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Chapter 106 Road Trip

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It had been so long since she had gone on a road trip, just listening to music without any worries about anything cluttering up her head. The music was just enough to distract her from thinking, erasing every nonsensical thought from her head and just allowed her to relax.

Sebastian did not say anything. At first, she kept glancing at him every time a new song started, worried that he might not be into the type of music that she likes. But he never reacted. Not even once. He simply minded his own business for the moment which was driving. Until Elle stopped worrying about his opinion and just played song after song without restraint.

Thankfully, he remained unbothered. Which made Elle really feel glad. She had been so tensed up for so long that she had forgotten when was the last time that she could let go and enjoy listening to music like how she was doing right now.

And before she realized it, she had started humming. And then, she was singing along in a low voice as she kept her gaze outside the window, watching the view that was passing by. Not noticing how many times Sebastian had glanced at her when she started humming.

Until Elle eventually drifted off to sleep.

When she opened her eyes, she sprung from her seat at the realization that the car was no longer moving and Sebastian was not in the driver's seat. Her heart immediately jumped into her throat and fear crept through her when she saw that it was already twilight and raining.

"S-Sebastian?" she called out nervously. She fumbled with her seatbelt to rush out of the car and look for him when the car's door suddenly swung opened and she saw him bending over, drenched.

She stared at him with wide eyes before utter relief washed through her.

"What… happened?" she asked, pulling the seatbelt off her.

"The f**king tire is flat." He grumbled. "No, stay there, don't come out and get yourself wet. I'm not going to let you get sick again." He grumpily added.

"We do have spare tire, right?" Elle asked rather hopefully.

"No, we don't."

Elle's lips hung open. S-seriously? Why on earth did he not bring a spare tire? Do all cars not have a spare?

"I never bring spare tires because if the tire's flat, I will just…" he trailed off, before pressing his lips together. He then pushed himself off from bracing against the door and straightened up. She saw him raking his dark hair with his fingers.

Looking around, Elle realized that they were nowhere near any houses. They seemed to have gone to a pretty secluded area that there was not a single car passing by even though it was only twilight. However, she had spotted lights up ahead, indicating that they were at least near a village or a small town.

"There's… a town up ahead."

"That's Whitefalls Village, our destination. But don't even bother asking me to carry you there –"

"I won't!" Elle exclaimed, blushing. "Why would I ask you to carry me all the way there? I have feet, you know? I can walk and run up a hill just fine on my own."

Sebastian was silent for a moment. "That's not what I meant. I can't let you out here in the rain. I told you, I'm not going to let you get sick again. I guess we'll just stay here and wait for the rain to stop for now." He started taking his drenched clothes off until he was naked.

Then he entered and sat in the driver's seat, shutting the door close from the biting wind.

Elle climbed onto her seat to get to the back when he stopped her. "What are you doing?"

"I'll get you some new clothes. You're drenched and need dry clothes."

"No need."

"You could get sick." Elle retorted,wanting to throw the same words back to him.

"I don't get sick, Izabelle."

Their eyes met for a moment but then Elle ignored what he said and went to the back of the car to where their luggage were kept.

Elle brought the towel out first and headed it over to him. Sebastian could only take it and dried his body with it. He then harshly dried his hair in just a few strokes before passing her the towel.

Her eyes fell to the stands of his hair that were still dripping, so she plopped herself down behind his chair and started drying his hair with the same towel. He became very still so she continued her actions until she was sure his hair was dried enough.

Pulling away, Elle spread the towel over the back the other car seat and then grabbed him a shirt.

She passed the shirt to him and then climbed back to the front seat next to him.

However, Sebastian simply rolled up the shirt and stuffed the shirt in between them. He obviously was not planning to put it on or he just did not want to bother. He seemed to be really in a bad mood. She could not blame him though. He must be tired from driving for hours. Surely, getting stuck here when he was supposed to be resting now in a lodge had worsen his mood.

She stared at the bunched up shirt and when she picked it, Sebastian suddenly took it from her and wore it. He did not bother to button it up though.

Silence reigned next and the thought was that she needed to do something to maybe make this waiting a little bearable for him, Elle tried to think of something or a topic that could distract him. But she could not think of a topic safe enough and interesting enough in her opinion. She was too worried to make his mood go worse if he ended up not liking the topic she brought out.

Her gaze fell to his opened shirt and said, "Let me button up your shirt." She reached out for the shirt buttons as she said that but she paused and waited for his response.

When he did not say a word, Elle took that response as his approval and she started to button his shirt starting from the chest part.


Chapter 107 I Can’t Wait

Elle managed to button up his shirt half-way without touching him. She had been careful not to touch him while doing so and she also did not dare to lift her eyes to look at him. She knew full well how dangerous it was to look him in the eyes at such a close proximity.

And thus, she kept her gaze focused on his shirt and quietly did her task. But as seconds ticked by, the temperature surrounding them suddenly felt hotter. She could feel his gaze, probing all over her face.

Wanting to finish the task as soon as possible, Elle tried to do it quicker. But in her attempts to rush, she only became more nervous. Her attempt only made her fingers fumble even more and the buttons over his abdomen kept slipping from her fingers. That kept happening until she accidentally brushed his skin with her fingertips.

He immediately stiffened as Elle snatched her hand back, whipping her head up to look at him. It was an accident! Truly!

She was expecting him to grab her hands and throw it off his but… surprisingly, he did not. Instead, his eyes smoldered into hers. Dangerous grey hell-fire burned in them.

Just as she was about to pull away, his mouth suddenly latched onto her neck, causing Elle's body to go into a complete static state for a moment.

His hand then reached out and without taking his mouth off her neck, he pulled her over him.

Elle could only widen her eyes as she found herself straddling him.

"You're already aware of what will happen when you come this close to me, right Izabelle?" he whispered suggestively as he continued kissing just below her ear.

"I was… just… I just wanted to do something to make your mood better." She explained, not wanting him to think that she had been doing all that to get close to him.

He paused for a second. "My mood…" he echoed lowly. His eyes had a meaningful gleam to it.

"You looked frustrated and definitely in a bad mood." Elle attempted another round at giving her excuse.

Another short moment of stillness passed before he resumed kissing her neck, his tongue moving upwards to the rim of her ear. "You've already succeeded, baby." He whispered hotly and he licked the inside of her ear, causing Elle to shudder deliciously. This man! His moves should all be categorized as lethal.

"I really don't mean this…" Elle tried her best to stay rational. She cannot go on like this. And not just that, this was dangerous. Every time he made a move, every time his eyes met hers, every time their body touched, any thoughts that were in her mind would be sent flying. "Sebastian… please… we can't… a car might drive past."

"So what? We're already a married couple." Sebastian could not help but tease her. Her reactions were interesting to watch and they amused him.

"We're royals and you're the crown prince. What if someone takes a photo –"

"This car is anti-camera." He cut her off, still not stopping from what he was doing. His hands started caressing her, effectively making her body sing along with every little ministration he did. "So just relax, baby. Let me pleasure you while we wait for the rain to stop." His low murmurs, a perfect compliment to the gentle drumming of the rain on their car.

Elle bit on her lower lip. Lord… it was happening again. Why was it so hard to resist this man? She thought she's at least going to build some tolerance as time passed but… why was the opposite happening?

Soon, her mind was being overcome by the seductive pleasure that was building between them and it was getting harder for her to think. But she reminded herself of the promise she had made to herself that night. She still would not have sex with him unless… unless he would allowed her touch him. She needed to stand her ground.

But right now, she did not have the heart to tell him no. She did not want them to stay and get stuck in this car with his even darker mood. Lord… she was highly conflicted. Her reason and desire were having a death match again.

Before her seduced mind could even begin to decide, he had already slipped his hand behind and expertly unhooked her bra, earning himself a sharp gasp from Ellen's parted lips. Smirking at her reaction, his naughty hands now slipped under her shirt and cupped her breasts. She quickly bit down on her lips to stop her moan from escaping.

He started kneading, pinching, and playing with her breasts as he continued feasting on her neck. Licking and kissing her like a beast that was long deprived of its favourite meal. And she could not help but feel herself tingle and pulse with need. It truly was inevitable. She could feel herself getting wet down there, wanting him to touch her and make her cum. Good lord… she was so hopeless right now. Her hands were trembling from the suppressed need for release as well as the effort of holding back and not just letting go.

"F**k… I can already smell you dripping down there. Such an attention seeker, pretty cunt." He chuckled with so much pleasure and sexy mischief in his voice. His dirty talking had started so suddenly and without warning and Elle knew that was the sign of hell-fire going past the point of being under control. And Lord help her because her body was dying to be burned. And as embarrassing as it was for her, she had to admit it to herself as her physical reactions to him were also getting out of control.

His hands travelled down, his one hand went straight down, cupping her there. "I can't wait for this dripping wet cunt to f**king drench me completely." He uttered and then he yanked her stretchy trousers down. And along with it, came her underwear too.

Chapter 108 Curious

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When Sebastian palmed her, Elle could no longer hold back. The sensations being evoked by his moves were just too good that the moan she had been desperately holding back finally escaped from her, filling the car with her voice. The sound of the pouring rain had become a natural background music to their hot and sweaty bodies in the car.

Elle never thought she would be feeling this aroused when she knew they were literally in such a dangerous, scandalous place, doing this kind of activity. Her eyes were blurry, her palms were slightly sweating and the muscles in her thighs were shaking from the sheer effort of maintaining her position. She never thought that this risky situation would make her feel even hornier. Lord… she had really thought that this would make her hesitant or worried. And those feelings might make her unable to focus. But boy oh boy, was she ever so, so wrong…

"F**k yeah, baby… so f**king wet. You're really as wet as I've been expecting." He groaned low, his voice vibrating, almost feral with the utter pleasure that he was also getting from the fondling and caressing of her wet folds. He glided his fingers that were already slick with her own juices through her, as his other free hand lifted her shirt up to expose her beautiful globes to him.

What he did made Elle somehow snap out of her daze and that in turn, stopped his hand from lifting her shirt. They both stilled, as her eyes gleamed when she looked at him. "I can't… Seb… this is too risky… someone could see us…" she nervously glanced back over her shoulder when the light was turned off.

The darkness that had enshrouded both their figures in the car immediately eased the tenseness in Elle's muscles and when her body relaxed, Sebastian's long and thick finger entered her, causing her to gasp. His movement was so swift that her mind had no chance to register the stimulus from the sudden darkness in one moment to being fingered in the next.

"I'm not going to let anyone see even just a glimpse of you, Izabelle. You have my word." He said and Elle heard some kind of a ferocious promise in his voice. It almost sounded like he would kill anyone who would see her - be it if it was on purpose or by accident. And lord… she had been completely coaxed by it. It was as though her resistance was being thoroughly breached. "Now baby, I need to put these perfect nipples in my mouth and taste them. Bite down on this."

Elle's eyes widened as she felt her shirt being brought near her lips. He wanted her to bite down on it? Surprise flashed through her and she could not react for some seconds. But when Sebastian's finger stopped moving, Elle opened her mouth and held her shirt with her teeth.

"That's my good baby…" he praised, his grey eyes gleaming with satisfaction in the dark. And then his mouth came down to enclose the tip of her breast. Soon, Elle was suffused with pleasure from all his maddening attacks. His mouth and finger pleasured her to oblivion until Elle could feel as though her mouth were watering. She might even be drooling because of the cloth that had been stuffed in her mouth.

He added another finger inside of her and she arched against him, moaning even louder. The next thing she knew, she was riding his hand with abandon. She was close, so close to that heavenly explosion that she could almost feel it. Dear lord… she wanted it so badly. And she wanted it now…

"How impatient…" he chuckled. He had stopped eating on her breast and was now leaning back against the headrest. She knew he was watching her. And he was watching her like a hawk. Thankfully, it was dark enough. He would not be able to see her shameful look right now, going crazy for this pleasure. "F**k… you don't have any idea how hot and fiery you are right now, Izabelle." He muttered, "I f**king want to watch you cum like this, right here and right now. Cum hard for me, baby. Yes, that's it!" He increased his pace as he whispered those words that Elle could no longer quite process. She only knew that it all just felt so good. So heavenly.

She began to shudder violently, her insides pulsated and clenched on the digits that were pistoning in and out of her, in a series of spasms. Tears trickled from the corners of her eyes as she continued shuddering uncontrollably, as she had already lost her strength and was currently slumped against him.

Sebastian pulled his fingers out of her slick cavern and brought them to his mouth, sucking each one of a he tasted her love juices. He shut his eyes closed as he savored her taste that was lingering on his tongue.

When her breathing finally stabilized a little, Sebastian circled both his hands around her waist, pulling her up against him. She heard him fumbling with his belt and she snapped out of her daze. Her heart started to race again and her now clearer head was shouting at her, reminding her of all her lost thoughts.

"S-Sebastian…" she called out weakly. He only growled as he continued on with what he was doing, which was freeing himself from his trousers. "I… I don't want us to go all the way." as she spoke, her voice got smaller until it was almost inaudible at the end. However, Sebastian, who was almost plastered up against her definitely heard what she said.

Her words seemed to be like lightning that had struck him. Elle's hold around his neck tightened a little. "I can't… do that here… in a place like this." She added, nervous of his reaction to her denying him what he obviously wanted. "But I… I want to pleasure you as well. If… if you would allow me to."

Swallowing hard, she slowly pulled away. She could not see his expression but she knew that the air was getting really heavy. She could literally feel herself getting harder to breathe. But Elle did not allow herself to be intimidated and she slowly reached her hand out to touch his erection.

She almost gasped when her fingers brushed against him. Heart drumming in her ears, Elle wrapped her fingers around him. Her eyes circled wide at the realization of how… how big he was. She could hardly believe that this huge thing had once been inside her.

Lifting her gaze to steal a look at him, Elle almost froze at the sight of those grey eyes which were currently locked onto her face. Lord… he was… he looked so… was he… mad?

She almost instinctively shrunk back in fear. But then she accidentally tightened her grip on his manhood and he groaned out before squeezing his eyes closed. That reaction gave Elle pause from her initial instinct of running away and the courage she needed.

Taking a breath, she started gliding her hand up and down in a slow, curious, and experimental motion that made him stiffen even further and curse under his breath.

Chapter 109 Attitude

Hearing Sebastian's low groans had Elle feeling unexpectedly motivated. She had just suddenly thought of doing this for him because she did not want him to be frustrated with her sudden pulling of the brakes. But it was true that she also wanted to do something for him, to return the same kind of pleasure for him if possible, like he had been doing for her. 

It just came as a surprise to her that she found herself feeling excited the moment she heard him let out a pleasured groan. She had already learnt and had come to know the sounds of his groans when he was feeling good. And that was what she was hearing right now. She was quite sure of it and her heartbeat sped up as her excitement surged. 

He was already pre-cumming the moment she touched him so his pre-cum was now spread across his entire length, thanks to her hand movement. r

Looking up at him, Elle continued gliding her hand up and down. Her eyes seemed to be glued on him, as though she was unable to tear it away from his face. Though she could not clearly see, from the tenseness of his muscles and the groans that punctuated the silence, it indicated a mixture of pleasure and torture. 

To Elle, it was a very interesting situation she was in. She continued moving her hand and enjoyed the reactions she was pulling out from him until he opened his eyes and spoke. "Use both your hands, Izabelle." He commanded in a tight voice. She could somewhat see his brows furrowing and his hands clenching and unclenching where they held her around her waist. Elle could sense how much her actions were affecting his control. And she was… delighted.r

His grey eyes were gleaming in the dark and she really wished that she could see his face clearly.

Obeying him, Elle used both her hands. She was unsure if she was doing a good job at it as she continued. But his reactions were slowly making her feel more at ease with each passing moment. 

She moved her hand to the head and lightly stroked him there while the other continued gliding up and down his shaft. He gave out another pleasure-filled groan and Elle found herself biting her lips to stop a proud smile from tugging up her lips. Lord, she loved this too! She had no idea that pleasuring him would be as satisfying as her being pleasured. Hearing his deep contented sounds. His harsh raspy breathing. His body's heat and reactions. Lord she just wanted to touch him more… more of him… would he let her touch his body now? r

She thought that maybe it was alright now since she was technically touching him already. But then she remembered she had been allowed to touch his bare hands and forearms. He had not told her but he did not snatch his hand away or stop her like how he did when she had tried to touch his naked torso. Because she had already buttoned up his shirt, Elle had not touched any naked skin of his except his neck. She could not help but wonder if he only reacted so violently when it was his naked torso that she attempted to touch. r

"Izabelle… stop the torture and move those naughty hands of yours," he breathed out. "Faster…"r

Elle snapped out of her thoughts and looked at him. That word… that 'torture' word had her swallowing and then suddenly, all those long build-up dissatisfaction and punishments he had given her from before came flashing across her mind. She remembered how she had endured those sweet tortures. She remembered all the times he had driven her crazy by teasing her too much.r

Sweet revenge. These two words came to her mind and she found herself biting her lip. Lord… she wanted to tease him so badly too. She wanted to be the one who was driving him crazy as well…r

Her hand did not go faster as he had instructed. Instead, they moved even slower, earning Sebastian another low groan. r

"F**k, Izabelle. Stop being naughty and pick up the pace." He said, a trace of begging could be heard in his voice. And that only spurred Elle on to tease him more. "Faster."r

Despite another command, Elle did not listen. She had no plans to. She did not know where her courage was coming from, but Lord, she was so brave right now! She could not even make herself think of the possible consequences of her actions. All she could think about now was to tease him, and make him groan even harder for her. Like how he had made her go through that sweet torture, she would revisit it all upon him now. All she wanted was to prolong this moment and continue driving him crazy. r

An even louder, vibrating groan escaped him and the next thing she knew, he had reached out and cupped her chin. But she did not gasp in shock despite not seeing that move coming. r

"You. Bad. Naughty. Princess." He hissed but she heard a helpless, disbelieving tone in his voice. "But that's enough, baby. If you continue with this attitude, I'm telling you now in advance. This will be your warning… You will regret it later."r

Elle honestly understood where he was coming from. She knew he meant it. But his threat did not seem to be enough to stop her. r

"Okay," she uttered easily, but her hands only moved a little faster. Perhaps, Sebastian could not even feel much of a difference. r

He threw his head back and half-groaned out and half-chuckled. He sounded so frustrated and amused and going crazy all at the same time. And Elle wished once again that she could see his face clearly right now.r

"I swear Izabelle… you're sooo going to regret this." He murmured. "How brave of you to even dare tease me…" r

His hand cupped her face again, lifting her chin up to him. Those grey orbs glimmered so intensely, so breathtaking. r

"Move those hands faster now, baby…" his tone suddenly changed. Lord… it almost sounded pleading. She had heard his pleading voice before in the shower and oh lord… she could… not resist him. "... please."

Chapter 110 Naughty Moment

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"... please." He added in a tight voice and Elle totally lost her composure. She had felt this before, but now she could totally confirm it. This seemed to be one of her greatest weaknesses… him… saying 'please'. Lord help her…

"Oh yes, f**k." His back hit his seat as he groaned with so much pleasure. Because Elle had finally obeyed his plea and had stopped the torture. He was crazy… he was f**king crazy for begging a woman to stop teasing him… but then he remembered he had always been crazy for this wife of his since the night he had taken her. She was a potent drug to him that would drive him high and insane every single time… and unfortunately, he was… bloody helpless…

"More… baby…" he moaned, feeling the insane build up. F**k. Her hands were so soft, so f**king good, so perfect… He felt like her hands were made just for him. Yes, her hands, her body, all of her… she was specially made for him.

"F**k yeah… faster baby…" Elle continued her attack on him. Obediently doing her very best. "Yes, just like that… good girl…"

Soon, his breathing became even harsher. When Elle's hand slowed because of getting a little tired, he suddenly reached out, placing his hands over hers. He readjusted the placing of her fingers and guided her himself, increasing the pace as his groans became a little louder.

Elle could not quite explain what she was feeling. She looked up at him. His handsome face was so close to hers that it dazzled her eyes. His breath was literally caressing her face, her lips. Lord… she wanted to… kiss him…

"F**k!" he suddenly cursed and then he came undone. He shuddered and made a guttural sound as he came hard in her hand. Thick and white jets of his bodily fluid ejected from his manhood, stream after stream as Elle did not stop but continued pumping her hands in the way that he had shown her earlier. His groans were almost unrecognizable as his whole body shook violently.

Sebastian's head fell on her shoulder as he came down from his high, breathless. F**k… he never thought that just a simple handjob would be able to make him cum so damned hard. He had come so hard that his vision was still blurry at the edges. And it was even a sloppy handjob at that. She was not even an expert, but just look what she did to him. Again. F**king hell!

Pulling away, Sebastian looked at her and he was stilled at the look that he saw lingering in her eyes. She looked like she…

A buzz echoed.

She blinked and then she awkwardly looked around. He, on the other hand had to force himself to take his eyes off her and glanced at the f**cking phone.

With a frown, Sebastian reached out for the annoying disturbance, planning to kill it for good. But when he saw it was Alex calling, he cursed internally.

His jaws clenched and he swiped to answer.

"Yo, Sebby!" Sebastian moved the phone away from his ear. The man really had a bad habit of shouting into his ears whenever he called on the phone. "I finally saw your emergency message. I'm about to reach there now."

Upon hearing that familiar voice over the phone, Elle's eyes widened and she suddenly scrambled off Sebastian.

Sebastian ended the call without responding as he saw Elle suddenly opening the door and then stepping out. He had not thought she would just run off like that.

"Izabelle!" he called out loudly but she was already outside in the rain.

He got out of the car too and rushed over to her. "What the hell are you…" he paused at the sight of her expression. She looked so embarrassed as she stood there, letting herself get drenched by the pouring and freezing rain.

"W-we might smell so…" she shyly said before stopping. She hoped that her little explanation was enough that Sebastian would understand the rest.

Sebastian raked his hand through his hair. "If you get sick –"

"I won't!" she bit her lip as she realized that she had said those words a little too loud. It had come out almost as a shout. "I won't get sick. Please don't worry about me."

Her expression silenced him. He leaned against the car and quietly looked away. Seeing a lightning strike and that it was quite near to them, Sebastian returned his gaze to her. "Come here." He said.

Elle slowly moved close to him. He grabbed her and pulled her even closer as they both leaned against the car. She liked staying in this manner as he was still very warm even when drenched. She was already starting to feel cold as the rain was really biting. But just with that one small move, she felt his wonderful warmth being transferred to her via their skin contact.

A few moments later, they saw an automobile approaching.

"That's Alexander, right?" Elle then asked. Wanting to confirm if the caller was truly Alexander.

Sebastian simply nodded. Elle could see that he seemed annoyed about something but he was not as grumpy as when he was before their… naughty moment.

"This means… that Abi should be here too, right?!" she exclaimed, wide-eyed. Her eyes were suddenly shining with excitement.

But Sebastian's attention was fixed on something else. He was staring at her torso, so Elle looked down. Only to see that her bra was visible through her shirt. Due to being soaked, her light colored shirt was now transparent and clinging seductively to all her curves, hiding nothing underneath. And it did not help that she had put on a black lacy bra.

Lifting her gaze up to see how Sebastian was reacting, Elle was partially surprised to see him already taking his shirt off. He draped it over her and then quietly buttoned his large shirt swiftly from the collar down to her last button.

Elle just stared at him until a car stopped before them. She turned and gasped at the sight of Abi smiling at her from the car's window that had been wound down.



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