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Chapter 463  Going Back to My Home (2)

The journey to Alvannia went without any problems. It was too peaceful that I cannot help but worry more. The enemy we faced in the Lycan's settlement and in Tarmac was one and the same. And to know that he could control these beasts, these monsters, gives me the chills.

"What are you thinking, my love?" Regaleon asked me.

"Oh… what?" I was startled. I was so deep in thought that I did not realize it.

"You were staring outside so deep in thought." Regaleon replied.

"Oh, it's just… I guess I am just being paranoid." I replied to him. "These three days seemed to be so peaceful that what happened in the Lycan's settlement and Tarmac seemed it did not happen.

"I know you are still feeling worried because of our two children." Regaleon said. "They are the ones being targeted, especially Alphonse."

I looked at my two children looking so excited while looking outside the carriage window. They are still babies going to their toddler years but they saw such carnage in the battles that just happened. Seeing them smile so happily made me smile as well. I just hope that these problems could be quickly solved and will not affect the way my babies grow up.

"Mama… mama…" Aerith called with such happiness in her face. "Papa… papa…" She was pointing to a direction.

I saw the gates of the capital getting nearer. At the distance, I saw soldiers on horses lined up as if waiting for someone. At the middle, I saw the two of the most important persons in my life. Grandpa Robert and Richard.

"He never lost his touch." Regaleon said. "The general really has a charm that kids could not resist." He smiled.

"Hehe… I know." I giggled. "He had that charm over me as well."

Grandpa Robert visited us not too long ago. He made a huge impression to the kids that they remembered him as a great grandpa that played with them every day.

"Papa… papa." Alphonse yelled out when we were near the gate. I giggled seeing how excited they were to see their papa as they call him.

The carriage stopped where they were waiting. Grandpa and Richard came down their horses and waited at the front of the carriage.

"It is time to relax and enjoy your stay here, Lili." Regaleon said. "You are surrounded by your loved ones. I am sure you are going to feel more safe with you're the general and your younger brother here."

"I will try." I replied to Regaleon.

William opened our carriage door and just outside were grandpa and Richard waiting for us. Just as the carriage door open, Alphonse and Aerith jumped out swiftly before we ever noticed.

"Papa… papa!" My two angels leaped out towards their Grandpa Robert.

 Fortunately, my grandpa was still strong as a horse. He was able to catch the two in his arms.

"Hahahaha… you little rascals." Grandpa Robert was chuckling loudly. "You gave your mother a freight."

"Hah…" I sighed in relief. "You can say that again grandpa. You two…. I felt my heart leaped out of my chest with your stunt." I looked at the two them with crunched eyebrows knowing that I did not approve of what they did.

"No need to scold them, Alicia." Grandpa Robert said. "I can catch them whenever they do such a stunt."

When grandpa stayed in our home for his visit, he played with them every day. It was a play were running and jumping is involved, they learned how to walk and run because of grandpa. I was always on edge when they play rough, but I was also at ease that my grandfather was always there to support them.

"Do not worry too much, my love." Regaleon said. "You know that they were able to walk and run at an earlier age than their peers, let alone do stunts like that. They can handle it." He smiled.

"You are spoiling them too much." I looked both at Grandpa Robert and Regaleon and sighed.

"I did not know that my niece and nephew were such a handle." Richard laughed. "Hi Alphonse and Aerith. I am your uncle Richard. It is nice to meet you."

The children were not so welcoming of Richard. They were at their guard with him. It was reasonable because it was their first time meeting him. Richard sighed and had a sad smile on his face.

"Do not out it to heart, Richard." I said. "This is you first meeting with them. I am sure they will come to love you while we are here." I patted his shoulder.

"Thanks Alicia." Richard smiled. "Well, I hope that your journey here from Tarmac was uneventful. I welcome your majesties here in the capital of Alvannia."

"Thank you, Richard." Regaleon replied.

"It has been a while since you have gone home to your childhood country, sister." Richard said to me. "You might be surprised with some changes here in the capital." He smiled.

"Well, it really has been a while." I smiled. "I cannot wait to see mother and father."

"Then let us escort your carriage to the palace." Richard smiled. "Let us not keep step mother and father waiting."

"Of course." Regaleon replied.

We get back on the carriage and started to make our way to the palace, my old home. I had mixed feelings seeing the palace again. I have no fond memories of the palace. It has seemed too huge for me when I was young. I had not many people I can trust back then.

I looked at the streets and was amazed about the small changes I see in the city. The city was bustling. I can see many stores that was no there before. There were also many commercial buildings that was newly built. The people in the city are all busy with their own businesses but they have a smile on their faces and were happy.

"The city looks more lively than before." I told Richard who is riding his horse by our carriage.

"I have worked so hard for it to be like this not only here but in every corner of Alvannia." Richard said with a proud smile on his face. "We are still far away from our original goal but we are doing what we can. Baby steps, as put it."

"Baby steps…" I repeated what my brother said. He has matured so much from the little boy I remember back then. "I am sure you can do it little brother." I gave him my utmost encouragement.

"Thank you, sister." Richard smiled.

I cannot but help remember my elder half sister Veronica. I have not heard any news about her since I left Alvannia.

"Richard…" I called out, reluctant to ask. I inhaled deeply and had the courage asking for our elder sister. "How is elder sister Veronica?" I asked at last.

Richard did not answer away but talked after a few seconds. It was like he was picking his words before answering me.

"Elder sister… she is doing fine." Richard replied looking at a distance. "She is different now, unlike her fiery self when we were young. I often visit her in her villa, but she seldom talks. She only sits and look outside like she is not there. Her husband though is a huge help to me. He stopped being a knight after marrying Veronica and helped me in politics."

"I see." I said. "I would like to meet her if possible."

"I doubt she will talk to you…" Richard said. "But if you like, you can visit her in her villa. It is that one."

Richard pointed to a villa around the corner from where we are passing. It was a modest villa that I did not imagine Veronica would live.

"Why is she not lining at the palace grounds?" I asked.

"Her doctor advised she live outside the palace." Richard said. "The doctor said that it would be better for her to live where there are no memories that would stress her. You know that there are many memories we have in the palace, specially with Elizabeth. Veronica's bond with her was something we could not imagine."

Richard is right. Their sisterly bond was something special that thy can only understand.

We traveled for a while and then saw the gates of the palace. Once inside, I see mother and father waiting for us at the entrance door.

When we stopped and the carriage door was open, the twins first get out and then ran towards my mother.

"Grama…" Alphonse and Aerith shouted.

"Oh, my beautiful grandchildren." My mother said while hugging the twins in her arms.

"Grama, miss you." Aerith said.

"Oh, baby girl, I missed you too." My mother smiled.

My mother and father often travel around the continent. They have gone to our home for many times that the twins know their grandmother well.

"Mother." I went and hug her after the twins let her go.

"My daughter." Mother hugged me back. "I am happy that you are safe."

"Mother-in-law." Regaleon greeted.

"I am so happy that you arrived all in one piece." Mother said.

"Yes. Many things happened that we did not expect." Regaleon replied.

"Mother." I called. "We have many questions we want to ask."

"I know. I figured something was off with what happened." Mother replied. "Your questions can wait for later. Rest for a while and then we will have dinner. After that, tell me anything you want to ask."

"Thank you, mother." I replied.

Regaleon was right. I felt safe with my loved ones surrounding me. I think I can finally rest after what happened to us in the Lycan's settlement and Tarmac.

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