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Chapter 461 Who is the New Enemy (2)

When the sun had just risen the battle was over. The reinforcements that we asked for had came and thankfully there were not many casualties from our side.

Some soldiers had lost their lives battling the wyverns that had invaded the city. Their sacrifices would not be forgotten and they will be remembered as heroes of Tarmac.

A part of the city was devastated with the attack of the wyverns. Because of this the reinforcements were sent to do relief operations and to go to the forest and follow the remaning wyverns that retreated back to the forest.

The twins went back to sleep after the incident while we used the count's office as a temporary base of operations for the relief operations.

"What are the reports of the relief operations and the group that followed the wyverns in the forest?" Regaleon asked.

"Your majesty, the relief operations are being done by the second son of the Forger family Arnold." I relied. "I had just gone there to see how it is going. Warm food and clothes are being distributed to the people as we speak."

Fire had spread at the side of the city where the wyverns had passed by. The damage was extensive until the fire was put out.

"What is the extent of the damage in the city, Sir William?" Regaleon asked.

"Many of the buildings and houses in the north side of the city were devastated, your majesty." William replied. "Thankfully, there were no casualties from the civilians that live at that side."

"That is good to hear." Regaleon said. "Be sure to give them the proper food and necessities they need. Are the temporary shelters in good condition?"

"I have made a trip to the temporary shelters earlier in the day, your majesty." I replied. "They are in good condition and has the proper utilities the people will need."

"Hmm. But the shelters are just temporary." Regaleon said. "I had already sent word to Chris declare Tarmac in a state if calamity. The city would need the budget to rebuild what was destroyed and devasted during the attack."

"Tarmac is leaders as of the moment, your majesty," I stated. "There should be someone who would at least take the place of a temporary leader."

"Hmm, you are correct emperess." Regaleon replied. "I have seen how dedicated the second son Arnold is in working hard for the people of Tarmac. I believe he is capable of taking his father's place as Count Forger. What do you think, my empress?" He asked me.

"I an also thinking the same way as you, your majesty." I replied with a smile. "He is a good young man."

"For now, I can put him as a temporary officer in charge with the operations needed to be done in the city." Regaleon said. "We can make things more offical after a fee months and all had calmed down."

"What of Count Forger, your majesty?" William asked.

The count was currently in house arrest in one of the rooms of the manor. We had not yet told him of what had happened to his son Raymond.

"The count will come thru a fair trial in the capital." Regaleon replied. "If he is found guilty of the illegal trade and business, then he would be given the proper sentence and imprisonment."

"Poor Countess Elena." I said. "She had lost her husband and son in one night."

"The countess is grieving for her son so I have not yet told her of her own sentence." Regaleon said.

Regaleon cannot acquite Countess Elena of being ignorant of her husband and son'a dealings. Regaleon and I have talked and the best that we can do was to strip the countess of her title. Countess Elena would become a commoner.

"I belive becoming a commoner will not be a problem for the countess." I said. "As I know, her former lover the merchant is running here to her aid as we speak."

True love can really overcome even time. The countesd former lover is still single and never married after they have broken their engagement. Knowing that he had sent word that he was coming here for the countess gave Elena something to look forward to.

"How about the wyverns that had retreated back to the forest?" Regaleon asked William. "Is there news from the grouo that followed them?"

"Yes, your majesty." William replied. "The report just came in that they have found the nest of thesr creatures. Count Forger and Raymond left the nest as is and just took eggs that they will wait to hatch and then send it to Xing. The neet have been properly destroyed now and no wyverns have been left."

"I hope that is the last that we see those creatures." I said. "I wonder why the cound and Raymond did not trade the eggs themselves and send it to Xing. It will be more easier to ship eggs rather than grow those creatures themselves and ship them to Xing."

"Maybe it is because the eggs are easy to break if they travel them." William replied.

"We are not sure if there are still other creatues out there. Not onyl wyverns but wargs as well." Regaleon said. "Maybe there are other creatures that we do not know of. Not only that, there is also that man."

"Yes, that man with the power of darkness." I said. "He had said things that is not to be taken lightly."

"Yes, you are correct." Regaleon replied. "He was able to single handedly beat Snow on her tiger form. That is not just anyone could do."

The man called Moldred was a new foe that we know nothing about. His powers was something I have never seen before.

"He said his name was Moldered." I said. "He also mentioned that we were the descendants of their sworn enemy. I assume that is the Ancient One. This might be the darkness that the Ancient One has told me in my dreams."

"He is an enemy that we need to get information." Regaleon has said. "If he is from the ancient times as I feel he is, then we might get some information from the ancient texts the Ancient One had left. Maybe we can find clues from Atlantian ruins."

"Hmm, that is what I think as well." I replied.

"Sir William, please continue the restoration snd relief operations in the city." Regaleon said. "Let is remain here until things are good to be left."

"I understand, your majesty." William said. "I will take my leave."

William bowed and exited the office. Regaleon and I were left. I saw him inhale deeply and sigh. I walked behind him and started to massage his head. I am sure he is stressed after a whole day of so many work in the city alone.

Regaleon took one of my hand and planted a kiss on it.

"I know you are tired." I said. "Why don't you take a rest. The sun is setting and you had a stessful day."

"Yes, it was really a stressful day." Regaleon replied. "But with you by my side, I already feel that my stress is already leaving my body."

"That man Moldred... he was targeting our son Alphonse." I said.

"Hmm." Regaleon nodded. "Do not worry, Lili. I will not let any of them hurt him or anyone from our family."

"But I am afraid, Leon." I said. "I am afraid that this is only the beginning."

Regaleon gently pulled me and sat me down his lap. He put his arms around me and I can feel his warmth embrace my body. I quickly felt relaxed and safe.

"This is a danger that we need to know better." Regaleon said. "We would need to ask help from our friends. I am afraid this is not a one time things. After two attacks of ancient creatures that we do not know of, this cannot be a coincidence."

The two incidents with two different ancient creatures involved. The 20:42

voice in the Lycan settlement and the man called Moldred. These "They are after Alphonse." I said. "They are after him because he is the situations might not realt be coincidences.

reincarnation of the Almighty One."

"Hmm." Regaleon nodded. "These new enemies had one thing in common, they must be the enemy if the Almighty One."

"We cannot let them hurt Alphonse or Aerith, Leon." I said. "We cannot just let them."

"And I will not."Regaleon replied. "I promise you, I will protect you and the children."

"I will send a letter to mother." I said. "Maybe she has some ideas about the Almighty One's life as an Atlantian."

I had never asked my mother about the history of Atlantia. I have never thought of asking before about my grandfather the mad king or any of the history. But I think I need to sit down with my mother and talk.

"I am sure mother in law will have some answers." Regaleon said. "Other information are passed down by mouth thru words. Maybe the royal family of Atlantia, the direct descendants of Almighty One have information."

I rested my body on Regaleon's embraced and made myself drown in hos warmth. I let mysef drown in the peace of this moment. We do not know what creatures are lurking in the dark, waiting to attack us at any moment.