. Milady," he bowed his head and left her there without sparing another second.

She stood there in the corridor, looking at Theodore, who walked away from her. Her hands clenched to her sides, the loneliness slowly creeping into her heart. Somewhere in the corner of her heart, she wanted to call him, to stop him from leaving, but what would she say? She didn't know…

Her heart felt like it was in turmoil, and she wanted to run away and hide. She knew her action would be frowned upon. These emotions that she felt were like the violent waves in the stormy night of the sea. Lucy didn't know for how long she stood there before she caught sight of a shadow that passed in front of her. She shook her head wondering if she had started to hallucinate, and she left the corridor.

Some of the guests in the castle eventually left, and on one side of the castle, Calhoun had called Theodore to one of the rooms to speak about something important.

"They are increasing in number," stated Calhoun in a serious tone. "The Salvette Mortems have transitioned from the first state to the second state. It is only a matter of time before they turn to the third state."

"Do you think she's going to go rampant in the castle?" questioned Theodore, "A werewolf is lethal to the vampires."

Calhoun nodded his head, "I know. Keeping her away would unnecessarily worry Madeline," and he sighed. "Have the people changed. The guards. Change it to the list that was drawn up earlier and speak to the magistrate to send the men here."

Theodore frowned, hearing this, "Is there no way to stop it?" his eyes met Calhoun's eyes.

"Raphael said, there isn't. If the Salvette Mortems have decided to turn into the guests of the castle, it means we will soon have many dead people. A minimum of hundred," replied Calhoun. "Speak to the magistrate to send the prisoners here, let them know that they would be awarded hundred gold coins each for working here. Instead of having them executed in the local prisons, they can be better used here as sacrifices."

"Will it work?" It was a risky thing to believe in people who had committed crime, especially in a crucial time like this.

"By the word of money, people change. It should work as it is for a short duration."

Calhoun then said, "We need to ask Lucy to leave sooner, so that she won't end up as a casualty. But if you believe you can protect her with the distractions..." He knew Theodore was trying to win Lucy's heart and Calhoun wanted to give him the option.

For a very long time, both Calhoun and Theodore had always tried to keep Lucy away from being caught in the crossfire. Calhoun had already sent Madeline's parents away so that there would be fewer people to worry about while keeping the guests who were on his special kill-list, who couldn't be earlier killed because of the existence of the High House.

No one knew when Elizabeth Harris would turn into a werewolf. It was only a matter of time before the castle would be painted red in blood.

"I will talk to her," said Theodore.
Chapter 744 - Unseen

Theodore sat on the roof top of one of the castle's buildings. Because of the height he had chosen, the wind blew around him, and his hair moved in the direction of the wind. His expression was one of seriousness, his eyes steady as they stared at the girl he was in love with.

A small smile adorned her lips while she spoke to her distant cousin, who had been hanging around her for quite a few days since he had arrived for the King's wedding.

Her gaze was soft, and even though there was a considerable distance between them, where they couldn't see him, he could perfectly hear what they were speaking right now.

"The carriage will be leaving tomorrow at nine in the morning. If you need some more time, we can stay in the castle before going to the mansion," said Ethan to Lucy.

"No tomorrow is fine," replied Lucy.

"Okay," and silence came to fall between them before he said, "Lady Lucy, there was something that I have been wanting to tell you."

Lucy, who was looking at somewhere else, turned her head to meet Ethan's gaze. Theodore wondered if this was the time when Ethan was going to confess his love for the girl, and Lucy seemed to have a troubled look on her face. But before either of them could speak, a maid appeared calling upon Lucy as Lady Monique wanted to see her.

"Must be unfortunate to not be able to confess to the woman whom you love," murmured Theodore from where he sat with one leg that was stretched out to rest entirely while the other had been folded at the knee. He had spoken to Calhoun about the shadows lurking in the castle two days ago, and he was yet to speak to Lucy.

It was hard to send her away without any reason. Theodore had done it once, and though he had agreed that he would be the one to send her off, he wasn't sure if he wanted to. Maybe the amount of hearts he had broken until now was coming back to break his own heart. But he couldn't delay it any longer. First was her safety, then came his heart, thought Theodore to himself.

He watched Ethan Moryett spend some time at the place where Lucy had left him. A sigh escaped the man's lips before he finally walked back inside the castle.

The sun had started to set, the colours in the sky changing, and Theodore finally got up from his place. It was only for some time, he thought to himself. Once the matter on the dark angel was closed, he would go to retrieve Lucy himself. He pulled out the glasses from his pocket and wore it on his face before jumping from the roof to land on the ground.

Away from the Hawthrone castle, in the town where no one would suspect, a group of demons and half-angels had gathered around in a building. Everyone wore black cloaks to camouflage into the background once they would reach the castle.

"It has been two hours and the moon hasn't shown up," stated a man who was lean and had hollow eyes. He turned around to meet Greyson's eyes, "What are we going to do boss?"

"We have waited enough for the moon. It will appear when it has to. It is time to attack the castle," ordered Greyson. Everyone picked up their weapons, and just as Samuel was picking his own, Greyson came to place his hand on the weapon. "You will be guarding the place where we are expected to bring the dark angel."

Samuel's eyes narrowed at this, "I thought I was coming with everyone."

"Not after you screwed up. You had the dark angel right under your nose and we had to wait for a whole month before realizing it," stated Greyson. "Go and wait for us at the deserted town," and people in the room started to leave one after another. Samuel gritted his teeth, his face covered in little scars that Theodore had left.

He didn't forget the way Theodore had hit him back, but more than that, he had been humiliated by his wife Lucy.

"No one is going to stop me from meeting you, my dear wife," murmured Samuel.

With everyone gone, Samuel walked out of the building to go to the castle with his own agenda.

Back in the castle, after seeing the condition in which Lady Elizabeth was in, Theodore went straight to meet Lucy, who was in her room. Calhoun wasn't in the castle as he had gone to get the antidote for the werewolf's bite. Theodore raised his hand before knocking the door firmly.

Lucy had changed her clothes and though she gave him a cold look, Theodore noticed her heart beat skip at the sight of him. There was a certain amount of anxiousness in her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Lucy asked him.

Theodore said to her, "I wanted to check if you needed any help for tomorrow."

"No, I got everything packed. Ethan was here earlier, he helped me with it," replied Lucy folding her hands across her chest. "What are you doing here, Theodore?" her words were softer compared to her earlier words.

Theodore said, "I think you shouldn't leave tomorrow."

Lucy's eyes widened, "Why not?"

Theodore wanted to tell her how much he loved her, but she was stubborn to accept unlike the time she was intoxicated. His eyes fell behind her at the trunks that were closed as if she had prepared herself to leave. He didn't want her to leave, he wanted her to stay right next to him forever and telling her otherwise was nothing less than pushing a stake through his own heart.

But before he could say something, he heard something at a distance which was away from Lucy's room. He realized this was no time to change his mind and he bowed his head.

Raising his head up, he said, "I think it would be more suitable if you leave right now, instead of waiting until tomorrow," and he saw her face fall and turn pale.

Before Theodore could speak more, a loud screech was heard and theory turned to look in the direction of it.

Lucy questioned, "What was that?"

It had begun, said Theodore in his mind. It had begun sooner than he and Calhoun had expected. Hearing someone scream, he looked back at Lucy and said, "Do me a favour and stay here in the room. Please don't open it until I return. Can you do it?"

He could tell she was confused with the sounds coming from the other corridors.

"Okay," said Lucy.

Theodore left the front of her room only when he heard the click sound from the door, making sure she was safer inside than out in the corridor.

When Theodore reached the hallways, he caught sight of two of the guards whose throats had been slit, blood oozing out of their necks. He could sense the energy of the demons in the castle, and a servant quickly ran when he was Theodore near the bodies.

"Advisor Theodore! The castle is under attack!"

Chapter 745 - New Home

Music Recommendation: Bastard- Ramin Djawadi


Theodore stared at the dead bodies of the persons whose neck had been slashed and who were lying flat on the castle's floor, motionless. Their bodies were still warm when he had touched, which meant they were killed probably four to five minutes ago, he thought to himself. Standing up from where he had previously knelt, he turned to look at the servant, who looked tense and worried, waiting for Theodore's order to be passed.

"See where Lady Elizabeth, Lady Madeline, Lady Monique are right now. If you find them, right away take them to the West Wing. Also inform the servants and the maids to not leave their quarters no matter what," ordered Theodore.

"What about the rest of the guests?" asked the servant, his eyes turning wide when he heard a scream not too far from the place where they stood.

"Leave them to me, I will take them to a safer place," stated Theodore. "Go now! Don't waste any time and take this," he said, throwing a knife for the servant to catch so that the servant could defend himself if he were to be attacked.

"Yes, Advisor Theodore!" the servant quickly ran in the opposite direction, leaving the bodies that were lying on the floor as they had found out.

Theodore didn't stay there either, and he started to look for the demons and the people who claimed themselves to be the fallen angels, who had infiltrated into the castle right now. Only if he would have been able to see the Salvette Mortems roaming in the castle, it would be easy to hunt people down. It was strange that he couldn't see the creatures of death, but Calhoun could. He knew Calhoun was in some way special, but it only made him question upon what the King's origin was that gave him the ability to look at the creatures of death.

With Lucy, who had locked herself in the room, Theodore only believed that it was for the best for her safety, and he wouldn't be distracted with any thoughts of worry for her.

"AHHH!" he heard a painful cry of a man, and Theodore quickly ran in the direction. He found a demon who stood near the squashed guard's head on the once clean marble floor that was now covered in blood.

"Look, who we have here. A brave man who has come to fight," said the demon looking at Theodore walking in on his crime. "You are just in time to be my next victim."

The demon had sharp zig-zag teeth, hair straight and sharp combed upwards, and the nails on his fingers sharp.

"You should tell your companions to retrieve back from where you came," stated Theodore, and the man chuckled.

"Who do you think you are to give orders to me? People in the castle sure are arrogant, aren't they?" said the demon, a broad smile appearing on his face as he stared at Theodore while scanning the person. "I can sense the King isn't here. What an opportune as well as inopportune time. It only makes it that much easier for us to take for what we have come here for, while it is sad that we won't be able to put the King in his place."

Theodore pulled out the gun that he carried in the back of his clothes, rolling the metal piece where the bullets had been placed earlier. "He is in the place he ought to be. But I think you are in the wrong place." He couldn't help but wonder how this person knew that Calhoun wasn't here in the castle, could he sense it? He questioned it in his mind.

Theodore didn't know how long it would take for Calhoun to return to the castle, but he would need to take control of the situation and handle it until then.

"Let us see if you are only talk or if you really have any actual value in those words," smirked the demon while looking at him.

Theodore didn't wait for the demon and instead pulled the trigger that made the person move from one pillar to another. Before he came near him, the demon dodged the bullets and caught hold of the gun that he had been using to shoot. It was obvious to know that with the speed and appearance of the demon, he didn't belong to the living world, and the person had come from the underworld.

The demon tried to use the gun, but Theodore had already finished all the bullets, and he said, "You aren't smart are you."

Soon both of them ended up in a close combat fight, using their hands and legs to hit each other while keeping Theodore occupied so that the other people who had intruded the castle could find and capture the dark angel from here.

Theodore didn't give any advantage to the demon, and he was quick to defend himself by dodging the attacks that came from the demon before he used his own demon-vampire strength to hit the demon with his leg that had the person slide away from him.

He could hear the screams and shouts in the nearby corridors, and the demon chuckled, "Why don't you hand over the girl and we will spare your people."

"Why don't you leave, unless you are looking forward to sacrificing your life here. The King won't be pleased once he comes back," Theodore warned the man.

"Hmph!" The demon responded before disappearing from Theodore's sight, something Theodore hadn't expected to come to stand behind him, putting his hand around Theodore's neck, ready to tear his head. "Why don't you seem surprised?" asked the demon as he tried to rip Theodore's head.

This demon was strong, thought Theodore in his mind while he tried to get the demons' hand off him. Pulling the knife in his shoe, he stabbed the demon's leg, who cried out in pain.

"AHH!" the demon cried out in pain. He let go of Theodore as smoke-like fumes escaped from the stabbed area. "What the f.u.c.k did you do?!" he shouted at Theodore.

"I was trying to cleanse you," came the deadpanned voice from Theodore. The knife he had was made out of silver and holy water. It was created in the church under the guidance of the priests.

Chapter 746 - New Home 2

The demon tried to heal himself, but the fumes only continued to escape from his leg as if the wound was melting. The demon turned angry, "Seems like you aren't an ordinary vampire."

Theodore removed the glasses that he was wearing on his face and placed it in his pocket so that it wouldn't break. When his eyes looked back up at the demon, his eyes had turned black, and the other demon narrowed his eyes.

"So that is how it is," chuckled the demon while looking at Theodore, "You are a demon yourself, but a lower demon from this world. How pathetic," he commented. The demon raised his hand to the side as it turned hot and red, "We have no time to play around, but others seem to be busy so why not."

The demon came right at Theodore to attack him with his burning hand that looked nothing less to an iron rod that had been heated until it was red. He went on to punch Theodore, his hand swinging left and right to get a hit at Theodore, but Theodore kept dodging it before the demon's hand got stuck in the pillar wall.

Theodore clutched on to his dagger in one hand, and in the other, he held the demon's head before severing the demon's head from the body. Black blood fell on the ground before it splashed into a heap of liquid-like smoke.

Instead of finding Lady Elizabeth, he went to look for Madeline as the demons had come here to get her, while also believing that Raphael would look after Lady Elizabeth as he could hear her growls from where he was.

When he entered the inner part of the castle, he caught sight of the guards who were fighting with the demons, while some of the guards had fallen dead on the ground. After killing some more demons and the half-angels, Theodore finally caught sight of Madeline, who was fighting with two other demons, while icicles appeared on the floor.

"Lady Madeline!" Theodore called to get her attention.

The girl who once had appeared nothing but as a normal human now wielded control on the ice where she was transforming the nearby snow into sharp weapons.

As expected, the dead bodies in the castle were only piling up one after another, and the Salvette Mortems who had made home in the Hawthrone castle started to take the souls of the people to take them to the next world for their judgement.

Theodore pulled out another gun that he had picked up on his way that belonged to one of the dead men in the corridors, aiming it at the demon and the demoness who were trying to harm Lady Madeline.

He had seen the demon's face before when the High House member had drawn the picture of one of their latest cases regarding Hanima's jewels. It was Walter, the demon who had worked with senior Mr. and Mrs. Harris.

Madeline took the chance to escape from there quickly, and before Walter could follow her, the bullets in Theodore's gun were quick to shoot at the demon, forcing the demon to jump behind. The demoness followed the lady, while Theodore was able to stop only one of the demons.

"Theodore, is it?" asked Walter. "Why are you working for someone who is on the losing side? You should be smart enough to join us. I have heard so much about you."

"So have I," replied Theodore.

Walter was not like the other previous demons, and instead of attacking Theodore, he first assessed him before both of their weapons clashed against each other with sparks flying under the dim light of the corridors.

"If you have heard about me, you should know that you are not in the winning team. Why risk on something so worthless," commented Walter in a calm voice.

Compared to the other demons Theodore had fought earlier, this demon seemed far more powerful in his speed and strength. Theodore put his full strength while trying to fight with the man, but he only ended up being pushed backwards and punched.

"I heard you had a fight with my fellow men over the princess. I was quite surprised when I realized there was a demon serving the King," said Walter. His movements relaxed, and Theodore took the opportunity to attack him relentlessly.

"I didn't know he was with you," responded Theodore. He had let go of his gun while using his hands to get a hold of Walter so that he could thrash him back. He had to get back to see Madeline's safety, but right now, it was hard to follow her as Walter wasn't letting him look away even for a second. One wrong move and it would cost his life as Walter's hand had suddenly transformed itself into sharp metal knives.

Theodore could only hope that Madeline would be able to stand her ground without being caught by the demons.

Walter chuckled at Theodore's attempt, and he went back to attacking him. Theodore had picked up a crossbow that had been lying on the ground that belonged to a dead guard, using it to defend himself to stop Walter's attacks.

Both the demons continued to attack each other at every possible opportunity, and Theodore could hear the crashing sound of things and people screaming and the gunshots that echoed all around the castle.

When he heard a woman's scream, Theodore was distracted for a second, worried, and this allowed Walter to slice Theodore's chest with the help of the sharp metal hands.

In a split second, Theodore tried to dodge the attack, but the metal had successfully grazed across his chest, and he flinched in pain. His jaw tightened because of the pain, but he didn't stop. The demons who had entered the castle had powers he had never seen before. He spat the blood on the ground that had risen in his throat.

Walter smirked before kicking Theodore to have him fall flat on the ground, but Theodore stood up on his legs, keeping his eyes on the demon.

"Time is up," stated Walter, and he came back at Theodore, who looked weak as if he was about to fall on the ground.

Theodore, whose eyes were on Walter, sensed the person who was nearby, and a faint smile appeared on his lips. Soon the wall that was not too far away from them blew up into dust. "I guess it is too late for you people to run now," muttered Theodore under his breath when he caught sight of Calhoun.

Walter was surprised, and he went to attack Theodore again. The look in Theodore's eyes changed, and he raised one of his long legs to kick Walter's body. The demon went flying against the air before his body hit the wall, and its surface cracked because of the impact.

The demon looked more than enraged by being beaten by Theodore, his eyes turning completely black. More demons poured in the vicinity as they tried to bring Calhoun down, but every demon who came in contact with the King died one after another.

On Calhoun's arrival, the corridors that had been dark turned bright as the flames in the torches on the walls lit up one after another.

Theodore, who had been fighting with Walter, now was on the ground, trying to push the demon away from him as the demon tried to strangle his neck. One of his hands was below Walter's jaw to break the demon's neck while the other on the demon's shoulder. Suddenly Walter was shot, and Theodore switched position by pushing Walter to the ground.

"How unfair the royals play in the game of fight," chuckled Walter through his gritted teeth.

Theodore wanted to break this demon's neck, but he knew Calhoun wanted to do it more than him, considering Walter was the man who had torn Madeline's wings. He waited for Calhoun's order while his hands were ready to snap the demon.

Calhoun then said, "Theo, go and check how others are doing. Get them into a safe zone. I have some scores to settle with this one." When a smug smile appeared on Walter's face, Theodore dropped a blow on Walter's face before getting up and leaving the demon to Calhoun's mercy.

Theodore quickly made his way around the castle, looking for people to take them to a safer place while also noticing the werewolf was not in the tower anymore, nor could he hear its howls. On his way, he met Lady Monique, who had a gun in her own hand.

"What in hell's name is going on in here?" questioned the vampires while standing in front of a demon's dead body and blood splattered on her dress.

"Do you know where the other people are?" Theodore asked her.

"I have gathered some of the people in the room. I was going to read my book when I heard the crashes," said Lady Monique. "Where are Calhoun and the others?"

"Calhoun is fighting the demons," when Theodore revealed this information, the woman's eyes narrowed.

"I knew something was off with this one," she kicked the dead demon with her foot. "What about Lucy?"

"I asked her to not get out of her room," replied Theodore, and the woman nodded her head. "I am looking for Lady Madeline and the others. Will you be able to keep guard here?"

"What do you take me for, boy?" asked Lady Monique with her eyebrows raised. "Go get the others to safety. I will be here."
Chapter 747 - New Home 3

Recommended music: Mountains - Hans Zimmer


While everyone in the castle was fighting the demons and the half-angels who belonged to the living world, they had failed to notice that Lucy had been badly injured and was on the ground as blood flowed out of her body.

Ethan had been packing his things in his room, placing them in the trunk with some of the servant's help when he heard the crash and screams coming from outside his room. He had immediately stepped out of the room with a dagger in his hand, wondering if there was an attack when he found a pile of bodies decorating the floors of the castle.

When he finally entered the corridor where Lucy's room was located, he caught sight of Samuel, and he glared at the man, "Samuel."

Samuel rolled his eyes on the sight of Ethan, "Oh, look at that. I didn't know you were here. It must be obvious considering I am not here, you must have come here to lick my wife's wounds. You must have little to no pride, do you, Ethan?"

Ethan, who was glaring at Samuel, his eyes moved to catch sight of Lucy, who didn't move, and for a moment, his face turned pale before anger took over his features. When Ethan came to attack Samuel, all the demon had to do was raise his hand and wave it to the side to have the vampire crash against a nearby wall. He then picked up the icicle that was previously used on him to push it into Ethan's stomach so that the vampire wouldn't be able to move.

Around the same time, two people were walking more leisurely than the rest of the people in the castle as if they were taking a stroll in the garden. One was a man who looked like he was in his thirties, his eyes blood red that looked at the walls before he spotted the person he had been looking for since he had stepped into the castle.
Another was a lean man who fell short in height compared to his master, walking behind him.

"Odin, go to Hell. Have the demons souls who have been found here placed in a different cell. I would personally like to deal with them once I will be done with this girl and the King," said the taller man.

"What do I do after that, Master?" asked the servant.

"Go to Belmont and wait for me. Soon I will bring the girl there," and on hearing the words from his master, the servant was quick to disappear in thin air.

The man stepped into another open-like corridor where one side was the wall, and the other side was left open to step into the inner garden of the castle. He took a deep breath where the air was filled with the scent of death when he caught sight of the girl, but she was not alone as there was a fool who seemed like he wanted to take her from the castle.

In a blink of an eye, the devil appeared to stand between the girl and the demon.

"Who the f.u.c.k are you now?" demanded Samuel.

This foolish little imbecile demon, thought the devil as he looked down at the worthless being questioning him. His eyes glowed redder.

"And where have you lost your manners. I thought it was going to be just me here tonight, but there's a whole lot of celebration going on here."

"Who are you?!" Samuel raised the rod that he was carrying to the front, "Leave this place and never come back again. Now."

"F.u.c.k off from here before you make me a little angry," came the cold words from the devil.

Ethan, who was in pain, watched the stranger and Samuel talking while Samuel looked angry. He tried to get the icicle away from out of his stomach, but as much as he tried, the rod had gone deep into his stomach, and if he would pull it out, he would only bleed profusely from it.

From where he was he saw Lucy who hadn't moved, and he couldn't believe she was dead.

"I will f.u.c.k.i.n.g kill you! Let go of my hand!" ordered Samuel as the stranger had caught and twisted his arm.

Samuel grinned when the man let go of his hand, and he was ready to attack the person, but the older vampire caught hold of Samuel's other hand and ripped it off from his body. "There, I let it go."

The lower demon's eyes widened, and his face turned red because of the surging pain of losing his arm, and blood spurted out of his arm. He screamed in pain, gritting his teeth before bringing his hand up to attack.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said the devil to rip the other hand and Samuel couldn't take the pain anymore. He saw the man place his finger on his chest, and before he knew it, blood started to come out
of his mouth.

"Seems like a lot of bad blood. Let's get you clean, and I shall see you later in Hell."

Suddenly fear appeared in Samuel's eyes as he stared at the stranger who hadn't moved. His blood felt like it was boiling underneath his skin as if it wanted to come out "Wh-what did you d-" within a second, he felt his body ripping and being torn into molecules of water while he screamed in agony.

Samuel, who had felt the pain in every inch of his body, noticed how the pain had stopped, and he suddenly opened his eyes to find himself not in the castle anymore but somewhere else.

He was right now in a cage-like room, and he looked around to see some of his companions whom he had seen in the castle earlier. His arms looked perfectly fine, and he wondered if it was a dream. Catching sight of a demon who held a parchment and was walking outside these cells, Samuel went to the front of the cage and gripped on the iron bars.

The demon was the servant who had earlier been in the castle, and he was counting as he looked at the people in the cage, "..ninety-two, ninety-three-"

"Where am I?!" Samuel shouted in anger.

Chapter 748 - Underworld

The servant demon who stood outside the cell rooms with the parchment in his hand stared at the demon who had questioned him. "Where do you think you are?" he asked, raising one of his eyebrows in question.

Odin had other important things to do, as his master had already ordered him to get back to the Belmont castle once he was done collecting all the level one demons as well as the demons who were born in the living world. While he also had to drag the other souls who had rooms reserved for them in the underworld.

When he started to walk, the demon who had questioned him a moment ago glared at him, "Let me out of here! I need to go back right this instance!"

Samuel doubted this was a dream, and he continued to grip his hands on the iron bars as if the metal rods would bend if he would put more strength into it and he would be able to step out of this hideous animal-like cage. There was no way he was dead! Just because he had killed Lucy, it didn't mean he was done! He had to kill Theodore!

He looked around the place where he noticed the dark corridor, and he started to yell, "What do you want? Tell me! I will see to it that your wishes are met," he tried to bargain with the fellow demon, who stood on the other side.

Odin stopped walking and stared at Samuel, "Shut up," he said in a dull voice.

This only angered Samuel. He had no idea where he was, and when he began to speak, Odin snapped his fingers. In the next second, both Samuel's arms were ripped apart from his body again, and he screamed in pain. He fell on the ground, writhing in pain.

"I told you to shut up, didn't I? You are here because you have been very very bad. Master will see you and the rest later," stated Odin, and when he snapped his fingers, he disappeared, leaving a crackle of a spark behind.

"S-somebody contact Greyson!" Samuel said through gritted teeth.

"It is not possible," said another demon, who was three cells away from where Samuel was. There was a tinge of nervousness and fear as the person spoke.

Samuel tried to look at the people who were on his left and right side of the cells and then in the opposite direction,where he sensed the air thick with some of the demons' fear. In pain, he had fallen on the ground, and he gasped for air.

The same demon who had spoken out said, "We aren't in the living world anymore. This is Hell."

"That's not possible!" denied another demon, who had been born in the living world. "Us demons cannot come here. The Devil has not appeared in centuries. We have been killed to be reborn again! Greyson controls Hell and its exits-"

Soon an empty cell filled itself with a new person in it, and everyone leaned over to see who it was. For every few minutes, the cell rooms in this place had been getting filled one after another with demons and other people who had committed sins in the living world.

When the demon stepped forward, confused and his eyes wide, they noticed the person to be Walter, and Samuel now frowned. This couldn't be happening! Thought Samuel to himself and his mind started to panic.

Another demon slowly whispered, "The person who was here was the Devil's servant. The Devil is back…"

Back in the living world, in the Hawthrone castle, silence slowly fell in the corridors and the grounds of the castle, leaving just the scent of blood to drift in the air.

Theodore, who had finished killing the last of the demons whom he could get his hands on, started to look for Calhoun to find him next to Madeline in the corridor. When he reached where they were, his eyes widened at the sight of the person who laid motionless on the cold floor. No, this was not supposed to happen, he thought in his mind.

He had made sure to see her safety first before he had left her side to deal with the intruders in the castle. Blood covered Lucy's body that belonged to her, and her eyes continued to turn hollow.

Theodore asked, "What happened here?" anger and confusion in his voice.

"It was Samuel!" replied Ethan as he limped towards them, blood trailing behind him as he moved.

"Bastard!" Theodore's hands turned into fists, wanting to look for him, but Calhoun said,

"He's dead. Samuel is dead."

Theodore had not foreseen this. The last thing he had expected was for Lucy to die, and he felt a lump form in his throat. He had always tried to save her, to keep her safe so that no harm would fall on her, but she had ended up getting caught in the crossfire. It was as if death was crossed with her for escaping the first time and had eventually caught up to her. But he refused to believe it.

Everyone was in shock and pain, grief in their hearts over Lucy's death.

His blood boiled at the thought that Samuel had dared to kill Lucy, someone who had done nothing but meant happiness for people around her. There were two deep wounds near her stomach, and he closed his eyes. The pain she must have gone through and he didn't even know...

Theodore slowly sat down next to Lucy's body, looking at her face that now looked frozen. The scent of blood was heavy in the air, one that belonged to her. They had to fix things, and she was yet to tell him that she had forgiven him for pushing her away in the past.

He brought his hand near her head, brushing her hair as if she were alive, and he tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ear.

Please don't go, whispered Theodore to her in his mind.
Chapter 749 - Clouds

Music Recommendation: Salamander Eyes- James Newton Howard


Lucy felt her eyes turn light, and so did her body as if she were floating on the surface of a river. There was tranquillity in the air, which she didn't know existed until now, the peace around her sinking her mind and trying to be one with her surroundings.

When Lucy opened her eyes, all she saw around her were trees and the darkish grey clouds that held a tinge of green in them, hovering in the sky. Right now, her mind was in a peaceful state as she didn't know what was happening, and her mind remotely bothered where she was. Getting up to sit upright, Lucy looked around her surroundings, her red eyes taking in the tall trees that stood in certain intervals from each other.

Was this in Devon? Asked Lucy to herself, standing up on her feet that were bare. A certain amount of fog covered the ground, and she looked at the clouds that were thick in the sky. It felt like it was still night, but at the same time, it felt as if dawn was near.

"Is anybody here?" Lucy shouted in the middle of the forest, but her words only echoed back to her.

It felt like she was dreaming. Maybe she was, she thought to herself.

The last thing she remembered was seeing Theodore's face as she closed the door of her room, and after a while, he had knocked back on the door. But it wasn't him...Remembering what happened, her gaze fell on her body, and her hands touched her stomach to see no wound and not a single drop of blood on her dress. She no longer wore the dress she was in the castle, but the dress's colour closely resembled the clouds.

"Brother Calhoun? Theodore?" Lucy called their names in the hope that they would hear her, but no one replied.

"You must be new here," came a voice from behind her.

Lucy snapped her head, turning her body to see who had just spoken, but with the thick clouds, it was hard to see who it was. "Who is there?" she asked, her heart softly racing.

Finally, as the person moved forward, the clouds started to clear to show the person, who was a woman. The woman had red lips and her eyes red, that looked at Lucy right now. "I would have never guessed that I would be meeting you this soon."

A frown appeared on Lucy's face, "I am sorry, but do I know you?" she politely asked the woman without forgetting her manners.

One side of the woman's lips pulled up, "You don't know me, but I know you, Lucy Grivelle, or would you prefer Lucy Hawthrone."

Lucy had never spoken or met this woman before, which was why she was confused by thinking who this woman was. Maybe it was because she was the former princess, and the royal family had always been in the news, allowing many people to know about their existence. In contrast, the members of the royal family knew and remembered only a handful of people.

"Lucy Hawthrone," replied Lucy as she stared at the woman, who walked until she finally came to a stop in front of her.

"Hawthrone it is. Must be unpleasant to be part of the two families who didn't treat you the way you wanted them to treat you, but still carry one of their names," commented the woman, and she stepped to the right side before she continued to walk.

Lucy had no idea where she was, and as blissful as this place was, she preferred to have a company of guidance. She quickly followed the woman before she would disappear in the middle of the woods and the heavy fog-like clouds.

"Pardon me, but why did you say you didn't expect to meet me this soon?" asked Lucy, once she caught up with the woman.

"If you look deeply in your heart, you will find the answer to be already there," replied the woman, looking ahead of her.

Hearing this, Lucy pursed her lips, and she finally said, "I am not alive, am I?" asked Lucy, her voice slightly filled in disbelief.

She didn't forget the pain that she felt when Samuel had pushed his fingers into her body, not once but twice, and she had fallen on the ground as blood oozed out of her body. Was she dead? Asked Lucy to herself.

"W-where is this place?" she asked in a guarded tone while looking around her. It didn't seem like this was Hell, but it didn't look like Heaven either. "Where are we?"

On Lucy's question, the woman smiled, "We are in a place that is neither Hell nor Heaven, it is called as in between. A place where some of the souls wander, it is near to Heaven, but some of us refuse to step in through the gates and end up turning to wanderers."

"Why didn't you?" asked Lucy.

"Some of us have our memories intact and it is hard to let go of the living world that we come from," replied the woman, and she said, "You see there."

Lucy turned in the direction where the woman looked, and the clouds had suddenly moved away from each other to show the bright light that passed through from one side. "That is where Heaven is. We the wanderers, we are closer to Heaven, but it is the choices that we make that writes our fate and destiny."

"Can't you still go to Heaven?"

"I would, but it is hard to let go of the living world and the memories. Once you step in there, you forget your woes and sorrows," she said as if it was a bad thing.

"How do you know me?" inquired Lucy.

"It is because of him," smiled the woman. Him? Lucy didn't know who the woman was speaking about and when her quizzical eyes continued to look at the woman, she said, "Theodore."

She knew Theodore? Asked Lucy to herself before asking, "Who are you?"

"I used to be called Madame Fraunces."

Chapter 750 - Clouds 2

Lucy felt like she had heard this name before, but she couldn't point out from where exactly she had heard the name. It sounded familiar to her ears, but if she had heard the name, it must have been from a distant memory.

She stared at the woman who watched her while she tried to remember but in no vain. The woman named Madame Fraunces then fished for something in her pocket before pulling out a cigar, and Lucy's eyes widened.

"Is it allowed to smoke here?" questioned Lucy.

The woman chuckled at the young vampiress innocence, "We are vampires and not inside the gates of Heaven. I think it is perfectly fine. Would you like to have one?" she offered, and Lucy shook her head.

"I am fine. Thank you," replied Lucy, watching the woman lighting the cigar. "How long have you been here?"

"It is hard to remember. A day feels like an eternity and a year feels worse than that. I think the wanderers in the, in between world forget about time," said the woman, turning around and starting to walk again.

Lucy looked at the light that came from the gates of the Heaven that Madame Fraunces had faced her back against, and she followed the woman. Now that she was dead, she would have to live like one of them, and deep down in her mind, sadness came to spread. She didn't even get the chance to say her goodbyes, and her life had been taken away with one snap.

"I have been watching you for quite some time, Lucy. All of you," confessed the woman, her gaze turning soft and almost warm. "In the time I have watched people, I would have never thought that you would be the person who would be turning special."

Lucy didn't understand what the woman meant, but she quietly listened to her.

"It is sad that you had to go through all those hardsh.i.p.s and heartbreak," said Madame Fraunces and hearing this, Lucy's eyes widened. "Some of us wanderers miss our home and we visit the living world to watch whom we once knew and the life that once belonged to us."

"Like the guardian angels?" asked Lucy, her eyes looking at the woman with intrigue.

"Unfortunately, we can do nothing but watch people carry on with their lives," murmured the woman under her breath.

The path where they walked now was turning heavier with the foggy clouds, and Lucy tried to keep up with the woman's footsteps so that she wouldn't lose her. The place where she was in looked like a vast, never-ending forest of trees and clouds.

"I have come across only a few wanderers because people in here can get lost but sometimes we meet in the living world as shadows," continued the woman. "Like the rest, I have been watching you, Lucy. Life might seem unfair and hard, but follow your heart as you have followed since the beginning. Your heart is the key to your answers. I know who killed you."

Lucy's eyes moved in the direction from where she could hear Madame Fraunces' voice. She wondered why this woman whom she had no idea or clue about was interested in her. Thinking about Samuel, her mind turned bitter in shame. For nearly two decades, she had been his wife, and she had trusted him. But Samuel had returned it with his betrayal and had killed her out of spite.

"If you don't mind me asking...how did you come to be here?" Lucy asked curiously.

For a few seconds, she didn't receive a response to her question, and Lucy wondered if the woman had drifted away.

"It was the Queen who had given the order to kill me. Queen Morganna Hawthrone," Madame Fraunces finally replied to her question.

"Grandmother," muttered Lucy under her breath.

So many people had died because of her grandmother and also because of her parents. They had been merciless when it came to killing innocent people for their own gains. Lucy wondered why her grandmother had ordered for Madame Fraunces to be killed. At the same time, her eyes widened, and she asked,

"Do you know a woman named Ruby, she-"

"Nana?" asked the woman, and Lucy could feel as if the seed of hope she had sown had erupted from the ground to start giving out new leaves. But the woman said, "She's not here. She must have walked through the gates."

As fast as the hope in her had risen, it shattered, and Lucy turned quiet. All these years she had spent praying for Nana's peace, and if she was in Heaven, she was not going to be sad anymore. It seemed like the woman she was walking right now wasn't interested in getting into Heaven and instead preferred to live as a wanderer.

"I am sure she is more than happy in Heaven. The place doesn't let down and it gives the people who deserve a new life, a life full of peace and happiness which can be found only there," Madame Fraunces cheered Lucy up. "I know she means a lot to you, considering how you place flowers on her grave."

Lucy didn't know how to feel, now that she knew there was someone who had been watching her in the cemetery.

"I am sorry that you had to die because of my grandmother," Lucy apologized, stopping her feet for an instant before she bowed. "Only if it weren't so..."

"It is fine. That old hag received far worse punishment than I or anyone else except for the punishment giver had on his mind," a faint smile appeared on the woman's lips.

A pinch of curiosity arose in Lucy's mind at the woman's words, wondering how Calhoun must have delivered her death.

Lucy turned a little apprehensive as they were walking to the darker side of the clouds, she asked, "Why are we walking in the opposite direction of where Heaven is?"

The woman stopped walking, turning to her and said, "It seems like your time hasn't come yet." Stepping closer to her, the Madame placed her index finger on Lucy's forehead. "It was good talking to you, Lucy Hawthrone," and suddenly, a blinding light emerged in front of her, making her close her eyes.