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Chapter 366: Confrontation (2)

(Regaleon's POV)

Jeremy played the last message the late crown prince of Atlantia placed in those pair of earrings. I saw once again the holorgram of the late crown prince, about to relay his last will. Using my light magic, I enlarged the hologram's size so that the people at the front of the estate and at the sea side would see and hear the last will of the crown prince of their fallen country.

"M-My love?" Patricia was lost for words and looked at the hologram of her brother who was also her fiance before he died.

The hologram relayed the same message I have heard when I played it back just yesterday night. I looked at the reactions of Patricia's men and it was mixed. Some were surprised while others are still meticolous of the message's credibility. Patricia was teary eyed at first, but after hearing the words given by her former lover, she then had a sour face. I have guessed that Patricia will not be moved buy her former lover's words.

Patricia's men started murmuring their ideas of their late crown prince's last will.

"It that really our crown prince?"

"Well, it looks like it. He has the same features as the other royal bloods of Atlantia."

"Yes, he looks like our Prince Gladiolus."

"I am sure it is him. I have seen the late crown prince when I was working as a stable boy inside the palace. He was a kind and gentle young lad."

"His last will, you all heard it right? He does not want us to take revenge."

"Yes. He admitted that it was all the mad king's fault. He was against the war in the first place."

"With his personality, I believe in his words. He really wants peace."

"But do you think this message is authentic? I mean, are you sure that it is not tampered by the enemy?"

"You have a point."

Many words were said about the last will of the late crown prince. Some believed it was truly a message from him that was in line with his kind personality, but some were skeptical.

"What you have heard from the message are all true!" Jeremy shouted. "You know that my father was the closest aide of the late crown prince. His highness entrusted this to our father, who is his most trusted person. And our father gave these pair of earrings to us before we fled the country for safe keeping. I only knew of the message hidden inside when Clara gave me her half of the pair."

"That is a lie!" Patricia shouted in anger after the message was given. "There is no way he would say such cowardly things. He would want us to get revenge on those who oppressed us. Those who looked at us like monsters, the ones that treated us like heretics should pay!"

"I am sorry my queen, but I vouch on my life that this is all true." Jeremy said firmly. "I for one, wants all these fighting to end. We have been living a life full of grief and seeks vengeance for a something we know our own people was the one who made the mistake. If you lay down your weapons and surrender, King Regaleon of Grandcrest, who also has a portion of royal blood of Atlantia running in his veins, will pardon us and is willing to give us a life we deserve. A life to live in peace, without any guilty conscience that will hunt us in the future."

Patricia's men started murmuring to each other, thinking about what they would do.

"NONSENSE! Do not be fooled of what this traitor is saying!" Patricia raged. "If you lay down your weapons and surrender, they will surely enslave all of you. Do you not remember what these people had done to us Atlantians? They have branded us as heretics, they enslaved us and tortured us. They will surely do it again. There is only one way we will live happily in peace, and that is to win this war. We will live above them, as the higher species that we are!" Patricia reasoned.

"I give my word as the king of Grandcrest." I said with a loud voice, so that everyone can hear. "I promise that anyone who surrenders will be given clemency. You will not be harmed in any way, at present and in the future. You can see how I protect my own." I gestured to my own Atlantian men.

"His majesty is right." Dimitri added. "We Atlantians were lucky to have met him. We were given a new place to call home. And we serve him whole heartedly."

My own men started to chime in their words of encouragement.

"His majesty was only a prince back then when he found me living on the street. He knew at once that I am an Atlantian. Me and my comrades here were all homeless orphans and he gave us a place to sleep."

"That is true! His majesty gave us a roof on our heads, cloth on our bodies, and food on our bellies."

"Without him, we would have died on the streets. Being shunned by people for being Atlantians."

"We whole heartedly served under him. We will gladly give our lives for him."


My men were all singing praises about me, and that made my heart feel warmth. I may have ulterior motives at first when I took them under my wings, but now they have a place in my heart. We all grew up together, them being shunned by people and me being looked down upon by my half brothers. And with the time together, they grew on me. They were my men who I know would have my back whatever happens.


I can hear weapons falling down on the ground one after the other. I can see the solemn expressions of Patricia's men that has wholeheartedly given up this fight.

"What are you doing?!" Patricia yelled in anger. "Do not tell me you believe their words?!"

"We surrender."

"To tell the truth, I am a little tired of the fighting."

"All I want is to live in peace for once."

"We have been fighting for so long. It would be good to rest."

"You are right."


All of Patricia's men lay down their weapons and surrendered. It is a breath of fresh air, seeing that we were able to prevent further blood shed.

"YOUR FOOLS!!! TRAITORS!" Patricia roared, her face was contorted with anger. "You will all pay for this. Wait until I get the forbidden magic in my hands. All of you will beg to come back and serve me once more!!!" She turned around and started to run away.

"Patricia is running away!" I yelled. "After her!"

"My queen, follow me!" Clara used her wind magic and hoisted their bodies up into the air.

"Clara!" Jeremy yelled at his sister. "Stop! Don't do this!" Clara looked at her brother from above with a sad face.

"I am sorry brother. I am happy that you are alive but you have chosen to side with the enemy and become a traitor to her majesty and prince Gladiolus." Clara said. "His highness entrusted his mother's safety to me and I plan to do my task well." After her words they flew away.

"Tempest!" I called out to him.

Tempest in his falcon form hovered on top of us. And with a blink of an eye, he transformed into his phoenix form. His huge wings sent strong winds in the vicinity until he had landed not far from where I was.

I walked towards Jeremy and patted his shoulder. He was still in shock that his sister did not surrender, unlike the other Atlantian men under Patricia.

"You tried." I told Jeremy. "Just pray that she will not block my path. Because if she does, my sword will surely find its way sticking through her body." I walked towards Tempest.

"At least we were able to prevent any more deaths to your comrades." Dimitri patted Jeremy's shoulder, trying to comfort him. "If your sister knows better, she should not block his majesty's way towards Patricia."

"My silly sister…" Jeremy sniffed, he was silently shedding tears. "…I am afraid that she is madly in love and because of that will do silly things."

"I also cannot ensure your sister's safety." Dimitri said. "She has killed one of our own. His majesty is very protective of the people under him. And there is a side of him that holds a grudge. I am afraid that if your sister tries to confront him, she will not survive."

"Hmm." Jeremy nodded wiping his tears away. "I am a man of my word. I will keep my promise with his majesty. All I could do now is pray for my sister's sake. I hope she will not make a foolish move."

I climbed at Tempest back and we were airborne in no time.

"Dimitri! Select a handful of men and follow us in horseback." I ordered.

"Understood." Dimitri replied with a bow of his head.

"Chris, make sure to wrap everything here. Meet with the other groups. You know what to do." I ordered.

"Yes, your majesty." Chris replied.

Tempest and I ascended higher and saw where Patricia and Clara were. They were headed in a direction a little farther north, along the shores.

"I think I know where they are going." Tempest said. "I saw a ship setting out to sea from that direction a while ago."

"So they have a back up plan for retreat." I assumed. "Come to think of it, I have not yet seen Gladiolus or that High Priest adviser. They are probably in that ship you mentioned."

I was feeling something off. We have won the battle, but I am still feeling anxious for some reason. All I could do now is get to Patricia and take back the half of the key fragment from her.

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Chapter 367: A Final Goodbye (1)

(Regaleon's POV)

Tempest and I were flying in the sky to the destination where Clara and Patricia went. Tempest hovered above and we saw a small dock where a ship was lying in wait.

"So, you are planning to escape Patricia." I said with a sinister smile. "Of course I will not let you."

I conjured fire balls in the air and let it fly towards the ship that was in the docks. Patricia who was already on board the ship was caught off guard and was surprised with my attack. The fire balls rained down on her and Clara.

"YOU B*STARD!!!" Patricia cursed at me in the top of her lungs, looking up at me with raging eyes.

"Your majesty, we need to abandon ship." The captain I presume, told Patricia. "ABANDON SHIP… I repeat ABANDON SHIP!"

The ship quickly caught fire after the rain of my fire balls from above. I see the people on the ship were running for their lives, jumping down and into the water to survive the fire. Patricia and Clara were no exceptions.

I have instructed Tempest to hover near the shore to let me off. I jumped down the sandy beach with only one thing in mind, and that is to end Patricia's life here and now.

"*cough cough*" Patricia coughed out water that she swallowed when they jumped out of the ship.

"Your majesty, are you alright?" Clara said with pure worry. She helped Patricia out of the water.

"Get your filthy hands away from me!" Patricia yelled in anger. "How dare you push me off the ship without my permission?"

"B-But my queen… it was an emergency." Clara reasoned. "If I have not done that then…"


Patricia slapped Clara on her cheek. It was red like a tomato, indicating how hard the slap was.

"Impudent b*tch!" Patricia yelled. "How dare you speak back at your queen. You are nothing but a lowly subject under me."

The people that were manning the ship were ordinary Alvannian crew under the baron. And so after abandoning ship they ran away in fright, not even turning back. The ones that were left by the shores were only Clara and Patricia.

"So, you are now showing your true colors Patricia." I said with a mocking smile. "Tell me Clara, do you still want to serve under such a queen?"

Clara looked like she was in the verge of tears. I am giving her this last chance to turn her back away from Patricia. If she does, then I will honor the promise that I have given to Jeremy.

"I… I cannot." Clara pulled out her sword and faced me. "I have to keep her majesty safe."

"Then I have no choice but to end you here and now." I said with a chilling voice. "I will not let anyone get in my way of killing Patricia."

I was about to confront Clara who was the only obstacle in my pursuit of Patricia when I heard horse hooves coming from a direction.

"Clara!" Jeremy yelled. "Please stop this!"

"B-Brother…" Clara looked at the direction of her brother in surprise. "I thought you…"

"I can never abandon my one and only little sister." Jeremy said while jumping off of his horse. "Your majesty, let me talk to her for the last time. Please." He begged me. I paused for a second before giving him permission by nodding.

Dimitri was just behind Jeremy, also in horse back. He came down and went towards me.

"Your majesty." Dimitri whispered. "Her majesty's mother is here. She is being escorted by the king of Alvannia. They are on their way here as we speak."

"Mother in law?" I asked in surprise. I looked at Patricia, knowing that I will have a hard time killing her if my mother in law would beg me to spare her twin's life.

Jeremy walked in haste towards where his sister was standing.

"Do not come any closer!" Clara yelled. "Your majesty, please stay back." She told Patricia.

"Clara, please stop this." Jeremy pleaded his sister. "Father would not have wanted us to do this. He marched to war wanting us to never experience such hardships like him. His majesty King Regaleon has given his word to me, that he will spare your life if you just surrender."

"But what will happened with his highness Gladiolus." Clara asked with a doubtful face. Jeremy shook his head in regret.

"We are not the ones to decide their faith Clara." Jeremy said with a solemn voice. "But I believe prince Gladiolus still has room for change. But her highness the queen…" He shook his head in doubt.

Clara looked like she was being persuaded by her brother. Jeremy took slow steps forward, until he was face to face with his sister.

"Clara, come with me. Okay?" Jeremy held his sister's shoulder gently.

"Brother I…" Clara looked up at her brother looking ready to go with him but then we were all surprised by a sudden action.

Clara spit blood from her mouth. An ice spear was impaling both the siblings' body.

"Jeremy!" Dimitri and I both shouted in surprise.

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Patricia laughed out maniacally. "How dare you two betray me?! If you are just going to betray me, then pay it with your lives!"

"C-Clara…" Jeremy hugged his sister and both of them fell down the sandy beach.

"PATRICIA!!!" I screamed with rage.

Dimitri and I were running towards their direction when we felt the ground shaking. Not long, the beach's shore was split into two. There was a huge crack separating us from Patricia. Sea water rushed thru the huge crack and flowed inland like a river.

"HAHAHA!" Patricia laughed. "That is the perfect ending for traitors such as you siblings. You want your sister back, then accompany her in hell! HAHAHA!"

I gripped my fists hard with anger but rather than rushing to Patricia, I knelt down beside the siblings.

"Do not worry, I will heal you." I said. I used my power to heal Clara first, because it looks like she had the most blood loss. The ice spear melted just before we got to them, making their wounds ooze so much blood, staining the sand underneath them.

"P-Please, heal my b-brother first." Clara said while coughing up blood. "I-I am a lost cause."

I tried to heal her fast but what she said made sense. With my white magic, I can feel that major arteries were stabbed beyond repair. She lost so much blood in just little time. It feels like Patricia made use of magic so that I cannot even use my white magic to heal her. I gritted my teeth knowing that my white magic has its boundaries. I cannot heal those that are beyond repair.

Like Clara has requested, I used my white magic to heal her brother Jeremy. It was fortunate that Jeremy's stab wound strayed away from any major organs.

"You saved your brother." I said to Clara knowing that she tried to save her brother by changing the direction of the ice spear before it stabbed him.

"I tried my best to push him away before that, but he held on to me." Clara coughed up blood once more.

"You silly girl." Jeremy who was pale said in a low voice. "If I just knew, I should have shifted places with you." Jeremy was shedding tears down his face.

I concentrated hard to close the wound on Jeremy's chest. I can feel his wound closing up, the only problem now is his loss of blood. But in comparison with Clara, Jeremy's was not that alarming.

"T-Thank you for saving my brother." Clara said with a solemn look. "As a thank you, I will tell you where the other half of the key is. *cough* It is with his highness Gladiolus. He has boarded a ship with High Priest Hector, towards the open sea… to her highness Princess Alicia." And after that, she had breathed her last.

When Jeremy saw his sister stopped breathing, he cried out loud. I can feel the agony he was feeling with his cries. Dimitri was trying to comfort him by his side.

My eyes were wide open in surprise with what Clara had just said.

'So Patricia was only a diversion.' I thought. 'The half of the key is making its way now to where my wife is. I am sure this was the high priest's idea. He knows that I will rush towards them with my half of the key, knowing that I cannot leave my wife at the vicinity of my enemies. He had such great and cunning tactic in mind, I can give him that.' I praised my enemy's adviser.

"Tempest!" I called out to him.

"I am right here." Tempest replied in no time.

Tempest hovered on top of us and I used my magic to jump high and boarded his back.

"We will go to where Alicia is right now." I said.

"Understood." Tempest replied and was about to fly towards the open sea when a rain of ice spears rained down on us.

Tempest made a fire sphere around us, to protect us from the onslaught of the ice spears.

"I will not let you get away!" Patricia yelled.

From afar, we saw a tidal wave coming for us. It was at least fifteen to twenty feet high.

"That is insane!" I heard Dimitri yelled.

This was the power of what a royal blood could have. Such unimaginable power that can render us speechless.

"I will not let you get away!" Patricia yelled. "You will all die here. HAHAHA!"

Tempest and I tried to fly towards the tidal wave. With our combined magic, I am sure we can dissolve that huge tidal wave that will not only kill the ones here but also innocent civilians miles from here. Such destructive force can wipe out one tenth of the coastal areas of Alvannia. But Patricia was trying to block our path. She used every elemental magic she can use at her disposal. Tempest and I were at a defensive without having a window of opportunity to get away.

"Dammit!" I cursed with our present predicament.

"Stop this, sister!" I heard the familiar voice of my mother in law, Leticia.

I saw mother in law from where I am, riding a horse with the king of Alvannia and some soldiers behind them. The onslaught of elemental magic that has been bombarding me and Tempest, were now being blocked by elements that nullify the others. I looked at mother in law and she was looking at me and gave me a nod.

"Her majesty's mother is helping us." Tempest said.

"Leave my twin sister to us." Leticia mouthed to me. "I will dispel the tidal wave. Go to my daughter, hurry." I nodded at her in understanding.

"Tempest, let's go." I said.

"What about that big tidal wave coming?" Tempest asked.

"Mother in law said she will deal with it." I replied.

"I understand." Tempest said.

And with that, Tempest and I flew towards the open sea and passed the tidal wave.

'I will leave the rest to those in shore.' I thought, wishing them good luck. 'I believe in them.'

I set out to where my wife Alicia was.

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Chapter 368: A Final Goodbye (2)

Regaleon flew away towards the open sea on Tempest. The ones that were left on shore were Dimitri, Jeremy, and the body of Clara.

Jeremy was still crying while gently hugging his sister body in his arms. Dimitri looked at him sadly, trying to comfort him with a pat on his shoulder.

"Stay here with your sister. You are not in good condition to fight." Dimitri said and stood up. He looked at Patricia who is at a distance. A wide river that formed after she parted the surface of the sea shore was the only thing separating them from Patricia.

"No. I want to help you. She killed my little sister. I will let her pay." Jeremy tried to stand up but Dimitri pushed him back.

"Do not even try in your condition." Dimitri said. "You are in no condition to fight a royal of Atlantia. Do not forget that your sister gave her life to save you."

"B-But…" Jeremy was still hesitant. His anger for Patricia was boiling up inside of him, but he had lost a lot of blood that he could just be a hindrance for Dimitri. "I understand." He closed his eyes and decided that it was best to not be a hindrance.

"That is good to hear." Dimitri replied.

"Make her pay." Jeremy said with fiery eyes. Dimitri can see that Jeremy was giving him the task of defeating Patricia for him and his sister's sake. "My little sister and I worked for her since we were young. We have followed her every order without any questions asked. We have killed many people that hindered her plans. But she paid our hard work with taking my sister's life. She is a witch with a black heart. She does not deserve to be queen, let alone rule people." He said in fury.

When Dimitri was about to charge towards Patricia, he saw her bombarding every elemental magic she has on Regaleon.

"Your majesty!" Dimitri yelled in worry.

Fortunately, Tempest was there to help block every attack that Patricia threw their way. But Regaleon was on a defensive and was not able to advance further.

"I will not let you get away!" Patricia yelled.

From afar, we saw a tidal wave coming for us. It was at least fifteen to twenty feet high.

"That is insane!" Dimitri yelled in disbelief

Dimitri cannot imagine how can Patricia conjure such a terrifying magic. The giant tidal wave's size can wipe out at least a tenth of the coastal areas here in Alvannia.

"I will not let you get away!" Patricia yelled. "You will all die here. HAHAHA!"

"I have to stop that huge thing." Dimitri told himself.

Regaleon could have done something about the upcoming tidal wave, but Patricia was bombarding him with attacks that he cannot get away.

Dimitri thought of using his dark magic. He can use it to suck the tidal wave in his dark vortex.

"But can I even maintain a dark vortex until all of the tidal wave is gone?" Dimitri questioned himself. "What if I go past my limits and the dark vortex get out of my control?" He worried

Dimitri has never used his dark magic as much as possible because of the fear that he cannot control it. There have been instances that his dark magic, rather than be of help, endangered his comrades. After a handful of such circumstances, he has been afraid of using it more than he needs to. Even with practice, he can only control his dark magic at a given size and time limit. He was afraid with a tidal wave of that size, he will need to create a dark vortex that passed his own limits.

'Would you like me to lend you a hand.' A voice suddenly spoke to him inside his head.

"W-What?" Dimitri was flabbergasted.

'I am right here.' The voice said once again. 'Look down here.'

Dimitri looked at his feet and saw an unusual black tortoise beside him.

"H-How did you…" Dimitri was left speechless. But then he had remembered the familiars Regaleon and Alicia has. "Are you a familiar as well?" He asked curiously.

'You are quick to catch, human.' The black tortoise said. 'I like you, that is why I would like to lend you a helping hand. With your current magical strength, I surely can use my second form and help you out. Would you like to form a contract with me, human?'

Dimitri was left in awe. He cannot believe that a familiar like Tempest and Snow will choose him as its partner and master.

Before he was about to answer, he heard horses arriving from a distance. When he looked back, he saw Alicia's parents and some Alvannian soldiers coming their way. Alicia's mother Leticia, helped Regaleon to block Patricia's attacks and was able to get away. Regaleon proceeded to his original destination, where his wife is.

"Dimitri!" Leticia called out to him when she and the others arrived. "I have told my son in law to go to my daughter. I also told him that we will be dealing with that." She pointed out towards the tidal wave.

"I understand." Dimitri nodded in understanding.

"Oh my. Is that what I think it is?" Leticia saw the black tortoise beside Dimitri's feet. "It is as I thought." She smiled sweetly towards Dimitri.

Dimitri then remembered the conversation he had with Leticia when they were at the village, after just escaping from Jennovia.


"You are Dimitri, correct?" Leticia asked.

"Yes, I am your highness." Dimitri replied.

"You do not have to be formal with me." Leticia let out a smile. She looked closely at Dimitri. This made him feel embarrassed. "Oh I am sorry, did you feel uncomfortable with my stare?"

"I-I am not just used to someone so beautiful staring at me." Dimitri replied, hiding his blushing face with his hand.

"How cute." Leticia giggled. "I am sorry, it is just that you look so much like someone. Someone I know so well." She then had a sad face.

"Is my face letting you remember sad things, madam?" Dimitri asked.

"It is just… you look like my at father, except with your black hair and eyes." Leticia said with a thoughtful look. "Tell me, how old were you when the war ended in the past?"

"I believe I was five years old or younger, madam." Dimitri replied courtly. "I do not remember that clearly because I was still so young."

"Do you remember your parents?" Leticia asked.

"I do not know about my father, but my mother was a maid in a noble house back then in Atlantia." Dimitri replied. "My mother and I were able to escape the purge of the country, but my mother succumbed to illness not long after."

"Tell me, was your mother's employer a duke of Atlantia?" Leticia asked with such curiosity.

"…I think so." Dimitri replied with a curious look. "I do not remember that clearly of what family was it, but I think it was a duke's family."

"Oh my…" Leticia was shocked hearing Dimitri's words. "Then you could be my half brother." She chimed and smiled wholeheartedly.

"W-What?" Dimitri said in surprise and disbelief. "That is impossible. My mother was just a maid, and my father…" he trailed off.

"You do not know anything about your father, correct?" Leticia chimed. "My father, the mad king as he as dubbed, had spent nights with a beautiful palace maid. Because of those nights, she got pregnant. When she gave birth, it is said that the baby was a boy with black hair and eyes. A complete opposite with the royal's silver hair and eyes. My father tagged him as a taboo and said that the baby was a curse to him, planned to dispose of the mother and son. My mother the queen knew that the maid was being forced against her will, but she was powerless to stop her own husband. When she knew of my father's plans to dispose of the maid and child, she helped them to escape out of her guilt. She had placed the mother and son under the care of the duke of Wintermoon, a close friend of hers that she knew can hide the mother and child. Duke Wintermoon's daughter is no other than Regaleon's mother, the one that took you in."

Dimitri could not believe such coincidences could have happened. He was still doubtful that what Leticia had said could be true.

"I am sorry madam. I am finding it hard to believe that I have royal blood running thru my veins." Dimitri said with a respectful bow. "I am sorry, but I believe I am not your half brother as you have thought."

"I cannot convince you if that is what you think. But I cannot deny the bond I am feeling right now with you." Leticia said. "I can feel that you are my dear little brother." Leticia smiled sweetly.

Dimitri's heart skipped a beat after seeing such a sweet smile coming from Leticia. But he was still doubtful of her words. He cannot believe that he also had royal blood running thru his veins and being a b*stard son of the mad king himself.


"As I believe, familiars only select Atlantians with royal blood running in their veins." Leticia said to Dimitri. "You really are my little brother." She smiled at him.

"What? Who is your little brother?" Edward asked his wife.

"I will tell you the whole story when we get back." Leticia told her husband and he replied in a frown. "Dimitri, I believe this one can help us with that huge tidal wave coming."

"I understand." Dimitri replied with a nod.

"Let me take care of my twin sister." Leticia added.

'So, are you going to form a contract with me?' The black tortoise asked.

"I will." Dimitri replied firmly. "My name is Dimitri. I will name you Carrick." And with this simple naming, the contract has been made.

'Thank you, my master. I now have a name once again.' Carrick said.

Carrick walked towards the receding water line of the sea. He plunged into water and disappeared. Not long a huge thing came out of the water. When the water that splashed out subsided, a huge black tortoise emerged.

"Because you have high magical strength, I can use my full potential without any problems." Carrick said. He used his snake like tail and wrapped it around Dimitri's body. He hoisted him up into the air and landed him on his shelled back. "Now let us stop that huge wave from getting to shore."

Carrick conjured a huge wall made of rock just a few meters out from the sea shore. It slowly materialized from the ground up. It was towering to at least fifty feet in height and the length cannot be measured. It stretches as far as the eye can see.

"The wave is also huge, so I have made the wall to be double in height and length." Carrick replied.

Dimitri was in awe seeing that his own familiar conjured such a huge rock wall with the help of his own magic.

"You are amazing." Dimitri said with astonishment.

"Of course I cannot do this by myself." Carrick replied. "It is also thanks to you that I can use such powerful magic. I can also feel that you have dark magic attribute that you are afraid to use. Do not worry because I can help you with controlling that. In the future and with practice, you can use dark magic without worry."

Dimitri was happy to hear Carrick's words. Now he was starting to believe Leticia's words. He really might be the half brother she was talking about. He looked at the shore where Leticia and the others were and saw that Leticia was able to cross the river that Patricia made with magic.

"Well look who is here." Patricia said sarcastically. "My little weak twin sister has arrived all well. Are you to join me or stop me?"

"Sister, stop this madness." Leticia pleaded.

And with that, the confrontation between the twin sisters started.

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Chapter 369: The Atlantian Royal Siblings (1)

"You have to stop this, sister." Leticia pleaded to her twin sister. "Please just surrender. You do not have to take revenge, like big brother had said."

Regaleon sent a message to Leticia containing the crown prince of Atlantia's last will. He thought that Leticia, who was a living immediate family of the late crown prince must receive the last words. Fortunately, Leticia and Edward were on the road with the royal army of Alvannia as back up. She got the letter from the messenger bird right away.

"And you believed it?" Patricia scoffed. "Our brother will not have said such things. He is a man of integrity and patriotism. He would not have said such cowardly words."

"No, you are wrong." Leticia shook her head. "I know brother would have said that words. Because he had said that to me in person before he left for the last battle."

"What?! What do you mean?" Patricia asked in disbelief. "How come he had not told me this. We had spent the last night together." Leticia looked at her with such pitiful eyes.

"Big brother talked to me first before he had spent his last night with you." Leticia said. "He has poured out his heart to me, his ideas about this war and about father. He had been thinking for a long time to usurp the throne from father and stop the war by surrendering to the allied countries."

"H-How can that be?" Patricia said with a shocked face. "How can he not tell me all this? Why did he not tell me this. I was his fiancee, the woman that he loves. He should have told me all this!" She shouted with a hint of jealousy and anger.

"Because he knew that you think of father as the supreme power." Leticia explained. "Big brother knew what you would have thought of his ideas and will discourage him of his plans."

Patricia was silent, Leticia knew that she does not have any retort to that. She knew well that she would dissuaded her brother of his plans.

"Big brother was able to surrender at the battle on the plains, but it was too late." Leticia said. "Father had unleashed the forbidden magic, and he was consumed by it. Big brother was left with the task to control it, but he lost his life trying to. But with his sacrifice, the forbidden magic put to sleep once again and a wider catastrophe was prevented."

"He did not have to…" Patricia said. "He should have just let the forbidden magic go on a rampage and let the whole continent suffer!"

"Sister!" Leticia said with a surprised tone. "How could you say such a thing?"

"It was the fault of the other countries. If they just had given up and seen us as the higher beings above them, then it should not have come to this." Patricia said, believing in her own words. "If that have been the case, then we could have lived better lives. I could have lived with our brother as his wife. Gladiolus would have grown up with a father by his side. I would not have suffered under the Jennovian king's harassment!" She let out all of her frustrations.

Leticia was taken aback with her twin sister's words. All of her words are falling into deaf ears.

"And you… you have done nothing to avenge our family, our big brother." Patricia pointed out to Leticia with trembling fingers. "If you have just helped me rather than imprisoning yourself inside your own mind, then we could have gotten the forbidden magic and ruled this continent side by side together."

"Patricia…" Leticia called with sadness. "What I did was for the good of all. The forbidden magic… it was never meant to be used by us. If you try to covet it, it would just destroy this continent… destroy us all. Can you not understand me? Big brother did not want you to do any of this! He wants you and your son to live in peace."

"Hah… hahahaha." Patricia laughed out loud. "If the destruction of this entire continent is the end result of getting the forbidden magic, then so be it. I never liked this land anyway. Our country is already lost, and I do not have lingering feelings to this land."

"You are… mad!" Leticia said with shock. No words of her are going thru to her sister.

"I think your sister had gone mad." Edward told Leticia. "I am sorry but I believe that there is nothing you can do. She is a lost cause." He looked at his wife sadly. He knew that she wanted to save her twin sister, even though it was a small hope.

Leticia sighed and looked at Patricia with determination. "Then I have no choice but to stop you, sister."

"You, stop me?" Patricia looked at Leticia mockingly. "You cannot even hurt a small animal, let alone defeat me. You are making me laugh sister."

"Yes, I maybe weaker than you." Leticia looked at Patricia with conviction. "But I am not your only sibling here. With both of us, we can defeat you."

"What? What do you mean by that?" Patricia's mocking smiles turned upside down into a frown. That was when huge boulders started to rain from above.


The sound of the huge boulders hitting the ground felt like bombs exploding. When the debris cleared out, a dome made of hard rocks was seen with dents and holes because of the bombardment a while ago. Patricia was inside the dome like structure, she was able to use the dome as a shield.

"Who dares?!" Patricia fumed in rage.

"As I thought, she is really a tough opponent." Dimitri said.

"Do you need help?" Carrick asked.

"No need Carrick." Dimitri said. "This will be a fight against siblings." He said with a grin.

"If that is what you wish." Carrick nodded his head.

Carrick walked towards the sea shore. When he got closer Dimitri jumped from his back and onto the shore.

"I will just be here to observe then." Carrick said.

Dimitri walked towards Leticia and stood side by side with her.

"I am here to help you Lady Leticia." Dimitri said with a serious look.

"Oh my… you know you can call me older sister." Leticia said with a teasing smile.

"I think I cannot do that as of now." Dimitri said with an embarrassed smile.

"If not, then just call me Leticia. Letty for short." Leticia said with a sparkling sweet smile.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Patricia said with rage, hearing everything.

"Oh, do you remember that we have a half brother with father playing around with a beautiful maid?" Leticia smiled at her sister. "Well he is our half brother." She gestured to Dimitri.

Patricia gazed at Dimitri with a disgusted look. She remembers clearly about the story of her father and a beautiful palace maid. But she thought that the mother and son was disposed of by her father when he saw that the child had black hair and eyes, an exact opposite of the royal family. The child was tagged as a taboo and had to be dealt with soon after he was born.

"That filthy thing is alive." Patricia said with disgust. "No wonder father met such an end, it was because this taboo child is still alive!"

"Mind your words Patricia." Leticia said with a chilling voice. "He is still our brother. He has father's blood running thru his veins."

"He is just a filthy half blood, born from a maid." Patricia said. "It was true that he is a taboo. If I kill him now, maybe this curse on us will be lifted."

"I was just a little baby back then, but now I will not let you do as you please." Dimitri said with a serious voice. "I will not let you do what you want."

"Hah! Such hallow words. I will crush you with my own hands." Patricia said in a maniac smile. "Prepare your self!"

The ground started to shake violently and started to open up.

"Edward! Get your men out of here." Leticia shouted. "And go with them. It is not safe here."

"But what about you?!" Edward looked at his wife with worry.

"Do not worry about me. I am not the weak and naive girl from the past." Leticia replied. "I can protect myself now, and my little brother is by my side. This is no place for ordinary humans to be right now."

"Her majesty is right King Edward." Dimitri added. "You will just be in the way."

Edward gripped the reigns of his horse hard because of frustration. He knows that he cannot do anything to help with the battle between Atlantians. He knows he will just be a liability if he stays.

"Fall back!" Edward ordered his men.

The soldiers did as what their king has ordered and turned around to safety. Edward took a look at his wife one last time.

"Please be careful and come back to me safely." Edward shouted to his wife.

"I will, I promise." Leticia smiled. "After this, we will live happily ever after like you promised, right?"

"Yes, I promised and I will surely make you happy." Edward smiled back. He nodded and then retreated to safety as Leticia had said.

The beach side they were in right now was changing because of Patricia's doing. Huge cracks on the ground were filled up with water. With Dimitri's earth magic, the ground that they were standing now did not collapse from under their feet but was shot a few meters up. It now looked like pillars in the sky. Treading thru this new terrain has a risk of falling down a rocky bottom and water.

"This is the best I can do." Dimitri told Leticia. "Your twin sister's magic is terrifying."

"I know. She has been called a genius since we were young. And after the ordeal she has been thru, I believe her magic just got even stronger." Leticia looked at Patricia who was also standing on a pillar like them. "But with the two of us, I think we can defeat her."

"Then let us work together, Leticia." Dimitri threw a smile towards Leticia, accepting her request to be called by her name.

"I am happy to hear that." Leticia replied. "Please bear in mind that you are not unwanted, because I am happy to have you as a little brother."

"Thank you." Dimitri replied with a kind smiled. He felt happy to know that he had a blood relative that accepts him as who he is. But unfortunately, not all are happy that he is alive.

Dimitri looked at Patricia with conviction.

'I will stop you here and now, even if it takes my life to do so.' Dimitri thought. 'It is also for Regaleon and Alicia's safety and for the future of their child that I have sworn to protect.' He pulled out his sword ready to launch an attack.

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Chapter 370: The Atlantian Royal Siblings (2)

Dimitri pulled out his sword from its sheath, ready to attack at any given moment. But before that happened, ice spears were conjured above them and it was Patricia's doing.

"DIE!!!" Patricia shouted and the ice spears started raining down from above.

"Look out!" Dimitri yelled towards Leticia, but to his relief the ice spears were only headed towards him.

Dimitri dodged at every ways possible. He used his sword to block any ice spears near him. But the ground he was standing was small, and even just one misstep can cost him his life.

"Ugh." Dimitri groaned. He just missed for a few seconds in blocking the latest ice spears and got scratched by his left cheek and on his right leg. He fell just by the edge of the ground pillar they were standing on.

Dimitri looked below and saw a high drop. There were sharp rocks protruding on the surface below while waves are splashing on them.

"She really is a b*tch." Dimitri cursed. He knew that the sharp rocks were Patricia's doing.

"Fall to your grave!!!" Patricia yelled.

Dark clouds started to gather on top of them and strong winds started to blow. Dimitri who was currently standing up was hit by the strong winds.

"Dammit!" Dimitri used all of his strength to push back, because behind him was a huge drop to his death. But the wind that was blowing was so strong that his feet slipped and his body rolled over the edge. "Ahhhh!"

"Dimitri!" Leticia yelled.

"Hahaha. It was his fate to die." Patricia said with a sinister grin on her face.

"I will not let you." Leticia said.

To Patricia's surprise, thick tree branches started to grow from the earth pillars. They served as bridges along each pillar. Not long a hand grabbed at the edge where Dimitri had fallen. He climbed up, panting hard.

"That was too close." Dimitri said while getting up. "I thought I was a goner if not for the tree branches that started to grow. Thank you Leticia."

"No need for thanks." Leticia replied curtly.

Patricia looked furious at the situation.

"How dare you Leticia?!" Patricia roared. "Why… why are you helping this taboo child?!"

"Because he is still our brother Patricia." Leticia replied with a curt tone. "We have lost many family members since the war. I do not want to lose anymore. So please Patricia, stop this." She pleaded with an innocent face.

"NO!" Patricia yelled. "He needs to die for this curse on us to end. I will kill him, and if you block my way I have no choice but to hurt you sister."

The weather changed drastically. The once tropical area started to be coated with snow falling heavily form above. The temperature drastically dropped to freezing.

"Dimitri, we need to stop her before she makes this part of the land into an ice wasteland!" Leticia shouted.

They knew what had happened to Jennovia back then was Patricia's doing. The land had frozen for decades and life became hard for people. Patricia can do that again in this part of the continent, and they knew that they have to stop her.

"I will go on ahead!" Dimitri said.

"I will be supporting you from behind." Leticia replied.

Dimitri used the tree branches that Leticia had conjured as bridges. But because of the snow storm that Patricia made, the branches were now coated in ice. He had to tread carefully so as not to slip and fall.

The strong winds is also giving Dimitri a hard time in advancing. It was pushing him back, making each of his step forward pretty hard. The snow storm is also blocking his view, giving him difficulty where to go.

"Look out!" Leticia yelled.

From out of no where, ice spears were headed in Dimitri's direction. He used his sword to block every ice spear that was coming his way. Leticia was also using her magic to make the branches grow once more from being frozen, blocking some ice spears.

"Thanks." Dimitri said.

With their current position, they were at a disadvantage. With zero visibility, they do not know where Patricia is at right now. And the opponent was able to know their location and attacking them.

'I know you said I cannot join the fight, but at least I can give you some advice. Right?' Carrick telepathically linked to Dimitri.

'It is much appreciated.' Dimitri replied.

'You only know that your dark magic sucks the things that is in the vicinity, but what you do not know is that there is a dimension inside that vortex that is made by you.' Carrick said. 'The things that is being sucked in is stored in that space and time, that is wholly in your control. Do you get what I mean?'

Dimitri was processing the words Carrick had just said and had a conclusion.

'Do you mean that my dark magic is something like a dimensional magic?' Dimitri asked.

'You are correct.' Carrick replied. 'It was only called dark magic because it is colored black, but the context of it is that the dimension is a kind of space you have built. It is a high from of magic like light magic, and only a handful of people from the royal bloodline can master. The space you can create also depend on the magic power you have. Meaning while you increase your magic aptitude in time, then the dimensional magic you can create expands. I believe with your current magic right now, you can enclose a tenth of this area in your own dimension. And everything inside will be under your will.'

'Meaning I can pinpoint where Patricia is hiding, correct?' Dimitri asked.

'Yes.' Carrick replied. 'But maintaining the dimensional magic will take a toll on your body. I suggest you do not surpass ten minutes.'

'I only need to put a small area into my dimension.' Dimitri said. 'Can I do that?'

'It is much harder to contain a small portion that to let lose. But I think you do not want to endanger the others because you are still not used to using dimensional magic.' Carrick said. 'Your time limit is five minutes at best.'

'That is plenty of time for me.' Dimitri replied. He was sure to get Patricia in that time span.

'I will be here to guide you then.' Carrick smiled.

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Dimitri then concentrated. This was his first time to enclose a location with his dark magic. In the past he only made small black vortexes to suck enemies, but now he needs to do it at a much wider space and he needs to contain it within a small area.

A black ball started to appear in the air and it was getting larger by the second. Dimitri acknowledged Carrick's words, letting the black hole lose was easier than containing it at a small space. Little by little, the area was engulfed in pitch darkness.

'Just a little more.' Dimitri thought. He did not want to let his dimension stretch to where there are other people because he was still afraid of he cannot bring back the once that were sucked inside his dimension.

When he thought the size was enough, he stopped. He was astonished with what he had just done. He had the area they were in inside his dimension. His consciousness can feel three beings inside, those three were none other than Leticia, Carrick, and Patricia. All the surroundings were pitch black. The snow storm that Patricia had conjured does not exist in this dimension, even the terrain a while ago was nowhere to be found.

'You have done it. Now you have five minutes.' Carrick praised. 'Now go get her!'

"Yes." Dimitri replied. He then linked to Leticia's mind who was in his dimension. 'Leticia…' He called out.

'Dimitri?' Leticia said in confusion. 'Is this your doing?' She asked in curiosity.

'Yes, Carrick taught me how to use my dark magic. Well, it is more of a dimensional magic.' Dimitri replied. 'Just stay where you are. I am still not used to using this magic. It will be safe to stay in your location for now. I will be getting to Patricia.'

Dimitri rushed towards the location of Patricia. Not long he saw Patricia looking around in confusion.

"You…!" Patricia yelled after seeing Dimitri.

"It is over Patricia, just surrender." Dimitri said. "You have no power here. Everything inside this dimension is under my control."

Patricia grumbled and her face distorted in anger. But then her expression changed with a defeated face.

"You are right. I think this is my loss." Patricia replied with a low voice. "All of I done is for naught. I only did this because of the injustice I have suffered by the hands of that b*stard king of Jennovia."

"Then surrender." Dimitri had said. "I do not wish to kill you, because you are my blood related sister. But if you continue, then I have no other choice but to take your life." He said firmly.

"You are our half brother, Leticia had said. Looking at you now… you really do look like father." Patricia looked at Dimitri straight into his eyes. "When I heard about you I was but a young teenager. I am sorry if we siblings have done nothing to save you back then. We were powerless at the face of our father." She said with a sad expression.

"I have no qualms at what happened in the past." Dimitri replied in a flat tone. "But if you surrender now, then at least his majesty might spare your life and will only imprison you. I believe Leticia would give a few words in your favor. I too can help you a little, at the expense of us being blood related."

"Thank you." Patricia said with tears on her face. "Then I will surrender."

Dimitri took a step near Patricia to detain her.

"I will only surrender if I am dead." Patricia said with a menacing tone. She pulled a hidden dagger inside her dress and stabbed the unguarded Dimitri in the stomach.

"Ugh…" Dimitri took a step back and held his bleeding stomach and knelt on the ground. Patricia was standing beside him with a sinister grin.

"You should have died years ago." Patricia said. "I will just give you what you deserve. DIE!"

"No!" Leticia shouted.

When Patricia was about to stab Dimitri in the heart, Leticia pushed her hard. Because Dimitri was hurt, he was not able to hold on to his dimension. The dimension quickly disappeared and the old terrain came back. When Leticia pushed Patricia, she was at the edge of an earth pillar. Patricia fell down.

"NOOOOO!!!" Patricia screamed until a splash was heard and cut off her voice.

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