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Chapter 81

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She looked at her reflection in the mirror, that now had a more refined appearance. Her soft lips were painted to a light cherry colour as if she had taken a bite from the fruit. Her golden blonde hair was combed and tied with pins in an elegant hairstyle that she couldn��t stop looking at. The piece of her hair at the back was let free from the rest of her pinned hair and tied with a ribbon to curl it.?

Eve touched the ends of the ribbon and murmured, ��How come I have never seen you wear your hair this way, Aunt Aubrey?��?

��Call it laziness or lack of interest in dressing up,�� replied Aunt Aubrey, who stood behind Eve, tying the lace of the corset that the young woman wore. ��I tried it only once on myself, after I saw this woman who attended the same soiree as I did and she wore it beautifully. She was quite a looker, who had not only men but also women��s heads turn for various reasons.��

Eve slipped into the dull pastel blue gown, and Aunt Aubrey helped her tie the shawl-like lace on her back, leaving a trail right above the ground. ��It looks so pretty.��

��It looks beautiful on you, Eve. Looks like the seamstress offered you something that would go well with your existing appearance,�� said Lady Aubrey, who stood behind Eve.?

Eve couldn��t agree less with it. There was a fineness when it came to the gown, which was smooth under her touch. She hadn��t transformed into someone else, as she still looked like herself. But the only difference was that previously she was in a shadow, and now, suddenly, the light had fallen on her.?

��Your neck looks bare, and so do your ears. Eugene!�� Aunt Aubrey called the man, who quickly climbed the stairs and reached the room. ��Go get the wooden box that is in the third drawer of my room. Careful while you bring it.��

��Yes, Lady Aubrey,�� Eugene bowed at her order while glancing at Eve and his eyes turned dewy on how pretty the small girl had grown. Once he returned with the box, he handed it to the older woman and asked, ��Will you be alright by yourself, Miss Eve?��?

Eve nodded and smiled at Eugene, meeting his eyes through the mirror, ��There are humans as well as vampires attending the ball. It should be alright.��

She then turned around and watched Aunt Aubrey open her jewellery box. The older woman pulled a small chain that held a small topaz pendant hanging in it. Once Aunt Aubrey put it around Eve��s neck, she took a look at Eve and said with a nod, ��Now it looks much better.��

Aunt Aubrey��s hands went to hold Eve��s hand and she advised, ��Have a good time and try to blend in.�� Eve nodded, hoping she would be able to do that. ��Get the carriage in front of the house, Eugene,�� ordered Lady Aubrey.

Eve wore the shoes she bought from Hollow Valley, and once she was ready, she took a peek at her reflection in the small, round mirror that only showed a portion of herself at a time.?

When Eve reached the town of Skellington in the carriage, as she neared the Moriarty mansion, she noticed several carriages were already stationed inside in a line. The sky had turned dark, but the lights from the lamp posts on the streets and around the mansion were enough to help one see things. And right now, wealthy men and women stepped out of their carriages, making their way inside the Moriarty mansion.?

Eugene pulled the reins of the two horses and got down from his seat. He went to the carriage door, pulled it open and announced, ��We have arrived at the Moriarty mansion, Lady Eve.��

��It sounds strange and distant when you call me Lady Eve, Eugene,�� Eve lightly scolded him, who leaned forward from her seat and looked at Eugene.?

��Oh, that,�� Eugene looked left and right before he said, ��I am just playing the part of being your personal coachman, and you belong to an esteemed house of Dawson and Barlow,�� he smiled before helping Eve step down from the carriage.?

Eve turned to look back inside the carriage, where her umbrella sat next to the seat. Her hand felt empty as she was used to holding her umbrella, especially when in the company of the night creatures.?

��I will be right here waiting for you, Miss Eve,�� Eugene said, patting the carriage.?

��Stay safe, Eugene. Most of the wealthy families�� coachmans are not humans. Sit inside and if trouble brews, head home,�� said Eve with her eyebrows slightly knit together.?

As much as possible danger waited inside the mansion, the outside wasn��t spared from it, and one had to be careful, especially when they were in a different town. She quickly pulled the ribbon that was still tied in her hair and handed it to Eugene.?

��Yes, milady. You take care of yourself too,�� Eugene replied to Eve with a bow, and he watched Eve leave. He got inside the carriage and closed the door.

When Eve reached near the mansion��s entrance, she noticed the guards, who were stationed at the entrance, checking the names written on the invitation the Moriarty family gave to the guests. She straightened her back and made her way there.?

One of the guards asked her, ��Invitation please.��

Eve handed the invitation parchment to the guard, who took a look before letting her pass and said, ��Welcome to the Moriarty mansion, milady.��

��Thank you,�� murmured Eve, and on her words, the guard��s eyes briefly moved to look at her.?

After a second, Eve realised that most of the people who were attending the ball were not the kind who talked to the servants, less thank the guards.?

When she stepped inside the mansion, she noticed things she hadn��t before when she came to work here. The ceilings were often unlit with candles around and left in slight darkness. But now she saw that the ceiling of the hallways was carved, and it was nothing like she had ever seen before. Lanterns were hung along with tall candles burning inside it where it left a soft golden glow. The place smelt sweet.

Guards were positioned at every end of the corridors to maintain undisturbed peace. Eve sensed some of the guests eye on her, but she didn��t deter and continued to keep a calm face as she made her way towards the hall that Lady Marceline had earlier shown this noon.?

��Good evening, milady,�� a person with gold eyes greeted her, who walked past her.?

Eve offered a slight nod but didn��t dare to open her mouth, believing her voice would crack with the nervousness she felt in her nerves if she were to talk now.?

The gown she wore now showed its full potential under the many lights and gazes of people on Eve. On her way, when she came to stand in front of a shiny wall that reflected her reflection from head to toe, she saw the pastel blue dress now looked more bluish-grey. There were subtle imprints of cream, which were small four-petal flowers on the gown.

Eve had readily agreed to wear the gown from the seamstress as it was passable for a ball like this, not expecting that it could surpass many other gowns here. She muttered to herself, ��What have I done?��? 

��Is everything alright, milady?�� She heard a person ask, who walked towards her and when her eyes fell on the person and she paled. It was the same vampire who had bothered her when she had visited the inn, in Hollow Valley.?

��Yes. Yes, everything is alright,�� Eve returned the vampire��s smile with a polite one.?

��You aren��t from here, are you?�� Questioned the vampire when his eyes moved to her slender neck and Eve caught it. ��Because I would have remembered meeting someone so beautiful before.��

In the above floor, not far from where Eve stood with the man, Vincent leaned against the railing, watching them with a faint smile on his lips. He raised his hand and wiped his lips that still had traces of fresh blood that he had drank from the human who now stood next to him.?

Vincent��s usual dishevelled silver hair was combed back with few strands resting on his forehead. His eyes were not his usual coppery brown but dark red, matching the shirt he wore over the black vest and trousers.?

��Mr. Moriarty, did something amuse you?�� Asked the woman, her eyes curiously looking at the guests but not knowing where he was looking, as there were many people entering the mansion and some standing and talking to other guests.?

Vincent didn��t respond to the woman but continued staring at the governess, who seemed to be garnering attention from his guests. The young woman undoubtedly knew how to dress. He read the nervousness in her subtle movements, which many failed to notice, and his lips twisted into a smile.?

��Mr. Moriarty, I was wondering ifa�����

��Why don��t you go look for someone to spend time with. I am already bored,�� Vincent dismissed the woman with a smile on his lips that didn��t reach his eyes.?

The woman didn��t dare to question or speak more and decided to find him later when he was in the mood so that she could get close to him. She offered a small bow and left his side.?
Chapter 82

Though they were at a reasonable distance from where Vincent and Eve stood, Vincent heard the man introduce himself to her, ��I am Gage. Gage Wolton.��

��Genevieve Barlow,�� replied Eve, with a cautious tone.? 

��On a second thought I feel we have met but at the same time I feel we haven��t. Isn��t that odd?�� Asked Gage, and Eve only nodded.?

��I am not sure about it,�� Eve softly laughed, and Gage was eager to agree to her words. He looked around her before he said,

��It looks like you have come by yourself, how about I accompany you to the hall and keep you company?�� Asked Gage, who seemed like he wanted to have Eve next to him and take her somewhere deserted before drinking her dry.?

��I do have company. A little girl,�� replied Eve and the man��s eyebrows furrowed.?

Gage didn��t speak for a second, and he then asked, ��We met in Hollow Valley, didn��t we?��?

Eve shook her head, ��I don��t think so.��

��Are you sure?�� Asked the vampire with a frown.?

��Positively sure,�� affirmed Eve, offering him a polite smile, ��If you will excuse me now, Mr. Wolton.��?

While the vampire tried to process and remember where he had met Eve before, Eve had taken five steps away from him, and she was more than relieved when her eyes fell on Noah Sullivan. Her face brightened like Christmas.

Noticing this, Vincent smirked.?

��There��s always something more to look forward to, isn��t it?�� Vincent said to himself before leaving where he had been standing until now.?

When Noah saw Eve, he smiled at her with his usual kind smile. Eve walked towards him, meeting him halfway and bowed. She said,?

��I didn��t know you were invited to the ball today.�� There was surprise and relief in Eve��s eyes.?

��It is the prerequisite of being a Duke now that makes it a compulsion to attend as it would be rude to reject the invitation,�� replied Noah, and he returned her bow. A faint blush rose on Eve��s cheeks when Noah picked her hand and kissed the back of it, ��You look more beautiful than usual today, Genevieve.��

��You look good too,�� complimented Eve, bringing her hand to her side.?

��I had second thoughts about attending the ball, but somewhere I hoped I would see you here. It is always good to have someone you know around, don��t you think so?�� Noah asked her in his calm voice, and his words brought a smile to her face.?

��It is true,�� As she said this, Eve noticed Noah��s eyes looking past her. When she turned around, she saw Gage standing a little behind them and staring at her. She offered a small smile to the man and then said to Noah, ��Would you like to walk to the hall together?��?

��More than happy to,�� replied Noah. As they continued to walk, the Duke spared a look at Gage before looking back at the woman next to him.?

As Eve and Noah walked together, they gained a couple of stares from the people on their way. Eve was happy that she didn��t have to be alone now, while also knowing that she and Noah would have to part later as he was a Duke, who would need to speak to people, while she would have to look for Allie.?

Though Eve, who was used to people��s stares, this was the first time many people were staring at her, and it made one of her feet almost twist, but she quickly caught hold of her footing. The women staring at the human stealing the light softly chuckled at the human��s inability to handle herself well.?

��Are your shoes troubling you?�� Asked Noah in concern as Eve looked like she had trouble walking.?

��They are great. I am just not used toa�|��

��People looking at you?�� Noah completed her words, and Eve��s eyes met his before she nodded.?

��Not exactly thata�| It is the first time I am in a place like this,�� Eve cleared her throat while feeling Noah��s gaze on her too.?

��There��s no need for you to feel self conscious, Genevieve. By the time the evening is over, you will be used to it,�� he said to her with a polite smile. ��Did Eugene bring you here?��

��Yes, he is waiting in the carriage,�� replied Eve. The sooner she was done taking care of Allie, the sooner she would return home with Eugene.?

After a few seconds of silence, Noah asked her, ��The vampire back there, did he trouble you?��

Eve shook her head, ��He didn��t.�� She gave him a curious look, and Noah shook his head with a smile before looking ahead.?

Noah remembered the night he visited the inn, where he had seen a woman with golden blonde hair leave the inn. He had doubted if that person was Eve, who had visited the inn, but he had brushed it away. But now he wondered if she did visit the inn and if she did, what was she doing there?

Eve looked at Noah from the corner of her eyes, watching him with a smile, until she heard Vincent��s voice that had her eyes look away from the Duke.?

��Duke Sullivan, how kind of you to attend the ball by taking some time off from your busy schedule.��

Vincent walked towards them with a bright smile on his lips. Eve offered a small bow.?

��Mr. Moriarty,�� the Duke greeted before the two men exchanged a handshake. ��Thank you for inviting me. I couldn��t refuse, especially when it came directly from you.��

Eve��s eyes moved to look at? Vincent, who continued to have the trickster smile on his face, and he said to the Duke, ��I see that you have already met with our capable governess,�� he turned to look at Eve, who turned worried about what he was going to say. If she was a walking catastrophe, then Vincent was the instigator of the catastrophes.?

��Yes, Genevieve and I have met long before she came to work in your mansion,�� Noah smiled looking at Eve and she smiled back at him. The Duke then said, ��Unusual, isn��t it. To have a human for a governess in your mansion?��

Vincent��s lips twisted, before his dark red eyes stared at Eve, who was internally praying for both the men to walk in opposite directions and not talk anything about her. She didn��t know that Vincent and Noah were familiar with each other.?

��Mm, not as unusual as for a Duke to be friends with someone from a background he wouldn��t mingle,�� replied Vincent and he added, ��Not that it is wrong. It is just a little uncommon.��

��Uncommon is what we perceive it to be, Mr. Moriarty. You mustn��t be familiar with it,�� Noah responded to Vincent��s words. The smile on his lips wasn��t as kind as it was for Eve and was instead formal.?

��You would be surprised to know how familiar I am being with the concept that you speak of,�� Vincent��s eyes held humour in them. He asked, ��Are you enjoying the position of Duke? The last I heard you weren��t interested in it. What changed?��?

This caught Eve��s attention and she turned to look at Noah, who stared at Vincent with his? black eyes. The Duke answered with a serious face,?

��I came to realise that there are people who need to be protected and I would be able to do that with being Duke. With position comes power. If there��s anyone who knows it, it should be you,�� and a kind smile appeared on his lips. He said, ��I heard that the council wants you to join them.��

Vincent continued smiling and Eve only looked at him with a weary expression. He said to Noah, ��The old people from the council always like to steal others�� time, and I like to keep mine to myself. Not to mention I lack the same incentive or purpose as others do.��?

Seeing the two men��s conversation shift in discussing about their work, Eve let an internal sigh of relief, which was until she heard Vincent say to her,?

��Ms. Barlow, I thought you were going to see where Allie is and assist her. Did your attention get directed to something else?�� his eyes held mischief in them, while Noah looked like he didn��t catch the meaning behind Vincent��s words.?

r 83

Eve couldn’t believe this cunning vampire had pushed her right in front of a moving carriage. A flicker of glare in her eyes was directed at Vincent, and it softened before Noah could catch it.

A soft music had begun to play in the ballroom, which now started to spill out of the room and fill the corridors and out of the Moriartys mansion.?

“My apologies for keeping you away from your work, Genevieve,” Noah apologised, not paying attention to the second sentence Vincent said. “Do not worry about me, I will busy myself with the guests.”

Eve didn’t know if she was supposed to feel bad or not about Noah’s inability to understand what Vincent meant. She nodded, “Please do not be, I was going to look for Miss Allie in the ballroom.” She then turned to look at Vincent, who had a hint of amusement in his eyes. “May I ask where I can find Miss Allie?”

“All you have to do is ask, Miss Barlow,” Vincent chimed before replying to her question, “She’s in her room. Go up the West wing and take the shortest corridor and you will find it.”

She bowed at the two men, sensing their gaze. Vincent’s eyes moved to look at her shoes, and he said, “Seems like Ms. Barlow is nervous which is understandable.”?

Eve and Noah both looked at Vincent on what he meant, with Eve being the curious one out of the two. Her employer said, “With the little hamster playing a piece of music, your skills will be judged on how she plays the pianoforte. But you don’t have to worry about losing your job.”

“Thank you, Master Vincent,” replied Eve, bowing her head once again, she quickly walked away from there, yet carefully while holding the front of her dress.?

Eve hoped that the vampire wouldn’t say anything strange to Noah. She climbed the long wide stairs and disappeared.?

Not too far from where the two men and Eve had been standing a few seconds ago, Marceline stepped into the long and wide hall. The vampiress wore a burgundy gown with a slit in the front to show the delicate design of the dress. It was an off-shoulder gown with long sleeves.?

The vampiress’s head was held high as she walked, and people were quick to make way for her so that they didn’t hinder her.?

Marceline had parted the first half of her hair tucked to the sides of her ear. The second half of her hair was puffed before it was curled and tied up, while the hair near the nape of her neck were curled and placed on her shoulders. The corner of her eyelashes looked darker, and her lips tinted pink. As one of the daughters of the Moriarty family, the guests who had been invited knew her. They greeted and showered her with compliments,?

“You look beautiful, Lady Marceline.”

“The colour of your gown suits you well, no one can wear it the way you do.”

“Milady, may I have a dance with you later?”?

Marceline only smiled at their words, walking slowly as if she was scared to fall when in truth, she wanted people to look at her and know that she was here.?

She heard some female guests whisper to each other,?

“Is that the famous necklace that was brought from Mr. Collins jewellery shop?! It must be very expensive, something we cannot afford,” said one of the women, and another replied,?

“It must be! Look at the brilliance of how it shines. Very suitable for a woman like Lady Marceline.”

As Marceline gracefully moved across the floor, her eyes fell on the person who stood next to her brother. Wasn’t this the same person who had come to drop their human governess in front of the mansion??

Before she could reach where her brother stood, a vampire stepped in front of her, blocking her way. He bowed his head deeply and asked her,

“Lady Marceline, it would be an honour if you would dance with me?”?

Marceline felt as if someone stepped on her nerve, and she would have glared at this person if the place wasn’t filled with guests. She scanned the man and remembered he was someone she had met at a soiree sometime ago. A soft smile appeared on her lips. She said,?

“How about you ask me after five minutes and I will think about it?”

The vampire looked confused, but he nodded anyway, “I will, milady.”

“I will be waiting,” Marceline replied with a smile and walked past him.?

When Marceline reached where her brother and the dark-haired man stood, she offered the politest bow to both of them. She first spoke to her brother, “Good evening, brother Vince. Do you know where father is? Mr. Robertson is looking for him. I was going to ask Alfie, but I haven’t been able to find him.”

“Evening, sister,” Vincent greeted her, knowing exactly why she was here. His eyes subtly narrowed as he asked her, “Did you look for him in his study room?”

“I think I did not,” replied Marceline with a soft voice and she turned to look at the Duke and said, “I don’t think we have met before. Marceline Moriarty.”

“More like seen,” murmured Vincent under his breath when he turned to pick up the glass of wine from the tray carried by a passing servant.?

Noah offered a bow, and at the same time, Marceline raised her hand forward, which the Duke took in his hand and kissed the back of her hand. He greeted her, “It is good to meet you, Lady Marceline. I am Noah Sullivan, the current Duke of Woodlock.”

“Oh, you are the new Duke! I am so glad that you received our invitation and decided to attend it. Are you enjoying the ball?” Asked Marceline with a sweetened smile on her lips. The vampiress wasn’t deterred after hearing the town’s name.?

“So far, yes, thank you,” Noah responded in utmost politeness. “It is a lovely mansion and the decor is perfect.”

“Thank you, Duke Noah,” Marceline lowered her eyes as she took the compliment before looking up at the man. She said, “I found the famous Mr. Jenkins to make sure the ball would be something everyone would remember even after they leave.”

“Poor sister. To think once you marry you won’t be here to see Mr. Jenkins decorate the mansion,” stated Vincent, taking a sip of wine from the glass.?

In other times, Marceline would have retorted back that she was going nowhere, but having the Duke in front of her, she decided to play along and said,?

“That’s true, brother, but I don’t think there’s a man who has been able to win my heart. I wonder if I will ever find one who would be earnest and ardent with his feelings for me.” Marceline’s appearance appeared demure, as if she needed to be saved from this harsh world. She asked the Duke, “How about you, Duke Noah? Have you found anyone worthy this evening?”

“I am not sure about it,” replied Noah, and Marceline could only smile. “You are a lovely lady, I doubt there wouldn’t be any bachelor who wouldn’t want to hold your heart.”

Marceline found herself intrigued by the Duke’s presence. She tried to make conversations with him and was in midst of one,?

“… the gardens are worthy to look at and you would like the decor of the ball,” when the vampire who had stopped in front of the vampiress appeared next to her and bowed. He said,?

“Lady Marceline, may I have a dance with you now?”?

Marceline offered the man a polite smile and asked, “How about later? I am busy talking to my brother and this gentleman here.”

“You can take her to the dance,” stated Vincent in a nonchalant tone.?

Seeing how Noah didn’t seem to care that she would be leaving his side and was ready to tell her to go ahead and dance with the vampire, she said to the man who came to ask her,?

“I was planning to show the Duke the ballroom. I hope you don’t mind.” Marceline coyly placed her hand on Noah’s arm and said, “Let me show you the way to the ball,” leading him away from there. She then softly said to him, “Sometimes I just do not know how to turn the men down without hurting them. Thank you for walking with me.”

Away from the music that filled the ground floor of the mansion and from the guests who were attending the ball, the back hem of Eve’s pastel gown swept across the first floor in the West wing.?

She noticed a worried-looking maid walking in the opposite direction, wringing her hands. The maid appeared to be in a hurry.?

As they neared, Eve asked the maid, “Which is Miss Allie’s room? I am looking for her.”

For a moment, the maid turned startled as she hadn’t expected the young and beautiful looking woman to talk to her. But after staring hard, she finally realized it was the governess.?

“Um, Miss Allie isn’t in her room, Ms. Barlow. I have been looking for her since the last five minutes,” said the maid in worry, not because Allie was missing but because she was supposed to be present at the ball with the rest of the Moriarty family members.?

Eve frowned, wondering where the little girl might be and asked, “Did you check the piano room?”?

The maid nodded, “I did, milady, but she isn’t there.”

Chapter 84

Music Recommendation: Thirteen- Stephan Moccio


Eve frowned, wondering where the little vampiress could be right now. She said to the maid, ��I will take a look at the South Wing, and you can go and take a look at the East Wing. We should be able to find her quicker this way.��?

The maid quickly nodded, ��Yes, milady,�� and she left from there.?

Most of the guests had arrived, and the Moriarty family would soon gather in the ballroom. Eve quickly walked, searching for Allie while moving from one corridor to another, lit up by the lanterns hanging on the walls.?

The further she walked, the quieter her company turned out to be until she couldn��t hear the music or the guests. All she could hear was her footsteps softly clicking in the deserted corridor.?

She was going to leave the corridor when she saw a small shadow next to a pillar of the balcony. Moving closer, she saw it was Allie.?

��I didn��t know you liked staring at the stars,�� said Eve, taking the little vampiress by surprise as Allie had been lost in her thoughts not to notice Eve��s footsteps approaching where she sat.?

Allie was dressed in a grey dress, and as expensive as the dress��s material was, the little girl didn��t care about it getting dirty. She now looked at Eve with her eyebrows slightly pulled together.?

Eve noticed the little girl��s hand crumple the front of her dress. From what Aunt Aubrey had told her, balls were supposed to be joyous occasions and not stressful, at least not for a girl of Allie��s age.?

She took a few more steps before smoothening the back of her dress with both hands before sitting next to the little girl. After a few seconds of silence, Eve said,?

��When I was as small as you, I used to like staring at the stars too as I waited. There used to be a big one that shone brighter than the others, and I was told that it was my father,�� Eve stared at the sky, which stretched endlessly.?

��Waited?�� Whispered the little girl.?

��Yes,�� a soft smile appeared on Eve��s cherry-kissed lips. ��I used to wait for my mama.��

Though many things could be forgotten, Eve didn��t forget the warmth she felt in her chest when she remembered her mother. But along with the warmth came the ache in her chest.?

Eve then turned to look at Allie and said, ��What are you doing here sitting alone by yourself, when there are people who are waiting to see and talk to you?��

Allie shook her head. She then spoke more than she ever had before, ��I cannot.�� The girl looked down at her palms. ��People will laugh at mea�|��

In Allie��s understanding, Eve had noticed her fangless mouth a few days ago, when in truth, Eve had learned about it after Vincent had explained what happened.?

Eve��s heart went out to the girl, who wanted to hide in the shadows, scared that she would be mocked. She placed her hand on top of the little girl��s head and said,?

��What happened wasn��t your fault, Miss Allie. You shouldn��t punish yourself for a mistake you never committed.��

Silence fell between them. Allie then said in a small voice, ��Mother is disappointed. Everyone looks at me strangely.��

��One day your mother will come around, Miss Allie. Maybe not today, and it might take some more time,�� Eve assured the little girl. ��What you can do is, prove to people that you are much more than the ones who look down at you. It would be a shame if you don��t show yourself to people, especially when you have gotten ready for the ball.��

Allie pursed her lips and she raised her gaze to meet Eve��s eyes. She said, ��Sister Marceline is prettier, no one will see me.��

Eve turned her body. Leaning forward, she said,?

��I think right now you are the prettiest girl in this mansion, and don��t let anyone say otherwise.�� She paused for a moment and continued, ��It isn��t something I would advice, but look at your brother. He doesn��t care about what others think and somewhere he is right. You shouldn��t let others�� thoughts control your happiness. Let me tell you a secret, Miss Allie.�� 

The little girl continued to listen to her human governess, while staring through her red eyes.?

��When I was a little girl. Small girl,�� Eve corrected herself, remembering Vincent often used those words. She continued, ��I didn��t have friends. More rightly to say, they didn��t want to be friends with me and stayed away from me.��

��With you?�� Allie asked with a big frown on her face, and Eve nodded.?

��As I grew up, I came to meet more people, like minded ones. People who care for me and understand me. One day in the future, what you are feeling now will just be a memory because you will be doing much better, Miss Allie. It doesn��t matter if you don��t play the pianoforte in the way people expect you to play it, forget about the people who are going to watch you. But believe that you are the mistress in the skill to play it. Who knowsa�| tonight will be the night where people will look at you differently?�� She offered a bright smile to Allie.?

The young vampiress quickly leaned forward and put her arms around Eve��s waist, hugging her. Eve placed her hand on the girl��s small back and gently rubbed it.?

��Thank you,�� whispered the little girl.?

��You are most welcome, Miss Allie,�� Eve smiled at the little one, who finally pulled back from her. ��Your absence has turned the maids worried and they are looking for you. Let us get to the ballroom, shall we?��

Eve stood up and offered her hand to Allie to stand on her feet. Seeing the wrinkle in the little girl��s dress, she bent down and made it proper.?

Though Allie was too captivated to say more to her governess, she felt safe in the presence of the human. The little girl couldn��t help but notice that her governess looked much different than she usually did. The human looked better than the doll in her room, which was tucked safely under her blanket.?

When they reached the front of the ballroom, the butler of the Moriarty family quickly made his way through the guests and came to stand in front of Eve and Allie.?

��Oh, Miss Allie, here you are! Your mother has been asking for you,�� the butler quickly informed the young vampiress.?

��Miss Allie wanted to use the bathroom and it got a little late there,�� Eve replied to Alfie, who nodded.?

��Thank you for bringing her here, Ms. Barlow. Let me lead her to where Lady Annalise is,�� said Alfie, bowing his head and Eve bowed back. But Allie didn��t move from her spot. Instead, she turned to look at Eve.?

Eve offered an encouraging smile to Allie and said, ��I will be right there.��

��Miss Allie?�� The butler urged the young miss because Lady Annalise had asked about her twice.?

Even though Lady Annalise had told her to attend the ball so that Eve would look after Allie, she doubted she would be doing so. Especially considering how the little girl would need to give her attendance by standing next to one of her family members, preferably being next to Lady Annalise.?

The chatter and music in the mansion wasn��t too loud, but neither was it low.?

Eve took a deep breath before exhaling it. She took a step inside the ballroom, which was followed by another and then the next one. But the more steps she took, the more her legs shook beneath her dress which, thankfully, people didn��t notice it because of the layers the dress had.?

The guests in the ballroom, busy talking and laughing in glee, had to pause for a moment when the young lady in the pastel blue dress came into their view. Most people looked at the human from the corner of their eyes.?

Some went back to their conversations, while others looked at the woman with a question in their eyes, on who she was.?

A few men who had eyed the other young miss��s of the wealthy family or beauty until now were unable to look away from Eve, and they were having thoughts to ask this woman for a dance. While some women��s eyes narrowed, not liking that they had new competition in the room.?
Chapter 85

Music Recommendation: Another Dance- Dario Marianelli


Eve kept a calm composure in front of the wealthy folks as if she was one of them, and they believed it without a hint of doubt. How could they, when she wore an expensive gown and her neck carrying a delicate necklace around it. She looked like the purest woman that men wished to possess and hold.?

But Eve wasn��t someone who anyone could behold.?

It was because she didn��t come to the ball to look for a suitor. Two men at a time came to greet her, who were humans.?

��Good evening, milady. I am Joseph Armstrong.��

��Good evening, milady. I am Arthur Marshal. May I say you are beautiful,�� the second man quickly complimented her before the other man could. The two men quickly tried to look at her left hand��s ring finger, but Eve hid it behind her other hand as she politely smiled at them.?

She offered a small bow and politely replied, ��Good evening, gentlemen. Thank you for your words.��

��Are you here with company? If not, I would be more than fortunate to be by your side the entire evening,�� said the first man.?

��What is your lovely name, milady?�� Asked the other man.?

Eve was slightly overwhelmed by the attention she was receiving. She looked around the room, which was filled with people, wondering where the people she knew had disappeared.?

��It is Gen Barlow,�� Eve decided not to give her full name so that they wouldn��t bother her later this evening or even after that. ��I am a little busy at the moment.��

��What a lovely name for a beautiful woman like yourself,�� complimented one of them. ��Would you be as kind as to dance with me later, Lady Gen?��?

��Me too, Lady Gen. It would be an honor,�� said the second man.?

��If the time stops at the clock,�� replied Eve, ��Gentlemen,�� offering a slight bow, she walked past them, leaving the gentleman wondering if it was a yes or no.?

While Eve moved through the guests, offering and returning smiles to the people in the vast ballroom, her blue eyes fell on Noah, who was now busy talking to a man. She watched him silently until she heard someone speak not too behind her,

��I don��t even know why she��s invited to the ball,�� whispered a woman, ��Someone like her should stay in their house.��

For a moment, Eve questioned if the woman was talking about her until she turned and heard another woman say,?

��All she talks about is herself. Her father has this, her father did that. Not only is she irritating, but I can barely tolerate her anymore.�� The woman placed her hand on the other woman��s arm and said, ��I am glad that you sent her to get the wine. We could use her as a butler,�� both women chuckled.?

��It is hard to get rid of her from our side, but it is easier to have her do things for us,�� the first woman coyly smiled. She sighed and said, ��If it weren��t for her father being a Marquees, I would not have bothered myself with her.��

��I cannot agree more on it,�� replied the other woman.?

Not a moment later, Miss Rosetta arrived with a servant following behind her. The servant carried a tray of three wine glasses in his hand. Miss Rosetta��s bubbly voice came, ��Here are the wine glasses, and some appetizers.��

��You are such a doll, Rosetta,�� replied the second woman, picking up the wine glass.?

When another woman joined the trio, the first woman who had been bad-mouthing Rosetta picked up the wine glasses from the tray and offered one of them to the woman who had just joined them.?

Rosetta looked conflicted as the wine glass was for her, but before she could say something, the other woman said,?

��Oh! I forgot that you didn��t pick up your glass yet and there were only three of them. Margot just came from the dance and she must be parched. You wouldn��t mind fetching another drink, would you?��

Miss Rosetta smiled and replied, ��Of course not.��

Eve noticed the disappointment and sadness on Miss Rosetta��s face, which she quickly replaced with a smile as if wanting to be part of the conversation with the other three vampiresses. When a servant walked past her with a tray of wine glasses, Eve picked up two of them and made her way to where the women stood.?

��Eve!�� Rosetta��s eyes lit up when she saw her new friend here. ��Such a pleasant surprise to see you here.��

��Good evening, Rosetta. I was looking for you,�� replied Eve with a smile on her lips.?

Rosetta��s eyes shone because Eve had not called her Miss Rosetta but just Rosetta. This only meant that their friendship was growing!

The three vampiresses couldn��t help but gawk at this human who had interrupted them. Though vampiresses, they felt complex build in front of this woman��s appearance.?

Eve stretched her hand forward and said, ��I picked this up for you. I thought we could enjoy it together as drinking alone would feel selfish.��

��How thoughtful of you, Eve,�� murmured Rosetta, taking the wine glass from Eve.?

At the same time, Rosetta couldn��t help but admire Eve��s appearance. ��You are indeed beautiful, Eve. With or without dressing up.��

Eve could sense the compliment wasn��t empty, but it came from Rosetta��s heart with not a pinch of jealousy in there. She thanked her, ��Thank you, Rosetta. You look pretty as well. I like your hair.��

��It took Aunt Camille nearly three hours to finish this. Of course, it would look good,�� Rosetta raised her nose in the air. She turned to look at the vampiress and said, ��I was wondering if we should walk to the other side of the room and see thea�����

One of the vampiresses interrupted Rosetta and spoke to Eve instead, ��I don��t think we have been introduced before.��?

Not liking the vampiress belittling Miss Rosetta, Eve said, ��I don��t know if you have heard it before, but it is rude to interrupt someone when they are speaking. Not to mention, bad-mouth behind a person��s back.��

The one who spoke to Eve slightly glared, ��I don��t think I know what you are speaking about. I am going to get some air.�� As the vampiress left, the other two women followed her.?

��You didn��t have to do that,�� said Rosetta, but then she said, ��No non-family member has ever done that for me. Thank you����

Rosetta wanted to snap the way she usually did with people, to save her ego and pride that she didn��t have to be saved by a human, but she was also grateful. Eve was different, she had shown her kindness and offered her company without expecting anything in return.?

��You know how they are,�� said Eve, and Rosetta took a sip from