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Chapter 111 Worthy

Elle ran to Abi with a big smile plastered across her face. As she ran over, her hands were reaching her welcome to the lady that had so quickly caught her admiration and partiality. She was visibly excited and happy and Abi looked exactly the same as well.

The lady even immediately got out of the car, not minding the rain and ran over to meet Elle halfway. Well, coincidentally, the rain had weakened since Alexander and Abigail arrived, and now the pouring rain had turned into a mere drizzle.

"Yo! Sebby!" Alexander approached Sebastian with a knowing smile on his face as the two ladies hugged and chatted animatedly with each other. From the way that they jumped straight into their conversation, it was as though they had not seen each other for ages already.

Sebastian tore his eyes off from his wife with much difficulty and looked at Alexander. "Don't you guys have any umbrella?" he asked, causing Alexander's brows to lift.

"What…" he leaned against Sebastian and whispered in a conspiratory manner, "…did we interrupt something?"

When Sebastian did not respond, Alex looked at him in amused disbelief. "Damn man, I already gave you almost an hour. I have already read your message an hour ago and stalled on purpose and yet here you are still looking so grumpy? Why haven't you gotten it on, boy?"

"We really need to go, Alex." Sebastian said as though he never heard a single thing Alex had just said. "My wife can't stay in the rain and get wet for long. She had just recovered from her sickness not too long ago."

And he walked towards the ladies, causing Alex to laugh out soundlessly and shook his head.

The short trip to Alex and Abi's house was loud and lively as Elle, Abigail, and Alex talked nonstop to each other. Their personalities matched each other and their topics of conversations flowed without a hitch, resulting in a cheerful and upbeat momentum.

Meanwhile, Sebastian who had been relegated to being the driver remained absolutely quiet until finally, the car drove in and parked in a garage. It had been quite foggy since they entered the village, so Elle was not able to see anything clearly of what the village looked like. She was actually quite curious and had been looking out the window from time to time to have an idea of how the place was. However, not being able to see did not trouble her that much.

Elle and Abi continued chatting even after they got out of the car when Sebastian's voice rang.

"Iza!" he called out for Elle, causing everyone to look at the man who was already by the door, holding their luggage in his hands.

Him using that nickname again had Elle feeling a warm blush creeping across her face.

"You really need to get changed first. If you stay in those cold and drenched clothes any longer, you'll end up getting sick." He seemed to be trying his best to keep his voice and expression calm.

But it seems he had failed at his attempt as Alex and Abi pressed their lips together to stop their smiles. His sharp eyes could pick up the trembling of Alex's shoulders, knowing that the man was just short of bursting out into laughter.

"Geez…" Alex sighed, "this grumpy little devil…" Facing Elle, Alex smiled at her. "Go on Elle, or your husband will probably blow up or something if you don't go to him now."

Abi chuckled and gently shooed Elle towards her husband, looking at Elle with understanding. "Right, dear. Go on… we'll continue our chat later during dinner."

She winked at Elle and with that, Elle quickly went over to Sebastian. Once the duo entered the door, Alex chuckled. "Goodness, that little devil. I didn't know he could be this amusing."

"I'm really surprised too." Abi giggled and the two of them linked hands and entered the house as well to go prepare themselves for dinner.

The sight that welcomed Elle and Sebastian the moment they went to the dining room was a heartwarming scene of a couple preparing the table together.

The apron on Alexander and his pulled-up sleeves told her that he must have helped Abi during the entire cooking process too. They were just so sweet in Elle's eyes, so happy and perfect together. They were, in Elle's opinion, the loveliest couple she had ever seen. So lovely that they were worthy of being envious of.

Soon, the four of them sat around the table. The dinner began and of course, the lively chatting continued especially between the two women.

"It's a holiday until tomorrow, so the kids are at their cousin's place right now. The twins always go to visit there when they don't have to go to school." Abi said when Elle asked about the twins' whereabouts. She had missed those two witty and lovely kids.

"Oh… I see… they must really love their cousin and the place."

"They love to stay there. Since we moved here four years ago, the twins had been frequently going there and now, they've fallen utterly in love with the place. Well, it's mostly because of their cousin too."

"Their cousin must be as lovely as the two of them."

"He is." Abi grinned.

"They'll be back here tomorrow night. We're going to go fetch them." Alex butted into their conversation shamelessly, smiling widely at Elle. "If you like, you are most welcome to come with us. I think you'll find the place fascinating too."

Elle smiled back. "I'd love to …" she responded in excitement and turned to Sebastian, "we are following along with them, right? Seb…" she trailed off and her smile slowly faded at the expression she saw plastered on his face.

He instantly hid it well but Elle already saw it. He did not seem to like the idea of them going along with Alex and Abi to the place they were talking about.

Chapter 112 Relax

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After the pleasant dinner, Alexander and Sebastian left the dining as Elle and Abi did the chores together. Amidst the laughter and chatter between the ladies, it was clear that they were enjoying themselves immensely.

The thick fog was gone when the two men stepped out of the main door. Even the moon had started to peek through the clouds and was shining up above along with the numerous stars that appeared in the dark sky after the thunderstorm.

"I need you to tell me the plans playing in your mind about this matter, Sebastian." Alex started without beating around the bush.

Sebastian brought his cigarette out and puffed out the smoke, staring up at the sky. He had messaged Alexander about this matter because he knew that Abigail was once as clueless as Izabelle about all these secrets they had.

He was still unsure of how to reveal everything to her. Or if it was even a wise thing to do. In his heart, he felt like it was too early. He was worried… really f**king worried. In fact, it was unbelievable how shaken he was now that the moment he promised her had come.

And the most shocking thing was the tinge of fear in his heart. Since they were getting closer to this town, his mind had started to scream at him, telling him that this was a bad decision. His mind was insisting that this would definitely push Izabelle away from him.

And then her terrified face from last night at the tub played over and over again in his head. What if this truth would only terrify her to the extreme? What if she…

"I'm not confident about the outcome." Sebastian finally spoke, his voice low and serious. "So, I'm seriously… hesitating right now. I believe it's still way too soon for her to learn about all these things."

Alex sighed but he looked at Sebastian with understanding. His expression held a message saying that he totally understood him.

"I understand, Sebastian. Of course, this wouldn't be easy. For now, I think you should stop thinking about this. Just relax and loosen up during your stay here, especially tonight and the whole day tomorrow. I really think that we should resume this talk after the festival tomorrow." Alex then suggested, reaching out and patting his shoulder in a gesture of comfort to the younger man. "For now, try not to overthink about anything. You're too tense, Sebby. You're really going to make her as tense as you are if you continue behaving like this."

Sebastian shut his eyes closed and exhaled heavily. He knew Alexander was right. He knew he could hardly hide anything from Izabelle lately.

"It's such a timely thing that you came during the festival. The last day and the most awaited day of the festival is tomorrow. You two should really just relax first and just enjoy the festivities. Everything can wait until later. I believe that Elle would love to spend a day just enjoying being with you on the outside. Do you guys have outfits ready for the festivities?"

"Outfits…" Sebastian echoed. His brows knotted together as he looked questioningly at Alex.

"Ah, I forgot you're that grumpy young man who never cared about these matters." Alex sighed like an old man disappointed with how clueless young men were about the old traditions. "It's the Masked Goddess Festival so everyone in town tomorrow is going to wear their own masks and long dresses. It'd be really such a convenient excuse for people like us so we can all blend in with everyone without any citizens noticing us. It's that time to be just like everyone so this is the perfect for you both to go out and let loose out there. But for now, come on inside. We'd better go prepare your outfits for tomorrow."

Alex did not wait for him after he said those words and just left.

Staring up at the sky, Sebastian let out a deep breath. He was certain Izabelle would definitely love to go out there freely after all the days she had been kept cooped up inside the castle.

After taking a long time outside, Sebastian finally entered and found the trio gathered and continuing their discussion in the living room. Just as Alex had said, there were already boxes everywhere, containing outfits.

"Sebastian…" Elle smiled at him. "I've found something for you. I think this will look really good on you!" Her eyes sparkled as she spread out a royal blue robe for him to see. The festival was the time where women could dress up as the masked goddess and the men could wear long robes, representing the King who had stayed next to her in the legend.

"I wasn't able to use that a couple years ago as Abi suddenly decided to change outfits and I needed to match hers." Alex said as he looked at his wife.

"You're saying, outfits should match?" Sebastian asked.

"It's not a must of course."

Sebastian looked at Elle. "Where's yours?"

"Right here," Elle lifted the dress for him to see. It was also in a royal blue color.

Sebastian wordlessly took the robe from Elle and then sat next to her.

Alex, who was lazily sitting on the couch smirked in amusement.

"Now, let's make the masks. This one's the hardest part but we'll just recycle our previous masks for you guys to match with the colors.." Abi said and Elle joined her enthusiastically.

Abi decided to wear a silk face veil that covered up the lower half of her face and not one that was like the masquerade type.

"Which one would you like?" She asked Sebastian.

"I'm fine with anything." Was his answer, so Elle took the same-colored facial veil to try it on him.

"Let's try this one then." She said and carefully, she covered the lower half of his face with the veil, and then looked at him, only to pause at the realization that their faces were just inches apart.


Chapter 113 Slowly

Completely oblivious to the two pairs of eyes – silently screaming the word 'KISS' – that were surreptitiously glancing at them, Elle and Sebastian just held each other's gaze. Neither of them moved, nor looked away for an extended moment. It was as though the both of them had fallen into a spell and were frozen in time.

Anyone who would be looking at them in that moment would think that they would definitely kiss, even with the silk fabric that was now covering Sebastian's lower face. But seconds ticked by and nothing happened and neither Sebastian nor Izabelle moved.

Alexander, who was watching from the sidelines, began to grumble within his mind. 'Come on boy, kiss her already! What are you doing dragging your feet like this?!' He muttered wordlessly while Abi silently cheered like a reader rooting for her favorite ship to finally set sail. Her eyes were sparkling and it only made her already youthful face seem even younger looking.

That moment where a drum roll could already be heard in the background came. But just as they thought that the most awaited moment would finally happen, Sebastian suddenly spoke. "I don't think a face veil would suit me." It was as though the sound of glass cracking could be heard.

Alex rolled his eyes and face palmed. 'Good lord…' he muttered like a disappointed old man. And he was about to say something when Abi pulled at his sleeves silently.

When Abi gestured for him to follow her, Alex immediately understood what his wife wanted him to do. Though a little reluctant, he could only follow her obediently like a puppy towards the kitchen.

"Let's give them some space," Abi whispered to him when they reached the kitchen.

Alex sighed. "They're moving slower than I expected. I don't think even we moved this slowly." he continued grumbling.

"But there had already been really such a big improvement since their wedding day," Abi defended them with a pleased smile. "I'm really glad to see that Sebastian is really into Elle with my own two eyes."

"Well, you're right about that at least. There's definitely been a lot of improvement since then. But I still can't believe that the two looked like they were still about to have their first kiss."

"Hmm… now that you mention it..." Abi suddenly gasped, and pulled Alex to the corner and whispered in a very serious expression. "I just remembered… I think I've overheard from someone before that Sebby never kisses anyone... don't tell me, that really is true?!" Abigail's frown was deep and furrowed as she worried about this matter. Rubbing her forehead with her thumb and pointer, she shook her head.

Alex creased his brows as well upon seeing his wife frowning. He pursed his lips as he stroked his chin in contemplation, keeping silent for some time. But then his expression slowly changed. He looked as though something had dawned on him and now understanding shone in his eyes.

"I believe that what you heard must be true. That would be the only explanation behind his action a while ago. Sebby has traumas that he's hiding so perfectly and I'm afraid kissing might be one of his…" Alex trailed off at the sight of a sad and worried frown appearing across his wife's face.

"That's a bit…" Abi shook her head. "If they really have yet to kiss at all, I hope Sebastian has the decency to at least tell Elle about the reason why he is behaving this way."

"Let's hope he did." Alex pulled her into his embrace and consoled her as the couple continued chatting about Elle and Sebastian right in the dark corner of the kitchen.

Back in the living room, Elle was surprised to see that Abi and Alexander were no longer with them. When did they slip away from the living room? Did they already go upstairs?

Elle was glancing around to look for the wall clock to check the time, when she saw Abi's family picture hanging at one corner. She was dressed in a yellow gown while Alexander was wearing a black robe embroidered with a golden dragon. Alice was cradled in Alexander's arms and was also dressed In a mini version of Abi's dress while Alexis stood right in front of Abi, dressed in the mini version robe of his father's.

The picture exudes a happy sweet family aura that Elle absentmindedly smiled at the sight of it. She then noticed the masks that were sticking out from the sides of their heads and she was surprised that Alexander and Alexis had worn a mask that looked so cute. It was a mask that looked like the face of a cat that could cover the entire face!

Rising from her seat, Elle went to rummage through the boxes Alexander had brought from their attic. She was so focused while she dug through the boxes, searching for something, while Sebastian just continued watching her silently.

"Aha. I found it!" she exclaimed and grinned animatedly at Sebastian before returning to rummage through the big box again. She was completely oblivious to how Sebastian reacted when she flashed that grin at him.

"Perfect! I've found the perfect one for you." She exclaimed but she did not show him the mask.

Hiding it behind her, she rushed to him and almost literally threw herself next to him. "Let's have you try this on." She added and without waiting for any approval from him, she put the mask on him, without letting him see its front design.

Elle nodded pleasantly as she pulled her head away and looked at him from every angle. "Looks great on you! Let's go with this one then." She decided, looking ever so pleased. And Sebastian just nodded, not even surprised anymore that it did not even tick him off anymore that someone else was deciding on things for him. He used to never tolerate letting anyone make decisions for him no matter how small it may seem.

Chapter 114 Good Enough

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"I think I'll need to paint on it to make it look more unique." Elle said as she studied the mask that was made of plastic. The size was somehow a perfect fit for Sebastian and she really thought that it was cute. The design was similar to the face of a panther who might have been grumpy at the time. It honestly made her think of Sebastian when she saw it. She really wanted to burst out laughing when she thought of the comparison. However, she managed to hold it in.

Pressing her lips together to hide her smile, Elle moved the mask away and continued staring at it. Thinking of the colors and decorations that were on their outfits, Elle drew more inspiration from them. "I just need to paint some parts blue to match our outfits." She muttered to herself and then she rose from her seat and rummaged through the boxes again.

Sebastian continued watching Elle as she kept herself busy. She had found a paint brush and some royal blue paint and now she was so utterly focused on her task of painting his mask. She had not realized that she was enjoying it so much, she was even humming a cheerful tune softly. But Sebastian who had his attention fully on her, noticed every single thing she did.

He was silent and unmoving and… relaxed. He could feel his usual frown relaxing, his tender muscles letting go and his entire frame just loosen up as he sat there and watched her. He never thought that just sitting there and watching Izabelle just moving about, doing something she seemed to really enjoy, could even be this relaxing. It was unbelievable how he felt like he could just sit here all night just watching her putter around and carry out her tasks until the sun rises again.

Time passed so quickly and unnoticed before she stretched her neck to the sides. Lifting her hand to her shoulders, she massaged it a little. At first the right side, then the left side, just to loosen her tight muscles as she had been overly focused and bent over the mask that she had been decorating for the entire time. That made Sebastian think that she must be tired now.

Lifting his gaze to the clock, his brows creased at the sight of the hour hand hitting eleven. It was already so late. How did time run that fast?!

Looking at her again, Sebastian straightened and finally, he sprung from his seat and approached her.

He towered behind her and stared at the mask that she was still in the process of painting. She had even added some unique patterns on it.

Noticing him, Elle looked up at him and gave him a hesitant smile. "Does it look okay? Is it to your liking?" she asked. She seemed unsure if he would like the changes she had made. "Let me know if there's something you want to change."

"That's good enough." He replied. It did not look bad in his eyes. And to him, 'good enough' was the best compliment he could hand out, outside of the bed.

He saw her mouth pursed a little as she returned her gaze onto the mask. When she picked up her brush again, Sebastian spoke.

"It's late, Izabelle. It's time for you to rest. I'm sure you're tired. That's… already… more than enough."

"Really?" she looked up, looking a little doubtful.


She stared into his eyes for a moment before she looked down at the mask again and to his relief, she finally put the paint brush down.

"Alright. I'll just tidy all these up. You can go back to our room first for now, Sebastian. I'll be there as soon as I'm done cleaning up here." She said casually as she started tidying away the art supplies she used.

He did not speak anymore so Elle thought that he had quietly left. But when she turned, what greeted her sight was, him picking up the masks and putting them back into the box.

Elle stilled and stared at him.

Noticing her gaze, Sebastian lifted his eyes to her. And dear lord… Elle felt her heart skipped a beat again the moment their gazes met.

Forcing a smile, Elle took the initiative to break eye contact first and continued on with her tasks.

Soon, they finished tidying up everything. Sebastian carried their outfits while Elle carefully held the mask to let it dry in their room overnight.

The feeling in Elle's chest at the moment was… hard to explain. This was the very first time the two of them did something like this together.

"I'm really excited for tomorrow." Elle broke the silence as she hung their outfits on the wall of their room. She was honestly starting to feel a little conscious. Somehow, everything seemed different tonight. Was it because they were in someone else's house?

"Then come over now and sleep. Or you won't have any energy to enjoy the festivities to your heart's content tomorrow." He replied. He was already lying on the bed, patting the mattress on the side that she was supposed to be on.

Elle secretly took a deep breath and went to turn the lights off.

She then climbed on the bed and laid next to him. The silence dragged on and she forced herself to sleep as she lay there, unmoving like a tensed corpse. Lord… she could not relax at all. It was like this was the first time she was sleeping with him again.

Turning to her side, Elle shut her eyes tightly closed, praying that sleep would come to her as soon as possible. But unfortunately, it did not and her body only grew more awake.

To her shocked surprise, his hand slipped around her waist and he spooned against her. Her body went very still at what he did.

"I think you need my help for you to relax and fall asleep, Izabelle." He whispered gently right into her ear.

Chapter 115 Wise Old Man

The loud thudding of her heartbeats made Sebastian stay very still. Her reaction puzzled him and he did not like the way she became even tenser when he held her.

Why was she reacting this way? Did this mean that she was uncomfortable with him holding her like this?

Those questions that ran about in his mind had caused his expression to darken. He had started to become so conscious of her every reaction to him now, so unlike before. Even the littlest voluntary or involuntary movement of hers now no longer escapes his notice. And every little thing f**cking bothered him so much now.

"Tell me, Izabelle," he whispered, "am I making you uncomfortable?"

His question seemed to fluster her even more. That only caused his expression to become even darker.

"No…" she answered hesitantly but she immediately seemed to realize that he had managed to pick out the lie in her voice and therefore, added reluctantly, "just a little…."

"Why?" that one word was deep and full of curiosity.

"Because I'm still not really used to… this." Elle explained timidly, her hands helplessly gesturing in a vague manner that Sebastian could not quite figure out what she was trying to get across.

"This…??" he could only echo that word, prompting her to explain more so that he could understand.

"You and I haven't slept together in a bed that often… so… I can't help but be a little… nervous when you're here lying next to me. I just need some time to get used to it. I believe I'll get used to it quickly once we sleep together like this more often."

A short silence passed without Sebastian saying anything in response to her explanation.

"You really love playing around with me, Izabelle," he then said.

She moved to turn her head over her shoulder in surprise at his remark. "I'm not playing with…" her sentence got cut off as their eyes met.

"You refused to sleep with me and now you tell me we just need to sleep together more often –" Sebastian was getting confused. Why were her words so contradictory?

"Oh lord, Sebastian," Elle cut him off as she completely turned around and faced him. Her tone was full of disbelief. "I refused to have sex with you. That does not include just purely sleeping next to you. Those two things are totally not the same."

Sebastian was quiet again for a while. Elle could see that he was processing what she had just told him in his mind. It was dim as she had already turned the lights off and all she could see at the moment was his gleaming eyes.

"You're saying that you want us to sleep together more often. But… without sex…?" he sounded lost as he asked that, as though he could not even comprehend there was such a thing. And then he rolled over and laid onto his back, laughing exasperatedly. The sound of his disbelieving chuckle in the dark was so… it sent tingles down Elle's spines.

"You are asking for the impossible, Izabelle." He added and then he grumpily climbed off the bed.

"Where are you going –" Elle was flabbergasted at his sudden change of mood. This man's mood swings were even wilder compared to a woman's!

"Smoke." He cut her off. "Sleep while I'm outside. If you're still awake when I'm back, don't expect me to just lie next to you and literally sleep." Elle could sense a jab in his words there.

And then he was gone. Just like that. Leaving Elle speechless.

Sebastian was smoking outside when Alex appeared, holding a bottle of alcohol in one hand and two glasses dangling between his fingers.

A knowing grin had flashed across his face as he shoved the bottle and glasses onto Sebastian. "Hold these, I'll go grab the chairs."

Frowning hard, Sebastian could only drop his cigarette and ground his heel to put it out. Sighing, he stretched his hand out and held onto the things that Alex gave him.

Soon, the two of them were seated on the chairs that were facing the garden.

"What is it?" Sebastian did not beat around the bush, immediately getting to the main point. "Did you change your mind and came to talk to me about the plan now?"

"Nah…" Alex sighed and took a generous swig from his glass before he continued, "I just decided to get down here since you're here and looking all troubled and obviously in need of some tΓͺte-Γ -tΓͺte with a wise old man."

"Wise old man…" Sebastian shook his head before gulping down his drink.

"I know you don't like to talk about personal matters at all… just so like someone else that I know, but I'm telling you, talking things out really helps Sebby." Alex's tone turned serious as he spoke. When Sebastian did not say anything, he continued. "And Abi and I are really happy to know you and your wife are really doing great."

Sebastian gulped the rest of his wine in his glass down at Alex's last sentence.

"We noticed Elle is much more at ease and comfortable now compared to when you first had her meet the entire family." Alex added once again as Sebastian still kept his mouth shut. And again, his response to what Alex had said was to refill his glass and gulp down another mouthful.

Alex pressed his lips tightly together and subtly drank. "You both seemed to really adore and desire each other now."

Another hard gulp from Sebastian and Alex could no longer stop his chuckle. "Hey, easy there. At this rate, you'll get drunk before you could even say a single word."

Sebastian whipped his head to Alex. His gaze did not look dazed drunk but surprisingly sharp and pissed off as hell.

"Tell me, Alexander. What does it mean when your wife refused to have sex with you…" he trailed off and pressed the heel of his palm against his forehead. Fuck, he messed up. He knew Alexander brought out wine to loosen his tongue and make him talk. Yet… fuck it. He was really getting insane.