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Chapter 61 Insane

Sebastian's facial muscles twitched as he tried to calm himself. He was just about to leave to go and cool his head. To calm down for a bit. Because no matter how he tried he could not seem to control his f**king emotions around this woman. She had awakened a kind of lust he had never known was possible to feel within himself and now here was an uncontrollable rage he that could not even seem to control. r

He had never struggled this much to control his anger or his lust. What made it worse this time was both anger and lust were surging within his veins, making it harder to keep it in check. r

The pathetic thing was that this lust and anger seemed to be something only she could sate and keep under control. Just like how it was now. How in the f**king hell had his anger just cooled down so quickly all because she had reached out and held his hand? r

"If… if I tell you that I really don't know what happened, will you believe me?" her weak voice echoed as he felt the barely noticeable tremble of her hands in his own. He hated hearing the fear in her voice and seeing the apprehension that was in her eyes. r

His jaws clenched tightly again before he slowly turned and stared down at her. Her head was bent down, staring at their hands which were still holding on to each other's. It seemed to him that she was looking as though she was preparing herself for something bad to happen. r

Before he could respond, she suddenly dropped her hand and looked up at him. Her eyes were shining with a wealth of hurt and something more.r

"I'm sorry…" she said in a bitter voice. Elle did not know why she had thought to reach out to him and even bother saying those words. Because… of course… there was no way that he would believe her. And it was na?ve of her to think even for a moment that Sebastian would trust her words, especially when she could not even offer a logical explanation. There was no reason for him to. She was just his wife in name only. There was no love nor fondness between them. They were not even together long enough to build any sort of trust between them. Of course, there was no way this man would trust her…r

The pain in her chest was so intense that it seemed to strangle her, constricting like a vise that was slowly tightening around her. But she forced out a fake apologetic smile and lied, "I think it must have been when I tripped and I… I fell into his arms... right, that should be the reason why you are smelling his scent on me –" r

Sebastian slammed his palms against the tiles behind her, pinning her with his gaze that was now raging like grey hellfire once again.r

"Don't f**king lie to me like –"r

"Then what do you want me to do?!" she suddenly burst out, trembling – but was it in anger or desperation, she did not know. She lifted her hands to hit down on his chest, but Sebastian caught her wrist before her palms could even connect. Nevertheless, she still tried to hit him futilely as she continued, "What do you want me to say? Huh?! If I told you the truth, you wouldn't believe it anyway! So, I'll tell a lie instead. But apparently, you don't want that too. So, tell me, what do you want me to do?!" r

She was expecting another wave of hurt to crash over her. Even perhaps a physical one. Because that was how it had always been in the past. r

So, when he yanked her into his warm arms, Elle made a sharp distressed sound. As if someone had just hit her.r

He did not hit her. He just crashed her against him. And yet she reacted as though he had hit her. r

With her heart thudding hard, Elle slowly looked up, holding her breath. He was looking at her with widened eyes. For the first time, his devastatingly handsome face had so many emotions running past it all at once. Shock, disbelief, anger and something else – it had passed too fast that she did not catch what it was.r

But he did not say anything. He did not do anything. He simply stared at her for a long while. And before she knew it, she was slowly pressed gently against him.r

"Whoever says that I don't believe you?" he asked in a soothing voice. No matter how ridiculous it might sound, that she did not know what had actually happened, he was going to say he believed her. And it seemed that he could probably say he believed anything that she says even if it was an obvious lie. As long as it would stop her from trembling like this. r

One of the things Sebastian hated the most was when someone blindly believe on someone's ridiculous explanations or obvious lies just because they're family or a close trusted acquaintance. He hated it to his bones and that's why no matter who the person was in his life, he'd never believe their words without logical explanations that could back their claims. He'd always been like that and he never cared if they call him heartless and unsympathetic. Yet here he was… he was… bloody hell… this was insane… this woman… what was he doing to him?r

Lifting her head up and looking up at him with those large wet eyes of hers in utter disbelief, she eventually said. "R-really? You believe me?!!" her voice was full of shock.r

He only nodded. He could see the question in her eyes, that she was questioning why he would even believe her. There was a tinge of doubt in her eyes and she seemed obviously in disbelief that he said he believed her. "Is it really that unbelievable to you that I said I believe you?"r

She nodded. r

Sighing, he was about to open his mouth to speak again when his eyes caught something. r

Pulling away from her, he slowly approached the tub that was still not drained from being used probably several hours ago. Red petals were floating on the water. 

Picking up a petal, Sebastian's controlled voice echoed.r

"Where did you get these petals?"r


Chapter 62 Into Pieces

Elle had been really distressed and scared and angry. But when he had pulled and then held her against him instead of hitting or lashing out at her, everything just melted, so easily. And she almost laughed out in disbelief.

She could not believe how he had made her feel all those awful emotions that threatened to break her into a million pieces, then hold her while telling her that he believes her in the very next moment. He shoved her into a blizzard of his own making and right after that, enfolds her into an extremely warm and cuddly blanket afterwards.

It was unbelievable because Elle had always believed that she would never find comfort from the same person who had given her the discomfort in the first place. Because that was how it had always been for her before this. But here she was, melting away simply because he had said that he believed in her and held her like he was sorry for accusing her.

When he finally pulled away, she almost reached out and held onto him, not wanting to lose that comfortable warmth he provided. But she managed to stop herself and watched him walked away towards the tub.

"Where did you get these petals?" Sebastian's voice echoed in the silence. A single red petal was held between his fingers as he turned to show it to her.

Her eyes slowly moved from the petal to his hard devastating face. "It had been sent as a gift to me."

"By whom?" and his fingers pinched the petal, bruising it in the process.

"Elijah. It had arrived in a box, along with the invitation…" Elle trailed off, finally realizing that this must be the explanation behind the scent clinging onto her that Sebastian had been furious about. She had thought Sebastian's claim that Elijah's scent that was literally all over her was plain ridiculous because there was just no way his scent could have been transferred to her with just that single dance they shared. So, she had thought that he must have been overreacting as a result of his anger. She had never suspected that it was the petals that were the culprit behind this misunderstanding between them.

Her eyes slowly stretched wide while Sebastian flashed her a sardonic smirk as he proceeded to crumple the petal within his palm. Then he turned around, his back facing her once again.

Elle wondered if he had turned his back so he could hide his anger from her. She could see the movements of his taut back muscles, the stiff set in his broad shoulders… he was angry again.

Her heartbeat sped up. She did not want to see that scary rage rampaging in his eyes again when he turned them at her.

Bracing herself, Elle unconsciously held her breath when she saw him turning around. But to her surprise, the rage that she was expecting was not there. She had thought he was going to be angrier because… because this ended up as her fault in the end. It was somewhat her fault, because she had unknowingly bathed with the petals that had apparently held another man's scent. Thus, covering her whole person in his personal aroma. Her husband had asked her to explain the matter, and she had said she did not know… But now, here was the explanation. She should not have used those petals in her bath.

Without saying a word, Sebastian suddenly made a move. Sebastian had gone ahead and drained the water from the tub. And then he patiently picked up the remaining petals that had fallen on the bathroom floor and sent them into the trash. His movement was fluid as always but there was definitely still a hint of anger even as he calmly picked the petals and shoved them in the trash.

Once he was done doing that, he finally looked at her again. His eyes that could be seen through the wet strands of his dark hair looked incredibly breathtaking.

"I'm setting all these shit on fire later." He hissed, raking his hair with his fingers.

Then he moved towards her. He was like an approaching panther but this time, it was not fear that raced within Elle's veins as she waited there, for him to reach her.

Though there were still traces of anger she could recognize from the set of his jaws, something else had taken over the rage in his eyes. The flaming yet sharp and pointed look in his eyes was no longer as hot nor sharp. It had cooled off somewhat and seemed duller.

When he stopped and towered before her, his deep voice rumbled softly. "Don't ever use any petals in your baths again unless I have checked it over first, are we clear? Izabelle?"

Elle blinked at him, hearing his command to her. But she nodded anyway. No matter how ridiculous it might sound, that she had to make him check on the things she put in her bath first, she would not want anything like what occurred tonight, repeating itself. Once was more than enough. His anger was just too potent for her to deal with.

"Yes." She uttered when he reached out and fiddled with her wet dress.

"How about this dress? Who was it that gave it to you?" he asked in a slightly cold tone. "Lucas never mentioned you going out to any store to shop during the last three days."

"You… you had Lucas monitor me?!" Elle's eyes bulged out as her voice came out a little shrilly.

Their eyes held each other's. "Yes. But Lucas would only report to me about your daily itinerary. It was for your safety's sake." Sebastian was quick to explain.

Elle did not bother to pry about it anymore. Though it surprised her that Sebastian had asked for her to be monitored, she was not that surprised about it. Maybe it was because she was already so used to being monitored by her father and Brandon Haze in the past, that it was something that she could wave off after acknowledging it. And as long as it was for safety or the sake of preventing a scandal, she was okay with it.

"So where did you get this dress? Don't tell me it's another gift…" he trailed off, already understanding her answer based on the expression on her face. "From whom, this time?"

"It… it also came in a larger box that was attached to the box of petals, along with Elijah's invitation. I didn't have a choice but to wear it because the invitation came a little late and I had not the time to go look for a dress fitted for the theme of his –"

Her quick explanation was cut off by the sound of fabric being ripped.

Shocked, Elle looked at him with wide eyes. His compelling gaze held hers and he did not let her go as he continued ripping the dress off her. It was not hurting her in the least. He was doing it like he was merely shredding a piece of paper. It was that easy to him. He was doing it with brutal ease and all she could do was stare at his eyes that was refusing to let her look away even for a moment. His savage beauty that moment just had her completely enthralled and totally under his mercy.

When the dress was completely discarded off her body, he lightly pinched her chin and tilted her face up to look at him before whispering out, "Hear me carefully, Izabelle. The next time you put on a dress gifted to you by another man, I will not only tear the dress like this. I will also shred the man daring enough to send it to you, into pieces too. Are we clear on this, Izabelle?"


Chapter 63 Out Of Her Mind

All Elle could do was nod as she replied to his commanding question with a breathy 'yes'. It was happening all over again. Her body was again, reacting differently, completely opposite to what she was supposed to be feeling.

The savage way that he had torn her dress apart as he stared at her with those intensely smoldering grey eyes should have scared her into running away and hiding from him. But not this... It was not supposed to make her body shiver with something like anticipation of his next moves. She was not supposed to get stimulated and feel even hotter as though what he did was something sensual. Her body was being was being ridiculous and she could not even seem to do anything about it, especially now.

Her mind was in a daze right now and she could not seem to think straight anymore. Maybe it was because of all the roller coaster of emotions that she had been going through within that short period of time. Or perhaps it was because she had fallen deep into this potent spell that was her husband, and she could not snap out of it yet. Whatever the reason was, at that moment, her brain refused to think anymore. It had willingly given up thinking for the more favorable option of just staring and appreciating such a wonderful specimen of a male, totally drool-worthy and perfect for ogling.

"Good girl…" came his rumbling whisper. His fingers were brushing her wet hair off her face. Every touch of his fingertips felt like warm fire descending from the heavens, specially bestowed only for her personal gratification. Elle was in total bliss right this moment.

But before she knew it, she was back under the warm shower. The charge that was in the air between them was suddenly thick, heavy, and scorching. Whatever lingering anger that was still left in his expression from earlier was now overwritten by something else so intense, it had her breathing heavily unknowingly.

"Now it's time for me to punish you once again…" he continued, "…you're aware about the mistake you had done to deserve another punishment, aren't you? Izabelle?"

She swallowed quietly, before slowly nodding at him. "Yes." She knew that by admitting to the 'fault', he would definitely go ahead and punish her. Though it was in the grey area, Elle did not know why she was willing to go along and admit it as her 'mistake'.

"Why don't you say it out loud? The mistake that you did. Put it into words so that both of us can hear what it was that you did wrong."

"I… I shouldn't have used and worn those… gifts." Elle spoke a little hesitantly.

He nodded with satisfaction, a breathtaking gleam flashing across his soul-stealing eyes.

"Now I think it's about time that we start." He said when Elle suddenly turned her back to him. Causing him to have his eyes stretching a little at the realization that his little gorgeous wife was expecting another spanking session from him as her punishment. Drawing in a steadying breath, Sebastian narrowed his eyes a little, as if he was calling upon all the self-control he had to stay focused.

Biting his lower lip, Sebastian then smiled out in disbelief. He could not believe how easily it was for this woman to alter his f**king emotions. And the most amazing part was she was not even trying!

At the back of his head, a voice was screaming at him, telling him that he was royally screwed.

Lifting his hand, he traced the back of his fingers down her spine. As she shivered at his actions, he grinned a little, enjoying the reactions she gave out. When his fingers stopped at her bra, he fingered the fabric above it and then in one smooth snap, Elle gasped and turned to look over her shoulder as her hands flew up to her breasts to hold her bra from falling right off.

"You want another spanking as your punishment? Hmm? Princess?" he whispered right into her ears. "I thought you didn't like that style of punishment? Was that… a lie? Hmm? But anyway… this time I'm not going to spank you. Give me your bra, Izabelle."

She nibbled the insides of her lip, but after contemplating for a couple of seconds, she obeyed and handed over her bra to him without looking at him.

Once Sebastian got a hold of it, he flung the bra behind him, not caring where it landed. And then he continued from where his fingers had stopped earlier.

"Curious what your punishment is this time?" he asked. His voice was so soothing and yet so dark and mesmerizing that Elle had trouble formulating her reply. His finger stopped when it reached down to her panties.

Elle's heartbeats raced even wilder at the thought that he was going to rip her underwear off too. 
"S-seb –" Before she could turn to look over her shoulder, the sound of ripping fabric echoed out in the bathroom. It sent shivers all over her as he tugged on it. Oh lord… how was he able to rip her clothes off so easily and efficiently like that? Elle had a fleeting thought… Did he have so much practice that it was already second nature to him?

Her face and entire body burned as she felt him tugged it off her, leaving her completely exposed and naked before him now. He was making her feel as hot as hell, but she was helpless. This new punishment he was talking about was getting her feeling so extremely nervous and yet at the same time utterly thrilled. She must be totally out of her mind… Yup. That must be it.

Pulling her flush against him, Elle stiffened a little as he wrapped his hand around her slim waist. "Relax," he whispered as his hand began to roam all over her naked skin. Obediently, she took a deep breath and eased her back onto his hot and naked, tattooed torso. "As I've said a while ago, I am going to wash all his f**king scent off you, Izabelle. With my own two hands, of course..."

Chapter 64 Just Bathing

Excitement and alarm washed through Elle's entire being. If his hands were able to send pleasurable electricity as he touched her skin, those words of his had literally set her on fire, inside and out.

Warning bells echoed loudly in her ears, reminding her of her resolve. But her traitorous body chose to pretend not to hear them. Oh, dear lord, help her…

His hands that were capable of igniting a sensual flame in her, roamed freely over her torso, but elusively, teasingly, avoiding all the aching places. Those places that she was dying for him to touch.

Elle could only bite down on her lower lip to stop her moans from escaping, no… to stop her lips from slipping and actually asking him to touch her in those hot and aching places. She couldn't believe she was already on the verge of begging him to do so, in fact.

Soon, he turned the shower head off and held a bar of soap in his hand. As Elle looked at it, she could tell that it was a specially handcrafted one and seemed to be made for his specific use. Because, as he was lathering up the soap bar in his large hands, Elle could already smell the aromatic essential oils that were infused into the soap – lavender, geranium and a hint of juniper. He began to caress her skin languidly with his soapy hand, slowly turning almost every part of her torso all slippery and bubbly, sending warm tingles shooting down to her womanly place.

"How are you liking this, Izabelle?" he asked, almost kissing her ear, sending more shivers through her. His breath was also hot and moist, as similar as the warm and saturated air from the warm shower.

She fought to find a word, any word to say, save from the word 'please' that was hanging at the very tip of her tongue already. "H-how could this be a… punishment?" was the words that came tumbling from her lips. Oh lord… of all the questions…

His quick throaty chuckle echoed around the bath chamber, causing her to flush even redder, if that was even possible as she was aware she had long been looking like a cooked lobster since the moment he had torn her dress into shreds.

"Hmm… good question there." He uttered as his hand seemed to accidentally or purposefully brushed against her nipple. Elle's pulse thudded louder at his deliberate actions. Her already taut nipples became even harder with that simple and quick graze. Oh, dear lord…! She thought that if her nipples got any harder, they might even rival the hardness of diamonds and might as well be used to cut things.

"But I'm not going to answer you… with words… You should know that by now, right? I'll make you get your own answer soon… very soon, Izabelle. You just need to be patient." His voice was heavy with meaning, as his eyes twinkled teasingly.

And then he finally cupped her breasts in his warm hands – hands that Elle felt were scalding as they landed on her skin. The shocking wave of longing was all consuming as she waited for him to squeeze it, massage it, or play with it like what he done few nights ago. She wanted to feel that wonderful sensation again… so damned badly…

To her relief, he gave what she wanted quicker than she had expected. It felt different with the addition of water and soap. The slippery sensation as he kneaded her twin peaks with his wicked erotic hands was, oh dear, she was no longer sure if she could hold back her moans any longer.

However, this time, Sebastian was gentle. So excruciatingly gentle and tender that she found herself holding her breath. She waited for him to pinch her already rock-hard buds and twist them sadistically like he had done to her before. During their wedding night together. That night that she could not seem to get it out of her mind. Her mind was definitely getting crazier… crazier for him to do more to her. To treat her savagely as how he had told her he would whenever he is involved in sexual acts.

"S-Seb…" she could no longer hold herself back. If she holds on any longer, she thinks that she might implode and die on the spot.

,m "Hmm?" he purred lazily against her ear. She even heard the feigned innocence in his voice. Oh, dear lord, he was playing with her… was he not? Was this the actual punishment? That he's going to just continuously tease her until she blows up? Was he going to make her go crazy until she… until she was begging for him? Was he… was he trying to make her eat her words from few nights ago when she had told him that they will ever only have sex once?! 

She wanted to jump into an ocean of ice to kill the fire that he had purposely ignited in her. But lord, there was no ice… only fire everywhere, even the air she was breathing at this moment was filled with sparks that would cause the inferno to blaze even bigger with every breath that she took.

"What is it? Hmm? My naughty wife?" he asked again as he continued his torturous slow and oh-so-gentle caresses on her breast. "Do you have something to tell me? Why don't you share what you have on your mind right now?"

"I thought you said that you don't do gentle? Or was I… wrong?" Upon these words coming from her red and luscious lips, she almost screamed at herself. Oh, my lord! What in the world was she saying?! Was she trying to provoke him into being that beast? She must be crazy!

His hypnotizing and throaty chuckle rumbled out charmingly that despite not looking at his face, she just imagined a very clear image of him, chuckling and flashing her that devastating dimple.

She was still burning with shame when his lips touched her ear again. "If you're talking about f**king, you're not wrong in the least. But baby girl… what I'm doing right now is… just bathing."

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Chapter 65 Slow Sweet

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Elle was currently giving her all to not just bury her face into her palms and instead, did her best to retort rather righteously. "I… I wasn't talking about f-f**king. Did I ever say that?!! I'm talking about punishments. I assumed you don't do gentle punishments based on the… thing you did to me on the couch." Her voice was squeaky and shrill. But she could not help it. Even her face was giving her away. She was only holding on by the skin of her teeth in not breaking down due to embarrassment.r

She felt him smile behind her as she secretly breathed in a sigh of relief that she somehow managed to come up with a rather decent response to him. Internally, she thought that she had almost given pherself and her desires away. Not that she was thinking about it. No… she had no such thoughts.r

"Oh… is that so? My bad, then." There was a humorous amusement very present in his voice as her said that. And then suddenly, he released her, causing Elle's body to protest from the loss of contact. She forced herself to stay still, refusing to give in to her body's urge to turn around and continue sticking onto him. r

With controlled heavy and warm breaths, Elle waited for him to touch her again. But oh dear lord, seconds just passed and he still did not. What was he… doing? Could this be another part of his punishment?r

Stubbornly, Elle did not turn, nor spoke to ask anything of him as well. Hmph… two can play at this game. Even as curiosity was killing her, she still held her ground until he finally broke the silence. r

"Turn around, Izabelle." Came his commanding voice that had her insides, jolting – but in a good way. r

Slowly, she turned. Only she herself knew how ecstatic she was upon him being the first to cave from their silence. But her eyes widened after turning at the sight of him squatting on the floor, looking up at her with that wicked breath-stealing eyes of his. r

"It's time to move on to the next part." He muttered and he then reached for her hips with both hands outstretched, causing her to catch her breath from his actions. His handsome face was… right before her…r 

Her entire body burned red as she unconsciously stepped back. But he held her still, not letting her move even a single inch away from him. "Be good and stay still, Izabelle." His eyes smoldered through his thick and dark lashes as he stared up at her and when he lowered his eyes, she watched them lingering on her… down there. That sent a jolt of desire running through her again. And she saw something depraved and starved crossing those grey orbs as he raked his hungry eyes over her. Oh, dear lord… give me the strength!r

His teasing hands then travelled from her hips to her curved behind. She winced a little when his fingers brushed across the cheek of her butt that he had just spanked only minutes ago.r

"Does it still sting?" he asked. His dark voice questioning and soothing again.r

She only nodded, head bowed. Unable to look into his eyes. r

He caressed her butt cheek gently as if he was trying to soothe the pain away. "Just to clarify…" he started as he kept himself busy with his task. "Just because I was rough with my first punishment, it doesn't mean that all my punishments have to be that way. In fact…" the corner of his mouth lifted with a devious tug. "… have I told you that I also love painless and slow and gentle punishments too?" r

She shivered at the suggestive look in his eyes and at the same time because of his fingers accidentally or purposefully brushing against her lower folds as he rubbed soap along her inner thigh. No… with that devious look, he had definitely had to be doing that on purpose! r

Flushing, she was about to forcefully tear her gaze off him when he released her from his gaze first. He focused his attention on his slow ministrations, his hands gliding downwards until it reached the tips of her toes. r

Lifting her leg, he placed her feet on his leg. Something in her was turning into a molten lava the longer she stared at him. The longer she stared, the more her eyes formed a blurry haze that sent her mind covered in a fog. Staring for an extended time at this insanely handsome prince, squatting right down there and washing her feet, she truly had no defense against this. r

Without her knowing, she started biting on her lips as her gaze stayed completely glued on him. Lord, she wanted him… this gorgeous husband of hers… she desperately wanted him to… r

Her gaze settled on his well-formed hands on her feet and then to his powerful tattooed muscles. He was so toned, so hot… so perfect that it was truly impossible for any woman to not lust for him. She wanted to know how it would feel to touch him… that tattooed fiery skin of his… she wondered how it would feel to… hold him…r

Lost in her thoughts, she was jolted back to reality by her own loud moan when his fingers brushed against her down there again. She blazed red in embarrassment as their eyes accidentally met. She had moaned so loudly before she even realized it! Oh lord! r

He smirked in satisfaction but in the very next moment, the hunger in his eyes took over everything else as he stared up at her. r

But then, the warm water started to fall on her, effectively washing away the soap that was all over her. It seems that it was finally over. The slow sweet torture was finally over. And she was so embarrassed to know that she was not happy nor relieved that it was. Dear lord…r

Just as she was expecting him to finally rise to his feet, he licked his lips, stared at her down there before meeting her eyes straight on. r

"I'm contemplating… which one should I use to wash you here, hmm? Izabelle?" his sultry voice flowed like velvet in her veins. His pupils dilating causing his irises to blaze with a metallic grey inferno. "My fingers or my tongue…?" r