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Chapter 432 - Wargs (1)

"What is that?!" I asked in shock.

The lycan like creatures leaped down from where they were standing and started to attack the people. Many lycans shifted to their animal form and quickly defended themselves from these attackers.

But not all the lycans in this settlement are warriors. Many of them are only normal civilians and does not know how to fight. Seeing the lycans being outmatched by these horrid creatures made my heart sink.

"Lili, get back to the kids and make sure they are fine!" Regaleon said in a commanding tone that made me get back into attention. "I will help the lycans push back these attackers."

"I understand." I nodded in agreement.

Seeing as there are not much lycan warriors in this settlement, they are at a disadvantage with these attackers launching a surprise attack. Not only that, but we also do not know what kind of creatures they are as well.

I hurriedly ran towards the directions in which my twins where staying. Seeing the wooden cabin houses burning made me more nervous.

'Please be okay…' I prayed inside my heart.

On the way, I can see these horrid creatures attacking with their sharp teeth and claws. They are chewing the helpless lycans and I can see blood being sprayed all over the place.

"This is a nightmare." I said with a horrid look.

I saw a helpless she-lycan trying to defend a little boy that is still in human form. She was being bitten by the neck by one of these horrid creatures.

"Get away from them!" I shouted.

I used my magic and conjured a huge ice spike from the ground where the horrid creature was standing. The creature was then impaled from its belly and dark reddish blood that was nearly black in color pooled down its body. The creatures whimpered before it breathed its last.

I quickly ran towards the she-lycan and saw her neck bleeding from the bite of the creature.

"Mama… mama!" The little boy was crying while caressing the huge wolf-like body of his mother.

"Let me take a look little one." I said.

I looked at the bite marks and instantly knew that it was too late to save her. I clenched my fist feeling helpless in such a situation. I tore my dress and held the cloth to the bleeding wound around the neck of the she-lycan to try and stop it.

"Hold this tightly." I told the little boy. "I will find help."

"Will she die?" The little boy asked me.

My heart felt an ache when he asked me such a question that I could not answer. I knew that I could not lie to this little boy about his mother, but I also could not bear and see his pain if I told him the truth.

"Stay here, okay?" I told him. "I will conjure a protective ice barrier so that you could be safe. I will find someone to help you and your mother."

The little boy whose tears were overflowing from his eyes and flowed to his cheeks nodded his little head. I conjured an ice dome that was thick just to make sure they were safe while I go and get some help.

I quickly ran to the direction of the cabin where my twins were. I am sure that there would be knights stationed there that are defending my children. I can also have them come back and take care of the lycan mother and son.

The surroundings were burning along the way. I was not able to see any of the creatures while running that made me quite curious. In a clearing where there were no cabins burning, I saw three of these creatures roaming around. I was shocked in place and the three creatures sensed my presence immediately. Their heads turned and their bodies followed when they saw me.


The three creatures were now stalking me. They slowly flanked me in three directions, and I had nowhere to run. I was clearly outnumbered.

"D*mmit…" I cursed silently.

I made a defensive stance and readied my body. I felt the surroundings around me and readied my magic. The air around me started to get freezing cold. I waited for these creatures to launch at me and attack.

These creatures were like animals stalking their prey. I was in the defensive mode, waiting for them to make the first move. And I was standing there and waiting, one of the creatures quickly launched itself right at me. It was running in full speed and after a second jumped when he was a few meters away from where I was. I quickly shot up an ice spike from the ground and impaled the creature mid jump. The dark blood oozed downward the ice while the creatures was still whimpering until its last breath.

The other two creatures saw this and quickly ran towards me for an attack. I launched rows and rows of ice spikes from the ground, but they maneuvered around them and quickly evaded every attack.

'I have to change my attacks.' I thought to myself.

I quickly conjured ice spears to deter their movements. The creatures tried to evade the numerous ice spears that I have conjured and flown their way making their initial path towards me sway.

One of the creatures was hit by my ice spear on its hind leg and slowed its movements. When I realized this, I bombarded that creature with a rain of ice spears. It was not able to evade my attack and many of my ice spears were latch on to its body. It was bleeding dark blood as well and it still persisted on running towards me in such a gruesome state.

"You do not know how to quit?" I said with anger and when it launched its body into the air towards me, I extended my hand and focused my magic power on it.

In its mid jump, its body started to freeze. Little by little the ice engulfed its body until it has frozen solid. The creatures body fell on the ground with a thud, its frozen body shattering into many pieces.

I felt a little bit triumphant with this feat, but in a short span of my victory I have forgotten about the last one. The last creature was frantically running towards me so fast that I was not able to react on time. I only realized that it was launching itself on top of me. I braced myself on the imminent impact, thinking on what to do after its body was on top of me when the creature was pushed off course.

I looked how or who was responsible for the creature being thrown away mid air when I heard a familiar roar.

"Snow!" I called out.

And in fact, I saw the big white tiger on top of the creature. Snow used her claws to shred the creature's body. Her fangs then bit deep on the creature's neck while it whimpered under her massive body. The creature whimpered and tried to get out of Snow's fangs but to no avail until it stopped moving and died.

"Snow…" I ran towards her while she stepped back from her kill. "Have you been to the twins? How are they?" I asked in haste.

"The twins are safe for now." Snow walked towards me. "But I am not sure for how long. All of these hideous creatures are attacking the cabin they are in. The knights are holding their ground against these creatures for now and the little prince made a great barricade."

"My son did?" I was curious on how my little son had done such a thing.

"Hop on my back." Snow said. "I will tell you along the way." I nodded and hopped on her back.

Snow galloped along the path towards where my children are. It was not that far from where we are right now.

"These creatures just came out of nowhere and started to wreak havoc inside the settlement." Snow said. "When the chaos started, a fire broke out and the lycans were not able to stop it because of the intruders. But seeing that these creatures are afraid of fire, the lycans just let the fire burn their homes.

"So that is why I was not able to see these creatures near the burning cabins." I replied.

"Yes." Snow said. "And when these creatures started to attack the cabin of the little prince and princess, the knights of course battled the first wave. When more of these creatures came, a fire barrier engulfed the perimeter of the cabin. It prevented these creatures from advancing. At first, I thought it was the king, but then Tempest told me it was not the king's magic power that conjured the fire barrier. It was the little prince."

I was shocked but then expected that something like this would happen. Alphonse was the reincarnation of the Almighty One and was the Chosen One of the prophecy. His magic power was more than that of a one year old Atlantian child.

From a distance, I can see the brightness of the blazing fire. I knew that is where my children are.

"Make haste, Snow.." I commanded and Snow's speed became faster.