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Chapter 371: The Birth of the Chosen One (1)
(Regaleon's POV)

The wind was blowing hard on my face while I was riding on top of Tempest. He was flying as fast as he can to the direction of where Alicia was.

"We will be there soon, do not worry." Tempest told me to calm me down.

But I was feeling the anxiety eating me up inside. I do not know what Gladiolus was planning, but I am much more afraid of High Priest Hector more than him.

"You know that I cannot calm down unless I see Alicia safe with my own two eyes." I said to Tempest.

"I understand." Tempest sighed and we continued our journey.

When we were about to get there, I heard a faint voice calling for me from below.

"Leon… Leon…" The faint voice called.

I looked down to see a speck on the open waters.

"It's Anatalia." Tempest recognized her with his good eye sight.

"Let us go down." I ordered. I thought that Anatalia has some information that she needs to tell us.

Tempest agreed and swoop down from the sky and hovered just above Anatalia.

"What is it, Anatalia?" I said in a hurry.

"It is Alicia…" Anatalia had a grave look on her face that made my chest clench.

"What?! What happened to Alicia?" I asked with a frantic look. 'No, am I too late?' My mind was whirling with negative thoughts that I cannot seem to stop from forming.

"She is still under the sea, far from the enemy's clutches… but…" Anatalia paused.

"Tell me Anatalia!" I shouted in frustration. Anatalia had a shocked and frightened face after I shouted at her, and I felt sorry in an instant. "I am sorry for shouting. Please forgive me. I was just feeling uneasy." Anatalia shook her head.

"No, I understand." Anatalia replied with an understanding look. "I swam to Alicia's location as soon as the battle at the beach ended. I saw her and she was… she was in pain. Leon, Alicia is in labor and is about to give birth!"

I was shocked hearing Anatalia's words. It just gave me another reason to go to where Alicia is right now in haste.

"Tempest, let us move… quickly!" I ordered. "Can you swim there fast?" I asked Anatalia.

"Do not worry about me. I will be there in no time." Anatalia said. "Go!"

Tempest flapped his huge wings that made ripples on top of the water. We gained altitude once more and was in full speed. Not long I can see the pillar of light shining brighter than it ever was. Around the pillar, I can see the azure dragon circling around. It was not new to me to see him guarding the area, but what surprised me was that there was someone riding on top of him.

"Tempest, can you see who is that on top of the azure dragon?" I ordered.

"Certainly." Tempest replied.

I linked with Tempest and used his eyes to look in the far direction. That was when I saw who was riding the azure dragon. It was no other than Gladiolus.

"Master, it seems that the azure dragon has chosen a master with the royal blood." Tempest said.

"Let us tread carefully, Tempest." I said to him.

Tempest flew nearer the pillar of light carefully. Not long, the azure dragon and Gladiolus saw us. When were just meters away, we stopped and looked at one another.

"Just as expected, you are here." Gladiolus said with a solemn look.

Gladiolus face was more serene since the last time I have seen him. It seems like he had solved his inner turmoils and made his decision by himself rather than following his mother's every word.

"We meet once again, Gladiolus." I replied. "So, you are chosen to be the azure dragon's master."

"I was surprised too, that I was chosen to be this ones master." Gladiolus replied calmly. "After being chosen, now I know what my path is. This one I named Virgil, has explained to me."

I was confused with what Gladiolus was speaking when Tempest started to explain.

"Master, I was going to tell you after this battle is over but I think it would be test to tell you now." Tempest said.

"What is it Tempest?" I asked with utter curiosity.

"We, the four sacred beast had now found their rightful masters, the memory of our past reincarnations dawned upon us." Tempest explained. "We were destined to be with the Almighty One since he was born. We are here to assist him with his mission. But when he died, we also went in the cycle of rebirth until his reincarnation is born once again. Before he was to be born, we are to choose our masters, ones that will be tasked to accompany him in growing up. Our masters will be the Chosen One's mentors and guardians until he comes of age. Our consciousness has chosen the masters that would help him grow to be the smart and strong man he is destined to be, so that he can then finish his mission as pertained to him by destiny."

I heard every word that Tempest had said. I processed it inside my mind, and understood why Tempest and Snow chose me and Alicia to be their masters. We were to be the parents of the reincarnation of the Almighty One and will have the mission to raise and guide him in the right path. That also means that the black tortoise had found its master as well, and I was curious as to who that person is. But what made me curious more was why Gladiolus was chosen as one of my son's guardians?

'Does this mean that he is now on our side?' I thought while looking at Gladiolus with a doubtful look.

"I have already accepted the mission that I was given, King Regaleon." Gladiolus said while I was staring at him doubtfully. "I promise to be a faithful guardian to Alicia's child, whoever the father may be. But before anything else, I want to say to you that my feelings for Alicia is pure and true. Before I fully give up my feelings for her, fight me. If you defeat me, then I will acknowledge you as Alicia's husband and the father of the Chosen One. If not, then I will take your place by their side."

"Your words still infuriates me." I said with a grin. I felt irritated by his words but I still maintained my composure. "Very well, I accept your challenge. But if I win, I want you to erase any lingering feelings you have with my wife. I will accept you as a guardian to my child, but I do not want to see you any where near my wife." I said with a chilling voice.

"… I accept." Gladiolus had a pause before answering, but at least he gave me his word.

"Then I will take your word." I pulled out my sword. Our final battle with each other was about to begin.


(Alicia's POV)

I woke up with the pain in my belly. It was so excruciating that I clenched my fists hard with every interval.

"Ahhhh…." I screamed in pain.

When the pain subsided, I looked around and saw that I was still under the sea. The only difference is that I could now see the sky from where I was lying.

"H-How long has it been?" I asked myself. I looked at my stomach and it was now big and bulging. I knew in an instant that the pain I was feeling was labor pains, I was about to give birth. Then I felt another round of pain shot on my stomach.

"Ahhhh…." I screamed once again. I can feel beads of sweat running down my forehead.

When it subsided, I had time to breath. "Leon… where are you.?" My voice was pleading.

I was all alone in this cold place and was about to give birth, but Regaleon was no where to be found. I can feel tears trickling down my cheeks, wanting to see my love.

Then I saw flashes of red and blue light clashing at the sky. I tried to focus my sight on those lights when another round of pain shot.

"Ahhhh…" I screamed louder than before. I gripped anything that was around me and all I can touch was sand.

After another break, I looked at the dancing red and blue lights and recognized the red light. It was no other than Tempest. If Tempest was here, then Regaleon was just near. I felt relief knowing he was close but then felt worried as now I can see that Tempest was fighting with someone up in the sky.

"That means Leon is fighting up there…" I said when another round of pain came.

The intensity of the pain was getting higher and higher, an indication that the baby was about to come out. I opened my legs wide with the feeling that my baby will come out any minute now.

"Ahhh…" I screamed hard and I was about to bite my lips when I realized someone was right beside me.

My mouth had bit someones arm and I can taste the blood on my lips. But I cannot focus on the person because I was feeling the intense pain. When the pain subsided, I loosened the bite of my mouth and looked at the person beside me. I saw Anatalia's face distorted with pain.

"A-Anatalia…" I was surprised that she was here. "S-Sorry…" I tried to apologize that I bit her arm.

"It is okay Alicia, do not worry about me." Anatalia caressed my head gently. "This pain is nothing compared with what you are feeling now. Here, chew on this. This will help you gain strength while in labor and will prevent you from biting off your tongue. Do not swallow it, just chew."

Anatalia put something fishy and salty inside my mouth. I did not know what it was, but I trust Anatalia's words.

"These are seaweeds I got from the sea bed. It has properties that can help you regain your strength." Antalia explained. "Now listen to every word I say, okay? Just breath in and breath out. If you feel the pain of the contractions, do not fight it and just push. Understand?" I nodded as confirmation because my strength was starting to fade with the amount of pain I was feeling.

After chewing on the seaweeds Anatalia placed on my mouth, I can feel some vitality coming back to me. Anatalia spread my legs and examined me down there.

"Alicia, you are fully dilated. I can feel the head of the baby." Anatalia said. I felt another sharp pain and felt the need to push. "Do not stop it, just push as your body is saying."

"Ahhh!!!" I screamed while pushing.

"That is good, now keep going." Anatalia said while holding my bulging stomach helping me push.

Then the pain stopped and I breathed heavily.

"Breath in and breath out." Anatalia instructed and I do as she says.

I cannot believe I was about to give birth here and now, and without Regaleon by my side. I looked up and saw the lights still dancing on the sky when another pain shot up.

"REGALEON!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

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Chapter 372: The Birth of the Chosen One (2)
(Regaleon's POV)

I was wearing my fire armor since the start of the battle. Gladiolus was the same, wearing his water armor. He was a worthy opponent, unlike in the past where he was still fighting with his mother's will like a puppet.

Now, Gladiolus was fighting of his own accord. He has chose to fight with his own beliefs rather than blindly fighting for his mother. The Gladiolus now is much stronger than before, giving me a hard time in fighting him.

We exchange blow by blow, not giving any opening to the other. Tempest and Virgil were also fighting in their own way, it was fire versus water.

If you look at it closely, fire attribute is weak with water attribute. Even if I was in such a disadvantage, I did not let this weakness hinder me. I have already put my fire armor in it maximum capacity that can make water boil and evaporate with contact. This also gave Gladiolus a hard time fighting me. We were at a stalemate when a loud voice screamed. It was a voice I knew of very well.

"REGALEON!!!" Alicia screamed at the top of her lungs.

Alicia, my love is now calling me. I cannot just stay here and make this go on.

'Master, let us do that.' Tempest said to me telepathically. 'I am certain that we can do it successfully. We have a bond that is longer than theirs.'

I knew what Tempest was pertaining to. It was a power where the familiar and the master can merge with one another. This kind of power is something that can only be achieved with time and an unbreakable trust with master and familiar. So far we can maintain the merge for five minutes, which I think is a right amount of time to defeat Virgil and Gladiolus.

'Then let us do it.' I replied.

Tempest circled around me while I ready myself with what we are planning to do. I have to concentrate really hard just to match the power level that Tempest has. If it fluctuates even just by a little, the merge will not be successful.

"What are they doing?" I hear Gladiolus ask in curiosity.

"Master, watch out!" Virgil swoop in and carried Gladiolus away before our merger.

The merge made a strong blast in the surroundings. I can feel the intense power radiating all over my body. When I opened my eyes, I can see my whole body blazing with fire like I was the sun.

'Master, we only have five minutes.' Tempest reminded me.

"I know." I replied and then moved in an instant.

My speed doubled and as well as my strength. The fire I blasted was huge. Virgil was able to evade the attack and the fire blast went towards the open sea that made a huge hole on the sea bed. The water gushed in and covered the huge hole.

"I only need one clear shot." I said and moved swiftly once more.

"I cannot see him." Gladiolus said with anxiousness. "He is too fast!"

I used my speed to confuse both of my opponents and made gigantic fire bombs. These were all hurled towards them.

"Watch out!" Gladiolus told Virgil.

Virgil was able to evade the huge ones, but they did not expect that I have made smaller once as well. Those smaller ones was able to come close to them and I detonated them at my command.

"Ahhh…" Gladiolus was struck hard while Virgil was disoriented.

Gladiolus fell From Virgil's back and was now unconscious. His water armor was able to help absorb the blast from my small fire explosives and he obtained burns that are not lethal around his body. With this, I knew I won our last battle.

Virgil regained his senses and caught the unconscious Gladiolus before he fell on the water. I looked at him for the last time, and Virgil had the expression knowing that we won the fight. I nodded at him and darted to the place where my wife is.

"Ahhhh!!!" I heard Alicia's screams when I was near. I saw her lying on the sea bed with Anatalia.

I canceled my merger with Tempest and landed safely down. Tempest was reverted back to his falcon form after exhausting all of his magical powers after our merge. I as well have exhausted every bit of my magic powers in our fight.

I quickly ran towards my wife's side and held her hand instantly.

"My love…" I caressed her forehead gently. There were beads of sweat all over her forehead and I gently swipe them off with my hand.

"Leon… my love." Alicia opened her eyes and looked at me lovingly. "You're here..."

"Yes, I am here." I kissed the back of her hand and firmly held it. "I will not let you go again."

Alicia smiled but then her faces distorted in pain.

"Ahhh…" Alicia screamed out loud and squeezed my hand hard.

"I can see it… the baby's head." Anatalia said with an excited voice. "Push Alicia. You can do it." She encouraged.

"You can do it my love." I squeezed the hand that I was holding on tightly. "I am just right by your side."

"Yes…" Alicia smiled with strain and screamed once again. "Aahhhh…!!!"

Then a burst of light came out from around us. The pillar of light from before shone brighter than ever before. It was a blinding light that lasted for a few seconds.

"Uwaahhh…uhuhwahh…uwahhh!!!" I cry of a baby was then heard after the light faded.

I looked at Anatalia who was now holding a baby in her arms

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"Congratulations Leon, Alicia. It is a baby boy." Anatalia said with a bright smile in her face.

I can feel tears starting to fall on my cheeks. I wiped it off and looked at the tears on my hands. I cannot explain the feeling that I am going thru right now. It was a mixture of shock, bewilderment and happiness all at the same time.

I took off my coat and placed it around our little bundle of joy. Anatalia placed the little one on my arms and it stopped crying after feeling my warmth.

"The little one recognizes you as a safe zone." Anatalia said with a smile.

"Is that so…" I looked at my little one with unexplainable joy that was about to burst inside me. I smiled when the little one opened his eyes and looked directly at me. "He has my eyes. My love, look at our little one." I murmured.

But then Alicia gripped my hand that was still holding her. She still looked in pain.

"Anatalia, what is wrong with her?" I asked in a worried tone.

Anatalia quickly examined Alicia and had shocked eyes. "T-There is one more…" She exclaimed.

"What do you mean one more?" I asked frantically.

"There is one more baby!" Anatalia shouted. "Alicia, I know you are tired but you still have to push."

I looked at Alicia who was already pale. Her eyes were half closed and tiredness was evident on her face.

"My love, just one more, okay?" I whispered in her ear. "Just one more push." I encouraged her.

Alicia nodded faintly and gripped my hand with her last bit of strength.

"Ahhh…"Alicia was pushing with her last ounce of strength.

"That is it… here he comes." Anatalia said and another cry was heard.

"Uwahh…wahhh…uwuwahhh…." The baby cried healthily like the first one.

"Oh my, it is a girl." Anatalia said and handed the little one over to me.

Both babies were huddled inside my coat. They were holding each other's hands and looked at me with bright eyes.

"This little one has your eyes my love." I said.

"L-Let me see them." Alicia said with a raspy voice and tried to sit up.

"Careful now." I helped her up and placed the twins in her arms. I cradled the three of them in my arms.

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"They are beautiful." Alicia said while tears were falling down her eyes.

"Thank you… for giving me these bundle of joys." I kissed her in the forehead affectionately. I used the last ounce of my white magic I have to restore Alicia's vitality.

Just before we can drown ourselves with this happiness, the ground started to shake violently.

"W-What is this? An earthquake?" Anatalia looked firghtened.

The water around us started to get unstable and I was frantic, knowing that we are still at the bottom of the sea. The water can gush in on us in no time.

"Tempest, can you change?" I asked in a hurry.

"I am afraid I have not rested enough." Tempest said. I was thinking of another way when we heard Virgil's voice from above.

"I will take you to safety." Virgil said while swooping down.

Gladiolus was now conscious and came down from Virgil.

"I am here to help." Gladiolus said and stretch out his hand. I looked at it for a while then decided to take it.

"Remember your word." I said with a cold tone.

"I know." Gladiolus replied. "I lost and so I will keep my word. I am here to help the chosen one as his guardian."

I gave Gladiolus one of the twins while Anatalia carried the other one. I carried Alicia in my arms and then we climbed on top of Virgil. He flew up just in time when the water gushed in until we came out of the water.

"What is happening?" I asked out loud when we saw the water on the open sea started to become shallow.

'This is my last gift to you.' I hear the Almighty One's voice in the air. "I will restore the lost land of Atlantia.'

The half of my key and the other half in Gladiolus' possession floated out. The two halves merged into one key and in flew down to where we just were, the grave of the Almighty One. After some time, we can see the sea's surface started to vibrate hard and we heard something rumbling from below us.

"I-I think the water is subsiding." Anatalia said in wonder.

We saw the sea bed surfacing from the depths of the sea. The land of Atlantia is starting to resurface.

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Chapter 373: The Final Villain (1) (unedited)
A vast land that was under the sea for a few decades was now in full view once more. From where we are right now, I can see the vast land that was once my mother's country, the country of Atlantia.

"Is… Is this real?" I still cannot believe even though I can see it with my own two eyes.

"It is real, my love." Regaleon answered to my question.

Me and Regaleon might not have been born in this country, but we knew people that would be more than happy to know that Atlantia has risen from the depths of the sea.

"My mother would be happy with this news." I said with a huge smile on my face. "Dimitri and the others as well, I am sure they will be thrilled to know that the land of their birth has risen once again. Oh, how do you think they are?" I looked at the direction where my father's country Alvannia was.

The huge tremors that was made with the rising of the Atlantian land would have made catastrophic destructions such as a tidal wave.

"Do not worry." Virgil, the azure dragon replied. "I can feel two of the sacred beast by the shores. They made sure that a catastrophe was prevented to the people in your land."

Thinking of the sacred beast, I thought about Snow who was left in Duke Destia's estate. Then that leaves another sacred beast that I do not know off.

"I would also like to thank you, Gladiolus." I looked at Gladiolus who had just helped us. "I am happy that you are not our enemy any longer."

"I just did what I thought was right." Gladiolus replied. "I have always thought that mother's plans were right, but now I finally opened my eyes to the truth. I should have done this sooner, to follow my own path."

"That is good to hear." I smiled.

"I am now the guardian of your son, and I plan to do my part well." Gladiolus smiled back at me. "Alicia, I would like to apologize to you, for everything that I have done. I could say that it was all because of my mother's plan, but I was also at fault. My love for you had turned into obsession, and thus made me more susceptible with my mother's schemes. I am truly sorry. I do not expect you to forgive me instantly, but at least give me a chance to repent and make up for it." He knelt down and bow his head before me.

I have seen Gladiolus many times before, but I felt that this was the first time I have seen his true self. It is true that he had made many bad things to me and my loved ones, and I was no saint to just give my forgiveness that easily.

"Then I will expect you to repent for your sins and to work hard for my forgiveness." I replied. "And I expect you to be a good guardian to my children." Gladiolus looked up in disbelief. He was not expecting to be given another chance to repent but my words brought a smile on his face.

"I will work hard for your forgiveness, Alicia." Gladiolus said. "I will be sure to keep my promise."

"Ahem…" Regaleon coughed to get our attention. "I hope you remember your promise to me, Gladiolus."

"Huh, what promise?" I asked looking at my husband in curiosity.

"Do not worry Alicia. It is a promise from one man to another." Gladiolus replied. "And do not worry King Regaleon, I will keep my word. That is, if your wife does not call for me herself."

"You…" Regaleon looked irritated with Gladiolus words and I was at a loss as to what they were talking about. I want to ask further but the twins that were cradled in my arms started to cry.

"Oh my, I think they are hungry." Anatalia said. "I think you need to breast feed them."

The word breast feed made all of us except Anatalia blush.

"Virgil, can you find a suitable place to land first." Gladiolus instructed.

"As you wish, master." Virgil replied.

In no time we landed at the just risen land. Regaleon came down from Virgil first and offered a hand for me to go down. Anatalia was carrying the female twin while I was carrying the male. I took Regaleon's hand and walked at the ground that was still wet.

"The land here is all sand." I murmured.

"There are still mountain ranges further down south." Anatalia pointed out. "Do not worry, not long this land could come back to life. Of course with some help."

We saw a huge rock not far and decided to sit down there. Regaleon helped me down and I looked at Anatalia for help on how to start breast feeding the twins.

"Place both of them carefully in your lap. Be sure that you are comfortable with your position." Anatalia said while helping me. "Now put them on each of your breast and latch them carefully. You need to help them at first, but after a while these two little ones will know what to do."

I do as what Anatalia said. He also helped me to latch both of them unto my breast and after that they started sucking. Regaleon put his coat over me to keep me warm.

"Do not strain yourself." Regaleon said. "If you feel uncomfortable, you can shift your position. I will help you."

"Thank you." I smiled at him. I felt peaceful, seeing my children and my husband here with me now.

Gladiolus and Virgil was at distance from us keeping watch. After breast feeding, we decided to go back to Duke Destia's estate and get some rest.

"I will tell you everything once we get back." Regaleon told me. "But long story short, we have defeated Patricia. Her army has surrendered."

"Then does that mean this war is over?" I asked with a hopeful expression.

"Yes, it is." Regaleon said with a smile and kissed me on my forehead. "We can now live in peace with our children. What names do you want to give them?" He asked while starting to caress our children's cheeks.

"I am not quite sure yet." I said honestly. "I did not have time to think. As you know I was put to sleep just after I knew I was pregnant."

"Then let's think about it once we get back to Grandcrest." Regaleon said. "Once we get back, I will prepare a huge festival that will last a month for the birth of our children."

"That sounds good." I smiled with Regaleon's idea.

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We were talking happily when there was some commotion from where Gladiolus was.

"Stay here, I will take a look." Regaleon said while pulling out his sword.

"Be careful." I said with a worried tone.

But before Regaleon got up, there was an explosion. Gladiolus came flying towards our direction. He hit the ground hard and groaned in pain. Smoke was blocking our sight to see in front of us.

"Gladiolus!" I shouted his name in worry.

"T-there is an enemy…*cough*" Gladiolus coughed up blood. "H-High Priest Hector." He said with difficulty.

"So, the chosen one is here." I heard the voice of High Priest Hector.

When the smoke cleared a man with a youthful face emerged. His upper body was naked, and I can see magic stones embedded into his body. I tried to resist vomiting, because just by looking at the magic stones I cannot fathom how he was able to embed them unto his body. It was horrifying to think.

"Is that… the high priest?" I asked in disbelief.

I have seen the high priest numerous of times when I was kept as a hostage in Jennovia. He was an old man in his seventies. But the man in front of us looked like he was in his twenties.

'How could he have achieved that?' I thought to myself.

"Be careful… he is not the same old high priest." Gladiolus stood up and wiped the blood on his lips. "I cannot believe he was able to absorb the magical power that had bursted out on the chosen ones birth."

"You truly are smart, Crown Prince Gladiolus." High Priest Hector smirked. "All my life, I did my research on the forbidden magic the Atlantians used in the last war. I was searching for a way to attain a body that will never age. I knew that I can harness such power using magic stones after seeing how your mother's pendant stored some of the Almighty Ones magic. I have experimented on numerous subjects, some old and some who were young and still full of youth."

"You… monster!" Gladiolus roared. "Those reports of missing people, young and old. It was you! Even some of my Atlantian comrades who gone missing without a trace!"

"Yes, that was all me. And your mother gave me permission, with the condition that I will not get caught of course, and I will still help with her plans." Hector replied. "Experimenting with Atlantians gave me a breakthrough in my research. Their body withstood better with my experiments."

"M—Mother gave her consent?" Gladiolus asked in disbelief. He might have flew away from his mother's clutches, but Patricia is still his mother. He could not believe that his own mother turned a blind eye with this evil.

"Like other experiments, I failed and failed and lost my test subjects until I was able to successfully solve the problem. It was the quality of the magic stones." Hector said with an evil grin. "I could not find magic stones as good quality like your mother's pendant, but I solved that with the quantity. As you can see, those A+ quality magic stones did the work. I was able to bath in the pillar of light and absorb all that excess magic that bursted out. What more if I can tap in to the source itself. An immortal life is not difficult to achieve." Hector's eyes looked evilly at my children.

"I will not let you!" I embraced my twins closely to me. As if they can feel the evil aura, the twins started to cry.

"I will not let you go near my children and wife." Regaleon said with fury.

"You will go no further." Gladiolus said.

"Be careful against him." Virgil who was now in snake form slithered out of Gladiolus' sleeves and coiled unto his neck. "He has a portion of the Almighty Ones magic power inside those magic stones embedded into his body. He is not someone you can beat easily."

"King Regaleon, how is you magic powers fairing?" Gladiolus asked.

"Some of my magic is starting to return, but I am still not in full capacity." Regaleon replied.

"Dammit, I am also not in full capacity. But at least I have more magic powers left than you." Gladiolus replied. "There is no choice then, I will take the lead and support me from the back."

"Understood." Regaleon replied in a heart beat. "Alicia, stay here and watch the twins."

"I can also fight." I want to help both of them.

"You are still weak with childbirth, Alicia." Anatalia said. "And it would be better if you are here, guarding your children."

I do not want to acknowledge it but Anatalia was right. My body was still recuperating from giving birth and the vitality that Regaleon had restored was just a portion.

"I understand." I nodded. "Please be careful… both of you." I told them. They nodded and then walked towards our new opponent.
Chapter 374: The Final Villain (2) (unedited)
(Regaleon's POV)

High Priest Hector's appearance now is very far from his appearance when I saw him last time in Jennovia. That time when I was saving Alicia in the Jennovian palace, I only caught a glimpse of him, but I am quite sure he had an appearance of an old man. The reports also said that he was in his seventies, but the High Priest Hector before me now had a very youthful appearance. He has a face of a young man in his twenties. He had a good looking feature and a well built body, but the magic stones that were embedded in his body make it look hideous.

Hector's body was now emitting such a strong aura. What Gladiolus had said a while ago must be true, he bathed on the excess magic essence that bursted out after my son's birth. With the magic power he had obtained, he was able to make his appearance younger and he was now more powerful.

'Gladiolus and I cannot take this fight too lightly.' I thought to myself. 'Dammit, if only I was at my full capacity in this fight.' I cursed.

The high priest is just a normal human being, but when he absorbed the magic powers of my son when he was born that is also as powerful as the Almighty One's, he became a powerful being which can be ranked second to the Almighty One himself.

"If only I was at my full capacity." I blurted out once more.

"We cannot do anything with our circumstances right now." Gladiolus who was by my side said. "The high priest's main objective now is to get your son who is the chosen one. After drowning himself with the magic power he got, he became drunk and wanted more. I have a hunch that his current body is still mortal, that means we can still kill him."

"So you mean he wants my son so that he can get more magic power to make himself immortal?" I asked.

"What I have learned from the years I knew him, the high priest is one cunning and ambitious man." Gladiolus said. "I believe what you just said is not far from his ambitions."

"I will not let him get to my son." I said with a chilling voice. "Over my dead body."

"Hehe." Gladiolus chuckled. I looked at him with a cold gaze. "I believe your wife would not wish you to have a cold and dead body. So let us make it out alive, okay?"

"Agreed." I said with a flat tone.

Gladiolus and I made our stance in front of High Priest Hector, our swords pointing at him.

"Two against one? The odds are against me." Hector shook his head like he was dissatisfied. "But no matter, because you are no match for me now." His lips arched up in an evil grin.

"King Regaleon, back me up from behind!" Gladiolus said and activated his water amor around his body.

Gladiolus propelled forward in an instant, his destination was directly towards Hector. When he swung his sword at Hector, it stopped in mid air as if there is an invisible wall in front of him. Gladiolus was taken by surprise and the next second, his body was sent flying on the other side. His body made contact on the ground hard and he rolled numerous of times before stopping.

I conjured many fire balls the size of apples and sent it flying towards Hector. When they were near him I detonated them and it exploded in close contact. The smoke from the blast covered the area he was standing. I was not sure if that did the job, but I did not stand by to wait. I quickly ran to my right and my eyes were watching where Hector was standing just a while ago. The smoke slowly cleared and I saw a shadow inside. Not long the shadow swiftly moved and the smoke around him dissipated with his fast movement.

Hector rushed towards me in fast speed. He was so fast and was in front of me in an instant. I was not able to react quickly when Hector put a fist on my face. I felt my body fly backwards with the force. I felt my jaw was fractured with the pain I was feeling. I used my arms to shield my body and braced myself on impact.

I rolled for a few times on the ground before I was able to stop, I can feel the pain all over my body. I just opened my eyes from the fall when Hector was on top of me in a blink of an eye. He had his arm and fist ready to punch me and I was only able to raise my arms to block it.

'F*ck!' Was what I thought with my disadvantageous position.


The impact of the punch was strong that I can feel my body scream in pain. Hector readied for another punch when water gushed violently on Hector's body and he was pushed back.

"Are you alright?!" Gladiolus was by my side the next moment and lend me a hand to stand up. I took his hand and stood up, feeling my body scream in pain.

"I-I am fine." I said, wiping some blood from my lips. "He got me there." I said with irritation.

"He is not just powerful but also fast." Gladiolus said. "If only you can do that thing you did in our fight a while back… you know the one where you merging with your familiar. If both of us can do that, I think we have a chance."

"Tempest and I can only do that once a day because it can deplete our magic power." I explained. "I want to teach it to you, having our present circumstances but it also takes time to learn that kind of power, and I think your familiar has also reached his limit."

Virgil was now in his snake form, meaning he has also depleted his magic power. We are clearly in a disadvantage now.

"Then the odds are against us, I guess." Gladiolus sighed.

"But I will not give up." I said with conviction. "I will not let him get to my family!"

"Me too." Gladiolus said. "I will fight till the end before he can get to the chosen one."

Hector stood up from Gladiolus attack just a while ago. He dusted his pants as if the previous attack was nothing to him, there wasn't even a scratch.

"Oh dear me…" Hector said. "I think I will need to get new clothes. The pants I am wearing are all wet and dirty right now." He smirked at us.

Hector's reaction rubbed me hard with irritation. Gladiolus' face was also crumpled with anger.

"I want to swipe off that smirk on his face." I said with an irritated smile. I can feel some of my magic has gone back and so activated my fire armor. It was not as blazing as my fire armor at my full capacity, but at least it can help me take Hector's blows.

"The feeling is mutual." Gladiolus charged up his water armor.

Gladiolus and I then charged towards Hector.


(Alicia's POV)

I was holding the twins protectively in my arms while looking at Regaleon and Gladiolus engaging in battle against Hector. Looking at their current circumstances, they really are at a disadvantage. All of their attacks seems to be ineffective against Hector, while Gladiolus and Regaleon are getting a good beating from Hector's attacks.

My heart was thumping non stop since the fight began. Every time Regaleon took blows, my heart clenched in pain. I was feeling powerless, knowing that I cannot even help them. I have thought of going there and joining the fight but I decided against it because I know full well that my magic powers are also depleted after giving birth. Also my physical strength has not yet come back fully. I will be only a hindrance to them in the fight. I clenched my fists hard because of the helplessness I was feeling. Then I felt warm hands holding my closed fists.

"Do not loose hope Alicia." It was Anatalia who was holding my hand. "Have courage, for Regaleon and your children."

"Hmm." I nodded. Her words gave me the boost I needed.

It is true that I needed to be brave, now that I am a mother of these two beautiful children. As a mother, I needed to protect them. I also believe that Regaleon will do his best to protect us.

I looked at the twins I was holding safely in my arms. They were still crying, feeling the danger near us. But I was surprised to see the male twin starting to emit a faint glow.

"What is the matter, my dear?" I stroke his forehead trying to feel his temperature.

When I touched him directly, I can feel magic starting to surge inside me. I was amazed with the power I was receiving.

"Do you want to help your father?" It was like I can understand his inner most thoughts.

The male twin looked directly into my eyes and started to hold in his sobs. It was like he was telling me he wants to help.

"Anatalia, can you please hold on to her for me for a while?" I asked.

"O-Of course." Anatalia agreed but had a questioning face towards me. "But, what are you planning to do?" She asked while taking the female twin.

"This little one wants to help his father." I replied as I stood up.

I can feel the power that I was getting from my son. I am now sure that the male twin was the reincarnation of the Almighty One, feeling his magical powers. I walked towards where the three were fighting. In my every step, my son started to glow even brighter.

I saw Gladiolus and Regaleon not far but in a very beaten state. Their magic armor was nullified and their bodies are filled with cuts and bruises. Their clothes were tattered and their breathing was becoming heavier as time passes by. They were not in good shape.

"Is that all the king of Grandcrest and the crown prince of Jennovia can do? Hahaha!" Hector laughed mockingly. "And to think you two had royal blood running thru your veins. If you look at yourselves now, you two looks pathetic and weak." His body was emitting a dark golden glow that felt ominous.

"My dear, can you help them?" I asked while holding my son near me and kissing his cheek.

As if replying to my questions, his little arms stretch out and held my cheek. His little gesture put a smile in my face. His little body started to glow a warm golden light. The light radiated towards Regaleon and then Gladiolus.

"W-What is this?" Gladiolus looked at his body glowing with light golden light. "I can feel my magic power charging up."

"Not only is it coming back, I can feel a boost of power coming inside of me." Regaleon said and looked back. He saw me holding our son in my arms. "Alicia…"

"It is this little one's doing." I replied with a smile.

"I see." Regaleon smiled sweetly towards us. "Thank you my son. With this, I can protect you, your sister and your mother." He stood up with determination in his eyes.

"Thank you, chosen one." Gladiolus said and stood up.

Not long, Tempest and Virgil in their animal forms came and changed into their sacred beast forms in an instant.

"Master, we are ready." Both of them said in unison.

"You know what to do?" Regaleon asked Gladiolus.

"Yes, your son showed it to me." Gladiolus replied.

After that, a blinding light soon appeared and enveloped both the bodies of the masters and the familiars. The blast was strong that smoke blew away. I conjured a magical barrier to protect Anatalia and my daughter, while my body was enclosed with the golden light that protected me and my son from the blast.

"Thank you little one." I smiled towards the little one in my arms and he smiled back.

When the smoke cleared, I saw Regaleon and Gladiolus were now merged with their familiars. Their bodies were blazing with their magical attributes. I can feel that they have powered up and are now in par with Hector.

"How amusing is this? Hahaha." Hector laughed out loud. "Such power coming from that little baby. I cannot wait to get my hands on him."

Chapter 375: The Final Villain (3) (unedited)

(Regaleon's POV)

"How amusing is this? Hahaha." Hector laughed out loud. "Such power coming from that little baby. I cannot wait to get my hands on him."

High Priest Hector Words infuriated me. I can feel my anger rushing all over my body. The fire armor I am wearing blazed like never before.

"I will not let you." I gritted in anger. "You will pay with your life by eve thinking of taking my son away!"

I rushed to him with blinding speed. Hector was caught by surprise, but he was able to raise his conjure himself a sword that parried mine. I did not stop there; with fast speed I swung my sword left and right trying to break Hector's defense. My actions gave a little opening. Hector was so pre-occupied with my sword that he did not pay attention in his lower part of the body. I was able to give him a powerful to the groin that sent him flying to the opposite direction.

Hector was in mid air when Gladiolus also launched an attack against him. He flew towards Hector and used his water magic to blow him to the ground with huge force. The impact made a dent on the ground where Hector landed, but he was getting back up like our attack did not even faze him. Seeing that Hector was still standing, me and Gladiolus attacked him simultaneously not giving him any break.

Out attacks are paying of little by little. We can see Hector having a hard time defending from out attacks and he was being hit little by little. Gladiolus and I are using our fire and water magic, giving Hector's body a shock from heat and cold.

"Ahhhh…" Hector screamed as he was hit by one of our attacks hard.

Hector was sent flying and while he was in midair, I conjured fire balls in big sizes.

"Fire balls!" I screamed and conjured the fire balls. I hurled them towards the unsuspecting Hector and made them explode in his vicinity.

My exploding fire balls in the past were only small and concentrated because of my limited power, but with the surging amount of magic power I have right now, I was able to conjure bigger ones.


The smoke was thick after my fire balls exploded. I assumed the thud I heard was from Hector's body hitting the ground.

When the smoke cleared, I saw Hector who was having a hard time standing up. He was panting hard, clearly being in pain after our last attack. We can now see him having cuts and bruises, unlike from before where our attacks had no effect on him.


I clearly saw two magic stones that were embedded in Hector's body break.

"His magic stones, they are starting to break." I said with eagerness.

"Yes, I can see it as well." Gladiolus replied. "We can beat him if we are able to break all of those magic stones. He will revert to being a normal human being after we take care of all those magic stones embedded on his body." I nodded in agreement.

Our plan was clearly set. We just need to attack relentlessly and until all of the magic stones in Hector's body are broken. The magic stones are the ones that stores the magic powers Hector was able to get from my children's birth. Without those, he will be a human once again.


(Alicia's POV)

I was holding my son in my arms while watching Regaleon and Gladiolus fighting High Priest Hector. It was a spectacle to watch the two of them fighting in full power with the boost my son gave them. I was relieved to see that Hector was being pushed back by their synchronized attacks.

"Can you see them my darling? Those are your father and your uncle." I said with a smile on my face.

My son who was just a newborn was very attentive to every word I said. It was a little surprising to think that maybe he has developed a consciousness so early.

"Well, you are the reincarnation of the Almighty One. So, you are a little special." I said to him. "But I will love you and your sister equally." I kissed his cheek.

My son made a little sound and smiled while looking directly at me, as if telling me that it is okay. Of course, I do not plan to play favorites just because he was the reincarnation of the Almighty One or the so called "Chosen One". For me, the twins are both my children. They are the children I had with the love of my life and my husband, Regaleon.

*BAAM BANG BANG*loud explosions were heard one after another. I looked at the battle that was playing out in front of me and saw that my husband and Gladiolus were now having the upper hand. Hector was being pushed back and hard.

"His magic stones… there are only a few left." I murmured.

The magic power Hector had a while ago was starting to diminish. It looks like the magic power at his disposal depends on the magic stones he had embedded in his body.

"No wonder he wanted to have you." I said. "It is because the magic power he obtained is not permanent. Once it is drained while in use, it will not replenish itself like us Atlantians."

Atlantians were gifted by the Almighty One with magic powers. These magic powers were passed down in the genes, making it more stronger depending on the family. Once the miagic power of an Atlantian has been depleted, it can be replenished over time. We who has Atlantian royal blood have greater amount of magic powers and can replenish it more quickly than others. But Hector who does not have Atlantian genes in his body cannot replenish the lost magic power.

"We are winning!" I exclaimed excitedly to my baby. "Can you see that? Your father is winning." I said with a happy tone.

At last Hector's last magic stone broke after Regaleon and Gladiolus' relentless attacks. He was kneeling down on the ground with a badly beaten up body.

"F*ck!" Hector cursed out loud. "How could this have happened? I have waited for this day for so long. I have planned meticulously, and I am sure nothing had gone wrong!"

"Just give up Hector." Gladiolus said. "Not everything will go our way." Hector looked at him with raging eyes.

"It was all your fault!" Hector screamed out loud, pointing at Gladiolus with rage. "If I had just known that you will become a traitor and join the enemy, I would have killed after setting out to sea. Your mother would have been so disappointed in you." Gladiolus frowned with the mentioned of his mother.

"You may be correct. My mother would have been disappointed with my choice." Gladiolus said. "But this was a choice I made myself, and I am proud to have chosen it."

Seeing that Hector has been defeated and was aging rapidly once again, Regaleon and Gladiolus canceled the merger with their familiars. Temepest was in his falcon form while Virgil in his snake form.

"As the king of Grandcrest, I hear by place you under arrest, High Priest Hector." Regaleon said. "You will be put to trial and will pay for your crimes in front of the public. I am sure that the Jennovian people would want to see the criminal that have orchestrated such a heinous crime to their loved ones and family. They will be the one to put judgment on you."

Regaleon's face was firm and resolute. I am sure he wanted to kill High Priest Hector from where he is standing now, but like Regaleon has said he had to pay for his crimes in front of the families he had stolen countless of lives. It was a decision that a king should make, and I was proud of my husband.

"Your father is such a god ruler. Once you and your sister grow up, I hope the two you get his great wisdom." I was excited to see how my twins will grow up in the future.

"Haha…haha…HAHAHAHA!!!" hector laughed out loud like a maniac.

I felt something off about his behavior. Hector should not be laughing in his current situation.

"You are such an upright ruler, King Regaleon. But I do not intend for you to take me alive." Hector took a dagger out from behind him. "I still have a hidden card up my sleeve."


There was a huge explosion from where Hector was kneeling. Regaleon and Gladiolus was thrown away.

"Leon! Gladiolus!" I screamed to them with worry.

I saw Hector was beaming with dark golden light once more, but he was still aging.

"Of course, I have hidden the most precious magic stone I have." Hector pulled his pants just below his waist area where I saw a huge magic stone was hidden just by his groin. "It is not much, but I can at least have the right amount to do what I must. And that is to kill the Chosen One. If I cannot have his powers, then nobody can!"

Hector knew that both Regaleon and Gladiolus' magic powers were depleted and used this opportunity to strike. He launched an attack in such blinding speed towards me and my baby. I quickly conjured a thick ice wall as a shield in front of us, but the ice wall was melted by Hector in an instant using the last of his magic from the magic stone. Just as the ice melted, Hector was in front of me with the dagger's tip just a few inches away. I was caught off guard and I was just able do what my body told me to do, and that is to use my body to shield my baby.

I turned around and hugged my baby tight. I was waiting for the pain as the dagger pierced my body, but I did not feel anything.

"Ugh…" I heard someone groan at my back. My heart was thumping hard, fearing something that I feared the most.

When I looked back, I saw Glaiolus' back in front of me. The dagger that Hector was holding was pierced thru his shoulder.

"Such chivalry Crown Prince Gladiolus. And coming without a weapon I hand." Hector smirked wickedly. Gladiolus sword was nowhere to be found. It must have fallen far after the blast. "Who would have thought that you are willing to die for the one that you love."

"Shut your mouth, you dirty old man." Gladiolus coughed out blood.

"G-Gladiolus!" I screamed with such.

"If you want to die that badly then die!" Hector pulled out his dagger and readied for a final blow. Blood gushed out of Gladiolus' shoulder.

"Run…" Gladiolus looked back and whispered to me.