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Chapter 101

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Eve stared into Vincent��s dark red eyes, that now stared right back at her. When the mermaid on display cried out in pain when another cut was made on her wrist to draw some more blood, Eve tore her eyes away from Vincent and looked at the mermaid in pain.?

She felt her hand pulled by Vincent, making their way towards the closed double doors of the ballroom. She stared at the back of his head while being able to hear her heartbeats drumming in her ears. Every step she took felt nothing less than her soul being shredded because of the glass piece that moved further into the sole of her foot.

Eve��s blood continued to drip on the clean marble floor. When they reached the double doors, which felt like an eternity had passed, Vincent and she paused.?

��M-master Vincent,�� Eve whispered his name.?

��Do not speak a word,�� Vincent ordered, and his eyes moved to look at where his family stood. His eyes met Marceline, who looked at him and Eve with slightly narrowed eyes.?

Marceline looked at them with suspicion because she had brought a splendid gift that appeased every person��s eyes and other senses. She had believed that there could be no one who could look or walk away from something so rare and magnificent.?

The vampiress couldn��t believe her brother was leaving the ballroom abruptly, and that too with none other than the lowly governess, the woman who had turned to be the talk of the ball. She had been waiting for the human governess to leave the mansion and return to where she came from, but it seemed like the human had not worn her shoes but another pair for the glass piece to not hurt her.?


On seeing one side of Vincent��s lips quirked upwards, Marceline��s eyes only narrowed further.?

Was he doing this governess? Marceline questioned in her mind.?

Vincent turned the knobs of one of the double doors and stepped out with the governess while the doors behind them closed. When Marceline��s lips parted, ready to speak, one of the servants in the ballroom ended up dropping a tray with several filled glasses of wine on the ground. The wine fell on the spot where Eve��s blood had trailed on the floor, camouflaging it. Some of the guests turned and looked at the servant scornfully.?

��Can��t you watch where you are going?!�� One of the guests harshly questioned the servant, who quickly bowed and apologised.?

��I swear the servants seem drunker than us. This is not the first time one of them is dropping the glass. What a mess,�� one of the ladies harrumphed before moving away from the mess.?

��Please pardon us for the mess,�� this time it was the butler of the mansion, Alfie, who quickly appeared next to the servant and said, ��We��ll get this cleaned right away.��

The few guests didn��t bother themselves with the lowly servant and turned back to do what they were doing, that was watching the delicious mermaid. Alfie signalled two more servants, who quickly came to clean the floor, covering the trail of blood that led towards the ballroom��s double doors.?

On the other side, Eve felt like her head was spinning because of the adrenaline rush she felt coursing through her veins. Now standing outside the ballroom with pain shooting up her foot, she could dully hear the mermaid��s cries, and she turned to look at Vincent, who was watching her.?

Vincent noticed the light perspiration that had formed on Eve��s face and her breathing was laboured. He smelt the scent of blood from her.?

��I-I should go home,�� Eve stuttered with a quick bow, ready to head towards the mansion��s entrance.

But when Eve turned to leave, she couldn��t go more than one step. Not because of the pain from her injured foot, but because Vincent hadn��t released her wrist.?

Eve believed that Vincent didn��t know what she was, and she wanted to return to her carriage and go home. She said, ��Thank you for bringing me out of the ballroom, but I think I should retire from work for today. Please,�� she added.?

��Didn��t I tell you that you owe me your life, Ms. Barlow? And what makes you think you are safe once you step out of here?�� Vincent calmly looked at her with a serious look on his face. He said, ��With a foot that is bleeding, and the scent of the blood so rich and potent in the air, do you think you will be spared once you step outside this mansion?��?

Eve knew it wasn��t an easy feat to get to the carriage, but she couldn��t stand around here, waiting for people to find out. Her heart squeezed when she thought of how she was leaving a mermaid behind at the mercy of the creatures who were waiting to rip the mermaid apart.

��Ms. Barlow,�� she heard Vincent speak to her. He said, ��Your foot needs to be fixed before you decide to step out or in front of anyone.��?

��I cannot walk anymore,�� Eve��s other hand came to place on his hand, making him stop before he would drag her again.?

Eve desperately tried her best not to cry, but she doubted she could continue holding in the pain she felt from her flesh being probed by the glass piece. Since she was little and as she grew up, she learned to control her tears and stop herself from crying in front of people.?

Vincent raised his eyebrows and said, ��I thought you would be fine walking back to your carriage. No?��?

He then did something Eve hadn��t imagined in her wildest dreams. He bent near her, hooking one hand under her legs and used his other hand to support her back so he could carry her.?

Eve turned alarmed, and her hand quickly wound around Vincent��s neck so she didn��t fall. Her scared eyes turned to look at him. He said,?

��It��s good that you didn��t try to protest because I would have dropped you, and you would have to worry about your back apart from your foot.��?

Eve wasn��t exactly ecstatic to be carried by her employer because if someone saw them in such a compromising situation, it wouldn��t take long for ill rumours to spread. But she couldn��t walk, and even she knew that her foot needed to be tended.

If it weren��t for her injured foot, where Eve��s face scrunched in pain, she would have been utterly embarrassed for being carried in a man��s arms. Not any arms but her employer, who was an annoying vampire. The same annoying vampire who had rescued her from the ballroom.?

Vincent turned to the guards, who stood at a distance and ordered them, ��If someone asks for me, tell them that I have retired for the night.�� The guards bowed their heads in acknowledgement.

��Yes, sire.��?

��Your family is going to wonder why, Master Vincent,�� Eve looked at Vincent with a frown.?

��Don��t fret. It isn��t anything new. In fact, they would be surprised that I even stayed there for so long,�� Vincent responded to her and ordered the guards, ��And if they ask about Ms. Barlow, tell them she went home.��

Vincent then started to walk, carrying Eve in his arms.?


Chapter 102

Eve adjusted her right arm, which was wound around Vincent’s shoulder, before gripping it tightly. Her nails dug into his shoulders, and Vincent, who was carrying her asked her seriously,

“Do you plan to sow seeds on my shoulders, Ms. Barlow?”

Eve’s eyes widened, and she curled her fingers while continuing to take his support.

When Vincent started to climb the stairs, instead of taking her to the servant’s quarters, Eve asked him,

“Where are we going?” Her voice came slightly breathy.

“To Hell, would you like to accompany me there?” Vincent passed a dull look at her, and Eve pursed her lips. “Humour me.”

“Do you want to go to Hell?” Asked Eve.

She positioned her shoe so that her heel pointed to the ground and the tip of her shoe pointed to the ceiling. Doing so had stopped the blood from seeping and falling to the ground. To further protect it, she had placed her good foot to support the bottom of her injured foot by crossing her ankles.

“I think it will be interesting with many like minds in the same room,” replied Vincent before he answered, “A quieter side of the mansion. What did you do to your foot? You were fine dancing with the perfect Duke earlier.”


“I stepped on a glass piece that earlier broke in the ballroom,” Eve dug her nails into her palm to distract herself from the excruciating pain she was experiencing.

“To think of all the guests, the glass decides to stick to you. You are a walking disaster, but then that would be wrong,” hummed Vincent without explaining what he meant, and Eve looked at him with a question in her eyes.

On the way, a few servants caught sight of their Master carrying a beautiful woman. Their eyeballs almost fell out of their eye sockets because Vincent had never bothered to help his family, less a stranger. The servants knew that though they had witnessed something like this, they should keep their mouths closed and not mention it to anyone.

Vincent carried Eve to the deserted part of the mansion. Candles continued to burn brightly on the stands that were placed in the corridors. They were away from the music and the crowd chatter, and Eve didn’t dare to look at Vincent, especially when they were this close.

He finally took her to an empty room and let her down. Eve slowly got down from his arms until they came to stand in front of each other.

“Sit,” ordered Vincent, his eyes holding a slight glare and darkness. “I will be back,” and she saw him leave the room.

Eve was compliant and sat on the chair next to her. The last thing she had expected from Vincent was to help her. It was because there had been plenty of times when he had not bothered to help her and had instead enjoyed her fall or trip in the past.

Now that no one was around her and she was alone, she leaned her upper body forward and hid her face in her lap. She took deep breaths to bear the pain a little longer. Hearing footsteps from the corridor outside the room, she quickly raised her head, a little worried.

“Relax. It’s just me,” Vincent stepped into the room with a bowl of water and a small box in his hand. He handed her a cloth, “Good enough?” He asked her while picking a candle stand and placed it near her.

Eve nodded and said, “Thank you for helping me. I will do it from here.”

Vincent placed the things next to her so that she could use them. He walked to the bed in the room and sat at the edge of it, watching her.

Eve first removed the shoe from her uninjured foot, and when she turned the shoe, she noticed it held a little shine because of the broken glass pieces. When she removed the next shoe carefully, Eve saw her blood in there and the sole of her foot bloody.

The shard of a glass piece that had pierced through her shoe was no more in her shoe but had stuck itself to the sole of her foot. She was about to pull the front of her gown when she looked up to meet Vincent’s eyes.

She requested, “Could you look away, please?”

Instead of replying to her request, he said, “You should hurry. The scent of your blood is filling the room, Ms. Barlow. I thought I should just let you know that I am thirsty and didn’t drink much this evening.”

Eve ignored him because what was her legs when the man had seen her entire naked back? She pulled the front of her gown and dipped her foot in the cold water. The bowl turned red. She then tried to bring her foot to place it on her lap, but the layers of her gown hindered her. When she was successful, she noticed the light trail of blood surrounding the glass that trickled down.

Her hand shakily moved towards the glass piece, ready to pull it out.

On the mansion’s ground floor, Noah and an older gentleman, who had gone out to discuss important matters concerning their towns, returned to the ballroom. The guards pushed the double doors open for the two gentlemen.

“If I knew we were going to have a mermaid in here, I would have postponed our talk, Duke Sullivan,” chuckled the old man while walking forward to take a better look at the mermaid. “It has been a while since I got the chance to eat one. I hope the mermaid is served for dinner.”

On the other hand, Noah stared at the mermaid crying in desperation, and his black eyes turned gold. Like a few of the guests who were invited to the ball, he was a werewolf.

On noticing Noah in the room, Marceline directly invited him, “I would like to personally invite Duke Noah Sullivan to come forward and have a bite of the mermaid.”

The guests turned in the direction where the young vampiress was looking and saw Noah stand at the back. Some of the guests looked at him in envy that he was offered the delicious meat, while others wondered if this was Lady Marceline’s way of openly declaring that the Duke had caught her interest.

“How fortunate, Duke Sullivan!” One of the guests remarked. “It must be nice to be a Duke and get such favours easily.”

“Very true,” said another person.

Marceline’s eyes shone in happiness. Not only was the human governess out of sight, but Noah was here.

Noah looked at the people in the room before his eyes settled on Lady Marceline. He offered her a slight bow, “Thank you for your generosity, Lady Marceline.” Hearing her being called generous only made Marceline’s chin tip up further. “But I will have to refuse it.”

Murmurs broke into the room. Marceline’s smile fell because until now, no one had rejected her in public like this before.

“Do not take me wrong. It is just that my body cannot digest mermaid meat and it causes quite a few problems,” Noah politely smiled at her and added, “I do hope you enjoy it.”

Noah offered a bow to her and the others before taking his leave from the ballroom.


Chapter 103

Some guests looked at the doors where the Duke had disappeared, pitying that he couldn��t enjoy such rare meat, while a few couldn��t help but laugh at Lady Marceline��s fallen face.?

The vampiress felt like she was drowning in humiliation, and her mood that had brightened up after bringing this mermaid in front of everyone turned damp. Before she could fix her fallen face, one of the women there picked up a pearl formed by the crying mermaid��s tears.?

The female guest softly laughed and turned to Marceline. She said, ��Lady Marceline, it seems like you weren��t able to get your hands on a quality mermaid, and instead you got your hands on a low-quality mermaid.

Marceline��s eyes snapped on the female guest. Hiding her anger behind her polite smile, she politely asked, ��What do you mean, Lady Dayleza?��?

��I mean look at the pearl,�� said the woman, turning the little pearl between her two fingers to show everyone, which lacked any shine and was rather dull looking.?

Someone in the crowd murmured, ��To think that we thought it was a quality mermaid as if we have never tasted anything beyond a low-quality mermaid.��

Lady Annalise turned embarrassed and turned to Marceline, who looked slightly frozen. Marceline tried to hush the matter by saying,?

��Mermaids, be it high or low quality, they still taste better than the other blood or meat one of us can get our hands on. I wonder when was the last time you had a mermaid yourself, Lady Dayleza?��?

Lady Dayleza stared at Marceline, realising the young vampiress was irked and didn��t like being unnecessarily poked. ��I think it has been a while, milady,�� replied the woman.?


��Of course, that��s given. Only the lucky ones get to eat it,�� smiled Marceline, internally fuming like a volcano.?

Outside the ballroom, Noah looked left and right. He hadn��t seen Eve anywhere in the ballroom and wondered where she was. He then asked the nearby guard, ��Have you seen Ms. Barlow? The governess for the youngest miss of the Moriarty family?��

��She went home, Sire,�� the guard replied as he was instructed earlier by Vincent.?

Noah��s eyebrows furrowed. Earlier, he wasn��t too far from the gates and would have caught sight of Eve walking through the gates. To make sure, he asked the guard once again,?

��Are you sure she left and you didn��t mistake someone else for her?��

��I am definitely sure, sire. It was the governess of Miss Allie in a bluish cream dress,�� informed the guard, and Noah nodded because that was the colour of gown that Eve had worn. He looked at the pocket watch and noticed it was past eleven at night.?

Leaving the front of the ballroom, Noah took another look before saying in a low voice, ��I hope you went home safe, Eve.�� Not having any reason to stay back in the Moriarty mansion, the Duke left.?

On the other side of the Moriarty mansion, on the above floor, which was quiet and deserted from any disturbance, the wind passed through like a ghost. Vincent watched Eve with a blank expression while supporting his face with the edge of his palm.?

Three minutes had passed since Eve brought her injured foot to rest on her left lap, but in those three minutes, she could not pull out the shard of glass.?

Eve was struggling to remove the glass piece. Every time she braced herself to grasp the glass piece and pull it out, the candlelight would flicker and waver her confidence.?

When she looked up at where Vincent sat, their eyes met. He said,?

��A glass piece usually doesn��t pierce the way yours did. Nails or screws yes, glass piece,�� he tilted his head and said, ��That��s a tricky one.��

��It is,�� murmured Eve, and they stared at each other for a few seconds before she noticed a small smile appear on Vincent��s lips.

She then confessed, ��I am not able to remove the glass piece.��

��I can see that quite clearly,�� Vincent replied with an amused expression, but seeing he made no effort to move, Eve softly requested,?

��Can you help me in taking it out, Master Vincent?��?

��I wouldn��t dare. Imagine what people would say, if they find out that I didn��t just stare at your delicate ankles but also touched them?�� Vincent looked appalled by the idea, and Eve��s eyebrows furrowed. And though he said it, he stood up and went to where she was. ��What a reckless, little girl,�� he hummed before pulling another chair next to her and sitting down. ��Place your foot here and let me take a look at how deep the glass is.��

With Eve��s foot which was earlier dipped in the bowl of cold water, she went to place her clean foot on the vampire��s lap. But before she could do that, Vincent��s hand wrapped around her ankle from below and he placed the candle stand closer to him.

��You took too many steps with the glass and it pushed itself deep in your flesh,�� commented Vincent. His eyes shifted from her sole to look at her blue eyes, ��Were you planning to sacrifice yourself to save the mermaid?��

��I couldn��t pull out the glass piece earlier in front of everyone,�� Eve replied, and she heard him hum.?

Vincent then said to Eve, ��Once I pull out the glass piece, your foot is going to bleed a lot more and I don��t want it to go to waste.��

Alarmed, Eve was about to pull her foot, but Vincent tightened his grip on her ankle. She panicked, ��I think I will pull out the glass piece later when I reach home.��

Vincent used his free hand to run on the sides of her foot. Looking at her foot, he said, ��For three days, I have been wondering why the bones in your feet aren��t structured like the humans, vampires or werewolves. But now I know why.��

The blood in Eve��s face drained as she turned pale by his words and her heartbeat quickened.?

��I d-don��t know what you are talking abouta�|�� Eve played ignorant, but the look in Vincent��s eyes told her he had found the truth about her.

Vincent��s eyes darkened as he said,

��I might not have tasted the mermaid that my dear sister brought in the ballroom. But I am no saint to resist blood, especially when it is dripping right in front of me.��

Chapter 104

Music Recommendation: When you are alone- Kris Bowers


A look of worry and dread entered Eve��s eyes while her ankle was tightly held by the pureblooded vampire sitting in front of her. The thought of him knowing the truth about her had her head spin, and she would have passed out if it weren��t for the severe pain she felt in her foot.?

Eve quickly bowed at her employer from where she sat and pleaded, ��Please don��t hurt me. I don��t want to die,�� her voice trembled at the end.?

She didn��t want him drinking her blood because she had heard of how vampires and werewolves held low tolerance when it came to their prey. A human barely made it out alive in the company of the vampires, and she was a mermaid whose blood enticed the vampire more than human blood.?

��Who said anything about dying?��?

Vincent stared at her with eyes that seemed darker than when they were at the ballroom, the look on his face serious, while Eve��s heartbeat filled his ears in the quiet room. ��Don��t worry, I have no plans to kill you. Not tonight at least.��

Eve turned hopeful by his words and asked, ��Then you won��t drink my blood?�� But the corner of his lips pulled up, unnerving her.

With her secret exposed, Eve��s mind had stopped functioning, and all she could think about was how she was in trouble. She hadn��t forgotten the mermaid in the ballroom, who was being tortured. But at the same time, she also realised if Vincent wanted to hurt her, he would have done it long ago.?


��The irony that the night I visited your home, I dismissed only your house from being searched. The siren realised you were a creature of water,�� a dry chuckle escaped from Vincent while Eve��s face paled further. ��Your life shall be spared by you offering your blood to me. Do you agree?��?

And though Vincent posed it as a question, Eve knew there was no option to disagree with his words.?

Taking a deep breath, she asked, ��How much?��

The wicked smile on Vincent��s lips broadened, ��Enough to satisfy my thirst and before death calls you.��

Eve carefully weighed his words. She wondered if he perhaps wanted to keep her blood for himself which was why he had brought her here.?

��Does that come with a promise to never reveal to anyone what I am?�� Eve questioned him.?

��Sure, but you quit and run, Ms. Barlow, I wouldn��t be pleased and neither would you when I find you.�� He noticed the blood slowly trickle down from her sole.?

A person��s word could be empty, but what other options did Eve have that could save her? She nodded her head.?

��Take a deep breath,�� Vincent ordered her, his free hand holding the glass piece in her foot and Eve whimpered in pain even though the sharp glass was yet to be removed. Her hands quickly moved to clutch tightly on the sides of the chair she sat.?

She took a deep breath. Her face scrunched and closed her eyes as she readied herself to the oncoming pain.?

When Vincent pulled the broken glass piece from Eve��s foot in one swift movement, an incoherent cry escaped from her lips that lightly echoed through the corridor next to the room they had occupied. The glass made a soft clatter when Vincent placed it on the table. She dug her fingernails into the wooden chair before slightly scraping the bottom surface of the seat.?

Blood started to trickle down from the wound and the very next moment, Vincent leaned in and licked the mermaid��s blood. The taste of the blood burst on his tongue. It was rich in texture and held an indescribable sweetness compared to any mermaid��s blood he had ever tasted until now.

Eve��s eyebrows deeply furrowed in pain and her eyes fell on the sight in front of her.?

Vincent held her ankle in a tight grip. The wound was fresh and painful, but it mixed with the ticklish feeling, as he sucked every drop of blood on her sole that slipped from her wound without letting even a single drop go to waste.?

She watched his pink tongue run from the edge of her heel up to the wound, and when it reached the wound, his tongue disappeared inside his mouth before his mouth sucked the blood. The pain in her foot didn��t reduce one bit, but right now her cheeks burned brighter than the candles in the room.

Until now, no male had ever kissed her except on the back of her hand. Blood pumped faster in her heart, her heartbeat louder, and she felt faint. She silently prayed to God, hoping this vampire wouldn��t continue drinking her blood until the very last drop of blood and would keep his word.?

Somewhere, Eve was scared that Vincent would sink his fangs in her foot because she had caught a glimpse of Vincent��s fangs. The movement of his tongue was gentle on her feet, and his lips soft as they brushed against the sole of her foot every now and then to capture her blood that refused to stop spilling.?

When his lips tickled one side of her foot, Eve jerked backwards and tried to pull her leg, only to be stopped by his hand tightening around her ankle.

Vincent opened his dark red eyes, and they met hers, and her lips were parted.?

Eve��s blood awakened a hunger that he had never felt before, and it took a lot of restraint to draw himself away from the blood. He gave her wound one last lick that squeezed Eve��s heart from the burn and pain she felt, along with her face turning flush in embarrassment.?

Vincent ran his tongue across his blood-red lips, savouring the remnants of the intoxicating blood he had just drunk. Eve noticed something very dark and dangerous with how he looked at her now, and she softly gulped.?


Chapter 105

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Eve��s eyes moved to look at the bloody glass piece that had been pulled out from her foot. When Vincent picked up a box, she said, ��Let me take it from here. Thank you for removing the glass piecea�|�� her voice trailed.?

The redness in her cheeks had not dulled down, and she tried to keep a straight face in front of the vampire. For vampire and vampiress, taking blood from humans or mermaids wasn��t anything new as they were used to such lifestyle.?

Vincent gave her a nonchalant look, and she stared back at him. His silver hair and the candlelight created a shadow on his face that looked serious. He stood up and walked towards the open window of the room.

Meanwhile, Eve opened the little box and started applying the coffee powder to her wound. She tried hard not to wince. Once done, she started to use the thin bandage given to her.?

Vincent turned to look at Eve, who now carefully turned the bandage around her foot. He questioned her, ��Is your aunt and that coachman of yours a mermaid too?��?

Eve paused her hands and shook her head. She replied, ��They are humans.��

��But they know what you are,�� his head tilted in question.?

��They knowa�|��?


Vincent didn��t bother to ask her about her parents because every mermaid��s family member had the same story, they were killed. And right now, he wasn��t interested in her family or anyone else except for her the blood that flowed in her body.?

Eve took the courage to ask Vincent, ��What is going to happen to the mermaid who is in the ballroom?��?

��It would be best not to ponder about it. Not every mermaid can be saved, it isn��t like you save every chicken or lamb, do you?�� Vincent raised his eyebrows in question, and Eve pursed her lips. ��And I don��t think you have to hear it from me, I am sure you have heard plenty ofa�| stories about it. It would be best to focus on your own safety.��

Eve looked back at the half-done bandage on her foot and continued to wrap it before tearing it and tying the ends to secure it. Silence fell in the room, and Vincent let his elbows rest in the square-like grills of the window.?

When she felt Vincent staring at her, she raised her head and met his eyes. He said, ��It would have been a sight to behold, if the men who were trying to court you found out what you are and tried to fight for you. Of course, it wouldn��t be just for your heart or hand.��

��Thank you for bringing me here, Master Vincent,�� Eve bowed her head in gratitude.?

��Your blood in exchange for your life. It is a simple deal, which I am sure you will have no trouble keeping up,�� Vincent��s eyes twinkled, and he offered her a saint-like smile, which was opposite to the expression he had a while ago when he had drunk her blood.?

The current situation wasn��t good, but it was better than being caught and tortured by other people before being killed. Vincent had surprised her by not sinking his fangs into her flesh. For that, she was very grateful to him. Maybe he wasn��t as bad as she had perceived him to be.?

��Your night must have gone worse, especially considering how you were denied a kiss by the man you have been admiring, you poor thing,�� and there went the version of good man who turned back into his demon self. ��Don��t think too much about it, you aren��t the first one to be rejected in this world.��

Eve��s face turned sour at Vincent��s remark. Gingerly she turned to meet his eyes and asked, ��Did you experience it too?��?

Vincent chuckled at Eve��s question, ��It is hard to experience it when I am the one rejecting women. Do you know who he is?��?

��The Duke?�� Eve asked, and Vincent gave her a slight nod.?

��Do you know what kind he belongs to, little girl?�� He stressed the words�� little girl�� to irk her, which he successfully did. Though she tried to behave and dress up as if she was older, Vincent had found why she looked younger than most.?

��A human, and a good one at that,�� responded Eve, and the smile on Vincent��s lips only widened.?

��Mhm,�� he only hummed, wondering how shocking it would be when Eve would discover that Noah Sullivan was not a human but a werewolf.?

Eve gave him a suspicious look and asked, ��He��s nota�|?��?

��He is, who said he isn��t?�� Vincent confused her further and said, ��He��s probably not the kind who wants to romance you. After all, he��s a Duke and you are a governess.��

��Neither of us are looking for a romance between us, Mr. Moriarty,�� came Eve��s clipped tone.?

Vincent slipped his hands into his trouser pocket, his eyes holding amusement and he asked, ��Are you telling me that if the Duke had not pulled away, you would have stopped him from kissing you?��?

��I don��t know why you are so interested in my personal matters more than yours,�� Eve muttered.?

��Answer the question, Ms. Barlow,�� Vincent challenged her before adding, ��You have a fish��s memory to forget that your life belongs to me. As a consumer and protector of your blood, I think I hold the little privilege to be privy? Life is boring without a little gossip,�� he ran his tongue across one of his fangs, feeling the sharpness of it.?

Eve pursed her lips before she said, ��I would have not allowed it.��

Vincent stared at her, knowing it wasn��t entirely true. He had been talking to one of the guests when he heard one of them mention Eve��s beauty and right at that time Noah and Eve, who were on the dance floor, appeared ready to kiss, but only to pull away.?

He then said, ��As you said some time ago, good men are rare. And after witnessing today��s awkwardness on the dance floor, I feel pity on you and would like to offer my help.�� He raised his hand before Eve could retort and said, ��Don��t you want someone next to you, Ms. Barlow?��?

His question was something Eve had pondered many times before by herself. She then softly said,?

��Not many are lucky to choose a person.��

��Unless you are betrothed to the prince, which is highly impossible, it shouldn��t be hard. Choices are what you make through your decision,�� Vincent replied and Eve gave him a sceptical look. Because she felt there was more reason than what this vampire led on to offer his help, but she couldn��t find one.

Eve��s eyes lowered looking at her shoe where its insole was filled with blood, ��I am a mermaid, and once the person finds out, the outcome is unknown.�� Until now, somewhere deep in her heart, she had believed that if there was someone who could overlook who she was, it would be Noah.?

When it was time for Eve to leave, Vincent said, ��Good work today, Ms. Barlow. I will see you tomorrow.��?

She bowed her head, ��Goodnight, Master Vincent. Thank you for saving my life again,�� and she was escorted out of the room by the guard named Gorron.?

On her way, Eve came across two men who carried a large board on which the mermaid��s yellow tail hung at the side. The upper half of the mermaid��s body was missing, and it was covered in a large cloth. She quickly looked away from it.?

Eve blinked back the tears over the horror that had taken place with the helpless mermaid. This could have been her today, but she had been saved. This was the fate of every mermaids and mermen on the land. With a heavy heart she walked past with a blank expression before stepping out of the Moriarty mansion.

Vincent stood at the window and watched the governess, who walked through the mansion��s gates a minute ago. At the same time, Alfie appeared in front of the door. He bowed his head before he walked in and informed,?

��Master Vincent, the guests were asking for you, and some have lounged themselves in the parlor room. Is Ms. Barlow doing okay now?�� asked the butler.?

��Mm,�� responded Vincent and he then questioned, ��Did you get all the blood cleaned from the ballroom and stairs?��?

��All cleaned until the floor was spotless, Master. Just as you wanted,�� Alfie answered while noticing the grim look on his Master��s face as if he was in deep thought.?

Earlier his Master had ordered him to spill wine on the floor and clean the blood that apparently belonged to the governess. As Vincent never helped anyone, it made Alfie wonder why his Master had a moment of change of heart.?

Vincent stepped out of the room closely followed by the butler as they returned to where the guests were. When they were leaving the floor, Vincent paused his feet to look in the direction of the South Wing. The same place where Eve had found Allie earlier this evening. After Marceline had pulled Noah to the ballroom, he had gone up to overhear his little sister and the governess��s speak.?

Vincent��s lips twitched in slight annoyance and he murmured,

��How bothersome.��

Alfie blinked, looking back and forth between his Master and the corridor that led to the South Wing, not knowing what happened.?

When Vincent started to walk again, Alfie quickly followed right behind him.?