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Chapter 91

When Eve stepped back on the dance floor with Noah, a few more couples joined to dance along with them, while the ones dancing earlier stepped out to mingle with the guests.?

Every sound of the music played resonated on the strong walls of the ballroom. This being her second time, she was less daunted from the few eyes that stared at her. Also because the crowd on the dance floor partially hid them.?

“Pardon me if I am not upto the mark in dancing, I am not well versed in it like the rest of them,” Noah was polite in his words and manner as he and Eve continued to dance.?

Eve looked surprised and said, “I thought learning to dance was something mandatory in elite families. Is it because it doesn’t interest you?” She curiously looked at him.?

“Something like that,” for a moment, Noah looked away from her, and Eve wondered if he was embarrassed by it. “I told Lady Marceline when she asked me if I wouldn’t ask her for a dance. She insisted on teaching me.”

Eve didn’t know if she was supposed to be relieved that it wasn’t Noah who asked Lady Marceline to ask or that the vampiress asked him. She replied, “I think you are dancing perfectly well, Noah. You haven’t stamped my feet and neither have I,” she smiled, receiving a smile back from him.?

“Do you like to dance, Genevieve?” Questioned Noah as they continued dancing to the music played in the background. “You seem to be enjoying it.”

“Eugene and I often like to dance when we attend town gatherings. The music there is less sophisticated one unlike here,” answered Eve, and Noah nodded to her in understanding.?

“That sounds delightful. Maybe one day I will attend it,” stated Noah with a calm expression.

“I am sure the townsfolk would be overjoyed if they see you attending it. It is not every day a Duke comes to attend such small gatherings in the town,” replied Eve, feeling him hold her hand delicately.?

In height, Noah was as tall as Vincent, and Eve had to crane her head a little compared to when she was dancing with Vincent as he had taken full leverage when dancing with her. She cleared her throat, and Noah raised his eyebrows. She shook her head with a smile.?

“How are you finding the ball so far? Enjoying it?” Questioned Noah, and Eve gave it some thought before her eyes looked left and right at the couples dancing next to them. “Bad?”?

Eve smiled, and her eyes lowered to fall on the lapel of his coat. She said, “No, it isn’t that it is bad. It has been eventful so far. What about you?” She returned the question to him.?

“Better than I thought it would be,” responded Noah, and after a pause, he said, “It seems like you get along well with your employer.”

“Ah, yes. Mr. Moriarty,” Eve nodded, not sure if Vincent and she really got along. “He’s a decent person, compared to most of the people.”

“Yes, it appears to be so. Not every employer takes his employee to the dance floor,” Noah’s eyes were fixed on hers. Eve pondered over his words, but the next moment he said, “It is good to get along with people, especially when you are passionate about being a governess and working in the mansion. But be careful.”

Eve’s eyebrows furrowed, and she asked, “Why do you say that?”?

“You are a dear person to me, I would be upset if something were to happen to you,” Noah looked straight into Eve’s eyes, that brought blood rushing up to her cheeks. “I am guessing that we are allowed to worry about each other?”?

His words only led her to believe that she was special to him.?

She stared into his eyes, questions in them, while Noah offered his polite smile.?

Even though Eve knew him longer than she knew Vincent, there was a little distance from how they moved on the dance floor. She wasn’t sure if the distance

Chapter 92

Noticing Eve leave the ballroom with her face completely flushed, Marceline said to her company of vampiresses with a sweet smile,?

“Excuse me, ladies, I need to go and check on the gift that I have arranged for my mother. I hope all of you are looking forward to it.”

“We loved the gift that you presented your father last year. We can barely wait for it anymore to see what you have arranged this time, Lady Marceline,” said one of the vampiresses.?

“It will be here within a short time and it will be worth the wait,” replied Marceline, and she turned away before stepping out of the ballroom. She wondered if Eve was leaving, but then she noticed the human’s gown disappear on the far left corridor. Seems like she was going to the powder room to freshen up.?

Eve had reached the grand powder room of the Moriarty mansion. Stepping inside the room, she heard the door close. Walking toward the oval-shaped mirror, she stared into her reflection. Mrs. Russo’s gown was breathtaking.?

“I want to bury myself,” Eve muttered to herself while standing in the deserted powder room.”The next time you see him act normal,” she told herself while nodding.?

How could she forget that she wasn’t fortunate when it came to matters concerning feelings? Not to mention, she was just a governess and he was a Duke. And while Eve’s mind raced through, the door to the powder room opened.?

“May I?” Came the sweet voice from Lady Marceline.

“Of course, Lady Marceline,” replied Eve, and she put on a polite smile.?

Eve made her dress proper, smoothening the front, while the vampiress entered the room and the door closed behind her. She couldn’t help but think that even though Noah told her that it was Lady Marceline who had asked him for a dance, that it was possible that he found the lady to be a far more better fit for him than Eve herself.?

“You have danced wonderfully well, Ms. Barlow. Most of the people including me could barely look away from you, especially that gown,” complimented Marceline, walking from behind like a ghost sweeping across the ground with less movement. She came to stand in front of the oval mirror now. “Where did you learn to dance like that?”

Hearing the vampiress’s words, Eve wondered if she had caught Noah leaning towards her face before changing his mind. She responded, “I learned it from my coachman, milady. We picked it up by looking at others.”

“How interesting. To think that people don’t actually need classes to learn such things,” the sweet smile and the calm expression on Marceline’s face didn’t leave. “I hope you are enjoying your time here. After all, I invited you so that a governess as yourself needs a break from the usual mundane life.”

Eve offered a bow, “Thank you for your kind gesture by inviting me to such a grand ball, Lady Marceline.”

Marceline offered a slight nod, and she said, “I am glad that we two were able to catch each other alone here without anyone eavesdropping on our conversation. I absolutely despise such women. How about you, Ms. Barlow?”?

Eve wasn’t sure if this was a trick question, and Marceline tried to ease her by saying,?

“You don’t have to think too much in my presence. Feel free to talk with me, Ms. Barlow. We appear to be around the same age, not to mention my shoes fit you perfectly well. It would only be right that we appear to be sister-like, don’t you think so?” She let out a girlish laugh, making the vampiress appear naive and carefree.?

“People have strange hobbies, Lady Marceline. It would be hard to question it,” Eve replied vaguely.? 𝑓𝒓e𝑒wπ‘’π’ƒπ‘›π’π˜ƒβ„―π™‘. c𝚘m

“You are right. It would be wrong to judge people,” murmured Marceline with a subtle frown on her face. “As I was saying earlier, the Duke is a handsome man. What more do you know about him?”?

“He’s a humble man, who doesn’t use his position with his status of being a Duke. He comes by Meadow to take a look around the condition, and we run past each other. He’s not boastful or shows off to people,” Eve replied to the vampiress’ curiosity briefly.?

“That’s the exact kind of man I was looking for! How strange that I have met someone of my match,” Marceline placed her hand on her chest in disbelief. “Someone who is humble and not boastful. Someone who is kind, and can match my character. What do you think?”

“Milady?” Asked Eve, not knowing what Marceline actually intended.?

“Do you think Noah and I are suitable? You are his friend, so you would know about him better, wouldn’t you? Thankfully it didn’t seem like he had his eyes on anyone,” Marceline said in a soft voice and then added, “Secretly we have been stealing gazes from afar, and I cannot tell how glad I am that he’s here.”

Eve nodded, “If you both are meant to be, I don’t see why not,” she softly laughed.?

Marceline’s eyes fell on Eve’s hem, and she said, “Oh, it looks like there’s a crinkle in your dress,” and she stepped in front of Eve. Before Eve could bend, the vampiress surprised Eve by bending down to fix her gown.?

“Lady Marceline, you don’t have to do that! I can do that myself,” protested Eve because a woman of Lady Marceline’s stature never bent in front of someone like her.?

“Oh, hush now,” Marceline raised her head from where she sat while her hands held the hem of Eve’s gown. She said, “Did you think those were empty words that I spoke of earlier? I really do cons

Chapter 93

Reaching the ballroom, Eve smoothened the front of her dress which was already perfect. She wondered what would happen if she were to leave the ball right now by saying she was unwell, but she doubted it would go well with Lady Annalise. But she was no coward to run away from here.

Stepping back into the room, which was filled with creatures apart from humans, her eyes quickly looked for Noah. Unable to find him in the room, she wondered if he had perhaps already left the mansion.

��Milady,�� a man came to stand in front of Eve. Bowing his head, he courteously asked, ��I am Henry, the Earl��s son. May I be graced to have a dance with you?��

The man was polite, and Eve didn��t find a reason to refuse as she was still busily looking for Noah. She gave him a nod, and together they walked to the dance floor.?

As time passed, the glass piece that Eve had stepped on didn��t leave her side and continued to stick at the bottom of her shoe. Though the shoes she wore were in better condition than the pair Marceline had handed down to Eve, it was still a shoe and not a metal to prevent the glass from making its way through the base with every step.

A couple of times, Eve lost her balance on the dance floor, and her dancing partner quickly supported her by her waist. He said,?

��It seems like your legs have turned weak, milady. Is it because of me?�� the man asked unabashedly.?

Eve wondered if her shoes had turned tight, which is why she felt discomfort in one of them. She wanted to check her shoes, but it was challenging when she was at the centre of everyone��s gaze.?

��I must be tired from dancing before. Forgive me, if you don��t mind I would like to rest my feet now,�� Eve was polite with her words, and the man was quick to comply.?

��Of course, milady. Let me arrange a chair for you to sit, so that you can have some rest,�� offered the man, wanting to woo Eve, as she was the most beautiful woman in this room and having her next by his side was nothing less than winning against other men in the room.?

��You do not have to worry about it. I will be just fine and have the servant bring me a chair to sit on,�� Eve said to the man, who was reluctant to leave her side. She wanted to keep a distance when it came to the vampires in this room. She didn��t want to draw any more attention than she already had this evening.?

The man then picked up Eve��s hand, kissing the back of her hand, he said, ��As short as it was, I had a wonderful time dancing with you, milady. May I know your name?��?

��Gen Barlow,�� Eve replied, and the man nodded.?

��I will see you later, Lady Gen. If you don��t have a carriage toa�����

��I have my personal carriage that is waiting outside for me. But thank you for your concern,�� added Eve, and noticing the young woman smile, the vampire smiled back. She offered him a slight bow and started to walk away from there until she reached one of the walls in the ballroom.?

The music continued to play, and Eve subtly tried to remove her shoe. But the gown she wore didn��t make it easy as it had many layers, and she had to pull it up.?

Noticing no one looking at her, Eve clutched the side of her dress while she had taken a corner to stand. Ready to raise her feet, she only ended up being interrupted. And this time, it was the man at whom she had mistakenly thrown her lunchbox.?

��I went away from Skellington on some business and came to see that my nephew has increased your wage,�� remarked Charles, who walked towards her with an empty glass in his hand.?

Eve quickly straightened her back and offered a polite bow to Lady Annalise��s younger brother.?

��What was your name again?�� He questioned with a look of unrefined intentions appearing in his eyes as he continued staring at her.?

��Barlowa�|�� replied Eve.?

��Just Barlow?�� Charles questioned, smiling at her.?

��Genevieve Barlow,�� replied Eve, and she heard the man hum.?

Charles raised his glass to his lips to take a sip and realised there was no more wine in it. Watching his behaviour, Eve guessed that this vampire was drunk. He turned to a servant, waving his hand.?

When the servant came to stand next to them, Charles questioned the male servant, ��What is this?��?

The servant looked confused and cautiously replied, ��W-wine glass, sire?��?


Charles��s action left Eve as well as the servant shocked. Charles said,?

��I know this is a wine glass, do you take me to be stupid? Why is it that you haven��t bothered to fill the glass in my hand and had me carry the empty glass?��?

��I-I am s-sorry, Sire,�� stuttered the servant, whose right cheek turned red after being slapped by the vampire and Eve��s eyebrows furrowed. The servant quickly took the empty glass and handed a glass of wine to the vampire.?

Charles, who was intoxicated, unsteadily went to take the glass. Though the servant offered the glass with utmost care while making sure his hand didn��t touch the vampire��s hand, it was considered a sin for a lower-class person to touch a person who belonged to the higher society. The vampire didn��t take the glass, leading to the glass falling on the floor and breaking.

The wine splattered on the ground, and the glass broke into pieces, one of which slipped near Eve��s feet.?


This time the sound of the slap resonated louder and clearer than before. The servant covered his hand over his burning cheek.?

��How hard is it for you just to give me a glass? Did you want me to catch it? Are you trying to humiliate me?�� Questioned a drunk Charles, who glared at the servant now.?

The servant quickly shook his head in fear. He bowed and apologised, ��I didn��t mean to do it. Please, forgive my mistake!��?

The nearby guests stared at the little scene, clicking their tongues in disdain at the servant��s lack of discipline in work.?

Eve said, ��It was a mistake.��?

Charles turned to look at the human governess. He said to her, ��You should feel lucky for looking pretty today. He tried to better me, it is only right that I show him where he belongs.��

Eve didn��t like the way the servant was being treated. She said, ��Please let him go. He won��t repeat it.��

The vampire stared at Eve and agreed, ��I will let him go.�� The servant and Eve turned relieved, but then Charles ordered the servant, ��Lick it.��

��S-sire?�� The servant asked.?

��Lick the wine from the floor and I will consider forgiving you,�� Charles said with a smirk.?

The servant looked back and forth before slowly getting down on his knees in fear. He lowered his head, while his hands shook and his lips trembled.?
Chapter 94

The people from the high society didn��t show mercy to people below them. Sometimes not even to their people. Men and women, some even children, were consumed with arrogance, ego, pride, and lack of humanity. Eve couldn��t believe the way the servant was being humiliated in front of the guests and nobody objected to it.?

��Stop,�� Eve interrupted the servant before he could lick the wine off the floor, holding small glass pieces.?

Some of the guests looking at the little entertainment turned annoyed and looked at Eve. Seeing how the human wore an expensive gown and looked prettier than most women, it didn��t occur to them that she was a woman below their status. Else, they would have slit her neck before drinking her dry.?

But Charles, who knew who Eve was, glared at her and said, ��It seems like you want to be punished by taking the servant��s place. Did you forget what this lowly thing has done?��?

��I am not comfortable seeing people drink or eat from the floor,�� Eve coyly smiled, quickly making up a reason, and she placed her hand on Charles��s arm. She continued, ��I think there are far severe punishments for this servant to try to damage your image. How about we do it later?�� She proposed.

��Let us do it now,�� Charles insisted before smiling back at Eve. ��I didn��t know you had better plans and were thinking in my favour.��

Eve smiled while internally feeling her skin prickle when the vampire leaned toward her. She wanted to buy time so the servant wouldn��t die from choking on a glass piece.?

��You never dropped the glass and it was the servant who dropped the glass. Why wouldn��t I, Mr. Gallagher.��?

Lady Aubrey had once advised Evea���sometimes to escape and throw mud into someone��s eyes to turn them blind, one had to sometimes even praise that person no matter how much of an idiot they were.?

Charles glared at the helpless servant with his red eyes and ordered him, ��Clean this up and meet us outside. Quick,�� who weakly murmured a ��yes, sire�� while still on his knees and staring at the spilled red wine. The guests looked away from them, returning to what they were doing earlier. The servant offered a quick look of thank you to Eve when Charles was not looking at her.

In the meantime, another guest, who was a considerably elderly-looking man appeared in front of them. Charles greeted the man, ��Good evening, Holden,�� he stretched his hand forward, and the man shook his hand with Charles��s hand.?

��Good evening, Charles. Looks like the servant made a little mess,�� the elderly man looked at the servant, who was quickly cleaning the spilt wine, picking up the glass pieces, and putting them on the tray. ��The servants are dim when it comes to working efficiently, aren��t they?��

��Tell me about it,�� said Charles, picking up another wine glass from another tray and starting to drink.?

Eve wondered how many glasses of wine Charles drank that he was now intoxicated unless the wine served here was different and was made especially for vampires to get drunk on. At the same thought, her eyes moved to look at the guests, searching for Rosetta. For the last one hour, she hadn��t seen the vampiress.?

The older man was a human, who was talking to Charles, his eyes fell on Eve, but he didn��t speak to her. When her eyes did meet his, she offered him a small bow, and Charles introduced them, ��Holden, meet my little niece��s governess.��

��Governess?�� The man named Holden raised his eyebrows, and Charles smiled.?

��Yes, a governess. Surprising, isn��t it? To find a woman from Meadow who turns into a governess. And I was sure that every woman living there is fit to only warm the bed and a quick drink,�� chuckled Charles. Eve didn��t find it funny and replied,

��Forgive me for my forwardness but women are far more capable than just warming a man��s bed, Mr. Gallagher, especially when opportunity presents them to thrive better. For example, a woman turns into a mother who gives birth and provides nourishment and love. She��s the giver of life. A daughter will help in the chores to reduce the burden of the family. A wife will make food for her family,�� stated Eve, and her words caught the elderly man��s attention as he hadn��t expected her to speak.?

But Charles only laughed at Eve��s words and said, ��I think you forget that it is the man who works outside and provides everything to his family.��

��What is the point of bringing raw rice if it isn��t going to be cooked? I think we can all agree that women are as important as men are,�� Eve replied calmly, making it hard for Charles to argue. ��There are many girls who would want a life more than what they already have. But they cannot because they either don��t have money or they aren��t given the opportunity to think.��

��You speak as if all women want to turn themselves into a governess, Genevieve. The next you will tell that they want to join the high council,�� snorted Charles, getting more drunk with every sip of wine he drank from the glass.?

��My aunt was a governess who was supportive, and it allowed me to choose what I want to become,�� replied Eve. Before Charles could think of snapping her neck, the drunk vampire went in search of another glass of wine, leaving her alone with the older man��s company.

Eve looked at the people in the ballroom, as she quietly stood. When she moved to the side, she felt something poke the sole of her feet. She was glad that Lady Annalise��s brother was drunk, this way he would hopefully not remember what transpired when he would come to his full sense.?

��How surprising,�� murmured the elderly man, and Eve turned to look at him. He said, ��I was sure you came from a different background and didn��t expect you to be a governess.��?

Eve understood the older man��s words on what he meant.?

Holden��s eyebrows furrowed before he said, ��Forgive me for my rudeness, but it is just that I thought you resemble someone whom I knew from many years ago.��

��Someone you knew?�� questioned Eve. Compared to most of the guests, she found this person to be considerably better in nature.

The man nodded.?

��Yes. She was a beautiful woman. It was many years ago. When she walked, a lot of them turned their heads to look at her. Just like you did, which is why I even remembered it,�� he laughed and said, ��A very elegant and poised woman for being aa�|�� he tried to find a better word, and Eve helped him,?

��To accompany people?��?

The elderly man laughed, ��Right, to accompany. These days it is hard to find words as I keep forgetting them.�� He then asked, ��Where was I? Ah, yes, the woman. Earlier, when I saw you dancing with Eduard��s son, I thought you resembled this woman. She had brown or black hair though, and black eyes. One that shined. I am a married man, so I never thought to talk to her ever. You know how it is in our society, to known and exchange words with people who are even lower than the lower-class,�� his last words were a whisper to Eve.?

Hearing the older man say that a woman resembled her, Eve��s throat went dry. Though plenty of women had dark hair and black eyes, she knew only one woman closely with that description. But her mother was a maid, said Eve in her mind.

Pursing her lips, she asked him softly, ��If I may ask, do you know what her name was?��

��Let me remember. Hm,�� the older man hummed, trying to remember the woman��s name, and after a few seconds passed, he said, ��Sadly with time, I seem to have forgotten about her. Not that I knew her well, but if I remember her name, I will tell you. It was good talking to you and your views. Excuse me now,�� said the man before walking away from there.?

Eve wondered if the person who resembled her might have been her mother. Her mother accompanied men of the higher society?? 

No, that wasn��t possible, thought Eve to herself. The older man must have spoken about someone else.

Chapter 95

Music recommendation: You told him- Nathan Barr

Away from the ballroom and in the back garden of the Moriarty mansion, Rosetta Hooke sat on a bench with a tray next to her. The tray contained seven glasses, which were all empty, and she held the eighth glass in her hand.

“Life is so sad,” Rosetta said to no one in particular as no one was near her. She watched a few guests who had entered the garden, taking a stroll away from her. “If only Aunt Camille didn’t put a condition that I attend the ball here if I want to stay with her,” she grumbled.

The vampiress let out a loud sigh and raised the wine glass to her lips before gulping down the entire wine. She said, “How could father send me here to this horrible mansion and think I would sacrifice myself to a terrible family who sacrifices their first bride? Am I not important to him anymore?!” She questioned in frustration and made sniffing noises.

One of the vampires, who was passing by, noticed her in distress and asked her, “Are you alright, milady?”

Rosetta raised her head to meet the person’s eyes, who was blurry in her eyes. She snapped, “Do you think I look alright to you? I should sacrifice you in the fire and see how you would like that, you foolish man!”

The vampire was more than appalled by the vampiress’s behavior and huffed, “I was only trying to help you.”

Another woman quickly came beside the vampire’s side and whispered, “Don’t you know who she is? It is better to leave her be. She can get truly annoying.”

“I can tell,” replied the vampire, while Rosetta glared at the two of them.

“What are you both whispering about? What ? Were you rats in your previous life? Or do you think I am deaf?!” But the couple had already left, not wanting to be in the drunk vampiress’s company. “Nobody wants me,” her voice lowered and her eyes turned moist.

She turned the glass in her hand, noticing she needed a refill, but there was no servant here. She said, “Bad family and terrible service to the guests. If I were the queen I would dismiss the privilege of holding a ball in here. Did everyone disappear?” she hiccuped.

Rosetta stood up from her bench, and when she was on her feet, her head spun because of the amount of alcohol she had consumed. She asked, “Is it an earthquake? It is the time of Armageddon, where it is me between… Wait, where is the door?”

The vampiress finally found the back door of the Moriarty mansion, ready to go in and meet her best friend Eve.

She had finally found a friend and would like to spend some time with her in this awful ball. But when she continued walking, Rosetta caught sight of the silver-haired man, and her flushed face turned pale.

When Vincent’s eyes met hers, her eyes widened.

Rosetta’s lips parted, moving inaudibly before turning and quickly stepping out of the mansion.

“Maybe I can spend time with her later,” Rosetta walked around the mansion from outside, through the garden before coming to stand in front of the mansion. “I was saved,” she dabbed her handkerchief on her forehead, “I am the daughter of the Marquess! I am not scared of anyone,” she harrumphed, but then she turned around to make sure the man didn’t follow her, not knowing Vincent was least bothered with her.

While a drunk Rosetta stood in front of the mansion, Mr. Humphrey, who was waiting for Eve to step out of the mansion, caught the words ‘Marquess’ daughter’, and he turned and saw the fine-looking woman, who was in a drunken state.

Though Mr. Humphrey had his eyes on Genevieve, he didn’t see why he should stop himself from gaining favours from this young woman from a high-status family. After all, there was no harm in befriending her. With that thought, he decided to walk up to the woman and asked her,

“Milady, do you need any help? My carriage is waiting right there.”

“What are you doing here then?” Questioned a drunk Rosetta, and she closed her eyes to focus.

Mr. Humphrey noticed the woman’s plight and took one step closer to the woman and said, “I think you misunderstood me, beautiful lady. I was just walking by, when I saw you are not doing okay. Is there anything I can help you with?” He asked her. 𝗳reπžπ“Œeπš‹n૦ѡ𝗲l. co𝐦

Rosetta opened her eyes to look into the human’s eyes and demanded, “I want a drink. Go get me one now.”

Mr. Humphrey nodded. The drunker the vampiress got, the better for him. He said, “Let me order the servant to get one for you once he comes here.”

“You want me to wait? Go get it,” ordered a spoiled Rosetta, who didn’t care whom she was talking to. She gave him a look.

“Ha ha, I am not the servant, but I shall find him—”

“How useless. I don’t know why people ask if they want to help when they can’t,” Rosetta muttered.

Mr. Humphrey didn’t want to upset the Marquess daughter, and he complied, “Please sit here, while I go and get you a glass of drink, milady.”

“Quick, I don’t have all night to wait,” Rosetta crossed her arms. Mr. Humphrey quickly dashed inside the mansion.

Mr. Humphrey couldn’t believe what he was doing this night at the ball, when he was supposed to be dancing with Eve. First, he was demoted to a position of a servant in the eyes of the high-class guests, and now he was fetching a drink for the young woman like a servant would. But that was alright. These were little sacrifices for a brighter future.

Getting inside the ballroom, he stealthily picked up a glass of wine, making sure he wouldn’t be caught by Vincent Moriarty. He stepped out of the mansion with the glass of wine for the Marquess’ daughter.

“Milady?” Mr. Humphrey called the woman, only to notice the woman had disappeared from where he had last left her. “Milady, I brought your drink,” he said while searching for her.

He walked to the guard who stood at the front and demanded, “Where is the woman, who was standing here a while ago? Where did she go?”

The guard answered, “She walked outside the main gates.”

“… she left?!”

Rosetta now walked on the streets after stepping outside the main gates of the Moriarty mansion.

She squinted her eyes, looking at the line of carriages parked in and around the mansion. Where was her coachman? The young miss didn’t remember which was her carriage, less see one with her drunken state.

She grumbled, “I told the coachman to wait for me right outside the carriage… Don’t tell me he went somewhere thinking I was going to be here until the end of the ball.”

She continued to look at the carriages. At the same time, a vampire crept up behind her, who thought Rosetta was a human. With the amount of perfume sprinkled on her, it made it hard for the vampire to identify if she was a human or a vampire or another kind.