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Chapter 136

Eve didn’t have anything near the bathtub to cover her body. Forget clothes, she didn’t see a towel in sight and asked him, “Can you pass me the towel, please?”

Thankfully Vincent wasn’t being rude, and she heard his footsteps pad across the room. He returned to her side. Noticing the towel hanging next to her, she quickly took it in her hand and asked him, “Could you please close your eyes and look the other way?”

Vincent stared at Eve, whose hand was stretched out, holding the towel while she continued to sit in the same position. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen what she was trying to hide, but he decided to keep it to himself.

When Eve noticed Vincent facing his back towards her, she pulled the bathtub plug so the used water could drain out. Standing up, she quickly stepped out and wiped her body. She heard him say,

“There’s a pair of clothes in the side cupboard. You can use it.”

Eve rushed to the cupboard and opened it, with the towel wrapped around her. She grabbed the clothes which belonged to him and slipped into them. In the meantime, Vincent had plugged the bathtub again, and the sound of water filling up the bathtub could be heard.

A relieved sigh escaped from Eve’s lips as she was safe and clothed. Though she didn’t mean to peek, her curiosity got the best out of her and her eyes moved to look at Vincent, whose trousers slipped from his waist and he turned his head.

“Making things square with me?”

“Pardon me!” Eve’s voice came out louder than she usually spoke after being caught red-handed for staring at his back. Now that she had seen him, she couldn’t unsee it. Though her eyes had wandered for the briefest second, she had seen Vincent Moriarty’s sculpted body. “I-I didn’t mean to peep.”

“That’s fine. I am not ashamed of how I look. Feel free to watch,” Vincent taunted her, but Eve turned the other way so that her curious eyes wouldn’t wander. Just because he didn’t have shame didn’t mean she would ogle at him now. The man was too comfortable in his skin in the literal sense.

“Maybe it would be better for me to step out of the room,” Eve’s face had turned red, and she felt hot. She walked to the other side of the room and said, “I don’t think it would be right to be in the room now. What if someone finds out,” she asked.

“Sure, if you are looking forward to sacrificing yourself, by being sucked dry or eaten,” came the sarcastic remark from Vincent. “There’s no need to tell people that you saw me naked, unless you want to brag about it.”

“I would never!” replied Eve.

“Then sit put, instead of causing more problems,” stated Vincent, and she heard the sound of the water stop. There was a splash of water, and she could only guess that he was now sitting in the bathtub. “Sit,” came his sharp words, and she pulled the chair at the desk and sat down.

For two minutes, neither spoke as Eve was embarrassed and Vincent was busy soaking himself in the bathtub. It wasn’t about telling people, she thought to herself. It was about her conscience. His clothes were big for her, and she had buttoned it until the collar while her hands disappeared in the long sleeves. The fireplace crackled, and she decided to sit in front of it, closely watching the bright coals and flames surrounding it.

Eve gingerly turned to look at Vincent, who had closed his eyes with his head thrown back. His silver hair was wet and pushed backwards. She asked him,

“Are we out of trouble?”

“Mm,” responded Vincent. Seeing him not in the mood to speak more about it, Eve didn’t ask him more and decided to look back at the fireplace. She waved her hands in front of it, feeling her palms turn warm. “Eve.”

“Huh?” Her eyebrows knit together because he had never addressed her apart from Ms. Barlow and little girl.

“Sing for me.”

Eve would have denied it, but Vincent had done so much for her today, she decided to show her appreciation to him. She politely asked him, “What would you like to hear?”

“Anything,” Vincent took a deep breath before exhaling it through his lips. “Not too loud, just for me. We don’t want to attract a crowd.”

“Okay,” replied Eve, and she cleared her throat. Until now, she had never sung in front of anyone except for Aunt Aubrey and Eugene. She finally parted her lips and the sweetest voice emerged from her throat, like magic being spilt into the night. It was a song her late mother used to sing for her that had stayed in her memory.

And while Eve sang, Vincent’s eyes remained closed, listening to the mermaid sing. There was something very soothing in her voice, yet it stirred memories in the deepest parts of his mind.

His eyes opened to reveal dark red eyes that looked nothing less than blood. After a second, the corner of his lips stretched upwards as if amused about something. When Eve stopped singing, he questioned,

“Did you ever think about returning to your kind? It is safer there, than living here in fear.”

“No,” Eve replied, seeing his head turned in her direction. “I don’t know anyone there. At least here, two people love and care for me, and vice versa.”

Vincent tilted his head, and one piece of his silver hair fell on the side of his forehead, “Scared of being alone?”

“Isn’t anyone?”

“It is only until you get habituated with the feeling,” responded Vincent, and Eve wondered if the vampire was lonely. “I am not. I quite enjoy my company,” he said as if reading her mind.

“I didn’t say anything,” Eve pursed her lips.

One corner of Vincent’s lips pulled, and he said, “Your emotions are transparent to my eyes, Eve. I can read you much better tonight. I wonder if it’s because you have let yourself be transparent.”

Eve had turned transparent since their eyes had met in the dungeon. Right now, no matter how much she tried to undo it, she couldn’t.

“Why do you call me Eve?”

“Isn’t that what some of them call you?” Vincent questioned her and said, “As the Duke calls you by your name, I thought it was only right to call you like that. We are friends now.”

A small smile appeared on Eve’s lips. Even though she knew an employer and an employee couldn’t be friends, today was probably an exception. Maybe not fully, but a little bit.

In the council building, far from where Vincent and Eve were, someone else had not left the council building yet. It was Noah Sullivan, who was still talking to one of the council members,

“The bridge that broke in Timberport has claw markings, but it was attempted by vampires. I want you to bring me the names of the families who live around there, and have guards placed so that they keep an eye on who passes,” ordered Noah.

“Yes, Duke Noah,” the man bowed his head. “Do you think we will have a division?”

“That will depend if things escalate, which we will need to avoid. Though there are factions, when you single it out, it causes problems.”

The councilman bowed and said, “I will take my leave, goodnight, Duke Noah.”

“Goodnight,” murmured Noah, and watched the man leave. Deciding to leave, he walked through the corridors and was heading to the exit when he heard one of the council members speak, who was in charge of Jones Fowler’s case.

“I think it would have been better not to mention anything to the Head,” said Mr. Cripps’s subordinate.

“I didn’t know it was going to end this way! What did I do to him?!” He whispered in anger.

Noah, who was walking by, asked, “Is everything alright, Mr. Cripps?”

“Oh, Duke Noah,” Mr. Cripps and the other councilman bowed. “It was that damn Moriarty. I was going to solve Fowler’s case today by questioning the woman, but he took her away claiming she’s a governess?” the man huffed.

“Governess?” Noah frowned.

“That’s right, who cares if she’s a governess or the daughter of whatever? An offender is an offender, and needs to be questioned,” Mr. Cripps angrily complained, “And now Clayton doesn’t want me working on it.”

Noah heard the councilman continue to complain, before he asked, “Where is that woman now?”

“Who knows. Maybe she was sent home or is with Moriarty.”

Chapter 137

Music Recommendation: Phone call- Stuart Earl

In Vincent’s office, Eve stood in front of the book rack looking at the name of the books she had never come across. She asked him,

“May I take a look at the books here?” Coming from a place like Meadow, she didn’t have access to the books that only the high society did, and this was the council.

“Go ahead,” Vincent responded from the bathtub, and he watched her through the gaps of the wooden carvings of the divider. The young woman’s fingers touched the books as if they were gold, and he noticed the fascination her face held, similar to most women of high status whose eyes fell on rare jewellery. He asked, “Was it your aunt who taught you how to read and write?”

Eve turned to look in the direction where Vincent was, and even though there was a wooden divider hindering them, she could still see him. She nodded,

“Yes, it was Aunt Aubrey who educated me. She taught me everything I needed to fit into the middle-class family.”

Her late mother, Rebecca was an illiterate woman who didn’t have the opportunity to see her daughter be educated, as people didn’t want to acquaint themselves with her or her daughter. Even though she wanted her daughter to have a better life than she lived, to see her climb out of poverty, as she didn’t have money.

Eve pulled one of the books from the rack and read the title ‘Invaders of Sins’. What an interesting title, she thought before opening the book and reading it.

During that time, Vincent got up and out of the bathtub. Water dripped down his firm body, sliding in trails before falling next to his feet. At the same time, someone knocked on the door. Eve, who was engrossed in reading the book, tore her gaze from the pages.

“Tell the person I am busy and to meet me later,” said Vincent, picking up a fresh towel and drying his body with it.

When Eve noticed a naked Vincent standing behind the wooden divider, she turned away. She placed the book on the desk without closing it and made her way towards the door without opening it. She informed the person on the other side of the door,

“Mr. Moriarty is busy. Please come back later,” her voice cracked at the end, and she coughed to clear her throat.

Whoever stood behind the door didn’t leave as the door was knocked again, and Eve sighed.

When she opened the door, she felt her heart skip a beat on seeing Noah standing in the corridor. It took her two seconds to realise this was also where the Duke worked. Everyone worked for the council, directly or indirectly.

As Noah stared at Eve, a deep frown marred his forehead.

Hearing the rustle inside the room, Eve turned and saw Vincent step away from the wooden divider. The vampire had wrapped a towel around his waist that hung low, and it looked as if his upper body was tapered down near his waist. The water on his body glistened under the candlelight, and she heard Noah speak to her,

“Are you alright, Genevieve?” Noah’s eyes moved behind Eve to see the room while able to hear movements.

Coming back to her senses, Eve quickly stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her, so that Noah wouldn’t see Vincent in just a towel. The last thing she needed was to build any sort of misunderstanding. She offered a polite smile to her friend.

“I am,” Eve nodded, but Noah noticed her skin had turned warm and she wore men’s clothes.

“I just heard that you were in the Ravens dungeon. How are you?” Questioned Noah with genuine concern, while the frown on his face deepened.

Looked like word spread too fast in here, thought Eve, and she gave him a sheepish smile. She had hoped for Noah not to find out about something so shameful. For a woman to step foot in the dungeon and spend inside the cell was equal to a woman’s image being tarnished. Society was harsher toward women and judged their character, unlike the men, who could salvage it.

Eve’s eyes had lowered and she shook her head before explaining, “It was a misunderstanding, and bad timings that I was there. But I am good now,” she assured him.

Though the wounds she had received from the head guard’s whip were hidden underneath her clothes, the swelling on her face hadn’t disappeared yet.

Noah asked, “Are you in pain? The physician here is good if you need any help.” He felt awful for not knowing what had happened to her and not being there when she needed help. He was furious and if Eve were to look down at his hands, he would have noticed the man’s hands turned into fists.

Eve offered a soft smile to the Duke, and she said, “Mr. Moriarty called her in earlier to take a look at me and she gave medicine to apply. It should get back to normal in three-four days.”

The smile that Noah often wore was missing, and there was a serious glint in his eyes. He apologised to her, “I am sorry for not coming to help you sooner,” even Eve could hear regret in his voice. “I am glad to see you safe. I was worried when I heard that you were the one who had been accused. Forgive me for not being able to help you.”

Eve quickly shook her head and said, “It wasn’t your fault. How would you know that I was caught up in…something so bad. No one knew about it, and Mr. Moriarty found me by sheer luck as he visited the Dungeon for work. Else I would still be ther–”

Noah suddenly surprised Eve by closing the distance between them, and he wrapped his arms around her. As if he had been worried until seeing her and wanting to protect her.

Chapter 138

From what Eve had learned about Noah Sullivan, even though he belonged to a high-class family, he wasn’t a frivolous man and was a man of good character. She could only come to believe that as they were friends, the news about her had worried him, and in reflex, he now hugged her.

Eve didn’t know if it was his heart or her own that she could feel beating. She heard him whisper, “I don’t know what I would do if something were to happen to you. Are you okay?”

She took a moment to gather her thoughts before she nodded. The Duke released her from his arms, and she saw him not take a step backwards. Instead, he stared at her.

Noah asked her, “What happened to your face?” his eyes were fixed on her swollen cheek. Eve was about to answer when the door she had earlier closed opened and out stepped Vincent.

“That would be the head guard of the dungeon. Look how harshly they treated Eve in the dungeon,” Vincent clicked his tongue. He hadn’t bothered to dry his hair, and his hair had been pushed backwards since earlier. The vampire smiled at the werewolf and said, “It’s good that you visited us now, else you would have caught us at the wrong time in the room.”

What was Vincent doing, saying something like that?! Only a few minutes ago, he had been nice to her.

Did he slip and hit his head without her knowledge?

Eve hastily explained to Noah, “What he means to say is that we were going to rest. Separately.”

Noah’s eyes slightly narrowed at Vincent. Not just because he found out who hit the woman but also because the vampire calling her ‘Eve’ didn’t go unnoticed in his mind. His words were polite when he said,

“I heard you were the one to find and bring her out of the dungeon. Thank you for helping her, Mr. Moriarty.”

Vincent’s eyes twinkled, and he replied, “Why wouldn’t I? She is the governess of the Moriarty family.”

“Is the head guard held in the council for his unsolicited actions?” inquired Noah.

“If I am not wrong, he’s either in the process of being buried or is already resting. It is good to see that Ms. Barlow is so well cared for by people,” Vincent hummed.

Eve turned to Noah and asked, “Were you working until now?”

Noah nodded, “I was. I was about to leave, when I found out and decided to see if you were here. I am going to head home, would you like me to drop you at your home?”

Eve was eager to return home but wanted to sort her rattled emotions. She knew once she met Aunt Aubrey and Eugene, she would break down, worrying them. Offering a smile, she said,

“That’s fine. I want to make sure my name has been cleared from being the accused. I won’t be able to sleep until I know.”

Noah nodded understandingly and said, “I will talk to the Head of the Inner Circle about it so that you can leave here quickly, and you will be pardoned. If you will stay back, allow me to accompany you.”

The Duke of Woodlock wasn’t keen on letting Eve spend the night alone, especially not in the company of this vampire. Though they were outwardly polite to each other, Noah was well aware of Vincent’s reputation that wasn’t a secret–a bloodthirsty pureblooded vampire who was used to killing people.

“I wouldn’t want to burden you, Noah, and Master Vincent is here with me,” said Eve, and a subtle frown appeared on the Duke’s face.

Vincent placed his hand on Eve’s head, and at the same time, a chuckle escaped from his lips. He said,

“Duke Noah, you do not have to worry about her and instead go home and rest yourself,” Vincent’s smile only broadened. “She’s my responsibility and I will see to it that she reaches home safe tomorrow morning.”

Noah looked at Vincent with an unwavering expression. He stated, “It is good to see vampires showing humane emotions, after all most of them shun not only lower class but also the existence of humans even if they are dear.”

The smile on Vincent’s lips faltered for a second before returning. Eve sensed the air turn thick around them, not knowing what happened as the men stared at each other. When she turned to her employer, he said to Noah,

“Call it repentance for the past. I have decided to treat all my employees with kindness from now on, especially the governess,” declared Vincent without missing a beat, and he then added, “Not to mention, if you can, we vampires should be able to do it just fine.”

Eve’s eyebrows furrowed at Vincent’s words, and she said, “Noah is good with everyone. Not all humans are nice to other humans. There are people of every kind who don’t like us humans. He has been a good friend of mine. Isn’t that right?” She asked the Duke, who stared back at her.

Vincent’s lips twitched. He said, “I will be in the office. Need to look into some documents.” Pushing the door, he stepped inside the office while leaving the door open.

“Genevieve, would you like to take a stroll with me? Only if you are feeling well,” Noah watched the slight confusion in her eyes, but she nodded.

Together, they left the corridor where Vincent’s office was located, walking on the other side of the building, which was quieter with not a single council member in sight. They took a seat on the bench, and Eve was the first one to start talking by asking,

“How long has it been since you started coming to this place?”

At a distant she heard a crow caw, and the sound echoed where they sat.

“More than five years. My father wanted me to take over his position as quickly as I could. I used to come here along with him, and now I come here by myself,” replied Noah while they stared at the stars in front of them in the open side of the corridor. “Your employer is getting along well with you. I say it because I have heard people complain that he’s someone hard to work with.”

She smiled at Noah’s words and replied, “He is a little odd at times, but he’s fine. Or I think I am getting used to him,” a sigh escaped from her lips.

Eve’s eyes fell on a black bird that sat at the nearest tree. She didn’t know why, but it gave an ominous feeling. She then looked at the Duke, who continued to stare ahead of him. She wondered if perhaps he didn’t her mentioning about them being friends and she started, “I think it was strange saying we are friends in front of–”

“I consider myself to be fortunate to have you as my friend, Genevieve, and I value it more than anything else,” said Noah, before looking at her and continuing, “I am sure everyone who has known you feels the same. There is a slight misunderstanding. The question never came up before explicitly.”

Eve listened to Noah’s calm and slightly deep voice.

“What is it?” She asked him, curious.

“I am not human, Genevieve. I am a werewolf,” Noah revealed to her.

A… werewolf? 

Eve had mistakenly believed that Noah was a human. He was right, the question had never been raised, and they had never spoken about it.

Eve wondered if it was in her fate to be entangled with the kind she was not supposed to mix. People who could pose a threat to her life.

She remembered Aunt Aubrey’s words when she was still young and growing up. The wise woman had advised her–

‘A mermaid cannot be replaced even by a diamond. Your heart is kind, but that doesn’t mean everyone has a kind heart. Choose your friends wisely, Eve. Because a wrong friend will drag you to death, be it a human who will sell you for greed, a vampire to quench his thirst and a werewolf who will eat you until your very bones.’

‘I will have no friend…’ a young Eve had replied.

‘No. You will have people who will care for you, because there are exceptions to the rule. But this will solely depend on your ability to identify the exceptions.’

Though Noah had cleared the little misunderstanding, Eve couldn’t do the same on her side. She couldn’t bring herself to let him know that she was a mermaid… a creature that was favourite meat to his kind.

Eve heard Noah say, “I thought you would know by now, considering most of the people from Woodlock are werewolves.”

A nervous laugh escaped from Eve’s lips, and she said, “I wonder why it never registered in my mind…even though I do know,” She had believed that as he belonged to a high family, he was one of the few humans living in Woodlock.

Their conversation was cut short when one of the men arrived in the corridor, calling him, “Duke Noah, oh thank God you haven’t left.” The councilman came before them. Eve and Noah stood up from the bench. The man bowed and quickly said, “Mr. Adolphus said he would be in Thresk Hills. I don’t think he will be there for long before he returns North.”

Noah gave a slight nod to the man and said, “Tell Kieran to ready the carriage.” He then turned to Eve and said,

“Please take care of yourself, and don’t let that one bite you. Some vampires have no control over their thirst.” He was talking about Vincent.

Eve offered a slight bow and smile, watching Noah and the other man leave the corridor.

Internally, she was nervous with this newfound information. Or more rightly to be said, corrected information. So far, she had to worry only about a vampire, but now a werewolf was added to the list. But then again, it wasn’t like Noah would take a bite to see how she tasted, unlike a certain vampire working in the office.

She sighed, “What am I going to do?”

Eve’s eyes fell back on the blackbird on the tree, which now instead of sitting on the branch, it was upside down for her to realise it wasn’t a bird but a bat. And soon, the bat dropped and transformed into Vincent, almost scaring her.

She placed her hand on her chest and said, “I didn’t know vampires had the ability to transform into bats.” One day this man would bring her heart out of her chest.

“Did you think it was a folklore that vampires are associated with bats?” Vincent raised one of his eyebrows.

Chapter 139

Music Recommendation: Into the Sea- Stuart Earl

Eve’s heart didn’t stop racing as she hadn’t expected Vincent to have the ability to transform. It seemed like it wasn’t just the mermaids or the werewolves who were able to change their appearance into human and animal form, she thought to herself.

“Do all vampires possess the ability to turn?” Asked Eve, watching Vincent make his way to where she stood frozen.

“It is a rare ability that exists only with a few pureblooded vampires,” replied Vincent. Eve noticed how he had clothes on him, unlike the other kind, whose clothes were often shredded or discarded when returning back to their human form. “It is time to return to the office. Even though you stand inside a building which is meant for officials, it still isn’t safe. I am surprised your friend didn’t offer to walk you back.”

“He had something else to attend to and it isn’t like I am a child,” answered Eve, watching Vincent staring at her.

“Seems like he overestimates your ability of survival, little girl,” hummed Vincent, and he started to walk back to his office. Eve quickly followed him, coming to walk next to him.

Eve couldn’t help but ponder over Vincent’s words about Noah. She had always tried to behave as if she could handle anything and everything, where she didn’t need anyone’s help. But the incident in the dungeon proved her otherwise. Her thoughts went back to the revelation of Noah being a werewolf.

She couldn’t deny that she was worried about what the future held for Noah and her friendship, but for now, she hoped she would never have to come across something like that. Noah was a dear friend, and she didn’t have many friends. When her heart hitched, she heard Vincent question her,

“Worried that your friend might take a chomp off your body?”

“I am not,” replied Eve, and Vincent chuckled as if not convinced.

“You should be, Ms. Barlow.” When Eve’s eyes moved to look at Vincent, he was already looking at her with a sinister look in his eyes. He said, “We creatures are not to be trusted, you never know when and how things will change.”

Eve pursed her lips and said, “He would never hurt me. Noah isn’t like others.”

“Of course,” Vincent agreed to her, “Is that why you never mentioned to him about who you are? I thought you were good friends.”

“You must have been bored to eavesdrop on our conversation, Master Vincent,” retorted Eve, and he offered her a broad smile.

“I would call it, protecting my meal. I am not someone who is keen on sharing or letting anyone take a taste from you,” stated Vincent.

Eve sent him a slight glare before looking at the deserted corridor where they walked. She asked him,

“Will I be needed to speak tomorrow to the officials? Regarding what happened in and outside the dungeon?”

“Yes. They will need your statement on what happened before they decide to clear your name off the accused and suspect list,” Vincent let her know, and when he glanced at her, he noticed the worry on her face. “Get some rest tonight, and leave things for tomorrow. There’s no point worrying about it now, and it isn’t like your name isn’t half cleared.”

Eve nodded, hoping she could get home without carrying any worry from here. All she wanted was to live her life in peace, but her life had other plans. Curious, she asked Vincent, “Do vampires have other abilities?”

“Aren’t you curious,” hummed Vincent, looking at her with calm eyes. “What are you fishing for, fish?”

Eve didn’t find Vincent’s puns to be funny. She spread her hands wide and said, “Wings. The ability to fly.”

Vincent chuckled at Eve’s action, and she quickly brought her hands to her side before wrapping them around her arms. He said,

“The next thing you will ask is if we are the great count of Dracula’s children.” Was he? Eve asked herself and received a subtle glare from him. He said, “Some of the pureblooded vampires behold abilities in them, which are never the same. You can call it rare gifts, which cannot be shared or passed and most don’t reveal it because there are some jealous fuckers who will target and kill the person as they feel threatened,” said Vincent, taking a turn at the end of the corridors. “It is those abilities that puts some of us in a higher food chain hierarchy.”

“Food chain?” Eve’s eyebrows furrowed, and she saw a wicked smile on Vincent’s lips.

“What do you think it is?” He questioned her back as if waiting for her to figure it out herself.

It took her a second more before she said, “You can drink blood from other vampires.”

“Vampires of lower class. Lots of options to choose to drink blood from,” said Vincent with a subtle smirk on his lips.

Eve knew that vampires had their own lower and higher class of vampires, but she had never heard this part about pureblooded vampires drinking blood from their own kind. She then heard him continue to speak,

“Most of us pureblooded vampires of higher class don’t consume blood from lowly vampires or low class humans. You never know what they eat. Sometimes the blood is never enough to satisfy us, which often leads to many deaths. Which is why we stick to quality food rather than quantity.”

While they continued to walk in the corridors, two council members walked in the opposite direction, their eyes fell on Eve, staring at her. The men didn’t ogle at her just because an unknown woman was at the council at this hour but because she wore men’s clothes. When their eyes fell on Vincent, they quickly offered him a bow and walked past them.

When they reached Vincent’s office, they stepped inside and the door was closed. He said,

“You can sleep on the couch.”

Eve’s eyes quickly moved from one corner of the room to another before she asked, “What about you?”

Vincent took a step forward, closing the distance between them. His hand shot up to her chin, holding it between his two fingers, while he stared into her eyes, “Inviting me to sleep on the couch with you?”

Her cheeks turned red, and she quickly stepped backwards, “I was only asking where you would sleep if I was going to sleep on the couch.” She saw his sharp fangs as he smiled at her in amusement. “Are you like this with other women too?”

“Like what?” Vincent’s coppery eyes stared at her in question, even though he knew what she was talking about.

Eve parted her lips to say something before she shook her head. It would be better not to venture into it. “Nothing,” she murmured. She walked towards the couch and laid there without another word. Though she wasn’t sleepy, she closed her eyes, listening to the footsteps in the room along with the continuous crackling coming from the fireplace.

Vincent walked to his desk. He sat in his chair and started working.

Turning around with her back facing the fireplace, Eve pulled herself closer with her hands under her head. The room was warm, keeping the cold air at the door and windows. Minutes passed, with Eve listening to the sound of parchments turn and shuffle. With her body and mind exhausted for the last twenty-four hours, she finally drifted into sleep.

Eve dreamt where she was back in the dungeon, running in the deserted passages and trying to escape. But no matter how much she tried to escape, she couldn’t. As if the guards weren’t enough, she saw a werewolf jump at her, which woke her up from sleep.

Awake from her sleep, she noticed the room had turned dark. She turned her head and saw Vincent sitting on the chair with his eyes closed as if he was resting too. The flames in the fireplace had lowered with only a few pieces of coals burning, ready to welcome the cold air from outside and leave the room dark. She shivered because of the cold, her body trembling.

Getting up from the cushioned couch, her feet softly padded on the room’s floor. Noticing a blanket in the cupboard earlier, she stepped in front of it and opened it.

Pulling out the lone blanket, she closed the cupboard. Why was it this cold? Eve asked herself as she wrapped herself in the blanket and sat on the couch. Her eyes moved across the dark room, where Vincent continued to rest in his chair.

To think that the man whom she had met for the first time, who had refused to move a single finger to stop her from falling flat on her bottom, the same person had killed the guards. He might have killed the guards for his own reasons, but it still counted as something in Eve’s diary.

Getting up from the couch, she walked to where he sat.

Unwrapping the blanket around her body, she leaned forward and put the blanket on Vincent. He had offered her the couch to sleep, and it was only right he took the blanket.

Look at him sleep innocently as if he wasn’t the devil who loved wrecking havoc in people’s lives, Eve said in her mind. Now that she looked at him closely, he didn’t seem as crazy as he appeared when he was awake.

Pulling herself away, she turned to get back to the couch, when Vincent caught hold of her hand and questioned,

“Haven’t you heard not to wake up a sleeping wolf? Especially one that is hungry.”

Chapter 140

Music Recommendation: Friedrich Dances with Jo- Alexandre Desplat

The clouds in the sky lightly rumbled, and the lighting hit the ground, which flashed through the room’s windows. The light reflected on the vampire’s face, which made Eve’s heart jump as his eyes were no more closed and instead looked straight at her.

Vincent’s eyes held a tinge that even the darkness in the room couldn’t compete with it. The darkness that lingered behind his dark and rich red eyes looked as if ready to engulf Eve in it. As much as he had saved her today, she couldn’t deny that this vampire intimidated her more than anyone had until now.

“I–I thought you were a bat,” Eve responded to his earlier words while softly gulping.

“It was an expression. I am sure you have heard about it?” Vincent stared at her like a hawk. Eve nodded, and she tried to pull her hand, but he held it quite firmly. “I have been holding back from sinking my teeth into your skin, yet you are intent on provoking my patience.”

“The weather is cold, I thought you might be cold,” Eve felt Vincent slightly tug her hand.

“And what did we speak about not helping people? It seems like a little lesson is required in your case, little girl,” Vincent’s words were just above a whisper.

When Vincent pulled her to the desk, Eve’s eyes turned wide. He stood up, hovering in front of her. He trapped her between his hands as he placed them flat on the desk’s surface.

“M-master Vincent, I should get back to the couch–”

Vincent placed his finger on her lips, hushing her, “The first time is always scary, but once you get used to it, it isn’t so bad,” he coaxed her.

“It is hard to imagine losing blood to be not scary,” came the ushered words from Eve’s lips.

“Don’t you know that we vampires are cold creatures. Inside out,” said Vincent, pushing her slightly wet hair away from her shoulder from the bath she took. Eve’s hand tried to find something on the desk, and on finding a book, she quickly brought it between their faces so that only her eyes were visible.

“I will keep it in my mind next time,” Once Eve was done speaking, she felt the book being pushed downwards. Soon drops of water started to hit the ground and rain poured.

“I am sure you will,” Vincent’s eyes darkened further at her, and he ran his tongue across one of his fangs.

Eve didn’t have anywhere else to go, and she said, “Master Vincent, I just lost some blood.”

As they stood close, Eve noticed the evil glint in Vincent’s eyes, and he looked slightly annoyed and angry. She wondered why such a simple gesture of putting a blanket on him had evoked such emotions in him.

“I know. I will leave enough for you to live.”

Vincent was not used to people caring for him, and it had always been something he didn’t need. People often tried to act that they cared when they wanted to gain some sort of favour from him. Being a man of perception, he could sniff people’s intentions from their words. At the same time, he didn’t like people getting into his personal space, which included his food.

All these years, no one dared to step close to him. He definitely enjoyed this little mermaid’s company who did things to amuse him, and though he had named them to be friends, but it didn’t remove the fact that he wanted to drink her until the very last drop of blood in her body.

It seemed like she forgot what they had spoken, not understanding the danger in front of her and liked to play with fire. Vincent couldn’t help but want to remind her.

Eve felt his fingers brush her neck, and she trembled under his cold touch. His fingers curled around her neck in dominance, and he leaned towards her neck with his lips parting.

“Is it going to hurt?” Eve whispered while she had closed her eyes.

When Vincent’s fingers uncurled around her neck, she let out an internal sigh of relief, believing he had only meant to intimidate her. But then she heard him say,

“Tell me about it.”

The next moment, Vincent’s fangs broke into Eve’s delicate and pale skin of her neck. She winced only for a moment, and then she felt no pain but the vampire’s mouth, sucking the skin to draw blood from her.

This feeling she felt right now coursed through her veins like a flood that broke through the dam, rushing and increasing the colour of her skin while also moving to where Vincent had bitten her. There was evident fear, nervousness. But that didn’t stop the vampire from sucking her blood into his mouth.

The pain Eve felt in her neck was barely negligible, and once the fear dissipated, it was replaced with embarrassment. It wasn’t anything new to vampires, but she was no vampire and not a woman who had let any man touch her. Her hands gripped the desk tighter when she felt Vincent’s lips suck on her tender skin.

On the other hand, Vincent was turning into an addict of Eve’s blood as it tasted nothing less than an elixir. Every drop that entered his mouth was sweeter than the previous one, and it was urging his senses to drink more from her. Wanting to keep her alive for his very own selfish reasons. Wanting to have more of her, his hand fell on Eve’s waist, and at the same time, the mermaid’s eyes widened.

“Master Vincent,” Eve’s words came out rushed, and one of her hands, which gripped the edge of the table, shot up to move his hand from her waist.

But Vincent quickly moved his hand and caught hold of her delicate wrist as he continued to drink from her. Eve shivered when his coarse tongue licked where he had been drinking before sinking his teeth again.

As seconds started to trickle away, Eve started to feel faint, and she whispered, “…ter Vincent.”

Vincent, who wanted to devour Eve because of his thirst and hunger for the mermaid, he opened his eyes, listening to her breathing softly. He pulled away from her neck, and his other hand cradled the back of her head as he stared at her.

Her eyes had closed, and she had fallen asleep.

Vincent stared at an unconscious Eve for many more seconds without moving an inch. Finally picking her up in his arms, he placed her on the couch and put the blanket on her.

He walked to one of the cabinets and pulled it open, where four bottles of liquor sat. Picking up the dark blue bottle, he poured himself a glass of the liquor from it.

Vincent’s thoughts went back to the past when he was young, where he could hear screams. People who belonged to the lower class of the society often couldn’t survive on this side of the world that he lived in, which was filled with nothing but darkness.

His gaze returned to the woman sleeping on his office couch.

“I wonder how long you will survive,” he murmured before taking another sip from his glass.

After a while, Vincent stepped out of the office room and when he was turning the lock on the door. One of the members of the Inner Circle caught sight of him and questioned,

“You seem to be locking the door quite carefully. Have you collected treasure there, Vincent?”

Vincent slipped the key into his trouser pocket and said, “Something like that. Considering the number of thieves that walk up and down in the council, one can never be sure,” he offered a bright smile to the man, who was shorter than him in height.

The member of the Inner Circle laughed at Vincent’s words and said, “Always joking, aren’t you? Work is being hard?”

“Mhm. How about you Sylvester? What are you doing walking like a ghost?” Vincent returned the question to the man, leading him away from the room.

“I am trying to spend more time here so that I don’t return to my lonely mansion. Things have been hard since Martha passed away,” sighed the vampire.

“This is why they say not to marry someone you cannot turn to and isn’t of your own kind. Nothing that cannot be fixed,” replied Vincent, his eyes cooly looking at the corridor ahead.

Sylvester hummed and said, “Maybe I will. It is the right thing to do, and you must know–” when the man’s eyes met Vincent’s that glared at him. The man cleared his throat and said, “I should get going. Keep your doors closed,” he laughed.

“I will,” chimed Vincent with a bright smile before it vanished along with the man’s disappearance. He continued to walk down the corridors, taking the stairs that led underground before entering the laboratory.

“What did you find?” He questioned the woman named Clarks.

The physician of the council looked pleased to see Vincent here, and she said, “Please, follow me. It is regarding Mr. Fowler’s case.” And as they made their way, the woman asked, “Does she taste well? The mermaid.”

“She’s not for sharing. If that is what you want to know,” stated Vincent, and he said, “I am hoping you keep this information to yourself, Clarks. Or I could help you forget it for good.”

The woman shook her head, noticing the colour of his eyes darken, “I know to keep a secret.”

“Fantastic,” Vincent smiled at her brightly.