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Chapter 81 Plan

Raven quickly stepped in to block Elle before she could reach out and touch the wolf.

"Princess, is this… wolf really your pet?" the man questioned. Though his tone was respectful, with the slow way he had asked the question and his awkward looking face, Elle could tell that he was totally doubting his own question.

Elle could very clearly see the doubt and firm alertness reflected in his eyes. "Do you think I'm a fool to ask you guys to bring me a dangerous animal right here into my room if that isn't my pet?" She held his eyes with such fierceness that Raven had been unable to say whatever it was that was about to come out of his mouth.

Then he eventually gave in, bowed his head a little and stepped aside, making way for Elle to approach the wolf.

However, Elle did not move closer to the animal anymore and instead, gave out an order. "Have him brought into my room."

Raven and Rion's eyes widened in shock at her words. But Elle ignored them and acted as though she did not see their skeptical expressions.

Turning, she began to walk back towards the bedroom and pushed the large double doors opened by herself.

"Well… It's better than having her coming out of her room to see her pet, right?" Rion whispered to Raven. But the big man was still pretty unconvinced that placing a wolf inside the room with the princess still there was a good idea at all!

"Hurry." The princess' voice echoed and the duo looked at her as she stood there at the entrance to the bedroom. Her gaze was daring them to just listen to her and do what she wished.

"If we lose our head for this, I'll haunt you forever in hell, Rion." Raven hissed as he finally moved to carry the huge cage into the room as the princess had ordered.

,m Rion gave a nervous laugh as he helped him carry the cage. "I'll pray to god I'll go to heaven then. Haha." His reply was met with a sharp glare from Raven who was currently opposite him from the cage.

By the time the duo put the cage down by the window, Elle faced Rion and stretched out her hand to him. "Where's the key to the cage?"

"Here, Princess." Rion pulled out the key from his back pocket and held it by the ring it was attached to.

Elle quickly snatched the dangling key from Rion's fingers. She had noticed how Raven looked utterly frustrated when Rion brought the key out of his pocket. It was obvious that the man was not planning on handing her the key, but Rion had unknowingly messed up his plan.

"Thank you. You both may now leave." Elle quickly shooed them off.

As soon as the door was closed behind them, Raven turned to Rion with a deadly gaze. "Are you an idiot?! You should've told her that you did not have the bloody key!"

"You seriously want me to lie to her?" Rion asked in a flat tone, one brow arching.

"What if something bad happens if she let that damned wolf out?!"

"Ah… stop being a worrywart. I don't think the princess is foolish enough to risk herself. If Snow White really isn't her pet, I don't think she'd be brave enough to even have such a huge animal brought into her bedroom. Do you think the princess is looking to harm or kill herself?"

Raven shut his eyes closed and let out a deep breath. His hands were braced on his waist as he tried to calm himself. "I don't know but, I don't think this is something you should be taking lightly. That's a wolf for goodness sakes!"

Inside the room, Elle was still leaning against the door. Her eyes were set on the white wolf in the big cage settled there.

She was nervous now. Of course. There was a huge wolf right there now, inside her room. Though it was really beautiful, it kind of reminded her of Sebastian. Beautiful but – there was always a 'but' – most definitely dangerous. This beautiful creature could hurt her.

The only reason she was brave enough to dare have the wolf inside her room was the fact that she was not feeling a fear strong enough to make her change her mind. Again, very much like her feelings towards Sebastian during the first time she had met him. Knowing and feeling that he was dangerous and yet feeling the right fear… it was enough for her to take a chance. Of course, she still needed to be wary and careful.

Her plan was to have the wolf in her bedroom and not let it out until Sebastian comes home. She needed him back as soon as possible and have him explain all those confusing matters to her. Snow White was a solution she had thought of because she had seen how Sebastian had refused to let her touch him that time in the forest.

If he hears that Snow White had been brought into her room, he might rush back, right? Well, she was not too sure about that, but he might really rush home as long as she manages to not let anyone take the wolf out unless it was Sebastian who will come himself.

For now, though… she thought she could start by befriending the wolf? She honestly wanted to. She had been dying to have a pet since she was young. And now, here was her chance. But could such a wild animal even be tamed?

That snow-white fur of it held Elle's attention and an urge to go and touch it rose within her.

So, she approached, carefully and slowly. Once she squatted near it, and it was the bars that were the only thing separating them, Elle whispered. "H-hello baby boy… can I touch you?"

The animal did not move. It just sat there looking up the moon through the windows as his back was facing Elle.

Elle stared at its furry white tail almost sticking out of the cage. Lifting her hand, Elle reached out to touch it.


Chapter 82 Both Of Us

The dog stilled at her touch. Elle had plucked up her courage and extended her hand to touch that extremely tempting furry white tail, only to realize how wooly and fuzzy it felt under her hands.

Elle held her breath. She thought that it was going to turn around and snarl at her for being so forward in touching it. But surprisingly, it did not. It did not even make a single move or sound. So, Elle carefully stroked its tail bushy again, using gentle and feather light movements. Still, the wolf did not even react.

Somehow, its lack of reaction to her touch made Elle relax a little. She was really glad that it was not reacting violently. Or was it because of his injury? That must be it, right?

"Hey… Snow White, baby?" she was suddenly baby talking, doing here very best to make the dog feel at ease, as she continued the gentle strokes on its fur. "I'm sorry I had to drag you over here even while you are recuperating. But don't worry, I promise you'll be safe here with me."

Still, no reaction from the huge ball of white fur. Elle creased her brows and wondered if wild wolves were this well behaved and cool creatures? Absolutely not, right? Could he still be in pain? Or did he not like his name? But Snow White suits him really well! He was literally the most beautiful dog… or wolf she had ever seen!

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she leaned sideways against the cage's bars.

Somehow, seeing this beautiful creature being held captive inside the cage made her feel sad and melancholic. Maybe, this was why he was not giving her any responses despite her touching and stroking his fur. Having been caged like a prisoner must have made him feel remorseful or something.

"I'm actually being caged too, just like you…" she started speaking in a sad tone, leaning her head against the bars of the cage. Her hand still rubbing the wolf's fur as though she was trying to soothe him.

"I don't know why I'm even suddenly being confined in my own room like this. I'm sure there must be a reason for doing so. But… I really want to… to punch Sebastian right in the face now, and lord… I want to tie him down and imprison him here too. He has got to understand what it's like to be treated like this!!! Right?" Her eyes turned a little fierce at the idea that came to her mind. And then she suddenly imagined him being tied securely to a chair, not being able to go anywhere.

At first, the image of him in her head had her smiling a little evilly, but then that imaginary Sebastian said something like 'I hope you're ready to be punished for this, Izabelle'. She then blushed and bit down on her lower lip, immediately scolding herself for allowing even the imagination of him to lure this kind of reaction from her. Lord… she hated how easy it was for her to be distracted and affected by him!

"Well anyway, once he's back, I promise I'll make sure that everything will be fine. And then, the both of us will finally get out of our cages. Just hang in there, okay?" She smiled at the wolf who had yet to even turn around or look at her.

Though her words were filled with optimism, deep within her, she knew it would not be that easy to ensure that everything would be fine. Whatever it was that was going on, Elle felt a little uneasy. She was angry with Sebastian for doing this and she swore never to just forgive him so easily. She had already practiced the words she had wanted to say to him the moment he stepped through that door, but… but she somehow could not rid herself of that fear which was spiraling around in her heart. As though that there was something serious that had happened, and that he might enter through the doors angry and scare her again.

If that happens, would she be able to do or say anything? She honestly doubted she would be able to speak, much less ask him what the matter was. She would most probably be totally tongue-tied and felt like she was being strangled while just looking at him. Lord, she wished that she was like those people who could burst out and give a lashing of words whenever they get upset or agitated. She hated that whenever she was hurt and angry, speaking would turn out to be so hard that if she even tried to force it out, she might end up crying or stuttering like a broken radio.

Elle did not know when she even fell asleep last night, but the next time that she came to, she had already found herself asleep on her bed. Wait… she did not remember herself climbing back onto the bed last night. She should have had fallen asleep right where she was seated, leaning against Snow White's cage. Though it was rare of her to fall asleep just anywhere, last night was… she was quite sure she had not tucked herself back into bed. Did Rion or Raven enter her room and carried her back to her bed after seeing her leaning against the cage?

But the guards would never enter unless she opened the door for them but. Creasing her brows, Elle looked at the white big bundle inside the cage. Snow White was sleeping in a curled-up position. Perhaps… Rion had peeked in to check on the wolf and saw her sleeping next to the cage. So he decided to tuck her back into bed? That should be what happened, right?

Hearing a soft knock, her head whipped towards the door. Was Sebastian finally home?!

Elle jumped down from her bed and immediately rushed towards the door that was currently being pushed opened.

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Chapter 83 Test

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Disappointment washed over Elle when she lifted her eyes and saw that it was not Sebastian who stood by the door. She had thought that Rion was going to inform her that her husband was about to reach home, as she knew it was still too early for Lorna to come knocking on her door to bring her her meal, but she was wrong on that count too.

"I think the wolf needs to get some time to go walk, princess. We can't have your room get… you know… dirty…" Rion explained the reason why he was there. "We'll also feed him –"

"I want to go on a walk too." Elle cut him off as she said that stubbornly. "I too, need to have some movement after being cooped up in this room for the entire day, not doing anything. I have already missed my daily exercise for a couple of days now. I can't miss it again today as well, especially since all that I've done for the past two days was to sit, eat and lie about in bed." She complained.

Rion rubbed the back of his neck, truly feeling sorry for the princess but knowing that he could not do anything about it. "I'm sorry princess –"

"This is important for my health. You do understand that I need to stay fit and healthy as well, right?" Elle challenged him, putting on the pressure.

"But if I grant you your request, I might lose my head, princess." Rion looked at her so helplessly. His green eyes pleading with her. He was even pouting slightly to make his look believable.

In the end, Elle could not convince the men. She had also held back, knowing that they could really get into trouble and be punished hard if they dared to disobey their master.

As she was left in the room by herself, Elle could only clench her fists in frustration. It was not working out as smoothly as she had hoped it would. Was it because Snow White was still left in the cage?

The heavy feeling in her chest continued to grow as the hours passed by. Sitting there in the room was just so boring to her, more so that her devices were not accessible to her. She felt as though she was about to go crazy! She must take on a more drastic action if she wanted to see any results.

And that afternoon, Elle approached Snow White's cage and reached out to touch the wolf's fur again.

"Do you want to get out of the cage?" she asked it fondly, but there was still a light hint of nervousness coloring her voice.

The animal's ear stood at attention, and he looked at her, but only sideways. His beautiful sapphire blue eyes stared at her, as though it truly understood what she was trying to say. It was… breathtaking.

Slowly, the wolf turned around to face her, straight on.

Her heartbeat hastened as this was the first time the wolf had set his full attention on her. He had completely ignored her since he had been brought into her room last night. It seemed… like he badly wanted to get out of the cage too… just like her.

"If… if you'll be a good boy, I'll let you come out of the cage. How about that?" she said in a coaxing voice. Suddenly, the wolf bent his head down against the cage. It was as if he was asking her to pet him.

Elle was awed and shocked at the same time. Awed that such a mighty beast would even bow its massive head to her, and shocked that it seemed to have such an intelligence! She had thought of getting the wolf out due to her anger and disappointment that her plan was not working. Despite knowing that it was too risky, she thought that it might be the only way for her to force Sebastian to come home and meet her.

She was not planning to have him bite her or something but, she would be crazy to want that to happen. But if she could have him out, maybe Sebastian would think she was putting herself at risk and might come back to scold her or remove Snow White from her room himself. Because she had planned to never let the guards remove Snow White unless it was Sebastian who will come to talk to her himself.

Taking a deep breath, Elle lifted her hand again. She was nervous but the nervousness was not enough to scare her. When her hand landed on the wolf's big head and start to pet it, it squinted its eyes until it was almost closed.

Elle's eyes widened in surprise, but she still did not dare to drop her guard down. She needed to test the waters first.

But Snow White did not react violently. He was doing the opposite in fact. He was so docile. So well behaved. And he seemed to like that she was petting him. Was this… normal? For a wild animal to let someone pet him like this? Was it normal for an animal like this to get easily attached to someone? Was it because he thinks that she was the one who had saved him days ago?

Time ticked by and Elle found herself enjoying what she was doing. She had wanted to pet him since last night itself, and now here she was, already really doing it! This was a huge sign that Snow White liked her right? He would not harm her if she let him out, right?

"Good boy…" she uttered, smiling. She even eventually snuck her other hand inside the cage to pat his fur.

After another long while, Elle had decided to take the leap. She looked at the leash and the dog muzzle in the basket Rion had used on him when they took him out earlier.

"Alright… let's put this on you, first, okay? If you remain a good boy while going around my room, I'll take this off too."

Elle struggled a little to put the muzzle on him as she was still incredibly wary and cautious in handling Snow White. However, after this, Elle's confidence that Snow White would not attack her had only risen. Because if he was truly a vicious animal and wanted to bite her or attack her, he would have done it already and would have bitten her hand. r

"You're such a good baby boy, aren't you?" She praised and finally, Elle took the key that was hanging on the cage's door and inserted it into the keyhole. The door to the cage was finally unlocked! r


Chapter 84 Upcoming

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As soon as she pulled opened the cage door, Elle turned and ran towards the main door and held onto the door handle. Just in case Snow White might want to attack her, she would just be one move away to go out and have Rion and Raven help her to put the wolf back inside its cage.

Standing there with fingers tightly wrapped around the doorknob and knuckles already turning white, Elle was holding her breath as she watched what Snow White would do as he looked at the cage door swing open.

But he simply stood inside its cage, looking at her as though it was asking her what she wanted it to do.

Elle somehow felt bad of her mistrust towards the poor animal. So, she squatted down by the door and stretched one of her hands out. "Come here, baby…" she called. And surprisingly, the wolf moved, finally stepping out of its cage.

Slowly, it approached to where Elle was crouched.

She could hear her heartbeats drumming up a wild rhythm in her ears with every step that Snow White took. Still, whatever she was feeling was still not enough to send warning bells ringing in her head. She had yet to feel her guts screaming at her to 'run'.

Soon, snow White reached her and the first thing it did was to sit right before her.

Elle released her breath and laughed quietly. Relief and gladness washed through her as she reached out her free hand and petted the wolf. Oh dear… how lucky was she that this wolf was so docile and good? What a good wolf it was!

"Such a good boy…" she smiled from ear to ear, her nervousness was quickly evaporating. She could not believe at how easy it was!!! This was such a rare case, right?

Time passed and Elle did not even realize how easily she had dropped her guard down against Snow White. She had decided that Snow White's behavior towards her must surely be because he had already seen her as his savior. She knew that animals do remember the good someone had done to them. This was the thought that had made Elle relaxed and did not think too much about the reason why Snow White was easily tamed like this.

"Oh g-g-good heavens!!!" Lorna who had pushed the door opened to bring in the princess' dinner shut the door again and exclaimed. The middle-aged woman was clutching at the clothes on her chest as though she was going to have a heart attack.

"What happened?" Rion and Raven both shouted and rushed to the door.

"The wolf! Th-the wolf is out of his cage!!! And the princess is… she's cuddling with him!!!" Lorna stammered as she explained the situation that she had seen in that short while she had opened the door.

Rion and Raven had their eyes widening before rushing inside the room, startling both Elle and Snow White who had adjourned to the couch. The wolf's head was currently lying in Elle's lap while the princess was calmly reading a book.

Snow White lifted its head and snarled towards Raven and Rion who had taken a step towards them.

"It's fine, Snow." Elle said, petting the wolf's head as she looked at the guards' shocked faces. They looked like their souls were about to leave their bodies.

"P-p-princess! Why did you let the wolf out of its cage?" Rion asked, looking like he was about to cry.

Elle lifted her brow at them. "Why can't I? He's my pet and he's such a good boy." Her voice was full of pride for Snow White as he was being such a good and well-behaved pet.

Raven pinched the skin between his brows in exasperation as he witnessed how the princess was going on with the wolf.

"Can't you guys see how behaved he is? So, there is no need to panic. Go back to your posts." Elle shooed them away when the Lorna entered with Elle's food.

"Then I'll walk him first, while you eat." Raven later said and Elle could only give in, realizing that it was also time for Snow White to eat.

That night Elle again waited for Sebastian to return while cuddling with Snow White on the couch. But again, Sebastian did not arrive.

The next day came and still there were no signs of him coming home.

Soon, the fifth day came and then it was night again. Elle stood by the window staring up at the dark sky. Her fists were clenched so tightly that her knuckles had turned bone white.

Her eyes were filled with so many intense emotions. Mostly, anger, and a tinge of… hatred. She looked like she was barely hanging on.

The wolf approached her and sat down next to her. Elle naturally reached out and pet the wolf that she had come to love within a few days tenderly. Without Snow White, she would not even know how she would be faring right now.

Still… this was getting too much for her to bear. She just could not take it anymore.

Outside the door, Rion sighed. "The princess didn't eat much again. I hope she's not feeding her food to her pet. When will Prince Sebastian return? I don't think he should make the princess wait any longer than this. Why don't we call him back?"

Raven sighed as well, leaning against the wall. "Did you forget that he had ordered us to only call him if there's an emergency? He even emphasized that we can only call him if something that concerns the princess' safety goes wrong and if she feels any pain again."

"I know, but… I think he will regret it if he doesn't come home soon. The princess hadn't talk to any of us, and even to Lorna since yesterday. Not even a single word, Raven! Who knows what's going on in her head right now? I really think it's time to call him. Come on Raven… I'll make the call."

Raven stared at him but eventually, the man gave in. He too, was worried for the princess. "Fine. Do it then."

Rion did not waste a moment longer and took his phone out.

On the first ring, the prince answered it. "What happened?" Sebastian instantly asked.

"Uhm… Your Highness."

"Get to the point! Did something happen? Is my wife alright?!"

"Err… she's fine, Your Highness. Nothing happened actually."

Silence reigned for a moment. "Didn't I tell you to –"

A howl suddenly echoed.

"That howl…" Sebastian's voice rang out from the receiver.

"Ah… that's Snow White. The princess must have asked him to howl like the other day –"

"You've let her out of her room?" Sebastian's voice suddenly turned threatening.

"No. No. No. we would never go against your order, Your Highness!"

"Then why…??"

"She was the one who ordered us to bring the wolf into her room. And now –"

"What? The wolf is… In. Her. Room?!" Sebastian growled out menacingly.

"Uhm… well, yes, Your Highness. The princess insisted to have it in her room so we could do nothing but grant her wish. But don't worry because… Your Highness? Hello? Hello??" Rion looked down at his phone only to see that the call had already been disconnected.

Rion slowly turned to Raven. "There's no way the prince is heading back here now because of this… right, Raven? Should we go alert Her Highness?"

"She's already asleep."

"But… His Highness seemed angry."

"Well, Her Highness is definitely angry too."

"So you're saying let's just prepare for an upcoming war between the couple."

"It's not like we have a choice." Raven sighed. "I don't think the princess will ever let us take the wolf away now. She's very stubborn, you know that."

"Right." Rion nodded in approval. "And I feel like this is what the princess want to happen, anyway... For His Highness to rush back home."

"Let's just hope heads won't roll once he's back."

"Haha. I'll just go hide behind the princess if he comes for my head. Easy escape." Rion smugly said.

"You think the princess can save your ass?"

Rion smirked, looking so confident with himself. "You underestimate the power of the crown princess, bro."



Chapter 85 Docile

Elle could not sleep. Her mind had been busier than ever. Plans on how to escape had been crossing her mind, since the night before, one popping up before she discarded it and another popped up. She could not help it. Fear and uncertainties started clouding her heart, gripping her entire being. She was scared to death that she was going to be imprisoned here for a long time to come. Because from the way things were progressing, it did not seem that Sebastian was willing to come back and see her, much less talk to her. r

No matter how much she tried to tell herself that Sebastian was not Brandon Haze or her father, she still could not help but have the fear that perhaps something had happened which led Sebastian to come to that decision to imprison her. She feared that he might not be planning to let her out anytime soon. r

Burying her face into her pillow, Elle forced herself to get some sleep. But time seemed to tick by, and she was still wide awake. r

Suddenly sitting up, Elle turned her gaze to Snow White. Her lovely companion opened his dazzling blue eyes and stared up at her from his curled-up and obviously comfy position on the couch. She had long removed the muzzle basket and he had been sleeping on her couch for the past few nights now. r

"Come here, Snow." She called to him in a low voice, making waving gestures to him before stretching her arms wide towards the white wolf. r

He blinked and then reluctantly climbed off the couch before padding soundlessly over to where she was. r

"Here, baby. Come here." She coaxed her big pet. Well, she had declared a few days ago that Snow White was now officially her beloved pet. He had been so well behaved, and he had also been her therapeutic companion while she was stuck in this ridiculous situation. r

Slowly, Snow White came closer to her bed. He sat next to her, looking up at Elle questioningly. r

"I'm sorry I disturbed your sleep. I was having a hard time falling asleep. So I thought… maybe cuddling you might help?" She said mischievously before giggling softly as she scooted a little to the other side of the bed. r

Patting on the empty side of the bed, Elle looked at Snow White expectantly. "Now come up here and sleep next to me." She stressed her point by patting on the spot a couple more times before smiling at the wolf.r

Again, the wolf only blinked and stared at her, causing Elle to burst out in a quick laugh. She found that Snow White's reactions were really just too human-like at times. "Hey, why do you look so hesitant? Don't look at me like I'm going to eat you up. Now come here, quick, Snow." She tapped on the mattress, insisting even as the wolf seemed to really want to go back to his previous comfy spot. Oh dear, did he really not want to sleep next to me? Why though… he had been so obedient to me these whole time… could it be because the bed is too warm for him? r

Elle pouted. "You really don't want to sleep next to me? You hurt my feelings, Snow." She made her voice sound hurt and managed to make her eyes water to look more pitiful. r

The dog suddenly moved from his initially motionless position. Elle thought that he was going to go back to his favorite couch. But to her surprise, it had climbed up to her bed, making her smile again. "Aww… you're really the best. Love you, Snow. Thank you!" She squealed excitedly as she lunged over and hugged the big furry animal. It was truly magical as to how she somehow ended up having such an amazing pet in such a short time. It was still honestly a little hard for her to believe even now, as she hugged the wolf that was quietly sprawled on the bed, next to her. r


It was nearly dawn when Rion and Raven stood in full alert at their post. This presence approaching them was none other than their prince! Even when they could not yet see him, the aura he was emitting was heavy enough to scare them!r

The moment they turned their heads, Sebastian was already upon them. His steps were quiet, and his movements were graceful as always. But the air around him was again, suffocating. Oh sh*t! It seemed that he was angrier than they had even imagined!r

Rion glanced at Raven. He could not help but feel worried about the princess now because he had not seen the prince this angry before. He used to always stay calm no matter what happened. But tonight, he seemed to be on edge and could not seem to control his emotions! r

"Y-your Highness." Rion stepped forward to greet him, but Sebastian just walked pass him. r

"Prepare yourselves." Was all Sebastian said, his grey eyes gleaming in the dark as he stood by the door. r

The two guards were visibly troubled as they were expecting the prince to just barge into the room and the poor princess would have to suffer his wrath. But the prince just shut his eyes and took a deep breath as he held the door now. r

Rion glanced at Raven again. It was clear that the prince was trying to calm himself. r

Once Sebastian opened his eyes, they saw the usual calmness in them and then he quietly pushed the door opened. r

The sound of the door being pushed slowly and quietly did not wake Elle up. But not Snow White. The wolf's sapphire blue eyes opened in the darkness. However, it did not move at all. He just remained docile as he laid there with his back facing the princess while the princess' arms were wrapped contentedly around him. r