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Chapter 76 Switch

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Just as Elle was about to reach out and touch the wounded animal, she was grabbed from behind and pulled back. Almost in a violent way that she had almost screamed out.

But she had guessed that it was Sebastian. And she immediately turned her head to look at him, a little panicked that he had come out even when she had warned him not to. "Sebas…tian…" she trailed off at the look in his eyes.

The almost dreamy look had evaporated and was now replaced with something so terrifying. His eyes… his grey eyes had turned… reddish. Were her eyes… tricking her?

Time seemed to stand still for a moment before he yanked at her, causing her to tumble against him before burying her head into his chest. "I'm not going to let you touch this animal until I make sure it would not harm you, Izabelle." His tight voice echoed in her ears. He sounded so angry again. In fact, she could feel something so… so strong and heavy and dark emanating from him. It was making her unable to do anything else but stay still in his arms. She had the feeling that if she had tried to wriggle her way out of his hold, he would totally explode and go bonkers on her.

Lord… this man's mood swings and emotions really switch faster than anything she had ever known. And what dramatic level of change it was!

When his hold on her finally loosened up, Elle gingerly pulled away from his arms and slowly looked up. Her heartbeat was racing while she was at it. So she lifted her eyes to look into his eyes, hoping to gauge his emotions and the mental state that he was in. They were back to being grey again. That… a while ago was it… just her… imagination?

While absent minded, he had pulled her to stand behind him. "You stay back, I'll deal with this." He ordered her before squatting on the ground, just within reach of the animal.

Elle stared down at him as he reached out to check on the animal's wound. She snapped out her daze and rushed across from Sebastian, standing on the opposite side of him.

Sebastian lifted his eyes only to see her already standing there. She was… using her body to block him.

"I'll… I'll keep watch on the situation then… while you help it…" she said, looking back and forth behind her and then to the wolf lying pitifully on the ground and then at him.

He was speechless for a moment. She was really going to this extent just to protect him? Even using her body like that to shield him?

As though she finally realized the wonder and disbelief in his eyes as he looked up at her, she suddenly began to explain awkwardly. "I… I don't want to get… widowed so early." She had stammered out her excuse, knowing that it was totally lame and totally inelegant. But she was stumped! And that was the fastest thing she could grasp onto as she had scrambled to give him her defense.

His dimple appeared before he turned his attention back to the animal. But because Elle was too busy worrying about her response and wincing a little, she had missed that quick appearing of his dimple.

"Didn't I tell you bad grasses never dies?"

"Well… I don't think you're bad enough to be considered a bad grass. So, you're still at risk of dying in my books." Elle muttered out.

He laughed soundlessly without looking up. "I didn't expect you to think so highly of me." He teased.

"I don't think bad grasses would bother to help a wounded animal."

His hand stilled for a moment. "I might only be forced into doing this because you're watching, don't you think so?"

"Maybe…" Elle shrugged noncommittally. "But still… I think you could still die. And I can't let that happen." She looked behind her again before she quickly changed the topic. "How is she?" Elle stared at the animal that was still not moving.

"He…" Sebastian corrected.

"He doesn't look like… he was shot." Elle finally realized that the animal's wound was not from a gunshot. Though the moment she realized that, she had quickly covered her lips and almost gasped. The wound was… strange…

"He won't make it." Sebastian told her flatly and Elle's eyes widened at his diagnosis.

The look in her face had Sebastian trailing off. He had not expected her to look so shocked and devastated.

"That's… that can't be…" she was in denial as she slowly fell to her knees. "He looks so pretty… like a bad ass grass… he can't die that easily."

Sebastian kept his gaze on her. And before he knew it, he said, "Yes, you are right. Now that you have mentioned it, this one looks as though he is a bad grass. He might still really live if we can get him some first aid quickly." Sebastian sighed internally, cursing at himself for being so wishy washy and agreeing with her so easily. He had a feeling that he would regret saying such things to her.

"Right?!" the light in her eyes quickly returned, causing Sebastian to bite his lip before quietly nodding.

Two guards had finally arrived due to Elle's earlier cries for help. They were there to help them and had taken the white wolf away with them. Sebastian had then called for the medics using his phone and to her relief, they had arrived at the scene pretty quickly.

After that, the two of them decided to continue walking down the hill.

Elle had initially wanted to go along with the guards, but Sebastian had not allowed her. She could only relent as she knew that she still had an important schedule on for the day. But she was more at ease now that Sebastian had taken over with the matter of the injured wolf and could return her attention to the other duties that she needed to see to. Also, she trusted that the medics who were under Sebastian's payroll could not be anything less than the best in their field.

"Don't worry, you've heard the reports earlier. I've already called for the doctor to make sure that they'll take care of it." Sebastian said, after noticing that Izabelle was still obviously thinking and worried about the wolf.

Chapter 77 Until Then

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After breakfast, Elle found herself to be in for another surprise when Sebastian stopped her from entering their room. She had wanted to rush in and have a quick bath before changing into her formal dress and getting straight to work. However, as she was about to grab the door handle, Sebastian's long arm suddenly zipped horizontally across her vision and blocked her way in.

"The bathroom's not ready yet. So, for now, we'll be using another room." He had cleared his throat before informing her. And without waiting for her reply, he led her away to their new room. Most of her things were already transferred over.

Elle just quietly went along with him but once she was inside the bathroom, her mind began to start getting troubled by so many things.

Two of the main bizarre things she could not seem to ignore no matter how she tried to talk herself out of was the cracks in the bathroom and… his reddish eyes… how could that happen? Could she really be just seeing things? But…

That day, Elle tried to distract herself from thinking about those matters. She had gone on ahead to her scheduled events and met with many new and important people as she had been doing the past few days. The only difference this time was the fact that Sebastian had come along with her. She however, had not expected him to actually come with her!

The day had been very busy, but Elle was glad she had to go around and socialize because it had help her to stop thinking about those bizarre things. And Sebastian… he had been acting as the perfect husband to her that the people around started to look so surprised to see how Sebastian was behaving towards her.

Elle did feel really glad that he was kind of acting much better than that when they acted as a couple-in-love the first day she had come to the Reigns castle and met his family. And with all his actions, she could not help how her heart was reacting.

Soon that late afternoon, she had been separated from Sebastian as her group this time consisted of ladies only, hosted by a duchess. Sebastian had actually insisted to go with her but because Elle told him it was only for ladies, he could only relent.

As always, Elle had immensely enjoyed herself as everyone had been quite engaging. And she was naturally a social butterfly, thus, it was only normal that she thrived in such social engagements. She had also had a talk with the duchess about another organization she had been interested in to be a part of. And that had sparked off another lengthy but meaningful discussion with the ladies.

Though everyone had been nice to her so far as always, she had realized that this time, everyone had become even more opened to accepting and receiving her. During the past few days, she had already been feeling as though everyone had been putting an invisible wall that she had been so curious about. But since today, she felt that the wall had somehow dissolved. For whatever reason it was, she still did not know.

For now, though, she was happy because with this, she can finally start making real connections with these important people in this country. That way, she would be able to carry out her royal duties even better.

It was almost time for the late afternoon activities to end when Elle excused herself to go to the bathroom to freshen up.

"You know, I'm really shocked. It seems that the Prince is really in love with his wife and Princess Izabelle seemed oblivious about it. Was it just me, or did she seem to be the one who was putting some kind of distance between them?" A voice echoed along the corridor, causing Elle to stop in her tracks.

"It's a little obvious because she rarely looks at him. While the prince was staring at her almost the whole time. I've seen it happening since this morning." The other voice commented, sounding confident in her observation.

"Wow. I'm speechless. But seriously though? I can't really believe that the prince is really in love. That's prince Sebastian we are talking about. He never falls in love! It's just too hard to take in. But what else could be the reason behind his actions?"

"It's because Princess Izabelle is smart."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Oh, c'mon. You know that Prince Sebastian hates clingy girls. Princess Izabelle clearly isn't doing that and that's why the prince is current infatuated with her. Mark my words, once princess Izabelle starts becoming clingy to him and falls madly in love, you'll see what happens next."

Elle sighed and quietly left. A small ironic smile curved on her lips. She wondered who that woman was that she seemed to know Sebastian so well to be able to give comments that way. She seemed to know Sebastian's rules really well. Could she be one of the women Sebastian had told her about that night she had proposed to him? That should be the case, right?

There was a little sting in her throat as she walked away, head held high and strides elegant as ever. Being reminded of their moments the entire day, Elle could not help but smile bitterly to herself. Even though she was aware that his actions today were most definitely an act to clear whatever rumors that were spreading, Elle still felt all its effects on her. The good thing was that she did not dare believe that they were real at all. And thus, she did not dare react to him more than was necessary.

Whoever that woman was, Elle thought that she was right. Sebastian would be her husband, as long as she did not fall madly in love with him. As long as she does not cling to him. And she was determined to stay his wife until she could finally stand on her own. Until then…

By the time she had stepped out of the entrance, the first person that Elle saw was Sebastian. He was leaning against the car with his impeccable regal outfit. He looked so handsome that even the other males around were looking at him in awe.

"Y-you came yourself?" Elle was a little in disbelief that Sebastian had come to fetch her himself! "I thought Lucas or someone else –"

"Lucas went to a short vacation." Was all he said and even opened the door for her, causing her to blush. He behaved like a gentleman and buckled her in before getting in and driving off.

"I am very thankful you came, Sebastian. But I don't want to take too much of your time. You have your own royal duties to –"

"Did someone upset you?" he cut her off, causing Elle to whip her head towards him. Did he notice her expression when she was walking out of the entrance?

"Oh… it's…" Elle frowned. She suddenly felt something strange. Her heartbeat started racing impossibly fast and loud and her eyes became blurry.

"Izabelle?" She heard him calling out. But… lord… what was happening to her now?

The car screeched to a stop and the next thing she heard was him, cursing as he held onto her.

Chapter 78 What?

Elle woke up alone in their new room. r

A deep frown flashed across her face when she looked at the clock and it indicated that it was already mid noon. What had happened to…r

Then everything that had happened the night before came rushing back to her, as though her mind was playing a memory reel for her to recall the events and that had her eyes widening. Her hand flew to her chest, clutching at the nightgown that she was wearing. What happened to her last night? r

All she knew was that her chest had suddenly raced and then it ached so badly that she was even fighting to breathe. She had thought that she was suddenly having a heart attack, or she perhaps somehow had gone through anaphylactic shock. Because such an intense ache in the chest should only be something pretty serious! But if it was serious, why was she back here in her bed and not in the hospital? r

Confused and curious about what had actually happened, Elle slowly pushed herself up on her elbows before sitting up. After looking around and finding that there was truly no one else in the room, she then climbed off the bed. She tried to take stock of herself and so far, there seemed to be nothing amiss. This could only mean that nothing really serious happened? r

She was instantly relieved, but it was hard for her to believe that the strange and sudden extreme pain she had experienced last night was really nothing. Dear Lord… what was going on? Why do bizarre, inexplicable things keep happening to her lately? What in the world was going on? r

"You're awake, Your Highness!" the head maid assigned to their wing, Lorna, who had just quietly entered the room, gasped in relief at the sight of her already up and standing beside the bed. r

Elle glanced at the flowers that were in her hand. "Lorna, is Sebastian still in the castle?" she asked the maid immediately. She wanted to see Sebastian and ask him what had actually happened. The last thing she remembered was being with him in the car before totally blacking out. So he should have the answers she wanted.r

"The prince had already left at dawn. And Your Highness… he had already ordered that you are not to leave this room until he returns."r

"W-what?" Elle blinked at her in surprise. Sebastian had even left an order for her to remain in the room?!r

"Forgive me ma'am but this is a royal order. So, if you needed something please don't hesitate to call for me. I'd assist you to the best of my abilities." Lorna bowed her head, looking apologetic as she relayed the message Prince Sebastian left for Elle.r

Elle was speechless. She had never expected this! What in the world was going on?! What was happening that it was of such importance for her to remain in her own room?r

"Why?" She asked the maid, her expression firm and daunting. If she was to be held in her room against her wishes, the very least was that she wanted to know the reason why it was demanded of her.r

"I'm sorry, princess. But I wasn't told anything on the reason why you needed to do so. However, I am quite certain that whatever the reason is, it is definitely for your sake, Your Highness." r

Shaking her head in disbelief, Elle quietly clenched her fists before taking a few deep breaths. So, he would not even care to explain anything to me? r

"What happened last night? I believe something must have happened to me on our way back home." She tried to ask, hoping that the maid must have seen them or perhaps she was the one who had changed her evening gown last night, into the nightgown she was currently wearing as she realized that she was now wearing a completely new set. r

But the maid shook her head and looked at her with a sincerely apologetic look. "Sorry, princess. But I don't know anything about what had happened last night."r

Oh lord…r

"Are you sure?" she could not help but have doubts right now. Because there was no way Lorna would not know anything. She was the one who was in charge of most of the work that goes on in their wing of the castle, including their room. She has also been Sebastian's maid for a long time. "Surely, Sebastian must have had called you and one of the other maids to help me change out of my clothes last night, right?" r

"The prince didn't call anyone, princess. That I am very certain about. The truth is, he had forbidden anyone from the entire east wing to come into your room last night. I was only allowed to come over this dawn before he left just so he could give me the instructions." r

"Hold on… what? That's… ridiculous." Elle could not believe it. "Why would he do that? What is going on?" r

"I'm sorry again princess, but I don't have any answer to your question. Well then, I'll go prepare your meal now, Your Highness." r

Elle could only watch the now closed door in utter disbelief and confusion. She did not know what was happening anymore.r

Then she rushed towards the door, but before she could even open it wide enough for her body to slip through, someone held the double doors in place. A guard had been stationed outside and was now standing there. r

"Good day, Your Highness." He greeted Elle politely. "But we have been ordered not to let you out of your room, no matter what. And I'm sorry that I have to close this door. Thank you for your cooperation, princess." And then he unceremoniously pulled the doors closed again, leaving Elle standing there, mouth agape and shaking her head in disbelief. r


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Chapter 79 No More!

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"When will Sebastian be returning? Or don't tell me that he did not tell you that as well?" Elle asked as Lorna began to head back to the door, taking the trays along with her. She had asked questions while she was eating but the maid could not or perhaps it was more that she would not give her any answers. r

"I'm not told anything about that too, princess. I'm sorry once again." Lorna answered before the door shut closed again behind her. Elle had caught the slight flush on Lorna's cheeks just before she left the room. It could be embarrassment due to not knowing anything, or embarrassment due to guilt of concealing the truth from her. r

Time passed and soon it was already midnight. Elle had never felt time pass so slowly like it had today, for a long time already. However, she had decided to be patient and just wait in the room obediently as she had been instructed to. She had realized that she was only wasting her breath in asking the maid. Obviously, nothing would be spilled from those lips.r

Lorna had only repeatedly told her that this was for her sake and that she had to wait and ask Sebastian for the answers to her questions once he was back. She realized that that was indeed the only way for her to get an answer about this ridiculous situation she had suddenly somehow found herself into. She had been thinking of all the questions she was meaning to bombard him with once he emerged from the door.r

But the infuriating prince did not arrive even after the sun set. r

Elle did not even know what to say. A soundless laugh could only escape her lips. Sebastian you… you damned little cruel tyrant!!! Why were you suddenly doing this?!!r

No matter how she tried to figure out the reason why he had to go as far as to lock her in their room and even keeping guards by the door, she just could not find any logical answers. The man had even disabled the internet in their room and had also taken her phone hostage. That was just too much!!! r

That night, Elle finally fell asleep very reluctantly, blazing in frustration that she had no place to release it onto. r

The next day, she held herself back and stopped asking. She did not bug Lorna anymore and did not even ask a single question. r

When afternoon came, one of the guards entered the room. He was not as tall and big as Lucas but he's pretty good-looking. Well, everyone in this country were all disturbingly good-looking but Elle hadn't seen a green-eyed man yet except this guard. The air around him also seemed less intimidating compared to the other guards. Somehow, this man felt kind of different compared to the rest. His surprisingly beautiful long, blond hair really stood out too. r

Elle's gaze fell to the books in his hand and she creased her brows. Does this mean that she was going to be locked up in this room a bit longer? r

She fought for calm even though she was so close to blowing up now. r

"I've brought you books, princess." He said politely. "Please take a look if you want any of these. If nothing among these strikes your fancy, I'll go get you something else." r

"Rion, right?" Elle asked. Lucas had told her this blonde's name once before. Good thing she was good in remembering names.r

"Yes, Your Highness." Rion saluted. r

"How old are you?" r

"Uhm… twenty-one… ?" His reply came back hesitant and sounding more like a question than an answer, causing Elle to raise her brow.r

"We're the same age, I see… who told you to bring me books?" Elle questioned him strictly. She did not want to be hard on these people who were merely following their superior's orders, but she did not have a choice. r

"We just thought that you must be bored since the Internet is down. We're not allowed to let you use any gadgets. But books are fine, so we've thought about this. I'm not sure about what kind of book interests you though."r

"Really? It's not my husband who had instructed you people and ordered you to bring me books?" r

Rion blinked and then rubbed the back of his neck. "No, Your Highness –" r

"You're lying. Let me borrow your phone. I need to call him." She reached out her hand to the man. r

"Uhm… princess. I'm sorry but I don't have my phone with me…" his tone sounded stilted and unnatural. r

She narrowed her eyes at him and her gaze searched him down to his pocket sides. Her eyes stopped at something bulging in his pocket. "Give me your phone, Rion." r

The man stepped back. "Uhm, I'm sorry Princess, but I can't. Forgive me." And then he turned and rushed out of the room almost like a scared cat running away from a big bad lioness.r

Elle pressed her fingers on her temples and then slammed her palm on the table. "Sebastian… you devil!" she muttered angrily. r

Night came and still, Sebastian did not come home. This was already the second night!r

With a blank and dull expression, Elle stood by the window. All she had done the past hours was to think. She was tired and angry and frustrated. She did not know what to do. She cannot be stuck in here, held back against her wishes, when she was supposed to be doing so many other important things. r

Her mind was in chaos and turmoil. Whatever the reason was behind all this, she refused to be stuck here like some prisoner. She refused to be like a bird kept in a gilded cage like this again. She had had enough of it during her time being controlled and watched over by her father and Brandon Haze. The reason she got married and was carrying out this farce with Prince Sebastian was also to get herself out of the last problem. She did not get married, only to be treated the same way. Never! No more!r

Clenching her fist tight, Elle stared up at the full moon above when a howl reached her ears. r

Chapter 80 Pet

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Hearing wolf howls were not something surprising as the Reigns castle was located in a forested hill. However, this was the first time so far that she heard a howl. And that one sound had reminded her of the snow-white wolf that they saved. She had totally forgotten about it due to all these ridiculous happenings.

Where was the white wolf now? It must still be healing up, right now, right? The medic team that Sebastian had put in charge of taking care of that wolf would surely be a skillful one. So the wolf should be on its way to getting better. Right…?

After contemplating for a few moments, Elle rushed towards the door.

"Rion?" she called out at the still closed door.

"Yes, Your Highness." The door quickly swung opened, and the man immediately responded. The big man who first blocked the door, stepped aside. "How may I help you?"

"You said the only thing that's not allowed inside this room is other unauthorized people and gadgets, right?" she asked with a straight face. Her eyes were looking pretty intimidating.

Rion slowly nodded. "Yes, Princess. You are right. That's the exact order we received." He was wary as he did not know what ideas this princess would somehow come up with. Prince Sebastian had already warned him to be on his toes when dealing with her.

"Alright then. I need you to go fetch Snow White and bring him here to me."

The man blinked, not following the princess' train of thought. What the hell was Snow White?! "Snow White… uhm… you mean the book? But you just referred to it as… him…??" Rion's mind was spinning. Since when Snow White had turned into a boy?!

"No, no, no… I was actually referring to my dog. His name is Snow White. He had gotten a little injured and is in treatment at the moment. I want him to be brought into this room this instant, Rion." Elle demanded, her voice commanding.

"S-sure, as you wish Your Highness." Rion easily agreed. Thinking back on the long list of things that Prince Sebastian had warned him not to bring into the princess' room, her dog was not on it. So, it should be alright for him to at least grant her this one request. He was feeling really bad already when he kept needing to reject her requests.

"I want him here in thirty minutes." She then shut the door herself this time. Thinking of being able to see if the wolf had healed up nicely had sent Elle into a slight nervous jitter. She truly hoped that it would have been give the best care possible.

On the other side of the door, Rion rubbed his face and looked at the other guard on sentry duty, who only shrugged at him rather helplessly.

"Good Lord… I didn't know the princess could be this scary! Were you aware of this fact, huh, Raven?" Rion whispered to his comrade. For such a small sized and petite person, the princess sure do have a large and imposing presence when she wanted to.

"She's in a bad mood. She's usually such a ball of warm energy. Can't blame her though." Raven said blankly, shrugging at his own comment.

"How about this Snow White? Are you aware of it?" Rion needed more information on this Snow White that was supposed to be the princess' pet. Why is this the first time that he was hearing about it?

"Hmm… Lucas didn't tell me about a dog. Perhaps, it's the princess' pet from her home country that had just arrived?" Raven supplied an explanation. He himself was not aware of a pet, but that was the most plausible scenario in his mind.

"Damn… where do I even go to find it?"

"Go ask the butler. He might know where that dog is."

Rion was speechless for a moment as he looked at the large cage that was placed under a tree in the west garden.

"Wait a moment… this is Snow White? This isn't a dog!!!" Rion yelled at the butler, aghast that what he was looking at was a massive white wolf! Did the butler think it was wise to bring a wolf into a room with such a weak princess?

"There's no dog in the castle, you know that."

"Are you sure this is the princess's pet?!"

"I'm sure it is. Otherwise, why would Prince Sebastian have gone through all that trouble to have it saved? He had called expert doctors to tend to it. He had even asked me to take care of it and made sure it would not die." The butler provided Rion with more explanation. And the more Rion heard, the more shocked he was.

Rion frowned and then creased his brows. That was really unbelievable. The prince, saving a wolf, much less taking care of it was unheard of!!! Was this still the same prince and lord that he had sworn to serve? Why did he feel so different right now?

"I can't believe this. How could such a frail looking princess have a pet as dangerous and big as this one?" Rion was shaking his head in disbelief.

"Well, don't underestimate the princess. This one might be her pet since it was young. They could have grown up together. You know that's not impossible." The butler suggested.

"Fine, fine…" Rion could only surrender.

Soon, Rion arrived back at the front of the princess room, with a large cage in tow behind him.

Raven was shocked at the sight that he saw.

"What the… why the hell are you bringing such a dangerous beast in here, Rion?!!" the big man demanded. He looked as though just the sight of the wolf was enough to tick off his instincts.

"Calm down, Raven. Apparently, this beast is the princess' pet. You know… Snow White…?"

"W-what?!" As Raven exclaimed in disbelief, the door opened, and the princess stood just at the entrance.

As soon as she saw the white wolf in the cage, her face immediately lit up and a smile formed on her face for the very first time since she was locked up in her room.

"Snow White!!!" she yelled animatedly as she rushed out of the room, and ran towards the wolf.