✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 133.....135 ✍️✍️✍️✍️




Heaven's heart was racing wildly as she took a step back from the devil. He stalked toward her slowly, with an evil smirk on his face. "What should I do with you now?" He said thoughtfully. 

"How about nothing?" She said, stepping further away from him, when her surroundings suddenly changed. 

Heaven found herself in an endless darkness. She couldn't tell whether it was a room or somewhere outside. Everywhere she turned was dark. She couldn't even see the ground beneath her feet. 

He was trying to scare her, and she became a little afraid. She didn't know what he planned to do with her.

"I would have done nothing if you had done nothing. But you had to be noisy." He shook his head, as if disappointed. 

"You wanted grandma all along." Heaven began. "Why did you have to do all of this to get her? You are hurting her with your actions." She couldn't understand. 

"She hurt me too." He snapped, still stalking toward her. "She is my mate. The devil's mate. I thought that I had finally found a companion like everyone else. Someone I could be myself with and share everything with. But she had a problem with me being the devil. All those years she stayed with me only because I pretended to be something else. Why? She of all people should accept me for who I am." 

Heaven saw the anger, the hurt, and hatred in his eyes. 

"No, she shouldn't. She might not have been able to control that you happened to be her mate, but she can choose not to be with you. She can choose not to accept the kind of person that you are. Everyone can choose who they want to be with or not. Did you ever think of why you got a mate?" She asked him. 

His blazing eyes looked at her questioningly. "I was given a mate as a punishment. God gave me something just to take it away in front of my eyes but I won't accept it." He said. 

Heaven shook her head at him with a smile. "Why do you always look at things so negatively? When we find a mate, we often change for the better. Did you ever think that maybe God gave you a mate to find happiness and peace and let go of the hatred that darkens your heart?"

"That is why I say it is a punishment. He gave me a mate who has morals and doesn't share my values because I have no plan to change mine." 

"Yet you want grandma to accept you for who you are. You want her to leave her morals and change her values, for you." Heaven said. 

He clenched his jaw. "Yes. That is what I want her to do." He admitted. "She might have been sent to show me the right way, but I will lead her the wrong way. And then she will lead others that way. She will then truly become the devil's mate." 

The way the look in his eyes changed made Heaven shiver.

"I will make her the mate she was supposed to be." His voice was cold and firm and his eyes fiery. 

Grandmother could have been a second chance for him to change for the better. To choose to be better and live happily. But he chose to hold on to hate. This was like a contest for him. He had to win. Turning good meant losing. It meant admitting that he was wrong. 

He stalked toward her again with the anger blazing in his eyes. "It is not too late." Heaven hurried to say to make him stop from whatever he was going to do. "Grandma still likes you, but you will never win her like this. She will never accept you as long as you behave this way." 

"She will." He said with certainty. "You don't know what time can do. After spending a few years here, she will adapt." 

Heaven found it strange that he was sharing all this information with her, but then she realized he was going to wipe her memory. Demons could erase recent memories, but the longer the memory stayed, the harder it would be to erase them. She had to do something to keep her memory for a while but she knew she had no chance. Even now, he knew what she was thinking. 

Heaven stepped away from him, but he was suddenly close to her face and he grabbed her by the hair. 

"Is there anything else you want to know before I clear your head?" He asked. 

"Have you ever loved grandma?" She asked. 

He frowned. "I love her, still." He said. 

"Strange. Nothing you say or do shows that you love her." 

"You don't know how I feel."

"I don't, but I am not judging your feelings. You might feel love for grandma but do you love her? Because love is not just a feeling. It is an action, an expression, a choice. Love is many things combined." She explained. 

She was talking fast, hoping anything she was saying would have an affect. "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with grandma and all of us in the real world? Leave all this behind. No more having to chase humans and mislead them and just live your life the way you want to." 

He looked at her for a long moment. "Don't make the same mistake as your grandmother. I find happiness in this." He said and then she couldn't explain what happened. 

Suddenly she was standing in the hall all alone. She was confused for a moment, and then she tried to recall where she was going. Yes, she was going to her room. 

On her way back, she felt strange. She couldn't tell what it was exactly, but it was almost as if something was missing. Did she forget to do something? 

Heaven remembered her grandma. She was probably still with Nyle, so Heaven thought of what to do with her time. It felt like she had planned something but somehow forgot about it. 

Going back to the garden, she sat on a bench. Even though she had done nothing, she felt tired. Her eyelids felt heavy, making it hard to think. Maybe the exhaustion of everything she went through was catching up to her. 


A familiar voice called her name, and Heaven looked up. Her eyes met a pair of crystal blue eyes that looked back at her with concern. Heaven had grown up seeing those eyes, but this time they looked a little different. In the blue of his eyes there were freckles of gold. 

How strange. 

And his hair was longer than usual, his skin fairer, and there was something different about his aura. Was this really him?




After erasing Heaven's memory, Lothaire went back to the throne hall and sat on his throne. More than ever, he just wanted to feel powerful and in control for a moment. He opened The Eye with a wave of his hand and watched the world, but it didn't make him feel any better. 

Something was wrong with him and he didn't want to admit to himself yet what could be wrong. He was probably just distracted for a moment and would get over it soon. 

He was never emotional. How long could he possibly continue being this emotional? Probably not too long. 

'Have you ever loved grandma?' 

Her annoying voice kept repeating in his head. 

'Love is not just a feeling.'

Lothaire shook his head and tried to shut her voice out. Why would he care about what she thought? She was the one who thought that God was trying to give him a second chance. 

Lothaire laughed cynically to himself. 

"Annoying." He spat. 

He knew he was letting her affect him, but he couldn't help it. He wasn't detached as he used to be. 

Watching through The Eye, he tried to find Irene. 

Lothaire was surprised by what he found. Irene was in one of the scandalous parties in the castle with a male demon in her company. They sat on a couch close to each other while drinking wine and chatting. She had a smile on her face and seemed to enjoy herself. The male demon put his hand around her shoulders and whispered something into her ear that made her laugh. 

Lothaire didn't know what had gotten into him, but suddenly he was fuming with anger. What was happening? How could he have missed this? 

Heaven. That girl. He wanted to kill her. 

After a short while, the male demon asked Irene for a dance and led her to the dance floor. He drew her into his arms and they began to sway to the music. Lothaire clenched his jaw in fury when he saw the lust in the male's gaze. He would kill him later. 

Unable to watch anymore, he shut The Eye. Then he became restless, thinking of what they might do next. 

Irene wouldn't. She wasn't that kind of woman. 

He tried his best to not rush to the party and tear that male's head off. But then everyone would know that he cared for Irene and those he hurt would try to use her against him. Not caring and having no weaknesses was his true power. 

His real enemies were mostly ancient demons. Those he couldn't kill unless he found the secret weapon that could kill them. He knew that Zamiel had gone to see one of his oldest enemies. 


Euphorion didn't like land demons because they always caused trouble, but Zamiel was known to be of the good ones. Therefore Lothaire suspected that Euphorion must have agreed to meet him, especially if he knew that they had a common enemy. 

Good ancient demons were a threat to his mission. The more demons whom chose to have them as their lord, the fewer demons Lothaire would have to help him with his mission. To mislead as many as possible, he needed to grow his army. 

He opened The Eye again. He was letting himself get too distracted with Heaven that he was forgetting to keep his eye on the real danger. What was Zamiel planning? He knew something wasn't right when he just let Heaven go. 

Lothaire watched Zamiel, who was going on with his life as if nothing was wrong. He was spending his day working and then relaxing. Lothaire knew that Zamiel had a plan that he was confident about to stay this calm and that disturbing. 

Did Zamiel know about Irene? He knew that Zamiel had gone to Irene's room before she left and they had just stared at each other. He knew they spoke telepathically, so he couldn't hear them. What did Zamiel tell her? 

Lothaire felt impatient and wanted to compel the truth out of Irene. Maybe he would if he couldn't find out any other way.

After a while he became tired of watching Zamiel and also more worried about Irene. He couldn't stop thinking about her and what she could be doing. He couldn't fight not being obsessed with her, so he went back to see what she was doing. Now she was back in her room and sat near the window. Lothaire couldn't understand why that whole family loved gardens so much.

Unable to restrain himself, he went to see her. He knocked on the door and then she asked him to come inside. When she realized it was him, she turned back to watch the garden, ignoring him completely. 

'Have you ever loved grandma?' 

He watched her beautiful face. Of course he loved her. 

'Love is not just a feeling.' 

He clenched his hands into fists. 


Yes. He knew that was the answer. He had brought her here to change her but also remind her of the days they had together. When they shared passionate and loving moments. But he would have to be discreet. He had to make her come to him, or otherwise she would know he wanted her, and then his plan would be ruined. 

"I came to apologize." He said, unclenching his fists. 

She remained silent and didn't turn to him. 

"You don't seem happy here." He continued. 

Now he had her attention. "What did you expect?" 

"You should go back home if you are not happy." 

"And leave Heaven behind?" 

"She is an adult. She can take care of herself and I am here for her." 

She laughed cynically. "I am sure you are."

She stood up from her seat and walked up to him, this time not avoiding his gaze and looking him directly into the eyes. 

"I know you didn't get to hold Lucian when he was born, and you watched him grow from afar. Therefore, I could understand why you two weren't close, but Heaven. You held Heaven in your arms when she was born. Didn't you feel anything while holding her small body?"

Lothaire recalled the moment he held Heaven in his arms for the first time. It was a feeling like no other, and he could still not describe it. It was beautiful, and he felt his heart soften in that very moment. It had scared him. 

"Heaven was beautiful." He admitted. 

"She still is, and she is still your granddaughter."

She was, but he felt nothing for her now. 

Since he was going to change her, he might as well be honest. "I am not capable of feeling what you feel for our children." He said, realizing this was the first time he was honest with her about how he truly felt about their children. 

Irene's looked at him for a long moment before she spoke. "It is a sad thing." She said, surprising him. "I feel sad for you."

Sad for him? Why? He felt offended. He didn't want anyone to feel sad for him and her sincerity unsettled him even more. 

"You are missing out a lot in life. I wish you could experience those things." She told him. 

Was that pity in her eyes? 

"I am content with my life." He said. 

Irene nodded. "If you say so." 

Lothaire became angry, but he tried to hide it. What did she mean? How could she pity him? 

He was the most powerful being on this earth. He could do as he pleased, and no one could harm him. He had so many demons obeying his command and so many humans following his path. There was no one like him. But even as he said those things, he felt an emptiness inside. 

Lothaire took a step back, feeling overwhelmed by the things he had been realizing and admitting lately. 

No! He refused. He refused to feel this way.



Heaven was surprised to see Zarin looking the way he did. He was half-dressed like the other male demons in the kingdom and wore several bracelets around his arms. His black hair had grown to beneath his shoulders and his blue eyes had hints of gold. He looked like himself, yet different. 

"Zarin?" She stood up from her seat. 

"Heaven, what are you doing here?" He said, surprised and confused. 

"Did grandma not visit you?" 

His eyes widened. "Is grandma also here?"

"Yes." She stared at him from top to toe. "What happened to you?" She asked.

He held his arms out and shrugged. "Nothing. What happened to you? Why are you here?" 

"Grandpa forced me to come here. Now do you still believe he wants what is best for me?" 

Zarin narrowed his eyes. He looked displeased. "Your parents are not here." He said in realization. 

"No. But your parents are not here as well and you seem to be alright." She pointed. 

Something in his gaze changed, but then he smiled. "I am alright. How are you?" 

"Are you asking because you care?" She asked. 

This was why she had been avoiding to talk to him. She wasn't emotionally stable yet and knew that she would end up fighting with him. 

He frowned. "No matter what you think Heaven, I do care for you." He said firmly. 

"Of course. You just don't want me to be with Zamiel and the devil fulfilled your wish. So here I am. Are you happy now?" 

She was being childish, but she just had so many emotions inside that she wanted to let out. 

He sighed. "It is not what you think." He said. 

"Is it not?" She tilted her head to one side and pretended to be thoughtful. "Is it not that you hated to see me change, and you didn't like Zamiel because he was the one causing the change in me. You hated that I was finding my own way because you were afraid to be left behind. Seeing me having finding a purpose made you feel lacking and since you didn't want to change, you tried to make me remain the same. Am I wrong?" 

His gaze darkened, but he didn't deny it.

"You said you loved me, but that was only to make yourself feel better and justify your behavior." She had been confused about Zarin suddenly confessing his love but staying in this kingdom, observing the other demons and her grandfather made her learn and realize a few things. 

People lied to themselves to feel better about their actions and that is what Zarin did. He didn't love her. He was only jealous, frightened, insecure, and selfish, and he didn't want to admit it to himself. It was easier for him to tell himself that he was doing it all because he loved her and cared for her. 

Zarin clenched his jaw and looked into eyes. "You are right." He admitted. "I don't love you that way. I just hated to see you change. I hated the new you and I hate Zamiel."

The gold in his eyes seemed to glow as he spoke. "But you have already changed now. You are not my old friend anymore so I am leaving you and Zamiel alone." 

Heaven nodded. Strangely, it didn't hurt as she thought it would. Her heart was numb and instead of being worried about it, she was relieved. She was tired of getting hurt. She wouldn't let anyone hurt her anymore. 

But still, she cared for him, and the change in him worried her. What happened to him? 

"You seem to have changed as well." She said calmly. 

He sighed and relaxed his face. "I have." 

Even if she had lost her friend, she hoped that he wouldn't lose himself. She hoped that Gina wouldn't lose her brother, and Klara and Roshan wouldn't lose their son. 

"Your parents, they miss you."

He was still there from the way his eyes darted and looked down to hide the guilt. "I know. But I have found my place here."

Heaven stared at him for a long while. Something wasn't right. Something was different about him. 

He looked up at her. "You shouldn't be here. You should go back." He said. 

"I can't." She said. 

He looked around as if afraid someone would hear them before looking at her again. "How long have you been here?" 

"A few days. Why?" 

"What happened to Zamiel? Did he just let you go?" He asked. 


"I don't understand. What happened? How did he force you to come here?" 

"You should ask him." She said. "I am curious to know if he will lie to you or tell the truth." 

Zarin sighed. Probably giving up because of her attitude. 

"Heaven. I know you don't like me right now but I am just trying to help." 

"You can't help me." She said simply. "But you can help yourself. Stop running away and be a man. Neither your mom nor dad are cowards." 

She knew he wasn't happy here, as he claimed to be. But admitting he was wrong, apologizing and going back was difficult for him. 

His eyes widened, and he seemed surprised by the way she spoke. She was surprised, too. She didn't mean to be hard on him. She knew he was already struggling. 

He nodded, as if accepting to be scolded. 

She didn't want to be mean but thinking of her parents and what she would do to be with them while he left his parents willingly upset her. 

Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm down. No good would come from fighting. 

"Could you do me a favor?" She asked desperately. 

"Of course." He said.

"Could you go to my parents and tell them that I am alright?" She wanted to write them a letter and Zarin was the only one who could leave this place. 

"Yes." He said. 

Heaven wanted to see if he let go of his hatred. "Could you also go to Zamiel?" She asked. 

Zarin's eyes widened. He opened his mouth, paused for a while, and then breathed out. "Alright." He agreed. 

For some reason, Heaven thought it was fun to torture him a little. She would have loved to see his interaction with Zamiel.