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Chapter 66 Choice

Elle felt as though her face had been set on fire. Must he make her choose like this? No! The question was, why was he even making her choose in the first place?!! If he wanted to do it, he could decide on it himself to use either of the options that he had listed out. How embarrassing!

"Answer me, Izabelle. And quickly. Or this bath will keep being dragged on." He uttered with a silken wicked voice.

"I… I don't think… Umm, what I mean is… there is no need for you to… wash me… there." She somehow managed to speak even with so many pauses in between. The embarrassment of this situation was just truly too much for her to bear. How could she let him wash her down there?! Oh lord, that was just… too… just too…

He tilted his head a little to one side, and the gleam in his eyes sharpened a little. "You didn't answer my question yet, Izabelle. Or is this behavior telling me that you actually do not want this bath to be over any time soon? Are you telling me that you want to delay time and have us remain in this state longer?"

"Of course not!" she immediately burst out, refuting his words. How could he even think that it was like that? No way!! "I… I just don't… both choices are just –" Elle wanted to explain clearly, but the words were somehow stuck in her mouth, and she could not get them out no matter how she tried.

"I see…" he cut her off, the mischievous gleam was back with a vengeance as it flashed across his tantalizing eyes. "It seems that I had misunderstood you. I must apologize. I did not know that you were actually having a hard time due to wanting both options. Such a greedy and naughty girl…" Sebastian tsked as he shook his head. It seemed as though he was pretending to misunderstand her words and was now twisting her words to imply differently to his own advantage! This blasted man…!!

Elle was so dumbstruck by how shameless he was behaving that her lips just opened and closed at him without any words coming out. It could be said that she was totally mind-blown.

"But to tell you the truth… I love such honest greed being expressed without hesitation." He mused, licking his lips in satisfaction. "And because of that, I shall give what you dearly want, my naughty wife."

"Y-you're…!! I have never said –" Elle sputtered somewhat indignantly, shocked at what she was hearing being spouted from his lips.

"Now all you need to do is to spread these pretty legs of yours apart, Izabelle." He cut her off with his almost tyrannical order. Though the instruction was something that she could not quite accept mentally, his gaze was so intense that she just automatically obeyed, as if she was being compelled by something in his metallic grey eyes.

"Good girl…" he breathed out. He sucked in such a long deep breath that she felt the sharp flow of air against her lower lips. Oh lord…

When he moved his hand towards her, Elle shut her eyes and looked away in embarrassment.

"Spread your legs more." Came his commanding voice, causing her eyes to fly wide open before she looked down at him. "Every time you look away, I will have you spreading these pretty legs even wider, you get me, Izabelle?" though he spoke in an almost whisper, it somehow sent a shiver through her.

She could only bite on her lips and nodded at him. Knowing that it would do her nothing good if she did not obey this man's instructions right now. She just knew that disobeying him would always be a one bad and lethal move.

When she spread her legs a little more, Elle did her best not to look away as he began touching her. His long, agile fingers easily spreading apart her lower lips almost ripped a moan from her mouth. The pleasure of his touch alone could be enough to send her mind reeling, erasing every thought, and once again rendering her incapable of rational thought.

Soon he was gliding his fingers so deliberately slow around her folds. And he even looked like he was thoroughly enjoying his task.

Her legs started to weaken again. The sensation of his fingers and slippery soap was just too much for her to bear. And yet all she could do was stand there and watch him. Watch him do such a supposedly scandalous act that he had somehow made look so hot. Lord… this was getting insane real quick.

Suddenly, he stopped, cutting her pleasure that was building up so abruptly. He then stood and reached for something behind him before returning to his squatting position.

A handheld shower-head was in his hand.

"Apologies for cutting your enjoyment but it's time to rinse off. I don't think it's a good idea to have the soap stay on longer than necessary… isn't it?" he said, but she heard an underlying teasing tone in his voice. He was of course tormenting her to death again.

He pressed on the showerhead and the water that had gushed over her had taken her by surprise, wrenching a small but erotic shriek from her lips. Good lord… what did… was a spray of water supposed to feel that way?

She then saw him smiling in approval. His eyes glittering as he watched her face closely like he was enthralled by what he was seeing.

"That was unexpected," he commented. "Never played with the showerhead before?"

"…??!!" Elle frantically shook her head. She knew many girls who play on their own in the bath and she indeed heard a few saying that they had played with the showerhead, but she had not tried it. Or maybe she did once or twice before, but the feeling was not as how she thought it would feel. It had not been like this. At all.

Chapter 67 You Deserve It

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The tickling sensation as he kept aiming the shower over her already highly sensitive nub in now a soft drizzle was something so… so good. It was ever so light, almost like a crisp breeze falling over her sensitive skin. How was there even such a sensation that could be evoked just by using the flow of water from the showerhead?! This was crazy!r

She had to nibble on her nails to keep her moans in check. Or more like, she was actually stopping herself from asking him to go ahead and increase the volume of the water. This sensation was just so good but… but for how long? How long was he going to torture her with this light and breezy sensation?r

To her relief, he finally moved on to the next level and increased the showerhead's volume. Now the light drizzle had turned into a heavy rain, covering more of her sensitive spot, feeling like the water was palming her so tenderly. Lord… how was this so good? She had no idea… was it really supposed to feel like this or was it because Sebastian was the one who was controlling it…r

Elle wanted to shut her eyes and keep it closed. No, her eyes were already almost fully closed so helplessly due to the pleasure of it all. But thank goodness because she managed to stop herself before her eyes were completely closed. She could not spread her legs any wider anymore, no matter how much Sebastian wanted her to. She would not be able to take it. r

"How was it?" came his sinful voice. "Feel good right now?" r

She nodded without hesitation. She could not help it at all! Her mind had turned completely blank and was reduced into a puddle, overcome by pleasure and lust. r

"Speak… Izabelle. How many times have I told you to use that lovely mouth of yours to communicate?" r

"It's… good." Was all Elle could squeeze out. She was somehow not able of more complicated words.r

"Just good?" Sebastian prompted for more.r

"So good." She could only be honest. She already knew that if she lied, he would just prolong the torture until she ended up admitting the truth, whether verbally or not. She had learned her lesson already. And she had learnt it well.r

He bit on his lower lip and then released them so slowly before he finally set the shower to an all-over steady spray that had her gasping from the sudden pressure change and the different sensations brought on by it. Oh, dear lord…!! She had literally salivated from that mad sensation she almost came had he not turn the shower off so suddenly. r

"Please…" the word came out. Her legs were just so weak now that they were trembling until her knees were almost knocking.r

"Please… what?" r

"My legs… they're going to give out." She whispered to him with her large eyes brimming over with unshed tears. Though she had wanted to say the word, it was not what she was saying 'please' for. r

"Lean against the wall." He instructed and she eased herself back slowly. The cold touch of the marble wall behind her created such a contrast to her blazing hot body. "And drop that hand. I want to see your full face, baby girl." r

Obediently, Elle slowly dropped her hand after taking a breath. r

"Now shall we continue?" he asked her and Elle once again nodded without hesitation. Almost frantically even. r

Her mind was no longer working. She could not think of anything else but to reach the orgasm that had been denied her ever since he had spanked her while at the couch. How long had it been? She could not even tell anymore. All she knew now was that she needed it or she would die from this overly sweet torture that had gone far too long. r

"Yes." She said when he did not move, thinking that he was waiting for her speak and not just nod. r

A wicked, satisfied smile curved on his lips hearing how she had responded. r

Then he lifted his hand again, this time, he put the shower head a little farther from her. When the water jetted out, a moan was torn from her lips. Lord… that was stronger than before. The water's pressure hit her everywhere, not missing even a single spot. r

And he did not stop there, he began to flip between the all-over steady spray to the maximum converging spray, alternating and creating a propulsive rhythm that had her writhing where she stood. Oh, my lord… she was going to… she was so so close…r

But then the wicked, cruel devil turned the shower off again. She almost screamed out a loud and resounding 'no'. r

"Seb… Sebastian…" her voice choked a little, coming out in a pleading manner. Now she knew. Now she knew why this was considered as a punishment. He was going to kill her with this. She was under his mercy and he was going to torture her endlessly. She never thought that she would ever think this was the worse punishment ever. r

"I can't let you finish when my task isn't done yet, Izabelle. Have you forgotten? I haven't used my tongue yet, remember?" and there, he reminded her of the two options he had listed out from earlier.r

"The… showerhead would do, Seb. It's enough. Please continue with the shower–" Elle begged.r

"Are you saying you'd rather me use the showerhead on you than having me use my tongue?" r

She immediately nodded before she froze at the expression that had instantly crossed his face at her response. Did she make the wrong response?r

Something devious danced across his eyes and he flung the showerhead to the side, not even bothering to return it properly to its holder as it clattered noisily on the floor. He acted and looked as though the showerhead had done him some major wrong and now, he was casting it aside. r

And then his face was an inch before her. "Such bad and naughty little… I've decided to prolong your punishment. You deserve it…" he trailed off and stuck out his tongue. Without breaking eye contact, he gave her a long, dirty, shocking lick from her ass to her hard nub. 

Chapter 68 Impossible

That long and dirty lick sent Elle's mind and body spiraling into nothing else but focusing solely on her over sensitive nerve endings. She was shocked by his action and how surprising it had felt. Dear lord… how could something so… so dirty and shameful felt so crazily good? r

After that rude, infuriating way he had stopped his stimulations from earlier, that almost brought her to her knees, crying in utter frustration, she was quickly whizzed back up to heaven again. Her head was spinning at the sudden change between heaven and hell, from being suddenly deprived to being suddenly fulfilled. Dear Lord… if he were to do this to her a few more times, she did not know if her mind would be able to maintain its sanity!r

He already had one of her legs lifted and draped over his shoulder as he took his time licking her inner thighs. Then he started licking around her now hard and sensitive nub, slowly and patiently as though he had all the time in the world. r

It did not take long for her to feel the slow build up that his hot skillful, slick, tongue had created. And before long, the showerhead that had brought her so much pleasure from before was totally forgotten. What showerhead…? Was it that great in the first place? Nothing was making her feel more alive and tingling from every single pore on her body that what he was doing to her right this moment.r

He started to suck and rub her using a steady and delicious rhythm, driving her absolutely crazy in the best possible way. He was so focused in taking his time, as though he himself was enjoying the process as well. r

For a long while, he focused his attention on her little nub – that sensitive bundle of nerves – keeping a steady circular motion going with his slick tongue for some time, before trying another movement on her. Up and down, side to side, and the rapid pushing of his tongue. Every swipe, every circling, every stab that lashed at her poor little nub kept Elle constantly gasping and small moans were starting to escape her lips before long. And when he finally pulled away a little and blew lightly on her, she shuddered so hard from that gentle stimulation.r

,m "Beautiful…" he breathed out in what sounded like a worshiping tone, his eyes glistening as he stared at her down there before seemingly struggling to drag his eyes up to look at her. "So, fucking beautiful." he added and then he promptly buried his face right into her core, moving his face around as he latched his mouth onto her nether lips in an almost starving manner, tearing an erotic and loud shriek from her lips. r

He truly began eating her out in wild abandon. It was as if something had turned his beast mode on. His nose was pushed right up against her as he relentlessly ate her, providing more crazy stimulations that Elle could no longer help but reach both her hands out to grab onto his dark and silky hair. His hair felt so smooth and luxurious even as she felt the texture in her hands while being so consumed with what he was doing to her.r

"Ah, yes… Seb… yes!" She started to make suggestive sounds, begging him to bring her higher to the heaven of pleasure she had been dying to reach for what felt like eternity now. r

And then something entered her – his fingers. "Lord yes…" she moaned out without restrain as he began to glide his long tapering digits inside of her, in and out, while his hot, delicious mouth continued its attack – pleasuring her enthusiastically.r

Elle tightened her grip on his hair harder and before she knew it, she was pressing herself into his godly face, grinding herself up against him. She was going crazy… no, she had long since gone crazy… this pleasure… oh, lord… it was going to happen again… she was going to blow up again like fireworks in the sky on the fourth of July. r

Sebastian pulled away without warning, tearing a desperate cry from her lips. "Oh please, don't!" she really teared up, looking at her big, bad and cruel husband. r

But he was already standing. His leg was between her legs to keep her from melting into a puddle of Jell-O right onto the floor. r

"Izabelle…" he called out and Elle realized the hunger, the utter longing that was in his voice now. "Tell me… tell me you want me inside you again. Tell me you miss my hard dick inside your lovely cunt. Tell me baby…" he kept whispering such suggestive words into her ears.r

His breaths were labored and his gaze… dear lord, even his eyes looked like heaven was on fire. She could see how he hungered for her. That lust, that desire… the intensity of it was something she had never seen or known to be possible. He wanted her, and it was far more than the desire she was capable of feeling. r

Their gazes held and the blazing inferno between them seemed to burn even wilder, if that was even possible. r

"Izabelle…" he uttered her name again, almost in a ragged and begging voice. "I want you. I f**king want you right now. So, tell me now, baby. Tell me that you want me inside you again. That you want my dick screwing you into oblivion again… tell me, baby… please…" his voice cracked a little at the end and showed Elle how much he was barely able to control himself by now.r

She was shocked at his words but the lust that he made explode within her quickly clouded whatever thoughts she had left. Lord… he was right… she wanted to feel him inside her once again. She wanted his hard and hot length buried deep within her again, filling her up to the brim. She remembered how wonderful it was for the both of them during their wedding night. That was all that remained in her mind.r

She had a fleeting thought that she might later regret this event, but it seemed that she was not strong enough to continue resisting. This devastatingly beautiful temptation was just impossible to resist. Just impossible. r

Her body, mind, and heart had given in. She was going to have to eat her words and have sex with him again, only this time, she wanted to touch him. She was dying to touch him and hold him while they become one again. She did not want it to be so detached and impersonal… as though it was merely a transaction between them.r

Lifting her hand, Elle reached out to touch his chest as she opened her mouth to tell him to take her again. r

Chapter 69 ’More’

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Elle felt as though something inside her had crashed. His grip on her wrist felt ever too tight. It was not painful, but her throat was somehow aching. A little. Or so she told herself.

The moment she reached out to touch him, he reacted as though… as though her hand was some kind of deadly weapon that could kill him. She did not even manage to touch him. At all. Not to mention touch… she was not even near enough to feel the warmth radiating off his skin. Nor did she manage to say what she had so desperately wanted to say.

No matter how wild the blazing inferno between them was just a little while ago, to Elle, that one reaction was enough to douse the fire and turned it directly into ice. His reaction had hurt her damned little heart, more so when she saw how violent his reaction was. How could he tell her he wanted her so badly and yet not allow her to even touch him? She could not comprehend how his path of logic was. And she suddenly had the thought that she might never do.

Slowly, she shook her head at him when both of them finally seemed to snap out of that shocking trance they were caught in. Elle being shocked was a given as her move to get closer to him had been rejected without even being given a chance. But she did wonder why even Sebastian himself had been thrown into a trance as well. Was he not the one who had so violently rejected her advances?

His grip on her wrist then loosened and then he opened his lips to speak as his other hand reached out to touch her chin. "Izabelle –" he started but was forced to stop.

"No." Elle's clipped tone cut him off from continuing.

That one word had him immediately freezing in his tracks. His eyes widened with shock as his hand hung uselessly in mid-air. 

Elle clenched her fists tightly by her sides. She hated how badly this was affecting her. She hated the way her heart was reacting to him. This should not have come as a surprise to her in fact. Sebastian had said it clearly to her before… he never wanted her to touch him. She had heard him and had kept this rule of his in her mind, never forgetting about it no matter what. But tonight, when he had earlier on said that he wanted her so so badly… and she too, had seen how much he had wanted her… she had thought that… Well, it was apparent that she had overestimated her worth to him and thought too much.

Why? How could he ask her to give herself to him again when he could not even… could not even let her do a simple thing like touch him? How could he? Or perhaps she was being unfair in jumping to conclusions and getting upset with him? After all, they do not know each other well at all.

"Is there… a reason why you don't like to be touched?" she asked in a weak voice. Something in her wanted him to explain to her. To say something about the reason why he was behaving this way. She needed him to tell her that there was a serious reason why and that her touch did not disgust him at all.

But his expression had only turned blank at her words. His eyes turned unfathomable. One look and Elle could already tell that he was not going to say anything. She could just feel it. Her gut was telling her.

At that moment, a new decision reigned firmly in her mind. She was going to tell him… she was going to have a bargain with him. She would be willing to have sex with him again. But only if he allowed her to touch him. She would be willing to give herself to him again, but in exchange, he must then give a piece of himself to her too. Even if it is just the privilege of her touching him. He needed to give something to her. Even if it were not all of him, it was at least something. If he can't even do that…

Braving herself as she tipped her chin up at him with a challenging look, Elle opened her lips to speak when suddenly, a voice echoed at the back of her head. It was Sebastian's voice and words from that night she had proposed him a marriage of convenience, that same night she had made a bargain with him. 'Because the moment you start to want more from me, I will divorce you.'

Those words echoed in her head like a voice that belonged to the devil in the pits of hell itself. It resounded over and over in her head until whatever courage she had mustered to speak up was immediately shattered into pieces.

Suddenly, fear crept through her. Saying those words only meant she wanted more of what he was willing to give. And wanting to touch him was obviously under the category of 'more'.

An urge to laugh bitterly came to her. Dear Lord… she had almost screwed up. It had not even been a week yet… and what was she even thinking? Risking herself to be divorced? What in the world was she thinking?! How could she have been this na?ve to think she could ask anything of him just because he had said he wanted her? How could she have forgotten that it was only her body that he wanted?

"I'm… cold." She muttered as she hugged herself. "I want to go get dressed now." She waited for a moment. Not wanting to anger him.

When he did not move, Elle slowly turned around and trudged out of the bathroom.

As soon as the door quietly shut closed behind her, Sebastian's jaws clenched and worked. Then his palm slammed against the wall.

Chapter 70 For Now

Letting the now cold water continue flowing down over his form, Sebastian remained unmoving from the spot where Elle left him. He was still there, under the shower, head hung down low and both hands firmly bracing himself against the now cracked wall.

He cursed as he stared down at the bathroom tiles. His eyes glimmering so intensely as the water pitter pattered onto the floor. He had planned to punish her. To pleasure her until she would be begging him herself to f**k her. But what the hell, the opposite had happened instead. All because he had failed to control himself. He was the one who had given in first as his lust and desire for her had gone so unbearable to the point that he felt like he would have gone mad if he was not able to have her again during those moments.

Never did he feel so crazy about wanting to have sex to this extent. Never had he lusted after a woman to the point that he was willing to beg like that. He never begs. It was always the other way around. Women were the ones who usually begged for his favor. They were the ones who were dying for him and his dick.

But now, here he was, on the other end of the stick. It was so unbelievable that it was almost unreal. The kind of mad desire he had for Izabelle was just… unthinkable. The woman whom he thought was just… was just… f**k…!! He had confirmed all over again that he was really hopelessly crazy for her.

But it seemed she did not feel the same way for him. He knew he had managed to pleasure her but… she could still resist him… no matter how much he burned and tempted her, she somehow still could hold her ground. While he could f**king not. At all. In fact, the entire punishment had been hell in heaven for him. He ended up feeling as though he had been punishing them both.

The moment he saw her tonight, all he wanted to do was pin her back onto their bed or anywhere hidden and f**k her brains out all night. No, not just all night but for three days straight and most probably even more.

That was how much he wanted her. It was insane, he knew. But it seemed to be something that he could do nothing about. At least for now.

She had literally turned him into an animal that was in heat. And then this… f**k…

He raked his fingers through his hair before turning his face up, letting the cold water fall directly on his face. Perhaps the cold would be able to jolt him out of this weird condition he found himself stuck in.

The look on her face when he had grabbed her wrist from before suddenly flashed across his mind and his brows knotted hard.

After what seemed like a long time, a smile curved across his face. It was a smile filled with disbelief, wonder, and something… hysterical.

Elle forced herself to go to sleep. She wanted to make sure she was asleep before he comes out of the shower and that was why she had rushed to change and tuck herself back into their bed.

She was a little thankful that he had not decided to follow her out of the bathroom, and she was glad as well that he was still inside up until now. She still had no idea on how to face him just yet. The loud sound she had heard when she left the room had her heart thudding nervously. Whatever had happened inside after she left, she knew that it was all because his anger had been sparked. He must have slammed something hard and heavy onto the wall to make such a sound. After all, this palace was very sturdy. So for something to be destroyed, it must be an object that was heavy or solid that could do it.

At that moment, her heart was a bit in fear. Not because she thinks that he would hurt her, but because he might be too angry and would suddenly decide to divorce her out of frustration or anger. She was not ready for that to happen yet! There was no way he would do that just because she had not consented to have sex with him. Right…?

Trying her best not to think of the worse and to quickly go to sleep, Elle shut her eyes tightly closed.

But time ticked by, and she still could not bring herself to sleep despite feeling extremely tired. Most likely the reason must be because she was the reason that he had yet to come out of the bathroom. Suddenly, she was wondering if he was alright. She could not help but think about that sound. Should she go back in to check on him?

Just as those thought came to her, she heard the soft swishing sound of the door opening. She immediately shut her eyes and pretended to sleep on her side. Her heartbeat rushed wildly but thankfully, her back was facing him and she had already turned the lamp on her side off. He would not be able to see her clearly even if he walked around and stood before her.

But… His presence was just too much to ignore. It was just impossible. Was he still mad?

Minutes passed but he did not climb back onto the bed. He did not make any sounds either, but she knew he was there, probably sitting on the couch.

Another several minutes passed when she heard the door opening, causing her eyes to fly wide open. She immediately turned around but he was already closing the main door behind him.

Silence reigned as she stared at the closed door, not knowing what to feel. He left again… just like that night… was he going to disappear on her for few days again?