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Chapter 71 One Thing

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When Sebastian finally returned to their room, Elle was already asleep. She had tossed and turned for quite a long time, troubled at how he had just left without saying a word, and only fell asleep as her body just could not hang on to consciousness any longer. Even in her sleep, there was a slight frown etched between her brows.

Sebastian leaned against the door, quietly staring at her sleeping form. His eyes still held that longing for her, as intense as before he left if not more. He had to get out a while ago because he could no longer stand watching her tensing up on her side of the bed and trying to feign sleep. It was obvious that his presence had made her extremely nervous.

That should not be something that would bother him enough to send him out of his own room. But it f**king did. He did not like the way she looked so uncomfortable with him inside the room. So, he had decided to leave and went out for a smoke at the veranda.

Now that his head had cooled down a little, he realized that it should not be a surprising thing for her to be uncomfortable. This would only be the second night that they would have officially slept together after all. And during that first time, she had actually passed out.

Leaning his head back, Sebastian stared unblinkingly at the ceiling for a long time before closing his eyes. He seemed to be listening out for something for quite a long while before he opened his eyes again. The entire time he was listening, his focus was absolute. There was absolutely no movement made. His entire frame was still and rigid, eyes closed and only showed a slight movement below his eyelids and even his breathing was so light that it was as if he were not breathing at all.

Then he sauntered quietly towards the bed, his long legs lending a graceful gait to his elegant strides. He stopped when he arrived right next to her and squatted down carefully, making sure that he made no sounds to disturb her from her rest. This was the best position for him to stare at her face all he wanted, as she was lying on her side. Thankfully, she was lying and facing the outside of the bed, making it such where after squatting, he was almost face to face with her exquisite face.

His molten grey eyes seemed to gleam in the dark as he watched her sleeping face. It was as though he was content to squat there, drinking in her calmness now that she was asleep. All the while, he enjoyed tracing her delicate facial features with his eyes, over and over again and taking in the light and moist fragrance from her breaths as she exhaled in her sleep.

After what seemed like forever, he lifted his hand. He carefully rubbed a small stray lock of her fiery hair that was curled on her cheeks between his fingers, noting how silky they felt before brushing it away. Just in case it disturbed her rest.

"That's right… you have to learn to be comfortable around me, Izabelle." He whispered so lowly that his voice was almost inaudible. "Because from here on out, you won't sleep another night without me being next to you. Whether you like it or not." He smiled. It was a smile that was filled with wicked promise and firm decision. He had come to this conclusion after taking some time to ponder and think on how he wanted things to proceed between them from now on.

Sebastian still could not fully understand what was going on with him and why in hell was he having these sudden violent feelings towards her. The reason was still logically inexplicable to him, but there was one thing that he already knew for sure and was a 100 percent certain about. He wanted her. He so badly wanted her. And what he wanted… will ultimately end up being his…

The gleam in his eyes was still so intense even by the time he had climbed into their bed and silently laid down next to her.

He did not sleep and just stared up at the ceiling as if waiting for something to happen. And after some time, when Elle turned and scooted towards him – a source of warmth on the bed, the corner of his lips tugged upwards.

His arm draped around her naturally and pulled her closer to his body before whispering the words, "Mine… you're going to be mine, Izabelle…"

Elle was so shocked to find herself lying so close to Sebastian when she opened her eyes. She even had her hand draped over his stomach, as though it fully belonged where it was. What happened? Did he not leave?!

She could not believe that he was right there in her bed that she thought she was dreaming for a second. But from the warmth that her hand felt, he was really there! And he looked… so… unlike the beastly god of the dark Sebastian that she was so used to. At that moment, he looked, like… some kind of heavenly being that accidentally fell into her bed.

The fact that he looked so peaceful and seemingly vulnerable had rendered her speechless. But she knew that this sleeping Sebastian just the eye of the storm. Once he awakens…

He suddenly pulled her even closer against him, causing her to almost gasp out in shock. The way he held her almost felt like… it felt like a lover's hug.

Her heart raced and thudded wildly as he squeezed her like he could not get enough of her closeness.

Just as she was about to call out his name, that familiar occurrence happened again.

"Ali… sa…" he uttered in a broken voice. And the gleam in Elle's eyes dulled in the blink of an eye. Her body stilled and stiffened like a block of ice as she continued listening to his voice, calling out that name. Again.

Elle did not move this time and just stayed as immobile as a doll in his arms for what seemed like a long stretch of time. His hold on her had loosened up slowly as he eventually stopped uttering that name. Her throat felt so hot and tight. She hated what she was feeling. She hated the damned ache that was in her throat right now. She hated it so much. So much…

Soon, her eyes fell to the thick curtains and realized that it was already morning. It was time for her to rise and get ready for the day.

Quietly, Elle carefully extracted herself from his hold. Thankfully, he did not wake up, so she climbed off the bed and immediately went to the bathroom. All she wanted to do was to get herself ready and leave the room before he wakes up so she could begin her work for the day. She just wanted to get herself moving and extremely busy again. That way, she would not need to think of any unnecessary things.

But the moment she entered the bathroom, she found herself standing there, utterly shocked at what she was seeing on the wall.


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Chapter 72 Where?

Elle could not quite believe what she was seeing. The destruction of one section of the bathroom wall was not small! This was definitely the source of the sound that she had heard last night while Sebastian was still in here!

The crack that had formed on the wall was serious and just unbelievable. She could see a somewhat circular depression and then there were cracks that spread out from the center. The effect looked as though it had been hit by a hammer with a size of a fist. Sebastian's fist to be precise. Looking down to the floor, Elle also saw little bits of the plaster from the wall that had crumbled off scattered about.

She had very surely believed that he had hit the wall with a hammer last night. But… that was clearly a fist's pattern right there on the wall! There were even slight traces of blood left on it as she looked closer. What in the world… was this a prank? It had to be, right? There was no way Sebastian could have done this just using his fist alone!!! But… but that was clearly a trace of his fist and that blood too…

Shaking her head frantically, she brushed off the issue of the fist-like impression on the wall. For now. She needed to get ready and get going – ASAP.

Elle quickly finished her ablutions and went back out to get dressed. Dear lord… she already had a lot on her plate to think about. She could not afford to take more time in playing detective and finding out who or what was behind this bizarre happening in her bathroom at this moment. She really needed to get out first to breathe and calm down! That was her topmost priority for now.

To her relief, Sebastian was still sleeping when she left their room. She rushed out of the castle after grabbing a tumbler of water from the kitchen. Her morning routine was to usually have a light breakfast first before going for a run and cool-down walk at the small forest that was just behind the castle. But today, she had forgone her usual light breakfast routine. What she desperately wanted to do was to go cool off and relax her mind. If not, she might be driven insane with what was going on between her and Sebastian. And then that thing on the wall too.

Dressed in discreet and comfortable running clothes, Elle walked and jogged alone along the clean trail leading to the top of a small hill. She had come to love this place only in just the few days that she had lived here already. She liked the clean fresh air and all the nature that was so close, and breathtaking view that could be seen along the way and most specially at the top of the hill itself.

The place was a quiet, relaxing haven to her. It allowed her to take time off so that she could think and meditate on some things that were weighing on her mind.

Soon, after thirty minutes, she had finally reached her favorite spot. It was a place that was overlooking the beautiful Reign castle. It still was not the peak of the hill though. She had wanted to climb up more and reach the peak of the hill. But due to her schedules that were quite packed, and not wanting to exhaust herself out too much, she had decided to stop at this spot. She had planned to go up there though, once she had more time to spare.

Sitting on the bench by the side while gulping down her water, Elle smiled at the sight of the beautiful rising sun. It seemed as though today was promising to be such a beautiful day.

Waking up on the bed, Sebastian realized that he was alone. Running his fingers across her side of the bed and feeling the coolness of the sheets, he then combed his fingers through his hair as he realized Izabelle had left the bed long ago. Again. How could he not have awakened when she left the bed? Was it because he had not had much sleep for the past three nights when he was away? That must be…

Lazily, he climbed off the bed and headed off to the bathroom, only to widen his eyes and run his fingers through his hair again at the sight of the cracks spreading on the wall. F**k him… how had he completely forgotten about this?! He should have gotten someone to have dealt with it before she saw it.

In a matter of a few moments, Sebastian had rushed out of their room. He immediately called for the butler and told him to have the bathroom wall fixed as soon as possible.

When the butler nodded, Sebastian walked ahead only to stop and turn around to call for the butler again.

"Where's my wife?" he asked.

"She's taking her daily exercise, Your Highness." the butler reported the movements of his mistress.

Sebastian creased his brows. Lucas did not mention in his reports that she had some kind of daily exercise going on. "Where?"

"At East Hill, Your Highness. She likes hiking up the hill for a bit by herself –"

"By herself…" Sebastian's expression suddenly went a few shades darker. "You do mean to tell me that someone's trailing her secretly, right?" his question was a loaded one.

"Uhm…" the butler suddenly started sweating buckets as he could feel the clothes on his back getting damp.

"Where is Lucas right now?" his expression was much darker now. In his mind, he was thinking that Lucas should be keeping an eye out for Izabelle.

"I… I think I saw him in the courtyard a while ago, Your High…" The butler trailed off as he looked up. The spot that the prince had been standing in was now bare of his presence as he was already gone. He let out a long deep breath and wiped off his sweat.

Chapter 73 Escort

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"I see that you're slacking off at your job, Lucas. You've specifically been given a royal order to watch over my wife, have you not? Yet why do I find you right here, having so much time on your hands that you can still smoke?" Sebastian's voice was calm and neutral, yet the intense and freezing look in his eyes had Lucas feeling goosebumps running down his whole body… not just his spine. Good god… this little dark lord…r

"Umm… Your Highness… perhaps… did you and the princess fight…" Lucas hazarded a guess before trailing off at the deadly gaze the prince had thrown at him. From the way he was behaving, it was very similar to the time he had stormed out the day after their wedding. And his guesses are usually not far from wrong. What in the hell was up with this prince lately? r

Lucas could not get used to how grumpy this prince had suddenly become since that night he left the castle as if he was running away from something that was hot on his heels. He was used to him being so annoyingly calm and lazy. Previously, nothing could cause this person to waver. The prince was not the type of person to react so strongly over anything, except if someone mentions his older brother, Prince Ezekiel. Yet here he was… behaving like this now. What in the hell had happened? It seemed as though things were starting to get more interesting in this castle now that Princess Izabelle had arrived, hmm? r

Lucas could only suppress the grin that was quivering to be released at the corner of his lips.r

"I had been ordered by your wife to not follow after her during her morning exercises. She had told me to wait right here for her to return, Your Highness." Lucas reported to Sebastian.r

"And you just listened to her orders and really didn't follow after her? Shouldn't you have trailed after her in secret at least?" r

"Uhm… you want me to disobey her –" Lucas blinked and hesitatingly asked the question.r

"It's for her f**king safety, Lucas! How could you let her hike up there alone?! What if she encountered some kind of danger while on her own? Do you think she would be able to solve it alone?!!" Sebastian was on the verge of shouting.r


Somehow, that caught Lucas off guard. That was… unexpected. This prince was coming at him like this because he was worried that something might happen to the princess. Now this was… getting really interesting. r

"I don't think there is any danger up there though, Your Highness. You know that there's no dangerous animals that could possibly attack her. And there are still some guards patrolling around the forest grounds for any threats." r

"Those guards' jobs are to guard the hill, not watch over her. What if she misstep and…" Sebastian broke off, clenched his jaws and glared at Lucas as though he wanted to bite his head off. "I'm sending you to Karam for two days. You will leave, effective immediately." r

Speechless, Lucas could only stand there watching as the grumpy prince quickly disappeared from his view. He shook his head and laughed. He could not believe the prince was actually punishing him for this! What in the hell!? r

"Karam, huh… oh well… guess it's not bad that I'll be having two extra days of bloody action again." He murmured as he sighed and went to his car. He still had a grin on his face though. Because it seemed that the dark little lord had finally found someone who could rock his calm fa?ade. r


Sebastian had rushed off after giving his orders to Lucas. Within a few minutes, he had already reached where she was. r

Elle, who had just started to take her leisure walk back down, was shocked to see him on the trail. And he was still dressed in his usual regal attire. Who would come hiking dressed like this?! Was there an emergency that needed her presence?r

"What are you… why did you come here?" Elle rushed forward to meet him, expecting to hear some kind of emergency news.r

"To escort you back down, of course." Sebastian replied in a matter-of-fact tone.r

"Huh… What?" Elle stopped in her tracks as she blinked, not knowing if she had heard him right.r

"I don't think that it's wise for you to be hiking up here all by yourself. You could have met with an accident, and no one would be there to help you." As he said that, his brows furrowed in what seemed to be concern.r

Elle was shocked that those words could come out of his mouth. But… she had to give it to him that he was right on that point. r

Clearing her throat a little embarrassedly, Elle replied. "I'm not that clumsy if that's what you're worried about. And I am a very cautious person."r

He smiled seeing how prickly she had become after hearing his words of concern for her. Why did it seemed so unbelievable to her that he was truly concerned for her safety? Does she only react cautiously to him?r

However, he replied to her comment in a teasing manner, wanting to see more of her reactions. "I highly doubt that."r

"Huh?" Elle looked as though she was being insulted and her brows furrowed a little.r

"If something catches your curiosity, I don't think you're the type to hold back." Sebastian continued.r

Elle creased her brows even more. r

"What kind of something do you think might catch my curiosity to the extent that I'll compromise my safety in an empty and beautiful forest like this?" r

"Like someone who is hunting a prey. You're the type who will pity the little prey and jump to save it, risking yourself to be preyed upon next."r

Elle blinked at him. r

"Are there… really hunters up here? I know hunting in this country is not illegal, but no one should be allowed to come and hunt here, right?" she was honestly curious to know.r

"There are no rules that forbids the hunters from coming here. And people in the castle also come out hunting from time to time."r

Elle opened her mouth to ask again when suddenly, she heard a rustle behind her. It was as if there was someone running toward her at full speed.r

Chapter 74 Protectively

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She quickly turned around to look behind her, but there was no one there. Tilting her head sideways, she wondered what was that sound.r

Then, all of a sudden, there a big dog so white its fur was as white as snow. r

Elle was unable to react for a moment. She kept herself still as the dog also stilled. Was that a wolf perhaps? There were wolves here?! How had she not heard about it before? She had not seen one the past few days she had been hiking in the morning, except for some other smaller and furry animals. Could it be because she had come out a little earlier today as she had skipped her usual light breakfast?

She was about to turn to Sebastian to tell him they should leave now, when she saw something red on the white wolf's back. That patch of red was so vivid especially with its snow-white fur as contrast. The wolf was really beautiful. r

"I think it's hurt." She uttered after realizing what that red patch was. r

When the wolf took a couple of steps forward with much struggle, Elle slowly turned to look at Sebastian. r

"You see what I mean?" he said, slightly raising a brow at her. r

Elle pressed her lips tightly together, knowing that he was trying to prove his point. But she knew that if she just leaves like this and act as though she had not seen anything, she would definitely be thinking of the animal for many sleepless nights. She had experienced this before when she was younger. There was once a kitty that had been drenched in the rain by their palace. She saw the small animal when she was on her way back home. She had wanted so badly to stop the car to help the kitten, but her fear of her father stopped her. Her father did not like pets, and he did not want her to touch one too. So, Elle was forced to ignore it. r

But that night, she was unable to get the wet little kitty out of her mind. So, the next morning, she woke up early and rushed to the gate. She had regretted it instantly, because she had then found that the poor little kitty was already dead. It had died due to drowning. The experience was so awful that she even ended up having a nightmare for several nights. If only she had just stopped and maybe left her umbrella to at least shelter it instead of acting like she had seen nothing. r

So since then, if she ever sees something like that again, she would always try her best to do something. More often than not, she would just ask her guards to pick the animal up and they would drop it an animal clinic and then have someone to bring them to the shelter. r

She could not even hide her expression from him at the moment. She needed to do something even if it was just a little thing or else, she might be dreaming of this animal tonight staring at her with its pitiful eyes. And it was such a beautiful dog too…r

"Is there… any way to help it? It's injured." She asked hesitantly. r

Sebastian sighed. "This was what I had been talking about. If I was not here, you would have gone ahead to do something to help the wolf aren't you? Even if it was by yourself… Even if you know it might be dangerous." He then shook his head as he looked at her with a reproachful gaze.r

Elle looked away a little guiltily and stared back at the wolf again. It did not seem to be going away. It had even seemed to move a little closer to them as it kept glancing behind. Was the hunter still after it? The more Elle looked at the white wolf, the more her heart ached for the poor animal.r

"The hunter seemed to still after it." She said seemingly to herself, but it was obvious she wanted him to hear it too. She could not help but worry. She did not want to watch the dog get killed before her very eyes. r

Before she knew it, she was already squatting down facing the wolf and called out to it, "Come." She knew she should be scared because that was still a wild animal even though it was injured. But somehow, maybe because Sebastian was also there with her, and the animal seemed already badly injured, that she was not the least bit afraid. She even wanted it come a little bit closer to them so that the hunter would not aim for it anymore if he sees them with it. r

But then, she suddenly thought of another more dangerous situation. What if the hunter accidentally lets out a shot and it hits either her or Sebastian? Wait… something's off here. How could they let hunters hunt anywhere, even up to the vicinity of the castle? Were they not worried of people getting accidentally shot? Something did not seem right with this situation.r

The snow-white wolf struggled to move itself closer to them and Elle could not help but feel her heart ache at how it seemed to be in so much pain. Every step it took, it would limp and looked as though it wanted to curl into itself. r

But a thought came to her and suddenly, she grabbed onto Sebastian's hand without warning and pulled him to hide behind a large tree trunk. The trunk was so wide and large that even with the both of them hidden behind it, there was still space to spare on either side.r

Sebastian looked surprised at her sudden action. His gaze then fell to her tight grip that she had on his hand as she hid him behind her, protectively. r

"Please stay back." She was stretching her free hand behind her to block him from stepping out. "The hunter must still be aiming for the… dog. I can't risk you getting accidentally shot!" she exclaimed as she peeked out from the side of the tree trunk, completely oblivious at Sebastian's expression at that moment as he looked at her. r

Chapter 75 Dreamy

There were an abundance of emotions flashing across Sebastian's eyes currently as he looked down at his little wife taking the initiative to stand before him and acting as his shield. He had not thought that she would be this protective of him. He had not expected such an action from her that it took him quite a while to snap out of the surprise that came out of it. r

His gaze moved to her slender hand that was still stretched out horizontally, blocking him from moving to the front and before he had even realized it, his reserved dimple slowly made its way out. Suddenly, he imagined in his mind, a little white and innocent bunny enthusiastically jumping around, thumping its feet, trying to protect the deadliest beast behind it. And his smile widened more than a fraction. His eyes gleamed with amusement, awe, and something… more. r

"I think we should shout and call for help, right? Maybe that would be enough to alert the guards patrolling here?" she asked Sebastian while peeking out of the tree trunk, still not looking at his face as she was busy taking stock of the situation. r

When he did not make a sound nor responded to her question, she looked over her shoulder. Tilting her head at him, she blinked and wordlessly asked the question again with her actions.r

Quickly, he bit his lip to hide his smile from her. Her actions were just… fucking adorable right now. And he found himself enjoying seeing her reactions and wanted to observe more. Somehow, he just could not get enough of it.r

"It's to let them know… the hunter that people are here. If they know that there were others moving around in this area, I'm sure they will not dare to simply shoot, right?" her expression was serious and troubled, but she was calm. It could be seen that she knew how to respond in dangerous and high-risk situations. The fact that she could think of this option within a few seconds had impressed Sebastian. He already know Izabelle was different from those sheltered royals he knew but her actions and reactions in such threatening circumstances still surprised him. r

"Hmm… I think so?" Sebastian replied in a questioning tone and as soon as she peeked past the tree trunk again, she took a deep breath and suddenly yelled.r

"Hello!!! Someone's here!!! Can you hear us?!!!" Her high-pitched voice projected at what he suspected to be her maximum volume echoed through the immediate area of the forest. Then utter silence followed, after her yells subsided. r

Elle creased her brows as there were no responses or any of the guards that appeared even after waiting for a while. "Is anyone out there?!!" she shouted again. Still, the only response she got was silence. Frowning, she wondered what had happened to the guards that were supposed to be patrolling around the area. Could they have encountered the hunters and were hurt?r

Slowly, she turned to look over her shoulder again, only to find Sebastian standing there, leaning against the tree trunk in such a relaxed stance as he watched her with hooded eyes. She had wanted to ask him about the absence of the guards. But… He was looking so… was he in daze? That should not be the case, right? r

Elle got momentarily distracted by the seemingly dreamy look in his eyes as he continued staring straight at her. This was the first time she was seeing him having such look. No, this was the first time she was receiving such a look from him! It was almost as if he was in a daydream, and he was… oh lord… this man… or was she just reading him wrongly? What could he have been thinking about in this situation that he could even wear such an expression? Does he not realize how precarious their situation was?r

Part of her somehow could not believe that Sebastian was caught in some kind of a dreamy trance. It was just too unbelievable for her to even consider it. Because well… this was Sebastian! She had never even imagined him ever having this kind of expression! Much less, training said expression onto her! What had gotten into him? r

The dog's high-pitched whining sounds reached her ear, causing her to immediately whip around. r

Seeing the snow-white animal falling to the ground had her heart jumping to her throat. Fear immediately gripped her. The dog cannot possibly die here! Not on her watch!r

Elle let go of Sebastian's hand and was about to rush out to the animal's aid when Sebastian grabbed hold of her wrist, pulling her back before she could expose herself. r

"Don't rush over it. Let me –" he whispered.r

,m "No!" Elle cut him off as she pressed both her hands onto his chest to push him back into hiding. "Please stay here. It's dangerous." r

His lips hung open in surprise, but Elle was too worried about the dog to notice his facial expressions right now. r

"Izabelle –"r

"We don't know if any moment, someone might shoot. So, stay here, okay? No matter what, please don't come out!" she firmly said, causing Sebastian to run his fingers through his hair in exasperation. This little… how could she be thinking of someone else's safely and not think of her own? r

At that moment, he looked like he did not know whether to be amused or angry at her. These actions of hers right now was something he could never even imagine a princess to have. He could not even deny how all this was making him feel inexplicable things. Suddenly, a memory flashed pass his mind. r

It was an image of him when he was a child standing right behind his… older brother. He looked terrified as he looked at his brother who was drenched in blood but was still protecting him. r

That flash of memory had him spacing out and he was too late to realize that he had released Izabelle's hand, until he saw her already about to reach the animal. r