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Chapter 376: The Ending and a New Beginning (1)

"G-Gladiolus!" I screamed with such.

"If you want to die that badly then die!" Hector pulled out his dagger and readied for a final blow. Blood gushed out of Gladiolus' shoulder.

"Run…" Gladiolus looked back and whispered to me.

It was like time was in slow motion. Regaleon was running as fast as he can with his sword ready to pierce Hector, but he was far from where we are. Hector was about to pierce Gladiolus and he in turn was about to use his fist to counterattack.

But before the dagger was able to reach Gladiolus, someone was in the way to take the blow. Surprisingly, Patricia was in between her son Gladiolus and Hector. The dagger pierced Patricia on her chest.

"M-Mother?" Gladiolus was shocked to see Patricia in front of him.

"M-My son…" Patricia groaned, blood trickled from her mouth. "I-I am sorry I was late." Her body fell on Gladiolus' arms.

"No… no, this cannot be." Gladiolus said in a trance. Tears started to fall from his eyes. "Why… why would you do this. I am a traitor… I disobeyed you."

"My sweet little boy…" Patricia touched Gladiolus' cheek with her dirty palm. "You are my son. Of course, as a mother I will always protect you." She said with a sweet smile towards Gladiolus.

"Mother…" Gladiolus was out of words.

"Whatever you choose, I will support you. It was my error to keep you caged in my delusions and not let have your own life's choices. I always chose what I thought what would be best for you, but I was wrong. Clearly wrong." Patricia said. "I am sorry my son, please forgive me."

"I forgive you mother. Please... just conserve your strength." Gladiolus said. "You should not die. You have many sins you have to redeem for." Tears were flowing nonstop.

"You have grown into a fine young man, similar to your father." Patricia said, her voice getting weaker. "I love you so much, my son. Now, I can be with your father. I wish he can also forgive me… for all the bad things I have done." Then she closed her eyes and breathed her last.

"No… no no no NO!" Gladiolus cried out loud. "You should not die, mother! Please, open your eyes. Please… please…" Agony was etched on his face. He held his mother tightly in his arms.

"M-My queen…" Hector was shocked to see Patricia's blood in his hands. "No, this is not what I planned. Why… why would you be here? You should have escaped. I have ordered the crew of the sip to take you to a safe place and escape, so why are you here?" He looked shocked and confused at the same time. Tears started to trickle down his face.

Regaleon was standing right behind Hector without him even knowing. His face was dark and without a second longer, he stabbed Hector from behind with his sword.

"I cannot leave you be. You are a danger even just by breathing." Regaleon said with such cold tone, his eyes looked at Hector with contempt.

"Ugh…" Blood gushed out of Hector's stab wound after Regaleon pulled out his sword.

Hector crawled with all his might towards Patricia and was able to hold her hand that was lying on the ground lifeless.

"Just when I achieved the youth I so much craved for." Hector said to the lifeless Patricia. "I thought when we see each other again, you would have noticed me not as just your advisor but also a man that can stand by your side. I fell in love with you since the first time I have laid my eyes upon you when the late king of Jennovia took you home as a mistress. I resented him to the core after knowing what he has done to you, and so I helped you poisoned him. I helped you exact the revenge you have always craved for. I thought that if I have given you everything your heart has desired, you would know that I am the only man that can be by your side forever. Where… where did my plan go wrong…" His eyes were breaming with regret. I can see the affections overflowing while he was looking at the lifeless body of Patricia.

I was shocked to hear such words from the high priest. Who would have thought that he was in love with my Aunt Patricia for so long? I have lived in Jennovia for at least two years when I was a hostage, but I did not even think that there would be such feelings from the high priest to the queen of Jennovia.

"How dare you?!" Gladiolus hissed in anger. "How dare you harbor such ill thoughts about my mother? You… you were the one to poison her mind with thoughts of revenge. You fed her such ideas, whispering ill thoughts of bloodshed!"

"It was because she was still in love with your dead father." Hector replied. "I thought that if she got revenge, then she will be free from her feelings… that she will see me who was always by her side helping her. But in the end, she still thought of someone who have dies a long time ago." He said with a mournful face.

"You sicken me… sicken me to the core." Gladiolus said with disgust.

"Maybe… maybe I am bad to the core." Hector was having a hard time breathing. I can feel that his life was fading fast. "But my love for her… it was genuine and true. W-Wait for me… I will follow you wherever you go…" And with that he breathed his last.

All of us that were left was shocked with the sudden confession of Hector. His infatuation with Patricia had led to so many deaths that it could not be considered as pure.

"NO… I will not let you go to where my mother is." Gladiolus said with fury while tears were falling. "I will not let you."

"He does not deserve to be buried." Regaleon said and ignited Hector's body in flames. "He needs to be burned in hell." He said with a chilling voice.

Regaleon knelt on one knee by Gladiolus side and started to heal the wound on his shoulder.

"I cannot heal it fully because I have exhausted my magic, but at least I can stop the bleeding." Regaleon said.

"Thank you." Gladiolus said with a low tone.

"Uwahhh… uwahhh…" My son started to cry and not long after, my daughter that was safely at a distance with Anatalia started to cry out loud also.

"This has been a long day for all of us." Regaleon said while walking up to us. "Let us go home. I am sure the babies would need a warm place to stay." He wrapped his arms around me and helped me stand up.

"Yes, you are right." I said with a low voice. I looked at Gladiolus who was sitting on the ground holding his mother's lifeless body.

"King Regalon." Gladiolus stopped crying and wiped away his tears. "I hope that you give me permission to burry my mother."

"Hmm…" Regaleon nodded once. "It is the least I can give you, after saving my wife and child." He said with a firm voice.

"Thank you." Gladiolus bowed his head. He stood up and carried his mother's body in his arms.

"Alicia… Leon…" Anatalia ran towards us with my daughter. "Help is coming." She pointed out to a distance.

I can see numerous people in horse back coming towards us. I recognized mother and father right away. I can also see Snow running with them in her tiger form.

"They are here…" I said with a huge smile. "Mother… father…" I waved my arms towards them.

Anatalia passed my daughter to Regaleon, he carried her tiny little body effortlessly.

"Hello beautiful." Regaleon said while using his finger to hold her cheek. "Are the two of you hungry?" the twins were still crying in our arms.

"I think they are also exhausted." I said, also feeling tired. "I only wish to go home now."

"And we will." Regaleon said and planted a kiss on the top of my head.

The people on horse back came to greet us. All of them were worried for our safety. Snow came to me directly and I introduced the twins to her. Her tiger form was five times larger than before.

"Wow, they are so little." Snow said in delight.

"They are wonderful." Mother said. "I cannot believe I am a grandma now." She said with a huge smile.

"You made us young grandparents, huh." Father looked at me and Regaleon with a raised eyebrow but then smiled. "I am glad you are safe, Alicia." Mother and father hugged me.

"It is nice to see you as well." I replied and hugged them back.

Because we were all exhausted, mother and Anatalia helped us carry each twin back. I rode with Regaleon on top of Midnight, and I fell asleep along the way from exhaustion.

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Chapter 377: The Ending and a New Beginning (2)

I practically fell asleep in Regaleon's arms after the battle. When I woke up, I was inside a very familiar room in Duke Destia's estate.

"L-Leon…" I instinctively called out to him.

"I am here my love." Regaleon was right by my side in an instant. He was cradling one of the twins in his arms. "How was your sleep?" He asked.

"Good, I guess. How long was I asleep?" I asked out of curiosity. When I looked outside, it was clearly mid day.

"You were asleep for fifteen hours." Regaleon replied while putting the sleeping baby back to the cradle that was located at our bed side. "The doctor said your body was weak after childbirth and it just needed rest. Anatalia said the same. How are you feeling?" He planted a kiss on my forehead.

"I feel a bit sore but overall, I think I am fine." I replied honestly.

"You must be hungry." Regaleon said. "I will call Tricia to get you something light to eat."

"How about the babies? How did you feed them when I was asleep?" I asked, worried that my babies were not able to get fed.

"Do not worry, they have been bottle fed when you were asleep." Regaleon re-assured me. "In fact, they finished their bottle just before you woke up."

I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Do not worry too much." Regaleon bend down on the bed in front of me, our faces are in line with each other. "Of course, I will not let our children go hungry." He smiled teasingly and planted a kiss on my lips.

I felt my cheeks heat up with the sudden kiss and Regaleon smiled teasingly seeing my reaction. After that, he walked towards the bed side table and rang the bell. Not long there was a knock on the door.


"Come in." Regaleon said.

The door opened and Tricia came in.

"You called your majesty." Tricia said with a lowered head. When she looked up, she saw me with a surprised expression on her face. Tears started to fall from the rim of her eyes. "A-Ali… I mean her majesty. You are awake at last." I can see her feelings etched on her face.

"It is good to see you again Tricia." I said, giving her a warm smile. "Come here." I opened my arms, wanting to hug her.

Tricia came running towards me and embraced me as tightly as she can.

"I was so worried your highness. *sob*" Tricia said while sobbing. "Just the thought of you giving birth out there made me terrified. I was not even by your side in your most important time. I am so sorry."

"It is not your fault Tricia." I patted her back to comfort her. "It was inevitable. I am thankful that at least Leon was with me when I gave birth to the twins. You must have been so worried that I was gone for the whole nine months of my pregnancy."

"His majesty has not told you?" Tricia pulled back and looked at me with surprise.

"What did he not tell me?" I asked and looked at Regaleon questioningly.

"She just woke up." Regaleon explained. "Tricia, can you get Alicia something light to eat first. I am sure she is hungry."

"I-I understand…" Tricia got flustered. "I will be right back."

I looked confused with what Tricia meant.

"I will explain while you are waiting for food." Regaleon smiled.

Regaleon started to tell me everything that happened when I was under the sea. Apparently, not much time has passed by when I was there. My precnancy came into full term in just weeks since the first day the Almighty One took me there.

He also told me about how they hastened their journey to get the other key fragments, how they met the lycans along the way, and how some of the people in our group lost their lives in the journey.

Regaleon told me about the operation against Patricia's group, how the sirens and the lycans came to help them, how the Alvannians worked side by side with Atlantians and the ancient beasts.

Hearing his story made me hopeful for the future of this continent. I can imagine how the others can now accept Atlantians once again. Now that Atlantia had resurfaced, there would be a much bigger responsibility to govern the entire empire. And now knowing that some ancient beasts had survived, having to live side by side with them is something that we need to plan in the future.

I also learned that Dimitri was my mother's half brother, making him my uncle.

"Who would have thought that Dimitri is my uncle?" I said with a surprised expression. "But I am happy that he now has living blood relatives. I should greet him after I am well rested." I smiled.

"I am also happy for Dimitri. I know that he had treated me and my mother as family, but knowing that he has a family that are still alive is something he is very happy to know. He is currently recovering from his wound. I think he would be happy if you and the twins come and visit him one of these days." He smiled.

"I will surely visit." I replied. "Is mother and father alright?" I asked.

"Yes, they are currently taking a stroll now by the beach. I will let them know you are awake after a little while." Regaleon said. "Oh, and mother in law asked about the names of the twins. Have you thought of their names?"

"Yes." I nodded. "I am thinking of naming our little boy Alphonse and out little girl Aerith."

"Alphonse and Aerith..." Regaleon repeated. "That sounds good. How did you come up with them?" He asked.

"It just popped out of my mind." I looked at my two little angels sleeping peacefully in their cribs. "I just thought that it would suit them."

"Then Alphonse and Aerith it is." Regaleon replied with a happy smile.

And as if the twins already knew their names, they woke up and reacted. Regaleon took Alphonse from his crib and handed him gently over to me while he took Aerith and cradled her in his arms.

"My little Al." I said while poking his cheek.

My little Alphonse smiled sweetly at me and my heart melted instantly after seeing it.

"Little Aerith wants to join you two." Regaleon carefully placed her in my other arm. The two of them were so little and was a good fit in my arms.

"My little angels." I said with a smile. I can feel warmth in my chest that was spreading all over my body. I knew that this was the feeling of love.

Regaleon sat down beside me and wrapped his arms around us lovingly. This was my little family, the family that me and Regaleon started. I felt bliss at this moment.


"Your highnesses…" A young male knight was running around the palace ground while panting hard. "Where are you?"


Soft giggles can be heard in the vicinity.

"I know you are here. I can hear you both." The young male knight replied.

The giggles can be heard behind the bushes. The young male knight walked towards the bushes carefully.

"Gotcha!" The young male knight quickly pushed back the bushes but there was no one there. "Huh, I was sure that I heard it from here." He scratched his head with confusion.

Then wind blew through his ear and the sound of giggles came along with it.

"Ohhhh… so you are using your magic huh." The young male knight said. "I will find you in no time." He said teasingly.

The young male knight conjured little golems using the earth. The earth golems quickly darted all over the place in search. After some time, a golem had found something behind the trees and informed the young male knight.

"So, you are there." The young male knight smiled and went to inspect the tree the earth golem mentioned.

The young male knight treaded carefully towards the tree and when he was just standing right below it, a magic circle started to light up from under him.

"A magic trap!" The young male knight was surprised, and his feet started to freeze through his waist. "Ahhh… I surrender. You got me." He sighed in defeat.

"Hahahaha…" Two giggling voices was heard melodiously.

From up the tree jumped down a young boy with black hair and silver eyes, while a young girl with long silver hair and blue eyes came out from behind the tree.

"Gotcha Philip." The little girl said while giggling.

"You got me Princess Aerith. The magic traps that your uncle Jack has been teaching you paid off. I just hope you will not use me as a test target in the future." The young male knight named Philip replied. "Now can you please melt the ice around me. It is getting a little cold." He smiled.

"You cannot even dispel the ice Aerith made?" The young boy asked with a smirk. "How can you be our personal bodyguard if you are that weak?" He said jokingly.

"Your highness Prince Alphonse, I am still an apprentice knight in training as you know." Philip said with an irritated smile. "I am only sixteen now and is still under the tutelage of Captain Dimitri. And your father the emperor is personally teaching me swordsmanship. At least I can still beat you at that." He smiled to Alphonse with pride.

"Tsk, I know you still are above me at that." Alphonse replied. "But just you wait, I will get to your level and beat you, and move above you after." He then used his fire magic to melt the ice around Philip's body.

"I am sure you will your highness." Philip replied. "Even though you are just twelve years old now, your skill in the sword is more advance than your peers. Oh, speaking of age, your mother the empress is looking for you two. It is both your twelfth birthday today and you need to prepare for the banquet later."

"Mother is looking for us?" Alphonse replied with surprise.

"Oh no, we are in trouble." Aerith said with a scared expression. "What are we going to do brother? Our clothes are…" She looked at her brother with worry. Their clothes are both dirty.

"Do not worry, I will fix it once we go back." Alphonse said with a determined look. "Come on, before mother sees us like this." He took his sisters hand and started to run to the direction of the palace.

"Your cousins have arrived as well." Philip shouted to the twin's direction. "I am sure they are waiting for you."

"Thanks…" Alphonse waved his hand to Philip without looking back. Philip sighed and shook his head but then smiled. "To think that the future of the empire and the world are in his highnesses shoulders. But I still promise to get even stronger, to support both of you in the future." He said with a look of determination.

Philip saw the receding figures of the prince and the princess of the empire, the hope of the world in the future.

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Chapter 378: Epilogue 1 (1) (unedited)

It has been three and a half years since the battle on the eastern sea was over. Atlantia has risen from the depths of the sea and we started to bring Atlantians back there little by little. The whole continent has been united and a whole empire was born.

Like promised, the kingdom of Jennovia is governed by the Grand Duchess Satiana while the kingdom of Alvannia is governed by Grand Duke Richard. Regaleon and I was named emperor and empress of this united continent.

The newly risen Atlantia was decided to be divided in half because of the big land mass. It was decided that Gladiolus will be the monarch to govern the northern part while the south will be governed by Dimitri. Both of them were given a grand duke title. Because Atlantia was submerge in sea water for more than two decades, the land had become barren and was not ready for cultivation. In this past three years, many researchers together with George made efforts to make the soil rich once more to grow crops and other vegetation that is needed for Atlantians to survive. Slowly but surely, parts of Atlantia can now be habitable.

I was now living in Grandcrest, at one of the summer vacation villas owned by the imperial family. I am here now because I am in my last month of pregnancy to our third child. This was my second pregnancy, but it felt like my first because I had a magic pregnancy with the twins.

I suffered from intense morning sickness and was not able to keep down food in my first trimester. At my later months, I was getting cranky more than usual and was often stressed within the palace in the capital. The doctor advised that I get a break from the stress of the capital and take a vacation in my last trimester. He said it will be good to also give birth while there.

"Your majesty, is it not cold outside." Tricia who came with me to the summer villa asked.

I was currently out in the gardens under the shade of a big tree. Tricia laid out a cloth on the grass and I was having a nice time enjoying the breeze outside while eating snacks.

"I am fine Tricia." I replied. "It is not that cold. The breeze feels perfect." I smiled.

"But just in case, use this your majesty." Tricia covered my exposed legs with a blanket.

"Thank you very much." I replied.

Regaleon comes here in the summer villa every three days and goes back to the capital after spending three days with me and the twins. Of course, he still works when he is here but he makes sure to do urgent work while in the capital so he can spend quality time with us.

The empire is just newly established, and work piled up every day in his office as if it is not diminishing even after working until the day ends every single day. At the first years I have assisted Regaleon with his work and we shared the burden. But when I got pregnant with our third child, I was not able to help him. Thankfully, Chris who was given a title Marquis was promoted as his personal assistant. He displayed exceptional skills in managing and politics that helped Regaleon a lot. Dimitri also helped at first but when South Atlantia started to take in people, he was also busy.

"Where are the twins?" I asked Tricia.

"They are currently playing with Philip not far from here." Tricia replied.

Philip was Alex's brother. When Alex died, Regaleon promised to take care of his brother that was left orphaned. Regaleon took him under his wing and gave him the needed education that he deserved. Philip was a good and smart boy and my twins loved him as a big brother. I as well treated him as part of our family.

"Prince Alphonse… Princess Aerith… wait…" I heard Philip yelling.

I saw the twins and Philip running in the garden. The twins were giggling while Philip was panting hard trying to keep up with the twin's stamina. I also giggled seeing this scene.

"Now, now… Al and Rith." I called out to my twins. "Don't tease Philip too much."

"Hahaha… bwodew Philip is swow… (brother Philip is slow…)" Alphonse said.

"Downt wowy bwodew Phil… I will let yow catch me. (Don't worry brother Philip… I will let you catch me.)" Aerith said.

The twins were still having their tongue tied with baby talk and hearing them was music to my ears. Aerith used wind magic to lift herself up and flew towards Philip. Philip on the other hand was shocked with Aerith's sudden movement but was able to catch the little one with his arms. He wrapped little Aerith in his arms protectively.

"Haha, gotcha…" Philp said with a smile.

"Hehehe." Aerith giggled melodiously. "I wowve you bwodew Philip. (I love you brother Philip.)" She hugged him back.

"I love you too." Philip pinched Aerith's chubby cheek.

"Hey… no fwew. (Hey… no fair.)" Alphonse was hugging Philip's waist. "Downt be sewfish. I want to pway wid bwodew Philip too. (Don't be selfish. I want to play with brother Philip too.)" He said while pouting his lips.

"Of course, I am going to play with the both of you." Philip replied with a smile.

"Philip!" I called out. "Come here and take the twins with you to eat some snacks."

Philip quickly carried Alphonse as well and headed towards me. Once they arrived, he carefully put the twins down near me.

"You are really strong Philip." I complimented. "You can still carry the both of them even though they got bigger."

Philip is now twelve years old. He entered the knight's training just months ago and I can see the improvement in his body muscles just after only training a few months.

"Thank you for the compliment your majesty." Philip scratched his head in embarrassment. "But I am still far away from Sir Dimitri and Sir Chris. I want to get even stronger to be able to serve the highnesses in the future."

"I know." I replied with a smile. "But do not over do it okay?" I reminded him.

"Of course, your majesty." Philip replied. "It is the least I can do after you and his majesty had taken me in after my brother's death. I promise to be a worthy knight and serve his and her highnesses."

"You know that we took you in not because we want you to serve us." I said with honestly. "I have already considered you as family and I only ask for you to do the same with us, especially the twins and this one inside." I stroke my bulging belly lovingly.

"I am extremely grateful to you and his majesty." Philip replied. "I have already considered the prince and princess as my own siblings, and I will always respect you and King Regaleon. I will forever be grateful to you and his majesty."

I felt touched with Philip's words. I already felt thankful that Philip will be there for the twins and my little one inside.

"Come and sit down as well." I patted the space beside me and the twins. "And do not think to refuse. You are already a part of our family." I reprimanded.

"T-Thanks your majesty." Philip scratched his head awkwardly and sat down next to the twins. He was still shy around me and Regaleon and that made me giggle.

"Tuway dis bwodew Philip. (Try this brother Philip.)" Aerith was holding a cookie and was trying to feed Philip. "Sway ahh… (Say ahh...)" She tried to reach Philip's mouth to feed him.

Philip bent down so that Aerith can reach his mouth. He opened his mouth and Aerith put the cookie in.

"Yummy, wayt? (Yummy, right?" Aerith waited for Philip to reply.

"Hmm, yes princess." Philip replied with a smile.

"Yey…" Aerith gave a sweet smile to Philip.

Alphonse on the other hand was stuffing his mouth with brownies.

"Take it easy Al." I said while looking at his cute chubby cheeks that was filled with brownies. "Take a bite one at a time."

I wiped the crumbs from his lips with my handkerchief. I gave him some iced tea to down the brownies in his mouth.

"Its twasty. (Its tasty.)" Alphonse replied.

"Of course, it is because Tricia made it for you." I smiled.

"Twank yow, Twisia. (Thank you, Tricia.)" Alphonse said to Tricia.

"You are most welcome, your highness." Tricia replied with a sweet smile.

I was happy to see my family all having a good time. The only one missing here is Regaleon. I missed him instantly after thinking about him. I sighed knowing that I still need to wait for tomorrow to see him.

Once the twins and Philip are finished with their snacks, they stood up and readied themselves to go back to the villa. The sun was starting to set in the west and the temperature is starting to get cold.

Tricia helped me to get up from the ground when I felt something gush out from below me.

"W-What the…?" I was surprised to see the lower part of my dress and the cloth that we were sitting on the ground all wet.

"Y-Your majesty?!" Tricia was alarmed at once. "Philip quick, call for the midwife! And tell Captain William to send a message to his majesty in the capital at once!"

"Y-Yes…" Philip stood in attention and carried both Alphonse and Aerith in his arms and ran towards the villa.

"Wat is wong with mommy? (What is wrong with mommy?)" Alphonse asked.

"Her majesty is about to give birth to your sibling." Philip explained.

When Philip and the twins vanished inside the villa, I then felt a bout of pain in my lower part.

"T-Tricia…" I held her arm a little hard. "Am I…" I was no able to finish my question because of the pain I was feeling.

"Your majesty, your water just broke." Tricia said. "You are about to give birth."

I knew what this pain meant. I have felt it when the twins were born.

"L-Leon…" I called out to him after the contraction ended.

"Do not worry your majesty, I have already instructed Philip to tell Sir William to send a message." Tricia helped me walk towards the villa. "I am sure he will be here in no time."

I saw William who also came with me to the villa come out in an instant. He carried me effortlessly in his arms and moved me inside.

"I have already sent a message to his majesty." William said while carrying me to my bed. He laid me down carefully. "Just wait a little while and he will be here." He knew what was running inside my head in an instant.

It saddens me that William refused to go back to his land in Alvannia and get the title of duke that he deserves. He decided that he wanted to stay by my side as my personal knight until the very end. Because Regaleon saw his contribution in the last war, he had given him the title of leader of the Imperial Knights and remained as my personal knight as well. He still remained single to this day.

Tricia who had confessed her feelings not long after the war ended. But she was respectfully rejected by William. I was saddened that Tricia's once sided feelings were not reciprocated, but she found love after. Theon, who Regaleon gave me as a butler and now was the imperial butler in the palace wooed Tricia until she accepted him just last year. They were scheduled to be married after I have given birth as Tricia would want to be by my side to assist me.

I was lying in bed feeling the contractions. With every passing moment, I longed for Regaleon to come and be by my side.



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Epilogue 1 (2) (unedited)

(Regaleon's POV)

I was so busy with finishing the paperwork that I did not realize that the sun was starting to set in the west. I sighed heavily and pressed my temples feeling the fatigue I accumulated today.

"That was a big sigh your majesty." Chris who just came inside my office door said. He was carrying quite a few documents in his hands.

"Is that urgent." I asked feeling irritated that there are more documents to look at.

"I am afraid, your majesty." Chris gave me an apologetic smile. "You will be away for three days and it would be best to check these ones before you go to her majesty and the highnesses." He flapped the documents.

"I understand." I deeply sighed ones more. "Put it here so that I can finish them all before the middle of the night." I tapped the remaining documents on my desk.

"Of course, your majesty." Chris smiled and put the documents on my desk together with the remaining documents.

I was engrossed with my work once more thinking that after this pile of documents I can go to where my wife and children are.

'I want to surprise Alicia.' A smile crept on my face after the idea popped up in my head.

I planned that after I finish these documents, that I estimate will be done by midnight if I work non stop, I will take Tempest and fly to where Alicia and the children.

'I am sure they would be asleep by then, but I would like to at least plant a kiss on their sleeping faces.' I thought.

I can imagine how surprised the twins will be when they see me after they wake up. I would also want to sleep in the same bed with Alicia while hugging her in my arms.

'I cannot sleep very well without my wife by my side.' I thought. 'I cannot last more than three nights. It is like torture.' I confessed my own weakness.

If it is not for Alicia and the baby's well being, I would not have endured to be away from my family like this. Alicia is having a hard time in her second pregnancy, as if this were her first. The doctor advised that she needed a stress free environment and suggested that she spend the remainder of her pregnancy in a quiet place, that is why she and the twins travelled to one of our vacation villas.

"Will you be going to her majesty after you are done, your majesty?" Chris said as if he had read my mind.

Chris had been with me as my personal assistant since the empire was established. He has seen how I work and also knows how my mind works. At first Dimitri was also here helping us, but after South Atlantia started to take in people, he was needed there and only Chris and I remained here in the capital. Work piled up but thanks to Chris I was able to finish work every day with his help. Because of that Chris had become my close aid since then, like Dimitri was.

"You know my answer to that." I smiled at him.

"Do not worry your majesty. I have already scanned those documents and made preliminary evaluations." Chris said. "Those documents only need your royal stamp for approval. Those documents that got rejected in the first scan will be sent back with explanations that I have made."

"Thank you so much, Chris." I replied to him with a smile. "You really are a capable assistant."

"Thanks for the compliment, your majesty." Chris smiled back. "I am just doing my job to support you. And also, I am sure her majesty and the highnesses are waiting for your return."

"You are right." I smiled just thinking about the twins running towards me with excitement and huge smiles on their faces. I would also like to see my wife's lovely face while I plant a kiss on her plump and sweet lips.

"Her majesty is near her due date, I believe." Chris said. "I cannot imagine that you will have another child just after three and a half years of marriage."

I smiled thinking about our small wedding in the village. After that we had Alphonse and Aerith by surprise. When we got back to Grandcrest, I immediately planned a big wedding together with our coronation as emperor and empress of the newly established empire. The festivities lasted for three months.

"I know right." I replied. "I pray that you and your wife will be blessed with a baby soon as well." I remarked.

Chris got married within this year. His wife is an Atlantian that was with him in Dimitri's special unit. I was happy to know that he was able to settle down not long after we had obtained the peace we have fought so hard for.

"I hope so too your majesty." Chris replied. "But I am also happy to monopolize my wife for now." He smiled.

"I completely understand you." I smiled knowing what he meant.

Alicia and I had the twins right after we got married and I was not able to get her all to myself after that. But I was happy to have my children, it was just that Alicia's attention had been divided to three after having Alphonse and Aerith.

It was not that long when the sun had set, and the night was starting to get deeper. A messenger bird landed on the window of my office. It was a fast messenger bird used for emergencies. Chris knew that as well and walked towards the window to open it. He took the message from the messenger bird and read it at once.

"Y-Your majesty…" Chris complexion paled. "The messenger bird came from Sir William."

"What does it say?!" I said in alarm, knowing that William will not send a message if it was not an emergency.

"It says that her majesty is currently in labor now." Chris replied. "She might give birth any moment now."

Hearing Chris utter the words, I quickly stood up from my seat and quickly ran towards the door.

"Chris, you take care of those documents for me!" I said before exiting my office.

"Yes, of course your majesty." Chris replied at once. "Take care on your journey." He quickly remarked but I was already outside and only heard his words in passing.

'Tempest!' I quickly mind linked.

'Yes, master.' Tempest replied at once.

'We are going to Alicia now. She is about to give birth.' I said to him.

'I am just waiting outside.' Tempest replied.

I found the nearest balcony near my office on the second floor and jumped out immediately. In no time, Tempest swept down from above in his phoenix form and caught me.

"Hurry Tempest." I said in quite panic. "I do not want to miss the birth of my third child."

"I understand." Tempest then quickly sped up.

It was not that long when I saw the vacation villa in sight. My heart was thumping fast inside my chest all the way.

'Please let me make it in time.' I prayed and prayed in the whole journey.

Tempest hovered just above the entrance of the villa and I quickly jumped down. The head maid and the butler of the villa quickly came out to greet me.

"Your majesty…" The both of them started to bow.

"Skip the greetings." I said immediately and walked inside the villa. "Is my wife in her room right now?" I asked while quickly climbing the stairs towards the second floor.

"Yes, your majesty." The butler replied at once. "Sir William carried her majesty to her room at once."

"Her majesty's water broke while she was having snacks outside with the highnesses." The head maid explained. "We called the midwives at once and they are currently in her room with her majesty right now."

I quickly walked towards our room when I landed at the second floor. When I was about to turn a corner, I already heard Alicia's screams.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Alicia's voice was echoing at the corridors.

I turned the corner and saw William and Philip standing guard outside. Philip was cradling the crying Aerith in his arms while Alphonse was clinging unto his waist.

"How is she?" I asked William at once.

"Her majesty has been in labor for some hours now." William replied.

"Waaahhh…" Aerith was sobbing. "Dada, why is mama kwaying (Daddy, why is mommy crying.") She asked while reaching her tiny arms towards me. I took her from Philip and tried to comfort her.

"Mommy is just feeling some pain while getting your little sibling out." I tried to explain as best as I possibly can.

"Ish it coz mama hash so big tummy? (Is it because mommy has so big tummy?)" Aerith asked.

"Yes, something like that." I replied while wiping the tears from her chubby cheeks. "Now be a good girl and stay here for a while, okay? Daddy will go and help mommy inside."

"Cwant Aywit go inswide too? (Can't Aerith go inside too?)" Aerith asked.

"No baby girl." I said soothingly. "Mommy needs to concentrate so that your little sibling can get out mommy's tummy safely. Why don't you go with Philip and help Tricia with your baby sibling's things? I am sure that once he or she is out, he or she will need clothes to wear and a bed to sleep on. You will be a good sister and help them, won't you?"

"Y-Yesh." Aerith sniffed. "Aywit will hewp becoz I am a gud owder sistew (Aerith will help them because I am a good older sister.)"

"That's my little girl." I patted her head and looked at Philip and Tricia. They quickly got what I was trying to do.

"Come now princess, why don't you pick the best sheets for your sibling's crib." Tricia coaxed. "There are so many to choose from that I cannot decide. Help me select the most beautiful one, okay?"

"Owkay…" Aerith took Tricia's hand and walked away.

I was about to open the door when I felt someone tug my pants from below. When I looked down, I saw Alphonse looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Why don't you go with your sister?" I knelt down to face my little one.

"I-I want to see mama." Alphonse said.

"But mommy is in pain right now." I tried to explain.

"I will be gud." Alphonse said with pleading eyes. "Pwease…" I sighed in defeat seeing those cute pleading eyes.

"Okay. But be a good boy, okay?" I stood up and carried Alphonse in my arms.

I opened the door to see my wife who was about to give birth to our third child.

Epilogue 1 (3)

I can feel the same pain I felt when I gave birth to Alphonse and Aerith. I knew full well that my body is getting ready to give birth to the child inside me.

"Get the clean towels ready and some hot water in her majesty's room at once." I heard Tricia's voice giving orders to the other maids.

"T-Tricia." I called out to her in a hoarse voice.

"Yes, your majesty?" Tricia was by my side in an instant. "I am right here."

I reached out to her and she held my hand in an instant. I can feel get warmth and worry radiating over me.

"L-Leon…" I asked at once.

"Do not worry your majesty." Tricia said with a comforting tone. "His majesty is on his way as we speak."

After hearing Tricia's words, I felt some relief that Regaleon was on his way, but I can still feel anxiety, nervous that he might not make it to our youngest's birth. And just after thinking such a thing, I felt a bolt of pain run from my lower region.

"Ahhhh!!!" I screamed with pain, clenching Tricia's hand that I was holding and the bed sheets from my other hand.

"Hang in there your majesty." Tricia said comforting words, but her face was full of worry.

"Your majesty, please breathe as I say." A midwife that was at the opposite side of my bed said. "Inhale… exhale…"

I do as I was told. I took a deep breathe and exhaled. It helps me regain some strength after the shot of contraction. I had three midwives that are attending to me in my childbirth. Unfortunately, Anatalia out of the country right now because of siren business. After the war, the sirens and lycans existence were made know all over the continent. They were introduced as allies to the empire that has sworn loyalty to Emperor Regaleon. Because of that they were given land that they can call their home in the continent.

The lycans had chosen the mountain regions in the middle part of the continent while the sirens were given the land at the southern part of the continent near the south sea. Both races were starting to develop the land that were given to them as their own and the empire is helping them along the way.

"I will try and be back when you give birth." That was Anatalia's words before she left to tend to her siren business. But I am afraid I will give birth without her now.

"Ahhhh…" I screamed once again after another shot of contraction.

The interval is getting shorter and shorter meaning my baby is ready to come out any time soon.

"L-Leon…" I call out my husband's name. "Leon…"

I was sweating buckets while lying down on my bed. I can feel my body losing its strength every time the pain of the contractions come. All I could think about now was my husband that I am longing for.

"I am here my love." I heard Regaleon's voice by my side. I looked up and saw the face of my loving husband carrying our son Alphonse in his arms.

"You are here…" I said, giving him a strained smile. I felt relief wash all over my body after seeing him.

"I rushed here on Tempest the instant I got the message." Regaleon said while planting a kiss on my forehead. I can feel his hand patting my head. "You are doing fine my love. Just stay strong, okay?"

"Hmm…" I nodded. "Alphonse is here as well."

"Mama… aw u in pwein? (Mommy… are you in pain?)" Alphonse asked with a worried look.

"I am sorry that you are seeing mommy this weak." I replied with a weak smile.

"I dwont want to see mama in pwein. (I don't want to see mommy in pain.)" Alphonse said with a sad face.

"Oh, my sweet little boy." I said with a smile. "Mommy needs to go through this so that your little sibling can be born."

Alphonse tried to reach me with his short little arms but Regaleon did not let him.

"Al, your mother needs to concentrate right now." Regaleon said. "Did you not promise to be a good boy?"

"Ehhmmm…" Alphonse did not listen to what Regaleon was saying and still tried to reach me.

"It is okay…" I nodded to Regaleon to let Alphonse touch me.

Regaleon looked at me, contemplating before nodding and agreeing. Regaleon put Alphonse down on the bed and he crawled near me. Alphonse Regaleon looked at me, contemplating before nodding and agreeing. Regaleon put Alphonse down on the bed and he crawled near me. Alphonse put his hand on my forehead lovingly. Once he had done so, I can feel the strain and weakness of my body dissipate and strength was gradually returning. I can see white light starting to radiate all over my body.

"A-Al…" Regaleon said with a surprised tone, his eyes were wide looking at our son. "You can use white magic!"

I was surprised to hear what Regaleon said. As I know, Regaleon showed signs of being capable of using white magic when he was in his adolescent years, and it was not easy to use as well. He needed to train to harness its healing powers to be able to heal more efficiently and effectively. But our son is using white magic as if he were a pro.

"He really is the reincarnation of the chosen one." I heard Anatalia's voice by the door.

"Anatalia…" I was happy that she came just in time.

"I told you I will try my best to be here once you gave birth." Anatalia said while panting, indicating that she was running along the way.

Anatalia did not quickly strode towards the foot of my bed and checked on me at once.

"I can already feel the baby's head." Anatalia said. "If I say push, you push, okay? Alphonse is now serving as your personal pain reliever and you will not feel the pain of the contractions."

"Hmm…" I nodded in understanding.

"Okay now… push!" Anatalia said.

"Hmmpphhh…" I was now holding Regaleon's hand squeezing it while pushing. I can feel him also squeezing back gently, comforting me.

"You can do it my love." Regaleon said.

"Okay, deep breathe Alicia." Anatalia said and so I had time to relax. "Now, push again."

I pushed and took a break as Anatalia had said so. I can feel that only a few more pushed and my baby will be out.

"Downt wowy mama, my witew bwadew is comin. (Don't worry mommy, my little brother is coming)." Alphonse said.

"Just a bit more Alicia… just push." Anatalia said.

"Ahhhh…" I used my strength to push and just after that I heard the baby cry.

"Uwahhh… uwahhh…" I can hear how healthy my youngest's cry were that a felt relief in an instant.

"Alicia, Regaleon… it is a boy." Anatalia said.

"Did you hear that my love, we have another boy." Regaleon said and planted a kiss on my forehead.

"That is great." I said with a smile. "How did you know that you will have a little brother, Al?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Bwecoz I hav dream bout it… (Because I have dreamt about it…)" Alphonse replied.

I was dumbfounded hearing that my son had dreamt about having a baby brother. I looked at Regaleon at once and he too had a surprised expression. I knew that he was thinking what I was thinking as well, that our sone Alphonse must have prophetic dreams. Regaleon shook his head knowing that we do not have any proof of this as of now.

'I guess we will have to talk about this in the future.' I thought.

"Here you go Alicia…" Anatalia handed me my youngest son now saddled warmly. I looked at his cute little face. He had his eyes closed, sleeping peacefully.

"He is so beautiful." I said feeling joy blossom as I see my youngest one in my arms.

"Do you have a name in mind?" Regaleon asked with his arms over us.

"I am not yet sure what to call him." I replied. I had a bunch of names in mind but for boys and girls, but I was not able to choose. "How about you Alphonse, have you thought of a name for your little brother?" I asked with a smile.

"Weonhawt…" Alphonse replied. "My witiw bwadews name is Weonhawt."

Alphonse replied as if he knew his little brother's name for a long time.

"Leonhart?" Regaleon replied. "That is a good name." He smiled.

"Hehe, I guess he took the name 'Leon' from you." I giggled. "Al really liked daddy, huh?"

"Yep!" Alphonse replied with a proud smile. "I wiw be gwow big and stwong like dadwy (I will be growing big and strong like daddy.)"

"That is good to hear." Regaleon patted Alphonse's head affectionately. "And you will be tasked to protect your little sister and brother in the future."

"Hmm!" Alphonse nodded is little head showing his resolve to his father.

"Hehe." I giggled seeing how Alphonse is growing in the right path. "Leonhart… my little Hart." I looked at my youngest with all the love and affection I am feeling inside my heart.

Now we are a family of five. The new addition to our little family is another blessing to me and Regaleon. Now that the empire is starting to get stabilized, I just wish that this peace will last for a long time. But there is still the prophecy that is set upon my son Alphonse. It was a path that he needs to accomplish in the future, and Regaleon and I will try our best to give him the best things possible to help him in his future journey.

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