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Chapter 430 - The First Stretch of the Trip (1)

The weather was great by the time we departed from the capital. The road was peaceful and quiet, something that I expected.

Grandcrest has been in good governance since Regaleon took the throne as king. Crime rate in the country has decreased drastically since he started his reign. Thievery and robbery had become less because most of the people have work to earn money to feed themselves and their families. The security is also present in every town and village in the country. Local enforcers are always evaluated to be sure to do their job correctly without any corruption or the likes. Regaleon had ruled with a strict governance but with a good heart to his people.

"The journey towards the Alvannian border will take us at least five days with our pace." Regaleon said. "It is good to sightsee while in the road." He smiled.

Because we are traveling with women and children, the pace was slow. But like Regaleon had said, it is a wonderful way to sightsee while on the road. We have been cooped up in the capital and the nearby places since there are much work to do since the establishment of the empire. Traveling like this is somewhat of a vacation to us as well.

"Is it okay for you to be gone for at least five days?" I asked in worriment.

"Do not worry my love." Regaleon smiled. "I have already arranged and done the important documents. The ones that are left can be done by Chris."

"That is good to hear." I smiled. But I pity Chris who is left all alone to finish the work that was left.

"Mama… mama…" Alphonse who had just woken up from his sleep was reaching out to me. I took him in my arms, and he looked outside the carriage window. "Baahh… bahhh…" He pointed in the distance.

"What is it?" I asked and looked at the direction he is pointing. "Oh, the mountains? Yes, this is the first time you see mountains."

There are no mountains near the capital. The capital and the surroundings are a plain landscape, and the mountainous regions are in a much more far away distance. The twins must be amazed with the new scenery they are looking at.

"Dada… dada…" Aerith also wanted to be carried by Regaleon to see the scenery outside.

"You also want to see?" Regaleon had a warm smile on his face. "Come here my little princess."

Regaleon carried the little Aerith and she looked outside the window instantly. The twins were looking outside with amazement in their eyes.

"Having this trip really is a great idea." Regaleon said. "It is like we are having a family vacation."

"Yes, I know." I giggled while hearing the little giggles of the twins.

"Whoaaa…" I can hear their little voices in awe while excitedly pointing to things and animals.

"If the pleasant weather continues, we can have lunch outdoors." Regaleon said. "We can make camp and have a picnic."

"That sounds great." I said. "Is there a good spot near here?" I asked.

"The lycans has a settlement near here." Regaleon replied. "The scenery there is quite breath taking. I have already asked someone to go there before us to inform the lycans in the area of our arrival."

"That is good to hear." I replied. "I heard that the land they live in are quite beautiful."

The lycans were given patches of land where they can settle and live peacefully. They selected places which are more near in nature and so they are living a little distance from human towns and villages. They are protective of their settlements, but whenever they meet humans, they are quite friendly. They have learned to co-exist and live with humans knowing of their presence.

"You will love it." Regaleon said. "The lycans know how to live with nature and preserve the beauty they hold."

"Then I am looking forward to it." I replied.

"We will arrive there by lunch time." Regaleon smiled.

As Regaleon had said, we arrive at the borders of the lycan settlement. The view was quite breathtaking. Their settlement was situated by the mountain side. There was a beautiful waterfall and a pool of clear blue water right down below. I can see young lycans playing by the waterfall. They jump down from the height and land down on the pool below. Their laughs were quite refreshing.

The carriage stopped by, and we were greeted by three tall lycans, two men and one woman. I recognized the one as Grey, the lycan leader's eldest son. He was the representative of their race in Regaleon and I's coronation as emperor and empress. The other two I do not

"Welcome!" The biggest of them roared with a joyful voice. "It is nice to see you again my brother."

"Belgor!" Regaleon replied with surprise. "It is a surprise that you are here."

The man named Belgor opened his arms wide and wrapped them around Regaleon in a bear hug. I was taken by surprise with such gesture. I have met other lycans before, but this is the first time I see someone so close to a human.

Then I remembered the name Belgor. It was mentioned by Regaleon that the alpha leader of the lycans in called Belgor and that they had become good friends on one of his quests to obtain the key fragments.

'So, this is the lycan alpha.' I thought to myself.

Belgor was not able to attend our coronation because of unknown reasons, but I remember he had given us many gifts in return.

"I was making rounds on different lycan settlements in the area." Belgor replied to Regaleon's question. "What a surprise when I heard news that you are asking to stop by this settlement. It has been a long time my brother."

"Yes, it has been more than a year." Regaleon said. "Let me introduce you to my wife, Alicia."

"Oh, so this beautiful woman is your mate." Belgor looked at me from head to toe like examining me. I felt nervous while he was inspecting me seriously. It was as if I was introduced to Regaleon's big bother. "Hahaha, she is a fine young woman. She suites you well." He laughed out loud.

"Hush Belgor, you are scaring the little rabbit." The female lycan said. She was a tall woman, towering than the average human woman. I was looking up at her. "I am Saniyah, Belgor's mate." She smiled warmly that I felt at ease.

"It is nice to meet you, Saniyah, Belgor." I greeted respectfully. "I am Alicia Rosalyn Astley. I am Regaleon's wife." I introduced myself.

"She looks like a little rabbit." Saniyah said with adoring eyes. "She is so cute."

"R-Rabbit…?" I was surprised with how they described me.

"Please forgive their remarks." Regaleon whispered to me. "They are big in size, so maybe they see you as cute as a little rabbit. Are you offended?"

"I am not, do not worry." I giggled. "They really are big folks. Compared to them, I would really look like a little rabbit."

"Welcome in one of our settlements." Belgor said with a huge voice. "I have prepared a feast for your arrival, come."

Regaleon walked side by side with Belgor while Saniyah walked by my side.

"You did not have to prepare such a grand feast for us." Regaleon replied. "We are just passing thru, and I thought it would be good to see one of your beautiful settlements."

"Nonsense." Belgor replied. "You are the emperor of this continent. You deserve a welcoming feast."

"And if not for you, we will not have such beautiful settlements." Saniyah added. "We just want to let you see our appreciation."

"It is no big deal." Regaleon replied. "You helped us in our time of need as well. And I am also looking forward to our future relationship."

"I am also looking forward to that." Belgor replied.

We are walking towards an open hut near the waterfall. In the middle of the hut was a table filled with food on top of banana leaves. It was definitely a feast as Belgor had said he had prepared.

"So is this your young ones with Regaleon." Saniyah looked at the twins in the arms of Tricia and a maid.

"Yes, these are our children." I replied.

"They look after the two of you." Saniyah replied. "I can sense such great power in them, especially the little boy."

"They really take from Regaleon and I, even their magic powers." I replied with a smile.

"No wonder…" Saniyah said with a knowing look. "These young ones will surely grow up strong. I would love them to be friends with my Polo. He is playing by the pool. Why not you and your young ones take a dip after eating. I am sure you will love it."

"I-I am not sure…" I replied.

The idea of taking a dip in the clear waters of the pool is enticing, but we are currently in a trip, and I was not sure we have time to do so.