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Chapter 76

��Good morning, Lady Marceline,�� Eve bowed before her blue eyes met the vampiress��s eyes, ��Are you waiting for anyone?�� She politely asked her.?

Compared to how Eve looked at Lady Marceline yesterday, there was a difference today.?

Coming from a humble background, where people were kind-hearted, Eve hadn��t doubted the vampiress��s intentions until yesterday. She would have brushed off half information that the young woman had told her about Allie and the previous governess, that was, if the woman had not given her a gown that could easily tear.?

Even a used dress bought from Meadow wouldn��t be torn that easily. And this had Eve slightly alert than before. But at the same time, the innocent smile on Marceline��s lips tried to deceive her.?

��I came out to see father off, and my eyes fell on you and I decided to wait for you,�� replied Marceline in a gentle voice. ��That was a beautiful carriage out there,�� she complimented. ��Was it yours?�� She feigned ignorance as if not knowing that Eve belonged to Meadow.?

��No, that��s not mine, Lady Marceline. It was a friend��s carriage, who offered to drop me,�� Eve turned bashful, and when she waved her hand, the umbrella almost hit the vampiress, whose eyes slightly went wide.?

Marceline didn��t like this ugly umbrella and wanted to burn it. Not only was it an eye sore, but it had almost smacked her face. She turned her body while Eve quickly brought her hand back to her side.?

The vampiress continued offering a smile as if not offended by Eve��s umbrella, and she asked, ��A friend? The person must be close, considering how you were dropped in here this early in the morning. You should have invited her in.��

Eve doubted that would have gone down well, considering how Lady Annalise despised her, any friend of hers would surely be dismissed by the woman. She cleared the usual misunderstanding, ��It��s a he, and yes, he��s a good friend of mine.��

��Oh, he,�� murmured Lady Marceline, and she said, ��He must be someone you like, and he must like you back. After all, who would pick and drop a person at this hour.��

Eve shook her head, ��No, we are only friends. He was passing by my town when we met on the way,�� she said the truth slightly, as she saw no harm in telling it.?

Lady Marceline softly laughed while bringing the back of her hand to hide her laughter. Her eyes twinkled, and she said, ��Ms. Barlow, we all hold lanterns towards a person that we like and I have too. I can tell by the look in your eye that you wish for more.��

��I think you have got it all wronga��� ��

The vampiress placed her hand on Eve��s shoulder and said, ��There is no need to feel embarrassed that you like him. In fact, I would be more than happy to help you.��

Marceline wanted to know the man��s name. She felt like she had seen him somewhere before, but for some reason, she couldn��t remember the person. At the same time, the sharp sound of footsteps were heard, and both the young women turned to look in the direction of the hallways.?

��Don��t tell me you did something to embarrass the governess, dear sister?�� questioned Vincent as he made his way to where they stood. ��Planning to scare her away?��

Eve and Marceline offered a slight bow to Vincent, and the vampiress said, ��Why would I ever do something like that, brother. Ms. Barlow has been nothing but a delight to talk to, in fact we were bonding with each other before you decided to interrupt.��

Vincent��s eyes lazily shifted from his sister to look at Eve, staring at her with his eyes that looked colder than usual.?

��Good morning, Master Vincent,�� Eve greeted him.

��Looks like Ms. Barlow lacks friends that she decided to bond with you. How unfortunate,�� remarked Vincent, and at his words Marceline��s lips twitched.

��Only you would find things to be unfortunate, Vince. Maybe it is time for you to look for a new governess,�� Marceline smiled at both Eve and Vincent, leaving Eve confused. She then told her brother, ��Today Ms. Barlow was dropped in a carriage pulled by four horses. The man was kind enough to drop her at the front of the mansion, isn��t that right?�� She turned to look at Eve with an earnest smile.?

��Looks like working in the Moriarty mansion has brought you luck,�� remarked Vincent, and Eve wished she could agree on it. ��It must be a tall dark haired man, isn��t that right?��

��Have you met him already?�� Questioned Marceline, her focus turning to her brother, and she saw a smile crack upon his lips.?

��Oh, I have. But more important than the human, my dear sister, something came for you this morning. A gift from a tall man,�� his voice drawled, and he raised his hand at Alfie, who stood in the hallways and disappeared on his master��s action.?

��A tall man?�� Marceline��s eyebrows raised in question while her eyes looked for the butler to return. ��There are so many tall men in and out of the town, Vince. Who was it?�� 

��Tall, wide shoulders, and good built and thick hair. I didn��t know you were acquainted with someone so high. He was handsome,�� said Vincent, looking at his sister, and as he spoke, Marceline only turned that much intrigued.?

Eve, who stood there, could only wonder how in-demand Lady Marceline was when it came to men flocking around her.?

��When did he come by and why didn��t I hear anything about it?�� Demanded Marceline, and her lips turned upside down. ��What was his name?��

Alfie reappeared in the hallways, and Eve noticed him carrying something in his hands. She squinted her eyes as she tried to see what it was. When the butler got closer, her eyes fell on a small pot with a thick plant with prickly pines on it. It was a cactus.?

��Thank you, Alfie,�� said Vincent, taking the pot and handing it to Marceline. ��It��s from your brother Vincent Moriarty, silly.��

Chapter 77

The excitement drained out from Marceline��s eyes, and her gaze hardened.?

Eve subtly turned to look in the other direction as it seemed like walking away from here would only gain her more attention than standing here still.?

Marceline��s expression didn��t change, and she said, ��If it is from you, I shall take it, brother. After all, what matters is the thought. The cactus are said to be independent and resilient.��

��I am glad that you think the same, Marcie. The cactus is indeed a representation to you. Prickly and be quite aa�|�� he paused as if trying to find a word, while Marceline��s eyes shifted to dark red, ��Care to help me here, sister?��?

Marceline��s jaw clenched before asking, ��A compassionate sister?��

��It is good to see that your sense of humour has improved. The cactus is a gift for you from the bottom of my heart,�� stated Vincent with a chuckle. He then said, ��Seeing how you used to drink blood from our governess, let me explain it for you. Quite means a lot, and when added with you and the word you said,�� he clicked his tongue, ��It quite doesn��t fit, does it?��

Marceline stared hard at her brother and then called the butler, ��Alfie, take this. You can plant this in the back garden of the mansion, it isn��t every day that a brother gives his sister.��

The butler looked back and forth between the siblings before he replied to Marceline, ��Lady Marceline, the cactus won��t grow more than the size it is now.��

��Isn��t that wonderful, sister dearest?�� Questioned Vincent, with a smile that tugged on both corners of his lips. ��Aren��t I the most thoughtful brother?��

Marceline gripped on the little pot and said with a smile, ��Very well then.��

She stepped inside the hallways, and then walked through the corridors. When she came to a deserted corridor, where there was no one, she stopped walking. Her hand continued to grip on the little pot before she threw it at the wall, smashing it into little pieces.?

Back at the entrance of the mansion, Eve silently stood in front of Vincent. She took a look in the direction of where Lady Marceline had disappeared into and soon the butler disappeared from next to his master.?

Eve bowed, and took one step towards the mansion to get in, when she heard Vincent speak, ��I don��t remember telling you could leave.��?

��Is there something that you wanted to speak about, Master Vincent?�� Asked Eve, meeting his coppery eyes and she found him staring at her once again. ��Did I do something?��?

��That is something you will have to tell me, isn��t that right?�� Vincent questioned her back, and Eve tried to recollect what she must have done. He said, ��I don��t care whom you talk to as I do not care. But what I do care about is what happens in and around the mansion. Do you like people talking about you?��?

��Excuse me?�� Eve��s eyebrows furrowed.?

��Dearest sister mentioned that you came with someone who caught her eyes. Maybe you could keep a little low profile when you are around the Moriarty family?�� He asked her, waiting for her to answer.?

Eve nodded, ��I was running late today, and the Duke offered to drop me here.��

��Doesn��t coincidence things like these make you wonder if it is perhaps fate that brings you both together?�� Questioned Vincent, his eyes lazily moving to look at the things that she carried in her hand.?

��I never pegged you to be someone who believes in fate,�� responded Eve, and Vincent turned amused.?

��No? Then what did you peg me to be, Ms. Barlow? Don��t tell prickly cacti��s brother,�� he smiled, showing his perfectly aligned teeth.?

Eve pursed her lips before replying, ��I think you are someone who likes to make your own fate.��?

Eve said it because Vincent didn��t seem like a person who liked to follow the rules. He seemed to be someone who made the rules, while the others followed it. What he told a moment ago wasn��t completely wrong, where it had made her wonder if it was fate that had made Noah decide to meet her today, while she had missed her carriage.?

��I shall give you a raise for the right yet obvious answer, Miss Barlow. How does a penny sound?�� Vincent asked her with a serious and straight face.?

��That is very generous of you, Master Vincent,�� replied Eve, where her response lacked any enthusiasm in it.?

��Seems like things are finally progressing well for you. Lunch in the inn, dropping to work,�� he remarked, his eyes holding a wicked gleam in there.?

Eve slightly glared at him, and asked, ��Why do you insist that there��s something going on between us?��?

��Because I am terribly bored after seeing the dull faces in the council cases, I have decided to look for some excitement,�� chimed Vincent with a smirk on his face.?

��My lief isn��t exciting and is mundane. You will be bored before you know it. Maybe you should get married, Master Vincent,�� Eve was quick with her response.?

Somewhere she came to understand why Lady Annalise was partly the way she was. It was because anyone who stayed near Vincent was turned into his personal amusement before they wanted to drive their head through the wall.?

��My my my,�� sang Vincent, and Eve noticed his fangs slightly peek from his mouth. He said, ��I was talking about the possibility of you marrying the Duke, but here you are trying to hit on me, Ms. Barlow? Having eyes on two men, how scandalous!�� he tilted his head.?

Blood rushed up Eve��s neck. She clarified, ��I didn��t mean me, but someone else.��

��So easily flustered,�� Vincent chuckled letting her know he was joking. He stared at her, as the smile on his lips died down. ��Women I have met are terribly clingy and whiny, it is only good to have them for short time or I might have to open a coffin shop,�� he ran his tongue over his fangs and then said, ��You aren��t too smart when it comes to people, are you? Especially with men.��

Eve sighed, and said, ��You are no expert.��

��And you know everything, little girl?�� questioned Vincent, looking at her with his intelligent eyes. He put doubt in her mind, while enjoying the expressions on her face. ��It looks like you are need of some lessons yourself.��

Chapter 78

��I think I am fine, thank you,�� Eve looked at Vincent with a weary expression.?

A grin appeared on Vincent��s lips and he said, ��Don��t tell me you plan to live a sad life of being a governess throughout your life.��

��I am getting late in teaching Miss Allie. Please excuse me,�� said Eve, stepping aside and making her way inside the mansion.?

Vincent Moriarty, who took joy in exposing people��s weak points, today seemed like he enjoyed picking on her, thought Eve as she continued to climb up the stairs. It wasn��t that she planned to spend her life as a spinster, but her mind had been occupied in being a governess, and now that she was a governess, she did yearn to share her life with someone.?

But only if that was possible, thought Eve.? 

She was a creature that humans sold, vampires drank from and the werewolves ate from. Marriage was a far away thought as it wasn��t safe.?

Knowing how her kind didn��t live long to see their hair turn grey, Eve didn��t know what was written in her fate. Though Lady Aubrey and Eugene didn��t mind it, she knew the constant danger she put them in. Was the walk of her life meant to be alone?

While some like Vincent chose it, she felt she was forced into it. Like she hadn��t been given a choice.?

The rest of the day, Eve��s head had been left muddled thanks to Vincent after what he said about her and Noah. Since some time ago, she had tried to brush away the thoughts, especially after how Noah had claimed them to be friends.?

��You are getting better with the first verse, Miss Allie,�� Eve praised the little girl. ��By the night of ball, you will be ready.�� When Allie turned to her, Eve offered a smile, and the little one turned a little relaxed before nodding.?

While Eve was returning home that evening, to make her feel worse, she noticed a bride wearing a white gown, standing next to her husband, while the couple climbed the cart. A soft smile appeared on her lips on seeing the couple, and after a moment the smile died down.?

That night, Eve tossed and turned in her bed, more than upset about the fact of never being able to marry, she was annoyed that Vincent had picked on her unmarried life of loneliness.?

The following day, Eve borrowed Lady Aubrey��s pocket watch, while leaving hers to be repaired. Her feet were quick against the ground, so that she wouldn��t miss the local carriage like she did yesterday. But when she was almost near the local carriage, Mr. Humphrey appeared in front of her out of nowhere.?

��Good morning, Ms. Barlow. You seem to be in a hurry,�� Mr. Humphrey greeted her with a bow.?

��Good morning, Mr. Humphrey,�� Eve offered him a polite bow and she said, ��I am indeed in a hurry, and I have a place to be at. If you will exa�����

Mr. Humphrey raised his hand to the side, stopping her from walking past him, and he said,

��I will only take two minutes from you. There��s still a good five minutes remaining before the carriage leaves. Please�� He dropped his hand and said, ��I have been invited somewhere posh, and I was wondering if you would like to accompany me there. Many women already asked me to take them along with me, but I said I have saved my guest to be as you Genevieve Barlow.��

By telling the others that he was planning to take Eve with him, it was one of his tactics in spreading word to the other men and women around that Geneveive Barlow was taken by him and the men who were trying to pursue her should stop it.?

��Thank you for your kind gesture, Mr. Humphrey and I wish I could but I am busy. My employer wants me to work extra this week.��

��Your employer seems to be inhuman to make you work that hard. A woman like you should be worshipped and not made to work. Forgive me for saying this, but he seems cruel,�� said Mr. Humphrey, not liking the fact that Eve wasn��t free.

Eve only smiled and said, ��You should pick the woman whom you like and go, Mr. Humphrey.��

��That is why I am asking you. It is two days from now and in the town of Skellington. In the evening when you are free, which would be possible for you to come to. You must have heard about the ball,�� Mr. Humphrey pushed the side of his hair backwards. Taking a relaxed stance, he said, ��It is not everyday that you get to visit a ball like this, lest step foot in a mansion that belongs to one of the high society families.��


The Moriartys ball?

Eve doubted that Mr. Humphrey was invited, because he was a man from Meadow. And even if he did get an invitation, it didn��t come directly from the Moriartys and through someone else.?

��That is indeed a generous invitation,�� replied Eve, and Mr. Humphrey turned pleased.

��I told you, it is something no one would want to pass. What time would you like me to pick you up that day?�� Mr. Humphrey had finally found a way to impress Eve by taking her to see the wealthy town and also let her enjoy a ball.?

But Mr. Humphrey��s smile fell from his face, when Eve said, ��I will have to refuse as I am occupied to be able to accompany you. Thank you for asking me again, Mr. Humphrey.�� She offered him a polite bow, and left him standing there speechless.?

Eve dropped a shilling in the coachman��s hand and got inside the local carriage. Taking a seat next to the window, she looked outside and saw Mr. Humphrey had disappeared from there.?

At first, she had only been worried about being surrounded by creatures who would want her dead. But now a little anxiousness filled her chest, and she only hoped to return home safe from the night of the ball.
Chapter 79

Music Recommendation: Ships are Coming-Trevor Morris


Early in the morning, away from the towns and in the forest of Weswalls, which was located near the sea, two men carried a wooden pole on each of their shoulders. In between the two sides of the pole was a thick net that held a mermaid, who had been captured a few weeks ago.?

The mermaid they were carrying had a yellow tail, her matted black hair stuck on her face. She made incoherent noises, where no words spilt out from her lips as a cloth had been tied around her face, stopping her from screaming or shouting for help.?

��Why did you think she has been kept here in utmost secrecy, instead of being sold until now? I thought mermaids were in demand,�� stated one of the men walking in the front.?

��Mr. Walker has been waiting for a buyer who is ready to pay the true price of this rare thing,�� stated the second man at the back as they walked in the forest path. ��It seems like he��s finally found one who is willing to pay an enormous amount. I cannot wait to get my share once we deliver this thing.��

The first man turned his head, looking over his shoulder where his eyes fell on the frightened mermaid, who had stopped struggling after being beaten twice and realising there was no hope for her to escape. He said,?

��The little bitch sure likes to bite. You sure this one isn��t a siren?��?

He turned back to look at the front to see where they were walking while also bringing his other hand in front of his face to have a look at it. His eyes fell on his wounded hand, where this creature had bit him the first time when he was trying to bind her hands and mouth.

��Sirens are different, and harder to catch. This one swam right into the trap, and her teeth aren��t jagged, else you wouldn��t have your limb attached to your hand right now,�� the second man laughed at the end, while imagining it.

The poor mermaid tried to release her tied hands, but she was trapped and away from her family. A few days ago, she had only been curious to have a look at the creatures of the land when she had swam a little closer and was caught in the net before being dragged out of water. The rim of her eyes had turned red, and she looked scared of where she was being taken now.?

When she again tried to make incoherent noises, it gained the men��s attention, and the man at the front said, ��Did you ever think to sell her off by yourself, Garry? The money we could make without the middleman,�� his mouth watered at the thought. ��This one looks even beautiful, enough to enjoy ourselves and use, don��t you think?��?

��Mr. Walker might not be a pureblooded vampire, but that doesn��t mean he won��t be able to track us down and kill us for trying to cheat him,�� warned the second man named Garry. He added, ��Even if we were to capture and try to sell another one in the future, it would be hard to get the buyers without coming across the middleman like Mr. Walker. Worse, we will only end up dead.��

Soon they reached a carriage which was built in a way to carry many things, which were of heavier objects. The two men pushed the mermaid through the already opened doors of the carriage to get her in there.?

��You take the horses and I will make sure she doesn��t slip out from here,�� said Garry, but the first one clicked his tongue with displeasure.?

��Why don��t I look after her? I am sure she will need some company before we reach the destination.��

Garry frowned before he ordered, ��Mr. Walker wants his goods to be untouched and undamaged. Get on the seat, Wyatt. We need to deliver her quickly because Mr. Walker has to hand her over to the buyer and present her this evening.��

Wyatt huffed before he leaned towards the mermaid and said, ��A shame that I won��t be able to get to enjoy you better, but others will today,�� he smiled at her with a cunningness in his eyes. Closing the carriage doors, he walked around and sat in the driver seat before holding the reins of the horses in his hands.?

In the Moriarty mansion, when it was noon, Eve was still helping Allie to perfect the music sheet and was intending to play this evening on the pianoforte when Alfie appeared with a knock on the door.?

��Ms. Barlow, Lady Annalise told you to pause your lessons for the day. She has summoned Miss Allie next to her side. She has told you to go home and be here on time before the ball starts,�� the butler of the Moriarty mansion passed the message to the governess.?

Eve nodded and looked at Allie, who looked back at her. She said, ��I will see you in the evening, Miss Allie. Do not worry, you will play the song better than anyone I have known.��

The little girl gave her a nod, and bowed at Eve before going to where the butler was.?

��What hour am I supposed to be here, Alfie?�� Inquired Eve because she didn��t know how much sooner she was supposed to get back here.?

��I would say before seven, Miss,�� Alfie answered. He offered a slight bow and then left the room with the little Miss to take her to where her mother was waiting for her.

Eve closed the books that she had been using earlier that day, putting them back in their original place where they belonged. She closed the keys of the pianoforte with the wooden lid. Pulling out the pocket watch from her dress pocket, she flipped it open and saw it was past two in the noon. It was enough time to get back home and get ready before coming back here, thought Eve.?

As she made her way through the corridors and down the stairs of the mansion, she noticed the servants were busy in decorating the place with white flowers, mostly a mix of lilies and peonies. The chandeliers that were hanging in the ceilings had been loosened and brought down to replace previous days candles with newer ones so that they could burn during the entire evening and until the whole night.

��No, no. Like I said earlier, I am looking for a more grande and serene atmosphere. Remove those and have it replaced with white ribbons,�� ordered a stout-looking man, who stood next to Lady Marceline, who was watching the servants do their work.

Lady Marceline said, ��I hope you can give us the dewy look that you promised, Mr. Jenkins.��

��Of course, milady! Only the best to you and your family. This place would look nothing less to heaven when the time of evening arrives. Please look forward to it,�� replied the man in charge of decorating the place.?

Marceline was staring at the chandelier when she noticed Eve reaching the last of the stairs. She called, ��Ms. Barlow, I see you have finished your classes. I was worried that you planned to hold Allie and yourself in the piano room until your usual working hours and would be late in attending the ball.��

Eve offered a bow and replied, ��Miss Allie needs to get ready, and I was dismissed from work for the day. This place looks beautiful now,�� she praised the decorator.?

��It does, doesn��t it?�� Asked Marceline, sparing a look at Eve before looking at the beautiful setting prepared for this evening��s ball. ��I wanted to have roses, red and peach coloured ones, but we are going with a change of theme this year. How about you, Ms. Barlow? What flowers do you like the best?��?

��I don��t think I have any particular preference so far, milady,�� Eve replied because she found most flowers to be pretty.

��You need to find a specific flower,�� said Lady Marceline before adding, ��I think you will like the peach coloured roses along with the red, after all you don��t have a specific preference.��

��They are your favourites,�� said Eve, and Lady Marceline smiled, pleased that the human was listening to her words.?

Marceline waved her hand for Mr. Jenkins to leave them alone and said to Eve, ��I know that, which is why I said it will also suit your tastes. To have the same flowers together. Have you seen the ball room?��?
Chapter 80

Eve wanted to get going, and if she left the mansion now, she would be able to catch the local carriage coming to pass by this town for this hour. But Lady Marceline had already started walking towards the closed double doors.?

Marceline raised her hand, and a servant quickly approached near the doors and pushed them open for the ladies.?

Having never gotten the opportunity to walk around every place inside the mansion, when Eve took a peek into the huge room, she noticed the maids in there working on making the place pretty with decorations. There were four big chandeliers in this huge hall and they were all brought down.?

“Mother’s birthday is going to be the grandest, and she’s going to be very happy once she sees it,” Marceline smiled with a twinkle in her eyes. “Come I will show you the other things,” she said enthusiastically.?

Realising she would miss this hour’s local carriage, Eve didn’t protest; instead, she followed Lady Marceline. Stepping out of the huge hall along with Lady Marceline which was still under preparation, Eve caught sight of four men carrying a big box. A man walked in the front, his hair black and his eyes olive green with a flicker of red.?

“Good afternoon, Lady Marceline. I am here as I have promised you,” said the dark-haired man with a wide smile on his lips.?

“It is so good to see you here, Clayton,” there was a gleam in Marceline’s eyes, and her eyes shifted to look at the box, and she said, “I hope you brought my present the way I wanted it to be.”

The man named Clayton stepped in front of Marceline and picked her hand before kissing the back of it. As he raised his head, he said, “Just as you asked and maybe in a much better condition. I have asked my men to bring a case for your gift. I hope you will be pleased to see it.”

“Oh, I will be,” Marceline replied, where she had a smile that could light up the place but with arrogance there. “I cannot tell how much I appreciate your efforts here, Clayton.”

“Anything for you, milady. Your wish is my command,” replied the man, who was a vampire.?

The command here was only through the money that the pureblooded vampires held was what spoke and made people do their biddings.?

Eve wondered what was inside the box and if it was something heavy. It seemed like Lady Marceline had arranged a gift to give Lady Annalise this evening. Being a governess, she doubted that she would need to bring any gift. Even if she was to bring one, she doubted that the lady would even take a look at it.?

Marceline walked near the box and placed her hand on the side surface of the box. She turned to the man named Clayton and said, “I want you to be there until the present has been gifted to mother, Clayton. I wouldn’t want any mishap by the servants and would like you to handle it with care until then. You are invited to the ball that way.”

“It would be a pleasure to be attending the ball hosted by the Moriarty family, Lady Marceline” Clayton placed his hand on his chest.?

Marceline then turned to look at Eve and said, “Ms. Barlow, you must be getting late as you will need to travel back and forth.”?

For a second Eve blinked, and she finally nodded, “Yes, you are right.” She offered a quick bow and walked away from there.?

Marceline and the man named Clayton stood there, looking at the human walk, the man asked, “Who was that hideous looking thing standing next to you?”?

“Not someone of importance, just a human trying to behave kind,” replied Marceline, while her eyes went back to look at the box with intrigue in them.?

The man named Clayton scoffed before he said, “All humans are like that, aren’t they? Trying to gain favours from a woman as kind as yourself.”

“That’s fine. I cannot help but pity such lowly creatures,” murmured Marceline, and she then said, “Some even provide amusement. Don’t you agree, Mr. Walker?”

“I sure do,” he nodded in agreement.?

Marceline eagerly anticipated the time of the ball because there were many things to look forward to. Firstly an expensive gift that she was going to give Annalise, and secondly the shoes and dress that Eve was going to wear this evening. Even if the girl chose not to wear the gown and wore something from her own dull wardrobe, the human would stick out like a sore thumb.?

She ordered Mr. Clayton Walker, “Tell your men to take it inside. It is supposed to be a surprise and I wouldn’t want people knowing what it is before I reveal it to them. And,” she said to the man, pulling out a bag of coins and dropping it in his hand. “The remaining amount will be paid once I see it in my own eyes.”

“As you please, Lady Marceline,” replied Clayton, and he said to his men, “You heard the lady, we are taking it inside.” The four men carried the box away from there, with the man leading it in the front.?

Eve, who had left the mansion, had reached the local carriage stop thirty-five minutes before one was going to arrive and waited under her purple umbrella over her head. Though there were other personal carriages that rode past her, she didn’t dare to ask for a lift.?

Finally hopping on the local carriage, Eve returned home. As the minute hand in the pocket watch moved forward, the anxiousness started to build in her chest. The Moriarty family were a well-known family and their guests would be as grand as them. She didn’t know how the evening would proceed, considering how she was someone not on par with the other guests.?

“What has gotten you in such deep thought?” Questioned Aunt Aubrey, who noticed Eve standing at the dining table with a glass of water in her hand and staring into space.?

Eve broke out of her thoughts and turned to meet Aunt Aubrey’s eyes. She offered a smile and said, “I feel nervous.”

“It is perfectly normal, Eve. Every man and woman’s first ball is always filled with a mixture of emotions. Some eager, some nervous, some happy, and some who comes for food and sometimes sex,” stated the older woman, and she gave Eve a knowing look. “What I want you to do is enjoy it. These things are something to remember and make memories. Who knows, you might find a gentleman in there, who might want to accompany you to the dance floor.”

Eve wondered if she would have time to enjoy, considering how Lady Annalise had ordered her to take care of Allie.?

“You remember what I taught you. If you feel you aren’t as much as the person in front of you who tries to make you look small.”

“Look straight in the eyes and they will not look anywhere else,” replied Eve, and Aunt Aubrey nodded. But both of them knew it was easier said than done when there were going to be many people attending the ball. “Aunt Aubrey, can you help me today in getting ready?”

The old woman smiled, “I was going to help you even if you weren’t going to ask. Let us get you ready to make it look like you are cut from the same cloth as them.”