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Chapter 1 Over Her Dead Body!

"Who are you and what are you doing in my room?" a cold, masculine voice jolted Izabelle from her stealthy movements the moment she closed the secret door to the room she had just sneaked out from.

This room she had just entered was supposed to be empty! This luxurious room had always been reserved as the ultimate guest room, only accommodating other country's kings and presidents. No one holding positions lower than those ranks were allowed to ever use this room before.

Elle had been confidently certain that this room was empty since there were no kings or presidents visiting their country today. So how come someone was here?!

With her heartbeat thudding wildly, Elle turned around with a start.

A tall man stood there. His posture relaxed while having his arms crossed over his chest and his head was slightly tilted as he stared at her. He was wearing a black robe and his hair was damp. Little beads of water were still dripping from the ends of his hair.

Elle's eyes flew wide and then she swallowed. Not because the man before her was so strikingly gorgeous he almost didn't look real – that he certainly was, she had to admit – but because she knew him. No, to be precise, she recognized his face.

This man was no other than the prince that the world was going so crazy over. Sebastian Reign, the crown prince of Viscarria. This prince was so famous because of his unrivalled good looks. And paired with a towering height and a gorgeous muscular body to boot, it was certainly a surefire recipe to be considered a male god amongst men.

"Take off your hood and answer me. Now." his commanding voice sounded out, nearly making her scurry backwards like a frightened rabbit. He did not raise his voice, but the way he spoke still made Elle experience a shiver like a cold stream of spring water that ran down her spine.

Something mysterious and dangerous clung to him so strongly that had she met him like this three years ago, Elle was certain that she would have probably been sent scampering away from him by now. She had never met a man so beautiful yet so terrifying.

But Elle was no longer the girl she used to be. This man, who looked as handsome as the devil himself and as scary as hell did not scare her. Maybe because right now, there was a monster that she feared even more than the devil himself or even hell itself. And that monster was not this man.

Lifting her hand, Elle slowly and gracefully lifted up and allowed her hood to fall back to her shoulders. Her light red hair gleamed against the dim light and her large and striking eyes, as blue as the midwinter sky, stared at him intently.

"I am truly sorry for the intrusion, Prince Sebastian," she said in an apologetic tone. "This is –" Elle broke off and froze when she heard a commotion happening just outside the door of the guest room.

Wide-eyed, she looked at the prince in horror then stared at the door again. They already found out that she was gone?!

Desperation shook her to the core, knowing that it was over for her once they caught her.

Fueled with panic and fear, Elle suddenly strode towards the man and unceremoniously grabbed his hand. "H-hide me." She ordered, but with a shaky voice.

"I- I am Princess Izabelle, I –" Elle decided to reveal herself, thinking that she would perhaps be able to make him listen to her if she revealed her true identity to him. But before Elle could even finish her statement, their attention was pulled away by a knock that sounded on the door.

She felt the ripple of that one knock on her heart.

This special room only had one key made for it, and the key was being kept by her father, the king himself. She knew her father would order his men to turn the palace upside down just to find her. But they will not search this room since everyone knew no one could enter it without the key. No one would suspect that she was inside since her father did not know about the secret passage. Elle was quite certain about that because she was the first to have discovered it!

But now that it was actually occupied, this place wasn't safe anymore.

Everything seemed to be going up in flames. All because of this prince. Did he just arrive tonight without any notice? But her father don't accept guests without notice except for that monster of a man!

Clenching her fists, Elle tried hard to think. She must not be caught! She could no longer return to the secret door where she came from, because it could only be opened from the other side!

Desperate, Elle stared into the prince's eyes again. "Hide me, please." She pleaded this time.

"I don't think there's a place here for you to hide, princess. If the king, the owner of this palace decides to search this room – and it seems that they're about to do it very soon – a mere guest such as myself can't possibly say no, can I?" He reasoned it out with her, and Elle knew that he was right. They would definitely search the entire room even if the guest inside was another country's king. Simply because, her father was insane. And he would do whatever it takes for this plan of his to succeed.

But if he was insane, she was hellbent on escaping and nothing could stop her.

And so Elle suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the bed. "Then hide me… under your body." She said, her intense blue eyes brimming with nothing but determination. "They won't possibly dare to disturb a very important guest if they see him with a woman in bed –"

Another knock echoed on the other side of the door, making Elle jump in panic. Her body moved instantly, and she hastily snuggled under the blanket without any intentions of letting go of Sebastian's hand. "Please… now!" she hissed and begged, eyes desperately pleading as she laid on the bed, tugging his hand, urging him to climb over her.

To Elle's relief, Sebastian finally moved, but he only bent over her and whispered. "I don't know what kind of danger you're running away from, princess. But…" His grey eyes glimmered with a dangerous and suffocating intensity. So intense that she felt goosebumps prickling all over her skin. "I must warn you… since it seems that you haven't realized it yet…" he bent even closer until his cool breath wafted over her skin. "You're in the devil's den right now, and I hope you understand what you're getting yourself into by actually begging the devil to –"

"I don't care." She cut him off fearlessly, her initially pleading and scared look now completely gone and replaced with boldness and certainty.

This sudden show of bravado made the corners of his lips lift up ever so slightly, seemingly surprised and amused by her bold and brave interruption. No, she was not sure at all if he was surprised or amused, or both. Because despite having that slight smile hanging around his lips, his eyes were utterly unfathomable.

"Even if you're the devil himself, I would still ask you the same." She staunchly added.

"But princess… I'll have you know… I don't ever hide women under my body." He whispered in a gravelly voice that made her feel a different kind of shiver shooting through her. One that brought on a warming aftereffect that seemed to weaken her limbs. "I only… devour them."

Elle's heart stopped beating for a moment. Those last four words that rolled out of his lips like velvet had her entire being shivering from two different reasons at the same time – something bad and something dangerously good.

She swallowed. Hard.

She could see the danger glinting in those metallic grey eyes – somehow welcoming and luring her in. She then knew that he was not kidding in the least and she could somehow feel that this man was no angel.

Her instincts told her that he was bad news through and through, and she knew deep down in her heart that the moment she gives him the go ahead to carry on and devour her, he was going to do it without hesitation. He was not a chivalrous prince on a white horse who was going to save the damsel in distress – namely, her.

Still, she would rather give herself to the devil than marry that man that her father had arranged for her. The very same man who had driven Ellaine, her sister, to take her own life when she was still at the peak of her existence.

That monster, Brandon Haze, the man she was arranged to marry tomorrow, was a business mogul and the richest man in Dalenn. He had the greatest influence in their country's politics and everything that was related to it. And now that the Dalennish monarchy was on the verge of collapse, Elle's father, King Markus Eves was just desperate to do anything and everything to save his throne. Even if it meant marrying off the only daughter that he had left, to the same monster who had raped his firstborn.

Elle had hated her father since the day of her forced engagement to Brandon Haze. She had tried her best to tell the king that she had witnessed it herself when Brandon Haze, that monster, had assaulted her older sister Ellaine who was only seventeen at that time, four years ago.

She herself, was fifteen then and had tried to tell what she witnessed to their father. But the king had asked for evidence and when they asked her sister, Ellaine had completely denied it. Elle knew that something was off, and she had tried to persuade Ellaine to tell the truth and expose Brandon. But Ellaine kept silent.

The night before Ellaine took her own life inside her room, she had told Elle everything that had happened to her. About the fact that Brandon Haze had raped her and blackmailed her.

After Ellaine's funeral, Elle had tried her best to expose the man but her father punished her instead. She did not have any evidence and her father did not believe her. The king, her once loving father, had gradually spiraled down into madness over the years just because he could not accept the truth that the Dalennish monarchy was on the brink of collapse under his rule.

Izabelle would be lying if she said that she did not care for their royal household. She cared. Very much so. But she believed that it was time for their country not to be ruled by monarchs anymore. The people had voiced out and expressed that they had wanted the abolishment of the monarchy ever since she could remember. And the people's demands were getting worse by the year. And as she grew up and saw more of the situation of their country, she had started to side with the opinions of her country men. If only her father could see and accept that.

For years, her father had been doing everything to strengthen the collapsing monarchy so that his rule as king could continue until his last breath.

And the most certain method for his plan to work was to marry his daughter off to the country's most powerful man, his own daughter's rapist, Brandon Haze.

Elle would never accept such a fate of marrying that monster. Over her dead body!

"Then…" she finally answered. Gathering all the courage that she had in her, she stared into those pair of cold grey eyes. "Go on… Devour me."


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Chapter 2 Touch Of Darkness

"Go on… devour me." Her words came out soft. But when paired with that small and fair face that showed so much courage, this lethal combination might be seen as a challenge.

A small devilish smile tugged at Sebastian's lips and Elle actually had to hold her breath for a moment. Holy hell! She could not believe that he could still distract her in this severe situation she was plunged into! This man was the epitome of a dangerous temptation!

,m "Is that a challenge, Princess?" he asked. His sinuous voice echoing out and so darkly enticing that her pupils dilate reflexively.

"You may call this whatever you like." She forced her response to be flippant and light, steeling herself for what was to come.

Her wedding was supposed to be held last year. But Izabelle had gone to her father and protested desperately until Brandon finally agreed that he would wait for her 20th birthday just for the sake of public opinion. However, the monster had brazenly stated his ridiculous condition right before her and King Markus' face. He had firmly demanded that she must still be a virgin until the wedding or else the wedding will not happen.

And that was why Elle's father had her placed under 24/7 constant surveillance even when she was already in their home, the palace.

Since then, Elle had strongly come to believe that the monster, Brandon, was a sucker for virgins and now that it had all came to this, she thought she had finally found that one in a million chance she was waiting for. She thought about this before. She had planned to grab a man for a one-night stand, but with all her father's strict surveillance, it had not been possible. Thus, the reason for her still remaining a virgin up till now and the wedding was already tomorrow!

But now, here's a handsome prince right within her reach. He was literally being dropped into her lap and wonder of all wonders this prince was also telling her that he devours women. Her original escape plan now had almost a zero chance of succeeding. Now she was left with this one last choice – and it was quite certain that she would succeed if she took this route. However, the question was, should she take it? After a second of contemplation, it was no doubt a 'yes'.

She wanted to think that perhaps this man was an angel of mercy sent to her, so she could escape her personal doomsday a.k.a. her wedding day.

"I am serious, Prince Sebastian." Her voice came out braver and resolute, more than certain of her answer.

Their gazes held and it took everything for Elle not to succumb to whatever mysterious magic those unfathomable eyes held over her.

"Tell me, princess…" he whispered mysteriously, lifting his hand. She could not help but stare at those protruding veins and those long slender fingers.

When his fingers touched the ends of the lacy trimmings of her hood and pulled on it to untie the ribbon, her heartbeat accelerated like crazy.

"Why are you doing this? Or are you trying to play mind games with me?" he asked in that cello-like voice of his.

However, for a second in his eyes, there flashed something dangerous. A serious warning that was purely for her sake.

Part of her was screaming at her to listen to his warning. This man was dangerous. She could clearly feel that. His aura was dark and threatening as it created a barrier around his person. But did she have a better choice than him? Unfortunately, there was none.

And so, she quickly rose and without delay, pulled off her hoodie and allowed it to drop, discarded on the floor. That one action was enough to show him that there was no hesitation at all on her part.

"I'm not playing any kind of games." She told him and she reached out for her pajama shirt and started undoing the buttons as she bravely held his gaze. Her fingers trembled a little, but she did her best not to make it too obvious, hoping that he did not notice it.

Once all the buttons were undone, she spoke up. "As you can see, I am beyond serious, Prince Sebastian."

A slow smile curved on his face before his hand moved again very swiftly but in such a graceful movement.

Elle felt the back of his fingers grazed against her jaw and then moved it downwards so slowly until she found herself tipping her head back. Oh gods…

She could hear some loud noises going on outside the door. It seemed as though someone was trying to talk the guards out of their attempt on trying to enter into the prince's room for the night. But her mind and body were fast getting electrified by his touch right now that it was impossible for her to focus on the faint sounds that were coming from outside.

She had been touched and kissed by a few boys previously, but that was all before her engagement. Though there had been no penetration that happened, she had still allowed someone to touch her all over. She had enjoyed those not so innocent explorations back then. But this… this was completely different. It was totally on a different level compared to the child's play from before. She could not explain it, but she sensed what seemed to be like a touch of darkness that was present in his fingertips trailing over her skin. And to think that he was just grazing it against her neck!

His finger finally stopped its exploration over her thudding heart and remained there – for the moment at least. Then he bent closer to her, causing her to subconsciously hold her breath again.

"You… intrigue me, princess." He murmured at her, his deep eyes staring down. But he did not seem to be staring at her bra but at the skin that was over her heart. Which she found a bit strange, or was she just being too nervous?

"I never thought that the princess whose wedding I was supposed to be attending tomorrow, is doing this right now… in my room… with me." He continued, his words slow and steady. He did not sound to be that much in disbelief and there was surprisingly no judgement either in his voice nor in his eyes. What was there was just a wicked ghost of a smile on his face.

But his words were not enough to make Elle falter. Not even a twitch appeared on that beautiful face of hers. She had already guessed that he must be one of those last-minute guests her father had invited for the wedding. So of course, he would know who she was.

"I'm guessing that you're trying to have your one last fling before your wedding tomorrow?" he asked her playfully, an elegant brow arching up charmingly.

Chapter 3 Playing With Fire

Izabelle just stared dumbly at him. 'One last fling…' those three words echoed in her ears. He thought that she was willingly throwing herself onto him right now just because she wanted the thrill and excitement of one last fling?

She let out a quiet but deep breath. Of course, he would think that! Why would he think otherwise? And even if she did tell him the whole truth, there was still a big chance that this man would not believe her but chose to think that she was either overreacting or acting. The men around her had always been like that. They only believe what they wanted to believe. This man was another royalty so she could only think that he too might had the same mentality the other royals have. And not to mention that this man was…

Gossip magazines and the Internet had claimed that the title of 'the most handsome prince that ever graced the face of the earth' was created to be his. He was born into it. Elle had thought how ridiculous that was when she came across that label one day as she was browsing on the Internet.

But now that Elle was actually seeing him in person, she, who had previously thought that the Internet and media were just being ridiculously exaggerated as always about this prince, was now rendered utterly speechless in his presence. Because apparently, those pictures had not been filtered nor tampered with. She did not believe it at first. Truthfully, now that she was looking at him, he actually looked even more unreal in person, if that even made any sense.

Countless women must have had thrown themselves onto this man's bed. And tonight, she had seemingly done the same and told him to devour her.

If she told him the truth, he would definitely think that she was just making an excuse when her real agenda was to bed him, the infamous handsomest prince.

She did not have the luxury of time to explain, nor did she have any evidence to her claims.

Elle was done doing that. She was done explaining the truth because no one would believe it anyway. So f**k it… she did not want to care what this man believe she was. That was the least of her concerns right now. She had bigger and more important issues to deal with first.

"Yes." She finally replied, trying to behave rather carelessly so it would look convincing with the pretext that they were going with. "This is an arranged marriage, a forced marriage… actually. There is no love involved between us, and I strongly believe that my groom-to-be is also fooling around with other ladies tonight. I just hope he's not forcing himself to some poor underaged girl." She gritted her teeth as she muttered out that last line, her voice tight and resentful. But she quickly gathered herself and continued. "So what's the harm if I bitch around tonight as well? More so when the infamous handsomest prince is within my reach right now?" an acerbic smirk flashed across her lips.

Izabelle did not realize it, but her eyes at that moment was fiery as she stared at him.

He responded with a smile. A faint dimple appeared on his left cheek. That cute dimple was just so out of place with how devilish his expression was right now.

"Really intriguing…" he said, looking down at that spot over her heart again. "This is the first time I've met a royal lady who is not feigning modesty and trying too damned hard to be graceful and proper before me."

In a blink of an eye, Izabelle was suddenly pinned on the massive king-sized bed. He hovered over her, and it was then that she took note of how broad his torso was as he completely covered her.

Her heartbeats were thudding like crazy now as she looked up at him. Did he have to move so fast like that without any warning?

"A bitchy royal lady is such a breath of fresh air." He whispered so seductively as he trailed his fingers across her collarbones. The ticklish sensation had her drawing in a quick hiss of air.

Elle's heartbeat was going so fast she did not even realize she had stiffened up the moment his fiery fingertips settled on that area of her neck where her pulse was running berserk.

When she returned her gaze to his, she saw those metallic eyes seemingly observing her. She couldn't read anything, but she suspected that he must be getting a bit suspicious now. Oh no… she must not let him see through her bravado… or else he might send her out of this room! She must not allow that to happen!

"Nervo –"

"No." she cut him off sharply before he could even complete the word. "You just startled me a bit there."

"Oh… really?" his lips curved up into a teasing smirk before slowly moving his fingers again, going lower this time until it reached the deep valley between her twin mounds.

A scorching intensity danced dangerously in his metallic bright eyes. And Elle starts to feel something warm and liquid-like pooling deep inside of her. Oh dear… how could she be feeling like this already? If she compared this to the touches she had experienced before, what he was doing could even barely be called a touch! He was actually only lightly grazing against her skin. Yet it was already enough to make her…

She thought this was only possible in romance novels. Or was it because of those seemingly hypnotic eyes of his?

"I think… I need to prep you out a bit… since it's obvious to me that you actually have absolutely no idea what you're throwing yourself into."

"That's not… not true… at all. I know exactly what I am doing, Prince Sebastian." She was quick to retort with that courageous tone. "I know I am playing with fire right now, but... fire doesn't scare me."

Chapter 4 Instructions

"I know I am playing with fire right now, but... fire doesn't scare me." Her eyes gleamed as she said those last four words. There was a deeper and hidden meaning to her words that she was certain this prince could not understand. She would rather play with fire and get burned for one night than get thrown into depths of hell itself with that monster for the rest of her life. That, she thought, was a more grievous consequence that she did not want to shoulder – at all.

"I see… then I shall play with you, princess." his voice seemed to have turned gravelly. It evolved into something more sinuous that caused her to shiver even though she was surrounded by warmth.

But just as she thought he was going to finally touch her more intimately, he pulled away and got off her.

Elle's eyes widened in shock at the thought that he was going to head for the door and open it and have her caught.

She quickly sat up and was just about to crawl towards him when his voice trailed behind him. "Take off your clothes, Izabelle." He suddenly ordered. Though his voice was soft, Elle felt the power of his command wash over her that she literally froze on the spot. "All of it." he added, causing her to snap out of her stupor.

Her heart was thudding hard but she quickly obeyed and fumbled to discard her shirt. Followed by her bra. She had intentionally allowed for her hair to cover her breasts when she purposely bent over to let her unhooked bra drop from her shoulders.

When she reached out for her waist band, Elle's fingers trembled a little. But she swallowed whatever shame she was feeling at the moment, afraid of what he would do the moment she showed him any sign that she was not the bitch princess he had thought she was portraying herself to be. 
She slipped her fingers under her panties' waistband and pulled them down in one smooth move.

Bravely, she stood there, completely naked and fully bared before him.

She watched him as his gaze raked her from head to toe. Those eyes of his seemed to light up as she felt like he was already devouring her whole.

Her face was flushed but the touch of his gaze alone seemed to be enough to burn her. Making her feel that she was truly playing with fire right now. This is the first time she had ever encountered a feeling like this.

"Good girl…" he praised with a slight nod. Then he gestured to her with his fingers. "Come over here."

Elle could only feel amazed at herself on how she was even able to continue on playing this role, following his orders like it was nothing. She had always been a stubborn girl since… forever. She was never the type to take orders from others easily. So why…

Immediately, she reasoned out that it was because she had no other choice and was in a desperate situation. When push comes to shove, people are able to do many unexpected things. She convinced herself that this must be the case with her too.

The moment she was within his reach, she was yanked hard against his solid body and then with a quick whirl, she was made to stand before the Victorian mirror placed in this room. With him standing right behind her.

He bent over until she was forced to brace her hands against the wooden table connected to the large mirror. Her legs were weakening, and her knees were shaking when she felt his cool breath being blown against her ears. Goosebumps spread all over her skin.

"I have something to tell you first, princess." He said, making her feel like the devil himself was the one whispering to her. "So listen to me… look at me… no, face the mirror and look at me." His instructions were precise.

Elle lifted her gaze to his reflection in the mirror and stared at him. To the handsome devil who was behind her.

"I only do it from behind… and no, I don't like kissing. Are you okay with that? Hmm?" as he laid out his terms, his magnetic eyes held onto hers.

She could only swallow the lump that had formed in her throat. Those words which were supposed to sound incredibly cold somehow came as seductively hot to her. Why was she not feeling turned off by the way he was putting it?

"Y-yes. I'm definitely okay with it." She replied, trying not to stammer. She was not expecting anything lovey-dovey from this man at all. She was clear that they were not lovers. In fact, his conditions actually made things much better for her, did they not? That way, there would be no messy consequences to deal with after they were done with it.

"I'm not done yet, princess." His hand was suddenly clasped around her throat, stopping her from turning back to look at him over her shoulder.

When she looked at him through the mirror's reflection again, her heart jumped at the predatory gaze that was seen in his eyes. But still, she could not feel the right kind of fear she thought she should be feeling, which she thought was another good thing.

"I call my girl names in bed and spank them hard on the ass… are you okay with those too? Hmm?"

Oh, dear… what kind of luck did she have? Why did this man have to be one of those types? She thought he would just get on with it and then be over and done. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. She had not been expecting all this at all! Who would have thought that this gorgeous prince was into something kinky like this?

"I… I think so… yes." She answered anyway. It was not that she had a choice with it, right? Honestly, she was not sure about what it would involve because how could she know if she was okay with it? She had heard in passing that there was nothing wrong with it as long as one was into it. But she does not believe that she was the type. But right now, she has to say yes or else he will...

"You think so…?? Hmm… that won't work for me, princess. I want a certain answer. Or should we just go ahead then try and see?"


Chapter 5 Inferno

Elle swallowed before she nodded at him. "O-okay." She forced herself to nod smoothly and controlled her movements in order to not seem hesitant in her movement.

He smirked and then out of the blue he spanked the right cheek of her butt. The sharp sound echoed along with her gasp. Her hand immediately flew to her mouth, covering it, eyes wide in shock.

"Now how was it, hmm? Princess? Do you like the spank or did you not?"

"I… I…" she did not know what was going on with her body, but she felt electrified by that spank and… oh dear…

All she heard was his low hum. "You liked it…" it was no longer a question.

When she met his gaze, he was smiling. Wickedly. His eyes were gleaming with an intense pleasure.

"Y-yes." She finally said. She honestly did not hate it. She had no idea that this kind of thing was okay with her. "Prince Sebastian… I –"

"No, I'm not done yet, princess." He drawled out.

Her eyes could only widen again. There was more? Oh lord!

"Just one more question." He said and she breathed out a small sigh of relief as there was just only one question left.

He tightened his grip on her neck a little. She swore that this should be enough to scare her to consider backing off. And yet, she was not feeling any stirrings of dangerous dread at all. Not even a whisper of it. Instead, her heart was racing with something else entirely. Thrill. This was the very same feeling she had felt the very first time she tried doing that dangerous hobby of hers which was skydiving.

"I sometimes choke my girl in bed like this, princess… are you okay with that too?" a wicked smile spread across his lips, accompanying that wicked look that was already in his eyes.

Oh dear… oh freaking lord…! What?! She had heard about this kind of fetish, read and watched about it too. And… and she was certain she would never be okay with it!

"Answer me, princess." His voice low and rumbling.

She wanted to say no. But if she said no, he would pull away and would not see this through to the end, right? There was no way she would let this stop now, could she? She had already gotten this far! And he was her only hope right now!

"I… I don't know but… will it… is it going to… hurt?"

He eased his grip around her throat and Elle felt the dread that he was going to stop now. She grabbed onto his forearm before he could retract his hand away.

"I… I think I will be okay with it. I don't think you're going to harm me, right? Since it is for fun. And it will be just for tonight, so… yeah. I can handle it. No problem." she said almost frantically.

For a long moment, he simply stared at her. He was definitely studying her again, causing her to hold on to her breath.

"Alright, brave princess." He pinched her chin before pointing at the bed. "On all fours. Now." He ordered and Elle stumbled a little as she rushed back to the bed and crawled onto it.

She could feel his gaze as he watched her. Her heart was a complete mess and she felt like her mind was being squashed up like mashed potatoes. Oh, dear lord… never did she thought that this would happen for her first time. She was just trying to escape just a while ago and now here she was, somehow trapped in this situation. She had underestimated the fire she thought she was going to play with tonight. But how could she ever have foreseen that the man she had happened to come across with does not play with just a small fire, but a whole inferno?

"Lift that beautiful ass more, princess." He commanded and she obeyed. Her face burned, every inch of her skin growing damn hot.

"Good girl." Came his praise again and she waited there. Wanting him to just get it over and done with right now. Her mind somehow remembered the noises from outside the door and she was shocked to realize that there was still some commotion going on, on the outside. Her senses had been devoured by this man and all that he was doing to her that she had completely forgotten about the urgency of her matter.

Now that she heard those faint noises again, the intense dread flooded back.

To her relief, she felt the mattress dip slightly as he finally climbed on the bed and position himself, kneeling right behind her.

,m His large and warm hands landed on her butt cheeks and when he squeezed them both at once, she let out a strange moan.

"Such a pretty c*nt." He uttered and her entire being shivered when his breath touched her opening. He had put his face to be looking at her down there?!! Then she heard something that shook her heart.

That was… her father's voice. No! Not yet, please…

"Prince Sebastian, please… I don't need any more foreplay." She said, looking over her shoulder. "Please just get on –"

She was yanked back again. This time a bit harshly. His hand was now around her throat as he pressed her back against him. "You don't order me, Izabelle." He hissed softly and she did not know anymore what to feel - the dread that her father was now right outside that door, or the feel of his fiery body plastered all along hers as his thick and hard manhood brushed against her wetness.

She forced herself to speak. To beg him to just take her now. But she was pinned down on the bed, still facing down. His broad body and heavy mass of muscles had covered her beneath him as the bedroom's door suddenly swung open.