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Chapter 101 Vivid

Just the sight of this man and having his body close to her like this was enough to cause Elle's legs to quiver beneath her. She felt as though all the strength that she had managed to retain in her had suddenly melted away with his arrival and she was sure it was because she felt that she was finally safe now. Now that he was here, a wonderful sense of security enveloped her. r

But before tears could even fall from her eyes, she felt a primitive fury blazing from him. One that was so deadly and suffocating that it sent violent chills crawling over her skin. Her relaxed body was now stiffened in paralysis once again. r

"What… did… he do to you?" His words came out broken due to his sharp breathing and his tone was full of danger. Elle looked into his eyes and saw how haunted and dangerous it was. Bloodlust blazed from them. She had thought she had already seen his true anger… she was so wrong… Sebastian, right now, looked as though he was ready to slaughter and create a bloodbath. And she could not help but feel terrified of what he was going to do. r

She forced herself to speak. She did not want to see him in this way anymore. But before a word could leave her lips, she saw his pupils dilate and then they…r

He abruptly moved past her. Again. He had flashed by so impossibly fast that she had barely caught sight of his figure moving. How on earth was a person able to move so swiftly like that?! r

"Princess!" Rion's voice echoed out. And when Elle glanced over to look at the source of the voice, Rion seemed to have appeared out of nowhere too. r

Slowly, she turned towards her back only to see that Sebastian was not there anymore. He was gone.

She finally stumbled and fell to the ground, unable to stand anymore. But Rion caught her and carried her up in his arms. He looked so worried as he checked her over to see if she was injured anywhere. r

Elle felt like a deflated balloon as she remained in Rion's arms. Her hands lifted and fisted in Rion's clothes. "Sebastian… he's gone… he might be going after Elijah…" she said weakly, wanting to let Rion know so that he might send someone to either stop or help Sebastian. r

"Don't worry about him, the others had already been dispatched to follow after him. Please just rest for now, Princess." Rion reassured her and then he took off his coat and covered her completely with it.r

Rion then began to walk. She felt like she was floating while being carried off. Her mind was still unable to recover fully from everything that had transpired. There were just too many things that had come one after the other.r

And all too soon, Rion placed her down. Upon realizing that she was already back in her room in the castle, Elle's eyes widened at him. They were back already? But did they not just leave that underground cave? However, she held her tongue from asking any questions for now and reasoned to herself that perhaps, she had passed out for a few moments without realizing and that was why she had felt that they just travelled for a mere few seconds. She remembered that she was feeling all lightheaded earlier. Perhaps that had affected her sense of timing?r

"Please have a drink." He had brought her a glass of water and Elle did not hesitate to take it from him and gulp it down. "How are you feeling now, Your Highness? Is there any –"r

"I'm fine." Elle cut the man off as she had finished the water. "Thank you." She then handed the glass back to him. r

Taking back the glass, Rion looked at her with concern. Elle could only force out a smile. "I'm fine. Truly! He… Elijah didn't… hurt me…" she said. "I just need some time to calm down. You should go check on Sebastian, I'm worried that he might do something… bad." r

Elle could not help but feel worried about him. She could still see that animalistic gaze reflected deep within his eyes just before he left her. r

"I'm assigned to stay here and watch over you closely. I assure you that the prince would be fine on his own. That is Prince Sebastian we are talking about." r

"B-but he might… k-kill Elijah. Sebastian was so angry earlier. I've never seen him that furious before!" Elle insisted. Despite all the almost mind-numbing stress she was feeling at the moment, she still could not stop herself from worrying that things will only go south from here on out. r

If Sebastian ended up harming Elijah… or maybe even putting his life to danger… she could not imagine what would be the outcome if it got out of hand. She did not want an even bigger problem to occur.r

"Please don't worry. There are reliable people who can stop Prince Sebastian from going after his brother. By now, he should've been stopped already. The prince just needs to calm his rage down and he'd be fine again. I assure you of that." Rion's tone when he explained all this was calm and confident. It was as though he already knew how things would turn out.r

The confidence and reassurance in Rion's eyes had Elle's panic calming down a little. r

And then Laura finally arrived. The maid scrambled around to prepare a hot bath that Elle had requested for. She needed to calm down. She needed to be alone for now. r

Once she was inside the bathroom, Elle locked the door and quickly undressed. She went to the mirror and looked at herself. She looked like something the cat dragged in. And the vivid hickey Elijah had left on her skin made her shiver in disgust. It was a dark red mark made more distinct against the very fair skin of her neck. r


Chapter 102 Why?

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Elle rushed to the shower and scrubbed at the hickey on her throat as she silently cried. She could feel that there was a weak earthquake going on, but that barely caught her attention. At that moment, she could not care about anything else.

Elle only stopped when her skin had been scrubbed that it turned so red that a little more, and it might bleed.

Mindlessly, she later walked to the tub and sat herself in there, hugging her knees tightly to her chest. She stayed there for long minutes, until her trembling slowly stopped as the warmth of the bath seeped into her.

She did not know how much time had passed, when she was jolted by the sound of the shower being turned on.

Her head lifted and whipped towards her right.

Another shock passed through her as she saw who was it that had suddenly entered the bathroom. It was… Sebastian and he was… all bloodied. If she looked like hell a while ago, he looked like a wretched, terrifying devil from the pits of hell.

Elle sprung out of the tub, not caring about the state of her being totally undressed. W-what in the world…

Sebastian too, looked up in surprise at her, as though he had not expected her to be there in the bathroom. Their eyes held for a long while before both their gazes strayed. Sebastian's gaze seemed to be glued on her ravishing body while her eyes traced the blood being washed away by the water. The water under his feet was colored in a red so deep it stung her eyes.

He looked like some ancient god of slaughter dressed in modern garments…

Tension rose so quickly in the bathroom. Sebastian was the first to snap out of his daze and looked away. His jaws worked as he glanced at the look on her face.

He violently tugged at his clothes and discarded them like they were made of rags.

"Don't worry. I didn't murder anyone." Came his dark, controlled voice.

Elle felt her knees weakened at his words and she slowly sunk back down into the warm water of the tub again. Utter relief washed over her, making her entire being feel so weak and deflated. She worry that the blood was from him but as he undressed, he saw that there was no wound on him. But then… whose blood are those?

"If I told you I did slaughter someone… what will you do?" his voice this time was emotionless but calm.

Elle looked at him. That godly body was fully bare to her sight now. He had his one hand braced on the wall as his head bent a little low as the shower fell on him. The blood was almost completely washed off him.

"I… I…" she smiled helplessly. "If it was… Elijah, maybe I'll… help you hide his body."

He turned. His gaze through his wet hair widened a little. He looked like he had never expected that response from her at all.

Elle was shocked at herself as well for saying that. She was not sure if she would even really participate in something like that but… right now, that was the answer that came out of her lips. She hated Elijah for what he had done to her. She hated Elijah for playing around with her like she was a toy and not a human being.

He was suddenly standing next to the tub. His body bent over, and his mouth was now latched over the very same spot Elijah had sucked on. It felt as though an explosion had gone off in her head. His hand was grabbing her hair, tugging her a little but not enough to hurt her.

Fury and dangerous emotions were still creeping through him. She could feel it very clearly, only held back by sheer willpower. He looked calmer now but within him, it seemed as though the rage was still there, blazing quietly. Yet Elle arched her neck and exposed more of it for him and shut her eyes tightly closed.

She engraved this very moment into her entire being. Sebastian was erasing Elijah's mark on her, overwriting the disgusting hickey with his own passionate and fiery one. Her body shuddered as she felt the sting of his sucking. She guessed that blood might be coming out now.

Sebastian jerked away. His breathing suddenly sharp.

He straightened and had his back facing her. She watched as his muscles clenched and unclenched as he repeatedly took long deep breaths.

Her eyes traveled to his hand and saw them tightly clenched. His veins were protruding from the force of his tight grip.

"How did you end up in that place?" came his question. His voice was emotionless again but not harsh. She realized that it was him trying to hold back his emotions.

Elle fought for calm and started explaining. "I suddenly saw a small piece of paper with a note written on it, lying on the bedroom floor. There was only one sentence written, instructing me to twist the candelabra down."

He whirled around and braced his arms on the tub. His eyes filled with controlled rage. "And so, you followed the instruction without thinking…?!!" he uttered in disbelief. "Why… why in the f**king hell do you always love to go against my instructions? Why can't you listen to what I say? Huh? Izabelle? Why can't you…" he trailed off as Elle started to shake and tremble, her eyes wide and glistening.

Then her broken, shaking voice came out along with her tears. "Why? Why?! You devil! You ask me why?!" she burst out in anger. Pain gripped her heart that she felt like it could kill her on the spot. "Did I ever ask you why you always make me wait and then you never came?! Why… why can't you keep your promises to me?! Why can't you arrive on time as you had promised?! Why do you keep making me wait forever?! I thought… I thought the note was from you. I thought that was why you were late again! I thought…" she broke down and buried her face on her knees. "… you're not going to disappoint me again… but I was wrong. I was… so wrong!"


Chapter 103 Tragically Beautiful

That outburst was so shocking even to Elle herself that she was taken aback. She was breathless, a crying mess as she tightened her own grip on herself. She had done it. She had opened up and unbottled all the grievances that she had been keeping within herself from the many days of being confined and also left alone.

But it had made her feel better. Giving lease to all those words were like pouring out the pent-up emotions that were wreaking havoc within her. The suffocating heaviness in her chest had tremendously lightened up. It felt like the calm after the storm, clean and refreshing.

But suddenly, a new emotion came at her like a tidal wave. Debilitating fear. The fear that he would… he might just end everything between them right here and now, had her body shaking once again.

She had done this before. Speaking up due to pent-up rage and hurt. And for all those times, they had never ended well, at least for her. Usually what comes next was she receiving a beating. Most of the times, the strikes come so swiftly even before she could finish the words that she was going to say.

Her shoulders shook even more visibly as she became aware at how still and silent he was being. He did not seem to even make a move. She could not see his expression as her face was still buried on her own knees. Lord… please… she might really break if that happens. What should she do? Her outburst should not be too much, right? She did not anger him even more, right? She did not make everything worsen, right?

With her heart beating so hard and her body, trembling a little, she forced herself to slowly lift her face.

Before Elle could even focus her gaze on his face, she saw him lifting his hand.

And she literally scrambled away until her back hit the edge of the tub. Her hands were already up, in a defensive stance, covering her head from an anticipated hit. It all happened within a blink of an eye. Her body had just moved reflexively before she could even realize what she had done.

Sebastian's eyes were wide as he looked down at her cowering form. She was shaking so badly that he thought, anymore, and her teeth would fall out. Shock and many more intense emotions filled his eyes like a flood. His hand was still in mid-air, frozen.

Silence reigned as the tub's water that had splashed around wildly because of Elle's sudden retreat backwards slowly calmed and stabilized.

He slowly retracted his hand and clenched it so hard. F**k it all... He wanted to scream his lungs out. He wanted to hit the walls again and again until all he could see was red. Until everything crumbled beneath his fists into dust.

But if he did that… this woman… his wife… she was going to be terrified to the point of no return. Not that she was not already with that reaction and those trembling limbs of hers. He felt like he was going to go mad. Everything about this woman was just designed purely to drive him mad. And the funniest thing was that – here he was, still stuck next to her, still outwardly sane, outwardly calm. Just because he was afraid to terrify her even more.

"Did you… you really think that I would truly hit you?" he asked in a controlled low voice, even though it was already clear with that action of hers. But to her, it sounded as though his voice was tight in suppressed anger that she shivered even more and curled into herself a little tighter.

It was impossibly hard for Sebastian to accept that Izabelle – his wife – was reacting this severely towards him. He knew that he had been angry, but he had never given her reason to think that he was one who would resort to wife battery! Even though he had never cared less if anyone was fearful towards him, why was it so different when it comes to her? Why was it so unbearable when it was her who was cowering in fear of him?

And it was even more unbearable for him to see her frightened to this state. A thought crossed his mind. What must she have endured, to be able to respond automatically like this when faced with another person's direct anger?

He forced himself to stand and turned around. He did not know what he should do in this situation. He was afraid that everything he will do at this point would only drive her further to the edge. And he did not want to make an already bad situation even worse.

Dropping his head tiredly, he stared at his hand and an ironic half smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Of course… what was he expecting? How could he expect her not be scared of a monster like himself? Even he himself knew what kind of a terrible monster he was. What more was he expecting from her?

Just as he decided and was about to move away from her, a small cold hand suddenly shot out and grabbed his. That contact caused him to whirl around, surprised that it even happened.

She was looking up at him with her tear-stained face, her large blue eyes… f**k it was so tragically beautiful, his throat tightened at the sight of it.

"I'm sorry…" she said. "I… my body just… it just moved like that… my father used to… beat me if I talk back to him. So… I think I'm just… I was just… it's something that… I can't –" her explanation came out all broken and stuttering.

"You're saying that you're not terrified of me?" he cut her off. His voice so calm. "You don't think I'll hit you right now?"

Elle shook her head immediately with no hesitation. "You're… scary… but I know you'll never hit me."

Silence reigned for a moment. "… Really?"

The moment she nodded, he pulled her up from the tub and in one swift move, she was pressed into him, molded into his body as he held her close.

Chapter 104 There

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They stayed like that for an immeasurable amount of time. Elle was too shocked at his sudden action to move or say anything. Her mind could not seem to process anything. r

Only one thought was ringing and spinning around in her head. He was… Sebastian was hugging her? She was utterly speechless. This seems so unreal to her. Like a dream. She did not dare make any movements, not to even lift her hands that were hanging loosely at her sides. It was only for fear that this wonderful dream would vanish like the sea mist and reality would come crashing down on her. r

She wanted for this moment to last longer, even if it were only a few extra seconds. Because with this, her severe fear was finally dissolving. He was not going to end it all. Her fear… it was not going to happen… At least not yet.r

Soon, he moved again, only to scoop her up into his arms. Then he went to grab the towel that was placed on the counter. r

He put her down and gently, making sure that she could stand steadily and would not fall over before wrapping her in her bathrobe. Then he picked up the towel and proceeded to dry her hair with it. r

Elle looked up at him with eyes circling wide. His face looked so severe. But his actions were the exact opposite – they were extremely gentle!r

"You were sick just a couple of days ago. And here you are, soaking there in the tub and getting yourself wet like this for so long." He grumbled with a frown on his forehead. But his hands remained so… tender as they rubbed her hair in the fluffy towel, absorbing the moisture and drying her. r

His face remained severe as he continued towel drying her hair. r

"I was late because… something happened on my way back…" he suddenly said. "The jet's pilot was apparently Elijah's mole. He deliberately made an emergency landing in a different country. And that had delayed my return." r

Shock filled Elle's face once again. She had not expected any explanation to come from him. Those questions she threw to him when she had burst out earlier… she was never expecting him to answer. But here… here it was… she was so stunned that she could not react for a long while and just stared up at him blankly.r

"Now get out of here and get changed before I end up dragging you back under the shower and…" his jaws worked and he opened the door, unceremoniously guiding her out before shutting the bathroom's door behind him. r

Elle blinked, as she slowly turned to look at the closed door. r


Sebastian took a long time in the bathroom. Elle was already lying on the bed when he finally came out. When he took a look, he found that she was fast asleep. r

He had deliberately taken his time in the bath, so she would have time to fall asleep and rest. It was already dawn and he knew she had not gotten any sleep yet. r

Sitting next to her, Sebastian threw his head back and stared up at the ceiling. No one knew what were the thoughts that had lingered in his mind.r

Then he laid next to her and waited for her to snuggle up to him as she usually did. But she did not even move after minutes of him waiting patiently. His hand was itching to grab and pull her close to him, but he was afraid he would wake her up. r

It was better for him to not accidentally wake her. Because if she was awake, he was currently not that confident in his self-control in keeping his hands off her, even if he knew she badly needed her rest. r

He continued waiting, impatiently. But Elle did not roll towards him as she used to do. Then he remembered the scene of her and that f**king wolf. His expression turned sour thinking of how willingly she had cuddled the wolf and he slowly and carefully pulled the blanket off her. r

She curled in a little from the loss of heat of the blanket being removed. That caused Sebastian to shut his eyes close, looking a little exasperated and sour. He was about to cover her with the blanket again with much displeasure when she finally moved! She rolled halfway on her side, her hand patting on the mattress as though looking for something, which he assumed to be the blanket. When her hand brushed against him, she paused for a moment. It was as though subconsciously; she was registering his warmth and then she immediately snuggled herself close to him. r

Sebastian silently cleared his throat when he realized that he was smiling foolishly by himself like an idiot. He carefully and gently wrapped his arm around her and soon, he drifted off to sleep as well. r


The next morning, Sebastian was the one who woke up first. Well, it was because Elle had slept until noon. r

He was already impeccably dressed when Elle finally woke up. r

"You have work today?" she asked him.r

"No." he replied. "We're going somewhere." That had gotten her attention and she lost all her sleepy vibes.r

"W-what? Is it an important event?!" r

"No… so don't panic. You don't need to rush. You don't need to put on any gowns." r

"But you're… dressed up like you're going to attend an international award ceremony." r

"What do you mean? I always dress this way." Sebastian tilted his head slightly.r

Elle could only take a deep breath and climbed off the bed. He was damned right. How could she forget that he always dressed like this? Impeccable and without flaw.r

"So… where are we going?" she asked, a little unsure if he would even answer her. r

"We're just going to a certain village, near Black… a certain forest. As promised, I'll reveal them to you, the secrets that I was telling you about. There." r

Chapter 105 Passenger Seat

Once Elle was ready, she had rushed off to find Snow White. He was brought back to his cage in the garden as per Sebastian's instructions. Rion had then told her that it was better for Snow to stay in his cage while she was gone and Elle thought so too.

Hugging her fluffy white big bundle of joy, Elle murmured to him, "We'll be gone for maybe a couple of days. So you need to be a good boy, okay? I promise I'll bring some yummy treats for you once I return."

She continued hugging the quiet and well-behaved big wolf. It was really hard for her to let go of him. Snow had already grown so close to her heart that it was already hard for her to just leave him behind. She really wished that they could bring Snow with them, but she knew that was impossible. She knew that Sebastian still did not like Snow.

"Izabelle." Sebastian's voice echoed from behind her.

Turning around, she saw him leaning against the wall. She had not, however, noticed the sour expression that he wore because he quickly turned around, started walking away as he said, "The car's leaving."

Elle hugged Snow once again for the last time and then kissed the dog's head before quickly rushing away, only to see Sebastian looking over his shoulder, glaring at Snow as if the wolf was his mortal enemy. But when she reached him and his gaze fell on her, his expression was immediately back to normal.

They walked side by side silently, with her just a step behind him, until Elle heard the voices of a group of people ahead of them. She reached out and caught Sebastian's hand in a slight alarm. She had heard that there were guests coming to visit the castle today.

He glanced at her but Elle's eyes were still focused on the approaching guests ahead of them. Some of them were important people and high ranking officials of the country.

Gripping her hand tighter, Sebastian led her along as they walked on ahead hand in hand. The guests greeted them and Elle returned their greetings with a gentle and friendly smile. With just a few exchanges of words, everyone was beaming as if they were truly delighted at just exchanging greetings with Izabelle.

Sebastian's gaze was fixed on Elle. He could not believe how easily she had changed the atmosphere of the group of people into something incredibly pleasant. If it were just him, these guests would have just bowed their heads and let him pass. None of them would be moving or talking until he was gone from their sights.

And the most amazing thing was the fact that Izabelle was able to smile and talk to them so happily like that. It reminded him about her situation last night, and he was… appalled. With the way she was carrying herself right now, no one would have ever guessed that she was a crying, trembling mess just several hours ago.

She tugged discreetly at his hand and looked up at him, still smiling.

Realizing that the guest had already moved to the side to let them pass, Sebastian nodded at her, and then he also nodded at the guests before they both walked away.

"Y-you're driving…?" Elle asked in shock when Sebastian opened the door of the passenger seat for her. He had told her that the trip was long so she thought that they would be having someone else drive them there. From what she had known, Sebastian had a designated driver to bring him everywhere.

"Yes. Is there a problem?" he responded before asking her, and she shook her head almost frantically before she quickly climbed into the car. She immediately pulled on the seatbelt, and snapped it locked.

Sebastian stared at her before shutting the door wordlessly.

A few moments later, their car was accelerating out of the vicinity of Castle Reigns.

Elle kept glancing back to the castle from the side view mirror, waiting to see if another car would be trailing after them. She was expecting at least a couple or more bodyguards to follow along with them on this trip. Sebastian had said that their trip would take about five hours. That was a pretty long ride to be getting somewhere just to tell her some secrets. It had better be worth the trouble. And with him, this country's crown prince, no matter what, there should be at least a couple bodyguards following them.

But there was none. Not even one.

"It's really just… the two of us taking this trip?" Elle broke the silence. She was curious and a little bit troubled. This was truly dangerous in her opinion, especially when she already knew that someone hated him.

"Yes. Relax, Izabelle… no one will ambush us if that's what you're worried about. Viscarria is different from any other countries in the world." The absolute confidence in his voice had settled her nerves and she relaxed in her seat. "You can go to sleep and take this opportunity to get some rest."

"But I just woke up."

"Then just relax. Music?" he asked, causing Elle to look at him. His gaze was fixed on the road. She was not expecting that. Somehow, she did not know why but she had never imagined Sebastian to be the kind to listen to music while driving. It was just too much like a normal… person. Well, it was also his fault for looking like some superior creature who was not fond of the mundane and boring things normal people enjoyed.

"Of course!" Elle exclaimed. She loved listening to music while traveling, especially if it was on a road trip.

"Go on. Choose whatever music you like."

Elle blinked at him. "Are you sure?"

His brows knitted slightly at her question. "Of course."

As soon as she heard those words, Elle went ahead and turned on the radio. A moment later, the song 'Passenger Seat' started playing.