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Chapter 460 Who is the New Enemy? (1)

"Lili... Lili!" I heard Regaleon's voice getting nearer to me. "Lili, are you alright?" I felt the warmth of his arms wrap around me.

"I-I am fine." I replied. "What happened? What about that man?" I asked and looked at the burning pile.

"He is probably nothing more but ashes." Regaleon replied. "Unfortunately, that pile of ashes is Raymond's"

"Poor man. The countess would be devastated to know that her eldest son had perished."I said while looking at the burning corpse of a man. "What might have happened to him, Leon? Is it the making of that man that possessed his body?" I asked.

"You are probably correct." Regaleon replied. "I have some thoughts about it but they are only hunches and not really concrete. I did not see that man up close. Did he say something to you?" He asked.

"Yes, he was rather talkative." I replied. "He was strong. He was able to beat up Snow. Oh my gosh... Snow!" I realized that Snow was left unconscious.

I rafed towards where Snow was and saw her back in her cat form. I picked her up and put her on my lap.

"Snow... Snow." I called out to her.

"No need to shout." Snow replied and opened her eyes. "I can hear you loud and clear."

"Oh thank the heavens." I replied with a sigh of relief.

"You might want to hold breath." Snow said. "There are still those creatures coming this way."

"What?!" Regaleon and I asked at the same time.

We all looked at the direction of the wall and saw wyverns flying towards out direction. Even with Moldred gone, these creatures werte still doing what their instinct are telling them, and that is to elominate the threat they are feeling. That threat is no other than the reincarnation of the Almighty One, my sone Alphonse.

"They are coming here, and fast!" Regaleon said. "Tempest stop their advance!"

"On my way." Tempest replied and took flight.

"My love, let us go to the twins." Regaleon said. "It will be easier to defend Alphonse and Aerith while we are there with them."


"Hmm..." I nodded in agreement.

We were about to walk towards the Forger estate when Regaleon took a stumble. I was able to help him but I felt something wet on his clothes by his chest. When I looked at mt hand what I saw was blood.

"L-Leon..." I called on worry. "You are hurt!"

"I am fine." Regaleon replied. "Do not worry about me."

"What do you mean by fine?!" I scolded. "With this so much blood, how can you be fine?!"

"That is not important now." Regaleon replied. "What is important is that we go to the twins now."

I wanted to tell him that he need to rest and leave it up to me to defend our children, but I am sure he will not listen to me.

"Then let me help you." I told him.

I put his good arm over mu shoulder and helped him walk towards the Forger manor.

With every step of the way, I can see fire raining down the sky. Tempest was doing a good job by putting the wyverns at bay. But how long he can do it, I do not know.

More wyverns were flying from the direction of the forest.

"Where does all that wyverns come from?" I asked.

I heard horses coming from behind.

"Your majesties!" I heard William's voice.

"Will!" I called out.

William came with other of the imperial knights. William came down from his horse and saw Regaleon wounded.

"Your majesty, you are injured." William said.

"That is not important right now." Regaleon replied. "We need to get back to the Forger manor, and fast."

"Will, can you please take Leon?" I asked. If it was in horses, then the imperial knights can get me and Regaleon back to the Forger manor.

"I will take his majesty." William replied. "Your majesty go with the other knight."

"Thank you, Will." I replied.

"Let me help you, your majesty." William said and got Regaleon from me.

"Thank you." Regaleon replied.

William helped Regaleon up the horse and climbed on after him from behind. I took a ride from another imperial knight.

We rode to the Forger manor. Once there, Regaleon was helped by William to walk towards the twin's room.

I saw fire and ligtgning in the skys out on the windows of the manor.

"Tricia!" I called the time I opened the door of the twin's room.

"Your majesty?!" Tricia was surprised that we were there. "Oh my... you are hurt! His majesty as well!"

Tricia pribably saw my bruises and dried blood on my face. William helped Regaleon seat by the bed.

"Your majesty, you must get treatment fast." William advised.

"That is not important now." Regaleon said again. "We need to make a defensive line in the direction where the wyverns are coming. Place some men with lightning ablities and make sure..." He was giving orders.

"YOUR MAJESTY!" William said with a high tone. "Please pardon my tone, but all you have just said are now being done by the imperial knights and your shadow guards. You are the emperor of this empire. You should look out for your safety as well."

"Y-Yes..." Regaleon said like he was slapped on the face. "You are correct... I am sorry."

I gently held Regaleon's hand and gave him a smile.

"Let your men do the work, Leon." I said. "This is the reason why you chose them, right? Because they are all dependable in this kind of situations."

"Yes..." Regaleon smiled back. "I am sorry, William. I did not mean to let you feel that you are not dependable."

"I know, your majesty." William replied. "You are just being a father to your children."

The twins were on the bed looking at us in a daze while we were talking. We did not realize that the twins had crawled to their father.

"Dada... dada..." Aerith was held her father's arm with worry.

"My little princess..." Regaleon smiled. "I am sorry that daddy is a little filthy."

"Dada..." Aerith called again.

We were surprised when we saw white light emitting from Aerith's hand. Not long, Regaleon's wounds started to heal.

"Aerith also has your white magic powers." I said with amazement.

"It seems like it." Regaleon smiled proudly. "Thank yoi, my little princess." He patted our daughter's head.

"Dada... booboo bye bye." Aerith giggled.

"Yes..." Regaleon said with a warm smile. "You made daddy's wounds go bye bye."

Aerith giggled more with her father's compliment.

"Mama... mama..." Alphonse had his atms stretched out want me to carry him.

"What is it, my love?" I asked Alphonse.

I carried Alphonse in my arms.

"Ou... ou..." Alphonse pointed towards the balcony.

"You want to go outside?" I asked. "But it is dangerous thete Alphonse." I said.

"Ou ou... ou..." Alphonse was starting to throw an tantrum and cry.

"Just do what he says, Alicia." Snow, who was laying down in bed with her wounds all bandaged up said. "I have a feeling he wants to do something."

"O-Okay..." I agreed.

"Do not worry, Lili." Regaleon said. "I will be just right behind you with Sir William."

I took a glance at William and he nodded. Knowing that Regaleon and William were nust behind me gave me a hige relief.

With Alphonse in my arms, I walked towards the balcony and outside. The skys were being lit by fire and lightning arrows that are used by Tempest and our troops.

"How long has it been?" I asked.

Near by reinforcements will come by first light. There still must be at least an hour left. I was getting worried that our men are on the verge of their strength.

"Baaaddd..." Alphonse said with an angry expression towards the direction of the fighting.

"What did you say, Alphonse?" I asked.

"Bbbaaddd..." Alphonse said once again.

"Pardon me, your majesty." Tricia said. "But I believe what his highness is saying is 'bad'."

"Oh..." I replier. Tricia who was always with yhe twins would understand their baby talk more. "Who is bad, Alphonse?" I asked my little one.

"Daa... baaadd..." Alphonse said.

I believe what he is telling me is that their is something bad in that direction. It was true because the wyverns were trying hard to come near us and attack him.

"Yes... those creatures are bad." I replied.

Alphonse nodded his little head. He raised his right hand and pointed at the sky. I looked up and wondered what he eas pointing at.

The stars in the night sky were slowly covered by dark clouds together with the moon. Lightning and thunder were seen and heard thru the clouds.

"Is it going to rain?" Tricia asked while looked t the sky. "It was so clear a while ago." She seemed confused.

"Alphonse... is this your doing?" I asked him.

"Hehe..." Alphonse giggled.

Not long, the entire sky above us was covered with dark clouds. Lightning and thunder started to be more intense and more frequent.

"Look..." Regaleon pointed towards the battle.

Lightning was coming out non stop. The wyverns wete get hit by lightning one after the other. Their bodies that were on fire were seen falling down from the sky.

"The wyverns, they are being killed by the lightning your majesty." The shadow guard that appeared reported. "Not long, all of them would be dealt with because of the lightning clouds."

Not long, rain started to fall from the sky. The fire that was spreading in the city was extinguished slowly.