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Chapter 429 - The Newly Risen Atlantia (2)

The next day, Tricia and I were getting the twins's luggages ready for the trip ahead. A letter cane from my mother in Alvannia stating that she is very excited for our arrival.

"It has been a long time since I have visted Alvannia." I said while getting the twin's clothes insided the luggages. "I am a littlet nervous but also excited as well."

"I heard that there have been many changes in Alvannia since we left." Tricia replied. "I wonder how are the other maids in the palace of Alvannia are doing?"

Tricia who is also from Alvannia have not been home for a long time since we left. She has been with me for so long now.

"Have you been in touch with them?" I asked casually.

"I exchange letters with a few of them who I was close with." Tricia replied. "I heard some of them have married and have their own families."

Tricia had also been an outcast inside the Alvannian palace because of being my maid. But even with unpleasant stares on is, she has been a great companion to me. I am just glad that the few friends she had in Alvannia are still keeping in touch with her.

"I am happy to hear that." I said. "How about you Tricia? When are you planning on settling down?" I asked with a smile.

Tricia's first love has ended and a new love started to bloom. Theon, whom I knew had feelings for Tricia sonce before started to pursue her romantically. Tricia is still a little reluctant until now, but I can see that she is starting to soften up with Theon's advances.
"I-I not yet thinking of something like that, your majesty." Tricia blushed and smiled shyly. "I still want to be by your side and the twins' to serve you."

"Oh Tricia." I said. "You know that you can still serve us even while married. I doubt that Theon would stop you from doing what you want. He adores you so much." I smiled at her.

"E-Even so..." Tricia replied. "Marriage talks have nit yet been set on the table. Maybe I will think about it after it has been asked."

"So, you are just waiting for the question." I giggled. "Then I guess it will not be that long."

"Your majesty, please stop teasing." Tricia's cheeks are burning red with embarrassment. I giggled seeing that she is happy with the life she has now.

"Okay, I will stop." I replied with a giggle. "Let's finish this before the twins wake up."


The twins started to cry one after the other.

"Speaking of the devil." I said and giggled.

"Don't you mean angels, your majesty." Tricia giggled as well.

"Good thing we are just about done." I said.

After closing the last luggage, I stood up and walked towardd Aerith's crib. Tricia on the other hand went to Alphonse's. We both carried the twins and rocked them gently to stop them from crying.

"Are the both of you hungry?" I asked.

Tricia got the milk bottled with my milk that were stored inside a basket. They were still fresh and ste good to be given.

"There you go." I said while giving Aerith her bottle while Tricia does the same with Alphonse.

"This will be the first trip the highnesses prince and princess will be going." Tricia said. "I hope there will not be any problems."

"I hope so too." I said while looking st the twins. "But I feel that this will be a great experience for them." I smiled.

"I am coming to, right." Snow came in from the open window. "I am carving for a new view after a long while."

"Of course you are coming with us." I said. "You will be accompanying me and the twins."

"That's good news." Snow said and sat on one of the sofas. "The woods here are big and vast, but it has been a long time since we traveled. I am quite excited. But before that, I will need to take a nap." She yawned and closed her eyes.

"It looks like you have been busy outside." I giggled. "Go get some rest."


"My love, it is me." Regaleon's voice was heard outside.

"Come in." I replied.

The door opened and Regaleon came inside. He saw the done luggages and smiled at me.

"It looksike you are done with the twin's luggages." Regaleon said. "How about yours?" He walked towards me and planted a kiss on my forehead.

"Mine is done earlier." I replied. "I helped Tricia with the twin's luggages do that we can be done faster."

"That is good." Regaleon said. "But I am going to miss you." He said with a sad voice.

"Can you not come with us?" I asked with a sad face.

"I am afraid not." Regaleon replied. "But I will be joinging you until the border of Alvannia. I can come back here on Tempest so it will ve much faster."

"The sounds great." I said with a smile. Even though he will not come with us all the way, at least I feel safe to know he will accompany us until the border of Alvannia.

"Dada... Dada..." Alphonse who discarded his milk bottle started to reach for Regaleon.

"It looks like my son would want to go to daddy." Regaleon smiled sweetly to our son.

Tricia handed Alphonse to Regaleon and the little guy giggled in his father's arms. Seeing my father and son warmed my heart.

"Dimitri will be escorting you all the way." Regaleon said. "I also selected the best soldiers from the special unit to be your escorts along the trip. I am confident in their strength and skills. We do not know what dangers are there along the way. It is best to be prepared."

"Our first destination is Alvannia." I said. "I ak sure there is notthing to worry about."

"We won't know." Regaleon said. "It is better to be safe."

Our departure is tomorrow morning. Knowing that it is so soon makes me excited. I am happy to go and see my home country of Alvannia once more.


Next morning came and our group is ready to set on our trip to Alvannia. As Regaleon have said yesterday, he would accompany us until the borders of Alvannia. After there, the escorts that were hand picked by Regaelon would be the one to guard us all the way to our first destination which is the capital of Alvannia.

"Everything is ready, your majesties." William informed us.

William will be coming with us as my personal knight. He will be leaving his post as the captain of the imperial knights to his vice captain until he returns.

"Thank you, Will." I replied.

"Then let us go." Regaleon extended his hand to escort me inside the carriage. I acceptedf it and let him escort me.

"It looks like we will be very busy later once they wake up." Regaleon said with a smile.

"That is the joy of parenting." I joked and giggled.

They will surely show a tantrum or two later as the journey progresses, but Regaleon and I have been used to it that it does not bother us that much.

"Let us depart!" Regaleon gave the order and our group started to move from the palace.

Not long, we get past the gates of the palace and is now moving along the streets of the capital.

"The trip to the border will take at least two to three days." Regaleon replied. "I am sure that there will be no incidents while we are inside Grandcrest territory." He confidently said.

Grandcrest is the hart of the empire. Regaleon had worked hard to establish it as a peaceful ad prosperous kingdom even before the foundation of the Astley Empire. He is quite sure of the safety inside this known borders.

"I am sure that Alvannia is quite safe as well." I said with a smile. "Richard is working hard to make it so."

"I am sure he has." Regaleon replied. "With his grandfather Robert as an advisor, I am sure that Alvannia is walking in the right path. But Richard just got to his position not long ago and it is too early to tell. It is better to be safe."

"Do not worry to much my love." I held his hand to ȧssure him. "We are going to be fine. With this many soldiers as escorts, everything will be fine." I smiled.

"I cannot help but worry." Regaleon kissed the back of my hand sweetly. "This is the first time since a long time that you and the twins will be apart from me. I will miss you dearly."

"And I as well." I said with a sad face. "But as you promised, you will visit us from time to time, right?"

"Of course." Regaleon smiled. "How could I last long being apart from you and our children?"

Regaleon's face got nearer and he planted a sweet kiss on my lips.. This is one of the gestures I will miss while we are apart.