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Chapter 186 Fishing for answers

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An hour ago…

‘You want me to go alone and talk to him?’ Eve had asked Vincent earlier when they were still in the carriage, on their way to the Marshall’s mansion.

Vincent gave her a nod, ‘No man from high society will talk about the women they slept with, unless it is to gloat with like men, less bother to remember a specific one. Talking to him alone will give you a window of space and time to extract information. You know what to say. Don’t be direct.’

Eve had believed that Vincent would accompany her when she would meet Mr. Hart, but what Vincent told her made sense.

Vincent had questioned her, ‘Scared? Don’t worry, little girl, I will keep an eye.’

Back in the mansion where the guests were spread across the room and halls, Eve met the Inner Council member’s eyes. She offered him a sweet yet sultry smile, something she had never done before. When she offered her hand, Mr. Hart was quick to take it and kiss the back of her hand.

“A very good evening,” Mr. Hart greeted Eve with a smile while he looked at her. The man had trouble getting his eyes away from her, and he said, “I feel like I have seen you before, but at the same time I haven’t. I would have remembered noticing a beautiful lady like yourself.”

Eve felt a shudder in her heart, but she didn’t stop smiling. She said, “The world is small, we must have crossed paths some time before. Maybe in Hollow Valley?”

Mr. Hart gave a nod and replied, “That could be it! It’s a pity that we didn’t stop to speak.”

Though Mr. Hart was a relatively elderly-looking man, it didn’t stop his eyes from raking through Eve’s dress. Eve caught the man’s eyes moving from her neck before it paused on her bosom and then to her slender waist. Realising he had stared far too long at her, the man’s eyes quickly moved up to look into Eve’s eyes before a question appeared in his eyes,

“How do you know my name?”

Eve turned guarded and replied, “It would be a folly for a person to not know you.” She lowered her eyes before they looked up at the man, which held a delicateness enough to capture and divert Mr. Hart’s mind. “Every person in here knows you and the people who belong to the Inner Circle of the Council.”

Mr. Hart was beguiled by Eve’s beauty, as he hadn’t come across a woman this beautiful in a long time. He laughed at Eve’s words, “Of course, how could I doubt it. How can I help you?”

Eve looked around the place before she said, “Pardon me for interrupting you, and not introducing myself before. I am Genevieve.”

“What a lovely name, Lady Genevieve,” Mr. Hart remarked before asking her, “And does the lovely lady have a last name?”

“Just the name,” Eve stared right into the man’s eyes, having all his attention on her. Thanks to her luck, there weren’t many people where they stood, and no one came to interrupt them.

p?n?a (n??)??l? Mr. Hart’s eyes slightly widened, and Eve’s words were enough indication that she was someone’s companion for the night, a woman who earned her living this way. Eve had no trouble misleading the man, knowing he had taken enough alcohol and was already slightly intoxicated. She didn’t have to worry about him finding out her identity.

She remembered asking Vincent back in the carriage, ‘What if the plan doesn’t go accordingly?’

‘He has no reason to believe it to be a lie. I have had many women hang on my arm before kissing them goodbye. Just add me in the conversation,’ the vampire had wickedly smiled, letting her use her imagination.

Mr. Hart’s eyes went back to roam around Eve’s voluptuous body, and she cleared her throat,

“I came here with Mr. Moriarty, but I seem to have trouble finding him.”

Mr. Hart’s eyebrows raised and he asked, “Oh, Vincent Moriarty?”

“Yes,” replied Eve, and then she asked him, “Might you know where he is?” She put her weight on her left leg, which gave a little push on her waist for the man to fall into her spell.

Mr. Hart shrugged his shoulders, “He must be somewhere here. How about I help you look for him?” The man didn’t even bother to look for Vincent in the room, as if eager to get her away from others.

Eve smiled at Mr. Hart, knowing he was getting comfortable with her. She said,

“That would be very kind of you, Mr. Hart.”

On their way, her eyes looked for Vincent, and when she looked up, she noticed the devil standing on the floor above and watching her. One corner of his lips curled, and she then stepped out of the room with the member of the Inner Circle next to her. Seeing a servant with tray, Mr. Hart picked up two glasses of wine and offered it to Eve,

“The wine here is exquisite.”

Eve didn’t refuse, and she took it from the man. Just because she was holding it didn’t mean she had to drink it, she thought.

As they continued to walk, Mr. Hart said to her, “Only if I had met you sooner. You would have been kept in a better place. In fact, I will give you a little extra something, if you can give me something in return. I haven’t met a beauty like yourself,” he gave her a sleazy smile, and Eve’s stomach turned into knots.

Not because Eve thought she was going to be in trouble, but because she couldn’t believe that her mother had spent making a life for both of them through cheap men like this. Her heart broke further for her mother.

Taking the opportunity that Mr. Hart had opened with his words, Eve asked him, “I find your compliment hard to believe. Surely, you must have met many better looking women before me. At least one of them.”

“Definitely not, Genevieve,” Mr. Hart didn’t bother to give her any status. After all, women like her didn’t deserve one.

Eve smiled at Mr. Hart, “Vincent wouldn’t be pleased if he finds out about it.”

“He doesn’t have to know about it. Leaving you by yourself, it is his fault. You can make a few extra silver coins.” He downed the entire glass of wine in excitement

“You mean gold,” replied Eve, and Mr. Hart smiled at her.

“Whatever you want,” Mr. Hart and Eve were walking in the corridor, when she stopped walking. “Is everything alright?”

Eve was waiting for the alcohol to hit his senses much more. She wondered how to borrow time without going somewhere far. She said, “Shall we take a stroll in the garden?”

Mr. Hart couldn’t be happier by Eve’s words, assuming the young woman wanted the thrill amid the bushes.

He agreed, “Certainly.”

When they reached the garden, Mr. Hart had started to walk with a slight wobble. When the man looked in the other direction, Eve quickly threw her wine into the bushes. He said,

“The weather is just right for us. You will get your money once we return inside.”

Guests were scattered in the front side of the garden, taking a stroll. When another servant appeared with a tray of wine, Eve gauged Mr. Hart’s state before suggesting, “I don’t know why but I feel parched.” She picked up the two glasses and offered it to the man, “We didn’t cheer earlier.”

“How careless of me,” Mr. Hart answered, taking the glass from her. They clinked their glasses. The servant left their side to serve other guests. Eve brought the glass to her lips, tilting it enough to make it appear like she took a sip, then lowered the glass and saw the man had taken two sips from his glass. He blinked for a few seconds before saying, “Oh, my! I think I need to sit on the bench for a moment.”

“Anything you want to do, Mr. Hart,” came Eve’s sweet words, and they sat down on the bench.

Though Eve had maintained a distance, the man scooted closer to her. Before the effect of alcohol would lower in his body, she asked,

“Do you bring your companion for today’s soir??e?”

Mr. Hart smiled at Eve and said, “Looks like you want to be my companion.” Then he said, “I believe in having one woman for myself, it is so much better.”

“Women who don’t work for many but just one person?” Eve kept the tone of her voice to be pleasant. So far the man was answering her questions without questioning her back.

“Don’t worry about such things. I have never gone with women who have gone with the others, though I wouldn’t deny that a little flavourful change once in a while isn’t too bad,” Mr. Hart laughed softly.

“Do you remember the names of the women?” Eve was eager to get the answers, while the man was eager to get his hand on Eve’s body.

“Mm,” hummed the man, as if he was trying to keep his head from spinning, and he touched his head. “So many questions. If you came here by yourself, I would have thought that my wife sent you after me,” he laughed at the end of his words.

Eve didn’t stop smiling and placed her hand on the man’s arm, enough to bring his attention back to her questions. She said, “I would be saddened if you were to forget me. It is nice to remember people’s names.”

Mr. Hart gave it some thought before replying, “There were several women that I can barely remember, but you don’t have to worry. I won’t forget you.” By the state of his intoxicated mind, the man wouldn’t remember her or their conversation, thought Eve. “There was one. Rebecca.”


Chapter 187 Broken with a bite

Eve sighed internally, confirming that she had come to the right man, unlike the last time when she had chased Mr. Morris, who had nothing to do with her mother.

Sensing the young woman’s silence, Mr. Hart said, “Don’t be upset about it. I still think you are more beautiful than her and you are here.”

His words brought a question to her mind, and she asked, “If you don’t mind my question, Mr. Hart, what happened to her,” she continued to smile at him even though her jaws and cheeks had started to hurt.

“She turned her back on me. I got everything, and instead, she went to the next wealthy man,” spat Mr. Hart. As if Eve had opened a can of memories, the man continued, “She was in debt and was stuck in some dark corner of the alley.”


“She owed some people money. The more she offered her service to me, the better it was and easier to keep women like that close their mouths from talking about it,” Mr. Hart huffed. He leaned back, placing both his hands on the bench as if he was tired, while his eyes turned slightly droopy, yet he drank the rest of the wine from his glass. “I loved her, you know. I treated her right and wanted to marry her.”

Eve’s eyes widened on hearing this. She let the man continue to speak while staying quiet.

Mr. Hart stared at the bush in front of them while his eyes turned glassy because of the intoxication. Eve subtly turned to ensure they didn’t have anyone eavesdropping on their conversation. He said,

“She was the first woman I loved. I thought as she was still in debt, she would agree to marry me, but then I found out that she has a child,” Mr. Hart huffed in anger before shaking his head. He continued, “I came to see her every day, hoping she would change her mind. But she refused. She wanted more men’s manhood, than settling down. All of them just cannot get enough once they step into this line of work.”

Eve’s hands turned into fists, hearing the memories of her mother that was sullied. She wondered if her mother had refused because she was worried that someone would find her identity of being a mermaid. Not to mention, Mr. Hart would probably not think twice before selling her away as she wouldn’t be his blood if her mother did marry him.

“Who knows what happened to her. She must have moved towns,” said Mr. Hart, “I am feeling much better now,” and he stood up.

Eve stood with him and asked, “Do you know whom she last worked for?”

Mr. Hart almost lost his footing before he stood straight. The man’s eyebrows furrowed, and he said,

“I think it was William Parsons. The last I heard someone else asked Parsons to send her to them. Let me not bother you with such unnecessary details,” Mr. Hart rubbed his forehead as if his head was hurting from all the alcohol he had drank. He leaned towards Eve and was about to say something.

Someone tapped Mr. Hart’s shoulder, and the man turned his head. A fist flew at him, and the man fell to the ground.

“What was that for?” Eve asked Vincent in alarm, who checked his knuckles. “You hit a member of the Inner Circle.”

“Position and status means little to nothing to me and it looked like you wanted to hit him. I thought I would give you a little demonstration of how it should be done,” Vincent turned to look at Mr. Hart, unconscious now. “Relax, he won’t remember anything except for a throbbing headache when he wakes up.”

Eve nodded, “Do you know who William Parsons is?”

Vincent turned to Eve, “Yes. The man didn’t have many people visit him for his funeral.”

“He’s dead?” Eve asked in disbelief.

“You are a year late in trying to get to him,” Vincent looked around and said, “Let us get back inside and leave this man be. I am sure someone will be kind enough to send him back to his home.”

Eve looked at Mr. Hart’s unconscious body before she followed Vincent back inside the mansion. She tried to wrap her mind around the information, and she asked in a whisper,

“Did the man have a scar on his face?”

“Not that I remember of,” on hearing Vincent’s answer, Eve’s heart sank. “His wife is still alive, and one can always get answers from one means or another.”

Eve pursed her lips before she said, “But she won’t talk about her husband’s mistresses. Will she?”

“Nothing is ever easy, but I have my ways of getting answers,” Vincent then praised her, “You did far better than I thought you would. I could use you in my cases,” a grin appeared on his lips.

Mr. Hart’s words circulated in Eve’s head, and she wondered why her mother rejected the man when he claimed to be in love with her. Was she supposed to stay cautious like her too? To never be next to one who wasn’t of her kind… live a life of loneliness.

Before they reached the place, Eve’s eyes fell on Mr. Morris, who was with a young looking woman. The man glanced at her before going on his way with the woman.

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Music drifted in the air, played by the pianist and violinist in the room. Some of the guests danced on the floor, and seeing this, Vincent brought his hand in front of her. Eve stared into the vampire’s coppery-red eyes, who tilted his head with a crooked smile. Hesitantly, she placed her hand in his before being led to the dance floor.

Eve asked him, “Why doesn’t status or position not bother you?” Vincent used his other hand to guide her free hand to place it on his shoulder.

“Probably because I have nothing to fear about,” and Vincent’s hand circled her waist before bringing her to him.

A gasp escaped from Eve’s lips because he hadn’t pulled her gently towards him. He took a deep breath before confessing next to her ear,

“Biting you once has


Chapter 188 Other end of the deal

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Vincent dropped his hand from Eve’s waist and let go of her hand as if he was giving her an option, but at the same time, the vampire was cunning. Cunning because they both knew she had no choice.

“Where shall we go?” Asked the pureblooded vampire, with an untamed look in those coppery-red eyes, that made her heart tremble. “Somewhere quiet?” he teasingly asked her , like a mouse pawed by the clever cat.

Eve, who was used to keeping her heart quiet and stable, felt it beat slightly louder and faster than usual.

When Vincent turned to walk away from her, Eve was compelled to follow him as if in a trance that she didn’t know she had been placed minutes ago. And though he was the first one to leave the dance floor, unlike other proud vampires, he didn’t walk quickly. He let her catch up so she could walk next to him, even though he was prouder than most in the room.

The guests were busy talking to each other, while some noticed the attractive couple leave the room.

The host of the soiree, Mr. Marshall appeared on their way and spoke to Vincent, “Are you enjoying the soiree?” The man’s eyes fell on Eve, his eyes raking through her appearance and he ran his tongue across his fangs.

“Moderately,” replied Vincent.

Eve felt this man’s eyes a little more intrusive, and she instinctively moved closer to Vincent for his shelter.

“I have important business to attend to, excuse me,” Vincent offered a half smile. At the same time, he caught Eve’s wrist. This little action didn’t go unnoticed by the host, who quickly shifted to look at the pureblooded vampire.

panda nOvel.cO,m “I will see you later then,” Mr. Marshall smiled without looking at Eve again.

Vincent pulled Eve by her hand as they walked past the curious councilman, who turned from where he stood and looked at the couple until they disappeared at the end of the corridor.

The corridors were lit by torches of fire, while some places were lit with many candles that were far from the time exhausting themselves. The place they walked was deserted, with not even servants in sight. Only their soft footsteps could be heard on the carpeted floor.

The entire time, Vincent didn’t let go of her hand, as if she would disappear from his side. He also kept her close so that he could appease the thirst that had gone past his limit, where he couldn’t think straight anymore. He couldn’t restrain himself from having the delectable blood of the mermaid.

“Where are we going?” Came Eve’s breathy words.

“This mansion has many guest rooms, I believe you would prefer that?” Vincent turned to look at her, his dark eyes peering at her. He then revealed his inner thoughts, “Though drinking your blood here against the pillar would be far more exciting.”

Eve wondered what Vincent had on his mind, that he was taking her to a quieter place where no one would disturb him. She knew he would protect her from others, but at the same time, there was no one to protect her from himself. The look in his eyes was no less than the night when they had spent time in his Council office.

Finally, when they reached in front of the double doors of one of the rooms in the mansion, Vincent let go of her hand and turned the doorknobs. Eve brought her hand to her chest as if she had touched something hot and ran her fingers across her wrist, which he had been holding until now.

Vincent stepped inside the room and waited for her to get inside. He said, “Welcome to the dark side,” he stared at her with a smouldering look.

Eve met his eyes, and she felt a trickle of shiver run down her spine. She asked him, “Why didn’t you drink my blood in front of others?”

It was because earlier she had seen other vampires where most of them were, who had sunk their fangs into men or women, enjoying the blood as they drank. Vincent had bit her earlier, and he could have drank from her similarly instead of bringing her here.

A wicked smile appeared on Vincent’s lips, and he asked, “Scared that I might kill you and dispose of your body from the window? Precautions are necessary, aren’t they?”

Vincent was never straight with his answers and liked taunting her. He then asked her, “Does it matter?”

“No,” whispered Eve. She had signed her soul to him, and he would use it how he would deem it fit, thought Eve.

When Eve hesitantly stepped inside the room, her foot wobbled as the strap of her shoe came undone. She looked at the room, which contained—a bed, desk, couch, and fireplace which was cold, leaving the room dark if it weren’t for the moonlight passing through the windows.

Eve heard the key that was attached inside the room turn, that locked the doors of the room. Now it was just her and Vincent.

When she took a step forward, her shoe wobbled further, and she decided to look at it. But when she was about to bend and fix her shoe, she heard Vincent’s dominating words,

“Don’t touch it.”

Her hands hung in front of her, and she would have checked her shoe if it weren’t for the way Vincent looked at her. The smile on his face had disappeared, and there was a peculiar blankness that she found hard to comprehend and read the atmosphere.

Vincent sauntered towards where Eve stood.

He brought his right hand forward to use his index finger and placed it at the base of her neck. His eyes lingered on her slender neck, half covered by her high collar-neck gown. He guided and moved her backwards until her back hit the desk that was placed against the wall. She softly gasped, gulping the nervousness that had been building for quite some time now.

“It is time to transact the deal we have made, isn’t it?” he hummed

Vincent pulled his hand away from her neck, and for a moment, Eve wondered if he was going to sink his fangs into her neck. But he had other plans.

The pureblooded vampire reckoned that he should be rewarded for his self-restraint until this day, not to mention for going out of his way to help her.

Eve was taken aback when Vincent bowed his head and sat on his heels. She blinked for a moment before one of his hands slipped inside her dress to touch her ankle, the one with the shoe with a broken strap.

Vincent raised his head and looked at her. He remarked, “You should know never to make deals with the devil. He will pull out far more than what you can offer.”

“I knew what I was getting into,” replied Eve. Her chest heaved even though nothing had happened until now. But it was the tension that had built-up, that the vampire was trying to push her toward the edge that kept her on her toes.

“Let us see if you really do, little girl,” Vincent’s hand curled further on her ankle, staring into her eyes with sinful intentions.


Chapter 189 Pureblooded vampire’s addiction

Eve knew the dangers of associating with a vampire, and here she was dealing with a pureblooded vampire who had already tasted her blood. But she had never come across someone like him. But neither had Vincent.

There was something very sinister with the way he didn’t look away from her while he lifted her foot, removing the shoe that fell with a soft clatter.

Vincent said, “Did you know that a person’s blood tastes different in different places of the body? Some sweeter than the other spots.”

“The neck?” Eve asked, gripping the edge of the desk with her hands while goosebumps formed all over her skin.

“Second,” Vincent hummed in response. Eve was curious but at the same time, dreaded to ask what was the first place that tasted better. A small cunning smile appeared on his lips, and he said, “Pick one, view or without a view.”

“What is it?” Eve wondered if he was planning to drink her in the gallery of the room, but then he would have led her there, right? She wondered if this was some sort of trick question.

“I am being generous enough to give you an option. Answer it,” Vincent’s grip on her ankle tightened, and Eve felt her heart hitch. Generous would be letting her know what he was talking about. Turning impatient, the smile vanished and he offered, “I can pick one for you.”

Eve blurted, “View.”

She caught sight of Vincent’s fangs with a pleased expression on his face. He said,

“Don’t forget you picked it.” That was because you didn’t tell what it was about! Eve exclaimed in her mind.

Vincent gauged Eve’s reaction while he released her ankle, but not completely as he grazed her skin with the back of his fingers. While the pureblooded vampire was enjoying torturing his prey, on the other hand, Eve wondered if he was trying to seduce her by looking at her the way he did now, with his undivided attention.

Eve couldn’t deny that Vincent was an extremely good-looking man, and he knew it. Confidence exuded from him. She uttered,

“If you are going to drink, you might as well bite quickly and be done with it.”

Vincent chuckled, “How would that be fair to me now? You can’t hurry me, when I need to enjoy my meal.”

“Do you drink blood like this from others too?”

“No, but you are special,” he hummed.

He was playing with her! It reminded her of when she had taken her own time to eat a cake by finishing the cream first and then taking little bites from the sides so that it could last. Oh, dear, God!

When Vincent dropped his hand from her calf muscles, Eve let out a sigh. She knew he was playi—

“Hold it.”

Her shoe? Eve blinked at Vincent before her eyes fell on his hands, that had bunched her dress from the hem on one side until her thigh. His gaze was demanding, and her throat went dry.

“You were the one to pick it.”

“….” Eve didn’t know if she should feel lucky or unlucky for picking something she could see or curse her luck for ending up as a pureblooded vampire’s meal.

“Eve,” she heard her name roll out of Vincent’s lips with a slight rasp. The look in his eyes was intimidating, yet there was something fascinating about the darkness in there. It was clear that he would do it for her if she didn’t hold. Reluctantly, she held the fabric, exposing her leg but enough to cover her underwear.

What they were doing… it was way past to be called scandalous.

Vincent broke his gaze from her, and his eyes fell on the white stockings on Eve’s leg that rode up past her knee. This time it was Eve who couldn’t keep her eyes off him, knowing where he wanted to bite her. She quickly started preparing her mind, not knowing how painful the bite would be.

Once again Vincent grasped her ankle and lifted it to place it on his thigh, which was raised while his other leg’s knee touched the floor. She continued to grip one hand on the edge of the desk to keep herself from falling.

Vincent’s face moved closer to Eve’s exposed thigh. His breath fell across her skin that raised the temperature in the room. When his eyes snapped back to look at her, she quickly looked away from him, her cheeks burning bright red.

The next moment, Vincent sunk his fangs into the tender skin on the inside of her thigh and felt the sweet blood seep into his mouth, and a whimper escaped from Eve’s lips. It tasted far more euphoric than he had tasted from her earlier.

He was quickly becoming addicted to Eve, and unbeknownst to him, he had started to covet her. In an attempt to drink more, he sucked on her thigh, which only flipped Eve’s mind upside down.

Having never experienced any male’s touch, Eve’s thoughts started to scatter and spiral while being very aware of Vincent’s mouth on her skin. She had read books, but nothing could compete with what was happening between them in this room.

Vincent didn’t stop sucking her blood and did it slowly, just like he had told her. To enjoy every second of it.

In the world that they lived in, a vampire biting and drinking blood wasn’t a big deal. But the place where the demanding vampire was drinking her blood wasn’t something that could be easily explained.

He wanted her blood, and she gave it to him.

But only if things were that simple.

Vincent’s fierce eyes opened, meeting Eve’s eyes that looked slightly in daze, while he continued to drink from her. Blood rushed up her neck and her face. She started to feel hot and bit the inside of her cheek so that her knees wouldn’t give away. She could see why he was popular with women. His movements were seductive. From the touch of his fingers to his lips and how he looked, demanding the other person’s attention.

Eve clutched the fabric of her gown and the desk, feeling her body shudder. He then pulled his fangs away from her skin,

“Does it hurt?” His voice was slightly hoarse.

“No,” Eve whispered while wondering if she said yes, he would have stopped.

Vincent appeared to be in his rawest state. The man had his rough edges, but there were moments where Eve had glimpsed his twisted kindness.

His mouth widened before he took another bite on a new place on her thigh.

He was nowhere gentle when biting and taking what he wanted. He could hear her heart racing slightly louder than usual, and it was good to see that he could ruffle the calm and poised woman.

Amid Vincent feeding on Eve, she heard the voices of people outside the room. Someone tried to open the door. Turning slightly alarmed at the possibility of being found in this position, she looked at the door. But at the same time, he bit further into her skin, and she hissed.

“What was that for?!” Eve whispered with her eyes wide.

Vincent pulled his mouth away from her and responded, “I couldn’t resist.” He licked his lips and fangs.

He was drinking her blood… What was there to resist? Eve blinked at him.

Vincent lowered his head and ran his coarse tongue across the bite, which made Eve shudder. When he raised his head and looked at her, she caught sight of the devious smile on his lips.

Chapter 190 Catching Fever

Even though Eve and Vincent were surrounded by silence inside the closed room, they were in their own space. One was high from the euphoric blood he had drank. The other was left slightly hot because of the vampire’s biting and sucking on her skin.

Eve’s hand let go of her dress, and the fabric rolled and slid to crookedly fall. She was about to take her foot back, but Vincent stopped her. Her heart hitched, and he pointed out,

“Why is your little heart singing loudly today? Hm?”

“You bit me… What did you expect,” responded Eve.

“So it had nothing to do with me sucking on your skin?” Vincent taunted her, and he picked up her shoe from the ground. It seemed like he wanted to kill her today with embarrassment and not by drawing her blood, Eve said in her mind.

“No,” though Vincent was pulling the strings, Eve didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. But the vampire knew what her answer would be. Curious, she asked him, “In a week, how many people do you drink from?”

“Jealous already?” A grin cracked upon his lips, and Eve ground her teeth. “There’s no need to be worried, just three or four of them. Though thanks to you the other blood tastes like garbage.”

Eve watched Vincent pick her foot and help her wear her shoe. This action not only shocked her but it stirred something in her chest. She felt like a child, not expecting him to help her with something so minuscule. She protested,

“I can wear it.”

“Shh,” Vincent pulled the strap tight enough for Eve to jerk and smiled. He then said, “My mother would be very disappointed with me if I threw her teachings out of the window.”

Eve looked at him suspiciously and asked, “Do you follow all the words she taught you?” She pulled her foot away from him and gently placed it on the ground.

Vincent fixed the folded hem of her dress to the way it was before with a serious look on his face. Eve, who was not used to this side of him, continued to stare at him with a stunned look. He then stood up, towering in front of her, and he deadpanned,

“What a gullible woman. I have a selective way of using those teachings,” one corner of Vincent’s lips pulled. He questioned her, “Is this gentleman enough for you? Told you I would end up shocking people.”

This was about what they had spoken before they had stepped inside this mansion… And though it was about it, Eve was still startled. She realised, unlike other people, whose eyes were quick to fall on her bosom in the soiree, he had not made her uncomfortable by staring at it.

Vincent started to walk towards the room’s door, and when he reached, he unlocked it with the key for it to click. But instead of opening it, he turned and looked at her.

“I continue looking forward to working with you.”

Eve stared at him, watching him step out of the room, while she took a moment to clear her head. She then quickly followed him, not wanting to get lost in this huge mansion she wasn’t familiar with.

On returning to where the soiree was still taking place, some of the guests weren’t in the room as they had moved away from here like her and Vincent, while some to discuss things in private.

Eve accompanied Vincent while he spoke to some of the council members. Some who had witnessed him bite her neck earlier, didn’t let their eyes wander on her, knowing the pureblooded vampire wouldn’t stop from embarrassing them.

When the men stepped away to speak from the circle of people Eve and Vincent had joined, one elderly woman named Paige Porter leaned towards Eve and said, “It seems like Vincent has taken quite a liking towards you.”

Eve nervously laughed, “I wouldn’t say that. I am just accompanying him here.”

“Is that so? What a pity, and here I thought he found someone for himself,” said Lady Paige, and she looked at where her husband and Vincent stood talking to two other men. She said to Eve, “I knew his mother. Katherina.”

“Oh, you knew his mother,” Eve acknowledged the information, and the woman nodded.

“Well, yes, I did. She was a wonderful woman, but I knew the moment Eduard married her that it would be a hard marriage,” Lady Paige shook her head in disappointment because of how Katherina Moriarty had died. “She was a good woman. I have met her daughter Marceline and she seems to have turned fine,” Eve wondered how well the vampiress must have carried herself to have such a spotless image. The woman continued, “But the boy… he seems so closed off. What do you think?”

Eve’s eyes shifted from the older woman to look at Vincent. She said,

“Vincent has his perks,” and she smiled, leaving the elderly woman even more confused. While Eve was talking to the older woman, Lady Anaya appeared where they stood.

Lady Anaya interrupted, offering a polite bow to the women. She then turned to Eve and said, “I was worried thinking you left and we didn’t get to spend time together.”

“I went for a stroll around the mansion,” replied Eve, and Lady Anaya only smiled without being intrusive about Eve’s reply.

“Talking about stroll, my knees are hurting. I should go sit. Excuse me,” Lady Paige offered a slight bow and walked away from the two young women.

Lady Anaya said, “Noah has been busy talking to the council members, and I thought a company is always better, right?”

Eve nodded, “Yes, especially if it is a pleasant one.”

Lady Anaya smiled and they spoke about the soiree’s food and music. After a while, she looked around the place, and her eyes fell on Vincent. She said, “I must say, your employer is quite a handsome man. Especially with his silver hair.”

Eve looked at where Vincent stood, and replied, “It is a rare colour…”

“Right,” replied Lady Anaya, “I have never seen…” her voice faded for Eve.

As if sensing Eve’s gaze, Vincent turned to look at her and a faint smile appeared on his face. She remembered his lips on her thigh, sucking it. She unconsciously straightened her dress while her cheeks turned bright red. She quickly looked away.

Lady Anaya turned and noticed Eve’s face. In slight worry, she asked, “Do you have a fever, Ms. Barlow?”