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Chapter 751 - Clouds

Lucy felt her eyes slowly start to turn bright as they adjusted to the change in light of the corridor where she laid right now. It was as if until a few minutes she had been underwater, and she had only surfaced back up to take a large gasp of air.

"Lucy?" she heard someone's voice.

The pain that had disappeared from her body came back in twice the fold, and she felt the wetness around her while the air around was heavily filled with blood and death. As seconds passed by, the blood loss and the pain suddenly engulfed her body and unable to handle it, she screamed in pain. Her scream echoed through the corridors before it quietened, and she fell unconscious.

Theodore stared at Lucy, unable to believe that she had come back to life when it was only moments ago her body had turned cold like the snow, and her heart had stopped beating.

He turned to Paschar, who had joined them in the corridor earlier, "What happened?"

"I speeded the process of healing. You should take her back to the room and let her rest," replied Paschar.

Theodore couldn't believe his eyes, and his heart felt like it had returned to him. Lucy was back, and she was breathing. He doubted there was anything more he ever wanted but to see her breathe again.

He carefully leaned forward before picking her fragile body up in his arms so that he wouldn't cause her more pain.

Calhoun, who was talking to Paschar, questioned, "Does this mean the Salvette Mortem will return for Lucy again?"

"Unless she is dead, she should be fine. I don't even know how Madeline did it," answered Paschar.

Calhoun turned to Theodore and nodded his head without a moment's hesitation for Theodore to take Lucy from here while he would handle the rest of the things by himself.

Theodore carried her through the corridors, away from the chaos that had taken place some time ago. On his way, he looked at Lucy, who had her eyes closed and every few seconds, he made sure she was still breathing. He didn't want to lose her again. The pain and the grief, he wasn't willing to go through it.

He took her to the room and carefully placed her on the bed.

A maid who had seen Theodore carrying Lucy quickly made her  way to the front of the room and asked in panic,

"Advisor Theodore, is Lady Lucy alright?!"

Theodore looked down at the young vampiress and said, "Yes, she will be alright. Get me a bowl of warm water. Actually, three of them with some clean towels and clothes."

"Would you like me to send the maids to help?" the maid nervously asked as there was too much blood on Lucy's front side of the dress.

"That won't be needed. I will be fine in taking care of her by myself," hearing this, the maid's eyes widened, but she didn't question or comment on it. "Also tell the servants to clean the castle."

"Yes, Advisor Theodore!" the maid quickly ran away from there.

Within a few minutes, bowls of warm water were brought into the room with clean towels by the maids. The maids left to clean the castle, where the dead bodies were scattered around with blood splashed on the floor along with broken walls.

Theodore locked the doors and the windows of the room so that no one would come to disturb or intrude. He removed the blood-soaked clothes from her body and dipped the cloth in the warm bowl before cleaning her wounds that she had received from Samuel. He wrapped a bandage around the wounds. Thinking about the demon boiled his blood. Though the angel had tried to heal Lucy's wounds, it was still in the healing process, and he knew Lucy would be in pain once she would wake up.

He made sure to remove the trace and smell of the blood from her body before putting fresh clothes on her.

He used a lighter sheet before using it to cover Lucy's lower body while also making sure the sheet wouldn't come to press on her wound.

Looking up at her sleeping face now, he unconsciously brought his hand up to touch the place below the bruise on her forehead and the side of her cheek.

"I am so sorry," whispered Theodore to her.

It wasn't that Theodore had not protected her, he had done his best, but in the end, it was just not enough.

Theodore had never fallen in love before Lucy or after her. In the past, she had been the princess whom he couldn't keep next to him because of who they were, but now it was different, and he had decided to fight for her. He lightly caressed the bruise that had formed on her cheek.

From where he sat, he heard Calhoun, Paschar and Raphael leave the castle. A few minutes later, the door was knocked, and Theodore went to get it, opening it to find Lady Monique standing there.

Theodore's eyes slightly widened on looking at Lady Monique's right hand that looked shortened, and she had bandaged it, but blood spots had appeared at the end. He wondered if she lost it to one of the intruders. With the amount of chaos that had surrounded the castle, he must have failed to see it earlier when he had met her, he thought in his mind.

The woman had a deep frown on her face as she entered the room to see her dear niece on the bed.

"Oh, poor Lucy!" whispered Lady Monique, going to the bedside and taking a seat next to Lucy. "Did you bandage her?" asked the woman to Theodore.

"I did," answered Theodore without a word of hesitation.

"I see," responded Lady Monique. "Where is Calhoun and the others?" she inquired.

"Lady Madeline and Lady Elizabeth have been abducted from the castle. He went to bring them back," informed Theodore, and the woman nodded before a sigh escaped her lips.

So much had happened in the span of a few hours, thought Lady Monique to herself. Her eyes fixed on her niece before she turned to look at Theodore and said, "I will be here with her. You should go clean yourself up." Seeing Theodore's hesitance, she narrowed her eyes. "You look like you haven't taken a bath in the last four days."

Seeing Theodore finally leave, she muttered under her breath, "Children these days."
Chapter 752 - Taking Care Of You

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Theodore reached the front place of his room, pushing the door open, and once he stepped inside the room, he shut it close. The castle that had been quiet for some time had suddenly turned busy with the servants who started to diligently clean the stains of blood from the floors and the walls of the castle while trying to put the bodies on one side so that they could be buried afterwards.

And even in the middle of the murmur and chattering sound in the castle, it sounded distant to Theodore. His hands were clean compared to the rest of his body as he had used them to clean Lucy. Raising his hands, he started unbuttoning the buttons of his shirt one after another, discarding the clothes from his body before he got into his bath.

Being the King's advisor, Theodore had received his own perks of facilities where he didn't have a small bathtub but rather a larger one that was built attached to the room to form a pool of water.

Getting inside the water, he splashed the water on to his face to wipe out the bloodstains, but some of them were tough and didn't come off that easily. As he continued to pour the water on him, he didn't forget the state in which he had found Lucy on the ground. Lucy was safe right now, but the memory had been engraved into his mind, and he doubted he would be letting it go anytime soon. Drops of water slid down his body, the water carrying his and the other demon's blood, whom he had killed a few hours ago.

Away from his room, Lady Monique, who sat next to Lucy, heard a soft knock on the door and a maid entered the room.

"Milady, the physician is here," informed the maid with a bow.

Lady Monique slightly frowned, and she asked, "Who called the physician this soon?" and she saw the man enter the room.

"It was Advisor Theodore, milady. I received the request two hours ago to bring in other physicians along with me to the castle so that the injured could be aided right away," replied the physician.

Monique wondered when Theodore had the time to stop in the middle of the fight to send a servant to fetch the physicians. She understood why Calhoun trusted the man and had turned him as his advisor because Theodore merited it.

"Would you like me to examine you in this room or would you prefer another room, milady?" inquired the physician.

"Here will be fine, if you don't make any sound," replied Monique, her gaze shifting to look at Lucy, who was still unconscious. The physician nodded his head and walked towards the table, and he placed his first aid kit and opened it. Monique left Lucy's side and went to take a seat next to the table.

Though she had bandaged her hand, it wasn't done correctly, and she had done it in a hurry so that she wouldn't lose more blood. The physician injected her with something red before dabbing some medicine and putting fresh bandages.

"I have brought the medicine with me that you will need to take," and he placed a folded paper inside which the medicines were present.

Once he finished taking care of the older vampiress' wounds, the physician looked at the former princess and asked, "Would you want me to check her wounds?"

Monique shook her head, "No. That won't be needed, she had already been taken care of," she replied and said, "Thank you for coming in such a short time. I am sure the Hawthrone family will be grateful for your work."

"We are fortunate to have been summoned by the King's orders, milady," the physician then stopped for a moment and asked, "If I may ask, milady, what happened in here?" When the man had entered the castle with the other physicians, he had not expected to see a sea of bodies lying around the floor.

"That is something hard to explain. We just happened to be under attack a while ago," replied Monique and saw the physician leave with the maid. Another maid appeared in the room and asked, "Lady Monique, your room has been prepared for you to have rest. Would you like to eat or get some sleep?"

Monique was going to refuse when she saw Theodore making his way into the room. He looked in a much presentable state than earlier when he had been covered in blood. There were visible bruises on his face, but his expression hadn't changed, and the glasses that had gone missing a few hours ago on his face were back to their original position.

"You should go and get some rest, Lady Monique. The King wouldn't want to return back to see you in pain and would prefer you to be resting," said Theodore, who had composed his emotions and feelings after his bath.

"It is hard to rest until Calhoun and the lady are back. Not to mention, Lucy isn't awake," stated Monique with a grim expression on her face. Having been involved in the work where she was required to fight people at the borders in the past, she was barely fazed by losing part of her hand.

Last night, she knew something was up, and the things she had come across was something she had not imagined. There were creatures out there who were neither vampires nor werewolves and completely different from humans. Her red eyes now carefully looked at Theodore.

"Lady Lucy has fallen unconscious but according to one of the former High House members, she will be fine. She is currently recovering from her injuries," answered Theodore, letting the woman know there was nothing to worry about.

"Let me know if you hear anything from anyone. I would prefer to be informed if something is going on," said Lady Monique and Theodore bowed his head in agreement.

"Yes, milady."

Monique looked at Lucy and started to walk away from the bed. But before she could leave the room by stepping out, her footsteps halted, and she turned back to look at Theodore.

"Is something the matter, Lady Monique?" asked Theodore, and the woman shook her head and left the room.
Chapter 753 - Taking Care Of You II

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Theodore came back to sit next to Lucy, watching her closed eyes and her breathing steady. Hours passed by, and he spent his time in the room with the only few visitors who were the maids.

After some more time passed where the dawn had broken to allow rays of light to fall on the lands of Devon, Theodore finally heard the flapping sound of wings, a sound he was too familiar with. It seemed like Calhoun had returned.

"How is she?" Calhoun entered the room, walking inside while looking at Lucy. His clothes were covered with blood that was black and red.

"Same," replied Theodore. "Were you able to bring both of them back?"

Calhoun nodded his head, but Theodore noticed something seemed to be weighing on his mind, and he finally let it out.

"We found the antidote for the werewolf transformation, but Elizabeth didn't take it until the last drop. It left some traces of werewolf wolf venom behind in her body, and…" he paused for a moment, "Raphael is dead."

Theodore's eyes subtly narrowed at this information, but that didn't seem like it was all to the story. He heard Calhoun continue to speak, "Do you know how all demons die, Theo?"

"By being shot?" asked Theodore. The weapons made in the church with the help of spells and prayers, silver bullets often killed a demon, at least purging the person to Hell.

"Elizabeth clawed him, and he lost a lot of blood," said Calhoun, walking towards the bed where his sister laid, and he looked at the bruises on her face. "A normal demon would have splattered into a mass of black blood, but it didn't happen."

"You found his body?" asked Theodore, and Calhoun nodded his head. If what Calhoun was saying was real, it meant Raphael wasn't a normal demon. But then he was never a vampire. "I don't think any of us suspected him to be anything else."

"True. I guess I will have to go to the place where the demons reside to see if he's there," and before Calhoun left the room, he decided to drop another information and said, "By the way, do you remember the Belmount mountain that in the past we tried to get near? Apparently, my grandfather who is actually the Devil lives there. He was the one who kidnapped Madeline."

Theodore raised his eyebrows at Calhoun's casual tone, "Seems like we learn new things every day."

Seeing Calhoun leave, Theodore returned to sit in the chair.

The castle continued to be busy with the High House members who arrived at the Hawthrone's castle after finding out about the attack that took place in the night. Calhoun spoke and gave all the information they needed to them while Theodore continued to stay next to Lucy, watching over her.

Once in every few hours, Theodore dipped the clean cloth in the cold water in the bowl and then dabbed it against Lucy's forehead to make sure she wouldn't feel hot or uncomfortable. The snow that had fallen on the previous day had melted, leaving the ground slightly wet.

Hours passed before Lucy finally regained her consciousness from the pain she had felt before losing her awareness. Her eyes felt blurry as they opened, blinking while trying to adjust to the brightness of the candle and the light coming from the fireplace. She was greeted by the ceiling of the room, staring at it for a few seconds as she tried to take in where she was now.

She was in the castle, thought Lucy to herself. Was she still dreaming? Because the last she remembered was her walking in the forest and surrounded by the clouds. As her consciousness had returned, pain erupted from the wound that she had received from Samuel, and she noted that she wasn't dreaming.

Sensing someone to her left side of the bed, her head turned, and her eyes caught sight of him.

Theodore was sitting on the chair next to her bed and had his head placed on the bed as if he was sleeping, his eyes closed, and his face turned in her direction.

How long has he been here, that he had now fallen asleep, Lucy questioned herself.

She looked at his sleeping face that was calm, the same as when he was awake, and she wondered how much he had practised maintaining such a constant demeanour without being ruffled.

He hadn't removed his glasses, and she wondered if it was uncomfortable. As if he knew she was awake, his eyes opened to look back at her, and he sat upright on his chair.

"You are awake," whispered Theodore, and she could see the sense of relief in his eyes. He asked her, "How do you feel?"

"Much better than the last time when I was awake," replied Lucy. Though she didn't know how.

"It was Paschar, I mean Reginald. He tried to heal you," informed Theodore, "Do you want to eat or drink something?"

"Blood," whispered Lucy, and Theodore nodded his head. "What hour is it?"

"It is seven in the evening," answered Theodore, and he stepped out of the room and called the maid, ordering the maid to get him a jug of blood for Lucy to consume. Once it was brought, he poured it in the glass before helping 
her drink it.

Taking the glass from her, he placed both the jug and the glass on the side table and got back to her side. "You should go get yourself something to eat too," said Lucy.

"I am fine," replied Theodore, silence filling in the room except for the sound of the crackling fire that came from the fireplace. He took the opportunity to apologise to her, "I am sorry," he bowed his head, "I shouldn't have left you in your room by yourself."

A small smile appeared on her lips that met only halfway to her eyes, "It wasn't your fault that Samuel came to kill me. I was the one who lived with him. I should have known."

Theodore shook his head, "Samuel was a demon. We should have found out about it sooner, but he was too smart to hide it from Calhoun and me, from everyone who was acquainted with him."
Chapter 754 - Taking Care Of You III

With Lucy, who was now awake, his heart cracked on seeing the bruises on her face and her eyes that hadn't returned to their fullest light as they looked at him. "It was late when we found out about him. I should have known," he felt guilty for not being able to protect Lucy, not once but twice now from the same demon.

Lucy pursed her lips, "It is fine, Theodore. I am fine now," and she then offered him a smile. "Will you promise me something?"

Theodore replied to it, "Anything. Anything you want."

"Don't hide anything from me," she said, and Theodore nodded his head. And she then winced in pain when she tried to move, her breathing coming out as a laboured one.

Theodore spent some more time with Lucy by offering his company before falling asleep again because of exhaustion. As an angel had healed her, he had decided not to let any physician examine her. It felt good to sit with her in the room, explaining to her some of the things she wasn't aware about. She didn't push him away from her and instead welcomed his company. Maybe it wasn't the same as before he had broken her heart, but right now, he was willing to take whatever she would offer him.
When Lucy woke up from her sleep again, while they were speaking, she said,

"It is good that Lady Madeline and Lady Elizabeth have returned safely to the castle," her face held a serious expression. "Did the High House charge anything on brother Calhoun for the massacre of the people in the castle?"

"Helena and Dimitri arrived this morning to visit Calhoun. He told the truth about what actually happened so that it doesn't bring any more problems to him or the people in the castle. I think the High House members are trying to wrap their head around everything that exists and has happened until now," explained Theodore.

"That's good to hear. I was worried where they would charge brother Calhoun for all the murders," sighed Lucy.

From what she had heard, most of the guests who had stayed back had died in the hands of the demons while they had also lost their guards.

The anger that Lucy had felt towards Theodore before she had been injured had slowly started to crumble, and there was some kind of awkwardness in the air.

Both of them had spoken about what had happened last night during the attack, but they hadn't addressed their feelings. Theodore didn't want to push her and had decided to give her all the time she needed, but that didn't stop Ethan Moryett from coming to meet Lucy.

He knocked on the door firmly, and Theodore opened the door with a sliver of annoyance that appeared in his eyes when he saw who it was.

"You are supposed to be taking rest, Mr. Moryett and not be roaming out of your bed," stated Theodore, his eyes trained on the injured man who had a bandage around his neck to support his hand.

Ethan smiled at Theodore, who looked as if he was showing him concern and said, "This is nothing compared to Lady Lucy. I heard from the maid that you were awake, and I decided to come here to see you right away." And he stepped inside, walking to where Lucy sat on the bed. "I am so happy to see you alive and awake, Lady Lucy! I thought we really lost you, and I couldn't tell how hard it was to see you lying on the floor.

The man didn't hold back, and he leaned to where she was, putting his good arm around her so that he could hug her. Lucy was startled by this action, and before she could reply to him, her eyes met Theodore's, whose face had turned back to ice.

Ethan said, "I am so glad that you are okay. I don't know what I would have done."

Lucy's eyes didn't leave Theodore's eyes, and she said to Ethan, "I am doing better now, Ethan. Thank you," and the man pulled away to look at her.

"I will give you guys some time while I go check if the King needs me," said Theodore, offering a small bow before he left the room, but not too far away. He left the room just so that he wouldn't injure a man who was already injured, and he took a deep breath before releasing a short, frustrated sigh.

It wasn't like him to go and stir trouble. Oh, who was he kidding, thought Theodore to himself. He enjoyed stirring trouble and getting into one himself. It was only after he had entered the castle, he had held himself back.

He loved her too much, and now that he had seen what it felt like to not have her anymore, he wasn't going to let her go. It was time to bring back the older him to woo her back, said Theodore to himself.

For now, he would give them the time without being jealous.

Back in Lucy's room, a small worry appeared in her mind as Theodore had left the room quite abruptly. She didn't know why but it felt like there was something important she wanted to share with him, but she couldn't recollect what it was about.

Thankfully, Ethan had let go of her, and he had come here only because he was extremely worried about her.

"I should apologise. It is because of me that you are hurt," Lucy pressed her lips into a thin line.

"Please, don't blame yourself," Ethan hurriedly spoke, "If not now, it would have happened some time in the future. I wasn't going to let him off the hook for doing something so unscrupulous to you," he offered her a warm smile.

From what she had known about this man, he wasn't someone who resorted to anything with violence and was rather a peaceful man. His words made her smile.
Chapter 755 - Wish Of An Eyelash

Music Recommendation: Rhythm of the Breeze- Chapvich Temnitikul


Two days passed and Lucy felt much better compared to the time when Samuel had pierced his hand in her stomach. And though the pain had lessened, her nightmares didn't leave her. Every night she woke up in the middle of the night, her body covered in sweat as she relived the moment with Samuel in her dreams.

Lucy tried to feel better by assuring herself that Samuel would never come back and hurt her again, but her subconscious told her otherwise. Pushing the cover on her body, she stepped down from her bed and slowly made her way towards the patio of the room she was staying in. She placed her hand on the side of her abdomen as she dragged herself out to get some fresh air.

When she stepped into the patio, she was greeted with snow that surrounded the castle's grounds. It was the peak of Winter, and once it would come to an end, the flowers would bloom again, thought Lucy to herself.

Looking outside at the castle grounds felt good. The guards had been stationed in front of her room and the maids so that they could attend to her if she were to call them for anything. She had been advised to rest, but she doubted she would be able to sit still any longer.

All these years, she had tried to behave with maturity, behave like an a.d.u.l.t her parents and grandmother wanted, not step out of line, and follow the rules. But she couldn't do it anymore. No, she didn't want to do it. Following her mother and grandmother's words had felt nothing but suffocating.

Holding the railings of the patio, Lucy took a deep breath before looking down at the ground where the height was too much. Within a few seconds, she had jumped over the railing to land on the ground with a wince.

When a sigh escaped her lips, breath-vapour escaped her lips, and her red eyes looked vibrant compared to the off-white nightgown that she wore and the white background that was due to the snow. Her bare feet felt the snow, and she closed her eyes.
"Bored of sitting in the room?"

Lucy quickly turned her head and found Theodore standing with his back leaning against the wall with one of his legs placed flat on the wall.

"What are you doing here?" the words flew out of Lucy's mouth.

"Me?" asked Theodore. He didn't have a polite smile on his lips that he often wore, but his eyes held a hint of mischievousness in them. "I was following you. What else would I be doing?"

Hearing this, for a moment, Lucy's eyes widened because of his direct words, "What?" she whispered, her heart singing faster.

Theodore didn't make an effort to move away from where he stood.

He stared at her, "You haven't completely healed yet. You should get as much rest as you can," he said to her.

"I have been only sleeping since the last few days," replied Lucy. "I needed some air," she added before turning her body to face the other side so that he wouldn't catch the heat that had risen to her cheeks.

Since the time she had returned from the dead, thanks to Lady Madeline and her father's help, Lucy's feelings had mellowed down towards Theodore. She didn't know if it was because she had accepted that she had been too harsh on him when he had done things only to keep her safe.

But she doubted that was the reason. It was as if something had happened without her knowledge or memory.

"What are you doing here instead of sleeping yourself?" questioned Lucy. The fog continued to escape from her lips, and her complexion had slightly turned pale because of the cold weather.

Theodore finally pushed his body against the wall to stand straight, and he started to walk to where she stood. "I was watching over you. I don't trust the guards, which I was rightful in thinking so. You jumping from your patio was the last thing anyone would have expected from you to do. Was it a nightmare that woke you up?" he asked her.

He wanted to win her heart, but he didn't want to suffocate her. He had chosen to stand below the room, listening to her breathing which had spiked and a gasp escaping her lips.

Lucy didn't answer him right away and instead turned back to stare at him.

"Tell me about it. I have been told I am a very good listener," offered Theodore.

"I know that," murmured Lucy to herself. "It is just a silly little dream. You shouldn't worry about me, I will be fine."

"How can I not? You ask me something I cannot do, Lucy," said Theodore and hearing him drop the honorifics in her name and made her heart beat faster. He had pulled out his glasses from his face, and his hair was ruffled because of the night wind, his gaze sharp and unwavering as they looked at her. "You don't mind me calling you just Lucy, do you?"

"Aren't you brave," responded Lucy, her eyes staring into Theodore's red eyes.

"When a person falls in love, every person turns brave, don't they?" asked Theodore. Lucy had stepped down from her room to get some air, and she hadn't expected to have Theodore's company, which was why she was unprepared for the words he said. "I once knew this girl, beautiful girl. Someone who believed in love and was ready to elope for the sake of love. She was brave in it."

"I was brave in other things too," Lucy corrected Theodore, giving him a look, and he chuckled.

"What makes you think I was speaking about you?" he asked her.

Lucy opened her mouth and then huffed, "Seems like there were many women and girls who were ready to elope with you."

Before Lucy's mood would turn sour, Theodore said, "Have I told you how it warms my heart when you get jealous thinking I favour women, people who are pretty much non-existent to me?"

Lucy didn't like this feeling that she felt, the feelings of turmoil. She had felt it when her governess had tried to gain Theodore's attention. "I am not jealous," she looked away from him. "You did those things because the situation demanded it. People go through different hardsh.i.p.s."

"Then why does it feel like you are still punishing me for it?" questioned Theodore. He didn't hog her space by getting too near her and gave her time.

"You are imagining it," came the quick words, and she started to walk away from where she stood. Theodore followed her while keeping a good distance. They left a trail of footsteps on the fresh snow that had fallen on the ground. "You don't have to follow me. If brother Calhoun asks, you can tell I wanted some air."

"What makes you think I am here because of Calhoun? Have you forgotten I am here for my own selfish reasons?" asked Theodore from behind, and Lucy stopped walking, her feet buried in the snow. "I am here because I love you."

Lucy turned to meet Theodore's gaze, and unlike before where he had kept a distance from her, right now he stood right in front of her. The close presence startled her, and she was about to fall back on her bottom, but Theodore caught hold of her by putting his arm around her waist.

"Stop running away from me, Lucy," said Theodore to her. "Tell me that you hate me, and I will never come to bother you again."

She softly gulped, her breathing turned heavy, and she stared at the grey shirt he wore. She closed her eyes, "You know I don't…"

"Don't what?" he tried to coax the words from her.

When Lucy opened her mouth to speak, she sneezed twice, "Achoo!" before the pain in her abdomen shot up, and she winced.

Hearing Lucy wince in pain, Theodore let go of her waist, and he looked down at her dress, where he noticed spots of blood on her nightgown.

"You're bleeding," whispered Theodore a frown appearing on his face, and before Lucy could say anything, he lifted her in his arms.

"W-wait! I can walk," protested Lucy, her eyes wide.


Chapter 756 - Wish Of An Eyelash II

Lucy's cheeks had turned red again as Theodore had already started to walk back towards the patio from where she had jumped earlier.

"Hush now," Theodore lightly scolded without looking at her. "Why don't you enjoy yourself being carried by me, while you can blame your wound that has opened up, hm? Put your arms around my neck so that you don't fall."

"T-that's not the thing!" whispered Lucy without making too much noise. Right now, she didn't know if she was supposed to be embarrassed or not.

"Hm? What is it then?" asked Theodore in an oblivious tone. "I miss drunk Lucy. She's more fun than sober you."

Alarmed at his words, Lucy asked, "What do you mean by that?" She remembered her aunt mentioning her being taken back to her room by Theodore, but she didn't know what had happened before that. She raised her eyebrows as if waiting for him to speak. "Are you not going to tell me?"

Theodore opened his mouth before he closed it and then said, "I don't think it would be right to relive the moment," he shook his head. "I mean the things you said and you wanted to do to me…" a shuddered sigh escaped his lips.

She did what?! Asked Lucy to herself.

"That's not possible," she whispered to herself, "I-I would never behave like that…" Did she? She looked up at him and noticed the grim expression on Theodore's face.

"I didn't want to tell you this, but it is the truth," said Theodore in a solemn voice.

Lucy tried to find out if Theodore was joking with her, but then he had a poker face which was hard to find out. "Did I try to kiss you?" she slowly asked him, and Theodore hummed to it. She wondered what else she had done, but she didn't go to question and only assumed it in her mind.

"Now, hold tight," said Theodore once they were right below the patio, and Lucy put her arms around Theodore's neck, holding him.

Within the next second, Theodore had pushed himself far from the ground, and they had landed right on the balcony. The rushing air and sudden movement had made Lucy move closer to him as if she was hugging him. The action didn't feel foreign, and instead, it felt natural to stay near him like this. She wondered if it was because Theodore was her first love, a love she had not forgotten, and now that the hate had melted away, her emotions were in turmoil.

Theodore didn't let go of Lucy, and he took her inside the room before they reached the bed, and he leaned forward to place her on the surface of the bed.

A little awkward, Lucy didn't meet Theodore's gaze, but her eyes were quick to follow him when he moved around the room. She could feel her heart beating loudly and the realization of him being able to hear it made her bite her lip.

"Is it hurting too much?" asked Theodore, bringing the first aid box, and Lucy shook her head.

"Just a little," she replied and said, "I can do it myself."

"You sure?" questioned Theodore. "I won't do anything odd," Lucy's face lit itself to a flame.

"You can sit here. If I need any help, I will ask you," said Lucy, taking hold of the box from his hold. But before she could walk towards the divider, Theodore caught hold of her wrist. His fingers slowly grazed on her skin, knowing how his actions affected her.

"I will be right here," he assured her, and Lucy nodded her head before walking around the wooden divider that hid her away from direct gaze, who was on the other side of the wooden divider.

Lucy was quick to walk around, and she pulled her dress to check the wound had indeed opened up, and it was bleeding now. Though she was a vampiress, her body healed as slow as the human's body, and she could only tell that Heaven's had blessed her by giving her life back to her.

She started to remove the bandage one round after another, and a sigh escaped her lips. Some of the bandages' threads had gotten stuck into the wound, and she didn't want to pull it out as it would only hurt.

"Do you want me to call the physician?" Theodore asked from the other side.

"No, that won't be required. The wound is healing...I wouldn't want to bother the physician for such things," replied Lucy, knowing Theodore would drag a physician from the town or the village even in the middle of the night.

"What is it then?" He could sense the hesitance in her voice.

"Um, the bandage-" said Lucy to turn her head to find Theodore had arrived at the stand near the wooden divider, "-it got stuck…"

Lucy had worn bloomers inside her nightgown, and to remove the bandage, she had pulled up her nightgown. "Can I see?" Theodore's words were polite and serious. And it was the seriousness that had attracted her, along with the calm demeanour making one wonder what was beneath it.

She could call the maids who were outside, but Lucy didn't know why she felt compelled not to call them and instead let Theodore make his way to her. It wasn't like she had stripped n.a.k.e.d. It might have been because she trusted him more than she thought she did.

Theodore suggested, "Why don't you sit here so that I can take a look," and Lucy took her seat on the big chest of the cupboard that was on this side of the room.

When he leaned forward to take a look at the wound, Lucy couldn't help but clutch the edge of the wooden chest. Even in the past, she and Theodore had shared innocent things, the most being a kiss and a hug.

"We'll need something to cut it. I don't think I noticed the loose ends," murmured Theodore, his eyes still on her skin and his hands rummaged through the first aid box. Picking up the needle, he brought the candle closer to them before placing the needle on the tip of the fire. Once it was burning hot, he used it to break the thread gently and free the threads. "There, all better," he said, standing upright and in front of her.

For the last two days, Theodore had given her time whenever Ethan had appeared to come to see her. The way he stared at her, she wanted to tell him nothing was going on between her and Ethan. Ethan had mentioned wanting to say something to her, but being interrupted by the maids, the subject had never come up again.

Theodore didn't look away from her and instead looked right through her, his gaze steady.

"Thank you," she whispered, her gratitude for his help.

"I was sure you were going to scold me for coming in here. You would in the past, what changed?" questioned Theodore before picking up a piece of cotton and pouring the medicine on it.

Did he want to be scolded? Asked Lucy to herself.

"Life is too short to hold grudges," replied Lucy without beating around the bush, and she heard Theodore hum in response. She took a sharp breath when he placed the cotton where it had started to bleed.

"Does it hurt?" asked Theodore, and Lucy's gaze lowered, and she then looked up to meet his eyes that looked brighter than before.

"It will get better."

"I am glad to hear that," his voice lowered down as he continued to dab the cotton before putting it away.

Lucy didn't know why their voices had dropped down when it was just them in the room, and she felt the room turn warmer. "I heard one of the villages is going to set up the village fair in the coming two weeks," said Theodore as he picked up the new bandage. "I usually go there for work. Would you be interested in visiting it?"

Her gaze didn't leave Theodore's face, watching him concentrate on wrapping the bandage around her stomach.

Years ago, she had always been eager to visit the fairs, but the guards often found her to be brought back to the castle on her grandmother's command.

"I am not sure about it," murmured Lucy.


Chapter 757 - Wish Of An Eyelash III

Theodore knew Lucy was trying hard to protect herself while resisting the feelings she had for him. Though her lips were quick to speak, she hadn't rejected the idea, and it could still be considered. And though her words were unsure, her face told otherwise.

Right now, her face was burning bright red, and he took his own sweet time to wrap the bandage while taking advantage of her distracted mind to spend more time with her by being this close. The nights they had spent in the past, sitting in her patio in the middle of the night, he had heard her speak her heart out about things he didn't care about before. Nonetheless, he had heard her, and he knew what she desired.

"You didn't tell what you dreamt about," Theodore reminded her, and Lucy pursed her lips while watching his elegant fingers. "Is it Samuel?"

Lucy knew that Theodore knew about it, and he was only confirming it from her. She nodded without speaking a word, and he didn't question more on it. Once he had secured the bandage, he stepped away from her, and Lucy got down, pushing her gown back to its place.

"Your bruise hasn't reduced," she noted, watching his forehead.

"When you fight with the same kind, the impact is harder than the usual," replied Theodore. "You should get some rest so that your body can heal the wound faster. Is there anything else you would like me to help you with?"

"No, that was all. You should get some sleep too...than watch over me from there," her eyes moved to the patio, and Theodore offered her his charming smile.

"I would if I knew you wouldn't step away from your bed, but the princess's feet have their own mind, don't they?"

Was it her imagination, or did Theodore turn cheeky lately? Asked Lucy to herself.

"You should know the princess can walk anywhere she wants and no one can stop her if she decides to walk," responded Lucy.

She was ready to tell him goodnight and leave her so that she could gather her thoughts that had been scattered. But Theodore had other ideas as he stepped right in front of her.

Theodore moved closer to her, and her back was quick to hit the back of the chest where she had been earlier sitting on, and Lucy gulped at the closeness. She tried to put a wall, but he passed through it as if it was nothing with his debonair.

"Did you forget something?" asked Lucy, her voice barely a whisper.

But Theodore didn't reply to her, and instead, he moved further close to her. Her lips trembled when his gaze moved down from her eyes, her heart thumping in her chest. "W-what are you doing?" she asked nervously, her heart not prepared for the kiss Theodore was going to give her.

Theodore raised his hand, "It is just one…" his voice trailed.

"I don't think this-"

"Got it," said Theodore picking something below her eye, and he smiled at her, "It would be a waste to not use the eyelash for a wish."


"I was picking up the eyelash," explained Theodore before his lips twisted, "Were you anticipating a kiss?"

"Of course not!" Lucy blushed brightly and what she wanted right now was for the ground to swallow her.

"I would have never imagined that you believe in such things, she added, stepping away from him and the wooden divider.

"Says the one who taught me about it," hummed Theodore.

It was something Lucy had learned from Ruby about placing one's eyelashes to make a wish so that it would come true by blowing it on the back of one's hand.

"You don't have to follow what I say," muttered Lucy, and she got on the bed. "I will get some sleep now."

"Of course," responded Theodore to go around the room and blow out the candles. "Have a goodnight."

"Goodnight," murmured Lucy, who had already buried herself in the blanket.

Theodore stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him. Letting her rest now, he made his way to his room. Taking a seat at the edge of his bed, he brought his hand forward, which he had turned to a fist since he had left Lucy's room.

Opening the palm of his hand, he looked at the eyelash that he had brought along with him, staring at it while remembering one of the memories they had spent together.

It was one of the times when Morganna had ordered Lucy to not step out of her room without being allowed to have any meals. And as usual, he had gone up with a bottle of fresh blood for the princess to drink.

Lucy had finished drinking the blood from the bottle, and Theodore had taken a sip directly from it. He remembered how her face had turned red, and though he didn't realize it before, he did now. They had shared an indirect kiss.

'What is it?' he asked her, a question in his eyes.

'Ah, that,' the young princess tried to answer him, 'There's a lash under your eye! Nana says, if you use it to wish, your wishes come true.'

The young girl had moved from her place to come to pick his fallen eyelash from his face. 'Give me your hand,' she whispered, turning it around before placing it on the back of his hand. 'Now you close your eyes and wish before you blow it. Don't tell me!' she quickly added.

Theodore smiled at that memory. Such innocence was hard to find. Lucy was too pure in her thoughts, and maybe it was because she had been raised by a human and not by her wicked vampire family.

He wondered if it would work, but it was worth a try, and he placed Lucy's eyelash on the back of his right hand before he closed his eyes.

'To the person whom this eyelash belongs to, I wish her nothing but happiness,' and he opened his eyes before blowing it away.
Chapter 758 - Something To Tell

Music Recommendation: Trunk Greeting- Alex Heffes


Lucy sat in front of the dressing table where her hair was combed by one of her maids. The maid combed the hair from the top of her head to the ends. A few pins had been fixed to the side of her head so that the hair wouldn't come out loose and hover in front of her face, while the rest of her hair had been let down on her back.

Her thoughts went to the time of last night that she had spent with Theodore. It felt nostalgic to be spending time with him alone as if they had moved twenty years back.

Though it was unexpected, Lucy didn't mind Theodore's company, but she didn't openly tell him. Once she got ready, she left the room to go to the dining room, where everyone was seated.

Once she entered the room, Lucy caught sight of Calhoun and Madeline and her aunt, who was present in the room. With them, there were other people like Ethan, Lady Elizabeth and the guests who were alive after that unfortunate and chaotic night, who had packed their things after realizing what terrible things could happen if they continued to stay in here. But more importantly, Theodore was sitting at the table. In the past, when her parents were alive, they had never invited him to the table and always made him stand near the wall, waiting for Calhoun, and it had bothered Lucy.

"It is so good to see you here with us after so many days, Lucy," chimed Aunt Monique. "Come here sit next to me so that I can take a better look at you."

"Good morning," Lucy bowed her head, greeting everyone as she went around and sat next to her aunt, where the maid had pulled the chair for her to sit.

"How are you feeling now, Lucy?" questioned her brother Calhoun.

One of his hands affectionately held his wife's hand on the table without caring what others would think about him. As far as Lucy could remember, Calhoun had always done what he wanted without holding himself back.

"I feel like I have almost recovered now, brother Calhoun," replied Lucy, her gaze was gentle and her words polite.

"That's good to hear, but it would be better if you get more rest until you turn fit for riding a horse with us again," responded Calhoun, his voice calm. "It has been a while since we last went hunting. The last time we went, it turned into a mishap."

Lucy didn't forget the day, nor did the others as it was one of the times where she had seen Calhoun furious. At first, the suspicion had fallen on her cousin Sophie, but everyone finally found out that it was Samuel who shot the arrow at Madeline.

"I would love to join you children, but with just one arm, it is going to be difficult to hunt," said Lady Monique. "That damn Samuel, I curse him every morning and night."

"Can't Reginald do something about it?" asked Lucy, as he was not a person from the living world and an angel. If Madeline tried to heal it, it would only end up costing her life, and Calhoun would never approve of it.

"I would have asked him, but from what I heard from Helena, he hasn't returned to the High House after the night of the fight," explained Calhoun. "He must have gone back with the others from where he came. I know a person who works in creating artificial limbs. If you want, I can tell him to come and look at your arm, Lady Monique."

Lady Monique waved her good hand, "That's fine, my King. I think I have spent enough time of my life working for the royal court. I believe it is time that I retire and you hand the position to someone else."

The room filled itself with a murmur, and Lucy noticed how much the atmosphere in the dining room had changed over the years. Gone was the stiff room where it was now filled with a conversation where one could easily be part of.

"What about you, Lucy? Are you still planning to get the mansion renovated?" questioned Calhoun, and the room turned silent as if wanting to hear Lucy's reply.

Her initial plan was to leave the castle to get some new perspective in her life before she decided how to spend the rest of her life. But as she had been injured, Calhoun had asked her to spend some more time here until she turned better.

"Yes," replied Lucy, and Calhoun gave her a nod.

"You do not have to worry about Lady Lucy, milord. I will make sure to see that she will be safe and in good company," said Ethan, who sat on the other side of the table from Lucy.

Lucy could feel Theodore's gaze on her, and he said to Calhoun, "My King, if you permit, I would like to look after the renovation work with Lady Lucy."

"I think it would be not right to take Advisor Theodore's help when he has more important matters in the castle," replied Lucy. "And I am going to have Ethan to help me with the renovation."

Lady Monique had only picked up her fork and brought it to her lips, slowly putting it in her mouth, while her eyes looked at Theodore and her niece.

On the other hand, Calhoun's eyes shifted to look at Theodore, who subtly raised his eyebrows, and the King said, "I am sure you can make use of an extra helping hand. It isn't very often where Advisor Theodore volunteers himself to help someone's work which isn't mine," he smiled looking at Lucy. "I will be more at ease if Theodore is there with you. Who knows if there are other demons who might come to hunt."

Lucy looked troubled at Calhoun's words.

As if Calhoun's words were not enough, Madeline added, "Calhoun is right, Lady Lucy. The demoness named Jennine didn't leave Beth for a very long time." Everyone preferred Lucy to stay in the castle, but she wasn't a child but an a.d.u.l.t who could decide things like these herself.

"We are not doubting Mr. Moryett's fighting skills, but a demon can cause more damage to a vampire," stated Calhoun.

Unlike Lucy, Ethan didn't mind their suggestion, and he nodded his head, "Indeed the King is right. It would be better to have Advisor Theodore with us until the renovation work is done."

"Then that's settled," chimed Theodore and Lucy threw him a small glare to which he only smiled.

After breakfast, Lucy left the dining room to roam around the castle. She wouldn't be able to leave right away, and it would take some more days before she was completely healed. Her feet that wore shoes clacked against the floor, and on the way, some of the servants bowed at her. She offered them a smile before she stepped towards the undercrofts as if someone had called her name.

Her feet had the mind of their own, and she came to stand in front of the undercrofts walls where she had discovered her parent's dead bodies. The pain of seeing her loved one's die had hurt her that day, and it took so many weeks and months before she felt better.

One would have thought that her life would have gotten better by not living in the Hawthrone castle under the influence of her parents or her grandmother, but it hadn't.

She heard someone's footsteps that were light on the ground as they made their way to where she stood. "The maid's told me that I would find you here," said Lady Madeline.

"I don't come here often. In truth, this is possibly the first time I have come here after finding my parents dead bodies down here." said Lucy, her voice soft to one's ears that didn't change its frequency.

"Do you miss them?" asked Madeline, looking at the pillar and then at the ground.

"A little," Lucy smiled before turning her gaze at Madeline. "I miss the little things, but then I find out more about their true nature and it makes me question. I don't think it is the right subject to speak about right now."

"Please don't feel that way," Madeline placed her hand on Lucy's arm. "You are the same as my sister Beth. We are sisters now and you don't have to feel that way."
Chapter 759 - Something To Tell

Both the ladies started to walk away from the undercroft and headed out to the castle ground. "May I ask you something?" asked Madeline, and Lucy nodded her head. "Does the castle life overwhelm you?"

"Maybe," whispered Lucy. "Sometimes, I wonder if I was born in the wrong place. I am not like the other vampires or my parents or any of my relatives. I still remember how disappointed my mother was after finding out I favoured my maid more than her. I know that is why Nana was hanged."

"It is not wrong to be an exception from the lot, Lady Lucy. I am sure a lot of humans and maybe even vampires look up to you," said Madeline. "No matter where you go, it will only be your surroundings that changes while the rest will continue to stay the same. Truth to be told, I will miss not seeing you in the castle. Beth had decided to go to the North land where the werewolves reside."

Lucy wondered if Calhoun had spoken to Madeline about her and Theodore. Once upon a time, she had let herself be drowned with the feelings and her emotions. She only knew to what extent it had broken her.

"It will be only for a few weeks, Lady Madeline. I just want to have it renovated and put to better use," confessed Lucy.

Madeline's face turned slightly confused before a bright smile appeared on her lips, "So it isn't forever?"

Lucy pursed her lips before she said, "I gave it a lot of thought and what the others have told me. In the past, I didn't deal with some of the things in the proper manner. There are nights where I think...where if I pushed a little more, if I would have found the answers that I was looking for." She looked ahead of her, a small smile appeared on her face, "When I was young and before I got married, I wanted to be part of the royal court, wanting my father to appreciate my existence that I was as capable as any other man."

She had always tried to ace in things, but it had never been enough. And because her father, who was not satisfied with her excellence, her mother had followed suit. In the end, she had turned to a doll who was supposed to sit and talk only on command.

"I want to open a place where girls will have an opportunity to learn, to move ahead and excel. I want to turn the mansion into a school, Lady Madeline, but right now it is a secret," Lucy offered Madeline a smile.

"I would have never thought about it, Lady Lucy! That is absolutely wonderful!" Madeline cheered her sister-in-law in excitement. "If you need any help, all you have to do is ask."

In the evening, Lucy met Ethan in the front hallways, who had returned to the castle after missing for the entire day after breakfast.

"Good evening, Lady Lucy," Ethan bowed his head while removing his hat from the top of his head.

"Good evening, Ethan. Did you go out on an errand?" she asked him.

The smile on Ethan's lips didn't leave, and he said, "Oh no no. I am on vacation, but I went out for a personal matter. Lady Lucy, there is something that I wanted to tell you."

Lucy nodded her head.

"No, not here. Would you like to walk with me in the castle grounds?" offered Ethan so that no one would come to interrupt them.

"Okay," replied Lucy before they made their way out of the castle corridors and into the wide castle grounds. She wondered if this was something about the same topic he had tried to speak before, but with the maid's interruption, the topic had been lost.

While making their way, Lucy caught sight of Theodore, who was walking in the above floor's corridor, and he seemed to catch sight of them. Once they were away from people and just surrounded by the cold wind, Lucy asked,

"Is everything alright, Ethan?" she knew if it weren't that important, he would have never brought her here. Not to mention the little frown that was on his face right now.

"Yes, yes. Everything is wonderful," replied Ethan, offering her a smile. "It is something I have been wanting to tell you for quite some time now. And I thought it is time I told you than keep it within myself without letting you know about it."

A small worry appeared in the back of Lucy's mind, realizing what exactly he was going to say. She parted her lips to speak, but Ethan shook his head as if he wanted to speak first.

"Lady Lucy, I have been in love with you from maybe the moment I came to know about you closely, for the person you are," confessed Ethan and Lucy's hands turned cold. "I know I should have told you this long ago and somewhere in the past, I have wondered why I stalled from telling you the truth. I don't think you knew about it."

"I-I...I found out about it very recently," Lucy replied with a little worry in her voice. "I don't know what to say, Ethan…"

The smile on Ethan's lips didn't leave as he stared at Lucy. "You don't have to because it is fine. We all need closure over things and I thought  it was time I told you how I felt about you, not that I expect you to return my feelings. Because that isn't my intention. Sometimes we just happen to carry those feelings and are stuck in a loop."

Since Lucy had found out from Theodore that Ethan had feelings for her for many years, it had come as quite a surprise for her as she had never expected her to be the girl whom Ethan had spoken about so fondly.

"I feel very privileged that you felt that way for me, Ethan. You were and are still a good man, but-"

"But you don't feel that way because you like someone else," Ethan finished her sentence. "I caught up with that. You don't have to worry about me, because I found someone too."

For a moment, Lucy was surprised, and then a broad smile appeared on her face, "You did? Who is she?" she asked him.

"I-uh, we met before King Calhoun's wedding. She is Mr. Frewell's daughter. Valery," replied Ethan. "I just came after meeting her before returning to the castle."

So this was what he wanted to speak about, thought Lucy to herself, and she felt a sense of relief in her chest. She had been worried that somewhere the topic would come up and she wouldn't know what to say, but now she realized how easy it was after speaking it out.

"I am really happy for you, Ethan," said Lucy. "You deserve all the happiness."

Ethan bowed his head, "Thank you, Lady Lucy. Your words means a lot to me."

He looked at the vampiress who hadn't changed much since the first time he had met her. The way she looked at him had always been the same, and though in the past, he had hoped for things to work out in a certain way, he didn't hold any ill feelings towards it.

Ethan had noticed the glares and the stares that had been going back and forth between Lucy and the person who had caught her attention. And it was only right that he respectfully stepped back. Since he had arrived at the castle, he didn't have the intention to woo Lucy. But he did care for her tremendously, and as she was the first person he had loved, the girl would forever have a soft corner in his heart.

Putting out his feelings were necessary as he doubted he would get a window of time like this in the future. With him telling it to Lucy, he would be able to put it behind him without any regrets in his mind.

"You deserve everything in the world too, Lady Lucy," responded Ethan. "Do not worry, I will be there to help you for the renovation, but I think it would be right if he would there too. He does care a lot about you," he mentioned casually, and Lucy's eyes widened.

Did everyone in the castle know about her and Theodore?
Chapter 760 - Something To Tell II

Music Recommendation: Time Passing II - Mark Isham


After speaking to Ethan and spending some time hearing him talk about Mr. Ferwell's daughter, Lucy couldn't be any happier knowing he wouldn't live his life alone anymore. It was good to see him move on, and she felt less guilty.

On one of the evenings in the Hawthrone castle, Lucy took herself to sit in the study room on the above floor, which once used to be hers. She sat there for hours thinking about her life and the people around her. While engrossed in her thoughts, someone knocked on the open door, and she looked up to find her aunt standing at the entrance.

Lucy stood up from the chair where she had been sitting, and Aunt Monique waved her hand to sit down.

"What are you doing, sitting here all by yourself. Reminiscing old memories?" questioned her aunt, stepping inside the room and looking at the books that were lined on one side of the wall. Apart from books, there were other things in here like the musical instruments. "I forgot you used to play the cello. Have you played it after you got married to that useless man?"

Compared to her other aunts, who were poise in their words and elegant, Lucy had noticed how Aunt Monique liked to deliver some of her words without any filter. It was one of the many reasons her mother Samara didn't like Lucy staying in the company of her aunt.

"Samuel wasn't fond of cello. He didn't like music and any loud sounds," replied Lucy, and her aunt clicked her tongue in distaste.

"If I knew about this, I would have told he was an awful man. What kind of person doesn't like music?" commented Aunt Monique, making a round in the room before she opened the cover of the piano keys. She sat down on the bench, cracking her fingers.

"Do you know how to play the piano, Aunt Monique?" asked Lucy, surprise in her tone.

"I do, but I am not sure if I remember all of the keys. Let us see," and the older vampires started to play the keys much better than her governess used to play in the past. Lucy sat in her place, placing her chin on the table as she heard the music fill up the room. "Do you know why I didn't marry a man?" questioned her aunt.

"I never found out," replied Lucy.

"It is because my own father was worthless and so was my half-brother. I came to believe it wasn't worth sharing my life with anyone and I wanted to live alone," said Aunt Monique while continuing to play the keys without stopping for even a moment. "But then I came across a human. He wasn't much of a looker, but he was a good person. Even younger to me. Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend much time with him as he had been killed by a werewolf at the borders."

Lucy lifted her head and said, "I am sorry to hear that. Did you like him?"

"It would be hard to say because of the small amount of time we spent with each other. Sometimes," said Monique, her fingers smoothly moving across the black and white keys, "I wonder if life would be different or if he would have been killed by the then Queen. It isn't often everyone finds the person they get an inkling of wanting to know and spend their time with. Some of us lose it, some stick by."

Hearing these words from her aunt, Lucy looked down at her hands in thought.

"Did you never meet anyone else again you wanted to spend time with?" asked Lucy.

"I did. My dog Brutus," Monique chuckled, and Lucy smiled at her aunt's reply. "People you click with don't come by often. Which is why when you do, you seize the moment."

Her aunt stopped playing the piano and then turned to look at Lucy, meeting her gaze. "Come here, let me teach you the song that I first learned on the piano." Monique moved to the side, giving Lucy the space to sit.

Lucy walked near the bench before taking her seat next to Aunt Monique.

It was fascinating to see how her aunt used her only one hand to play the piano.

Lucy's feelings and thoughts were more sorted now compared to the last few days, as if she was at ease. She could finally see things more clearly, things she hadn't noticed before. She knew her aunt didn't want her to regret anything, and she was thankful for that, for being understanding.

The way Ethan had spoken to her, she felt it was time for her to speak to Theodore.

"I will be going to the town tomorrow. The magistrate has fallen sick and I need to go and get some of the doc.u.ments signed as I will be resigning from the royal court," stated Aunt Monique, showing Lucy where to move the keys as she slowly moved her fingers. "Would you like to come? I could use some company."

Lucy nodded her head, "I would love to accompany you." It wasn't like she had anything else to do in the castle. Ethan had been visiting Ms. Ferwell, and brother Calhoun had been keeping Madeline busy. At this rate, Lucy was sure that they would soon be receiving another good news from the couple, thought Lucy while smiling to herself. It had left Theodore with some more responsibilities in the royal court room.

"Here, you press them both together," taught Aunt Monique, and Lucy pressed her fingers at the same time on both the black and white keys.

Once Lucy had spent enough time with her aunt, she started to head back to her room. But before she reached her room, she turned around and walked away from there, heading in another direction. She finally came to stand in front of Theodore's room.

She cleared her throat before raising her hand and knocking on the door while patiently waiting for it to be opened.

When Theodore finally opened the door, Lucy noticed he hadn't changed his clothes yet even though he wasn't working anymore. But he didn't have his glasses on his face.

Lucy asked, "Are you still planning to go to the village fair?"