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Chapter 462  Going Back to My Home (1)

The battle in Tarmac has been exhausting for both my family and the people that came with us on our journey. We have rested in the Forger's estate for a few days and now the day has come for us to depart.

Arnold, the second son of Count Forger had assumed authority over Tarmac. Regaleon has Chris put into working on the papers to officially instate Arnold as the new Count Forger.

'He will be a good leader here in Tarmac.' I thought.

I looked outside the window, and the sun was a little higher in the sky. It was nearing midday, and we are about to depart the Forger's estate.

I find my way to the halls and to the stairs that connect to the lobby. I see people very busy with our departure, but nearly all our luggage and things have now been carried to our carriages. I make my way downstairs and see Regaleon talking to young Arnold.

"Your majesty, Empress Alicia. A pleasant morning to you." Arnold greeted me.

"A pleasant morning as well Arnold." I smiled. "And to you as well my emperor." I nodded to Regaleon.

"A pleasant morning to you, my empress." Regaleon took my hand and gave it a kiss. I felt his warm lips on my skin and blushed. He never ceases to make me blush with his small yet romantic gestures.

"I thought al of our things have been carried to the carriages now?" I asked looking at boxes still being carried by the family's employees outside. "Why are there so many things left?"

"Oh, that is my fault your majesty." Arnold replied. "I have prepared some things that will be helpful on your journey. Some food and blankets. And some gifts as a form of goodwill to you, our saviors."

"Oh my." I was surprised. "You need not give us gifts Arnold. What we did is something we must do as rulers of this country. Tell him, your majesty." I looked at Regaleon.

"I have already told Arnold that it was not necessary, but he insisted." Regaleon shook his head. "I told him that the food and blankets were enough if ever we needed to camp out. It would only take three days to journey to the capital of Alvannia."

"But I insisted, your majesty." Arnold replied. "You both have given us a huge amount of help. If not for you, our city would have been reduced to ashes."

"I understand Arnold." Regaleon sighed. "Me and my wife are thankful for the gifts."

"Thank you so much, your majesties." Arnold beamed with joy. "It is not much but I am sure that you would love them."

"Thank you so much, Arnold." I smiled with warmth. "Where is your mother by the way?" I asked looking around.

The former Countess Elena had been stripped of her noble title as countess and is now a commoner. It is one of the consequences of her ignorance of her husband and eldest son's deeds.

"My mother will be here shortly." Arnold replied. "She will be seeing you off with her soon to be husband."

"Oh…" I smiled in delight. "Then your mother's former fiancΓ©, oh I mean her now fiancΓ© has arrived here?"

"Yes, your majesty." Arnold had a genuine smile. "At least someone can now take care of my mother whole heartly."

"She still has you to lover her sincerely too." I replied. "And what about your younger sister?" I asked.

"She will be under my wing, your majesty." Arnold replied. "She is still my sister even though she is only my half-sister. I love her as I would to a full sister."

"That is good to hear." I said with sincerity.

"Your majesties." I heard Elena's voice call out.

I see Elena with a man who seemed to be her age walk hand in hand. She looked well after I last saw her a few days ago. At that time all I could see in her face was sadness and despair in losing her eldest son.

"Elena." I called out to her.

"Greetings to the sun and moon of the empire." Elena and the man beside her greeted.

"I am happy that I made it here to see you off." Elena said. "I thought I will not make it." She was gasping for air because she was in a hurry.

"I am sorry, it was my fault. It was not Elena's fault. My carriage broke down and I was later than usual on my arrival here. Elena insisted that she came to fetch me before seeing you off." The man replied. "By the way, I am Edmund. I am a merchant here in the empire and overseas. It is a pleasure to meet the sun and moon of the empire." He bowed his head.

"It is a pleasure to meet you." Regaleon replied.

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well." I replied. "I see that the former countess is in good hands. I am happy for you Elena." I took her hand and squeezed it gently.

I can see that Edmund really loves Elena. Just by his gestures and how he accepted his fault for being late.

"Thank you, your majesty." Elena seemed surprised with my gesture to her even though she is only a commoner now.

My feelings of happiness for her are genuine even with difference in status. I am happy that she is now with someone she loves and loves her sincerely after all the hardships that she has faced.

William walked in and whispered to Regaleon.

"Well then, it seems that we need to head off now." Regaleon said. "Our carriages are now ready to business, especially in overseas."


"Have a safe trip, your majesties." Elena said.

"Be happy Elena." I hugged her goodbye. "And thank you for the hospitality you have given my family and people."

"It has been a pleasure to serve you, your grace." Elena replied.

"I would like to meet you again, Edmund." Regaleon said. "I would like to ask question on your business, especially in overseas."

"I-It will be my honor to meet you again, your majesty." Edmund seemed awe struct hearing that Regaleon wanted to meet him again.

"I will let my assistant send you a letter so that you can visit us in the capital when you are free." Regaleon said.

"T-Thank you so much." Edmund expressed his gratitude. "I will be waiting for your summons."

"Goodbye Arnold." I said to the young man. "I wish you luck. I am sure you can do a good job." I patted his head.

"Thank you, your grace." Arnold was on the verge of tears but was holding it.

Arnold seemed to have aged in the past few days. I am sure that he has been working hard despite his inexperience in becoming the head of the Forger family. He was not given the education as the next head and thus he needs to learn many things in a short amount of time. He must have a lot of stress accumulated in the young body of his.

'It looks like my small gesture made his tense body relax a little bit.' I thought. 'A little bit of encouragement is what he needs.'

"We will be on our way then." I said my farewell to them.

"Then you for your hospitality." Regaleon said. "Till the next time we meet again."

Regaleon wrapped his arm around my waist and ushered me towards our carriage. Inside, I see the twins and Tricia waiting. Tricia stepped down the carriage and bowed her head.

"Your majesties." Tricia greeted.

"Thank you for looking out for them, Tricia." I replied.

Regaleon ushered me first inside then he followed. Tricia closed the carriage door and not long after we started to move.

I looked outside the carriage window and felt my spirits lift up.

"It has been a long time since I have visited my home." I said.

"Yes, it has been a long time." Regaleon replied.

"I still remember the day I left Alvannia." I reminisced. "It was my first time leaving Alvannia. Who would have thought that it would lead to an adventurous journey with you."

"Well, who would have thought that." Regaleon smiled. "I only planned to take you to my country and marry you. Who would have thought that you would be kidnapped by your aunt and cousin who was delusional that you two are destined." He seemed quite annoyed.

"Hahaha." I giggled looking at Regaleon's face while remembering the past that had happened. "Well, he has turned a new leaf now and has been working hard."

"That is the least he could do." Regaleon muttered.

I smiled seeing that Regaleon is still feeling jealous after a few years has already passed.

"I am just happy about coming home for quite a while." I said.

"I am happy too." Regaleon replied. "And you will get to see your parents and brother. I am not too happy on seeing your sister."

"Yes, I have missed father and mother and also Richard." I replied. As for my elder sister Veronica.

I remember how Elizabeth died in my arms. I still feel guilty for not being able to save her life. I just wish that the next time Veronica and I meet will be on peaceful terms.