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🔞🔞 Chapter 361: The Battle Begins (1)

Note: Parental guidance is advised because of some harsh language and bloody scenes

The sky is dyed in the orange afterglow of the setting sun. The waves are splashing calmly along the beach near the small pier. A pair of guards are on patrol, walking along the sandy pathway of the beach.

"It is kind of boring to guard this desolate place." One guard said. "Don't you think?" He asked his partner.

"Well, kind of." The other guard replied. "The sound of the waves make me kind of sleepy. And the smooth wind just makes you just want to lie down somewhere and sleep."

"Haaahhh…" The other guard sighed. "When will our shift end?" He asked.

"Probably not some time soon." The other guard replied. "The others are preparing for the surprise attack we will launch in the port city of Veluria."

"That is where the king of Grandcrest is residing currently, correct?" The other guard replied.

"Yes. Our queen has quite a grudge against him." The other guard said. "Most of the army will be joining into battle against the king of Grandrest while he has a small amount of his men with him right now. The high priest had advised our queen to attack with this advantage."

"I know right." The other guard replied. "The king of Grandcest's army is all the way in the capital. He is at a disadvantage right now."

"But even so, I heard that the king's men are also magic users like us." The other guard said.

"What?! They are Atlantians like us as well?" The other guard said in surprise.

"I heard from one of are comrades that came with out prince Gladiolus that even the king of Grandcrest himself is Atlantian with half of royal blood running through his veins." The guard replied to his partner.

"That is something surprising." The other guard said. "But still, we have our allegiances to our queen and prince that has pure royal blood. I am sure that they will bring back glory to us Atlantians."

"I don't know." The guard has a reluctant expression on his face. "I heard that the king of Grandcrest is a good leader to his men, especially to Atlantians like us. What if…?" He trailed off.

"What are you saying?!" The other guard scolded. "Do you plan of betraying our queen and prince? You are absurd! Are you crazy?"

"Have you not seen how our queen has been acting lately?" The guard countered. "She is getting angry all the time and lashing it out on us. It is Iike she is just seeing us as slaves that will do all of her bidding."

"The queen has given us a second chance in life, did you forget that? If not for her, we would have lived a life more terrifying than living in hell!" The other guard said with an angry expression. "Our queen is just acting like that because she lost in the civil war against her own daughter who betrayed her."

"That is what I am thinking as well. Why did you think the princess has betrayed her own mother? In all of our years with her majesty, she never even once treated the princess like how she treats the prince." The guard said. "I am just staying here because of Prince Gladiolus. He is the only hope left for us who is under Queen Patricia."

"Stop your nonsense." The other guard scolded. "Her majesty is just stressed with all that has happened. And you are right, his highness Prince Gladiolus is our last hope and that is why we are fighting to get the forbidden magic that will turn the tide in this war. We might be in the losing side, but not for long."

While the two guards were talking to each other, shadows were moving stealthily under the waves. And without any sound, something swiftly moved out of the water.

"What the…?!" The other guard was caught by surprise with the sudden splash of water. He was about to pull out his sword but was too late. His throat was slashed by nail marks, blood flowed non stop. The guard fell down the sand with him gurgling on his own blood before he had breathe his last.

The other guard was in shock when he saw his partner fall down lifeless and was about to counter attack but before he does, a knife was resting neatly on his throat. The sharp blade was sticking so closely to his neck that a trickle of blood came down. If he moved even a little, he will surely have a slight cut on his throat.

"I will not do that if I were you." William who was the one holding the knife on the guard's throat threatened him. "If you want to live, then I suggest you do not do anything foolish."

The guard saw men and women coming out of the water. He knew that he was outnumbered and there was nothing he can do with a knife on his throat threatening his life.

"I… I surrender." The guard said.

"That is a good decision." William said and took the sword of the guard away from him. "Tie this one up and be sure to gag him." He pushed the guard towards one of his men.

"Yes, Sir William." One of the men replied.

Anatalia emerged from the waters and walked towards William.

"I think the men that my sisters have charmed are at the docks." Anatalia said. "We can sneak to the ships with a little effort."

"That will help a lot." William replied. "But there will still be some guards that are not under your charms so let us be careful nonetheless."

"I know. Unlike our queen, we can only charm one man at a time." Anatalia said with a disappointed look on her face. "But we can still help in fighting." She had a confident look.

"It's okay. You and your sisters were still helpful." William patted Anatalia's head. "You go with your sisters and try to clear out as much guards as you can quietly. Be careful not to alert the others of our presence."

"Do not worry. We will handle this carefully." Anatalia gave William a thumbs up and smiled.

"Be careful." William said and Anatalia nodded.

Anatalia left the beach shore with her sisters quietly. William and his men who were wearing black clothes were blending now that the sun has set.

From the horizon, many boats are arriving quietly to shore. The boats are carrying other men from William's group. When the boats are ashore, the men aboard jumped down. Some were carrying crates and put it down the beach shore.

"We will head towards the ship docks quietly." William ordered his men. "Some of the guards would be under the siren's charms, the sign that one is under a sirens charm is having blank eyes without shine as if they are lifeless. This will help us move more effectively. But we still need to move stealthily and carefully. There would be others that are not under the siren's charm and we need to watch out for them as to not alert the others."

"Yes." William's men replied.

William opened one of crates and dynamites were seen inside. They plan to plant explosives to the enemy's ships.

"All of you, carry enough amount that you can." William ordered. "We will place this dynamites on the ships and then wait for my signal before lighting the fuse. Understood?"

"Yes sir." William's men replied in unison.

William's group now then stealthily moved in the night. They headed towards the docks where the ships that Patricia's army will use to launch a surprise attack by dawn. With this intel they got, they have planned to destroy every ship they find in the docks to also prevent Patricia and her army to get to where Alicia was as well.

At the entrance of the docks, they saw quite a number of guards walking around. William made a hand gesture towards his men to stop, his men stopped and hid behind stacked crates and boxes along the way. In sight were three guards chatting to each other in the entrance.

"The night is quiet." A guard said to his partner.

"It is the calm before the storm, I guess." The other guard replied. "Tomorrow will be a big day of the battle."

"Unfortunately we won't get to see the action because we are on duty tonight." Another guard said.

"I know right. It is a pity we cannot pay back the Atlantian traitors we have fought a few days ago." The guard replied.

"Yes, they are a piece of sh*t to side with the half blood royal." The other guard said. "They should die for doing such!" He said with anger.

While the guards were chatting, William gave another hand gesture to two of his men to move slowly. When they were in place, William gestured once again to wait and then gave a go signal to attack.

The two men jumped in swiftly. One of William's men got one guard from behind and stabbed him with a knife on his back with holding the guard's mouth tightly so he will not scream. The other one was slit on the throat swiftly from behind as well, blood oozed and the guard's body dropped on the ground lifeless. The other guard was just standing looking lifeless, he was one of the guards that were charmed by the sirens.

William then gestured his men to spread quietly to do their mission. William also moved towards the ships on the docks when he saw head bobbing out of the waves in the water. Some sirens were there to help them with the charmed ones. William nodded to them as thanks and then proceeded as planned.

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🔞🔞🔞Chapter 362: The Battle Begins (2)

Note: Parental guidance is advised because of some harsh language and bloody scenes

William and his men started to spread out to the ships that are on the docks. They quietly dealt with the guards that were not under the charm of the sirens, while the sirens are using those that they have charmed to deal with other guards as well. Overall, William's group are going on smoothly in their plan.

William was stealthily moving to another ship when he saw another pair of guards walking in their rounds.

"I am a little relieved that I am on duty guarding here at the docks." The guard said.

"And why is that?" The other guard replied.

"It is because I do not want to fight against fellow Atlantians like last time." The guard sighed. "I do not know about you, but it is does not feel right for me. I mean… we are fighting to revive our ruined country. Why would we need to fight against our fellow countrymen?" He reasoned out.

"Even if they are fellow Atlantians, they have betrayed our country by siding with the country that helped with our country's downfall." The other guard replied.

"I heard that the king of Grandcrest also have Atlantian royal blood." The guard replied. "It is not their fault that they have served him, we Atlantians are usually drawn to people with royal blood of Atlantia."

"Heh, I heard that he only has half of the royal blood. Unlike our queen and prince that are pure bloods. If you ask me, those that serves our queen's enemy deserves death even if they are fellow Atlantians." The other guard replied. "Just shut up and do not say word of your concerns any longer. If our queen hears you speak of such foolishness, she might punish you severely."

William was using the dark to sneak behind the guards. He picked a piece of wood on the ground and threw it at the opposite direction to serve as a distraction.


"What was that?" The guard asked and looked at the direction of the sound.

"Let us go and look." The other guard said. "Lead the way, I will be right behind you."

The guard walked towards the direction where the sound came from first. His partner was behind him a few steps back. William used this chance to sneak up on the one at the back with a knife on his hand. He quickly grabbed the guard and covered the guard's mouth with his hand to prevent him to make any noise. William quickly raised his hand with the knife and slit the throat of the guard. Blood spilled from the guards throat but he stilled tried to fight his way out of William's grip to no avail. The guard's body convulsed and then dropped down, void of life.

"Who is there?" The other guard that inspected the sounds was holding the hilt of his sword with tensions. He was careful to turn the corner but when he did, he only saw a dead end and sighed in relief. Thinking that the sound was nothing, he was about to turn around but then he was tackled from behind in surprise. "Ahhh."

William had the other guard pinned on the ground, his knife was resting on the guard's neck carefully.

"Do not make any noise if you want to live." William said. "Nod if you understand." The guard nodded.

"If you want me to spare your life, then you have to surrender." William said. "Nod your head once again if you agree to surrender."

The guard was at first hesitant, but then nodded his head in the end.

"Good." William pulled the guard up from the floor and pushed him at the edge of the docks. He pushed the guard towards the water.

"Ahh…" The guard tried to yelp while he was falling, but before his voice came out something from the water leaped out quickly and grabbed the guard mid air before falling.

"I will leave him to you ladies." William said.

"Hehehe…" Beautiful voices giggling are heard after. William smiled thinking that the sirens really have nice voices.

When William turned around, he saw one of his men running towards him.

"Sir William, all of the guards have been dealt with." The man said.

"That is good." William replied. "How many of the enemies has surrendered?" He asked.

"Quite a few sir." The man replied.

Before William left, Regaleon specifically told him that enemies that he thinks could be redeemable can be given the option to surrender. Therefore, they do not kill on sight but give those Atlantians that seems to be swayed the chance to surrender.

"How about the explosives?" William asked.

"All explosives have been set sir." The man replied. "We are only awaiting for your orders."

"I understand." William nodded. "Tell the men to be on standby."

"Yes sir." The man nodded and left.

William sighed looking at the direction of a hill near the estate. "That should be where his majesty will be coming from." He muttered.

Before William gives the order to detonate the explosives, he was said to wait for a signal coming from his majesty himself.

"We have to get the timing right. Now, my group will only need to wait." William said. "How are the others doing?" He wondered.


At the other side of the valley, Raphael's group and the lycans led by Belgor were marching. The night was still early and they were getting near the baron's estate where Patricia's army is getting ready for their planned attack.

Raphael's groups was riding in horseback while the lycans were in there animal form. They were marching at a steady pace when Belgor took the lead.

"We have to stop here." Belgor said to Raphael.

"Halt!" Raphael gave the order and their group stopped from advancing.

"The estate can be seen from afar just behind that bend over there." Belgor used his snout to point the direction. "We cannot go further because guards are surely roaming around."

"I understand." Raphael replied with a nod. "We still need to wait for his majesty's signal before we can launch our attack as planned."

"Yes, you are right." Belgor said. "But we can at least pluck out the guards one by one." He said flashing his sharp teeth after a grin.

"Is it really necessary to?" Raphael asked with an eyebrow up.

"It is still best to be cautious." Belgor replied. "We cannot risk being found out before we can start the operation, correct?"

"I understand." Raphael sighed. "Then we will leave them up to you. I heard that your species are good in stealth."

"Leave them to us." Belgor grinned and nodded to Grey.

Grey knew immediately what his father meant and hand picked a number of lycans.

"Take the guards out as quietly as possible." Grey gave his command. "Remember what Regaleon had said. If the enemy looks like they are worthy, then let them surrender. But if they do not, then you know what to do."

The lycans that Grey hand picked nodded their heads and swiftly moved into the darkness of the trees. Not long, some muffled voices can be heard not far from where they are. The estate was still a bit far from where they are, and so muffled noises is not something to be alarmed about.

The humans in the group stiffened after hearing the muffled voices that they can only imagine what is currently happening. They only knew of the lycans in a short period of time and they cannot dispel the uneasiness they are feeling towards something they do not know of.

"Do not worry. I am sure that they will give chance to those that willingly surrender." Belgor said.

"I do not doubt you will." Raphael said with a smile. "His majesty had put his trust on you and I believe in his majesty's decisions. And so, I will put my faith in you and your species."

"I like you human. Hahaha." Belgor laughed.

"Then that is good to hear." Raphael replied. "I also feel that we can be good friends in the future."

After the humans seeing their leader and the lycans leader speaking casually with one another, have relaxed their tension from before. The conversation of both leaders had dispelled any hostility both parties had with one another.


(Regaleon's POV)

My men and I have taken the passage that will take us to the hill near the baron's estate. We have journeyed into a thick forest that is the only way.

The sun had just set into the horizon and the night sky was filled with stars and a quarter moon. We were getting nearer to our destination.

"Because our path was within the dense forest, we will be arriving last compared to the other two groups." Dimitri said.

"Hmm, it seems to be that way." I replied.

"But it is still good because at our location, we can see if both the groups are in place before we commence with our operation." Dimitri said.

"Yes, we will proceed as planned." I said. "The other two groups will wait for our signal before launching our attack."

I have told the other groups to set out as planned. If ever they are to engage in battle with the enemy, it would be best to do it stealthily. And if ever some of the people under Patricia wanted to surrender, then they are free to do so and should be left unharmed and to be detained.

"Your majesty, I can see our destination." Dimitri said.

I saw the edge of the hill after a long trek up. We carefully crouched low to the ground and looked down. In our current position in higher ground, we can see down below more clearly.

'Tempest.' I called to him telepathically.

'I am here.' Tempest replied inside my mind.

After that, we linked with each other and I can now see what he sees. He was flying above the estate and hovered around. In the direction of the valley, I can see Raphael and Belgor's group waiting patiently under the shadow of the trees. At the sea side, I can see that William had taken the docks while Anatalia had taken out the guards on the sea shore.

"It is time." I said in earnest. "The last battle with Patricia is about to begin."

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Chapter 363: The Final Battle (1)

(Regaleon's POV)

As I look down from above using Tempest's eyes, I saw that the two groups are in their respective positions. They are only waiting for my signal to commence our surprise attack.

"Dimitri." I called.

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri was in attention at once.

"Tell the men to have a fifteen minute break." I ordered. "And after that, we will start our attack."

"As you wish, your majesty." Dimitri replied.

I looked down to the estate with my own two eyes. Inside that mansion was Patricia and Gladiolus. They are currently at the possession of the other half of the key fragment that I need to get to my wife Alicia. As I promised, I will surely end this war with Patricia right here and now.

I came down from the edge and walked towards my men who were having a quick break. I am sure they had a weary journey but we still need to be in schedule after coming here.

"Your majesty, I have conveyed your orders." Dimitri said when I walked towards them.

"Hmm." I nodded. I looked at my men who were looking at me with calm solemn eyes. "All of you here today had been by my side for many years. This is not the first time we have ridden into battle and I surely hope that it will be the last, in the hopes of peace after this. Like I always say before we go into battle, I wish you all to stay alive no matter what it takes. It is the best feeling of achieving victory with all of you present to celebrate it with me."

"We are always here behind you, your majesty." Dimitri replied in behalf of his men.

"We promise you victory, like the other battles before this." Chris chimed in.

"YES VICTORY!" The men cheered. "VICTORY… VICTORY!!!"

I raised my hand to hush their cheers. "I am sure we will obtain victory tonight. I promise you all the peace we yearned for after this fight."

"YEAH!!!" The men replied.

I looked around and looked down on the estate and the people inside that does not have any knowledge of what is to come.

"It is time." I said and looked at the night sky. I lifted my arms up and produced fire magic on my hands. I fired it up as brightly as possible and shot it towards the night sky. My fire blast came up like fireworks and lit up the darkness around the area. For sure with this, my army have seen this and knew what to do. The enemy should have also seen this and are now in alarm.

"You will not know what hit you, Patricia." I grinned. I pulled my sword from its sheath and pointed it towards the mansion where our enemies were. "FORWARD!!!" I ordered.

"AAAHHHGGGHH!!!" My men shouted their battle cry.


William looked up at the light that illuminated the night sky. It was like fireworks lighted up in festivals. He knew at once that it was the signal he has been waiting for.

"Tell the men to light the fuses and run to a safe distance." William gave his order to one of his men.

"At once, sir." The man replied and swiftly ran to relay William's orders.

William walked towards the place where he had set up the explosives. It was at the bottom of the ship where he was sure that it would make much damage.

The fuse was long enough to give William time to run to a safe distance. He took out the match from his pocket and lighted it up. The fire flickered on the match stick in between his fingers and carefully ignited the fuse. The fuse was now burning slowly.

"This will do." William murmured to himself. He then ran up to the deck of the ship and swiftly got off toward the docks. His men were also running out from the others ships, a sign that they have done their missions.

"Hurry! Run to a safer distance!" William shouted.

His group were now running out of the docks. The explosives they have planted will surely wipe the docks from where it is standing right now.

"You also swim out to safety!" William told the sirens that were still on water. The sirens nodded in understanding and quickly dived and vanished from the water's surface.

William and his men had safely arrived on shore in a safer distance when he saw Anatalia and some of her siren sisters running towards them.

"William!" Anatalia waved to him. "Leon gave the signal."

"Yes, I know." William replied.

"I also did a good job." Anatalia said with a smile, waiting to be praised. William smiled seeing the young siren.

"I see." William patted her head. "You did a good job."

Anatalia beamed a smile like a little girl being given a treat.


Explosions are now being heard one after another. The rows of ships that were parked in the docks are now being engulfed in a huge fire. All of the ships are now destroyed, without a single one being left.

"We are successful in our first mission." William said looking at the blazing fire. "Brace yourselves because these shores will be littered with enemies in a few minutes!" He told his men.

William's group knew that the explosion will attract attention of their enemies inside the estate. They all pulled out their swords waiting for their enemies to come. William as well pulled out his sword, readying himself of what is to come.

Not long, a group of men came rushing from the direction of the estate. As planned, the explosions has attracted a huge amount of Patricia's forces.

"Here they come!" William yelled. "Show them what we Alvannians do to unwanted guest in our lands! More so to enemies that threatens our lands!"

"YEAH!!!" William's men yelled.

Both groups clashed in the middle of the sandy beach. The sounds of swords clashing are heard in the dead of night. Screams of those that are wounded and fell were heard, making the sandy beaches a bloody battlefield.

"Sir, they are using their magic!" One of William's men yelled.

Indeed they were briefed that their enemies were Atlantians that uses magic in attacks. The men under William who were normal Alvannian humans were at a disadvantage.

"They may have magic, but they are not invincible!" William yelled. And as to make his words seem true, he had pierced his sword straight to the heart of an Atlantian opponent that dropped dead in front of him. "Do not be afraid and have faith in your skills as Alvannian soldiers!"

William's words brought confidence and courage back to his men. They were fighting their enemies while relying in their skills that they have achieved in the years of training.

"Do not worry. We are also here to help!" Anatalia shouted.

From the waters of the sea emerged the Sirens. They started to sing and their beautiful voices were heard along the shores. One by one the enemies were entranced with their melody.

"H-Hey… what are you doing?" One enemy shouted. "No… I am not your enemy. Nooo…"

The enemies that were under the Siren's enchantment were fighting against their own allies. This gave William's group an advantage against their enemies.

Many bodies are now littered by the shores of the beach. The sandy shores that were golden before under the sun are now tainted with blood. William had killed another one of the enemies when he saw flashing lights coming from not so far away. It was evidence that there was a magic battle ongoing from that direction.

"I hope you are doing fine, your majesty." William murmured. "You are the only one who can get to Alicia now." He said while piercing his sword to an enemy that was in front of him.


"It looks like it is time." Belgor looked at the signal that Regaleon had just shot up the night sky.

"It seems so." Raphael was also looking at the signal above. "Men get ready to charge in!" He ordered.

Grey had just got back from his first mission to take care of the guards in the vicinity. He and the other lycans that came with him had their furs stained with blood.

"We have taken care of the guards in the vicinity." Grey said.

"That is good." Belgor replied. "How about those that surrendered?" He asked.

"A handful have surrendered." Grey replied. "They have been sent to a place and are now being guarded by some of our brethren."

"Good job son." Belgor praised his son's good work.

"Thank you, f-father." Grey replied rather awkwardly. He was not used to having his father call him affectionately outside their own home.

"Now tell the others to get ready." Belgor said. "We are about to go to battle." He said with a serious look."

"Right away." Grey replied and left right away.


Explosions are heard one after another from afar.

"That is the sign from William's group." Raphael said and turned around to face his men. "It is our turn to make a move. Men, remember what we have talked about in the briefing. Our enemies are not normal humans. They possess magic that can be a disadvantage to us. But do not lose hope because we have lycans on our side to fight. You have seen their capabilities just now and I am confident with their help, we can win this battle. Let us show them that this land is ours and that they cannot just do anything they wish!"

"YEAH!!!" The men shouted.

"CHARGE!!!" Raphael shouted and his army charged the front of the estate.

"You heard the humans, let us show them what we can do." Belgor shifted to his beast form and led the lycans in the frontal assault of the estate.

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Chapter 364: The Final Battle (2)


A loud explosion was heard inside the mansion of the estate. Queen Patricia was sitting in her room while discussing the surprise attack that they planned to do tomorrow at dawn.

"What was that?!" Patricia stood up from her seat, surprised with the sound of the explosion.

"It sounded like it came from the docks." High Priest Hector replied.


There was a sudden knock on the queen's door.

"My queen, I have something to report!" A man's voice was heard from the outside.

"Come in, hurry up!" Patricia said with impatience.

The man outside hurriedly came inside.

"Your majesty, there was a huge explosion from the docks." The man said. "The ships are on fire and I am afraid there will be nothing left even if we try to extinguish it."

"WHAT?!" Patricia shouted in an outrage. "How could such a thing happened? Weren't there guards guarding that place?!"

"Y-Yes your majesty." The man was clearly shaken up with Patricia's outrage. "I-I believe there are intruders. Before the explosion, there was a light shot up on the sky. I have sent a portion of our men to the docks to investigate."

"What, we are under attack?" Hector said with disbelief. "How did they know we are here?"

"I thought your plan was flawless, Hector!" Patrica roared in anger. "We should have been the one to surprise them, not us!"

"I apologize my queen." Hector bowed. "I was so sure that I have been secretive with our dealings with the baron and did not make any mistakes. I am also shocked of what happened."

"Enough of your excuses!" Patricia yelled. "Where is the crown prince now?" She asked the man.

"Prince Gladiolus is currently inside his quarters your majesty." The man replied.

"Call for the crown prince, tell him to come here at once." Patricia ordered. "Also tell all the men to go to the docks to apprehend the intruders. Make sure that none of them will leave this place alive!"

"Y-Yes, my queen." The man bowed. But before he was about to exit the room, another man came inside.

"Your majesty, we are currently under attack from the front of the estate." The man said while still catching his breath.

"This cannot be possible?!" Patricia was now expressing disbelief. "DAMN IT! It is that cursed king of Grancrest, I am sure of it!" She swore.

"Take half of our men to the front and you the other half towards the docks." Hector ordered the two men.

"Yes sir!" The two men bowed and left.

"I curse that brat of a king!" Patricia yelled in frustration. "He is always foiling my plans."

"Calm down, your majesty." Hector comforted. "Your men are still superior in terms of power. He only has a handful of men that are Atlantians, compared to you that has an army. His army is all the way at the other side of the continent, he surely cannot call for aid. This might also be a blessing in disguise for us. He has the other half of the key fragment that we need. If he is currently here, won't we have a chance to take it?"

"That is correct." Patricia said in realization. "But there is also a chance that ours could be stolen away. As you know, that brat is not something to be taken lightly."

"I know what you mean, your majesty." Hector replied. "That is why it would be best to send the crown prince, who has the other half out to sea at once."

"What do you mean?" Patricia asked with curiosity.

"The king of Grandcrest does not know who is currently holding the half of the key fragment, therefore we can fool him that you have it in your hands." Hector explained. "I believe with your skill and the help of your loyal knights, we can surely take it from him."

"I see…" Patricia said nodding in agreement. "But how can Gladiolus go out to sea if all the ships have been destroyed?"

"You do not need to worry about that, your majesty." Hector said with a grin. "I always make back up plans. I have stored at least two ships at a place not far from here. The crown prince can take one and go towards where the forbidden magic is and wait for you there."

"I understand." Patricia nodded. "But I am afraid that my son will not listen to me. I do not know why he is being cold to me right now." She said with a frown.

"Do not worry. I will be the one to accompany his highness there." Hector replied. "We will wait for you there with the other half of the key fragment." He had a mischievous grin.

"If it is you, then I think he will listen." Patricia said. "Then make haste, Hector. I will go with my strongest knights and get the other half of the key fragment from that brat."

"As you wish, your majesty." Hector bowed. When he turned around, there was an evil grin on his face. He quickly exited the queen's room and go find Gladiolus.


Gladiolus was sitting by the window looking out to the open sea. He was holding the half of the key fragment, inspecting it while dangling from his fingers.

"This thing is more important to mother." Gladiolus scoffed.

Gladiolus remembered the words Regaleon had told him. Those words had shaken something inside of him. He started to doubt his mother's plans and how she had used him, Alicia, and her own twin sister Leticia just to fulfill her plans.

When Gladiolus had heard that his aunt Leticia had a living daughter, he was happy to know that there was another living blood of the royal family of Atlantia. His mother then told him that his cousin was his fated bride. The first time he saw Alicia, he felt a pull towards her. He had thought that it was love at first sight, the she really was his destined bride.

But now, he was having second thoughts. Gladiolus was sure of his feelings of love for Alicia, but he was now contemplating if she really was destined for him. His mother had told him that the royals of Atlantia should only wed those who are inside the family to maintain the pureness of their blood and strengthen their magical powers, but that was not always the case. Regaleon was someone from the branch families tied with the royal family but he had strong magical powers. And Alicia clearly had no feelings for him. If what his mother said about being destined was true, then shouldn't Alicia also feel the pull he was feeling?

"Rather than risk Alicia's life, I would rather let her go." Gladiolus murmured to himself and sighed.

Gladiolus was now sure the his mother had labeled Alicia as a danger and was planning to kill her.

"Once I see you again, I will tell you my heartfelt feelings and then let you go." Gladiolus said with a sad smile while looking towards the sea. "I will surely protect you from my mother from afar."

There was a brief light illuminating the night sky while he was looking outside the window when a large explosion occurred.


Gladiolus closed his eyes for a brief moment because of the blinding light made by the explosion. When he opened his eyes he saw the docks that can be seen by the window was now blazing on fire.

"What the…?!" Gladiolus stood up from his seat with shock. He saw the ships that were parked in the docks were now caught on fire. Every ship was caught ablaze.

After a few moments, Clara who was outside the door standing guard was talking to someone.

"Your highness!" Clara barged inside the room with a grave expression. "Her majesty has sent word. She wants you to go to her room right this moment."

"Let's make haste." Gladiolus replied. He can feel his heart thumping hard inside his chest.

What just happened is surely not some accident. Nevertheless, this had made the plans for the surprise attack tomorrow to become null and void. The ships were an essential part of the plan because they were the main mode of transportation.

Just as Gladiolus was walking down the hallway towards his mother's room with Clara, they met Hector on the way.

"Hector!" Gladiolus said with alarm. "Tell me, what is happening outside?"

"I am afraid we are under attack your highness." Hector replied with a solemn look.

"What?! How can that be?" Gladiolus said in a surprised tone. "No…never mind replying to that question. Where is mother right now?"

"Her highness is preparing to go out to safety, your highness." Hector replied. "She has instructed me to tell you to meet her at the open sea where the forbidden magic is. She is sure to have the other half of the key fragment by the time the two of you meet."

"What?! I cannot possibly do that!" Gladiolus yelled in anger. "How can I leave my men here while they are fighting against the intruders?!"

"I understand your sentiments your highness." Hector said. "But this is also the will of your men. They would want you to be sent to safety, with you carrying the last hope of your people."

"But still…" Gladiolus understood Hector's words but still was conflicted wether to stay and fight with his men or to go and fulfill the prophecy by taking the forbidden magic and revive the country of Atlantia. Such burdens are resting on his shoulders.

"Have faith in us your highness." Clara said. "I am sure that our men can handle the intruders here. Like Hector had said, we would want you to be safe because you are our last hope for Atlantia to rise again." With her words Gladiolus sighed and has decided.

"Then I will go out to sea." Gladiolus said with conviction.

"I will accompany you, your highness." Hector replied. "Clara, her majesty needs you by her side."

"I understand." Clara nodded and looked at Gladiolus. "Your highness, it is unfortunate that I cannot accompany you. I will surely be back by your side once more, but before that please be safe."

Gladiolus only nodded to Clara's words. Clara then left to go to answer her queen's summons.

"Then lead the way, Hector." Gladiolus said.

"Follow me, your highness." Hector led the way.

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Chapter 365: Confrontation (1)

(Regaleon's POV)

I look down from our position and saw our two groups are now engaging in battle. William has completed his mission quite well with the help of the sirens, all the ships in the docks have been caught on fire and are not usable any longer. Raphael and his group together with Belgor and the lycans are also a force that can compete with Patricia's Atlantian army.

We are now making a pincer attack against Patricia's army. Raphael and Belgor's group is attacking from the valley while William and Anatalia's group is attacking from the sea side. My group on the other hand is up on the hill, waiting for the right moment to strike.

"Tempest, can you locate Patricia and her son Gladiolus?" I asked.

"I am searching." Tempest replied.

I linked with Tempest once again and is now seeing what he is seeing with his eyes. I can see the battle of two groups are engaging. They have split Patricia's army as planned. I was relieved to see that both of the two groups are holding their ground fighting with Atlantians that uses magic in battle.

"William and Raphael are doing fine." I said in relief.

"It is good that the lycans and the sirens are on our side." Dimitri replied.

"Yes, they have been a good help." I said with a smile.

Tempest flew around the mansion location Patricia and Gladiolus.

"Regaleon, I can see the queen and her men coming out from the side entrance of the mansion." Tempest said.

I can see what Tempest was seeing right now. Patricia was indeed coming out from the side of the mansion and was being escorted by her knights. I also saw Clara was right beside her.

"So that b*tch is also here." I smiled sinisterly. The memory of Alex's death was still fresh in my mind. I remember how she stabbed Alex in the back. I unlinked from Tempest and turned around to face my men. "Our object now is to get the other half of the key. I believe that it is in Patricia's hands, therefore we will be engaging in battle with her knights." I explained.

My men listened carefully to my words. They have the look of being ready to go to battle at any minute now.

"Jeremy, your sister Clara is with Patricia right now." I said to him. Jeremy flinched hearing about his sister from me. "Remember what I have promised you. If you are able to convince your sister to surrender, then I can spare her life. But if I see her first, then do not blame me if I kill her with my own to hands for killing Alex." Jeremy knelt on one knee in front of me.

"I understand your majesty and I will honor that promise." Jeremy said with a solemn voice. "I will try and let my sister and the other Atlantians in Patricia's side to see the truth." I nodded with his words.

"The Atlantians with Patricia right now are not just regular ones." Dimitri briefed. "They are the knights that are quite skilled in battle and magic. Remember to never let down your guard, because it can cost you your own life." The men nodded.

"Then it is time." I told my men. "Let us join the battle!"

"YEAH!!!" My men shouted in unison.

"Unsheathe your swords and move forward!" I yelled.

All of my men pulled out their swords. I then lead them to charge down the hill.


Patricia was in front of her most trusted knights that are kneeling on one knee in front of her, awaiting for her orders.

"Remember to find that king brat and get the key fragment from him." Patricia ordered her most loyal knights that are with her. "Kill anyone on your way, understand."

"YES!" Patricia's knights replied.

"Clara, stay with me as my guard." Patricia looked at Clara.

"As you wish, your majesty." Clara replied.

"After this, we will meet my son at sea where the forbidden magic is located." Patricia continued. "We will revive Atlantia with it, and take over this whole continent. We will show these b*stards who is the higher race. They will grovel at our feet, begging to spare their lives." She said with a wicked smile.

"YES!!!" The knights replied in unison.

"Let us go!" Patricia said.

With her words, her knights and Clara stood up and headed out of the mansion. By the time they got out, they saw that on either side battle was being fought.

"Dammit, where is that brat at?" Patricia said in irritation, not sure where to go.

Just then, they can hear many horse hooves stomping on the ground. When they looked up the side of the hill, they can see a large group of men coming down on their horses.

"CHARGE!!!" Regaleon was taking the lead.

"That f*cking brat!" Patricia cursed. "Get in formation! Do not let them move forward!" She ordered.

Patricia's knights were in position in front. The ones sat front knelt down and put their hands on the ground. Not long a wall of rocks sprout out from the ground, blocking the way of Regaleon's men.

But then black orbs were seen at the front of Regaleon's men. The orbs were darker that the night sky, and looking into it felt like peeking inside into an abyss. The black orbs got larger and hit the rock wall made by Patricia's knights. The rock wall was then sucked into the black orbs before it vanished into thin air, making a way thru.

"It is the dark magic user!" Clara shouted. "Watch out for him!" She shouted to her comrades.

Regaleon's men was able to cross the rock wall thru the spaces that were sucked by the black orbs. With that both groups started to engage in battle.

"My queen, stay back in a safer distance." Clara said while pulling her sword out.

The battle was between Atlantians, hence magic was used in full swing. All were fighting seriously, not one was giving even a slight chance to their opponents. The battle as equal on both sides that Patricia was getting frustrated.

"Get out of the way, I will handle this!" Patricia said in fury.

With her sudden orders, her knights knew what was going to happen and get out of her way in an instant. Patricia then unleashed her earth magic, making huge tremors on the grounds surface.

Regaleon knew what is happening at once, after seeing the ground shaking. This was something Patricia did back then in the fight on the Deuss Canal.

"Get our of the way!!!" Regaleon told his men in alarm.

"Go… go…" The men were scrambling to get away.

The ground started to break and the crack got bigger and bigger. Some of Regaleon's men was eaten up by the ground.

"I will not let that happened!" Regaleon used his earth magic and erected rock pillars inside the huge gap on the ground. His men were able to hold on to the earth pillars for safety.

"You dare!" Patrciai was enrage when she saw that Regaleon was to save his men that were swallowed by the crack she made on the ground.

Patricia looked up at the sky and raised both of her hands. She looked up and then a pile of black clouds started to form from above. Not long, chunks of ice were falling from the sky.

"I will crush you all!" Patricia did not even warned her own men and started to produce hail. But this was no ordinary hail, larger chunks of ice are starting to come down from the sky and it can injure someone severely if they were not careful.

"Look out!" Someone from Patricia's men warned.

Huge chunks of hailstones rained down from the sky. Some were getting hit by the head from both parties that made them bleed. Not long, they saw huge ice boulders coming down.

"Dimitri, do something about that huge ones." Regaleon ordered. "I will stop this hail storm."

"Yes." Dimitri replied in an instant.

Dimitri used his dark magic to conjure black holes along the way of five huge ice boulders coming down from the sky. He concentrated carefully, as to not let the black holes suck anything other than the boulders.

Regaleon on the other hand conjured fire pillars that were burning intensely. The fire pillars were able to reach the hail clouds and it evaporated slowly.

After the hail storm stopped, Regaleon got furious. "Is this how you treat your own subjects Patricia?! You put them in the line of danger just to win!" He shouted in rage.

"King Regaleon is right!" Jeremy yelled to get the attention of everyone. "This war started just because of the selfish will of Queen Patricia who is seeking revenge. We can live in peace with other people, if you stop fighting!"

Patricia's knights stopped after hearing their former captains voice.

"Captain Jeremy!"

"The captain is alive."

"He is back!!"

"But why is he with the enemy?"

"Brother, you are alive?!" Clara looked at her brother with tears and in disbelief. "But… why are you wearing the crest of Grandcrest?"

"You traitor!" Patricia fumed in anger. "How dare you side with our enemy!"

"My queen, I did what I think is best for our people." Jeremy said. "You have planted the seed of hate. Into our hearts and seeks revenge for what had happened many years ago. But as you can see, there is another way. Look at the Atlantians under King Regaleon. They are fighting for what is right, a long lasting peace."

"I am also fighting for our happiness, the happiness of all the Atlantian people!" Patricia replied in anger. "How dare you question my actions! What I did is for you and the good of all the Atlantian people."

"No, what you are doing is for your own selfish reasons." Jeremy replied with a firm resolve. "You want conquest and absolute submission, while King Regaleon has shown us how to live in peace with others in this continent."

"Do you think that the people that see us as monsters can live with us in peace?" Patricia said. "There is no way but to enslave them and force them to accept us, who are the higher species. They are the people that made us suffer, that took everything from us. We are the higher species, therefore we are the ones who have to rule over them. They are nothing but worms that crawl on our feet, that we could crush at anytime we please!"

Jeremy had a look of pity towards Patricia. "That way of thinking was the reason why our country was purged to the depths of the sea." Jeremy said. "I have heard the last will of the crown prince of Atlantia. After hearing this, all of you judge this and do what you want to do. Either stop this fighting and surrender, or continue to serve under the queen who is doing this for her own selfish reasons." He took out the pair of earrings containing the last will of the crown prince of Atlantia.

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