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One Year After the War (1)

It has been a year since the war ended and peace has reigned down the continent. The four great countries has banded together and now form a single empire, the Astley Empire.

Regaleon has been very busy this past year because of the union of the four great countries and the establishment of the empire. As the first emperor in line, a huge burden fell upon his shoulders to fix any problems that arises from the sudden union of the four great countries.

It cannot be helped that some are not very happy with the sudden merger and the establishment of the said empire. Little rebellions have been arising here and there, mainly from nobles that got the shorter end of the line after the empire was established. These small rebellions that are emerging from different parts of the empire have been the problem Regaleon and his cabinet members are dealing with.

But even with such probelm, overall the majority of the people especially the commoners are happy with the establishment of the empire. Many opportunities arised with the said establishment. Work has been abundant and so commoners have no problem getting the money for their livelihood.

Atlantians are another matter. There are still some conflict within them after the war ended. Some have taken this peace as a form of salvation after the downfall of Atlantia many years ago. Some are still skeptikal if their race will be widely welcomed by other people, after being seen as a heretic race for so many years. It is now the task of the two newly appointed Atlantian leaders, Dimitri and Gladiolus, to pacify the Atlantian people's uneasiness.

As for me, I am doing whatever I can to help Regaleon from his many tasks. On top of being a mother of one year old twins, I am governing the imperial palace. As the empress, I am tasked on making sure everything in the imperial palace is going well, so that my husbands job will not be hindered by any little problems arising inside the palace.

I was inside my own office, seeing some documents that came in just earlier in the morning. I have been organizing the imperial palace's budget since I came back here in Grandcrest.

Because of its long history, the palace has so many ledgers and they are all unorganized. It was all due to the practice of polygamy in the past that there was no one queen that governs the palace budget. It was said that the king of Grandcrest also handles the palace budget every year, but due to the many tasks of the king it was handed down to many other people like the king's right hand man or advisor. There was no palace chamberlain that have been appointed, hence the disorganized budget ledgers.

"After one year working to organize these ledgers and I thought I was nearly done, then another one arrives." I sighed, holding my temple feeling the stress of sitting in the office since morning.

"Your majesty, why don't you have a break." Tricia who was pushing a cart carrying tea and snacks suggested. "The weather outside is quite good. why don't you have your tea in the garden's gazeebo."

I looked outside and saw that it was mid afternoon. The weather is indeed nice and it would be great to have a break at the garden gazeebo and drink tea there.

"Have the twins awoken yet?" I asked Tricia.

"Yes, your majesty." Tricia smiled. "In fact, they just awoken when I brought the tea here. I am sure they would love to play in the garden in this time of the day."

"Very well then." I smiled at her. "Bring the tea and snacks to the garden gazeebo. I will be there soon." I said.

"Yes, your majesty." Tricia bowed and walked back outside with the cart of tea and snacks.
I breathed in deep and exhaled. I stood up and streched my body that was feeling quite sore for seating too long.

"Because I am having a break with the children, better go and invite Leon as well." I smiled just thinking that I will see my husband.

I walked out of my office and into the now familiar corridors of the palace. I remember the first time I arrived here in the Grandrest Palace, I was overwhelmed by how huge it was. It was more huge than the Alvannian Palace where I grew up.

Just seeing the difference in size also shows the difference in power of the two countries back in the days.

"And to think my father wanted to go against Grandcrest in the last war." I smiled remembering how ironic it was.

I am happy that my father chose a different path in the last war. If not, then I am afraid that he would have perished together with my Aunt Patricia. Now, he was happy living his retired days with my mother. They are living the life that they once only dreamed of when they were still young.

After I turned a corner, I can see the door of Regaleon's office. It was dutifuly guarded by two imperial knights. When they see me coming, they both bow their head in my presence.

"Her majesty the empress has come." One imperial knight announced.

"Let her in." A voice that I am so familiar with said.

The imperial knights opened the door and I walked inside. Inside was a big room filled with book shelves every inch of the wall. At the far right side was a huge painting of of us the imperial family, hanging magestically with curtains on both sides.

"Good afternoon your majesty, the emperor of the Astley Empire." I formaly greeted and curtsied.

"You can forego the formalities my love." Regaleon replied. "It is just us here." He smiled and I smiled back.

Inside the room was only the two of us and his close advisor and confidant Chris.

"Greetings your majesty, the empress of the Astley Empire." Chris formaly greeted me and I giggled.

"Didn't Leon just said to forego the formalities because it is just us here?" I joked.

"You know I cannot do that, your majesty." Chris respectfully smiled.

"Why are you here my love?" Regaleon stood up from his chair and walked towards me with urgency. He encircled his arms in my waist and kissed my forehead lovingly.

"I was just about to take a break and have tea in the garden." I replied. "I came here to ask if you would like to come but..." I looked at his desk that still has stacks of papers left untouched.

"Oh that..." Regaleon looked behind him and traced my line of sight. "I can do that later. I also need a break and breath some fresh air." He gave Chris a knowing look. Chris coughed in return.

"O-Of course, your majesty." Chris said as if he choked. "You can get back to work after taking a break with the empress."

"Well then, lead the way my love." Regaleon loveingly smiled at me. He offered his arm to escort me and I took it willingly and locked my arm with his.

We exited his office and walked along the corridors of the palace leading to the garden.

"Which garden would we have our tea?" Regaleon asked.

As I have said a while ago, the Grandcrest Palace was massive and so there are a number of gardens found on the palace grounds.

"The garden where the blue roses are grown of course." I replied.

The blue rose is the insignia and the symbol of the Grandcrest Royal family. Now that the empire was established, the blue rose still sits at the center of the imperial family's insignia, but with addition of the four sacred beasts surrounding it.

"I see." Regaleon smiled. "You really love the smell of the blue roses."

"Yes, I love them." I replied with a smile. "Having to see and smeel them makes the tiredness and stress of the day go away."

"I am sorry." Regaleon said with a sad smile. "You are also very busy because of imperial work. If only I could take your burden from you."

"Why are you apologizing?" I asked curiously. "I am your wife and the empress of the Astley Empire. It is my role to help you with your burden. I will not just sit still and bath in the glory of my title knowing that there is much work to be done."

"And that is what I love about you." Regaleon looked at me lovingly. "You are someone that stands beside me and help me with all of my burdens."

"But of course." I replied. "I am your wife, and I promised that I will live beside you for better or for worse. And because I love you so much, Leon."

"And I love you too." Regaleon kissed the back of my hand lovingly.


We can hear the giggling of our twins not far from where we are. We stepped out of a french door and we are greeted with the aromatic smell of the blue roses. The garden was filled with the beautiful blue roses. They are carefully taken car of by the palace gardeners.

I remember well when Regaleon first gave me a blue rose. It was in my debutante ball. It was my very first ball in my entire life. I was the forgotten princess of Alvannia then. No one knew of my existence before that ball. But now, I am the wife of the emperor of Astley Empire and also its empress.

'I have gone a long way.' I thought to my self.