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πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️ Hellbound Heart Chapter 6 - 10 Full Chapters πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️πŸ–Š️



Chapter 6 Well Played

"You little whore –" King Markus' voice thundered out inside the room.

Elle trembled so violently beneath him. Her teeth almost chattered with how terrified she was. It was over… everything was already over… she was done for. If only… if only he had been able to...

Fear and utter hopelessness consumed her in the blink of an eye. She knew her father. Even after seeing this situation, if prince Sebastian tells them that nothing happened yet, he would immediately believe him even if she said otherwise. And if she lied to that monster that she's no longer a virgin, Brandon was going to bring her to an OBGYN immediately to reconfirm it. That was just the extent of their madness towards her, and she had already known that full well.

While Elle remained there, just cowering under Sebastian's large and warm body, Sebastian finally moved after staring at her face for a long while.

He looked over his shoulder and met with the king's gaze.

The King was gaping at them. Frozen.

"Prince… Sebastian…" Markus then narrowed his eyes. "What is the meaning of this?" he roared out in anger as he looked at what was displayed before him.

Sebastian attempted to climb off her when Elle's trembling hands grabbed onto his arm. She did not know what she was doing anymore. There was no use clinging to him now. There was no way that this prince was going to save her. Even if he does try, no one could save her anymore.

But to her shocked surprise, he bent over and whispered. "I can't believe the little brave princess who's not even afraid of playing fire just a while ago is now cowering like this. Was all that earlier just bravado?"

Tears pooled in her eyes at his words, and she bit down on her lower lip hard. What was she expecting from him? Her heart seemed to wither inside her and hope long with it but…

"Tell me… what do you want me to do?" he suddenly asked, causing her to quickly swallow the tears that were about to spill forth. She didn't expect him to ask that.

"T-tell… please don't tell him that nothing happened between us yet." She whispered back as faintly as she could. Her eyes literally begging him.

He regarded her with a stare before glancing over at the king again. "Fine." He agreed.

"T-thank –"

"Stop. Don't thank me yet because you're going to pay for this. I don't do charity, princess." He said and then climbed off her. As he was doing that, he pulled the blanket up to her neck, covering her nakedness from being exposed to others.

Elle was shocked to find out they were actually covered by a blanket all this while. When did he cover them? Was it the moment he pinned her on the bed?

Wide-eyed, she watched as he stood, completely naked and totally unashamed about it. He walked with grace, not minding one bit how the other men in the room stared at him, even at his manhood.

A red-haired man rushed over to him and handed him his robe which he casually put on so leisurely, like nothing was wrong with the whole situation at all.

"You disappoint me, King Markus." Was the first words Sebastian said. His voice was clipped and cold, like a supreme ruler criticizing a high official fearlessly.

It shocked Elle. No one talks to her father like that and live to get away with it.

"Pardon me, but that's my goddamned daughter who's supposed to get married tomorrow." The King was clearly angry, but he gritted his teeth and held back his roar. "Tell me prince, nothing happened yet, right? There should not have been enough time for the both of you to escalate to that point yet. My daughter is still a virgin, right?" he could not help but flare up and the volume of his voice rose a little.

Elle trembled once again as she scooted back against the headboard, pulling the blanket with her and wrapping it all around her, looking for all the world to be a cocoon. Her father had seen Sebastian naked, and she saw him staring at Sebastian's… ahem. Could it be that he could tell just by looking, that nothing had happened yet?

Sebastian suddenly laughed. An almost soundless and disbelieving laugh.

"Virgin…" he echoed mockingly. "Are you being serious here, King Markus? You still care about things like that at this age and time?"

"Her husband-to-be cares for it. Very much so!" the king hissed, glancing at Elle with a murderous gaze.

"Condolence to him then." Sebastian said, shrugging. His words indirectly telling King Markus that Elle was no longer one.

The king stumbled in shock and the men behind him rushed forward to support him.

"You… you're going to have to take responsibility for this, Prince Sebastian." King Markus pointed at him, trembling. "You're going to marry my daughter! I will never let you leave this castle without taking responsibility for the damage you've inflicted!!!"

And he stormed out of the door, his men rushing after the king.

When all of them were gone, silence finally returned to the room.

Elle was still bundled up in the blanket, gaping. Utterly shocked. She did not… she totally had not seen that coming at all! Never thought of that in the least. Oh lord…

When Sebastian turned to look at her, she could not help but flinch a little. Maybe because she already knew what was coming.

He swiftly approached her like a panther. But his gaze no longer were the eyes of a predator. But the eyes of cold and heartless man.

He bent over her, his palms pressing into the bed.

"So that was what you wanted…" he uttered, a wicked heart-trembling smile tugging at his lips. However, the coldness that were in his eyes did not allow her to relax though he was smiling.

Instead, she went paralyzed. Her entire being now was covered with ice when he suddenly laughed. Almost sardonically. "Well played, princess. I have to admit you are the best actress I've ever met. Far better than those dramatic movie superstars I'd f**ked before."

Elle shook her head. She struggled to find words to explain. "NO! Believe me I didn't plan this. I wasn't… I never expected my father to say that!"

Chapter 7 Cold And Numb

"Your Highness," someone's voice rang before she could see or get any reaction from Sebastian. The door opened slightly but no one came in. "I think you might want to come and see this immediately." Elle could only hear the man behind the door speaking.

Sebastian stood up. Threw her an unfathomable glance before walking out of the door.

Elle was left there, still in her state of undress and hugging her own knees, trembling on that massive king-sized bed, alone. She needed to explain quickly, to tell him that this was not planned out at all. But the voice in her mind was already whispering to her, telling her, 'No one would believe what you are going to say even if you keep explaining and telling the truth until your saliva runs dry. You've gone through that, so many times before. So it's pointless to waste your breath.'

And as she sat there, she thought, the voice was right. Sebastian would not believe her. Not just him, but anyone else would not as well. Because now that she was thinking back about this whole situation, it did seem like a well-planned trap. It was like a perfect plan to push Sebastian Reign to fall into the trap.

She knew that Sebastian Reign was not any lesser compared to Brandon Haze in terms of power and money. In fact, he was even be better in a lot of ways.

This prince was known not only for his royal status and good looks but also because he was the heir of a massive and one of the biggest companies in the world, the Quinn Corporation.

It was a common topic of discussion not only within the entertainment industry, but also in the business and politic circles, saying that whoever ends up marrying Sebastian Reign would instantly hold a crazy amount of power. In fact, Brandon Haze could not even hold a candle when compared to him.

Elle remembered that years ago, her father used to always brag on about having his daughters marry a Viscarrian royalty one day. Her father said that there was no monarchy in this world that was as stable as the Reign royal household. He had said that just by getting their family get tied up with the Reign family, their rule as the monarch in their part of the world would be tremendously strengthened.

And that was why her father had tried so many times previously to invite any Reigns to attend his birthday celebrations and every other important events. But no one from the Reign family responded to his invitation. No Reign royalty ever set foot in this palace, until tonight.

Though this was definitely a shocking situation to him, Elle could tell that her father had quickly seen the immense opportunity that had presented itself the moment he saw his daughter entangled with the Reign prince. He had masked it up with anger. But knowing her father, King Markus was also a very sharp man that she still could not quite outwit. And knowing him, she was even more certain that there was no way he would let this opportunity slip through his fingers now.

He was going to do everything to hold Sebastian accountable for her! Especially after having barged in on them in such a compromising situation.

Elle buried her face into her palms, curling herself into a miserable ball on top of the massive bed. All she wanted to do was to escape. Why was it so hard? Was she really bound to marry that monster? How could she have such a fate?

She looked at the door absentmindedly. All her courage and the bravado from earlier seemed to have melted like mist in the face of the sun. It was completely gone. There was only hopelessness and despair in her eyes now.

By now, she guessed that Sebastian must have gone and told her father the truth. Brandon's spies must have also already reported to Brandon about this matter. It was such a big ruckus that Elle was quite sure Brandon would never miss hearing it. So, she was guessing that Brandon would be demanding to take her to the OBGYN as soon as possible to find out if she really did not have sex with Sebastian.

That sounded so incredibly silly, but Elle was the one who knew what kind of mad creatures her father and that monster was.

It was on her eighteenth birthday when she found out the ugly truth about Brandon Haze's interest in her. Due to her anger that night, Elle had told Brandon that she was no longer a virgin. That was lie, of course, but the man did not believe her. He was so creepily confident that she was still a virgin.

But later on, Elle found out that her closest maid and bodyguard, the woman who had always been with her since she was a high school student, actually worked for Brandon in secret.

The maid had been ordered by Brandon to look out for her ever since she was a teenager. The creepy monster had been grooming her and she had never found out about it until two years ago. That had also explained to her why all the boys she had dated suddenly broke up with her before their relationship could even start flourishing. She could tell that Brandon had done something in the background. She had managed to stop and question one of the boys. And that was how she confirmed that her relationships had been sabotaged.

It was over… it seems that she really was just powerless against them…

Quietly, she climbed off the bed and picked her clothes. She slowly dressed herself up, her eyes, losing all the shine and was as lifeless as the eyes of a dead fish. Even as she trudged over to the door, her steps were heavy and sluggish.

When she reached for the doorknob and found that it was locked, a small but bitter smile just tugged at the corner of her lips.

Then she quietly turned and walked towards the window. She opened it and the cold breeze of the nighttime welcomed her. It blew past her face. The slight numbing sensation she felt on the tip of her nose and her cheeks was quite suited to her current mood – cold and numb.

Chapter 8 Unthinkable

The world outside looked peaceful.

When her eyes looked down, she saw the beautiful massive garden. She remembered when she used to play there with Ellaine happily – it was in the past when they were children.

Now Ellaine was gone, and she was… 

Her gaze focused on the concrete pavement right below. She thought that anyone who would fall from this window would definitely die in an instant. This kind of height was enough, right?

She felt her heart shudder at the thoughts that were crossing her mind. No… she must not be thinking about… but… no…

Her knuckles turned white as paper as she subconsciously tightened her grip on the windowpane when that sinful voice jolted her out of her musings.

"You're not trying to escape by jumping out of that window, are you?" the voice had a cold edge to it.

Elle turned around with a start. Her eyes wide at the prince's sudden reappearance. It seemed that she was too out of it to not even hear him entering the room. But what was he doing here? She had thought he did not want to spend another minute in her presence.

He was leaning on the bed frame across her. His stance was deceptively relaxed.

"Jumping out of this window won't be called 'escape', prince Sebastian. It would be called 'suicide'." She finally spoke, clenching her fists into tight balls as she berated herself inwardly. She was remembering her promise to her sister, that she would never surrender just like that and that she would fight her way out of this hell until the end.

It was still too early for her to give up. Not just yet. She must keep trying until she could no longer do so.

Holding his gaze, Elle straightened her posture. "Did you… already inform my father that nothing had happened between us?" she asked even though she was quite certain that it was the reason why he took such a long time in coming back.

Before Sebastian could make any reaction, a soft knock echoed on the other side of the door again and his gaze finally moved from her face.

The red-haired man from earlier stepped inside this time and looked straight at Sebastian. "Uhm, they're here sir."

"Hey, Sebby!" a masculine voice thundered out before the door was pushed wide open.

Then another tall man entered. He had the same raven dark hair and grey eyes and… just drop dead gorgeous. One look and she could tell he was definitely related to Sebastian.

"I can't believe you have already made a scene that fast!" By the way the man spoke to Sebastian, it told Elle that the man must be in a higher position than the prince. But who could be higher up than Sebastian, the crown prince, than their king? And she had never seen this other gorgeous man's face anywhere!

"You only arrived ahead of us for like… what? Two hours? And you've already…" the man trailed off as he looked meaningfully at Elle. He did not continue his sentence, but his eyes spoke volumes.

She could not help but keep still. He did not feel scary, but just like Sebastian, this man had that seemingly unnatural aristocratic air around him that could make anyone feel intimidated. It gave others the feeling that these people were superior to the masses in every way possible.

Elle found that strange and intriguing because she had never felt this way towards other powerful leaders she had come across with before.

"You must be… Princess Izabelle." The man asked, his gaze softened as soon as his eyes turned to meet hers.

"Yes…" Elle nearly stammered when he smiled at her.

"I'm Alexander Reign. I'm Sebastian's uncle." He immediately introduced himself, not stingy with his words.

Elle had never heard of this person before. But he seemed to be really nice. His eyes did not look icy and cold at all. So unlike Sebastian.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Reign." Elle greeted him back, trying her best to just act normally, despite feeling quite embarrassed at her state of clothing at this moment, while meeting with these distinguished guests.

"Well… I don't know what to say at all, Princess Izabelle but –"

"Uncle," Sebastian cut him off, causing Alexander to return his attention to him. "Has the host already shown you to your room?"

"Ah, yes. Your father is still talking to King Markus right now. I left after we've finished discussing about the main issue between the two of you."

Elle's lips parted at what she heard. What? Her father and Sebastian's… what? They were talking about the two of them?! Why?! And why on earth was the king of Viscarria here as well? Was King Rudy of Viscarria not rumored to be gravely ill just a few weeks ago?

Her heart thundered fast within her ribcage. It was hard for her to believe that not only the crown prince, but the King himself, was also here the night before her wedding. Were they really here to attend her wedding without prior notice?! That was just unthinkable!

She felt like her mind was going to burst with all these unexpected happenings that suddenly popped out of nowhere. But what made her really feel like passing out was the talk that was going on between the two kings right now.

"M-Mr. Reign. Why… why were… I mean… May I know why they are discussing about me and Prince Sebastian?" Elle found her courage to ask, though she stammered through it.

Alexander tilted his head a little. "Well, as soon as we arrived, your father came to us and told us the… well, everything that had happened between you two. He'd also explained to us the whole situation. I mean about your groom-to-be's rather ridiculous condition and that there was no way out of this other than having you two get married as the deed had already been done."

Chapter 9 Convenience

Elle's entire world seemed to spin dizzily before screeching to a full-on halt at the things Alexander had just revealed. Her mouth was partly hanging open and her eyes circled wide as she looked at him. Anyone looking at her could clearly tell that she was in total disbelief at the news she had just received.

"Th-there's no way King Rudy would agree to my father's demands… right?" she asked Sebastian who was currently unmoving and still wearing that poker faced expression of his. Elle could not even guess a single thing from the way he was behaving. She had hoped to gather some hints but alas, she had better chances looking elsewhere.

"Ah, don't worry about King Rudy, princess." It was Alexander who respond to her, smiling like he was so happy about what was going on. "The old man had been really dying to finally see Sebastian get married already. That way, he would finally be at ease once he passed on the throne to him. This actually came as a great welcoming news to him and also to us. Oh, wait a moment." he broke off as his phone vibrated inside his pocket.

He swiftly took his phone out and checked the screen to see who was calling. Before answering it, he looked at her and smiled. "My wife's calling… so, excuse me." He said and then turned around, patting Sebastian on the shoulder before he and the red-haired man left the room.

As soon as the door was closed after them, a silence so heavy it was nearly suffocating filled the room. Neither of them spoke to the other and neither seemed to want to be the first one to break the silence.

Sebastian did not say anything and just quietly walked towards the table by the bed and grabbed something that was on top of it. A lighter and a… cigarette. He smoked? Elle did not peg him for a man who smokes, given his clean-cut look and also there was no lingering scent of tobacco smell on his during her interactions with him earlier.

He perched himself at the edge of the table, his long legs crossing over the other at the ankles relaxedly as he lit up his cigarette. A click, then the flame brought near to his cigarette followed by a long drag and a puff of smoke. His movements were so precise, without any stumbling or extra movements. He was clearly a person that did not like to waste – be it in time, actions, or intentions.

He was doing his things so casually, as if she was not in the room with him at all. The worse thing was that she still could not read anything in his expressions at all. Even now when he was seemingly looking more relaxed.

However, Elle really did not need to read anything. She knew that he must be raging within him right now. There was no way this crown prince would want to be tied in a political marriage when he was still in his prime. More so, to a woman that he was not even in love with at all. And to top it off, a woman that he must have thought who had deceived him and orchestrated this marriage trap. He must be full of loathing at her by now.

But… she sincerely felt terrible that she was actually relieved with this turn of events. That with this hoo-hah, she was finally getting her wish of escaping her doom - her marriage with Brandon Haze.

She knew this was not fair at all to him, but…

Clenching her fists so tight that her knuckles turned white, Elle straightened and bravely took a few steps towards him.

Elle was aware that this matter between them was not quite set yet. If Sebastian declines to marry her, everything will fall into ashes again. Unlike her, this man was powerful enough to disobey his father. She could just feel that he was not the type of man who would be content to just sit back and get dictated by others so easily. She could just see it in those cold eyes that was now eyeing her silently. She shivered a little as she took the last few steps over to stand before him.

"Prince Sebastian," she started. She gathered every ounce of courage she had within her and opened her mouth to make her request known to him. "Please… marry me." She proposed. Her eyes gleaming with so much intensity as she stared unflinchingly into his serious eyes.

His hand that was still in midair as he brought his cigarette back to his mouth stilled after hearing her speak. His mouth was slightly agape as he took a couple of seconds to register what she was requesting of him.

"I know… that you don't want to get married for now – or ever. I am not certain if the hearsays are true, that you are… that you are not planning to marry because you are a certified womanizer and not a one-woman man. But even if that is true, I… if you marry me, I will not complain about it. Nor will I stop you if you wish to continue with your current lifestyle." She bravely said without any hint of uncertainty.

Elle wanted to make all these bargains to perhaps come to a compromise on this man agreeing to marry her. Because that was the only real way for her to finally escape the clutches of her hopeless father and the monster Brandon. There was no other way… if this man would not marry her, then she would really be done for. She did not want to think too much about what she could do if the situation turned out that way for now. She would cross that bridge when she gets to it. For now, she just needed to focus and put in all her efforts into making this arrangement succeed first.

"I am… I am offering you a marriage of convenience. Your uncle said that your father had been dying to see you get married so he could pass you the throne. As the next heir to the throne, a well-matched marriage is not something you could avoid. I am certain you are more than aware of that reality than I am. "

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Chapter 10 Proposal

"Aside from the fact that I am a crown princess myself, I believe that I have more to offer to you than any other possible candidates that you have at the moment. I am confident to say that I am the best match to be your future bride candidate." Elle shamelessly promoted herself, forcefully thickening her skin to say such arrogant words.

Something seemed to change in his gaze after that. But still she could not fathom whatever it was. And no, she was not going to waste any more time trying to read his emotions.

A small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. "And what are these 'more to offer' you're talking about?" 
"I vow not to demand anything from you. I won't cling to you. I will do what you want as long as you don't go too far beyond my personal boundaries. And last but not the least…" she subconsciously tightened her grip. "You can divorce me whenever you want."

She did not know that that last statement would be hard for her to say, but she knew that this could be one of the best clauses that could clinch the deal and make him agree to marry her. She had watched one of his interviews before. This man, despite being so famous, rarely agrees to take on any interviews. But there was one interview of him years ago. When he was asked the question if he was okay with a royal couple having a divorce, he had answered without hesitation and said 'yes'. When a follow up question asked him if he would divorce his future queen if they were not happy anymore, his answer was the same flat but certain 'of course'. Thus, she was banking on this information on him to strike up a bargain.

"I won't fight you for it in any court once you decide to divorce me. I won't make any scene or scandals to ruin your name either and will just quietly finish up with the legal procedures and leave. I vow that to you. We can draft up an agreement if you wish." She added, her heart thundering within her as she waited for his response.

The silence was charged and heavy as Sebastian regarded her with an unblinking stare. As usual, she could not read what was going on in his mind.

Elle's pulse was a mess now as she tried to patiently wait for the man's response.

He moved towards her. Gracefully and elegant like a panther in the dark who was careful not to alert its prey.

When he towered before her, she fought hard not to step back but grit her teeth and held her ground. She fought hard not to let him melt her toughness.

"You just don't cease to keep intriguing me, princess." He uttered with that sinful voice of his. There was something different in his smirk this time. But then again, she could not even tell if the change was a positive or a negative one. It was just impossible to read through this man's perfect mask. She was certain he's wearing one. No man would ever look that emotionless! He was a total robot!

"That was such a bold proposal that you've made," he added, his gaze seemed observing her again. "Tell me… why are you so hellbent on escaping your wedding tomorrow? Is the man you were set to marry tomorrow old, fat and ugly? Hmm?" he scrutinized her, as though trying to see through her brain and dig the answers out.

Elle clenched her fists tightly together again.

"No. But he's a monster dressed as a proper human being." Elle hissed out venomously, her eyes spitting brimstone and lava as though hoping that the person in mention would die from her speaking of him alone. She was certain that Sebastian must've already noticed how she always bristled like an angry hedgehog whenever the topic of her groom-to-be was ever brought up, but she couldn't help it.

"And you think that this man before you now aren't another monster dressed as a handsome prince?" came his dark voice that was sounding even more sinful now.

She almost flinched from listening to his voice and words but when she looked into his eyes, she did not see the eyes of a person that was filled with the nauseous maniacal lust that monster of a man had every time he looked at her.

Elle had a feeling that this Sebastian Reign might be heartless. He was the definition of a devil with the face of an angel. She did not know a single thing about him but like she had already said earlier, she would rather sell her soul to the devil than marry that monster.

"You might be a devil in disguise, but I believe you're not one of those lowly monsters who **** people who are still minors… right?" Her jaws were clenching in anger and disgust as she uttered those last several words. There was a tinge of challenge in her tone as she said that as well.

"So… what you said a while ago wasn't a joke. That your groom-to-be is a rapist." He said it as a statement and not a question. Elle was surprised to see flash of disgust that momentarily crossed his eyes. That was the first emotion she had seen clearly in his eyes so far. And that was enough to make her feel relieved. At least she knew he was not without emotion when he needed to be.

"I don't know anything about you, other than what everybody else already knows. You could be another monster as you claim, but I would still choose you over a monster like him." She declared bravely.

Another knock interrupted them again.

It was the red-haired man.

"Your Highness, you and the princess are being summoned." He said.

"Please come with me, Princess. King Markus wants you to be properly dressed before the meeting. Immediately." Their butler who had just entered approached her and took her hand while speaking. "We must make haste, princess."

And he headed towards the door with her in tow.

Elle looked at Sebastian with a little helpless gaze. He had not even said yes to her proposal yet!