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Chapter 141

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In the town of Woodlock, late in the night, Noah Sullivan stepped inside the mansion that belonged to his family. He was greeted by the butler, who bowed his head and took Noah’s coat off him.

“Would you like me to tell the cook to prepare the dining room for you?” the butler politely asked him.

“I already had my dinner outside, Marshall. I would appreciate a glass of whiskey sent to the study room,” said Noah, and the butler bowed.

“I will be there with it quickly, Sire.”

Noah nodded, but before the butler could leave, he asked, “Did everyone sleep?”

But it wasn’t the butler who answered him but his mother, who stepped into the hall with a shawl draped around her shoulders. His mother had the same black hair as him and walked up to him.

The butler bowed and left his side while Noah turned to his mother. Leaning forward, he kissed her cheeks, “Isn’t it a little too late for you to be awake at this hour, mother?”

“How could I when my son is out and hasn’t returned home,” his mother smiled at him. “Your father hasn’t slept yet either. His hand is troubling him again.”

“Did you call in the physician?” Noah’s eyebrows furrowed, and his mother placed her hand on his arm.

“Yes, the physician came to take a look at him earlier this day. The nerves are acting up again and he’s been given some medicines to take. He’s in the drawing room,” his mother let him know.

Noah and his mother walked from the hallways and reached the drawing room. His father sat on the armrest with his left arm stretched forward.

“Welcome home, Noah. Long day?” Questioned his father, and Noah bowed his head and smiled. His father’s hair had turned completely grey, but the colour of his eyes hadn’t diminished.

“A little longer than usual. How is your hand?” asked Noah, coming to stand before his father.

“Better than always. It is good that you are here, your mother and I were talking about you a while ago,” his father moved his other good hand to point towards the empty chair next to him, and Noah took a seat. His mother was next to occupy another seat while watching her husband and son. The older man said, “The Chambers family arrived in town last morning, and I was hoping you could show their daughter Anaya a few places in town. You have met her before, haven’t you? She’s a lovely young lady.”

A subtle smile appeared on Noah’s lips, knowing what his father and mother were thinking. He agreed, “She is, but I believe she would be far more comfortable in mother’s company or another suitable woman of her own age. Besides, I am busy this week with work.”

“The young lady specifically asked for your company. It doesn’t have to be this week, as they are going to stay in town for longer. Maybe months,” informed his father, before adding, “The Chambers family were hospitable when we went to visit them previously and it is only right that we show them the same generosity and nothing less from it.”

Noah continued holding the subtle smile, and he said, “I will see what I can do, father.”

His mother quickly said, “Mr. and Mrs. Chambers’ daughter has turned into a very fine lady. I think she would be a good match for you. You need someone for yourself, someone you can lean on.”

Noah’s mother had watched him interact and exchange words with women, but it never went anything more than that and somewhere worried her. There was always a wall between her son and the woman who tried to gain his attention. And though he was always polite, he didn’t seem to be interested in taking it forward.

“Is there someone that you like or has caught your eye?” Asked his mother with a hopeful look.

To his mother’s words, his father responded, “If you are going to choose a woman for yourself, it better be a she-wolf. A human’s vitality is low and any other creature is out of question,” the older man’s words were firm, and his eyes held utter seriousness in them.

Noah smiled at his parents’ words and said, “I will let Lady Anaya know when to make the arrangement for us to meet.”

The current Duke of Woodlock had no interest in marrying anyone. Over the years, somewhere, he had decided to not marry anyone as he knew he wouldn’t be able to give his all into the relationship. But the importance of upholding the family name and to carry the lineage weighed on him, to be an example to the other werewolves so they could maintain peace. Noah knew how important it was to stay in a position that had power, for the future he wanted to build.

Excusing himself after wishing goodnight to his parents, Noah reached his study room and dropped the constant smile he wore everyday. 

Though Noah was in Woodlock, his mind was in Darthmore, where the young blonde woman was in the council.

He didn’t forget the feeling of her in his arms, and he wished he was the one to be able to comfort her during hard times like this. But he couldn’t give her hope. A few things couldn’t be crossed, and this was where his help ended. At the same time, it made him wonder for how long he would be able to hold his resolve.

Noah’s thoughts went back to a few years ago when he was walking next to his father in the market. It was a sunny morning, and his father was talking to one of the officials of Meadow as they walked.

‘These grounds aren’t perfectly safe. Though away from the shore, the denser parts of the forest make homes to these witches, pulling the humans to their side to follow them,’ spoke the official to his father. ‘Two months ago we had to set the witches and the humans following the witches on fire. The townsfolk were shaken by it.’

‘By the burning or the existence of the witches?” Questioned Noah’s father. ‘If it’s burning, you might as well check again if we have other creatures in here.’

‘Of course, Duke. I have already confirmed and there’s no more creatures now…’

Noah, who walked next to his father, noticed a girl who had golden blonde hair that appeared to be nothing less than the rays of sun that had descended on the ground. The young girl moved her hands and eyes expressively as she spoke to a servant who accompanied her.

The girl was smiling and she walked past Noah, who stopped in his tracks. He turned his head, his eyes following the girl while he appeared stunned seeing her.

‘What are you doing by standing there, Noah?’ his father questioned him, with a displeased look in his eyes. ‘Keep distance from the lowly creatures. Come now.’

Returning to the present, Noah’s face turned grim. He had always watched over Eve from a distance so that she would be safe. But she had ended up in Vincent Moriarty’s company–a pureblooded vampire, who had a bad reputation.


Chapter 142

The following morning, Eve was woken up by the chirping of the birds that had perched near the trees of Vincent’s office. When she tried to stretch her body, she winced in pain as her skin that was healing didn’t allow it. Pushing herself from the couch, she noticed the sun’s rays passing through the room’s windows.

Vincent wasn’t in the room, and Eve wondered where he had gone.

The last thing she remembered was Vincent drinking blood from her. Her hand touched her neck, recollecting the previous night. It felt like he had some sort of mental switch last night, and she had never seen him look at her like that before.

“Friends,” Eve muttered before rolling her eyes.

After a minute, Eve heard the key and door knob turn before the office door opened. Vincent stepped inside the room, and their eyes met. She wondered if all vampires perhaps lacked shame, which is why they didn’t care about drinking blood from a male or female’s neck. Because Eve was still embarrassed at the memory of his lips sucking her neck.

Internally, Eve sulked in the corner of her mind for being touched by a man who wasn’t her husband.

Though her employer appeared to be his usual self, Eve couldn’t be entirely sure because she didn’t know what had triggered the man yesterday. It was as if he had suddenly turned thirsty and had pounced on her.

“How’s my breakfast doing?” Vincent questioned, with a twinkle in his eyes, and Eve looked at him wearily.

“Last night you almost killed me,” Eve accused him, her lips setting themselves in a thin line.

“You are still breathing and talking. I wouldn’t call it almost,” answered Vincent, and he placed a bag on the desk.

“I fainted while you drank my blood,” said Eve, and she could only thank her luck that she was still alive and the vampire hadn’t sucked her dry.

“If there’s anyone to blame here, it is you,” remarked Vincent, and Eve frowned. “You fainted because of exhaustion, not because I took your blood. You are a person with lack of experience here to claim I almost killed you, while I know exactly when a person is going to die. Don’t be upset, I am sure you will come to learn in the coming days, to know what it means to be on the verge of your death. Take this,” he jerked his head towards the bag.

Eve looked at the bag and asked, “What is that?”

“Clothes for you to wear. Unless you don’t mind meeting the head council in here with your current attire,” Vincent’s eyes swept across the shirt and trousers Eve wore. “I am being considerate and you accuse me. I am hurt, Eve. Especially when we are friends.”

Eve stared at him for a few seconds before walking to the desk and picking up the bag. She offered a bow, “Thank you for bringing me clothes to wear.” Just because he had a flippant attitude didn’t mean she had to forget her manners along with him, thought Eve.

The dress that Vincent had brought for her was way more expensive than any of the clothes she had back home. It was a grey dress with a white inner skirt and scarf around her neck. The sleeves were long yet loose enough not to press on her wounds.

Once Eve was ready to meet the higher ups, they stepped out of the office and started to walk in the corridor. Unlike last night, when the corridors were empty, many people were walking back and forth now.

“Where did you get the dress from?”

“The mice and the birds helped me weave them. Would you like to thank them?” came Vincent’s sarcastic words and he said, “One of my men bought it. This way your name will be cleared faster.”

“Why do you say that?”

Vincent placed his hand on Eve’s back and smiled, “It’s how the world works, darling. I am sure even you know that well dressed people are often favoured more than the ones who have nothing and are easier to be blamed. It is what appeases people’s eyes.”

“That’s horrible,” Eve was disappointed, and they walked past another council member. “Does that mean people with no resources suffer and take the blame?”

“Suffer no, blame yes. Just like you heroically took the blame for Mr. Fowler’s murder. It’s just that it takes a little more time to get the innocent out,” replied Vincent.

“My faith is dissolving,” Eve muttered, and on hearing this, Vincent chuckled.

“This is why it is better to live your life on your own terms. Though the unfortunates lack that privilege and have to follow the herd,” stated Vincent. Eve didn’t have to know who was the unfortunate one here.

When they approached the double doors made of dark wood, he said,

“Keep your answer clear and don’t be scared. They will pick up on the change of your heartbeat, but you seem to know how to calm it during danger, don’t you?” It was because Vincent hadn’t been able to pick her heartbeat during the time in the dungeon, and he wondered how she had trained to do it. “Leave the rest to me.”

The two guards who stood at the door bowed and then pulled open the door for both of them to step inside. Eve, who had anticipated seeing a room with two-three people, was surprised to find that they had not stepped into a room but into a long corridor with a high ceiling.

A long carpet was spread to walk on, and on either side stood white pillars. They walked until the end, where a big window of a tomb shape was present. In front of the window sat six people, watching every step she placed on the floor. They were all men, and out of six people, one of them was a small boy.

Eve bowed her head, feeling their piercing stare.

“Raise,” said one of the councilmen there. “Do you know why you are here?” he questioned while staring at her with his gold eyes. The other five people who sat there were vampires, humans and another werewolf. And though they belonged to different kinds, Eve could tell by their looks that they all belonged to high-status and wealthy families.

Eve nodded and said, “Yes.”

The man looked down at the parchment in his hand and said, “It is mentioned that you were found near the corpse of Jones Fowler. Taken to the dungeon and stayed there for over twenty-four hours. And then Vincent Moriarty brought you out of the dungeon by breaking the protocols and killing the guards, before keeping you here in the council until now. Am I right?”

“Yes,” Eve turned slightly nervous as these men were no common people sitting in front of her.

“It looks like Moriarty needs to be subjected to disciplinary actions for breaking the code of conduct,” stated a man who had a thick moustache above his lips. He was a vampire.

“More than me, your men are in need to be taught on how to handle a case and not find the first person to be guilty,” answered Vincent before adding, “You have already spoken to the village head, who has cleared all the doubts you had earlier.”

“Mr. Cripps will be facing strict actions and have already spoken to him, but we cannot overlook what you did. You could have informed us and taken up the signed seal to take the woman from there, but you decided to do what you want,” stated another man, who was a werewolf. “You seem to hold a record when it comes to breaking the laws and rules set by your seniors. What were you doing in the dungeon?”

“It seems like you want to call me the murderer,” said Vincent calmly, “If you insist on knowing, I had my doubts that someone tipped the head guard to kill this woman to close the case, with all the blame on her.”

While the men continued to discuss, Eve felt some stare at her. One belonged to the small boy, and then was another man, who played with the beard on his chin in thought.

“I find it rather surprising that you, Mr. Moriarty, decided to visit the dungeon.”

“We will discuss it later, Dave,” remarked the small boy, who sat at the centre.

Eve looked at the boy, who skimmed and scanned her with his red eyes. The boy spoke, “I am Clayton Turner, the head of this place. Ms. Barlow, can you tell us what happened that day?”

Eve nodded before starting to explain it to the person.

“One thing is clear that the murderer is still on lose and we have only delayed our search,” said another person, who appeared young and had downturned eyes.

Clayton raised his hand to silence the members from discussing. He said to Eve,

“Having heard Mr. Cripps who was handling the case, the head villager who witnessed Jones Fowler’s death

Chapter 143

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The little happiness that had arrived with the sound of possessing eighty gold coins left Eve when she heard Vincent’s words.

Dave glared at Vincent before turning his eyes to Eve and saying, “If the lady doesn’t have any problem, we should be able to compromise our mistake with said amount.”

“She doesn’t want money,” replied Vincent, and Eve’s heart sunk in her chest. “Though Ms. Barlow comes from Meadow, her aunt is a governess and so is she. Even if you discard such details, you forget that she was thrown not anywhere but in the dungeon, where she was tortured by a whip that has left scars. Do you think mere eighty gold coins will fix it? What about her reputation in society once people find out about it?”

This was something Eve dreaded. She hoped that it would never come to light.

One of the councilmen spoke, “We apologise for what happened, but we cannot fix the past. It is why we are trying to compensate.”

Vincent nodded before saying, “You cannot fix the past, but her future can be protected.”

“What are you trying to imply, Vincent?” Questioned Clayton, and if one continued to stare at the boy, they would notice the faint dark circles under the vampire’s eyes.

Vincent took two steps forward, his coppery red eyes steadily looking at the people seated, and he said,

“Ms. Barlow’s job is such that it hasn’t given her an opportunity of marriage and as you know, unwed women are often projected as a threat to society. People are quick to jump in calling them witches or sirens just to close a case that someone is lazy to work on. As a governess of the Moriarty family, I would like her name listed in the safe registry.”

“Only elites are allowed to be hard cleared,” stated the man with a thick moustache. “We cannot go adding every servant’s name just because the master or the mistress wants it.”

“Do you mean to say that you don’t mind if this innocent woman’s name is attached with murder because of the council members neglignce? And if she’s shunned and kicked out of the town, just because your men failed to do the job right?” Vincent questioned with a glare, and the air in the room turned tense.

The man who had been staring at Eve shifted his gaze to Vincent and said, “For a governess, who is a human, you seem to want to help her a lot. Are you perhaps personally involved with this woman?”

Vincent turned to others and said, “You hear this? This is exactly how rumours start. Just as Mr. Hart said and the next thing you know, the bodies are cleaned after being burnt. All I am talking about is a simple protection to Ms. Barlow, so that she is assured to not be harassed without proper investigation terms, unless it directly involves her.”

Clayton took a deep breath and said, “Ms. Barlow, you can step out of the room.”

Eve turned to look at Vincent, who said, “Patton will lead you to the carriage. Take a week off from work.”

She bowed her head and turned, starting to walk from there.

“Mr. Moriarty was there in the dungeon to save her, who knows if he has anything to do with the murder?” Questioned the Inner Circle member.

“Mr. Hart the time Mr. Fowler died, Vincent was with me. Now if we can proceed discussing what is important, instead of being side tracked and blaming each other,” stated Clayton.

Eve, who hadn’t paid attention earlier, her feet slowed down and her eyes widened. The prisoner next to her cell had mentioned ‘heart’. It was never heart but ‘Hart’.

She turned, her eyes falling on the person named Mr. Hart, whose blonde hair was short and he was a human. On receiving an eyebrow raise from the boy, she turned and left the room.

As Vincent said, his man stood outside the doors, waiting for her. The man bowed and said, “Your carriage is ready and waiting for you, milady.”

Eve followed Patton while her thoughts went back to Mr. Hart. She had decided to let go of finding her mother’s murderer or where she was buried, but it was as if fate didn’t want her to let it be. On reaching the carriage, the coachman opened the door for her. Before stepping into the carriage, she turned to the man, who looked at her with a questioning gaze.

“Did you forget something, milady?”

Eve asked, “Do you know what this safe registry is?”

Patton nodded, his chest puffing up because it wasn’t every day someone asked him simple things that he could answer. He explained,

“It is a register of names that mostly contains the high standing families. When I say standing families, I mean reputable, not rich. The identities are already known, and no search is ever made or questioned about who they are. Unlike the other merger towns where every house and room is looked at as one of the possible suspects. Only the Inner Circle members can clear the names, and it is recorded by the magistrate as well as the guards to avoid disputes.”

Vincent was ensuring her safety so that no one would ever find out that she was a mermaid. At this moment, the gold coins looked negligible compared to what her employer was trying to do to her.

“Thank you for explaining it to me,” Eve offered a polite smile, and stepped inside the carriage. “Do you have somewhere to be too?” she asked, when Patton got inside, sitting on the other side of the carriage.

“Mr. Moriarty told me to see you reach home and return,” Patton let her know, and Eve only nodded. The coachman closed the carriage door, and soon the carriage was driven out of Darthmore.

Once the carriage reached Meadow, it stopped in front of Dawson’s house. Eve exchanged quick bows with Patton. One of the neighbours caught sight of Eve’s swollen face.

“Oh, dear! What happened to your face?!” Questioned the woman, with eager eyes.

“I tripped on a stone, Mrs. Edwards,” Eve smiled brightly while waving her hand as if it was nothing. Thankfully, before the woman could pry for more information, a worried and relieved Eugene opened the door.

Eve quickly stepped inside the house and closed the door, so they wouldn’t have visitors. But people who enjoyed others’ plight and wanted to gossip were hard to keep away. Mrs. Edwards quickly walked to Dawson’s residence and knocked on the door.

“Eve? Lady Aubrey? I am upset that you didn’t let me know about Eve’s fall and I couldn’t help her. I know just the right medicine that would reduce the swelling!” Chirped Mrs. Edwards.

Lady Aubrey stepped into the hallways and looked at Eve’s face. A deep frown appeared on her face and she said to Eugene, “Take Eve to her room and get the leaves I plucked yesterday. I will take care of the woman.” To the lady who continued to knock, she replied, “Give me a moment.”

Once Eve and Eugene were out of sight, Lady Aubrey smiled and opened the door, “Mrs. Edwards.”

Eugene drew Eve’s bath, pouring the bath salts, while Eve was in the room staring at her face that she hadn’t seen except on the surface of the water. After fifteen minutes, Aunt Aubrey came to Eve’s room and sighed.

“We were so worried about you. We looked for you possible that we could think of. At last Mr. Moriarty sent a message that you were with him,” Aunt Aubrey put her arms around Eve, and when she hugged her closer, Eve winced.

“Not too tight, Aunt Aubrey,” said Eve with a small smile while the older woman looked terribly tired. “I am okay now. Safe and home.”

“Was it Mr. Moriarty who did this to you? Are you alright?” Questioned Aunt Aubrey, with clear worry on her face.

Eve shook her head, “No, he saved me. I was stuck somewhere…”

Aunt Aubrey placed her hand on the good side of Eve’s face, and said, “Okay. I will listen to it later. You must be tired. You look so pale.”

“I am good now, I promise,” Eve assured Aunt Aubrey with a smile. She was just glad to be home.

Chapter 144

Six days had passed since Eve had returned home after visiting the council in Darthmore. As days passed, it felt as if what happened in the dungeon was only a bad memory that would one day turn distant.

Thankfully, no one in Meadow had heard about her being dragged to the dungeon, and peace filled the minds of her as well as the people she lived with. The long holidays also gave her time to think about the discovery she had made during the hearing session with the council members.


Breaking away from her thoughts, she turned to Aunt Aubrey, who came to her room to check upon her. “You didn’t leave your room much today and I thought to come see you myself,” said the older woman.

“Sorry, I just got lost in my thoughts. I cannot believe one week is almost up and I will be back to work tomorrow,” said Eve, while Aunt Aubrey sat beside her near the window.

“Is that worry I hear in your words? Did you have your fill of being a governess?” Aunt Aubrey teased her, and her eyes traced Eve’s face, where the swelling had disappeared, and there was only a small mark that would require a week more before it would disappear.

Eve smiled, “I feel like the world I have been used to looking at has changed.”

Aunt Aubrey nodded understandingly and said, “That’s realisation, my dear. The world has always been like this. Most don’t see or see like depending on the thickness of the veil in front of them, while to some the veil is nonexistent. Don’t let it discourage your spirit. You are my brave child.”

It wasn’t that Eve didn’t know how bad the world was. After all, she saw her mother mercilessly being murdered, but she didn’t expect her life to be threatened this way.

“Flowers arrived for you this morning. It’s from the Duke,” informed Lady Aubrey and added, “I thought he would come visit you.”

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“He’s a Duke now and not a regular council member. It is the thought that counts, right?” Asked Eve, and Lady Aubrey shook her head. “No?”

“I didn’t say anything,” murmured the older woman.

Hearing the sound of the carriage wheels stopping in front of their house, both the women leaned towards the window. Lady Aubrey asked, “Is it him?”

“I don’t think that’s Noah’s carriage,” replied Eve.

“Is it Mr. Moriarty’s carriage then?” Questioned Lady Aubrey.

The coachman who walked to the other side of the carriage opened the door, and the two women continued peeking, waiting to see who it was.

The coachman appeared to stand in the same position of bowing next to the carriage door.nLady Aubrey said, “Maybe the carriage broke in front of our house. Let us see,” getting up, she left the room, and Eve followed her down the stairs.

Outside the house and where the carriage had stopped, the coachman raised his head to explain, but the young vampiress scolded him,

“Who stops the carriage on this side, making me walk all around for no reason when you could have just parked the other way round.”

Rosetta looked displeased by her aunt’s coachman and glared at the lowly being who thought he could make her walk a few more steps.

“Milady, the path to come was blocked. It is why I came this way–“the coachman tried to explain, as it wasn’t his fault.

“Silence! I will pull your tongue and feed you insects to correct the mistake you have made,” glared the vampiress before adding, “Do you think I won’t complain about your impudence with me? Now bring the stool.”

“Yes, milady,” the coachman quickly placed the small stool in front of the carriage door, and Rosetta placed her foot on the stool and finally placed both her feet on the ground.

“When I return, I want you to fix this. Get the carriage on this side.”

“Yes, milady,” the coachman obliged and wondered when this young vampiress would go back to the place where she came from.

Rosetta glared at the coachman with narrowed eyes, and the coachman shrunk, worried that she could read his thoughts. The vampiress dusted her skirt and walked around the carriage before reaching the gate of Dawson’s residence. By then, Lady Aubrey and Eve had already opened the door and stood at the front.

“Eve!” The scowl on Rosetta’s face quickly replaced with excitement upon seeing Eve’s face. She hugged Eve before giving airy kisses on both sides of Eve’s face. “How have you been doing? I didn’t see you at Skellington and was worried.”

“Did you visit Moriarty’s mansion?” Asked Eve.

Hearing the name of Moriarty, Rosetta frowned and replied, “Why would I do that? I can perfectly see who comes and goes from the gallery of my room.”

That was one way to say that she was stalking Eve, Lady Aubrey thought in her mind. Rosetta turned to the older woman and offered a hostile bow, unlike the closeness she shared with Eve. The vampiress said,

“Lady Aubrey. The recipe for the salted butter and bread was wrong. It seems like it is a secret dish here,” she gave a knowing look, while the other two women were a little confused about the secret behind preparing salted butter and bread.

Lady Aubrey being the kind woman she was, said, “I can teach you when you are ready, Miss Rosetta.”

“I look forward to it,” Rosetta replied in the tone and way only a young miss from a wealthy family would. “What did you do to your head?” her eyebrows furrowed on seeing the mark on Eve’s forehead.

“I fell on a stone a few days ago,” answered Eve and Rosetta nodded as if she understood everything.

The three women stood outside the house, and Rosetta couldn’t help but take a peek inside the house before being caught by Lady Aubrey, who asked, “Would you like to come in? Eugene prepared a new recipe for biscuits.”

Rosetta’s hands clenched before releasing it. She said, “No, I am good standing here.” Silence filled between them, and she asked Eve, “Did you take leave from work? I was hoping to see you, but days have passed.” The young vampiress looked sad.

“Mr. Moriarty said I should take a week off, and I thought a few days’ holiday would do me good,” replied Eve without lying to her friend. Lady Aubrey excused herself and stepped back inside the house. 

“If only I knew…! We could go out together and eat and shop. I would have taken you to soiree with me, though I must tell you that it is quite boring,” explained Rosetta, returning to the habit of talking about her as she didn’t know what to say. “Aunt Camille made me wear this very tight dress; if I were a human, I would have passed out,” she laughed. “How many holidays do you have left?” She asked with great interest.

“Today is the last, and tomorrow I have to go back to work,” hearing Eve’s words, Rosetta clapped both her hands and said,

“We have today for ourselves then! Isn’t that lovely?” Rosetta was excited and said, “I have been wanting to visit that little inn we met. But no one agreed to accompany me, and my aunt frowned, saying your comp…” the vampiress paused before nervously laughing and said, “Let’s scratch that. Will you come with me?”

Rosetta looked hopeful. Eve’s body had healed and it wasn’t like she was doing anything important. When she gave a nod, the vampiress looked elated.

“Let me get my things and we can go,” said Eve, and Rosetta quickly nodded like a excited little puppy to go out. When Eve disappeared inside the house, Rosetta leaned forward, and her eyes looked inside the house. She didn’t want to step foot in the place as if it contained a plague and would infect her.

Someone cleared their throat behind her. On hearing the person clear their throat again, Rosetta turned annoyed. She turned on her heel, ready to shout at whoever was disturbing her peace when she saw it was none other than Eve’s coachman.

When the coachman bowed, it only irritated Rosetta more and she didn’t know why. Noticing him staring back at her, Rosetta demanded, “What are you doing standing here?” Her chin tipped up.

Eugene parted his lips and said,

“The door. You are blocking it.” Rosetta’s face turned red in embarrassment, and she stepped away from the door while glaring at the human.

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Chapter 145

Music Recommendation: The Crossroads- Anne Dudley

Eve and Rosetta travelled to Hollow Valley in the young vampiress’s carriage. The carriage shook lightly while the wheels rolled against the muddy ground and were pulled by the four horses.

On their way, Rosetta continuously talked to Eve while the latter listened to her. She said, “My father sent a letter to Aunt Camille that he will be coming here soon. In a week or two. I worry that this time when he’s returning home, he will take me home along with him.”

“Your place sounds wonderful. Why don’t you want to go back?” Eve asked and saw Rosetta’s eyebrows furrow. “You cannot hide here forever, Rosetta.”

Rosetta replied, “I am happier here. The people there treat me as if I am stupid. They don’t see anything in me except for my father’s name. It’s lonely there. Why don’t you come with me?” She suddenly asked Eve, who was taken aback by the vampiress’s request.

“My Aunt and Eugene live here. And I have a governess job,” on Eve’s reply, Rosetta turned sad. Eve then placed her hand on Rosetta’s hand, which was on her lap to comfort her. She said, “If I am given holidays again, I will try to come and visit you.”

Rosetta knew it was far, but she was still glad to hear from Eve that she would meet her. She said, “Write to me when you can, I will write back to you. It’s not like I have much to do. It is why I decided not to wait but come and visit you. We should make the most time together,” she nodded with excitement.

Reaching Hollow Valley, Eve noticed the town was decorated. The streets were crowded more than it usually was, where the feet of the rich moved up and down while maintaining a good distance from each other.

“It seems like there’s some celebration going on in here,” murmured Rosetta, while she brought her hand in front of her forehead even though she held an umbrella over her head.

On both sides of the streets, the merchants had set up stalls, inviting men and women to take a look at them. Apart from the rich scent of the perfumes carried by the wealthy, one could also smell the warm food drift in the air.

“It is the Carnival of Winter,” replied Eve.

“There are Carnivals for every season?” Rosetta looked more than impressed.

“Just this one, where the people celebrate the arrival of Winter. The celebration in Hollow Valley starts before other towns. A week earlier, like a reminder to others that the people follow,” explained Eve as they continued walking in the town.

“Look there, Eve! It is a duck inside the glass!” Rosetta caught hold of Eve’s hand and dragged her in front of the stall.

“Miss Rosetta, wait!” To Eve, Rosetta was nothing less than an excited child who wanted to look at everything on display.

“Careful there!” A man shouted when they were about to crash into him.

“We are sorry,” Eve offered a slight bow and then turned to look at the excited vampiress. “You need to slow down, the stall is not going to disappear.”

“But we are already late and we would end up with the ones people don’t want to buy,” reasoned Rosetta and they finally arrived at the stall. But the merchant wasn’t just selling crystal glasses. There were a lot more items, and like them, a few customers were being served by the merchant. “Are those diamonds?” Rosetta questioned the man.

“It’s an Astral stone, milady,” the merchant answered before adding, “It reveals a person’s moods and nature. Please bring your hand forward, and palm open.”

Eve had never seen or heard of anything about such stone until now.

Rosetta was quick to do as the merchant asked her, and when the merchant placed the brilliant stone in her hand, it turned brown with flecks of red. “What does it mean?”

“It-uh. Each colour means different things depending on the situation. A feeling of sadness, loneliness or that you are proud,” the merchant cleared his throat, and Rosetta glared at the man.

“My father is a Marquee and he will teach you how to read the stones!” The young vampiress scolded the merchant while doing exactly what the stone had shown. She then asked, “How much is one of this?”

“Only eighteen gold coins, milady,” the merchant offered a charming smile as he wanted to make a profit today. “Please be reminded that these Astral stones change depending on how a person feels,” the merchant explained before attending to other customers.

Eve’s eyebrows shot up on hearing the amount it cost. At the same time, she remembered she had lost eighty gold coins from the councilmen. She hadn’t heard anything from Vincent since she had left Darthmore, and for a moment, she wanted to write him a letter to ask if everything had gone well. But then again this was Vincent Moriarty. She would see him tomorrow at the Moriarty mansion.

While Rosetta was looking at other things, Eve picked up the stone in her hand, leaving it in the palm of her hands. Soon the crystal stone turned blue before turning darker as if a drop of black ink had dissolved.

Not knowing what it meant, Eve quickly dropped the stone so no one would notice it.

“What a wonderful necklace! Is this by the oysters or mermaid’s pearls?” the woman questioned the merchant. The woman’s blonde hair was tied at the back, and a little hat sat with a black net covering half of her face. She appeared to be in her early twenties.

“Fresh pearls, milady. The mermaid I am growing,” the merchant whispered to the woman, but the people at the front of his counter heard him.

The blonde woman picked up the necklace and said, “It doesn’t appear to be of good quality. I doubt you are selling the meat if you are trying to sell the pearls?”

On hearing about the mermaid, Rosetta turned to Eve and said, “Did you know that they had a mermaid in Moriarty’s mansion during the ball? I cannot believe that I missed such a good opportunity!” The vamipress looked disappointed about it.

“I—Yes. Lady Marceline had arranged a mermaid as Lady Annalise’s gift,” replied Eve, remembering the deceased mermaid’s body that had ended up in half.

“I love mermaid’s blood. It tastes like little drops of heaven. Father brings it for me at least once a month and I finish it in less than three days,” Rosetta laughed at the thought, while Eve felt her palms turn sweaty. “Aunt Camille has been trying to buy a mermaid, but she said they have become scarce here.”

“Is that so? I wasn’t aware of it,” Eve’s friendship with people of high society was turning tricky. She would have been crossed with Rosetta, but the young vampiress had no clue she had befriended her favourite drink.

“You didn’t know?” questioned Rosetta and Eve turned slightly nervous.

“How would I know,” Eve answered the vampiress, who nodded.

“That’s true, how would you know? I sometimes forget you aren’t a vampire,” said Rosetta before turning to the merchant and demanding, “Are you selling mermaid’s blood?”

The merchant hesitated slightly before shaking his head, “No, milady. Just the pearls,” he politely smiled at the vampiress.

Rosetta, who wasn’t used to being denied, leaned forward towards him. She raised three fingers and said, “I will give you thirty gold coins. Or maybe forty.”

The merchant said, “I cannot draw blood from her as I need her to create pearls for me. But, if you can arrange a few more coins from what you said, maybe I can let you take a sip from her later in the evening?”

The vampiress stared at the merchant before nodding, “I will come back here when you are closing this.”

“I will see you later then, milady,” the merchant bowed.

And while Rosetta was delighted and looking forward to drinking the mermaid’s blood, it left an uneasiness in Eve’s mind. A helpless mermaid was caught and possibly tortured by this merchant to shed more pearls.

She wished to save the mermaid, but even she knew it wasn’t an easy task. She didn’t forget that the last help she had offered had landed her straight in the dungeon cell.