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Chapter 431 - The First Stretch of the Trip (2)

The lycans had prepared quite a feast for us for lunch. The food looks unbelievably delicious.

"You have outdone yourself in preparing this for us, Belgor." Regaleon said.

"It is not everyday that the emperor and empress of the empire visit one of our settlements." Belgor replied. "Preparing this much is still not enough. How about you stay here for the night and enjoy our hospitality."

"Yes, I am sure that you will love it here." Saniyah added. "The pool is quite refreshing. I am sure that your little ones would enjoy playing and swimming."

"I would like to take your offer but let me consult my wife first." Regaleon replied. "What do you think, my love?" He asked me.

"I guess having to spend the night is not so bad." I replied. Seeing the water falling from the mountain side to the pool is a little inviting. I would love and go take a dip with Regaleon and the twins.

"Then it is settled." Regaleon smiled. "We will take you on that offer Belgor. We are in your care tonight."

"Splendid!" Belgor roared happily with a wide smile on his face. "Tell the other lycans to prepare the beddings for our guests. The pool will be available for all of our guest to use later.

"Thank you for the hospitality, Belgor." I replied.

After the exchange of pleasantries, we started to eat the feast in front of us. The food tastes delicious, as delicious as its presentation on top of the table.

Because we are guests in the lycans settlement, we foregone table etiquette and ate with our hands as the lycans eat. This was the first time I have eaten without anu tableware, and I was a little hesitant at first.

"This is how lycans eat. At first you might think it is a little barbaric, but once you try it you will get used to it." Regaleon said and started to eat with his hands. "Try it, my love. I am sure you would get used to eat." He smiled.

"The chicken is quite tasty." I smiled with satisfaction.

"I am happy you like our cooking." Saniyah replied. "Here, try some of our stir fried vegetables."

I so as Saniyah said and tasted it. I was amazed by the great taste. I have tasted many great foods from the place chef back in Grandcrest, but there is something different with food the lycans are serving.

"I think it is because of eating with your hands." Regaleon replied to my silent question. "When I first dined with the lycans and ate as they do, I was also surprised with the taste. The dishes are simple, but they taste so good. I think it is because of their eating habits and also eating with such a happy bunch."

"I see." I replied. "I think you are correct." I smiled.

We continued eating while talking with the lycans. We talked about various things about the continent.

When afternoon came, we let the twins have fun in the pool under the waterfall. They were so happy swimming while Tricia and the maid were taking care of them in the shallow part of the pool.

"Will you not go and take a dip?" Regaleon asked.

"Maybe a little later." I replied.

"Belgor told me that there is a little private pool at the back of the waterfall." Regaleon smiled mischievously. "We can take a dip later tonight if you like."

I blushed after Regaleon mentioned the private pool. I believe Belgor had offered Regaleon and I a private time and exclusive use of this pool. I do not need to guess what Regaleon has on his mind for our private time, his smile tells me everything.

"I would love that." I replied with a sweet smile.

Having a private time with my husband is a great way to have in this trip. With our busy schedules back in the capital, we rarely have time for ourselves except for nighttime where we sleep together in our room.

"Then we can head that way at sunset." Regaleon whispered to my ear. "Belgor had given us the spot to ourselves the whole night. No one can disturb us." I felt ticklish with his breath.

"T-Then, I will inform Tricia." I replied. I can feel my cheeks burn. "She can take care of the twins tonight."

"I am sure that the twins will be very tired that they would sleep peacefully tonight." Regaleon smiled. "Look at them enjoying the water."

I see the twins splashing with the water while Tricia and the maid are holding them. They were laughing merrily while playing.

"Your children are playing happily." Saniyah walked toward us. She had a little boy walking by her side. "This by the way is my youngest, Polo. Polo, say hello to his and her majesty."

"Hello…" Polo greeted us with a huge smile.

"Hello, Polo." I replied with a warm smile while Regaleon nodded his head as a greeting.

"Polo came here to ask something from you." Saniyah said.

"Really?" I looked at Polo curiously. "What is it you want to ask, little one?" I asked.

"W-Well… can I… um… play with the twins?" Polo asked shyly.

"You want to play with Alphonse and Aerith?" I asked and Polo nodded. "Well of course you can. Just do not play roughly. They are still babies you see."

"Of course, your majesty." Polo said while smiling wide. "I will be gentle."

Polo then bowed his head and ran towards my children.

"I think he can feel an attraction to your children." Saniyah said. "Like I said before, your children have some kind of aura that can draw people near them." She smiled.

"I am happy if your son can be friends with my children." I replied. "It can strengthen the connection between lycans and humans."

"Yes, I believe so." Saniyah replied.


When the sun has set, Regaleon took me to the private pool that Belgor had mentioned him. The location of the private pool was hidden behind the waterfall.

The fire that lit the cave like structure was reflected on the water. The walls of the cave were shimmering. If you look closely at the walls, there were jewel like stones sticking on them. They were reflecting the light and was shimmering like stars in the night sky.

"I am wondering what you are wearing under that robe." Regaleon teasingly asked.

Because I did not anticipate swimming any time soon, I did not pack any swim wear. Thankfully, Saniyah had given me a swim wear that was the right size for me. As she mentioned, the size was for young lycan women. I was a little embarrassed that my size was that of a lycan who is only starting to mȧturė into ȧduŀthood.

"Saniyah has given me a swim wear for tonight's occasion." I replied to Regaleon with a sweet smile.

"You know you do not need any swim wear or whatsoever." Regaleon smiled mischievously. "It is only the two of us here. No one will see." He teasingly said.

"Hehe…" I giggled. "We are still guests here. I want to at least maintain a proper decorum."

"Very well." Regaleon shrugged his shoulder. He took off his robe and revealed his well toned body.

Regaleon took a step into the pool and then look around. He extended his hand to me and smiled.

"Come…" Regaleon said. "The water temperature is great."

I took off my robe and the black swim wear was visible for Regaleon to see. His eyes went wide open seeing me wearing it. The swim wear was a one piece, but the cuts were in good positions that made my body's curves more prominent.

I took Regaleon's hand, and he ushered me into the center of the pool. There, Regaleon wrapped his arms around me, and we floated easily. The water was just the right temperature, making my body relax.

"Remind me that I should thank Saniyah later." Regaleon whispered into my ear. "The swim wear she had given you makes your body more luscious."

I blushed after hearing Regaleon's word. His tone was so seductive that my body felt shivers.

"I am glad you like it." I replied with a smile.

Regaleon and I were embracing while floating on the pool. I was relishing this peaceful moment together with my husband.

We were reeling at our own world when Regaleon and I heard some commotion outside.

"What is the noise outside?" I asked out of confusion.

"Wait here." Regaleon swam to the side of the pool and came out. He took his robe and wore it.

"Let me go with you." I said.

I swam to the side and wore the robe I have discarded a while ago. Regaleon took my hand, and we went out of the cave that was hidden behind the waterfall. When we got out, we were shocked with the sight that greeted us.

Fire was spreading unto the lycan's houses. Lycans were running around and trying to put off the fire. Both of us ran down with urgency. The thought that was lingering in my mind were my children.

'Let them be safe.' I thought to myself.

"What is happening?" Regaleon asked a lycan that was franticly getting water from the pool.

"We… we are under attack!" The lycan replied.

"Under attack? By whom?" Regaleon asked in shock.

"I am not sure…" The lycan replied. "But the elders called them… wargs."

"Wargs?" Regaleon asked.

"There…" The lycan pointed out.

There was a creature standing on a roof of a house. It looked like a huge wolf. I thought it was a lycan that had shifted. But when the said creature walked near the fire and illuminates its body, the form was hideous. It looked like a lycan that has shifted, but the looks were so grotesque that it looked like a monster. The monster howled into the night sky. Many others followed the howl, hinting to others in the vicinity.

"What is that?" I asked in shock.