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Chapter 216 Shattering


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Sitting quietly without moving around, Elle kept glancing over at Sebastian. The car was already speeding out of the Queza and she did not know yet where they were heading towards. She and Sebastian were in the back seat while Lucas was driving.

Sebastian did not say anything yet since the moment they had left their room. Since they entered the car, he quietly sat next to her, his head down, resting his forehead against his palm. His free hand was gripping hers so tight like he was afraid someone would snatch her out of his grip. He seemed to be having a lot on his mind and it was as though he needed to sort out his thoughts before being able to explain what was happening to them.

She stared at his hand that was clutching hers, and the wedding band around his ring finger. Elle felt her heart swelling once again just at the mere sight of it. She had not even told him yet how happy he had made her feel tonight most especially when he had given her the chance to finally slip this precious ring onto his finger. The actions were so significant to her. It told her that he was now willingly acknowledging her as his wife and was announcing to the world through this wedding band, that he was now off limits to other women, and belonged to her alone. Words were no longer enough to express all the emotions she had gone through until... until he...

It was shattering and heart wrenching. That scream. His scream. She actually thought that it was more of an inhuman wail rather than a scream. The sound had come so suddenly and had pierced her heart and crushed her soul when she realized that it had originated from her husband's mouth.

Elle did not know what happened. What made him suddenly shriek and react like that out of nowhere. Just one moment ago, they were both so happy and content in each other's arms, and the next moment Sebastian was... She totally had no idea at all on what had brought that episode on. There was only one thing she knew at the moment a��� that whatever he just went through was something extremely traumatic. She could swear she had felt the utter horror in that one word he had yelled so agonizingly. The sound of that scream shook her entire being and sent a lancing pain through her heart and soul so excruciatingly. And then that look in his eyes... lord... what was it that this man was going through?

For a man like him to react that way, to be so horrified like that... Elle could not even imagine how deep and how awful whatever the damages inflicted on him were.

Her heart ached so bad. When she felt him trembling in her arms... when he was fumbling while buttoning his shirt... and even now... she just wanted to gather him to her and hug him so bad, to soothe whatever it was that was torturing him. If she could, she would do anything for him.

Gently, she began to run her thumb in large relaxing circles against his hand. Elle was careful to do it slowly and with just the right amount of force, making it into a very repetitive and relaxing movement. She did not want to disturb him as she knew that he must still be trying his best to recover from whatever it was that he had gone through earlier. But she also wanted him to know that she was just here, right next to him. She wanted to wordlessly remind him that she would always be there beside him as a comforting presence.

She heard him take another sharp breath before he finally moved.

"Come closer to me, baby." he called for her. His voice was a little hoarse.

Elle scooted over to him, leaving just slightly less than an inch of a distance between them.

"Closer, baby." He reiterated.

Once again, she obeyed and moved closer until there was no more space between them. She was literally stuck to his side.

He then gently pressed her head against his shoulder and whispered. "Sleep. This trip will be long."

"Can I ask a question?" she thought for a while before asking hesitantly. "But... it's also okay if I can't right now."

"We'll talk in detail once we get there." He told her.

A short silence passed before Elle nodded understandingly.

However, Sebastian suddenly continued. "One question. I'll answer just one question for now. Give me the easiest one... for now..."

She shifted to her side and looked at him.

Her gaze studied him as she decided on the easiest question she had wanted to ask. She had millions of questions... but she knew that this was not the right time to ask them. Not only because he was obviously not ready yet, but also because Lucas was there with them. She wanted to ask him her questions only when they were alone together.

"Do you feel... a little better now?" this was the question that came out of her mouth. She had thought of asking where they were heading to, but she had at the last minute decided on this one instead. She did not really care much on where he was bringing her. He could bring her anywhere he liked, as long as she was there with him. Right, she needed to know if he was alright. He clearly was not, but she still wanted to know if he was at least feeling a little better now. She felt his trembling had stopped.

He reached out and kissed her head. "Yes." He whispered close to her ear. "Now sleep, Iza. You need to rest."

"Mmm. You too, Sebastian." she muttered and he simply made an 'mmm' sound.

Soon, Elle drifted off to sleep.

A couple of hours later, she was fjolted awake by a series of a loud crashing sounds filling her ears.

Chapter 217 Bad move


Elle could hear nothing but a very loud and piercing ringing in her ears as she looked up at Sebastian. He was on top of her, covering her with his body as she was pinned to the car seat. She was confused for a few seconds and looked around to figure out what was happening. But suddenly something caught her eyes.

Blood. Bright red blood.

His forehead was covered with blood, flowing and dripping down onto her face.

Elle was momentarily paralyzed due to shock, but her eyes drifted to look over his shoulder. The car's roof was pressed against his back.

Before Elle could even start to recover from the shock, her vision was suddenly blocked. He had pulled her and pressed her face against his chest.

And then loud sounds echoed around them again. There were screeching sounds of metal being ripped apart.

When he finally pulled away from her, Elle only saw the dark starry sky above them. The roof of the car was completely gone. She was still lying on the car's seat and Sebastian... his eyes had already turned blood red. His fangs were out and he was blazing with darkness and fury.

She knew in that instant that anger was consuming him fully.

Elle tried her best to get her bearings, but her body and her speech only failed her. What in the world had happened? The last she remembered was her falling asleep after listening to him telling her to rest. What had happened between then and now? She wanted to believe that it was only an accident, but with the way that Sebastian was behaving, there was no way it could be that simple and straightforward.


Elle could not help the shiver that overtook her at the hardness of Sebastian's voice, or was it the unsettling and suffocating aura he was exuding right now? She could no longer tell. All she knew right now was that Sebastian was at the verge of doing something... dangerous. His red eyes, the overwhelming dark and dangerous aura that had enveloped him just screamed to her that he was about to totally lose it.

"Your Highness." Lucas was instantly next to them, he too had blood smeared on his face. But there were no more wounds. Elle thought that it was either the blood was not his, or that he had wounds but their speedy vampiric recovery capabilities had kicked in and healed him almost immediately.

"Take Izabelle away." The order Sebastian gave out had caused Elle to jerk out of her own contemplation and look up at him, wide eyed. He was sending her away with Lucas? But where to? And what about him?

"No, Prince Sebastian." Lucas' response came as a shock to Elle, and even perhaps to Sebastian himself too. She had never heard this man or any of the men who were working under Sebastian, ever said 'no' to their Lord before. "You're not going to go after them –" Lucas had even gone on to tell Sebastian what he should not do, but was quickly cut off.

"Shut up, Lucas." Sebastian hissed out agitatedly. His tone reverberated with warning and was filled with lethal danger. "They are not going to let me bring Iza to the Black Forest. So, there's only one thing that needs to be done. I'll fight and hold all of them back as long as possible, while you bring Iza there. Do you understand?"

"No!" Elle finally managed to speak. "We're not going to leave you here all by yourself, Sebastian! We will go there... all of us, together."

Turning to look at her, he cupped her face and pressed his forehead against hers. "Listen, Iza. You'll only get hurt if we all go together. I can't risk having you get caught in the middle when I am fighting them off! Do you understand me? I am just barely keeping you from getting hurt just now. I need you to go before me. That's the only way I can keep you from getting harmed –"

"But Seb –"

"No buts now, Iza. Go! I'll catch up even before you know it."

"This could be a bad move, Your Highness. What if they're just trying to separate you from the Princess?" Lucas butted in, voicing out his concern. His statement caused Sebastian to whip his head towards him and look at him in silence for a couple of seconds.

"I think we should go together..." Elle agreed with Lucas. She really did not like Sebastian's plan. Something about it was making her feel so uneasy. She wanted the three of them to go together. He must not be left behind! She did not want to get separated from him again because she knew that there was always nothing good that happened whenever they were apart.

However, Elle found herself being pushed against Lucas.

She was about to protest when she saw men - vampires - appearing one after another. Their eyes flashing a bloody red in the dark. Those 19:58

creepy and somehow bloodthirsty red eyes seemed to multiply and surround them very quickly that Elle could not help but shudder in fear.

There was only one thing that came to Elle's mind at that moment. Rouges. The rogue vampires. She had read about them in one of the books in the library. She had also heard from Rion during one of their earlier conversations that they still existed to this day and they were powerful. More powerful than the non-rouges because these vampires were law-breakers who were still drinking human blood - direct from the source.

Uncertainty and a little fear crept through Elle's heart. Though she knew Sebastian was powerful, and a vampire royal ... there were just too many of them against him alone!

Elle looked at Sebastian but he was not even looking at the rogues before them. His gaze was turned away from them and looking somewhere else. He seemed to be focusing on the top of a hill across them.

Something dark reeked from Sebastian's body as he uttered through clenched teeth. "E-LI-JAH..."

Chapter 218 It’s time

At the top of the hill, Elijah was sitting leisurely on a rock with his legs crossed and looking down at the road far below. One arm was crossed over his knee while the other, he was using it to lazily rest his face on his knuckles. The way he was observing the things happening down below was as though he were watching some interesting but light TV drama.

"H-he's looking at you." Mike broke the silence. "Are you sure about this, Your Highness? What if Prince Sebastian ends up coming after us?"

"No, he won't." Elijah replied with nonchalance. However, there was a hint of confidence in his tone as though he was very sure that what Mike was afraid of would not happen.

"I don't know about that. Can't you see he's super angry right now?" Mike's tone wavered a little as he could feel Prince Sebastian's heavy gaze and the pressure exerted even all the way here. He shivered at the thought of Prince Sebastian's mad rage.

"Not angry enough." Elijah only shook his head rather playfully, not taking Mike's concern to heart.

Mike sighed, shaking his head. "I still believe he'd come at us once he's done slaughtering everyone else. You do know he could still take all those rogues down on his own, right?"

Elijah glanced at Mike like the man had said something really stupid.

"Don't you dare f**king insult the power of a Reign, you big idiot." Elijah said in a neutral yet scary voice. And his words only confused Mike. Bloody Mary... was he actually defending his enemy now? I really cannot understand this man sometimes!!!

"Though his other powers are gone, and he's now, well... a little tamed, his vampiric prowess as a Reign has always been there." Elijah continued.

Mike scratched the back of his neck. "So, you believed before you even dispatched those rogues that they'd end up getting destroyed by Prince Sebastian...?"

"If he chooses to fight... that is. But Sunshine's there. He might choose flight over fight."

"Really? Prince Sebastian would even consider running away?! I don't think that's possible, Your Highness." Mike laughed awkwardly. Never had he heard of Prince Sebastian running away from a fight. Chances are even higher for him to run towards a fight rather than away from one!

"Perhaps before, that might have been impossible. But now, he's changed. I don't think he'd let her see him slaughter those men."

Mike's lips formed an 'o' but then, his brows creased with confusion once again. "What would we do if he chose to run away, then?" he asked, still looking more and more confused.

Elijah tilted his head and returned the question to Mike. "What do you think?"

"We'll chase after them? Since well, our goal is actually to stop them from reaching Alexander's territory and especially the Black Forest." Mike tried guessing as he scratched his head, knowing that he was just throwing out guesses.

A mysterious smile graced Elijah's handsome face as he shook his head ever so slightly.

Mike gawked in surprise. "What?! No... you're just kidding right..." he let out a short awkward laugh.

"There's no way you're just going to stay still and watch them escape, right? You've waited for so long and planned so meticulously... only to let this opportunity slip away just like that?" Mike continued, reasoning out for himself. "By the way, Your Highness... there's still one thing I can't quite understand. Why did you wait for such a long time before taking actions against Prince Sebastian? I believe that there were a lot of opportunities before this as well. And during those times, I believe that Prince Sebastian isn't as dangerous as he is right now."

"What made you think that Sebastian's more dangerous now?" Elijah glanced at him, an elegant brow arched up in question while one corner of his lips curled up minutely.

"Well... just look at how he always seems to be on edge lately. It feels like the moment he manages to get his hands on you, he'd turn right around and torture you nice and slow until you are just begging for death. He used to not react this intensely at all no matter how you had provoked him." Mike pointed out the points that he felt were key in arguing his case.

Another soft smile flashed across Elijah's lips. "That's where you are wrong. Sebastian's at his weakest state right now. Weakest, Mike. Desperate... state..." The last two words were a whisper when it came out of Elijah's lips. "It wouldn't be fun at all if I actually came at him seriously before he was brought to a state like this, wouldn't it? It would be one hell of a boring game, don't you think so, Mike?" Turning around, Elijah looked back down the hill where Sebastian was before a twisted grin flashed quickly across his face, full of meaning but one that Mike could not decipher no matter how he thought about it.

"Er... I think so, Your Highness." Mike agreed to his Lord's statement. That was all he could respond with.

The atmosphere very quickly became heavier, reeking with something so strong that it was enough to make any oblivious passerby feel a chill crawl over their skin.

"P-prince Elijah..." Mike could no longer stop himself from breaking the heavy silence. He was literally sweating where he stood. "I think they're about to escape! I think you should do something now before they..." Mike trailed off as Elijah finally rose from his sitting position.

Taking a steady step up, Elijah stood on top of the stone he had been initially sitting on and shoved one of his hands into his coat pocket. His long dark coat was fluttering about, dancing in the soft breeze that blew in from behind him.

His grey eyes that were warm, relaxed and nonchalant earlier, suddenly turned cold, so cold that the temperature of the very air around him dropped significantly. "I had waited so long for this... Sebastian..." He uttered in a sibilant manner, meeting Sebastian's gaze from far down the road. "It's time... it's time for the real game to begin... I can't wait... I can't wait to watch you suffer slowly and finally lose your mind... It's time for you to pay... for everything."

Chapter 219 Don’t

"Turn around, Izabelle." Sebastian ordered in a low voice. "And don't ever turn back and look until I say it is fine to do so." Sebastian's voice was serious and deep, brooking no arguments.

Elle swallowed hard but she immediately obeyed. She knew what was about to happen. He was going to fight and he did not want her watching him in action.

But this was far better than him ordering Lucas to take her away and leave him to fight alone. As much as she wanted to tell him that she could help him out in some way or other, she did not. Biting down on her lips, she only nodded and kept silent. She would force herself to immediately obey him despite the unease and fear and worry creeping within her.

Almost immediately, the fight began. And Elle could only squeeze her eyes tightly closed and clenched her fists into rigid balls as she stood there, as still as a tree. The sounds were so loud in her ears and all she could do at that moment was to pray that Sebastian would be okay. That he was going to somehow beat them all and the three of them would finally manage to escape.

But just a few moments later, she lifted her hands and covered her ears. The sounds were making her stomach tremble in fear no matter how she tried to steel herself. Because those sounds were obviously made by someone who was... dying.

She could not tell how long the chaos had gone on for, but she was jolted to her senses by Sebastian's yell. "Stop!!!"

Elle's entire being shuddered at the sound of his voice. That sound... it was almost like his scream back in their room.

Her heartbeat thundered against her ribcage, causing her entire frame to shake a little and Elle could no longer stop herself from turning back to sneak a little peek, disobeying his earlier orders. She must check if he was alright! Please... be alright. She prayed, over and over again.

The scene that welcomed her was shocking. The rogues' bodies were scattered all over the ground. The atmosphere was reeking with blood and stank of ... Death. Just a light whiff was enough to send Elle's stomach heaving. However, she clamped down hard on the instinctual reaction of wanting to bend over and throw out the contents of her stomach.

Elle gritted her teeth and withstood the sour churning of her stomach.

But nothing had turned her blood colder than the sight of Sebastian standing there, looking at her with that horror in his eyes again.

"S-sebastian..." Elle uttered and her feet began to move towards him when an unfamiliar voice echoed.

"His Highness said you must tell Princess Izabelle not to approach you, Prince Sebastian." The man dressed in black suit standing several steps away from Sebastian said. He did not look like he had just participated in the fight. Where had he come from?

Elle returned her gaze to Sebastian and she saw him gritting his teeth. "Don't move, Iza. Stay still... please..." He pleaded with difficulty and Elle immediately stopped, obeying him. Lord... she felt her heart breaking once again after seeing the look on his face.

He looked alright. Physically. Despite the bodies that were littering the ground, he did not look like he had received a single blow at all and yet... here he was, acting like this. He had won the fight so what was going on? Why was he having that look in his eyes again?

"His Highness said that you must let me come near you. And do remember to keep still and not do anything at all. If you make even a single movement, you know what will happen to the princess." The man continued giving his instructions, throwing in the threats to harm Elle, and Sebastian's eyes burned with a lethal gray fire. His aura was now blazing so dangerously, like the solar flares on the surface of the sun.

But then, he yielded. "Just f**king come. I won't do anything. So don't... don't f**king touch her!" he growled.

Elle was so confused. Who would touch her? There was no one but the three of them now. Lucas... she could not see where he was. He was gone. So why... why was Sebastian obeying the other man like... like she was being held captive?

The man approached Sebastian cautiously, but still with confidence. And then out of the blue, the man lifted his hand.

Sebastian was quick enough to catch his wrist. A syringe was in the man's hand and he was obviously planning to stab Sebastian with it in the neck!

Just when Elle thought that Sebastian was going to take the man down now that he had caught him, he suddenly whipped his head towards her and yelled again. "STOP It!! F**K!! DON'T!"

He looked so terrified as he looked right at her. Specifically... at her neck.

Elle lifted her hand to lightly brush against the skin of her neck when she felt something wet on her skin.

Pulling her hand away from her neck, she looked down only to see something straining her fingers red. Blood. When did it get on her neck?

"Then let go of my hand and let me stab you, Prince Sebastian. Don't worry, this is just a potent sleeping pill in liquid form." The man said and Elle, who had heard every single thing the man spoke, snapped her head back at them. Lord... what were they trying to do? Please don't... don't let go of his hand, Sebastian...

Elle begged him through her eyes, willing him to understand her look. But Sebastian was not even wanting to meet her gaze. His eyes were fixed on her bleeding throat instead.

"Don't harm her!" Sebastian uttered. But to Elle's ears, it sounded like a bargain being made, and it sent a pang of unease through her.

"She won't get hurt as long as you obey, Prince Sebastian. Now let go. This is the last time I'm warning you. If you stop me again, you'll regret it." The man threatened.

"No..." Elle called out, but Sebastian had already let go of the man's wrist.

Chapter 220 Different Reason

"No!!!" Elle's scream rang in the darkness as she watched Sebastian get stabbed in the neck with the syringe.

And before she knew it, she was rushing towards her husband, totally forgetting about the threat to her safety. Her mind had completely disregarded her own life, only wanting to get to Sebastian as fast as she could. She pushed the stranger out of her way. Her strength did not do much, but the man had his eyes widening at her fearless action.

"Sebastian!" Elle caught Sebastian as his body became limp. "Sebastian!" She slowly slid down to the ground as her smaller body could not handle his large and heavy one.

Kneeling on the ground, Elle held him protectively against her as her arms wrapped around him. He was panting and groaning even as he rested his head on her shoulder. And she could feel him suddenly burning up. The heat coming from him was so extreme that she could even feel it radiating through his clothes.

Her heartbeat raced so hard with worry. She had heard it was a potent sleeping pill. So why did Sebastian seem as though he was in pain and burning instead of just getting drowsy?

She glanced up at the stranger now looking down at them. Her eyes were filled with spite.

"What did you do my husband?!" she hissed at him angrily, unable to control her emotions at all anymore.

"Whoah! Princess... easy there. Don't look at me like I've beaten up the prince to death. I only injected something into him, okay?" the stranger said, holding both hands up to her in surrender.

Her jaws clenched, her eyes sharpening as she gave him the look that could only be described as the one that means, 'if looks could kill'.

"It's just a sleeping pill, Princess. Don't worry and just chill out. But of course, it would be very hard to take the prince down with just a pure sleeping pill so there's some additional stuff in there to immediately immobilize a man like him. But again, worry not princess, that's never enough to even endanger his life a little. Believe me." The stranger continued explaining rather nonchalantly.

Elle was a little relieved hearing what the man said, but she knew better than to just trust anyone's word right now. Especially this man who had just stabbed her husband right in the neck.

"He's telling the truth." A familiar voice echoed. A dark and beautiful voice that had her gooseflesh crawling over her skin.

Whipping her head towards the source of the voice, she saw him standing there ever so leisurely, one hand still shoved into his pocket. Elijah! What was he even doing here?!

She still could not quite see his face as the light coming from their wrecked car was behind him. But she could never mistake this man's voice and that presence. 

"Hello, Sunshine." He greeted in a sultry and relaxed voice.

Elle gritted her teeth, not happy to see him in the least despite him being Sebastian's brother.

"So, it's you again." She did not hide the hatred in her voice. "Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to your own brother?!" her tone grew even more aggressive and furious as she spoke.

He seemed to take a deep sigh before he approached closer. And as he did, Elle held Sebastian tighter against her, wrapping her arms around him like she was terrified that Elijah would snatch Sebastian away from her.

"Wow..." Elijah sounded amused and amazed. "What a protective princess you are. As expected of you, Sunshine." He sounded as though his praise was genuine. But Elle would never believe anything from this man ever again. "I wonder though... if you'd still be this protective of Sebastian once you learn what kind of being he truly is... what kind of insanity had he committed... and what kind of secrets he's been hiding. I honestly can't wait to find out..."

"You didn't answer any of my questions." Elle bravely retorted, as though she did not hear a single word of what Elijah had just said. Her eyes were gleaming with so much intensity in the dark as she trained her hostile gaze on Elijah. Sebastian had stopped groaning. He was only panting now and she knew that he was starting to lose consciousness. "Answer me, Prince Elijah a���"

"First things first..." Elijah cut her off, squatting down right before her and then stretching his hand towards her. A white handkerchief was offered, dangling from his fingers. "Wipe off that blood on your neck. I don't drink directly from non-vampires but I might end up breaking my own rules and taste that intoxicating blood of yours..." his eyes were intently looking at her bloodied neck as though he wanted to lick it.

He trailed off when Elle snatched the handkerchief from his hand and immediately and harshly wiped the blood off her neck.

"It seems that Sebastian has already told you something about your blood." He said as he stretched his hand at her again, this time palms facing towards as he silently asked for the handkerchief.

Elle reluctantly gave it back to him and then she watched him set the handkerchief on fire. "We need to get rid of your tempting scent, or my men might lose their wits and launch themselves at you. They are trained, but it is your one-of-a-kind blood we're talking about here."

He threw the burning handkerchief away behind him and Elle returned her gaze to him. She was not able to see his face clearly again as her eyes were focused on the handkerchief when he lit his lighter up.

"Speaking about your blood..." he continued. "Did you know that there's a very interesting reason why Sebastian is refusing to drink your blood, Sunshine? And no, it's not because he's afraid to endanger your life or anything like that. There's a completely different reason why and I know he'd never told you about it. Do you want to know what is it, hmm? Princess Elle?"