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Chapter 96 Distraction

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Rion had initially thought that the princess just needed some human punching bag to vent or to release her pent-up stress from the several days she had been locked up. Or maybe she was even joking with him. But he was wrong! Absolutely wrong!r

"What's wrong, Rion? Don't tell me that this is the limit of the skills from the Reign family's royal guards?" Elle had asked, looking down at Rion who was currently flat out on the ground. She had actually managed to bring him down!!! This fragile looking red-haired lady! Who would have ever thought that she had been actually hiding such skills? Now, Rion believed that this was not just mere skills, but talent as well. Her movements were quite fluid. She was very flexible and quick as hell!!!r

"Haha." Rion scratched at the back of his neck a little sheepishly. "Of course not, princess." r

"Then do be serious. I told you I am used to this already. When I was younger, my trainer had come at me like he really meant it. And that was how I managed to improve a lot. So be serious." r

"But… princess..." the stare she threw him had Rion sighing in surrender. 'Oh well, might as well entertain the princess a little. His Highness did not forbid physically training her anyway. I might as well teach her more skills as she still has so much to improve.' Rion told himself and stood. "Alright, princess. Come at me." r

Her eyes lit up and she immediately went at him with her topnotch high section kick. r

But Rion easily caught her ankle, holding her leg up high in a steady grip. Elle's eyes widened at how he had blocked her move. r

"Now how are you going to get away if this happens to you in real life? Huh, Princess?" Rion was suddenly behaving like he was a strict teacher. r

Elle's eyes gleamed and she jumped, twisted her waist, and aggressively kicked at him with her other leg. The core strength she had shown was truly impressive!r

Rion was again shocked at her aggressive choice of move. Whoever had taught the princess was well… he seemed to be the really aggressive type of fighter. But for Rion, this was not the fighting style he would have wanted the princess to learn. r

,m Elle ended up on the ground. She smiled disbelievingly because of Rion. She could not believe that he had managed to dodge her kick at point blank range. This guy is really not bad.r

"That's one fluid move you've got there, Princess. But that's pretty dangerous." Rion complimented her but at the same time, provided her with advice as a professional.r

"For my opponent, of course." Elle was confident in her moves.r

"Nope. More like for you. I think your teacher only taught you to fight. But he or she might have forgotten to teach you how to defend yourself while you are attacking. Your skills could help if you were in competitions, but not in real circumstances. Also, with your size and strength, my advice is for you to focus on defending yourself instead of focusing on how to take the opponent down. Do not fight them head on, especially if you don't have a clue at what skills they actually have up their sleeves."r

"Defending myself…?" Elle looked at him seriously. Her interest piqued and it was flashing intensely in her eyes. "But what's the use of defending myself if I can't bring the opponent down? The fight will never end that way." She rebutted. r

"You're right, princess. I'm not saying that you need to forget about how to bring your opponent down. I am just reminding you that you should focus more on defending yourself. Like what happened a while ago, you came at me with that high kick. However, you have left yourself wide open and vulnerable for even a simple attack. That could be a fatal hit for you, especially if your opponent is much stronger than you. And I noticed that you would attack aggressively but you're not aiming at the vital spots. I guess, your teacher missed teaching you that important point as well. I'd like you to learn more moves which are the not so flashy ones. I can teach you the kind of sneaky and less flashy yet deadly attacks, if you are willing to learn, princess." r

Elle held his gaze for a moment and then nodded decisively. "Of course, I'd love to!" r

Her willingness to learn had Rion nodding his head in approval. She was definitely not the typical princess that needed to be coddled and pampered.r

"But we'll need to stop here princess. At least for now. You've just recovered. I can't risk you getting –" Rion did not want to overexert Elle as she had just barely recovered from her sickness. If Prince Sebastian finds out that she got sick again because of their training sessions, he would surely be skinned alive! But…r

"No, I'm fine now. And seriously, we only went at it for several minutes. I'd like to train more today. Yesterday is already more than enough for me to rest. Sebastian is set to return tomorrow, so today might be my only chance to practice with you as long as I'd like." Elle insisted that she was fine and wanted to continue on their sparring cum learning session. And of course, being so insistent, Rion could only give up in the end and continued their session.r


Elle's training with Rion was such a big distraction for her. She honestly wished that she could have trained with Rion in those five days she had spent being locked up! What a complete waste of time those five days were!r

Time had gone by quicker than ever, at least for Elle. And now it was time for Sebastian to return as he had promised her. r

The waiting time as she sits in their room and waited for him to appear was just purely torturous. She was having so many emotions running through her all at once. Excitement, restlessness, nervousness, and more. r

Looking up at the clock, Elle took a deep breath and then unconsciously held it in when her room's doorknob finally turned. r


Chapter 97 Paper

Disappointment washed over Elle when whoever it was that was standing behind the door did not push the door open and only a knock came first instead. That alone told her it wasn't him. r

Her fingers clenched slightly before taking a deep breath and saying steadily, "Come in." r

It was Lorna. She gave Elle a nod as she entered, professionally balancing a tray of fruits on one hand and another filled with desserts on the other hand. After stepping in fully into the room, Lorna then used the ball of her feet to push the door closed behind her before putting the trays down before her. Smiling at Elle, Lorna indicated with her eyes that all the food was for her to eat. The lady had been giving her lots of fruits since she last got sick. But right now, Elle did not have the appetite to eat anything. More like… she had lost it after seeing that the person she was expecting turned out to be someone else. After serving the fruits and dessert, Lorna excused herself and left the room.r

It was exactly two days since he had left her room. So, she had thought that he would have arrived at this same hour since he had promised her two days. But it seemed that she was wrong again. Apparently, she had been too optimistic in trusting him to follow the exact two-day timing that they had agreed upon.r

After another hour, Elle who had not moved from her seat the entire time, now stood up to stretch her legs. They were getting numb, and she had enough of sitting and waiting. She walked over to her dressing room and took her clothes off before grabbing her gym outfit consisting of a pair of black jogging pants and a tight sando bra. She put on her shoes and tied her hair up high before finally stepping out of the room.r

She was not going to waste her precious time, sitting there and just dumbly waiting for him. She had come to accept after the hours of waiting, that he might arrive late again. As per his usual habit. Perhaps late afternoon or even later tonight. She should have thought of that possibility from the start, instead of waiting for him so early in the day like that. She hated how she was still stubbornly expecting for Sebastian to arrive on time after the many times she had experienced waiting for nothing. She scoffed at herself before shaking her head a little to get herself out of that slump.r

"Rion?" Elle called out for Rion the moment she shut the door closed behind her. "Time to continue our lesson." r

Rion, who was still on guard outside her door, straightened up and blinked. He looked confused for a moment. "But didn't you say –"r

"I changed my mind. Sebastian might come home late again so I better go train. No point wasting daylight." Her clipped tones stopped Rion from asking further.r

Without waiting for Rion's response, Elle walked on ahead, giving Rion no choice at all but to follow after her. r

After arriving at their usual sparring spot, Elle did not even give Rion any chance to say anything before launching an attack. She used all the advice and lessons from the other sessions she had had with Rion and incorporated them into her attacks. Attack from Elle followed by a defend from Rion. High swing kick, followed by a quick snap kick, both aimed for his vital points – side of neck, jaws, eyes, nose and temple. Rion sweat-dropped as he dodged her every oncoming hit, wondering what had pissed the princess off to the point of her being so ferocious in their session today. At the end of the session, Rion sincerely complimented the princess for being a quick study and improving so much even from just a few sessions. r


Elle was shocked to see that it was already dark when she woke up. She had trained with Rion until she was too exhausted and ended up napping for hours.r

She looked at the clock and saw it was already dinner time. Lorna then came to serve her meal and after her dinner, Elle made herself busy, going about preparing for her beauty sleep and trying not to stress out waiting for the man she knew would never arrive whenever she waits. r

Soon, it was ten minutes before midnight. r

Standing by the window, Elle's fingers tightened against the window pane. r

A cold and slightly strong wind blew at her, causing her long, red hair to dance wildly behind her. The curtains sashayed as well. Was a storm coming? Elle thought it looked as though a thunderstorm was coming. r

Letting out a long and deep breath, she shut the window closed and then slowly moved towards the bed. r

She halted. A folded paper on the floor caught her attention. r

Brows creased, Elle bent and picked it up. She could not remember seeing this paper anywhere inside the room earlier on. Did the wind blow it in from somewhere what was not visible to her?r

Elle curiously checked the paper. It did not look like it was anything special. It was a very normal paper, so Elle thought it must not be something important. r

Looking around if there were more of the same, Elle found nothing. She then returned her attention to the paper and slowly, she began unfolding it. r

There was… something written on it. r

Her frown deepened and when she read the note, her eyes narrowing. r

[Twist the left candelabra down on the wall.]r

Lifting her eyes, Elle looked at the ancient candelabras that were on the bedroom wall. There were two on each side of the hearth. r

What was this? Sebastian?r

Elle lifted her gaze to the clock, and it indicated that it was already exactly midnight. And yet Sebastian was still not here. She wanted to scoff, but this piece of paper intrigued her. And then she suddenly thought that this might be Sebastian's message? How else would this paper get in here? No others had come over to leave this paper here. r

Reading the note again, Elle approached the hanging candelabra and slowly reached out, twisting it down as instructed in the paper.r

Chapter 98 Narrow

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The Victorian mirror moved back and swung to the side the moment Elle twisted the candelabra, shocking her. It moved so impossibly quiet that Elle could not help but feel amazed at the mechanism that had gone into making it.

Her palace back home also had secret passages like this. So, Elle was not really surprised that this was a secret door, but she was shocked that it did not even make a single sound. Their secret passages often make sounds as they opened! Some passages were even so loud!

She twisted the candelabra even lower until the mirror was completely moved to the side and a square hole about a meter long on each side appeared. Elle could not help but be intrigued by what was behind this secret entrance. Searching for secret passages in her palace back then was actually her hobby ever since she was young. She was fascinated with these secret chasms as they tend to lead her to some unknown, quiet and interesting places.

Seeing one again right now, made Elle felt as though her inner child was squealing excitedly within her, eager for an adventure. She was eager to find out where could this secret passage lead her to and what would she see along the way. She had been so bored out of her mind that this unexpected find was a pleasant surprise for her.

She had not tried to look for any passages in this castle since she had arrived. It was not that she had no interest in doing so. But it was simply because she felt as though she was not allowed to do so. Since Sebastian or the butlers revealed these to her, then that means she was not allowed to know about it.

But now, here she was standing before an opened passageway, just waiting for her to explore. There was no way she could deny this temptation placed right before her! She took another look at the note again, flipping it to see if there were more written messages that she had perhaps missed. Unfortunately, there was nothing other than that one lonely line. This only meant that the one wrote this wanted her to go inside… wait…

Elle whipped her head towards the clock and then towards the still tightly closed main door to her room. Could it be that Sebastian was waiting for her on the other side of this passage? But why would he even do such a thing when he could just barge back into this room of theirs?

Her brows creased harder. It was a little hard for her to believe that Sebastian would be fond of something even remotely fun like this. But then again, she truly did not really know if he might be the type to secretly be fond of this kind of thing. So far, he had never revealed anything personal about himself to her, nor even talk about anything related to his past. The two of them… still barely knew anything about each other. And it was more glaringly obvious especially on her, to him.

Staring inside the dark hole again, Elle went to grab a small flashlight from her bag. She had not seen any emergency flashlight in this room, so she had bought one some days ago.

She thought that perhaps, Sebastian wanted her somewhere else to reveal the secret he was going to talk about. Perhaps, he wanted her to see something in there and that was why there was this… note and this passage. Perhaps, he was late because of this?

Elle clenched on her flashlight tightly, turned it on and then, after taking a deep breath, she entered the dark passage.

As soon as she was inside, the door automatically slid shut quietly behind her. Again, she only stared at it as it closed. She knew many passages that closes on their own from the outside like this one. However, the silent way it slowly slid back and seamlessly disappear gave Elle a slight shiver.

Shaking her head to dispel that weird feeling that had come over her, she then pointed her flashlight straight ahead. The path was not as narrow as she had thought it would be. However, this passage could only accommodate one person moving in it at a time.

Wasting no time, Elle moved forward. The walls were not decorated or carved with anything, and it seemed that no one had entered this passageway for many years. She avoided the spider webs as she passed through. The ones that were blocking her way, she used her flashlight to push them out of her way.

Soon, she reached a stairway. Pointing her flashlight down, she saw that the stairs went down in a spiral. Again, a narrow stair.

She tested the stairs first. She held on to the railing and shook it, testing to see if it was as flimsy as it looked. Surprisingly, it was made of steel, and it seemed to be pretty sturdy. She extended her feet and kicked the first step, and she found that the steps were made of steel as well. Deciding that it was safe, Elle proceeded. She descended slowly.

A long while later, Elle pointed her flashlight down again. Somehow, it was weird how long this stairway was. It seemed to be spiraling to no end. She was appalled to see that her flashlight's ray could not reach the ground.

Hesitation hit her, but after a short while of contemplation, she continued descending.

Thankfully, she soon reached the end of the stairs. What came next was a long straight path. And then another stair!

Elle had thought of going back. Judging from the length of distance she had already travelled, she must have gone way too deep already. But she clenched her fists tight and continued. She did not want to go back to the room sulking and angry because Sebastian did not keep his word. Again!

And she also had a feeling that she was already close to the end. The change in the air's freshness gave her that idea. So, she pushed on ahead. More determined to see this through till the end.

Walking faster, Elle halted after a gust of strong cold wind welcomed her. She blocked her face with her arms from being directly blown at, and then slowly put them down as the wind seemed to have calmed down. It seems that she was right! The passage did not bring her to anywhere in the castle itself but outside, somewhere below the castle itself!

Elle moved slowly, and she could already see the dark sky and the moon peeking through the clouds. The space became bigger until it looked like a small cave that had been carved into a stony hill.

She stood there, quiet and still, only her arm that was holding the flashlight moving. She pointed her flashlight everywhere to look for Sebastian.

Her flashlight then caught a man's silhouette to her far right and she focused her flashlight towards it.

Chapter 99 Sunshine

Something suddenly shattered and the light from her flashlight was gone before Elle could see the face of the person.

Her heart drummed in panic as she flicked the button on her flashlight on and off, trying in vain to turn the light on again. All the while, she took a few steps back. To her chagrin, her flashlight was not working anymore! Could it be that it was broken? Was it the shattering sound that she had just heard?! Oh lord!! How in the world did it get broken like that? Her flashlight was small, and it would require extremely good marksmanship to aim and break both the protective glass and bulb. Who could it be? Was that even possible?

She jerked her head forward, now keeping herself alert as she continued clicking the button of the flashlight, hoping that it would turn on.

The silhouette was still there. Even without the light from her flashlight, she could still see the dim outline of the person. He was sitting on top of a stone. She could not see his face, but she just knew instantly that the person was not Sebastian.

With her heart drumming up a quick beat, Elle tried to calm down her panic. She told herself that there was no use panicking. She needed to calm down and be alert. This was a good time to utilize all the training she had been doing with Rion the past few days. Running back to the passage was not a good choice for her right now. She was not confident that she could outrun whoever this man was in the dark without her flashlight. Though she could somewhat make things out in the dark, it would not be wise to run when her vision was nearly zero.

The peeking moon came out a while ago, giving a slight light to the darkness. It cascaded onto the silhouette and Elle saw a familiar pair of gleaming grey eyes.

"Hello there, Sunshine…" came a smooth, a little deep, and pleasing voice.

"E-Elijah?!" Elle exclaimed, eyes circling wide. What on earth was he doing down here?

His response was a soft chuckle. It did not sound sinister or anything bad, but Elle's heart somehow shivered anyway. She could not believe that the silhouette was indeed Elijah! "I'm flattered you managed to recognize me so quickly, Princess Izabelle."

Elle swallowed nervously and fought for calm. She did not know how to react to this. Why? Why was it him again? What did he want with her?

"W-what are you doing here? What… do you want from me?" she asked, trying her best not to show him how terrified she was. It was just so unsettling… everything about him was just so unsettling. And the realization that he had toyed with her just by using a piece of paper to lure her out like this… it made Elle want to scream at herself for being so rash at her decision. She had not thought that she was so silly. For being so easy a prey to be lured out like this. She shouldn't have gone ahead by herself. She should have at least called Rion to accompany her!

"Don't be scared, Sunshine. Don't worry. I won't hurt you I promise." He sounded serious.

"My name is Izabelle, Prince Elijah. I'd appreciate if you use it." She retorted, fighting for total composure and alertness.

"I like giving nicknames to everyone I like. And Sunshine really suits you…" he tilted his head as he looked at her, squinting his eyes a little. "Because you seemed to glow even in the darkness."

"P-please get to the point, Prince Elijah. What do you want from me? And how did you… how did you manage to put that paper in my room? Did you have a mole in the castle?" Elle bombarded him with questions. There was no way Elijah could have placed that note in her room himself. The only logical way she could think of was that someone among the servants and or guards were under him!

She blinked once and he was gone, causing her to gasp in shock. She looked around, her heartbeat racing so damned wildly. What… what was… that…? G-ghost? Did she just see a ghost?! It… he… disappeared…

Gooseflesh crawled violently across her skin. The fear seeped through her first, paralyzing her for a moment.

The next thing she knew, a hand was wrapped around her neck, holding her securely in place. She stopped breathing for a couple of seconds.

"Breathe, Sunshine…" he whispered out a reminder softly. "I don't want you passing out because of fear. Easy…" he coaxed. "I told you, I'm not going to hurt you. I've already promised that."

"T-then let me go… this instant." She replied, panting heavily. "You… you are contradicting your words with your actions, Prince Elijah. You are scaring me to death right now."

"I will, don't worry. Just give me a few moments. I just need to do something to you…" his words drifted into her ears. He was speaking so closely to her that she could feel his breath blowing over her left ear.

Elle used her elbow and jabbed it back into his abdomen, now putting the lessons that she learnt from Rion. But to her shock, he seemed to have seen it coming, which was supposed to be impossible. He grabbed her hands, locking them behind her. He was… so strong… as if he was not someone made of flesh and bones but metal and rocks. However, he did not lock her hands hard enough to hurt her. He was still confusingly careful not to hurt her.

"Stay still, Princess Izabelle. If you don't, I might be forced to do something bad to you and ended up hurting you." He threatened in a soft voice that had Elle instantly going still. She could not help but feel scared. "What I'm going to do to you is a little… hmm. But don't worry, I will not do anything more than that. You have my word." And his fingers gathered her hair to the side, exposing her neck.

Chapter 100 What I Want

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Elle stood there in utter shock for a moment. But she soon struggled and tried to get away but Elijah's grip on her seemed impossible to escape from. It was as though his hold was comparable to an iron cuff around her wrist.

Chills ran through her being as she felt him move her hair off her neck. She needed to get away. Immediately!! But her fear was so paralyzing, and he was too strong.

"Se… Sebastian's going to… to go after you… if you… if you do something… to me…" Elle stammered, gritting her teeth.

"I'm sure he will…" was his response.

"P-please… let me go, Prince Elijah." She finally begged, realizing that she could not escape from his hold no matter how she tried. It seems that she was right all along, no matter how much she trained, she still could not do anything in reality. She was still so powerless against these very strong men. It was so unfair… that these men were just too strong.

"I have told you, haven't I? I will let you go. After this…" came his dark whisper and then his hand was on her jaw again, tilting her face up.

The next thing she knew, his mouth was latched onto her throat, sucking hard.

Elle gasped out loud at the unexpected indecent assault on her and she struggled violently from his hold, not caring how her arm twisted in pain at her desperate movements.

He loosened his grip on her and the moment he pulled away a strong punch hit his jaw. And then a kick followed, hitting him right in his chest, causing him to tumble on the ground in a heap.

"Wow!" he glanced at the fiery woman standing, panting before him. "I didn't know that you're –"

Another vicious kick landed on Elijah's face and then another. Elle came at him with rage and Elijah did not bother to fight back, defended himself or even dodged each fierce attack. He had just let her hit him until Elle was heaving and out of breath. There were two bright red spots high on her cheeks as her eyes glared at him with a deadly quality.

"Why… why did you that?!" she shouted at him, looking down at the man on the ground, still clenching her fists. Her eyes felt as though they were burning hot. Her entire body was still shaking from the explosion of anger.

Elijah propped himself up and sat. He wiped something off his face which Elle knew should be his own blood. She still could not quite see his face clearly save from the gleaming grey eyes. It was not the full moon, and the moonlight was not enough for her to see his face.

"Hmm…" he looked up for a while and cracked his neck, causing Elle to become alert again, ready to kick his face once again if he dared to make another move on her. He should not be able to still look so relaxed anymore after all the beatings she had given him! She was certain her rage had unleashed her full strength a while ago. He should not be able to even sit up anymore after the vital points she had attacked! She had not been holding back at all and was even hitting with intention to hurt.

"I'm sorry for that unforgivable action, Princess Izabelle. Ah, I'm not asking for any forgiveness though." There was a peculiar smile in his tone.

,m "You didn't answer my question." Elle clenched her fists even tighter as she growled at him. "Why did you do that?!" she could still feel her skin crawl at the touch of his lips on her skin.

He then turned his face to her and his eyes glimmered. It was the kind of glimmer that would be enough to paralyze anyone. That moment, Elle felt as though danger was right at her doorstep. "I…" he paused and stood.

Elle could not move. Something seemed to happen to her when he looked at her with those unsettling, indescribable gaze. She could not even take a step back. It was as if she was suddenly stuck in a dark spell, restraining her from any movements no matter how much she fought back.

He stopped a step before her. His gaze seemed to fall to her neck again. "Alright, I'll tell you, Princess Izabelle…" he bent closer and whispered, "What I want is for Sebastian to go… insane. I want him to… lose his mind… completely once again…" his soft voice had been wrapped with deep and undiluted hatred and malice as he said those last lines of his. She did not understand what he was saying but the emotions in his voice was enough to drive deep and bone-cold fear into her heart.

Pulling away, he stared deep into her fear-struck eyes. He could feel how her entire frame was frozen in fear.

"Good night, Sunshine. I'll be seeing you around soon." He uttered in a dark melodious voice before he walked past her. The light brush of weird fragrance that she realized only belonged to Elijah seemed to be the thing that snapped her out of her frozen stupor. She blinked a couple of times before realizing that she could now move.

Forcing herself, Elle turned around robotically but found that he was already gone. Her knees weakened and turned jelly-like before she fell to the ground. Panting hard at the ordeal she had just experienced.

She did not know how long she had spent just sitting there and panting. But soon, she finally forced herself to stand. She walked towards the direction that Elijah had disappeared to and she stumbled back to see that it was a steep cliff.

She took another deep, shaky breath, and she was about to turn around when someone grabbed her from behind and whipped her around. Just by the touch of those hands was enough for Elle to know who it was.

"What the hell are you doing here–" Sebastian broke off as his eyes fell to her neck.


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