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Chapter 211 Glad
The heavy and sexually charged silence resumed as they held each other's gaze, neither wanting to be the first to look away. His grey eyes looked so determined. So certain. And Elle was completely tempted to tell him 'Yes, kiss me, my mouth is all yours'.

But no matter how much Elle's heart was rejoicing at this moment and for what was about to come, there was still a part of her that was hesitating and thinking twice about going all out. And she knew exactly why she was behaving this way.

Elle felt that he was rushing a little too much right now. Despite the unwavering will that was clearly brimming in his eyes, she thought that maybe even then, it might not be enough to pull them through. His trauma was truly deep rooted, existing within him for so many years that it must be something so beyond complicated. She believed that it was not something that could be overcome so easily no matter how strong his will was. It was not something so simple as him wanting to break through, and they could just go ahead and do it. She had given it some thought and was also of the opinion that the reason he did not get triggered just now, could be because he was in a complete daze.

What if he gets triggered this time since he was now clear headed and was no longer under a strong spell of pleasure?

He began to move his face closer when Elle's hand suddenly flew to his mouth, cupping one hand over the other and covering his lips.

His brows creased a little in surprise at her sudden reaction. He did not understand why she had stopped him.

"Uhm... I... I..." Elle stammered, trying to quickly think up an excuse at why she did that. "How about... we do it tomorrow instead?"

He lifted a brow. Not shocked, but seemingly so curious.

"I am... really happy and glad that you didn't get triggered a while ago and I... I can't wait for more too but... I think we should take it... slowly..." she trailed off and bit down on her lips. "I just don't want you to push yourself too mu a���"

"Izabelle." He called out her name. His gaze steady as he grabbed her wrists and took her hands that were still hovering over his mouth. "Listen... I'm not pushing myself too much. And this isn't going fast because it's actually about damn time that I get over this damn thing. I know you're still worried about me being triggered. But believe me baby, I think I can overcome this now all because of you. Just like a while ago... I believe nothing will happen, because it's you."

Her heart swelled from so much happiness that she felt it could actually burst if he continued uttering more of those words of his. Yet still... Elle also felt that Sebastian was perhaps being too positive. That he was trusting in her being there too much just because it had worked once before. She was still a little afraid that something might go wrong despite his positive encouragements.

Elle had her own traumas and demons and she knew full well that overcoming these things were never easy. She knew he could be different because he was a vampire, not a normal human being like her. But the fact that this supposedly powerful man was not even spared from such trauma attacks and actually even had something of the worst only, meant that he was just like her. It would never be easy to break through and overcome it.

"You do wonders to me, Izabelle." He continued, coaxing her with his sinfully sexy voice. "You're the only one who ever did these things to me. I may not trust myself sometimes and most especially when it comes to this. But... I trust you. You have a special kind of magic on me and you've already proven it twice."

Her eyes widened in awe and disbelief but eventually, she shook her head slightly. "You give me too much credit, Sebastian." She told him softly. Magic... huh... As much as she wished for it to be true, she was as far away from magic as it could get.

Magic may not be an impossible thing to her anymore after all the things she had learned about Sebastian and this country. But she also knew that traumas don't get healed by it. No trauma could be healed magically, literal or not. It would never be that easy. If it was, why would Sebastian be living with it for such a long time? He would have gotten rid of it and lived a normal life.

"I may have helped but I believe it all went well because of you as well, Sebastian. You might have found a way to overcome it naturally with me because... because you've been opening up and baring yourself without restraint to me." Elle added. "I think that maybe it's also because..."

"Because I was in the heat of the moment and in an utter daze...?" he finished, perfectly knowing what she had wanted to say. "And that's why you're a bit worried now because I am currently no longer under the complete spell of pleasure and could get triggered any time. Isn't that right?"

When Elle could not respond, but only looked at him open mouthed, the corner of his lips tugged up and he chuckled.

"Your pessimism really does make me speechless sometimes, Iza." He commented, "But then again, I do think it's not an entirely bad way of thinking. You trained yourself to think of the worst outcomes to minimize the impact of it once it really does strike, and also so you could prevent it from happening."

Her gaze lowered. "I don't want to see you like that again." She whispered weakly. "Tonight, had been... perfect... one of the best nights of my life... thanks to you, Sebastian. So, I... I don't want to... I want us to..."

He pulled at her wrists that he had yet to let go of, and his lips landed on her forehead once again.

"Hush now, Iza... It's okay, baby. You don't to explain anymore.."

"Really? I'm sorry I..."

"F**k, Iza... you have nothing to apologize about, baby girl. You are just being so damned rational right now. You just didn't want to risk this night getting ruined and I'm totally okay with that. In fact, I'm quite glad we can postpone this as well." A wicked and seductive smile flashed across his face as his dimple appeared. And though she had been seeing this dimple more often lately, the effect it has on her had not diminished in the least! "Because the moment I managed to kiss you... I don't think you'll be getting any more chances to keep being in charge tonight."

As Elle blushed hotly from his statement, Sebastian glanced at the clock on the table. And when he saw it was about to strike midnight, he almost cursed out loud. F**k! The birthday present!!!


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Chapter 212 Present

The words that Alexander had said a few days ago echoed in Sebastian's mind. "You can forget everything else except your present to her, Sebby. I'm telling you... you're doomed if you actually fail to give it to her. So, make sure not to forget about it."

Sebastian had simply responded with a deadpan 'yes'. Because he believed that there was no way he would actually forget it. It is like, come on... her birthday. So why would he forget her birthday present?! Yet here he was, almost actually failing to even remember.

Somehow, Alexander's annoying I-told-you-so-face telling him the words 'See? That's why I told you to always listen to this wise old man of yours' flashed in his mind. He could not believe that Alexander seemed to have even seen this one coming as well! What is he? A prophet now?!

Shifting, Sebastian held her closer to him and buried her face into his chest. His gaze quickly searched for his pants and he very quickly spotted it right there, a few steps away on the floor.

When Izabelle moved to pull away from his tight embrace, he did not let her go. He instead held her a little bit tighter and then stood with her tucked into his side.

He knew he had surprised her, but there was really no time to delay. He needed to give it to her now! Before it passed midnight and would no longer be counted as her birthday anymore.

Using his vampiric speed, Sebastian crossed the room along with her in his arms, in a blur. The pants were already in his hand. He had made sure Izabelle did not even notice not feel how he had bent over to pick up his discarded pants.

"S-Sebastian?" Just as she finally called out his name, Sebastian loosened up his hold around her and settled her on top of a nearby table, making sure that she was steady before leting go. Her back was now against the Victorian mirror.

Her face looked so curious when their eyes met. But then, she suddenly caught his face with both her hands and reminded him, "I thought we had agreed that I'm still in charge, Sebastian. The bargain is for the rest of the night until morning, not just until midnight."

He smiled after listening to her speak that way to him. F**k, it was truly one of the biggest surprises that he actually really liked it when she talked like a boss like this!

"I know, baby... and contrary to what you are thinking, I'm not trying to turn the tables around on you."

She then raised a brow at him, wondering what it was that he was up to this time.

"Really? Then why pin me on a table like this, hmm? I don't think I can keep being in charge if you're not under me..." she blushed hard after saying those last two words before she bit down on her lip. Oh f**k, he really needed to divert the topic before he ended up bringing them both back to the couch! Shaking his head and giving a wry smile, Sebastian told himself to focus and make sure to complete the task at hand. And it was an important task too.

"Don't worry baby... we'll return to the couch or the bed, or anywhere you want to be soon enough. But after this..." he said with a smile on his face, enjoying how his words had her expression changing in an instant.

"After... what?" she asked curiously, her eyes starting to sparkle and brim with anticipation.

A few days ago, Alexander had asked Sebastian about his present. He was not planning to say anything about it to Alexander since he believed that the present was not something the man needed to know about. Also, Sebastian was confident that his present to Izabelle was something more than enough. Though he had thought of giving her far more, he had refrained a little because he somehow felt that Izabelle might feel that it was a bit too much.

However, Alexander was adamant in asking if he had even prepared something, so he had ended up spilling it out so the man would finally stop bugging him about it.

To his dismay, Alexander had made the comment that the present he prepared for Izabelle was not even all that special. And then he went on to preach to him, telling him to be more thoughtful and that lavish material items were not really the most special thing one could give to their one special someone.

When he asked Alexander to just tell him or give him some choices for him to choose from, the man had totally refused to name the special present he was talking about. Instead, he forced Sebastian to think about it and to find the perfect present that Izabelle might want and cherish.

Thinking about it had caused Sebastian several hours of headache. Until Alexander himself had given him a clue. Of course, that was only after torturing him with all his wise old man's talks.

Sebastian was a little doubtful though. He was still skeptical if this present would really be enough and is something that would be able to make Izabelle happy. That was the only reason why he still prepared the original gift anyway and would still give it to her still after this. Alexander was confident that it would, but Sebastian was a little unsure. Would this one little thing really be that effective in making her that happy? Would she really treat this one little thing as something so special?

Sebastian knew that the only way to find the answer was to give it to her and see it for himself.

Taking a quiet breath, he pulled away a little and stood before her.

When he reached for her hand, her pupils dilated and he heard her heartbeat begin to thud so loud. So fast, that for a moment, that was all that he could hear.

"Happy birthday, Izabelle... my baby girl, my princess... my wife..." he said and then he slipped something onto her wedding finger.


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Chapter 213 Had I Known

Sebastian paused the moment he tore his gaze off hers and looked down. The sight of her ring a��� the silver ring he had given her that day of their civil wedding a��� made his jaw clenched.

He had never paid attention to it before, but he knew that she had always been wearing it. And the sight of it now had him feeling like he just wanted to go back to the past and hit himself up the head for it. Because this silver ring had been a cold, lifeless jewelry without any significant value to him at all. In fact, it was given to him by Lucas at the very last minute after he had found out that Sebastian had not prepared any ring for his bride on their wedding day! And Sebastian never even asked where he had even gotten it from.

"I'm taking this off." He told her hurriedly, causing her to blink, snapping her out from her trance.

Before she could answer, he had already slipped the silver ring off her finger. "Forget about this one. Because from now on, this is your real and only wedding ring."

Once he slipped the simple yet elegant and unique wedding band onto her ring finger, Elle could not help but just stare at it. I looked so perfect in her finger. As though it was specifically made to fit her, be it the design, color and feel that it carried.

She returned her gaze to him. "Thank you. But... may I know why... you're changing it?" she asked carefully, a little confused.

Sebastian dropped his gaze and half-bite on his lower lip, only he himself knew how he was feeling at this moment and how much he was berating his past self for being such a moron in matters such as this. "Because this one is... not official. I want you to wear something that is unique and being the only one in this world. I hope you'd like this one more." 'Much, much more than the earlier one.' Sebastian did not say the last sentence out loud.

Her lips parted and then closed. Words seemed to be failing her as her eyes began to gleam with emotions.

"I love... it. Thank you so much. But uhm... how about... yours? I mean, the pair of this that is for you to... wear." She kept pausing as she stated those words, as though she was being extra careful.

"Oh yes, there is." He told her and he saw how her eyes stretched and twinkled so brightly. A reaction that confused him. Because he thought that that reaction should be for her ring and not his. "Here." He dug it out of his pants pocket and showed the other ring pair to her and she was quick to take it, her face almost beaming like the sun. As if she had just found something so meaningful, so precious beyond words.

Asking the smith to forge two rings had not been in Sebastian's plan at all. He was only planning to make her a new one. But Alexander had insisted on him asking the smith to make a pair of wedding bands. He had given in just so that Alexander would stop nagging at him like a fishwife. But he never even planned to show it to her. Simply because he thought that there was no reason to.

And yet, here she was, looking so happy at the sight of his ring.

"You're... going to wear this, right? Sebastian?" she asked him excitedly. Her big blue eyes staring at him with extreme anticipation. And he could hear how her heartbeats were racing so fast as she waited for his answer.

"Do you want me to?" He asked her slowly, curious to see what she would answer.

"Yes!" she responded immediately and a little loudly that the both of them were surprised.

A slow smile tugged at the corner of Sebastian's lips. What was going on? The turn of events was not what he had been anticipating at all.

"I didn't know you'd want me to wear it this bad." He uttered, his dimple showing up.

Her expression suddenly turned a little sullen as she stared down the ring in her hand. "I have been... wondering why you didn't bring a ring for yourself that day of our wedding. I had thought it was because... you didn't want other people to know that you're already married." She mumbled as she spoke the last half of the sentence. However, Sebastian heard her loud and clear. And he was really surprised at her revelation.

"I didn't know you'd been having such negative thoughts just because I wasn't wearing a ring."

"It's... important. At least to me, Sebastian." She retorted. "It might not matter to you, but other women don't believe me when I tell them that you're my husband. And it is just because they don't see you wearing any wedding ring. And it had always made me feel so..." she trailed off, catching her lower lip between her teeth. Her gaze wandered from his face and she looked away, while Sebastian was more than a little stunned at what he had just heard.

F**k. He had never once thought that him not wearing his wedding ring could turn out to be this big of an issue. He knew that wedding rings were norms even for the vampires. But to him, wedding rings were just another accessory that did not really matter.

"Tell me who those b*tches are and I will make them a���"

"You can't really blame them for thinking like that, Sebastian." She cut him off before looking at him, a little reprimanding. "Wedding rings have been used for such a meaningful symbol a��� that one is already taken. That one is married. I don't know about the vampires but..." she paused again and hesitated to continue.

But Sebastian had already understood the gist of it. It seemed that he had f**ked up with this one too.

"Alright..." he nodded slowly. "I'm sorry for being such a thoughtless ass about this. Had I known this little... thing had been giving you such troubles..." he sighed and shook his head, "Well... it doesn't matter now. Because from now on, I'm wearing this thing everywhere and for as long as you'd want me to. Is that enough, Izabelle?"


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Chapter 214 Gift
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"R-really? You're going to wear it?!" her blue eyes were wide as she exclaimed, excitement and nervousness warring within her.

When Sebastian nodded, she was at a loss for words for a while.

"Oh Lord... seriously? Everywhere? And all the time?! You're not going to take it off?" her questions came pouring out one after another from her mouth, not able to stop them.

Sebastian was amused at how adorable she was reacting with just this little statement from him. It was truly such a wonder why this matter had such a big effect on her.

"I have already told you, right? It is valid for as long as you want me to. I won't take it off without your express permission." he assured her again, seeing that she truly needed reassurance.

And Elle's lips hung open. She was simply in utter wonder and disbelief. She could hardly believe what was going on. Sebastian just kept on shocking her to her bones tonight and it seems like he was nowhere near done yet! Everything was just a little unbelievable that she could not help but wonder if this was a dream.

Heart beating so loudly in her ears, Elle reached for his hand. Her gaze then dropped to stare at his large veiny hand and long tapering fingers, devoid of any jewelries.

She had never thought she would ever experience this. Her, putting the ring on Sebastian's ring finger. He did not give her any chance on the day of their wedding, and she thought that there would never ever be any more chance for her to do this. Yet here she was, now having that one in a lifetime chance to do it! Lord... things had really felt too good to be true tonight, and now this... she could barely stop herself from jumping up and down in excitement. She was just holding back with everything that she had.

But her excitement was quickly disturbed at the moment she realized that the both of them were somehow... completely naked. Oh dear lord...

Her face burned as she snapped her gaze up back to his gorgeous face. Lord... why did Sebastian not give her the present while the both of them were still dressed properly?

The mere thought that this very special moment was happening with them completely... naked was... oh my lord... could the ground just open and swallow her up already?! She was so embarrassed she could melt into a puddle of goo!

"What's wrong, baby girl?" his sultry voice echoed out right next to her already sensitive ears. The sexy mischief in his tone suddenly returned with full force. "You're so red. Are you suddenly reminded of some naughty stuff?"

"No, I... I th-think we need tuh- to get dressed." Elle stuttered a little as she answered.

He lifted a brow and then tilted his head a little to the side.

"I think I should put the ring on you while we're both properly dressed." She told him shyly, stressing the word 'properly'.


"Be-because this is a special moment and..."


"And I would like to remember this moment... being as perfect as it can be." She scrambled to reason out her request to him.

"But we're already as perfect as we are right now baby, in fact..." he trailed off and leaned in closer to whisper, "us, like this will only make this moment all the more memorable, don't you think so?"

Elle blushed harder after hearing him make that point.

"I personally think it'll be a moment so unlike any other if we continue doing it this way. And besides, I already did my part and put your ring on you while we're completely naked. I definitely won't mind doing it this way, Iza. In fact, I'd really love it if you could put the ring on my finger with me just like this."

Their gazes held. Elle could almost feel steam evaporating off her face - she was that hot! But she knew nothing else should really matter anymore at this point. No matter how embarrassing it might be, it did not really matter, all that mattered to her was that this moment was happening and since he had said that he would love it more this way, she would be more than willing and was happy to do it according to his wishes.

So, she lifted his hand again. Her expression slowly became so serious as her heart danced once again with so many emotions.

All were forgotten for a moment as she finally slipped the ring onto his ring finger.


In a certain empty park.

Elijah was squatting on a bench, dressed in a long black coat. A stray dog was wagging its tail as it looked up at him.

"Wait for a bit, buddy. The food is coming. Oh, it's here."

A man appeared beside him, holding a container of take out consisting of delicious meat from a luxury restaurant.

"Your Highness, the food is here." The man gave him the food and Elijah quickly wore a plastic glove. He picked the meat and then offered it to the stray dog, causing the man who brought the food to facepalm himself.

"You... should've told me it was for the stray dog, Prince Elijah." He complained, almost rolling his eyes in exasperation. "I should've spared myself from going to that restaurant and bought some common food somewhere nearer!"

But Elijah did not seem to hear his subordinate's complaints. He only kept praising the stray dog as it happily devoured the delicious food Elijah was hand feeding him.

"So... my gift didn't reach Sunshine?" Elijah finally asked, without taking his eyes off the stray animal.

"No, Your Highness. The security was just too tight. And it seems, Prince Sebastian had specifically ordered for any and all gifts to be screened, immediately disposing of any suspicious gift, especially those from you."

He halted and then he smirked, shaking his head. "Bad move, Sebastian." He muttered. "If only he knew that the gift I gave to Sunshine for her special day was a whole night of peace."

His tongue clicked as he reached out with his other hand and petted the dog's head. "Since my gift wasn't accepted and didn't reach her, then I guess... there's only one thing I could do now." He slowly stood before stretching languidly and looked up towards the castle that stood on top of the hill from afar. "I'm sorry in advance, Sunshine. Blame Sebastian for this."

Chapter 215 Droplet

The utter bliss and genuine happiness between them, shattered in a blink of an eye as Sebastian suddenly smelled it again. The scent of fresh blood. Iza's blood.

He froze for a second before his entire being immediately responded to the potent scent. Both desire and fear crashed into him like a tidal wave. Desire to taste it... this lethally seductive scent, and fear... of where it was coming from.

Subconsciously, Sebastian's widened eyes traveled down to her throat.

His entire world pulsed. Red and darkness blurred his vision as his blood ran cold within him.


Blood was coming out of her skin. As though an invisible knife had been pressed against her throat, piercing her skin.


The small dot of the wound began to widen slightly. It was like the invisible knife had begun to move, cutting her skin. Slicing very slowly across her tender flesh. More blood flowed from the widening wound, causing the heady perfume of her blood to fill the air.


Sebastian screamed within himself. That internal scream seemed to reverberate in his mind, shaking his soul. The red in his vision pulsed powerfully once again. And it consumed everything. His rationality, his self-control and composure... they were all crumbling like frosted flakes under the heat of the flames.

He saw blood come gushing at him, splattering across his face. Someone... someone's throat was slashed right before his eyes. Hot, fat droplets of blood hit his face, flowing down his cheeks, nose, forehead... everywhere!

"No!!!" he screamed out in agony when he suddenly heard someone start calling out his name.

"Sebastian?! Sebastian!" The voice and the warmth on his face made his body freeze up once again. "Sebastian... w-what's going on? Please look at me!" the panic-filled voice pierced his clouded mind. He then registered the feel of small hands on his skin.

Slowly, the gore and darkness in his vision dissolved. What appeared next was... Iza... his Iza... totally hale and hearty.

His gaze fell to her neck. There was no wound. No blood was flowing from her neck.

"Sebastian?" she called out again, calmly. But he could see the utter panic and worry she was trying to tamp down within her eyes. Her hands that were cupping his face were shaking lightly, and yet she was not letting go of him. In fact, she was clinging onto him even tighter. "Please tell me you can see me now, Sebastian."

Lifting his hand slowly, Sebastian's trembling palm landed on her small and precious face. She was real. She was alright. She was here... She was alright. Alive... that vision he saw earlier was not real... that was just... a d??j? vu... yes... just a d??j? vu...

The icy horror that froze his veins began to melt and he grabbed and pulled her against him. He buckled and his back soon hit the wall.

He panted as he anchored them both against the wall, his arms never letting her go and not allowing her to get hurt. And then he slid down to the floor along with her, all the while protecting her from bumping onto the floor.

He could feel her gently caressing the back of his head as he rested his head into the crook of her neck. Her warmth, her gentle caresses, her patient and sweet whispers... they were like fire in the hearth, slowly but surely melting the ice of horror that had swallowed him whole.

Once Sebastian calmed down a little, he pulled away and looked at her. His gaze fell on her throat again, anxiously checking if she was truly unharmed and there were no wounds on her. The wound was not there anymore but... he still could detect the scent of her blood. He then noticed that a little drop of blood was still there.

His breathing snagged as he reached out his hand and swiped the little droplet of blood with his thumb.

"Sebastian?" she uttered his name once again, her voice full of confusion at what had happened to him. He could see millions of questions brimming in her eyes. But she held her tongue and did not ask anything as worry was still gripping her bad.

"You... you need to get dressed." He managed to say. "We're going to leave here... this place. I need to bring you somewhere else as soon as possible. Now, Iza. Hurry."

With slight difficulty, Sebastian hauled himself up again along with her. He walked towards the dressing room, swaying from left to right, as though he was drunk.

"Get dressed. Make haste, Iza." He ordered as he put her down. HShe listened and the two of them scrambled to dress themselves in haste.

Sebastian was still fumbling about, trying to put on his shirt when Izabelle came to him and held his still trembling hands. Giving his hands a light squeeze, she looked into his eyes and gave him a gentle smile.

"Let me..." she said softly and he realized that she was already dressed.

Nodding and cooperatively putting his hands down, he allowed her to button up his shirt for him. Once she was done with it almost too quickly, she then went to grab his coat and help him put that on too.

Sebastian quietly let her help him. He was busy trying to recover his composure. He needed to get Izabelle out of here now. He needed to bring her to them before... before...

He gritted his teeth. He needed to haste but his body could not stop trembling no matter how he tried to stop it. His body was just not listening to him at this moment.

Clenching his fists, he took a few deep breaths before grabbing a hold of her hand and leading her out of the door.

Once he spotted Lucas downstairs, he immediately knew that the man had just come from their room to check on him.

'Go prepare the car... we're leaving. I need you to drive us.' Sebastian ordered him through their eye communication and Lucas quickly disappeared.