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Chapter 96

Rosetta was still searching for her carriage, squinting her eyes and widening it when she heard something rustle behind her, and she turned back.Γ‚

The vampire behind Rosetta, who was actually a coachman, who had been hoping to get a sip from the possible human, seeing her his eyes went wide. Rosetta’s eyes narrowed in disgust, and she demanded,Γ‚

“What do you think you are doing, stepping in my breathing space?”Γ‚

“M-milady,” the vampire quickly took a couple of steps backwards and bowed. “I thought you were lost.”

The young vampiress stared at the person for a few seconds, and the lowly coachman continued to bow, waiting for the woman to speak. The coachman was sure that this vampiress would inform his employer and throw him from his work. When he finally raised his head, she said,Γ‚

“I don’t want to see one more person in front of me. Get as far as you can or I will stab you with a fork and pull out your eyeballs from your eye sockets.”

The coachman quickly scurried away from there, and Rosetta stared at the person before she was left alone. She started to walk, while unable to keep a straight line. Her feet had turned clumsy, but the vampiress did her best to continue walking.Γ‚

Today she would get back home walking!Γ‚

“Then I will let father know how capable I am and that I don’t need him telling what to do!” Rosetta placed her hand on her chest as if declaring to the world the biggest feat in her life. But even after she walked for ten minutes, strangely she didn’t reach Aunt Camillie’s house. “Don’t tell me I ended up in another town,” her eyebrows furrowed because it felt like an eternity had passed since she had started to walk.

After another two minutes, Rosetta gave up, leaning back against the carriage next to her with a light thud.Γ‚

“My head hurts so much. The world is turning faster around me,” murmured the vampiress, and she then said, “Maybe Aunt Camille’s coachman will come and find me. I shall just wait here.”

Rosetta was exhausted, and she wanted to rest. She was also feeling odd in her throat. Suddenly the carriage she was leaning against opened its door, and a man stepped out of it.Γ‚

The person was none other than Eugene, the coach and the servant of Dawson’s family. He had parked the carriage away from most of the other carriages that belonged to the elite families. He was taking a nap when he heard something collide with the carriage. For a moment, he had believed it was Eve who had returned after finishing attending the ball. But it was another woman. A vampiress.Γ‚

“Why are you both talking to me at the same time?” Questioned Rosetta, her eyebrows furrowing deeply. “Twins sure look similar like a mirror, don’t they?”Γ‚

Eugene took a small whiff and he smelt alcohol. He politely asked her, “Do you need help, miss?”Γ‚

Tired of the entire ball and how she had been hiding and was treated by the people of her society, Rosetta broke into tears, “AHHHHHHH!”

The little sleep in Eugene’s body jolted out after hearing the vampiress cry. He looked left and right to make sure there was no one to catch him here. He asked her, “Are you lost? Here, take this,” he said, pulling his old handkerchief and offering it to her.Γ‚

But Rosetta only cried harder at the kind gesture before saying, “People w-who offer kerch-kerchiefs are kind. I am lost-aaaaaah!”

“Why don’t I take you back home if it’s nearby? Or maybe take you back to the Moriarty mansion,” Eugene tried to hush her before people would come and beat him up on the thought that he had done something to this woman for the way she was crying.Γ‚

Rosetta shook her head and blew her nose in the kerchief she was offered.

“Why not? Surely, it wouldn’t be right to have you stand outside by yourself at the time of night,” stated Eugene, wondering if any of the coachmen from other carriages would show up to know who she was.Γ‚

The vampiress then said, “I am not sure where my home is,” and sniffled before continuing to cry. “I thought I would be happy in this town, but life is hard here too,” she then said, “I am able to see so many things twice in number.”

Eugene was torn on what to do. Going back to sit inside the carriage would be rude, and standing outside with the young lady would only cause more problems. The lady did look slightly problematic. Perhaps he would wait for Miss Eve to return, and maybe she would know this woman, he thought.Γ‚

Rosetta moved to the other side of the carriage, fanning her face with her hand, and complained, “I feel very strange and hot.”

“Why don’t I get you some water to drink?” Offered Eugene, and at that very moment, the vampiress threw up on the side of the street, where there was a tree. He went to pull out the water bottle from the carriage and returned to Rosetta’s side, patting her back after two seconds. “All done,” he said.Γ‚

Once Rosetta was done throwing up, she wiped her mouth with the sleeves of her expensive gown. Still intoxicated with the glasses of alcohol she had drunk, she was touched by the man’s kind gesture, who didn’t look at her in disgust, but he was a coachman.Γ‚

“Why don’t you drink some water? You will feel better, miss,” Eugene offered his water bottle, and without a word, Rosetta took it and drank until the very last drop.Γ‚

She turned red when she realised she had emptied the entire water.Γ‚

Instead of saying ‘thank you’, the vampiress said, “I finished it,” as she was not used to thanking people. She was brought up with the thought that everyone who didn’t belong to her class was beneath her.Γ‚

Eugene didn’t mind the lady’s words, and he took back the water bottle from her, “Do you need some more? I can go and fetch some more water if you need.”

Rosetta shook her head like a child, “I am fineΓ’€¦” Her head hadn’t stopped spinning, and she placed her hand on the tree’s bark. “You must be shocked to see a woman of my status throwing up in the street. How shameful.” She whimpered, realising her pitiful condition.

“I do not pay attention to such unimportant things, milady. You do not have to worry about it,” Eugene consoled her, but this only made Rosetta bawl, and she sat down.Γ‚

“Of course, you wouldn’t pay any attention to me. Nobody pays attention to me,” Rosetta blew her nose again with Eugene’s handkerchief.Γ‚

Eugene made sure the Skellington guard wouldn’t arrest him. That is, if the guard thought that he was harassing the vampiress. He tried to calm her and said,Γ‚

“I don’t know why one wouldn’t, milady. You seem like a good person,” and Rosetta turned to him and verified,

“I am?”

“Very much so,” responded Eugene.Γ‚

The vampiress took a deep breath and replied with a solemn look, “I know.”
Chapter 97

Music Recommendation: The War Room- Trevor Morris

In the Moriarty mansion’s ballroom, Eve stood in one corner, looking at the guests who continued to mingle with each other. The number of people looking at her earlier had reduced as if the word had spread about where she came from and who she was, leaving her to herself.

When the music played in the room stopped, the room turned quiet once again. Everyone turned to look at what was the next entertainment event going to take place here.

Eve noticed Lady Marceline step forward and stand in her floral dress at the centre of the room. She had a sweet smile on her lips, and the expression on her face was pleasant, with a hint of excitement in her eyes.

Marceline didn’t speak immediately and patiently waited until she had every single person’s attention in this room on herself. She then spoke,

“It is time to bring my present which I personally handpicked for my dear mother Annalise. As all of you know, it has been kept a secret until now so that all of you can enjoy it to the fullest. And when I say this, I mean you will enjoy every bit of it,” the vampiress continued to smile while looking at her guests.

She then turned to look at one of the servants, nodding her head as if silently giving him the order to bring her precious gift to the ballroom. The young vampiress continued,

“Mother Annalise has been the most beloved person to me and my siblings. In teaching us what elegance means, along with the importance of our pureblood line of being one of the prominent standing families in existence. Thanks to her, the emptiness that I experienced many years ago was filled by her. I wouldn’t be the way I am, if it wasn’t for her and my father.”

Lady Annalise, who heard this, her chin tipped up in pride for being praised, and she fondly smiled back at Marceline.

“I couldn’t ask for a better daughter,” Lady Annalise replied, as the vampiress felt Marceline listened and obliged to her words better than her own daughter, who still had a lot to learn when it came to how to behave like a person from a high-class family.

The guests in the room turned curious, wondering if it was a piece of rare jewellery that Marceline was gifting to Lady Annalise. Eve couldn’t help but be curious like the others, wondering what the lady was gifting. As she came from a humble place, during occasions such as birthdays Eve and her current family cooked for each other and went on picnics. The last time, she had gifted Aunt Aubrey a hairpin and Eugene a pair of socks.

Eve remembered her mother preparing a special porridge on her birthdays and adding meat. She clung to some memories, refusing to let go of it and keep it close to her heart as she could.

As she recollected the memories with a faint smile on her face, subconsciously, she shifted her weight from one foot to another, and when she did that, she felt her soul slip out of her body with the sharp prick she felt under her sole.

The feeling was worse than a needle.

With every guest hanging on to what Lady Marceline was speaking, Eve lifted one side of her dress and raised her feet to look at it.

Though it wasn’t clear, something shone when the candle’s light fell on it. It was then she realized it was a piece of glass that she must have stepped on when Charles had not caught the wine glass.

“Everybody, please move to the side!” Mr. Walker requested the guests so that the gift could be brought in without the guests being in the way. Two more guards appeared next to Mr. Walker, ensuring the guests stepped away from the centre of the room.

All the guests started to move to the side, and Eve didn’t have a choice except follow the others by moving to the side. But with every step, she felt the glass piece prick her sole harder making her hands clench. Her nails dug into the palms of her hands because of the pain she felt.

Eve wanted to leave the ballroom, but it would only attract unwanted attention to her as all the guests were staring at the ballroom’s double doors. She would need to wait for the guests to be occupied with what Lady Marceline had to show them before slipping out of here. She decided to take her shoes off her foot and maybe hide the shoes in her dress while walking bare feet. But when she removed her shoe, she winced and noticed blood on it.

She stared at it. She couldn’t pick up her shoe to remove the glass piece in the middle of the crowd.

This was something Eve had not expected.

It was the worst that could happen to her in a room full of vampires. Slipping her foot back in her shoe while closing her eyes, she bit her lip as she felt her skin rip. Taking deep breaths, she decided to stay in one place, and once she would find an opportunity, she would escape from here, she thought to herself.

Suddenly the ballroom’s double doors opened wide, and four men entered the room, carrying a large wooden box.

“What do you think is in there?”

“Lady Marceline must have got something very eye-catching, especially if it is this big, I can only anticipate what it might be.”

“Do you think it is Lady Annalise’s statue?”

The guests continued to guess while the four men carried the box under Mr. Walker’s instructions. It was carefully placed next to where Marceline stood.

In the meantime, Eve, who was in pain because of the glass piece piercing through her shoe, noticed a drop of her blood on the floor. Her eyes widened, realising it must have fallen when she pulled her foot out of the shoe to look at it. She dropped her handkerchief on the floor, noticing the cloth absorbing the blood.

But before she could pick it, someone else did it for her. It was one of the men she had earlier danced with.

The man looked at her handkerchief, and Eve felt her heartbeat quicken. Anxiety and panic started to surface in her body, thinking the man would smell the scent of blood.

“You dropped this,” said the man, handing it to Eve. She bowed and quickly took it from him.

“Thank you,” Eve whispered, where she could feel her heartbeat ringing in her ear drums.

“No problem, milady.”

The man stepped away from her as he wanted to look at what Lady Marceline wanted to show everyone.

Eve wondered if it was because of the perfume sprinkled on everyone’s body, along with the aroma of food and drinks in the air, that made it difficult for one to catch the scent of her blood. After all, the scent of a mermaid’s blood was no different from a human’s, and the taste was the only difference.

When Eve turned to look at the double doors shut, her face turned pale. She tried to calm herself so that she could think straight. But with the panic running in her mind, it was hard to stay focused.

Lady Marceline announced, “It is time to open mother’s grand gift, a gift not many can afford to get their hands on.”

The vampiress snapped her fingers, and Mr. Walker’s men unbound the ropes holding the wooden sides around the box.
Chapter 98

The excitement in the ballroom started to build, with guests murmuring to each other in a hushed manner. On the other hand, Eve felt fear trickling down her spine. All this time, she had been careful never to have a single drop of her blood fall when in a crowd.?

She had felt something poke, but she had only believed it to be her feet behaving funny like it usually did. How long was she supposed to stay here before she could dash out of here, Eve asked herself.?

��Are you ready?�� Marceline asked the guests while the servants held the four sides of the wooden box. At her command, the four wooden slabs around the box were removed and silence filled the room.

Eve was ready to slip out of the room, but seeing the gift that Lady Marceline brought, her throat went dry and her face turned pale.?

Most of the guests stared at the yellow-tailed mermaid with awe. The mermaid was placed in a glass case, surrounded by half-filled water. The helpless and frightened mermaid moved to one side of the glass. The mermaid was too scared to say anything.?

��Oh my!�� Lady Annalise exclaimed in surprise. She took slow steps towards the glass case. ��Where did you find her?!�� She asked Marceline, unable to look away from the mermaid inside the glass case.?

Marceline was more than pleased to receive the reactions from Annalise and the guests. She replied, ��I had to put in a lot of effort to find the right person with connections before handing in a lump sum of gold. Finally after a lot of waiting, I was able to get my hands on this precious thing and brought it here.��

The guests�� mouths started to salivate at the thought of tasting the mermaid��s heavenly blood touching their tongues. Though the women and gentlemen behaved properly, their eyes looked at the mermaid hungrily.?

��I asked for a vial of the mermaid blood, but you brought a whole mermaid,�� Lady Annalise was in slight shock as she hadn��t expected a fantastic gift like this. The woman finally laughed in glee before turning to look at Marceline. ��I should have known, you always do your best, Marceline.��

��I wouldn��t give anything less to you as a gift, mother. I knew this would impress you the most,�� Marceline answered like a dutiful daughter in front of people.?

Lady Annalise stepped closer to Marceline and hugged. She kissed one side of her cheek, ��Your gift has more than just impressed me, dear.��

Eduard Moriarty was as impressed as his wife, as in recent years finding a mermaid wasn��t easy. Most of the mermaids lived far away and didn��t let themselves be captured by the people on the lands. He praised his daughter,?

��You have outdone me and the rest of the people in this room with your gift, Marceline. Finding a mermaid in such weather, you must have been looking for one for a very long time.��

Marceline sweetly smiled and bowed, ��I have, father. It wasn��t easy to get one, but alas, my dedication in looking for one didn��t stop and here we are.��

Eve stared at the mermaid with wide eyes like others, except that she was scared for the mermaid��s life, unlike the others in the room who wanted to sink their fangs and tear the mermaid apart. Seeing her kind in the glass case helpless, it squeezed her heart. She wanted to help the mermaid to escape from here.

But right now, it was impossible because if she tried something, she would be the second mermaid to be put on a display.?

Her hands turned into fists, and her eyebrows furrowed while she clenched her teeth in worry, not knowing what would happen to the mermaid.?

Maybe there wouldn��t have been anything to be terrified about if a mermaid was only kept in the glass case of water. But the creatures present in this room were ruthless.?

One of the female guests asked, ��Is the mermaid for a showcase? Or only a little blood of hers will be drawn out from her body every day?��?

Marceline turned to the woman and answered, ��That will purely depend on what my mother wants and pleases her. It is her gift after all.��

The young vampiress enjoyed the attention she received from everyone right now. She looked at some of the guests, who looked pitiful in her eyes as they didn��t have what she and her family owned.?

In the crowd, Eve stood at the back, trying hard to calm her breathing. When one of the guests stepped backwards, she moved backwards so the person wouldn��t collide with her. In an effort to move, it only made her condition worse. The glass piece now had moved further upward, sticking to the sole of her flesh.?

With the mermaid in front of Eve��s eyes, she didn��t realize that blood had started to drip in her shoe from her injured foot.

��I would like to see the mermaid closely. Bring her out,�� ordered Lady Annalise. ��A little bite to know how good the mermaid��s blood tastes.��

Hearing Lady Annalise��s words, Eve��s eyes snapped back to look at the front.

Soon two of the servants stepped forward and pulled out the struggling mermaid. She was placed on a table for everyone to see more clearly without the water surrounding her. The servants held the mermaid so that she wouldn��t move.?

Lady Annalise ordered, ��Someone get a knife and a glass for me,�� and soon, a servant came with it. But the lady didn��t take the knife, wanting the servant to cut it.?

��She looks young and tender. You wouldn��t mind if I have a scale or two from her, would you?�� One of the guests was bold enough to ask, as he couldn��t resist the sight of the mermaid. He wasn��t a vampire but a werewolf and his golden eyes glowed.?

As the man was an important person in high society, Lady Annalise agreed, ��Of course, two scales can be offered to you as a treat,�� she smiled.?

The man stepped forward, walking towards the mermaid and standing next to her. Lady Annalise turned to the servant who held the knife, but the werewolf waved his hand and said, ��That won��t be needed, milady.�� 

The man leaned forward, admiring the delicious delicacy of food placed in front of him. The mermaid tried to move away, but there was nowhere to go as her predators surrounded her. The werewolf��s hand shot near the mermaid��s tail, sliding his hand downwards before moving it upward.?

He then suddenly pushed one of the mermaid��s scales harshly, and the mermaid screamed in agony,


The mermaid��s scream echoed through the ballroom, and the creatures stood there unaffected. Instead, they enjoyed the sight of it, while Eve felt her heart ache for being unable to do anything. She wanted to reach out to the mermaid, and when she took two steps forward, the glass piece in her shoe reminded her not to.?

With every guest��s eyes concentrated on the mermaid on display, no one had seen the floor near where Eve stooda�| which had traces of her blood dripping from her shoe.?
Chapter 99

The mermaid screamed in agony, her voice echoing and reverberating on the walls of the closed ballroom.

The second scale had been mercilessly plucked from her body by the werewolf, and he ran his hand on the slimy scales before putting them in his mouth. He closed his eyes, enjoying the taste of the mermaid.

“Absolutely delicious,” the man licked his lips clean to remove any residue on his lips. When he opened his eyes, his eyes continued to glow. There was a hunger in eyes that would be sated only by having a bite, as the taste of the two scales had only evoked his appetite. He turned to Lady Annalise and politely stated, “I am not someone who likes to eat leftovers, but if you have no use for this one once you draw the last drop of blood from her body, I would be more than pleased to accept her when you are done with this one.”

Hearing the werewolf’s words, the other werewolves who were in the room tried to sway Lady Annalise by putting forward their request,

“I would be more than willing to give you something in return to the mermaid’s body, Lady Annalise. Anything that you wish to have, from jewels to acquiring ownership of lands. I am sure my wife and the rest of my family would be more than happy to know how the mermaid’s flesh tastes as it has been quite some time since we have caught one.”

Marceline softly chuckled, and she raised her hands. She said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to hold your horses. We can discuss this later, but right now let my mother take a sip from the mermaid.”

The guests nodded, waiting for Lady Annalise to take a sip, while the mermaid looked terrified. Right now, not only was she away from her loving family, but she was amid creatures who now hovered around her and wanted to harm her.

On the other hand, Eve couldn’t see the mermaid being tortured in front of her eyes. It was as if her hands were tied, and she could do nothing but watch the cruelness of the people who belonged to the elites. She tried to move away from the scene because she doubted she would be able to witness the mermaid being hurt further.

The creatures here, be it the vampires, werewolves or the wealthy humans, were all barbaric.

She couldn’t believe that it was only a few hours ago she had come to stand near the box, inside which was the mermaid that Lady Marceline had arranged. And if she knew it then, she would have done something to save the mermaid and hide her somewhere until she was safe and back in the sea where she rightfully belonged. Thinking this, she gritted her teeth in frustration of how she could have changed the fate of this mermaid if only she knew.

Eve wondered if it was because she was one of them, which was why it affected her and not the others in the room. The way the humans slaughtered animals for meat… similarly the vampires and werewolves slaughtered mermaids as their food. It was a food cycle, and her kind were nowhere safe.

When one of the male servants came near the mermaid with a knife in his hand, the mermaid looked back and forth between the person and the sharp knife he held. The mermaid shook her head to protest from being hurt. Soon her eyes welled up because she knew she was going to be hurt.

Some of the guests continued to anticipate, hoping that after Lady Annalise was done taking a sip from the mermaid, they would get an opportunity to drink the water creature’s blood, as well as a few others who wanted to have at least the mermaid’s fin. The predators patiently waited for their turn.

During that time, Eve continued to move away from the crowd, dragging her feet and ensuring not to put pressure on her injured foot while calming her breathing.

While some of the guests’ heartbeats had increased out of excitement, Eve’s heartbeat mixed with them which continued to beat out of pure trickling fear that climbed through every second now.

Eve stopped for a moment so that she wouldn’t bring attention to herself. She knew the consequences she would have to face if she were to reach the ballroom closed doors when everyone here was focused on Lady Marceline’s ‘gift’. If she was able to escape from here, it would be a miracle where she was lucky, but if she were to be caught, there was no guarantee of what could happen next.

She paused and looked at every guest around her, and her eyes reached where Lady Annalise, Senior Mr. Moriarty, and Charles stood near the mermaid with Marceline pleasantly smiling. Next to Lady Annalise stood Miss Allie, who looked at the mermaid in awe and who was in the making of enjoying a mermaid’s blood as the sweetest delicacy.

With every beat of Eve’s heart that ticked like a clock that neared the time she was going to be exposed, her eyes continued roaming in the room. Her blue eyes then fell on her employer, who stood with his butler on the other side talking, that she couldn’t catch because of the distance between them.

Alfie asked his Master, “I thought it was a sculpture of Lady Annalise when the box was placed in the room. It must have taken Lady Marceline quite a lot of will to not take a bite and leave it untouched, isn’t it, Master?”

“If she took a bite it would not let her show other people what she found and is gifting. My dear sister knows better than anyone how important it is when it comes to forming an image,” responded Vincent, watching the mermaid struggle on the table.

The butler nodded but then heard his Master say, “But it doesn’t look like she did a very good job finding a quality mermaid.”

“No?” Alfie turned to look at Vincent in question.

“First comes the tears, then comes the pearls. But this mermaid’s pearls aren’t of high quality. You will see soon,” remarked Vincent when a few pearls bounced on the table and fell to the floor. 
At that very moment, Vincent felt someone’s gaze on him and turned to see who it was.

Chapter 100

When Vincent��s eyes snapped to look at Eve, she was quick to look away and at the front, unsure if her employer had caught her looking at him. She didn��t move her eyes for many seconds, feeling the vampire continue to look at her. But it was hard not to look back, and when she did, their eyes met before she quickly looked at the mermaid.

Eve continued to count the seconds passing as if the minutes in her life right now were numbered and could stop at any moment. She had to leave right now, but without getting caught. The original floor, which was clean and white, appeared to look beige because of the reflection of light coming from the candles burning in the ballroom.?

Vincent watched Eve with a curious expression. His ears singled out the sound of her heartbeat, which raced faster than the rest of the people��s heartbeats. She looked paler than usual.?

��Master Vincent, how does a mermaid��s blood taste?�� Alfie, who belonged to the lower-class vampire, had never been fortunate enough to sink his fangs into a mermaid��s body until now. Even if he did come across it, it was only a vial or two of mermaid��s blood.?

��The texture of a mermaid��s blood is smoother than a human��s blood like you cannot stop at one sip. It has an element called Riber, which a mermaid��s body produces and gives a delicate flavor, making it taste divine like you have never had anything like it before,�� Vincent explained to his butler. At the same time, his eyes keenly continued to watch Eve.?

He was going to look back at where his family stood when he noticed blood smeared near the ground.?

Alfie said with a nod, ��That sounds delicious.��

��Delicious indeed,�� hummed Vincent, and he said to Alfie, ��There��s something I need you to do.��

��Yes, Master Vincent?�� the butler was ready to follow the command, and he leaned his head closer to Vincent.?

Back where Eve stood, the pain in her foot was turning unbearable, and if it weren��t for the mermaid at the front, whose life was in danger, Eve would have been feeling far worse pain. She heard two guests in front of her speak within themselves,?

��Do you sense it?�� Questioned the woman, whose diamond earrings sparkling in the light.?

��What?�� The man next to the woman turned in question.?

The woman��s eyes were fixed on the mermaid in front of them, and she said, ��It is as if I can smell the delicate blood of the mermaid from here. It makes my mouth water.�� She then ran her tongue across her fangs.?

Eve softly gulped, and when she looked down at the floor below her, she noticed drops of uneven blood which disappeared under her dress. She held the front of her dress with trembling hands before lifting it and saw the blood seeping out from her injured foot.?

��Maybe we can find one too,�� replied the man in a hushed whisper, ��I heard that long ago a few mermaids, mermans and the sirens had once come to live on these lands before some of them returned to the sea and some were caught. Who knows if there are a few more left and have been hiding?��?

��The thought sure sounds intriguing,�� replied the woman with a smile. She said, ��Seems like the Moriarty��s have evoked the hunger in everyone to find and have a mermaid for themselves now.��

��Mhmm,�� hummed the man, who then took a deep breath and said, ��You are right, it does feel like I can smell the mermaid��s blood. The mermaids have the ability to awake a scent no other can. The most exquisite taste one can come upon.��

A shiver ran down Eve��s back as she knew there was no way she could remove the shard of glass from her shoe. She was left with only one way. That was dashing out of doors and bolting away from the mansion. But that would also mean she would have to take Aunt Aubrey and Eugene with her before fleeing as far as they could.?

Eve turned to look at the double doors, which now looked farther than what she had hoped or thought.?

Dread hung above her head. If she stayed here, she would be caught. If she was going to dash towards the door, she would still be caught as she would be the only one appearing to be uninterested in a mermaid, thought Eve.

She was about to move from there when her body collided with someone. She winced harder when she went to turn and see what or who she had collided with.?

��What are you doing painting the floor red?�� Vincent questioned her while slightly leaning his head and said the word such that it was only for her to hear.?

Eve��s eyes widened like it had never before, and goosebumps of fear rose on her skin. Vincent stepped aside and came to stand beside her, tall and proud. Her lips trembled while she clutched her dress tightly.?

The mermaid on display cried, and more pearls fell on the floor when the servant cut the mermaid and collected her blood for the lady to drink.?

Before Eve could form any word in panic, she heard Vincent say, ��Now is the time to leave, Ms. Barlow. Unless you plan to diea�|�� he turned and looked straight into her scared blue eyes. ��Then you owe me your life.��

Eve��s blood ran cold, knowing Vincent had spotted the blood spots and drops trailing on the ground, which came from her. But he hadn��t tasted the blood from the ground to know what she was. At the moment, no reputable guest from the elite family would lick the blood from the ground when they could drink blood from clean glasses. But the blood came from hera�|

��Can you walk?�� Vincent questioned her, his eyes looking at the place where Eve stood.?

The pain level she felt in her foot was too high to comprehend anything said to her or in the room. His fingers wrapped around her wrist and he said, ��Let��s hope you can.��