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"What did you do to her?!" Zarin asked Lothaire. 

Lothaire was sitting comfortably on his throne and looked down at Zarin, raising one eyebrow. "Who?" 


"Oh. You met her already. I was about to tell you that I fulfilled your request. You wanted Zamiel gone, but I did something even better. I brough Heaven here. You can now do whatever you said you would do." 

Zarin paused, shocked. Why had he been so angry? It was true. He was the one who asked for help and for Zamiel to be removed. 

"She doesn't want to be here. I thought you would bring her here willingly." Zarin said. 

Lothaire laughed out loud. "Would you be willing to wait… maybe a hundred years because that is how long it would take for her to join willingly?"

"How did you force her to stay here?" Zarin asked. 

His heart skipped. From the look in Heaven's eyes, it seemed like her grandfather did something horrible. 

"Horrible?" Lothaire laughed again. "Oh dear. I just did what you did, except my plan worked. You sent a prostitute to separate them and I used her fear of hurting her mate to separate them." 

Zarin frowned. Hurt her mate? "What do you mean?" 

Tezz, who was sitting on the stairs and listening to them, decided to join the conversation. "Don't you know?" She began. "Your friend really tells you nothing. She is the one thing that can kill her mate. How romantic." 

This was a surprise to him. He really didn't know. 

"Father could have killed him. Zamiel was actually close to dying but…" She turned and looked at him intently. "It is better not to kill him even though it didn't matter to you how we got rid of him as long as we did." 

The truth hit Zarin hard. He was about to lash out at them for using her to hurt her mate, but again it was true that he wanted to get rid of Zamiel. He was no better than them. He truly belonged here. 

Tezz smirked. "You belong here, Zarin. No need to be ashamed. We have all wanted things for ourselves." 

"I will be leaving for a while." Zarin said, feeling unwell. He just wanted to leave their sight. 

Lothaire nodded. "You are going home." He said. "It is not a bad idea. It is good to assure everyone that you and Heaven are alright." 

Zarin turned and left the hall without saying another word. He tried his best to not think of anything while he was near them. As soon as he was out of reach, thoughts flooded his head. 

Now he understood everything. He understood the look in Heaven's eyes. He understood her unusual anger and why she hadn't been as easy on him this time as she used to be. He didn't deserve any of her kindness. 

He couldn't imagine what she went through, almost killing her own mate. The one he claimed to hate in front of her this morning. He was surprised she didn't slap him, but she did it with her words. If she had known the truth about him, she wouldn't even look him in the eyes. She would have been disgusted. 

Her eyes had been different. There wasn't the familiar warmth in them. They were somehow cold and tired. Absent of the many emotions that used to swirl in them. It was as if had shut her heart to protect herself from getting hurt. 

He couldn't blame her. Someone she called her best friend and grandfather did this to her. He was part of this cruel thing that was done to her. He was one of the reasons the light in her eyes dimmed. 

Zarin didn't want her to lose that light. He didn't want her to lose all the emotions he used to see in her eyes. That was what made her special. But he knew staying here wouldn't bring the light back in her eyes and she was right to protect her heart while being here, or it could be used against her. If she opened up while being here, she would change, and it would be very difficult to leave this place. Ever. 

He had to get her out before she let her guard down. He couldn't let her stay too long, but what could he do? He was helpless. Useless. 

He went to her room and knocked on the door. "Come in." She called. 

Zarin walked in carefully and found Heaven sitting at a table, preparing the letter she wanted to send to her parents and Zamiel. While she was busy wrapping them, he studied her in silence. She looked thinner, and her normally radiant skin seemed dull. She had darkness under her eyes, as if she had been sleep-deprived for many nights. 

Once she was done, she stood up from her seat and came to give him the letters. He took them from her hands. "Do you trust me to deliver them?" He asked. 

"Can I trust you?" She asked him in return. 

How could he tell her to trust him after everything he did? Especially when he wasn't changing for the better. He had no plans to go back. 

She nodded when he didn't reply. "There is no crucial information in the letters. I just want to assure my family that I am alright. You can either deliver it or not." 

She was very calm as she spoke. She had no more expectations. He had disappointed her too many times. 

"I'll deliver them." He said, even if she didn't believe him. But he hoped she would. 

When he teleported to the castle, he hoped to not find his parents there. It would be enough guilt of meeting Heaven's parents. He wasn't ready to meet his own.

Zarin was nervous as he went to look for Lucian. He finally found him in his study. 

"Zarin." His uncle was surprised to see him. 

The conversation they had last time had been deep, and it had made him realize how wrong he was. But it had already been too late by then. Zarin wanted to avoid another deep conversation. He had already made up his mind. He wasn't coming back. He couldn't. 

Lucian asked him to sit down, and then wanted to know how he was doing. "I am alright, thank you." Zarin said. 

And then he told him that he met Heaven. The whole time he spoke, he avoided to meet his uncle's gaze, then he gave him the letter. 

Lucian opened it immediately and started reading. "I will pass this to her mother." He said after finishing to read. "We would like to write back to her if you could deliver them." 

Zarin nodded. 

"Thank you." Lucian said. "How is she?" He then asked. 

Zarin thought of what Heaven would want him to say. "She is fine." 

Lucian nodded while trying to hide his emotions, but he couldn't. He started talking, his eyes showing sadness. "Remember when you were younger. You and Heaven used to fight a lot, then one day after a fight I asked you to be her friend because she didn't have any. You became the friend and sibling she never had. She got to experience the outside world through you. You kept her company when she felt alone the most. We were only her parents, but you were many things to her. Did you know that?" 

Zarin looked up and met Lucian's gaze for the first time. His uncle looked at him as a concerned father. Not just for his daughter, but for him, whom he considered a son as well. Zarin felt deeply ashamed and averted his gaze quickly. 

"I know you two had many fights, and she scolded you." He smiled sadly and shook his head. "She pointed out the ways she felt you were lacking as a friend but has she ever denied the good things you did for her? Heaven never forgets good deeds and good moments. I hope those don't only become painful memories." 

This was his uncle's way of telling him to restore their friendship and that Heaven would forgive him because the good moments they had together would always be precious to her. But Zarin didn't want forgiveness, and they wouldn't forgive him if they knew his true nature. They didn't know how horrible he was yet. 

Zarin looked down at his hands and remained silent. After a while, Lucian stood up from his seat with a sigh. "Why don't you stay for dinner?" He asked. 

Zarin stood up as well. "Maybe some other time. I have to go now." He just wanted to disappear. "I'll come by sometime soon to deliver your letters to Heaven." He said. 

Lucian didn't try to convince him. He just nodded.



Zarin stood in front of Zamiel's home and stared at the door for a long while. Then he looked at the letter in his hand. He didn't want to do this, but he knew he had to. It was the least he could do for her. 

He went to the door and was about to knock when it opened by itself. Zarin entered cautiously while looking around. He doubted that Zamiel would just attack him, but he wanted to be careful just in case. There was no way he could know the ancient demon's mood after everything that happened. He could be raging right now. 

As he walked further in, he became more hesitant. He shouldn't be here. He was worse than an enemy to Zamiel. The demon hated him. Not that he liked the ancient being. He hated him as well. 

The clicking sound of footsteps caught his attention and when he turned around, he found Zamiel walking down the stairs. He was dressed nicely. Zarin knew a lot about luxurious clothing and jewellery, and he could tell that Zamiel was wearing some expensive things. And he smelled good. 

Zarin grimaced at his own thoughts. Why would he think that? He wasn't used to seeing Zamiel this well dressed. He usually dressed simply, but this time even his hair was in perfectly combed and his face was…

He stopped himself from thinking further. This was not the first time he saw this ancient demon. He shouldn't be this awestruck. Maybe because this was the first time he came to see him with no ill intentions. Ancients were truly mesmerizing. No wonder Hezz and Tezz watched him everyday through The Eye. 

Zarin thought they were odd since they had mates, but their mates were even more odd. They didn't mind if their women flirted with other men or took them to bed. Sometimes they would even join them. 

Hezz was more interested in Zamiel. She liked the older, much more powerful demons. Her mate seemed to like Zamiel as well. What an odd couple, Zarin thought. 

Once Zamiel descended the stairs, he stood still. His silver eyes narrowed, and he stared at Zarin with a cold gaze. "What a surprise." He drawled. 

"I am not here to fight or cause trouble." Zarin began. He really didn't want to cause any problems. 

Zamiel remained silent as he made his way to the couch in the room and sat down. "Please sit." He said, motioning for Zarin to take a seat. 

Zarin went to sit down opposite him, and a small table stood between them. He placed the letter on the table. "It is from Heaven." He said. 

Zamiel kept his gaze fixated on him as he picked up the letter. He opened it immediately and started to read. The coldness in his gaze faded as he kept reading, and he seemed to forget that he wasn't alone in the room. His lips slowly curved into a smile and Zarin felt strange to see how a letter could change his mood so fast.

When he was done reading, he wrapped the letter and became serious again.

"Would you like some tea?" He asked but then paused as if remembering something. "Oh, right. You don't drink tea. Coffee?" 

He wasn't mocking him. "I'll have some tea." Zarin said thinking of staying for a while. He wanted to talk to Zamiel. 

Zamiel didn't move a finger. He could communicate with his maid without calling her. 

"Why did you let Heaven go? She is your mate." Zarin began. "You should have fought for her." 

Zamiel just stared at him as if he had said something that didn't make any sense. 

"You have a plan, don't you?" He continued. 

Zarin felt suddenly nervous when Zamiel tilted his head to one side and watched him closely. He didn't know what was going through the demon's mind. 

"What happened to your eyes?" He asked. 

Zarin froze. He was about to recall what happened, but stopped himself from doing so. He didn't want Zamiel to know. But from the look in his eyes, Zamiel figured it out. He knew what happened. 

"They killed you." He frowned. 

"I wanted to." Zarin said. 

He didn't want to talk about it, so he went back to the previous subject. "What will you do about Heaven? She shouldn't stay there too long." 

"Nothing." Zamiel said simply. 

"What do you mean, nothing? Will you just leave her like that?" 

Zamiel leaned back and relaxed on the couch. "Yes."

Zarin didn't believe him. Zamiel probably had a plan. He wouldn't just let his mate leave him. 

Zamiel's expression remained the same, revealing nothing. Zarin just stared at him, waiting for him to say something, when he felt a presence in his home. It wasn't the maid. Someone else was here. 

A demon.

Zarin looked around and then at Zamiel. From his calm expression, he guessed that he must already know that someone was in his home. He felt a brush of cold air and then suddenly a naked male stood in the room. 

Zarin dropped his jaw, and then there was a sound of plates and cups falling. The maid who just came in with the tea stood there horrified after she dropped everything in her hands. 

"My apologies. It is just too hot on land and these clothes are uncomfortable." The exposed male spoke, holding up a pair of pants. 

Zarin was as astounded as the maid. He couldn't tear his gaze from this strange-looking man. His skin was pearl-white and seemed to have a subtle glow. His hair was long and blue with a silver reflection and his eyes were a mix of colors. He was a water demon, Zarin realized. A powerful one. Probably ancient. 

Zamiel compelled the maid to leave before turning to the naked demon. "Are you planning to go around naked, then?" He asked calmly. 

"If you don't mind." The demon said.

Zarin realized that he was being serious. He couldn't be walking around like this. Didn't they wear something under the waters? 

"I do mind." 

The demon looked displeased at the pants. "If you insist." He said, and then started to get dressed in front of them. 

Zarin averted his gaze, feeling uncomfortable.

"Who is this young demon?" Asked the water demon after he wore the pants. He came to sit with them. 

"This is my mate's friend, Zarin." Zamiel introduced. "And this is my friend, Euphorion." 

Euphorion's eyes widened in curiosity. "Your mate has a male friend? And… he is alive?" He asked, amused, studying Zarin closely. 

What did he mean? Zarin suddenly felt small under his scrutiny. He had never seen a water demon before, let alone an ancient one. He was told they hated land demons, so what was this water demon doing here?

Was he part of Zamiel's plan? 

Just wanting to leave, Zarin looked at Zamiel. "Do you want to write a letter to Heaven? I can deliver it." He asked. 

Euphorion frowned. "You can deliver letters to heaven?" 

Zamiel, who had been serious the whole time, laughed. "That is my mate's name." He explained. 

Euphorion raised his eyebrows in surprise, and then nodded. "I see. The devil's granddaughter is named Heaven. It makes sense." 

Zarin couldn't tell whether Euphorion was being serious or sarcastic.

"No need for a letter." Zamiel told Zarin.

Zarin felt like Zamiel was being very secretive, but then why would he tell him his plan. 

"Alright." Zarin said, standing up. "I should leave." 

"You don't have too." Zamiel said, surprising him. 

The last thing he needed was for this demon to be kind to him. He wouldn't tolerate it. 

"Oh. He is broody." Euphorion pointed, reading his mind. 

"Tell Heaven that I will bring her home soon." Zamiel said. 

"And tell her grandfather… nevermind." Euphorion waved with his hand. 

Zarin looked at Zamiel. The look in his eyes unsettled him before he left. He really hated that demon, and he couldn't understand why.



Tezznin was bored, but remained patient during Heaven's training. This was her second day of training, and she was supposed to reward the same men from last time. They really did something horrible every day and Heaven thought this rewarding system must be tiring if it is done so frequently. But she knew that wasn't the case. They just wanted to mislead her and therefore doing it more often now. 

The demons that she had sent with a mission last time came back with some answers. Gael, the young demon with the soothing voice, had done his homework. He came back educated and shared his knowledge with her. Heaven had to admit that he was good at explaining and he came with very useful information. She could see that Tezznin started to listen after some time and would even ask questions. 

She was the devil's daughter, after all. The information seemed beneficial to her as well. 

Gael explained the importance of having the right people by her side to succeed as a ruler. 

Well, that was the problem. Since she was a woman, people would be more hesitant to support her, even if she became worthy of being a ruler. After thinking for a while, she came to the conclusion that she needed demons by her side. Demons weren't gender focused, but there was another kind of hierarchy in the demon world. The power ranks. Older, pure blood or created demons were highest on the rank, and she was neither. But having an ancient demon as her mate would help her climb the ladder of power. 

Now she had Ilyas. She needed more trustworthy demons, and she didn't know why she was looking at Gael as an option. There was something about him she liked, even though he resided in this kingdom and participated in indecent acts. She usually had a gut feeling about people, and it often turned out to be true. She wanted to know more about him. 

"Thank you, Gael." Heaven told him after he finished his lesson. But Gael didn't leave, and Heaven realized that he was waiting for his reward. 

Turning to Tezznin, "How do you reward them?" She asked. 

"I grant them a wish." Tezznin replied. "Usually they want more power. Isn't that the case with you as well?" She asked him. 

Gael nodded. "Yes, My Lady." 

Heaven became curious. What kind of power would he be given? 

"We have different ranking system here. The oldest are not the most powerful. The most powerful are of course my father and us, his family. The rest are ranked depending on how well they execute their mission. Those who impress us the most, are placed in a higher rank. They are meant to be respected and listened to. They are given power and authority." 

Heaven wasn't surprised. It made sense. Her grandfather gave more power to the cunning ones. 

Tezznin rewarded Gael, and then showed her around the castle. The ones in the highest ranks got to live in the most luxurious parts of the kingdom. If they kept doing well, they would keep living there or they could lose their position to someone who did a better job. 

It looked like they were all power hungry. Wealth, women, liquor, parties, and obscenity were part of their daily lives. There was a lot of competition between the demons, and they seemed to be pitted against each other. A clever way to make them commit the most cruel acts in order to beat the other and become the more powerful one. 

"You will learn how everything works, eventually." Tezznin said. 

She spoke about things that people would usually be ashamed of and never admit like it was nothing. Bad things were common. Sin was natural. Cruelty was justified and irresponsibility was freedom. It scared her how Tezznin spoke, as if this would all be normal to her, eventually. That would mean that she had seen it happen many times. 

It made her think of Zarin. Beside the golden freckles in his eyes that disturbed her, something in his gaze had changed. She wondered why he didn't get back to her after delivering the letters yesterday. Or did he not deliver them? 

Maybe not. 

She really wanted to assure her parents. With Zamiel she still had some kind of connection, but her parents seemed far away. If Zamiel visited her dreams again, she would ask him to assure them. Maybe he already did, if he had a plan. 

On her way back to the room she came by the hall where she had seen the paintings on the wall. But strangely, they were gone. Not even a single one remained. It looked like there had never been a painting there before. 

"You are here." It was the stranger that looked like Zamiel. 

He appeared beside her, and she avoided to look at him. She was still disturbed and annoyed by the fact that he looked like Zamiel. 

"This wall was painted?" She said. 


"Where is the painting?" 

"I don't know. Maybe there will be a new painting." He said. "Why are you so upset about it?" 

Was she?

"I am not upset." She said. 

"You sound upset." 

She shook her head at him. 

Not feeling like having a conversation in the hall alone with this disturbing stranger, she decided to leave when he grabbed her arm to stop her. 

"Are you afraid?" He asked. 

"Of what?" Heaven tried to pull her arm away, but he held it firmly. 

"Of feeling attracted to me." 

Heaven scoffed. "I am not the one chasing the other." 

He drew her closer, and Heaven grimaced. "I won't have to chase you if you don't run." He smirked. 

Heaven was about to draw power from him and throw him across the room when a familiar voice startled her. 

"Let her go!"

The voice was authoritative, and it belonged to none other than Zarin. He approached them steadily and with an angry look on his face. The stranger let go of her arm without resistance. 

Heaven thought it was strange at first since she knew this demon was much older than Zarin, but then she realized what was happening. 

Zarin was in a higher rank in this kingdom. 

The way the stranger listened to him and left, shocked her. Heaven stared at Zarin with heart pounding. What had he done?