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Chapter 86 F*Cking Wolf [1/5]

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The sight of his wife hugging a big white dog in their bed had Sebastian freezing in his steps and stood standing by the door, as still as a statue.

It took him a long while before his shocked expression finally unfroze and changed into something else… deep and heavy, utter jealousy. His face turned few shades darker, and his eyes glittered dangerously in the dark.

The small muscles on his face ticked as the air around turned unbearably heavy. But he once again took a deep breath, shut his eyes and clenched his fist tightly. It could be seen that his whole frame was even trembling slightly with the effort of him trying to suppress his anger. Once he opened his eyes again, whatever dark emotions that had been swirling in his eyes seemed to have been successfully controlled.

Quietly, he walked over to the bed with quiet and measured steps. His body remained a little tense as he walked around and stood next to the big white wolf that had dared to take his place on their bed.

When he stared at his wife and saw how comfortable Izabelle was as she snuggled herself against the wolf's furry back, Sebastian felt his dark emotions churn up again and almost blew up. His effort to keep his self-control at bay had been easily shattered. He just could not help it. This feeling he was having right now was just too strong for him to fully control. He knew it's insane and it's infuriating him how he had suddenly become such an emotional beast.

His eyes moved back to stare at the wolf that still remained docile beside his wife and even had its eyes closed again. That reaction from the wolf had Sebastian's face turned even darker. How dare this big fucking ball of white fur ignore him?

"Get. Off. Our. Bed." Sebastian hissed with so much effort, barely holding back from not just grabbing the wolf and throwing him out of their bed. His eyes that were currently staring down at the wolf was as deadly as could be.

The wolf opened his eyes again. His eyeballs moved and met Sebastian's infuriated gaze. Thankfully, the creature seemed intelligent enough not to provoke the raging beast of a man next to him.

But the moment the wolf lifted its head, Elle's arms that were wrapped around Snow White tightened. She even moaned softly as she held onto him tighter, as if afraid to let go, not wanting her furry and warm living pillow to run off somewhere.

That sight had Sebastian turning into a shocked statue once again. He looked as though he could not quite believe what he had just seen. He could not accept what had just happened.

His jaws worked even as his hands reached out. But just as he was about to violently grab Elle's arm, he stopped midway and clenched his fist so tight that his knuckles even turned white and made a cracking sound. Then after he slowly unclenched his fist, he then carefully reached out and gently curled his fingers around Elle's soft and small wrist. He just f**king needed to get her off this annoying wolf or he would go f**king crazy!!!

Just as Sebastian attempted to lift Elle's hand, the girl frowned and made a whining sound. She snatched back her arm from Sebastian's loose grip and burrowed herself into the wolf's fur and even hugged the wolf again. This time, even tighter.

Sebastian's hand trembled a little before he clenched them while holding it midair.

"You had better let go of this f**king wolf or I'll strangle him to death, Izabelle." He whispered in a tight voice. "I swear that if you don't, I'll gladly kill it immediately." He continued his threats.

She frowned again but did not even wake up. Instead, she lifted her leg and draped it over the wolf, as though she was hugging a bolster. It was also as if to block any possibility for it to be taken away from her.

Sebastian felt so frustrated. He had never felt this kind of maddening frustration before. He truly wanted to grab the wolf by force right now, without any care of what happens next. But part of him was still hesitating to go ahead with what he knew were his rash actions. The mere thought of her getting shocked or startled or the possibility that she might even get distressed because of his actions was enough to hold him back. And all these dithering and going back and forth with his decision was what was making it even harder for him. He was dying with frustration and anger and yet he still had to be worried of her f**king reaction on what he would do!!! He was truly going insane whenever it comes to matters regarding this woman!

"I'm serious, Izabelle." He threatened in a calm voice. And then he gently grabbed Elle's hand again. "Be good and let go of him now, before I…" his facial muscles ticked again when she refused to budge. Instead, she turned her face to bury it into the wolf's fur, trying to get even more comfortable in her sleep.

The air around Sebastian just continued getting heavier, as though something in him was threatening to blow up if the matter was not resolved soon.

He could only pull away and stood there with his hands braced on his waist, looking up at the ceiling as he drew in deep calming breaths and tried to compose himself.

After exhaling another deep breath, he made another attempt to hold Elle's hand again. This time, his eyes gleamed with firmness, as though he was determined on getting her away from this damned wolf. He needed to peel her off this f**king wolf before he ends up doing something he might regret later.

So, he stubbornly peeled her off the wolf, not stopping even as Elle made sounds of disapproval. He hoped she would not wake up yet. But just as he finally succeeded, Elle's eyes slowly fluttered opened.

Chapter 87 Familiar Line [2/5]

Time seemed to stop for a long while as they locked eyes with each other. Sebastian stilled in his movements while Elle blinked up at him. She could not react for quite some time as she was still bleary with sleep and her eyes were still unable to fully focus.

But then suddenly, she violently scooted back, grabbed the white wolf in her retreat from Sebastian. Even as she was struggling to even lift half of the massive wolf's body, Elle still insisted on bringing him along with her as she continued moving back and away from the figure that had suddenly appeared in her room.

Elle quickly reached for the lamp behind her and turned the lights on. Her other hand was protectively wrapped around Snow's neck.

Once the dark room had been lit up by the warm glow of that single lamp, Elle stiffened at the sight that welcomed her. Speak of the devil.

"S-Sebastian…?" she muttered under her breath, her eyes stretched wide as she looked up at him. She was still not quite believing what her eyes was seeing. Perhaps it was because she had been expecting him to come for so many days, but he still had not come. But now that he was here, it was as though she was seeing a vision.

The man was just standing there, tall and darkly handsome, and imposing as ever. He might as well be the life model of some dark evil prince from a fictional fantasy book right now. His looks and the aura surrounding him was just too perfect for it!

His intense grey eyes held her own for a long while before those breathtaking orbs moved down before blazing with even more intensity. She wondered what was it that he seemed to be so upset about and followed his gaze down, only to notice that his eyes were locked onto her arm that was currently curled around Snow's neck.

"Let go of that wolf. Now." Came his commanding yet calm voice. No, to be more precise, Elle was aware that he only sounded calm. That voice was enough to send goosebumps sprouting all over her body. That did not seem to bode well for her. Thus, she stiffened her back and opened her mouth…

"No." Came Elle's firm reply. Now that she had recovered from the shock and bleariness of just waking up from sleep, everything from the past few days came rushing back to her. Her current situation. The fact that he had kept her confined here in the dark for five days straight without even saying anything at all. Now he was suddenly back and looking like he had been dragged through hell.

To think that his first words to her as soon as he returned was this! Elle felt the aching lump in her throat already. Good lord… she had practiced so many times on her own, while not knowing what else to do in her confinement to her room, that she was to lash out at him as soon as she saw him. But… now that he was here, before her in the flesh… this lump in her throat was tighter, more painful than she had ever imagined. If she spoke up now, she might… she might just break down and cry.

"Listen to me and let the wolf go, Izabelle." He relented and softened his approach, coaxing her to listen to him.

When he reached out to the touch the wolf, Elle glared at him and hugged Snow even closer to her. "I said no!" she burst out with the stress of the pent-up emotions from the last few days. She could only speak one or two words. If she said anything more, her tears would definitely come out and she would end up crying instead of confronting him.

Her breaths became labored. Now that he was here, her anger at him was back at full force. It was like all the pent-up frustrations and anger she had kept within her for five days were threatening to overflow and explode from within her. And due to all the violent emotions that were now crashing at her like waves, she did not notice the shock and that flash of something like hurt that had bloomed in Sebastian's eyes when she glared at him.

He retracted his hand and turned around, as if to hide his face from Elle. However, Elle could feel his rage. The familiar suffocating wave of his aura was filling the entire room.

"You don't know what kind of danger you are putting yourself into by keeping that wolf with you, Izabelle…" he spoke after a long while of strangling silence. He spoke to her without turning back to face her.

And Elle who had somehow managed to control her emotions a bit and lessened the tightness in her throat lifted her gaze at him. However, the turmoil that she somewhat suppressed were still raging within her expressive eyes.

"And you don't know… what kind of torture you have been putting me into… by imprisoning me here." She managed to say through gritted teeth. It had taken her so much struggle to keep herself from giving in and tearing up.

Her words seemed to have shocked him. He whirled around. "Imprisoned…?" he echoed. His voice filled with utter disbelief. He slammed his hands on top of the mattress as he looked at her with those raging eyes. "I'm not imprisoning you! I'm keeping you locked in here to protect you, Izabelle! Why can't you understand that?"

That last line had Elle jerking back in reflex and her whole body recoiled in the next second as she felt as though her entire world was falling apart. How many times… how many times had she heard that same familiar line before? For so many years it had been told to her. She wished… she had wished in her heart that Sebastian had never uttered those damning words to her. Ever.

Her eyes watered as she forced her words out of her trembling lips. "You… you sounded like my father… and Brandon Haze." She smiled. It was a smile with a touch of hysteria. "They used to… tell me that exact same… words."


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Chapter 88 Whatever You Want [3/5]

Sebastian just stared at her in dumb silence as she dropped her gaze fearfully and leaned her forehead against the wolf in her arms. It was like she was trying to curl herself around the wolf – as though in search for some security. He watched her shoulders as they trembled a little for a short while. Her fiery hair cascading over the pure white fur of the wolf, and the way she held onto him was like it had become her very own emotional support… Sebastian slowly pulled away. He moved unhurriedly in order to not startle her as he could sense her fragile condition at this moment.

That look in her eyes a while ago did something strange to him inside. Something inexplicable. He did not expect that. Never. He knew she would definitely get angry at him. He had anticipated that she would come at him the moment she saw him and demand an explanation of why he had kept her confined in her room.

Whatever she will ask him, Sebastian had initially planned on not telling her the truth. Not just yet. She was not ready to know anything about what was going yet. He was prepared to ignore her anger and sulking. Because to him, there was nothing more important at this moment than her safety. He needed her to remain hidden and out of anyone's reach, out of any possible dangers. At least for now, until he was able to eliminate whatever dangers that could possibly befall her. Until he solved this mystery he had been working on. That was all that mattered to him for now.

But after her earlier sentence… f**k him! He had not been prepared to see that flash of something like hate and despair in her eyes. And that strange smile she had given him as she told him that he sounded like those weak and disgusting men. He could not quite explain this foreign emotion she had made him felt. This was worse than the jealousy and rage she had evoked from him when he had seen her dancing with Elijah. It was far worse. And he honestly did not know what to do about it.

He thought that he could easily tolerate and ignore whatever she threw at him. Because like always, he believed that he would remain unfazed. Unless of course if she seduces him. He was only not confident in that one matter. But to think that it was not just actually his lust and desire for her that would faze him to this extent… what the fucking hell…!! He did not want this woman to come to hate him. He did not want her to think that he was anything like those assholes. He never wanted to see that strange and blank smile ever again.

Something in him was asking him what he was even doing. Letting a woman affect him to this point. A part of him refused to back down, believing that she should be thankful he was doing all these things for her, to keep her safe. Part of him could not accept that she had thrown him a look of hatred instead. Part of him hated the growing strength of this woman's hold on his emotions. Part of him hated that she had awakened all these unwanted foreign emotions in him.

"Fine… tell me… what do you want?" he asked. His face was stony and his voice neutral. Emotionless. "You want to get out here? Fine… Izabelle. I'll give you what you want. No, you just do whatever you want." He had suddenly changed his approach and pulled back all his anger and frustration. That sudden change in his attitude to her sent Elle reeling in shock. It was just too sudden of a change that she had no time to adjust to it. Before she could formulate a response to his words, he had spun around and faced away from her.

And he strode towards the door.

Elle immediately lifted her head to look at him. When she saw him already storming out the door, she sprung up from the bed. "Wait…" she called out to his retreating back, but her voice was drowned by the sound of the door when he had shut it closed.

Before she knew it, she was chasing after him. But he was already nowhere to be seen once she was out of the door.

Rion and Raven looked at her. Their expressions were troubled.

"Where… where did he go?" Elle asked the two who were guarding the door.

Blinking, Rion quietly pointed at the direction that Sebastian had gone in. And without another word, Elle ran to chase after him. Neither of the men had tried to stop her from running off.

When she reached the grand staircase, she creased her brows in panic as she could not even catch a shadow of him. How could he have disappeared so fast?

Quickly, Elle rushed down the stairs and then out the main door. She was already panting hard once she reached and looked around the vast courtyard. She saw a car parked to the side and unhesitatingly ran towards it.

To her dismay, the car was empty. She looked around again but there was nothing else in the vicinity. There was no one to be seen.

Feeling the cold wind blowing against her skin, Elle shivered as she lifted her hands and rubbed her arms that were covered in goosebumps.

Soon, she looked up at the starry sky and smiled sadly. What was she even doing? Why was she chasing after him?

'How could you mindlessly chase after him like this? He might see this as you starting to fall for him or something, you know?' her mind told her. And she squatted down to the ground right where she was, burying her face into her cupped palms. Lord… what kind of situation had she ended up finding herself into now?


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Chapter 89 Not Everything [4/5]

A series of loud noises of something hitting on metallic bars echoed inside the underground chambers of the castle. Then it stopped and everything returned to being quiet again.r

What could be heard next was some heavy breathing that was also then followed by a deafening silence. r

It was so dark that nothing could be seen inside, but pure inky black darkness. A few moments later, a buzzing of a phone broke the silence. r

The light from the phone's screen created a dim light in the dark and revealed Sebastian who was sitting on the ground, his wrist resting on top of his bended knee, as he leaned his head back against the bars that seemed to be like an ancient prison – an underground dungeon. r

His grey eyes gleamed in the dark as he swiped on the button to accept the call. r

"Your… Your Highness? Uhm… it's the princess." Rion's voice instantly made him squeeze his eyes closed. As though the mere mention of the princess had done something unspeakable within him. r

"What happened this time?" Sebastian asked in a low tone, running his fingers through his hair before silently sighing. r

"She's been running around everywhere looking for you, Your Highness. Where are you right now? Did you already leave the castle? She's outside right now and –" Rion dutifully reported to his lord about the matters of the princess.r

When he had heard Rion mention that she was outside, Sebastian sprung from his sitting position and left without even ending the call.r

In just a matter of a few moments, Sebastian was out of the dungeon. He ran swiftly towards the courtyard and the instant he saw Izabelle's silhouette squatting dejectedly on the ground, his entire frame stilled as he froze in his tracks. His face looked like he could not believe what he was witnessing. r

When he came to, he slowly approached her. His footsteps were light as he did not want to startle her.r

He knew when she had felt him when she suddenly stiffened. She did not lift her head even as he stood just one step away from her. r

His gaze fell to the goosebumps that were raised all over her skin. His jaws tightened as he took his jacket off and draped it over her. What on earth was she doing out here in just her thin clothes?! r

Finally, she lifted her slightly pale face. Their eyes held as Elle opened her mouth to say something, only to close it again without saying anything. But Sebastian waited patiently and did not interrupt until she eventually spoke. r

"I… I thought you left... again…" she said in a small and weak voice. r

"So, you came running after me?" he asked. His expression was well masked. Nothing could be gleaned from his neutral looking face.r

Elle's eyes wandered from his head to his toes, before she found herself staring at his hands that seemed to have been stained with some kind of liquid that was dark. She could not quite tell what it was as it was dim outside. She thought at first that it was blood, but there seemed to be no wound on his knuckles. But she noticed that there was a tinge of coppery tang that tinted the air. Was that really blood? Where did he get it?r

Despite the curiosity, Elle decided to shift her attention from it. She might be wrong anyway and she was afraid the conversation will only lead her away from the very thing she had wanted to say to him first and foremost. r

"I… need you to explain to me why… why you locked me up." She met his gaze again as she voiced out those words. She did not want him to leave without saying anything again. "Why did you take my phone away? Why can't I meet with other people? You should give me some kind of reasoning if you wanted to restrict my freedom so much!" r

Elle was not sure what had gotten into her to chase after him unthinkingly. Her body had just made a move even before her mind could even react. If she let her mind think first at that moment, she would most probably have kept herself inside the room and swallow everything within herself, like she had always done in the past. r

She was still worried and fearful of what he would think of her for chasing him even until to the extent of following him down here into the courtyard. But she had an excuse now to not appear desperate in stopping him from leaving, so she relaxed a little. She was also thankful because it seemed that all that running had made her feel a little better. And now the stupid lump in her throat that had initially made talking even a struggle to her, now seemed to have reduced in size and was much better. r

Those questions she threw him… she truly wanted to know the answer. She wanted him to explain to her everything behind his unreasonable actions. Because if he would not… r

"Please… answer me… don't keep me in the dark anymore." She pressed. "I am not some pet you can keep at home and lock up whenever you want to." Her tone became a little hard saying this sentence.r

Sebastian stared at her without speaking, but Elle could not fathom what was going on in his mind as he gave her that peculiar look. Try as she might, she could not read his expression.r

"Fine, I'll explain some of it to you. But not everything. For now, only some can be revealed." He responded. r

Elle momentarily thought about it but eventually nodded. That was a good compromise. He did say 'for now' so it meant that he was not keeping whatever he was hiding from her forever. That was enough for her. For now, she just wanted him to say something. To tell her something. r

"Okay." She agreed after some thought. r

"But on one condition, Izabelle." His tone suddenly became a little intense as he stretched his hand and pointed to their room above where they were standing. "I want that f… wolf out of. Our. Bed." r

Chapter 90 Secrets [5/5]

Elle fell silent. The lump in her throat tightened again when he mentioned that there was to be a condition involved. Her anger of him did not disappear, she had simply managed to forcefully swallow it down. But at the thought that he was going to ask her for another ridiculous condition had her emotions surging forth once again. r

However, what he said next rendered her mute. She had not expected him to mention Snow White. Why did he seem so sour about Snow anyway? Did he not help her save the poor wolf too? So why was he acting like he hated Snow White now? r

Silently, Elle hesitated for a moment. But eventually, she nodded. She thought that his condition was not that big of a deal anyway, as he only did not want Snow sleeping in their bed. That only means she was allowed to cuddle him anywhere else except on the bed. Perhaps Sebastian had some issues with having wolf fur in his bedsheets?r

"Fine… I'll keep him off the bed." She relented. "Now please talk and explain." Elle did not want to delay anymore. She was still angry at him, so badly mad at him that she was afraid that his explanations will not be enough to soothe her at this point. r

Sebastian stood so Elle rose to her feet as well, clutching onto his jacket that he had draped over her. It was cold. Bitingly cold. But she did not show any signs of how cold she was feeling. She could be stubborn if she wanted to.r

"You are in danger, Izabelle." He said after sighing, causing Elle to crease her brows in confusion. r

"Danger? From whom? There's no way that I am being targeted by an assassin, right?" she replied in disbelief. In her mind, she could not figure out who was it that wanted her dead. Did she even have such enemies?r

Sebastian held her eyes for a while. "That's right. And we'll leave it at that for now." r

Shaking her head, Elle took a step back from him. "No. I think you're lying. I don't think anyone would want to assassinate me in the first place. I am not important enough to be targeted by anyone right now. I mean, who am I to be made a target of an assassination?" Elle was adamant in her belief.r

"Not important enough…?!!" he echoed rather disbelievingly. "You are my wife. The crown princess of this country. And you still think you're not important enough? Do you even hear yourself speak?"r

His words had her speechless. Then… does he really think that she was that important? Was she not just a wife only by name, and one that he could divorce anytime he wished? r

"So, you're saying that someone in this country… is after my life? But why? Why would they even want my life? What would they even gain from killing me?" r

Elle herself find this a little ridiculous. She was aware she held no real power even if she did marry into the Reign family, and to the Crown Prince. Right now, she was merely a powerless crown princess. Not that she had been anyone powerful before she married Sebastian. Her point was, it was simply ridiculous for anyone to go after the life a powerless royalty. Unless… it was merely because of… envy?r

Sebastian's eyes narrowed. "What would they gain from…" he suddenly trailed off, looked away and ran his fingers through his hair. r

When he looked at her again, he calmly told her, "That's what I'm trying to find out right now." r

Elle did not know why, but she somehow felt like what he had just said was half-truth and a half-lie. She fought not to burst out shouting protests at him. r

"Then why must you cut off my connection to everyone like that, and even to you? You do know that you, taking away my phone and keeping me out the Internet is such a ridiculous thing to do, right?" she could not help that her voice was a little aggressive when she asked this.r

"It's not ridiculous, Izabelle. It's necessary. I don't want you getting contacted by someone unknown and revealing secrets…" he cursed under his breath. r

"Secret… what secret?" r

Sebastian shook his head a little. "You're not ready for this information, Izabelle. Believe me." His voice weakened as he said that. r

"Believe me, I'm ready for anything, Sebastian." She pressed. Whatever this secret, she knew she must know it, or she would not be able to sleep in peace again. r

"No. I know you're brave, but this is something you are not able to handle. Not just yet… Trust me on this." r

The absolute certainty in his voice had Elle feeling like she wanted to blow up at him. She hated how he treated her like some weakling who needs to be confined in a bedroom because she was in danger to survive. She hated that he thinks of her as someone so weak willed that just knowing a secret would break her mind. r

Smiling bitterly, Elle stepped back from him again. Her emotions… she could not seem to hold them back anymore. This was not getting her anywhere. This only gave her more questions than any sort of answers. And it seems, he truly was not willing to reveal anything more in the first place. r

She felt needles prickling in her chest. She hated how this man could hurt her so easily with all his actions and words towards her. She hated it so much. r

Suddenly, he stepped forward. His face had softened, and she knew it must be because she could not hide her emotions anymore. r

"Listen…" his voice became a lot softer. "You are not ready to know about all this yet. In fact, the moment you learn of all these secrets, there will be no more turning back for you. You won't be… able to leave this place ever again…" he trailed off again, looking like he had said something he had instantly regretted. r

What did he even mean by that? Was this all because she was expected to leave this place one day and that was why she was not allowed to learn about whatever this secret was? r

Elle could not speak. She wanted to. But she could not. The pain in her throat had become so unbearable that it was getting harder for her to breathe. r

So, she turned around and started walking away without saying anything else to Sebastian. r

Sebastian only stood there, watching, as she got further away from him. He did not know what to even do or say. It seems that everything that he did or say to her had the opposite effect of what he was intending for her to feel. F**k it all. Why was everything getting so…r

His eyes slowly widened at the realization that Izabelle had been moving around barefooted. The phone in his hand fell to the ground, unheeded, and he just rushed towards her. His eyes locked onto those bare feet walking on such freezing cold ground.r

He grabbed her arm to stop her from walking. "Why in the world are you bare –" he broke off and his entire being froze the moment he saw her face. r


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