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Chapter 91 Vulnerable

The moment Elle turned her back to him and walked away, the dam that had been standing strong all these times finally crumbled, causing her tears to gush forth like a deluge of rain. r

It had been a long time since she had cried outside the confines of her dark room. She had long stopped crying where there might be others around who could see her. Because it made her feel even more vulnerable. She had never wanted to appear vulnerable in the eyes of anyone – most especially her father and Brandon Haze. No matter what kind of situation and hurt they put her into, Elle had refused to give in. She refused to give them the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She had always chosen to remain silent than risk crying before them. And she had succeeded every single time. r

But with Sebastian… she did not know why, but it had never been this hard for her to hold back. She thought she could at least hold her tears until she returned to her room. She thought she was going to manage until she could at least go to the bathroom and cry under the shower, allowing the sounds of the falling water to muffle her tears. But lord… why was everything involving Sebastian just so damned hard to bear? r

Her feet were now numb from walking barefoot in the freezing cold, but she continued walking away as fast as she could. She did not want him to witness her in this state – crying. Vulnerable. r

But then, a hand had suddenly grabbed her arm, turning her around without any warning. Her eyes flew opened wide as she looked up at the person that had clutched her. Though unclear, she could tell that it was Sebastian.r

Her eyes were blurry due to the tears that were flooding her eyes, so she could not quite see his expression. But she felt him instantly stiffening, seemingly paralyzed, as if something had shocked him to his core. r

She blindly pushed at his chest, stepping back from him. She harshly pulled her wrist from his grasp and walked away again, but he only resorted to grabbing her from behind and scooping her up into his arms. He tucked her tightly into his embrace and walked forward – toward the same direction that she had been moving in. He had moved so fast that Elle who was in an emotional daze and feeling utterly cold was late to register what had just happened. She could not do anything but to just give in as her body betrayed her and sought for his incredibly warm body. r

However, her tears did not stop, and she did not know why being in his arms made her cry even harder. Wanting to hide her face, she snuggled and buried her face into his chest, clenching his shirt so tightly in her fists, as she sniffled and fought to control her upside-down emotions. She was desperately hoping that once they reached their room, her tears would have somehow stopped flowing. r

But contrary to what she was hoping, her tears did not stop. Not in the least. They fell and flowed as though they were seemingly endless raindrops. r

"Get Lorna. Now." Sebastian's curt orders echoed, alerting Rion and Raven to immediately move. r

Sebastian pushed the door opened with his foot. The wolf was right there, sitting by the window. Only this time, it was facing the door, as if waiting for his master – Elle – to return. r

At that same time, Lorna had arrived before the door could even swing close. r

"Your Highness –" r

"She's… so cold." Sebastian cut the maid off, informing her of the problem. At the same time, his quiet words also seemed to be a statement he was telling himself. "She'd stayed out in the cold for too long and was even walking around barefooted." There was anger in his voice as he said the last line. r

"Oh my god…!!" the maid gasped. "Let me check on her." She hastily approached them as Sebastian sat at the foot of the bed, with no intention in letting Elle out of his arms. r

Elle was still burying her face into Sebastian's chest, refusing to let anyone see her face. r

Lorna touched her as if to feel how cold she was. r

"Do we need to rush her to the hospital?" Sebastian asked, the worry in his voice had surprised Elle. She had never thought that he would think of rushing her to the hospital just because she was exposed to the cold for a short while. r

She shook her head quickly without raising her face, letting him know about her refusal to be brought to any hospital. She knew she was cold, but it was not something that was so severe to the point of being sent to the hospital. He had already given her his jacket earlier. So, her feet were the only problem right now. It could be treated with just a warm compress. r

"I think she just need to get warm, Your Highness." Lorna said in relief after checking Elle over thoroughly. r

But Sebastian sounded skeptical. "Are you certain?" r

"Yes, Your Highness. And the princess seemed to not want to be brought to the hospital, too. I'll go prepare a warm compress. For now, wrap her up with a blanket and try to keep her as warm as you can. I'll have Rion take care of the hearth." r

Elle felt him cover her with the thick, downy blanket and then he picked her up and moved them towards the chair facing the fireplace. He did all those moving without putting her down even for a moment. r

Soon, Elle felt something so deliciously warm seeping up her toes and feet. The fire next to them was now, also glowing and crackling merrily. r

"When she calms down, have her drink some warm water. I'll leave it here, Your Highness. Call me if you need anything else." Lorna reminded and then she bowed her head before heading out the door. r

Once she shut the doors, Lorna sighed out heavily. She had honestly thought that the princess was in utter danger or perhaps even dying when she saw Sebastian's expression at first. To think that she was just cold, and he was already in that state. r


Chapter 92 Red

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Sebastian was still unable to relax even after Lorna had given her diagnosis. r

His own reaction at that moment when he saw her tears was… it was shocking. Simply inexplicable. She had done it again. To think that he would be able to feel like that just by seeing her cry. Just with those tears, they were enough to evoke such another violent emotion within him. And to think he had nearly panicked just because… just because he had felt her skin so cold to the touch. F**k… he was really screwed. This woman had truly screwed him over so bad. r

And now here he was, not knowing quite what to do. Not knowing what to even say. He could only stay still and hold her close to him, imparting as much warmth to her chilled body as he could. Because he was afraid that whatever he was going to do or say, would only make her feel worse. He had never wanted to see that look on her face crying like… like he had made her so miserable. F**k… had he really made her so miserable? All he wanted was to protect her. To have her as his. 

He had already decided to claim this woman for himself. Because he truly wanted her, and he was afraid that she would run away screaming once she found out the truth. He did not want that to happen because… because he would not be able to let go of her! He could feel he would never be able to let go if she suddenly decides to leave after knowing the truth. That was how crazy he was for her right now. r

He had thought that it was fine if she gets angry with him. He could and would do everything she wanted to ease her anger later. He also knew she could get lonely and bored and maybe even get hurt. But he had thought that was normal. He had already though to make up to her later for those too. He was confident that he could deal with her unhappiness, her tantrums. He was confident that one day he could make her never want to leave his side. He would make her his. Fully his and his alone. r

But when he had seen her cry earlier, and that hurt in her eyes had created a serious crack in his confidence. He was so wrong to think that he could stand any reactions or emotions that she showed him. He could not f**king stand it. The thought that he was unknowingly making her so miserable was… the feeling was f**king suffocating. He had never thought that he would ever feel like this. He had never thought that things would end up like this. r

The room was silent for a long time. He honestly did not know how long. He had lost concept of time – at least for now. The only thing that could be heard were the crackle from the fireplace from time to time, his steady breathing and hers that were sometimes punctuated with a sniffle here and there.r

He did not make any sounds and just held her close to him. Holding her securely wrapped in the blanket. He did not move too, until her tight grip on his shirt suddenly loosened, indicating that she must have had fallen asleep. Slowly bending his head to look down at her, he saw that her eyes were closed. r

Sebastian listened to her heartbeats as he continued holding her, still not moving. He did not want to disturb her rest. As he listened, he noticed her breathing was now steady but at times, they still shook a little. He knew how much she had cried from the wet patch that was still there on his shirt. r

A long while later, he moved her into a more comfortable position. But she was still in his arms though. r

He stared silently and contemplatively at her tear-stained face. She looked so pitiful and as though she had been so wronged. His dark and hard face softened a little as he started brushing her fiery hair back, albeit a little absentmindedly. r

"I… honestly don't know how to deal with you from here on…" he suddenly muttered. "You're like an unexpected trouble I just somehow found myself landing into and…" he smiled disbelievingly, "I'm usually really good at dealing with troubles. But f**k, this is the first time I've come across a trouble of your caliber. You're a… dangerous little creature, Izabelle. Nothing and no one could even come close to being compared to you. I can already tell that you're a massive trouble that would drive me right into the brink of madness. You're such a vivid red for me, baby… and I know that I too, am a bloody red flag for you. But f**k me because I still want you so bad even knowing that so clearly. I'm afraid I'm starting to become obsessed with you. Or maybe I already am. I think I already am… Izabelle…" r

He shut his eyes tightly closed. His brows creasing hard and meeting together in the middle of his forehead as if something had made him feel as though he was in turmoil. r

"I don't want you to become miserable. I don't think I could ever stand it…" He muttered softly to himself before he opened his eyes and let out a long deep breath. r

After another long stretch of utter silence, Sebastian felt that Elle's body was getting warmer and warmer. r

She had also started to make small and almost inaudible sounds in her sleep as she attempted to make movements in his arms. r

Thinking that she might be starting to get uncomfortable in that somewhat upright position he was holding her in, Sebastian reluctantly stood up and went to tuck her back into the bed. r

He put her down ever so gently and then covered her with the blanket. She then stopped moving around. r

"Was being in my arms so uncomfortable for you?" he asked a little bitterly as he remember how she had hugged that f**king wolf so happily in her sleep like a bolster. He had been so upset that he had ordered the wolf to be brought outside of their room for now. r

He then walked towards the window and stared out into the darkness. He brought his cigarette out but suddenly killed the lighter before it could even touch his cigarette. r

His mind wandered about what he would do, what he would say, once she wakes up. He must come to a decision tonight whether he should finally reveal everything to her or not. Right now, there was actually no better choice than that and he could not help but feel troubled, wondering if he would end up regretting or making things worse again between them. r

It took him so long before he finally walked back to their bed, only to frown at the sight of Elle sweating profusely.


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Chapter 93 Pretty Good

Frowning at the bright white ceiling she was looking up at right now, Elle kept still as her mind tried to recall what had happened. This was not the usual view she was used to seeing upon waking up. Elle then slowly looked around in confusion. Wait… this is… she is in a hospital? Or perhaps a large clinic? What in the world was she doing…

She sprung up to a sitting position, only to have her head spinning. She quickly squeezed her eyes shut and stopped moving, taking in steady and calming breaths before opening her eyes again. And it was then that she noticed the IV drip taped to the back of her hand.

The door swung opened.

Elle slowly looked to the door, reminding herself not to move too quickly this time, and saw Sebastian entering. Time seemed to halt for a moment when their eyes met. He was still dressed in the clothes she had seen him in from last night. And he looked grumpier than usual.

His expression slowly softened upon seeing her sitting up, before saying something to whoever it was that was standing outside the door. He entered after closing the door and approached her quietly.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, he casually reached out and placed his hands on her forehead, as though wanting to check if her temperature was back to normal.

Elle felt her heartbeat picking up speed at his gentle touch. But she quickly distracted herself and opened her mouth to ask. "Why… what happened?" she looked at him curiously. She did remember that she suddenly felt so unwell before she fell asleep in his arms. But it should not be something so serious that warranted her to be rushed to the hospital. She believed it could have been just a cold or a fever as she had already started feeling as though she was going to fall sick the night before. Could it be that it happened to her again? That ache in her heart? But she should have at least woken up if that happened.

"You have a fever." He answered simply. His hand then moved to her neck, feeling her temperature there as well.

His answer had her blinking. "Oh… and?"

"The doctor said, you'll be fine."

Her brows creased and then her lips parted in disbelief. "You mean… I only have a fever and nothing serious had happened?" 'Then why am I in the hospital?' was the unsaid question in her mind. Elle wisely held back and bit down on her lips.

He nodded. "You still need some rest. I think your temperature is still a bit higher than normal." Sebastian commented in a rather serious manner.

"Sebastian." Elle caught his wrist. "You didn't rush me to the hospital just because I had a fever, did you…?" she phrased it in what she hoped to be a milder fashion.

It was his turn to frown. "Can't I?" he looked like he was genuinely questioning what was wrong at what he did. "You're sick. Humans… go to hospitals when they are sick, or they will…" he trailed off, stopping himself from saying anything more.

Elle bit her lip. She did not know whether to laugh or cry right now. And what was with him talking like he was an alien or non-human? She needed to be brought to the hospital or she will what?

"You really think of me as the ultimate weakling, don't you? I've been through many fevers and I survived them all without getting hospitalized, Sebastian. Even without anyone's aid. I'm not as weak as you think I am." She told him. She knew these words were unnecessary and even petty, but she could not help it. She was still mad at him.

Being reminded of last night and everything that had happened between them had her mood worsen in the blink of an eye.

"If you say so," was all he replied and shrugged noncommittally, causing Elle to feel even more ticked off.

"For your information, I have been training in martial arts as one of my home lessons ever since I was thirteen. And believe it or not, I'm pretty good at it. My teacher even said that I would have a chance to win some top awards if I were allowed to compete." Elle blushed after blurting these words out. She used to never say words like these. She was never the type to tell others about the things she could do like some proud and spoiled brat. Lord… Sebastian seems to just keep bringing out the worse in her.

"Why are you not allowed to compete?" he asked, slightly tilting his head as though he was suddenly interested. She was actually expecting him to throw out a mocking 'really?'.

Looking away, Elle answered. "My father just doesn't allow it. I don't know why. He never gives me any explanations and just decides on everything on his own. He had forced me to pursue dancing instead when he saw how good I have become." Elle did not realize that as she was explaining, a small sneer had appeared on her face. But Sebastian who was looking obviously noticed it.

"So, you stopped training in martial arts?"

"I've trained by myself in my room secretly. I am still practicing just because I don't want to forget what I've diligently tried to learn for years. I doubt this skill will come in handy someday anyway." She shrugged as though she did not care.

"Why do you doubt it?"

"I had initially desired to learn, thinking that I could protect myself and my sister if I become good at it. However, I couldn't do anything in the end. Even if I turned out to be the best, I doubt I could fight vicious men with my fists and kicks. I should've learned how to shoot guns instead. That would be far more effective…" Elle pressed her lips tightly together, realizing how she was suddenly talking a lot more than usual. "Well, anyway. Let's go home. I don't want to stay here anymore."

She reached for the drip on her hand and attempted to pull it out, but Sebastian caught her hand.

Chapter 94 Crystal Clear

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"You can't remove that yet! Unless your doctor says it is ok to do so." He said that when the door suddenly opened, and a female doctor stepped in. She had heard what Sebastian just said.r

"Uhm… actually, it's okay for her to remove it… Sir." The doctor informed them, and Elle raised her brow at him. Her eyes were literally yelling the word 'see?' r

Sebastian sighed heavily and gave in. "Then you should let the doctor do it." He firmly told her before stepping out of the room. r

Once everything was settled and Elle was now all prepared to leave, Sebastian talked to the doctor. When he saw her standing, Sebastian suddenly rushed over and scooped her up into his arms, surprising Elle and the doctor too. r

"Wait… Seb… you're not going to carry me all the way like this are you?" she whispered embarrassedly as she saw how the doctor was eyeing her with a smile. "I can walk. Really!! Or I could just use the wheelchair –"r

"Just be good and let me take care of you, Izabelle." Came his firm and controlled voice. He obviously did not like that she was adamant in having him put her down. Elle looked at him with a curiosity and a tinge of confusion. However, once she heard some ladies gasping and saw everyone else looking at them, Elle realized that Sebastian was just doing his part of the bargain again. Right… they needed to keep up their appearances since they were outside now.r

So, she could only lean her head obediently on his chest and went with the flow. Her mind whispering cynically to herself the words 'if you all only knew…'. And she could not help a bitter feeling surge from the depths of her heart.r

Sebastian never put her down. Even when they had reached the car, he kept her tucked in his arms. Until they were finally back in the castle. He carried and brought her straight to their original bedchambers and sat her down gently on the bed. r

Elle saw her phone on the side table and looked at Sebastian in surprise. Was he finally done with the confinement and restricting her in her room? r

She remembered his words last night saying that she could now do whatever she wanted before storming off as though he did not want to care about her matters anymore. r

Just as she was about to speak, a soft knock echoed at the door. r

Sebastian immediately opened the door and stepped outside, leaving her alone again. She was careful to move slowly in case her dizziness strikes again and picked up her phone. r

It was turned off. Pressing the power on button, her phone flashed bright with the welcome greeting. r

Series of buzzes suddenly filled the room and Elle did not know why, but her heartbeat began to race. She could see numerous messages from unknown numbers. r

Unlocking her phone, Elle swallowed nervously as her fingers move slowly to tap on the messages to read them. r

Her phone was snatched from her hand before she could see what the messages were about. She whirled around and just as she had expected, it was Sebastian who had her phone clutched in his hand.r

"S-sebastian!" she was unable to stop herself from yelling his name a little louder than usual. "You said… you had said that I can now do whatever it was I wanted last night. Remember that?! You're not going to continue locking me up, right?" her eyes started to turn red and teary as she became emotional again.r

"Izabelle..." He whispered gently, reaching out to touch her head but Elle stepped back. "Listen. I'm not locking up you up again. However, I need you to listen to me. I've decided to reveal everything to you… but only after I return. I won't take long. I'll just need to deal with this one last thing first and foremost. Once I am back, I'll reveal everything to you myself. I want to be the one you learn anything from. So, I still can't allow you to use your phone. I will allow you to go out, but just until the garden. And Rion and Raven must be by your side at all times. Can you accept this?"r

Elle stared at him. She could see how serious he was. She noticed his expression had change since he went out of the door. As if he had heard some bad news. She could tell that whatever this thing he was dealing with, it must be really serious just by the immense change of air around him. r

"How… long? How long will you take again before you return?" she asked, trying her best to stay calm and composed. r

"Give me two more days." r

"Do you promise you will tell me everything in detail when you're back?" r

"Yes." r

The lack of hesitation in his bright eyes had Elle slowly calming down. Two days… she had already waited for five days. Two more days would not hurt, right? As long as he would keep his promise. r

"Alright, fine… I will wait for two more days." She gave in. r

He looked relieved. Then he turned her phone off again. "I'll keep this phone with me for now. Internet will continue to be unavailable to you. And… that f… wolf, I won't allow you to sleep with him again. Agreed?" r

Elle could not believe the wolf was still such a sore spot to him in this situation! r

"You can go visit him in the other room. But you are never to bring him in here. And never visit him at night. Are we clear? Also… I want you back at your full strength once I'm back. If you get sick again… I might omit some details from you. So make sure to take care of yourself, did I make myself clear?" r

Elle wanted to argue, not liking all this endless conditions of his, but seeing at how he was obviously needing to rush off, she decided to hold her tongue. She would make sure that she would get back at him once he returns. r

"Crystal clear, Prince Sebastian." She told him. r

He smiled. She did not expect him to show her that elusive dimple. "Good girl." He uttered and suddenly, his lips were on her throat.r

Chapter 95 When I’m Back

His parted lips moving gently against her throat made Elle freeze with shocked surprise. This man… why was he suddenly…

She felt his hot tongue lapping against her skin, and then he suckled on that patch of skin, hard. That had caused Elle to gasp out loud and unconsciously clung onto his broad shoulders. Her heartbeat raced like crazy as he continued kissing her, his mouth sliding along her throat and then sucking hard again at places that was just so sensitive that she trembled helplessly. Oh lord…

"Seb… Sebastian…" she uttered his name as she started to feel herself burn and melt. Why in the world was he doing this all of a sudden? Was he not about to… rush off?

Part of her wanted to push him away. To stop this sudden and complete turn of events before she ends up getting completely and mindlessly seduced by him again. She must step back before she starts grabbing him like she never want to let go.

"Sebastian…" her hand pressed on his chest as she called out his name once again with a shaky breath. Every time she touches him, it was as though her whole body would be mildly electrocuted, and she would experience a very pleasant shortness of breath. However, that would also render her mind to be in a daze and reduce the strength of her logical reasoning.

He finally stilled his movements. But he did not move or pull away. He seemed to have said something from the movements of his mouth, but Elle did not seem to catch it. All her senses had caught was his warm and moist breath that had puffed against the wet spot he had created on her neck, and Elle felt chills all over her at the feel of that hellfire-like sensation.

His hold on her had tightened and just as Elle thought that he was finally going to let go, he whispered, "once more." Her breath snagged and he latched his erotic mouth on her skin again. Oh lord…

"F**k… tell me to stop, Izabelle." He uttered in a bewitching voice which was a total contradiction to his actions as he continued kissing all over the skin of her neck. He was going hungrier, wilder. And that only turned Elle's body so much on fire that she had not noticed how they had even travelled from the middle of the room, right up to the door. He then pressed her against the closed doors and his mischievous, fiery hands began to caress her, starting from her waist, right up to her chest.

"Izabelle, you have got to tell me to stop. I need… I really need to… go…" he continued panting out. But though his words carried one message, his one hand carried another message as it slipped under her shirt.

Elle could hear the begging tone in his voice, but his words and his actions were saying and doing completely different things. And lord help her because her body seemed to not want her to listen to his words. It was very keen on just listening to the language of his body.

Maybe it was because she was still a little feverish, but her mind was also so weak right now. Her resistance was fast in dissolving and now it was literally nowhere to be found. Lord… she was supposed to be mad at him… and yet, here she was…

He jerked back on his own accord. His breath was labored as he looked down at her with those steel-colored eyes burning with a metallic grey fire. "You, naughty girl…" he smirked disbelievingly at this girl that was his wife. "When I was begging you to have me previously, you had refused me as though it would kill you if you had not. Now, when I am begging you to stop me, you don't. You really love to play hard-to-get with me, don't you?" he pinched her chin lightly. "Only you are able to treat me like this. You truly deserved to be punished like the naughty girl that you are once again." His tone was teasing, and Elle was reminded of the pleasurable things that were involved in Sebastian's interpretation of 'punishment'. And at that thought, her cheeks flushed and turned red in embarrassment.

And he kissed her throat once again. Only this time, he sucked on her skin so hard that Elle could not help but allow the moan to escape her mouth.

He pulled away, licking his lips as though he had tasted something deliciously sweet as he stared down hungrily at her. His intense gaze sent tingles zipping down to her lower abdomen. "Don't look so disappointed, baby. It's not that I'm cutting you off. We can continue this when I'm back, remember? Make sure you get yourself well prepared." He teased her in a dark tone, as a meaningful gleam flashed in his eyes.

And then he was gone. Just like that. Leaving Elle gaping at the door in a daze, utterly speechless and blazing with embarrassment, knowing exactly the reason why he had said those last lines of his. He had seen her desire for him. And it had been palpable!

Later that day, Elle went out to walk Snow White around the garden. It was somehow relaxing, finally being able to walk around after being locked up for five days in her room.

"Rion." Elle faced the man as she had released Snow from his leash to run around the garden.

"Yes, Princess?"

"Who's better at fighting between you and Raven?"

Elle's question caused Rion to blink in confusion. Raven who was on guard somewhere a little farther from them looked at their direction as if he had heard what Elle had just said.

"Me." Rion grinned, pointing at himself proudly. "But Raven's stronger and has an insane amount of stamina."

"I see…" Elle nodded. "I'm in need of a sparring partner. You're not too tall for me, so I think you're the best choice."

"Oh… Wait, what?!!" Rion's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He was completely shocked at the princess' unexpected words.